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Kittie - GRIME
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<span style=\'font-size:11pt;line-height:100%\'>>[~]-CONTACT INFORMATION-[~]</span>

Handlers Name: Staggs
Any Messengers:
Years Active: 18


You will be booked at least 1-3 times a month. In order for this to happen, you will be booked in singles as well as tag team matches. Since all tag team matches are intergender, please let us know if you wish to only fight your gender, and you will only be booked in matches that are gender specific.***Be sure to fill out a <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>Tag Team application[/url]***

It is also important to note that all G.R.I.M.E. matches are contested under G.R.I.M.E. rules (no disqualifications, no rope breaks, no count outs), or a brutal hardcore match type, so by signing up, you agree to fight in these match types.

Willing to fight anyone


Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>Taken Pic Bases List[/url]): P!nk
Wrestlers Twitter: n/a
Wrestlers Name: Kittie
Nickname(s): none
Age: 35
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120lb
Hometown: Henderson, NV
Personality: Anger issues are the least of your worries. This chick’s psyche is held together with masking tape. You never know what you’re going to get.
Strengths: Driven, skilled, determined
Weaknesses: Envious, getting older, short tempered
Gimmick If Any:  none
Alignment: Neutral, leaning face

<span style=\'font-size:11pt;line-height:100%\'>[~]-ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION-[~]</span>

Entrance Theme Music (Check <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>Taken Theme Song List[/url]): “Lollirot” by Jack off Jill
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):
The opening drum beat of “Lollirot” by Jack Off Jill begins blasting through the speakers as the light flash along with the music.  As the instrumentals pick up, Kittie shoves her way through the curtains.  A spotlight lands on her as she pauses, throwing her head forward, and then back.  She lets her hair fall down over her face, and it slowly falls back as she moves her head slowly from one side to the other.

Liam:  Making her way to the ring from Henderson, NV, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Kittie!!! @@

She throws her hands up in the air and lets out a scream before she starts skipping down the entryway.  She bops her head to the side as she goes.  She stops to stick her tongue out to tease a cheering fan or two, and then she continues skipping until about half way to the ring.  From there she makes a mad dash toward the ring, leaping onto the apron.  She quickly bangs her head as she dances to the nearest turnbuckle.  She climbs it, and pauses there, looking out across the audience through her hair as they cheer her on.  She throws her middle fingers in the air before jumping down into the ring.  She paces back and forth quickly as her music dies down.

<span style=\'font-size:11pt;line-height:100%\'>[~]-WRESTLING MOVES-[~]</span>

Everyone gets one finisher, one weapon finisher, and 2 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages *Remember you can only pick one*

-Brawler (You just want to hurt them, you don't believe in making them tap out as you prefer to knock them out instead)

Signature Moves:
1.) Baseball Slide
2.) Eye of the Kat: Twist of Fate

Weapon Finisher:
1.) Chairmageddon: Death Valley Driver turned into an X-Factor onto a chair

Primary Finisher:
Kat's Cradle: an cradled suplex, occasionally showboating with a pause before landing into a bridge pin

<span style=\'font-size:11pt;line-height:100%\'>[~]-MISC INFORMATION-[~]</span>

Weapon Of Choice: Anything and everything
Match Of Choice: Anything

<span style=\'font-size:11pt;line-height:100%\'>[~]-BIOGRAPHY-[~]</span>
Superstar Bio: Kittie's past is more clear than her present being. Kittie trained with her real life boyfriend, Surge. She joined GCW as strictly a manager, but her skills developed too quickly, as she soon couldn't help but hop into the ring and mix it up with several of GCW's finest women.

Together with Surge, they competed in many intergender tag matches, though they never became too successful as a team. Kittie sort of broke away from Surge, and soon their engagement was broken off. Kittie soon found herself with Surge's brother, Apocalypse. The two benefited from each other's presence on a regular basis, both in the ring and outside of it. Kittie and Apocalypse, AKA Billy Draper, became quite an item for a long time.

Kittie was abducted by Vision Black. Vision Black consisted of the abducted Logan Kaine, Mistress Payne, Kittie, Tommy "The Terror" Edmond, Shaq Daddy, Roxanne, Jamie Staggs, and soon it became apparent that the leaders of Vision Black were Apocalypse and Spike Staggs.

After Vision Black wasn't accepted as a serious stable, the members slowly drifted apart and went their separate ways. Some members simply had gimmick changes, whereas others just flat out left. Kittie was one of those members.

After a brief searching period, Kittie took comfort in GXW. She ran around with boyfriend, Apocalypse and soon got involved in her first feud with Karen Might of The Enforcers, a prominent stable in GXW. Kittie had her face smashed through a make-up mirror after a squabble over it with Karen. This spawned a match, which Kittie lost. She was humiliated, but only further humiliated by the actions of Apoc. He attacked Karen and this caused Kittie to run off from GXW, turning her back on it all together.

While away, Kittie just took her time to catch up with life in general. She took comfort in her time off, but the memories of what transpired in GXW caused her nothing but misery. Constantly, people referred to her as the girl that "got punked" by Karen Might. The happy-go-lucky diva couldn't help but feel miserable about it all. She soon began to plot against any and all of the GXW Divas. She broke things off with Apocalypse, and decided to start anew. This time, she was on a mission. Mission Success.

Kittie returned by attacking the favor to win the Women's Championship at Fists of Rage II in April of 2005. She stalked and threatened everyone, but took actions against Michelle Andretti. The once vivacious diva turned into a complete and utter psycho bitch. She was put in her first return match, teaming with another newcomer, yet a powerful one, named Nyako, who was a member of The Circle. They were victorious, of course. They defeated Erotica and Firefox, GXW's resident Amazon. However, Kittie and Nyako despised each other. It was obvious that they shared admiration, but they refused to admit it. But, Kittie's interaction with Firefox was a little less than admirable. She took out Firefox with one shot to the head with a candy jar.

After little success, and the closing of GXW, Kittie went for a brief stint in 3WL, an all women's organization with a small men's division. While there, she formed an alliance with Misty. Also, she gained a number one contendership to their World Championship. Upon their closing prior to her championship match, Kittie felt cheated once again, fueling the fire within.

When she joined Sin City Wrestling, she was like an entirely new person.  She seemed to play to the tune of the fans, and she took the Bombshell Division by storm.  She was sure to become the first Bombshell Champion.  However, when she was defeated, by her own "best friend" Misty, she went a little bit insane, as if she weren't before.  She turned on Misty, accusing Misty of being the one to turn on her.  She took what was "rightfully" hers when she attacked the Bombshell Champion, Misty, and she kidnapped the belt.  She formed an attachment to it, thinking of it as her own child.  Two months later, Kittie rightfully won the belt, and was the official Bombshell Champion.

She has since joined forces with the Seven Deadly Sins.  Her envy won her the honor of being the first ever Bombshell Roulette Champion. She married fellow 7DS member Rage (Jake Sullivan) and took time off to raise a family.  She returned briefly as his manager.  She then went on to join GRIME Wrestling under the Grey mask for a while until unmasking with fellow former SCW Bombshell, Ruby.  The two unsuccessfully challenged Vixen Staggs for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship.
Past Accomplishments:
*GXW Women’s Champion
*3WL Tag Team Champion
*SEI HellKat Champion (x2)
*SCW Bombshell Champion
*SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion
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