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The Vessel
« on: June 13, 2020, 04:58:51 AM »
 “Bloody hells bells,” Melissa Aki otherwise known as Maki exclaimed. “That bag is like super heavy.”

She was kicking the living daylights out of a standing punch bag in her basement gym, hitting various strikes with her feet, to knee thrusts and palm strikes. She was feeling good though, she needed to workout, to improve her strikes as she was now a bombshell for Sin City and this was the place she could finally prove herself. She had been called many things and had won many titles but the talent that was here blew her mind.

She needed a break, her purple sports vest was soaked and her little yellow shorts were starting to chafe. She tightened her ponytail and  walked towards the stairs when everything went dark, her whole house was like a bunker in the fallout of a hydrogen bomb. She looked from left to right and there was no sound. She started to make her way up the stairs to the kitchen area when there was a whoosh of a breeze and a clicking sound. She turned behind her and could just make out knives on the back door sticking out.

Maki ran to the living room as something landed on her face, for a split second she stood as it dribbled down the left cheek of her face. She brought her finger to her face and checked her fingers. It was blood. She looked up to the ceiling and saw a pool of blood and leapt back as something was moving through it and then it landed with a thud and the windows shattered. The figure opposite her was her own form seething with anger.

As Melissa took a step toward her, she stared straight into those black eyes as she faced her demoness, the one who possesses her, Daniela.

“What do you want now?" She was exasperated with this damned demon always lurking. “You could have at least used the backdoor!”

“Souls! We demand to reap souls.” The Demoness was frothing at the mouth with black ooze. “You joined the other filthy sinners of this sinful city who deserve to burn in hades for all eternity.”

Maki sighed, “We had a deal! You get to keep my form, my body and I am in control. I want to make a good impression in Sin City Wrestling so just stay the hell away! I am sick of you always interfering. Leave me alone and do not attempt to attack anyone in the locker room!”

This seething, demonic version of Melissa leaned in, smelt her human counterpart and laughed. “You never have control of me. Persephone is demanding more souls. Your world is full of sinners now which, of course, my masters love, yet out numbers are down. I need to hit the quota and this is where you come in. We need souls to reap. You will give them to me whether you like it or not!”

Maki snorted in derision, “Oh yeah, your manager and her targets for this quarter. I don’t care. You’re supposed to be there when I am under threat, aren’t you? Protecting your, what do you call me, vessel? Were you there back in the day when Alicia Lukas and I went hell for vegan leather or when I had a hellacious rivalry with Mercedes Vargas? NO! I had to fight them on my own and I don’t need you to back me up. Just be gone!”

The demon in Maki form looked at its host and sneered as she pointed to the chest of its vessel. “I shall be back but be warned I am taking those souls regardless, alright vessel? See you real soon, Melissa!”

The demon vanished and Melissa Aki stared around and she was nowhere to be seen. It was so stressful dealing with that bitch on a constant basis. She had other things to think about like showing the roster why she was known as one of the fiercest competitors in the world and not to be trifled with! Mmmm, trifle, she thought and then she ran to take a shower as we fade out.