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Picture Base: Diamond Ott
Wrestlers Twitter: Kaos_SCU
Wrestlers Name: Ricky Mendoza
Nickname(s): KAOS
Age: 37
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 239
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Personality: Disciplined
Strengths: Adapting to any environment
Weaknesses: Find out
Gimmick If Any: N/A
Alignment: Tweener


Entrance Theme Music:
Isis - Joyner Lucas Ft. Logic

Entrance Description:

The arena lights dim low and neon red lights appear at the bottom of the titan tron as the fast electric piano beat kicks into "ISIS"  and red lasers are shot across the arena as if there were people aiming at you. As the song progresses , the beat reaches a high peak the lights under the titan tron turn off and the baseline kicks in, the lights turn back on revealing “KAOS” standing, with a look of fearless vengeance, at the top of the aisle. Confusion and defensive questions from the crowd, he begins to make his way to ringside walking in a disciplined stride, takes a pause and looks around then proceeds to walk up the stairs into the Ring.

Announcer’s intro: Standing at 6’1”..weighing in at 239lbs, The American Nightmare, KAOS !!!


-Powerhouse (Known for being able to take a beating as much as dishing one out)

Signature Moves
Death stun (Stone cold stunner)

Finishing Move
The Nuke (Jackhammer)


Weapon Of Choice: Steel chain
Match Of Choice: Last man standing

I don’t like nobody knowing my business, so I am only going to say this once! I was American Soldier who used my decorative ranking as MSGT (Master Sergeant) in the U.S Army 1st Cavalry Division Special Ops unit based at Fort Benning to channel and cope with the anger and pain of loosing my Mother, by fighting and dismantling the opposition. Now retired, I am trying to pursue something were body discipline and violence go hand in hand.

Past Accomplishments: Classified

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