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Omasa Tazu
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Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check Taken Pic Bases List):
Katana Suicide Squad/Karen Fukuhara
Wrestlers Twitter:
Wrestlers Name: Omasa Tazu
Age: Classified
Height: 5’4
Weight: 135
Hometown: Japan
Personality: Hot tempered, not much more is known at this time.
Strengths: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A
Gimmick If Any: Unsure at this time


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List): 韻踏合組合 - "一網打尽 (REMIX) feat. NORIKIYO, SHINGO★西成, 漢"
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):

韻踏合組合 - "一網打尽 (REMIX) feat. NORIKIYO,SHINGO★西成, 漢" starts to play while a video on the SCU screen pops on showing a round table with 12 men and one female. Omasa and among the men we see Hitamashii. Everyone dressed in all black with black sunglasses on. The group is scene having a meeting with Hitamashii and Omasa nodding. The video then cuts to the two in a car as we see Omasa in the passenger seat and Hitamashii driving. The two are seen fleeing from the Tokyo police.

Hitamashii drifts the car to do a 180 to face the police. Omasa sticks her body out the window as she is seen holding a RPG. Hitamashii drives forward towards the police which has them now driving in reverse. Omasa pulls the trigger as we see the rocket leave the launcher. As it looks to blow up the police car the screen turns black with the names Hitamashii and Omasa name appearing in dripping blood.

Liam: On the way to the ring, she is the last woman Samurai of Japan… Omasa Tazu!!!!!

Omasa starts making her way to the ring. She keeps a straight face the whole time as she is all business. Once at ringside she jumps up landing on the apron then jumps again to jump over the ropes and lands in the ring.


Everyone gets one finisher and 3 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages
-Martial Arts (More known for their MMA style of fighting) - Omasa is all offense and will keep attacking her opponent until they are no longer breathing. Trained in Aikido, Iaido, Judo, and Karate.

Signature Moves
Spinning heel kick to the temple
Tonga grip

Finishing Move
Omasa Punch (A punch right to the throat.)


Weapon Of Choice: Wooden Sword
Match Of Choice: Last Man Standing Match

Superstar Bio: What we do know is that her name comes from two women samurai’s during the Sengoku period. It is believed that she is a descendant from both women thus her parents naming her after the two warriors. Omasa and Lio Tazu. Because of her ties with the Yakuza Clan, most of her information is classified

Past Accomplishments: None
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