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Year End Awards Ballot for 2020
« on: December 15, 2020, 05:28:28 PM »
It's that time again, folks! End of the year means that we will be presenting the Year End Awards at Night of Champions on January 2nd, 2021, live from the Saxon Hotel!  All ballots are due to the Underground account, or DM @GianniDGRIME_GM on Twitter no later than 11:59pm EST on Saturday December 26th, 2020 to count. But, we promise that there will be no voter suppression this time. All are welcomed, and encouraged to vote.

Stable of the Year:
SCU: Team Canada, The Good Shepherds, Over the Edge

Tag Team of the Year:
SCU: The Three Way, Team GO, Kawaii Dragons/Alex Rush and Rhino, Ruin Sisters (Debbi and Stacy), The Good Shepherds, Kelli and Halo (Team U.G.G.O.)
GRIME: The Monstimals, The Jeckels, Javier Gonzalez and Angel of Filth, Dying Breed

Breakout Star of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
M: Father Gerald Shepherd, Mark Cross, Mz Holly Wood, Andrew Borg
F: Ariana Angelos, Melissa Ruin, Cordelia Clark
M: Abaddon/Max Burke, Hitamashii, Andrey Azarov,
F: Helena Jeckel, Angel of Filth, Esther Azarov

Future Star of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
M: Helluva Bottom Carter, Alex Rush, Coby Quik, Kaos, Andrew Borg
F: Melissa Ruin, Michelle “Michi” DeJesus, Mrs. Right, Stacy Ruin, Mother Mavis Shepherd
M: Andrew Garcia, Ivan Darrell, Skag, Andrey Azarov, Samuel McPherson
F: Esther Azarov, Omasa Tazu, Masked member Jade, Ruby, Masked member Rainbow

Interbrand Match of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
*Men’s Clash of Champions Battle Royal - Hardcore Tag Team Champion Alex Rush Vs SCU TV Champion Shooter Reed Vs SCW Mixed Tag Team Champion Alex Jones Vs SCU Pride Tag Team Champion Helluva Bottom Carter Vs SCW Roulette Champion Kedron Williams Vs SCW Internet Champion Austin James Mercer Vs SCU Combat Champion Stewart Mason Vs GRIME Nightmare Champion Max Burke Vs SCU Underground Champion O’Malley Vs SCW World Heavyweight Champion Ben Jordan
; Underground Ep. 62: No Girls Allowed June 14th, 2020
*Merlot Ayano Vs Masked member Cerulean Blue - If Omasa wins, GRIME can compete in the Mayhem Survival Match at Supernova 3; Underground Ep. 65 July 5th, 2020
*The Good Shepherds Vs MASKED MEMBERS OF GRIME - Hardcore Tag Team Championships; My Bloody Valentine Pre Show February 16th, 2020
*SCU/GRIME Fatal 5-Way SCU Underground Championship
Valentina Vs Alexis Staggs Vs Helena Jeckel Vs Cadet Blue Vs Celeste North (c); Into the Void IX Pre-Show June 7th, 2020
*Transylvania Playhouse Match - Jack, Jack, and Helena Jeckel Vs Tatsu Ikeda, Winter Elemental, and Alex Rush; Underground Ep 64 June 28th, 2020
*SCW World Heavyweight Championship Vs SCU Underground Championship - Ben Jordan Vs Mark “The Dragon” Cross (With O’Malley cashing in after Ben Jordan wins to gain the SCU Underground Championship); Into The Void IX June 7th, 2020

Manager of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
SCU: Sarah Lane, Darcy Donohue, Real Killas, Gail Weston
GRIME: Raisa, Henry Lozak, Casey Williams

WTF/Holy Shit Moment of the Year:
*Angel of Filth and Javier Gonzalez win the Double Down Tag Team Championships and bring them to GRIME, then turning them into the GRIME World Nightmare Championships
*Vixen unmasks
*Max Burke unmasks
*Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash win a Street Fight against Azz n’ Class by sending them out a Starbucks drive thru window
*Masked member Ruby unmasks to reveal she is Mrs. Right, and then switches to SCU's side
*The first purge

Story of the Year:
*Azz n’ Class reunite
*Melissa Ruin turns on Angel Kash
*Changing GMs like underwear
*Esther Shepherd leaves the Good Shepherds and marries masked member Red, who turns out to be former PCB Heavyweight Champion, Andrey Azarov
*Omasa Tazu wins the rights for GRIME to compete in the Mayhem Survival Match by defeating Merlot Ayano (with the help of Veronica Taylor)

Most Loved of the Year:
M: Stewart Mason, Coby Quik, Helluva Bottom Carter, Alex Rush, Fox Brothers
F: Kelli Torres, Halo Annis, Merlot Ayano, Dahlia Rotten, Jenifer LaCroix, Celeste North, Alexis Staggs
Male and female elected by GRIME will be presented at the show, chosen by the members of GRIME themselves. No write in's accepted.

Devil’s Advocate of the Year:
M: Tim Staggs, John Martinez-Blade
F: Kawaii Dragons, Melissa Ruin

Most Hated of the Year:
M: Father Gerald Shepherd, O’Malley, Andrew Borg, Brother David Shepherd, theFAME
F: Angel Kash, Veronica Taylor, Cordelia Clark, Melissa Ruin
M: Javier Gonzalez, Max Burke, The Monstimals, Hitamashii, The Jeckels
F: Vixen Staggs, Helena Jeckel, Angel of Filth, Esther Azarov,

Match of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
*Two out of three falls match, SCU TV Championship - Dahlia Rotten Vs Merlot Ayano (c); Underground Ep 45: Night of Champions January 1st, 2020
*Clash of the Mean Girls Fatal Four Way - Delia Darling Vs Celeste North Vs Mercedes Vargas Vs Veronica Taylor (c); Underground Ep 45: Night of Champions January 1st 2020
* SCU TV Championship Ladder Match - Andrew Borg vs John Blade vs Shooter vs Nagisa Yagata vs Grimaldi vs Mz Holly Wood (c); Underground Ep. 54 March 29th, 2020
*Hardcore Tag Team Championships - Parking Lot Brawl - Alex Rush and Lucha Rhino Vs The Good Shepherds (Father Gerald and Brother David Shepherd)
* Underground Championship - Dahlia Rotten vs Celeste North (c); Supernova 3 August 1st, 2020
*Combat Championship vs SCU Contract - Last Man Standing - Shooter Reed vs Stewart Mason(c); Supernova 3 August 1st, 2020
*SCU Television Championship -First Blood Match - Melissa Ruin Vs Angel Kash(c); Summer XXXTreme August 8th, 2020
*SCU Combat Championship - Boxing Match - Eyesnsane Vs Stewart Mason(c); Violent Conduct VI September 27th, 2020
*GRIME World Nightmare Championship - Steel Cage Match - Orange vs Crimson vs Green Vs Angel of Filth (c); My Bloody Valentine February 16th, 2020
* Fans Bring Weapons Match - Losing Team Must Unmask - Sea Green, Grey and Light Blue vs Purple, Blue and Silver; Underground Ep 53 March 12th, 2020
*GRIME Nightmare Championship - Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match - Grime Masked Black (Ruby) Vs Vixen Staggs (c); Underground Ep. 57 April 25th, 2020
*GRIME Hell in a Cell (Broken glass & thumbtacks cover ground and mat) - Rory Rockefeller and Abaddon vs Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab; Underground Ep. 60 May 20th, 2020
*GRIME World Nightmare Championship -  - Hitamashii Vs Max Burke(c); Violent Conduct VI September 27th, 2020
*Hardcore Tag Team Championship - Graveyard Match - Jake and Jack Jeckel vs Royal Purple and Jim the Clown; Underground Ep. 75 October 25th, 2020
*GRIME World Nightmare Championship - Crucifix Match - Sister Esther Azarov Vs Vixen Staggs(c); Into the Void IX June 7th, 2020

Wrestler of the Year: (write in's not accepted)
M: Stewart Mason, Eyesnsane, Mark Cross, Father Gerald Shepherd, Helluva Bottom Carter
F: Celeste North, Dahlia Rotten, Halo Annis, Merlot Ayano, Kelli Torres
M: Max Burke, Lord Raab, Javier Gonzalez, Samuel McPherson, Hitamashii
F: Helena Jeckel, Vixen, Angel of Filth, Omasa Tazu, Esther Azarov