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Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check Taken Pic Bases List): Amanda Nunes
Wrestlers Twitter:
Wrestlers Name: Michelle DeJesus
Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Weight: 135
Hometown: Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Personality: Relaxed, easy going for the most part.
Strengths: Trained MMA fighter, adapts accordingly to the situation, great mat skills
Weaknesses: Learning the traits of wrestling, can get taken down easy by other MMA artists.
Gimmick If Any: Rookie in Wrestling, plans on using her MMA background to win matches.
Alignment: None


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List): Dying To Be Me by Remy Ma
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):

Dying To Be Me by Remy Ma starts to play. Michi comes out wearing her OTE warm up robe, MMA shoes, and fighting gloves. She bounces to the beat as the song starts to come in.

Darlyn: On the way to the ring, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil… Michelle DeJesus!!!!

Michi starts making her way to the ring. She keeps bouncing toward the ring the whole time. Once at ringside she slides in the ring and takes off her robe. She is seen wearing her all black OTE MMA top and shorts. She bounces around as she waits for the match to begin.


Everyone gets one finisher and 3 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages
-Martial Arts (More known for there MMA style of fighting) -Known for there quick strikes, grapples and submissions

Signature Moves
1.)Rear Naked Choke
2.)Figure 4 Toehold

Finishing Move
1.)Knockout Punch


Weapon Of Choice: Her hands
Match Of Choice: MMA Match

Superstar Bio: Rookie in MMA
Past Accomplishments: Trained MMA fighter, served 7 years in the Brazilian special forces.
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