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"A Brief Statement..."
« on: October 26, 2020, 07:51:16 PM »
The camera cuts in on Cordelia Clark who is in a better mood. Getting back on the right track certainly helped boost her mood and she doesn’t appear to be too concerned about how she treated Krystal Wolfe as she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia Clark: I’m not going to lie. Beating that reject in Krystal Wolfe was quite satisfying. It was my pleasure and my joy to be able to make an example out of her. She’s a weird one, isn’t she? I guess at the end of the day, she proved that she didn’t belong in the ring with someone like me and ultimately I know for a fact that it’s only a matter of time before I get to where I deserve to be in this company! I am going to be a champion here whether you like it or not. So yeah, maybe I did take a little too much pleasure in beating Krystal last week, but ultimately? I think you all had far too much pleasure at my expense when you saw me getting knocked out in a stupid boxing match and no… I’m not going to let you fifth-rate millennial bastards have a laugh at my expense anymore. It’s just a damn shame that there are certain people in this company that are some real fun killers… isn’t that right, Ariana Angelos?

Who in the world does she think she is anyway? You mean Krystal actually has a friend?

I’m not going to talk about Ariana all that much. What I am going to say though? I’m just going to give her a warning. Let that be the last time she tries to interrupt me because if she’s really that stupid to get into a war with me, then I not only promise that it’s a war that she’s not going to win, but I also promise that she’s going to regret even trying to interrupt my own fun. Maybe she was just trying to save a friend and she really didn’t want to start anything with me… maybe that’s why I’m being so nice. Savor it… I’m not often this nice…

Cordelia takes a pause as she maintains her arrogance. She’s definitely thinking about what else she’d like to say during this time as she continues to make it more clear that she doesn’t think highly of her fellow competitors in Sin City Underground.

Cordelia Clark: Now, I’m not so happy that I wasn’t booked to compete in last night’s show. I know I’ll be wrestling next week. Against whom? I don’t know and I really don’t care. The outcome isn’t going to be any different. After what happened at Violent Conduct, I’m a woman on a bigger mission now. I REFUSE to allow what happened at Violent Conduct to define my career. I refuse to be defined by that stupid ‘match’ against Merlot Ayano. Last week was about making a statement and sending a message and it was mission accomplished! I have no regrets about how I treated Krystal and I would gladly do it again any day of the week! What Violent Conduct did was made me realize that I need to step it up a notch. This is the second time where I’ve been stymied by a setback that made it look like I wasn’t ready for the big time yet. The first time was the SCU-Grime rumble and I have to be as blunt about that as possible…

I felt like I should’ve done SO much better than that! I felt like I looked like a pushover! I got that same feeling again after that boxing match against Merlot and no, I’m not going to get over that right away no matter how bad some people may want me to! I am a superior human being! I’m not supposed to be mediocre in the big moments! I’m supposed to shine brighter than any wrestler on this roster and with how few opportunities I’ve had to do so, I’m starting to get real frustrated. I’m not like my cousin though… thank GOD… I don’t do the whining and complaining the way she did. No wonder she got nowhere in her career.

Those setbacks aren’t going to hold me down, Sin City Underground! They’re just going to continue to push me harder! Krystal was just an example! Whoever faces me next week is going to be in for a lesson on how a true success story gets it done.

Bring your worst, Sin City Underground… and whomever my next opponent is…

Cordelia maintains her angry determination as she stands up. She walks toward the camera and wastes no time shutting it off leaving the scene to fade to black.