Author Topic: Welcome to Pandora Barrett from Lady Apple Coren...and sorry  (Read 40 times)

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Welcome to Pandora Barrett from Lady Apple Coren...and sorry
« on: September 12, 2020, 03:57:21 AM »
The Saxon hotel is a backdrop to a woman standing there.  The dark-haired beauty begins walking along the sidewalk and moves towards a cameraperson who is moving backwards to film her.

Apple Coren is dressed in a very Disneyesque appearance, her dark hair pulled up into a messy bun and a tiara like hair ornament.  High heels click across the pavement as she begins to speak to the camera person.

Apple Coren:  Ivy, you are sure that you are filming correctly?

Ivy pulls the camera away from her face and points it to Apple with a smile.

Ivy:  I am milady, and might I say that you look very regal in the view.

Apple smirks as she nods and waves her hand in agreement.  Ivy once more begins to film and Apple starts to walk again and this time she addresses the camera.

Apple Coren:  Finally it has happened and once more I get to step into the ring in Sin City Wrestling.  And it is about bloody time too.  I mean really, I could have been home in London, in my rather large studio flat enjoying the life that society provides a peer of the realm.  Instead, I am here in Las Vegas the prisoner of this country’s sad state of pandemic affairs.  Travel between here and home is very much a sticky wicket and so I sit rather bored and fatigued at the Saxon hotel.  That is until this week when I received notice that I was going to be in a match at Climax Control.  Misters Underwood and Ward have chosen in their infinite…wisdom to have me grace their six sided ring once more.  Brava.

Apple reaches up, her hand moving a soft curl from her cheek to tuck it behind her ear.  Ivy stops as does Apple who once more addresses the camera, this time, an Eiffel tower is framed in the shot as if almost making it appear that she is once more in Europe.

Apple Coren:  Now you may wonder just who it is that they are offering me as an opponent.  I was sure they would recognize the talent I have and give me someone important.  Then I heard of who I was facing and you could imagine my reaction.  Tell them Ivy.

Ivy pulls the camera away and turns it to film herself.

Ivy:  She was offered a match against Pandora Barrett…the reaction was well, it was underwhelming if I had to describe it.

Apple waved at Ivy, who seeing it, once more begins to film Apple.

Apple Coren:  Of course I couldn’t believe it but then she managed to actually record something that I couldn’t stomach.  She had the audacity to compare me…ME…to a Disney princess.  I could see the comparison being as I am titled and I have been mistaken a time or two for royalty.  How she could be so wrong though.  Pitiful if you ask me.  She has no understanding of who I am or what I am bloody capable of.  She talks about how I am a weak princess waiting for a prince to come and save me.  I am the new breed of princess…I am the anti-Disney princess.  Oh and to hear Pandora, she is the villain to my princess.  Really…the Ursula to my Ariel?  Or the Evil Queen to my Snow White?  You know what Pandora.  Listening to you talk about me and how you are going to beat me in the ring on Sunday…

Apple stops and sighs as if she can’t believe she has to be talking about this person who had tried to disrespect her about their match. 

Apple Coren:  I want you to do something for me Pandora.  I want you to pick up a smartphone…

Apple holds up her own IPhone and then she waves it at the camera.

Apple Coren:  Then I want you to swipe to the Google maps app.  Once you open it, I want you to use it to find yourself a clue.  I can not believe you think that I am going to be that easy to beat in the ring.  Pandora, speaking that way just shows everyone or rather anyone that might possibly be paying attention to the drivel coming out of your mouth.  As much as you talked and talked…all I heard was blah blah…whine whine…taunt then fizzle like the slow escape of hot air out of a children’s balloon. 

Apple begins to walk again as Ivy films her.  She speaks softly but her hands wave in the air as she continues to rant towards the camera.

Apple Coren:  Honestly, how can you even think to step back into Sin City Wrestling and talk like Jessie Salco.  You ought not think you are all that and a bag of crisps.  Listening to you was like listening to someone that needs to pretend she is a threat.  See I don’t need to talk that way because I have all the confidence in myself.  All you are talking about is what?  Making me extinct?  Please, you have to know that isn’t going to be what happens on Sunday. 

Apple Coren:  The reality is that I am coming to the match with every bit of skill and ability to kick the ass of the low class nothing you are.  Trust me, even though it is going to be rather boring to face someone like you, it doesn’t mean that I am not going to enjoy doing major damage to you in the ring.  There are times Pandora when being the princess means that I dictate how things are to happen.  I don’t know if you are going to realize soon enough that I am not the Disney princess type.

The smirk on Apple’s face widens as she stops and poses, her arms crossing over her chest as the slight breeze that sends tendrils of hair curling on her cheeks wafts a soft scent of roses to the nose of her ladyship.  Apple’s eyes drift closed for only a second as she inhales before her eyes again open to glance at the camera.

Apple Coren:  If I am honest Pandora, I am the villain of this piece.  That doesn’t mean that I am saying that you are a Disney princess in contrast.  No, you are more of a Donkey or Mushu character.  The annoying little mouthpiece that tries their level best to be better than they ought to be. 

Ivy straightens and then offers Apple a look.

Ivy:  Miss, you have not mentioned that this is the return of Pandora Barrett to the company.  Did you want to talk about that?

Apple Coren:  Why thank you Ivy, I knew there was something that I was forgetting. 

Apple addresses the camera as if it was Pandora Barrett standing in front of her.

Apple Coren:  This is your return Pandora.  I bet your excited at the thought of stepping back into the ring here in SCW.  Sadly, the first match back is going to be a loss because you know I am not going to give you the opportunity to advance with a win in your return.  There is definitely the opportunity for you to step up and try to offer me a challenge and I am sure you will be confident that you think you are such a bloody badass.  However, thinking and being are two different things.  You think that you are a fallen angel, someone that is better than the lowly of the low.  But it isn’t the lowly of the low you are facing in that ring.  I am Lady Apple Coren.  I am the definition of pretty poison.

Apple Coren:  I am the cyanide that will poison your return.  I AM the Poison Apple that your evil Queen will choke on.  Snow White…not on your bloody life.  I am more than her…I am deadlier than Maleficent, I am more powerful than Ursula and better looking as well.  You for all your dark gothic look are just a shade compared to me and you are going to realize that when you step into the ring with me and I leave you laying there staring up at the ringlights and you have nowhere to go as you hear the death knell of your return with each slap of the canvas…

Apple claps slowly as she counts.

Apple Coren:  One…two…THREE!

From behind the camera, Ivy can be seen with a faint smile as she moves closer to Apple who smirks at the camera.

Apple Coren:  Welcome back Pandora.  Sorry it is back to a loss courtesy of yours truly.  Let’s go Ivy, I think I have spoken enough.

With that comment, Apple turns and begins to walk away only to be followed by a rushing Ivy as the scene fades out on the city scape of Vegas.