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I'm No Dr. Phil
« on: May 11, 2020, 10:11:49 PM »
 They say that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, not all of us have had to make lemonades with those lemons. In fact, some of us have been fortunate enough that we never even had to touch those lemons. We, the lucky few, have had people hired to take care of those needs, we don’t have squeeze the juice out of a lemon to make it. Now, I realize that this is a rather different analogy, but it still fits. You see, growing up, Delta and I wanted for nothing. We had doting parents. We had the best childcare services in the state of California, we simply had that advantage. As life has gone on, we continue to be of that privileged nature, the only difference is that lemons have grown. Now, I love my sister dearly, but Jesus H. Christ, her lemons are little too much to handle. You see, I have always been Delta’s biggest protector. No matter how much she annoys every fiber of my being, she’s my sister, and I love her. Over the years, I’ve done everything in my power to protect her. I’ve made sense of many of messes that she’s created, but there’s one that I’ve never been able to solve… and it’s partially my fault.

It all started two years ago, when Bentley and I entered our training, we became fast friends with Kyzer Cole.  Shockingly, Kyzer had loads of common with Bentley and I. We all had similar advantages and upbringings, and we all became fast friends. That’s where the problems for Delta would ultimately start. Like a moth to the flame, or more fittingly a fly to shit, Delta couldn’t help but to attempt to sink her teeth into my new friend. As much as I love her, she’s always had this… fetish for getting her rocks off with my friends. Now, on occasion, I have done it as well, but she takes it to some extreme level. For the last six years, she’s had some dalliances with anyone I called a friend. However, Kyzer would be the most different of them all. For the last two years, Delta and Kyzer have dated off and on. Never had I had a friend actually want to date my sister. They normally just smash, and let her go through her typical six stages of obsession, and it ends. With Kyzer, she’s never made it past step two. The two of them break-up, fuck someone that the other would not be able to hand, argue, and the fuck each other. This repeated cycle has become more than the norm, it’s become an F5 tornado that touches down on my life every few weeks. Now, I’ve made a decision. If I’m going to have to be involved, I may as well do it on my terms.

It’s never been harder to try to get people together. Given the current circumstances in the world, there’s hasn’t been a single fun thing to do in nearly two months. Normally, it would be no issue to get together with Kyzer. Whether it be going to the gym or some swanky Hollywood party, he was always around. Now, meeting up takes a bit more effort. For the last few weeks, Donovan and Delta had been sequestered to a swanky Las Vegas Hotel with Bentley. Normally, this would not be an issue, but with Delta’s consistent pining for the attention of Kyzer, Donovan had enough. It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas, as it usually is. Going to a public park during this time is a bit of an uncertainty. With most people keeping their “social distance” from others, Kyzer and Donovan didn’t listen to this. For the last hour, the two engaged in running around the park. It may not have been the usual workout that the two participated in, but it was the best they could do in these circumstances. After rounding the track for one final time, Donovan and Kyzer slow down, eventually settling to stop near a park bench. Panting slightly, Kyzer throws himself down onto the bench, opening his water and taking a swig from it. Looking down at him, Donovan laughs.

Donovan: “You have no idea how hard it was to get this time away from Bentley and Delta. I had to lie and say I was going have a romp with Tallyn just to convince them that I wasn’t going somewhere else. You sure that Delta doesn’t know you’re in Vegas?”

Looking up at Donovan, Kyzer couldn’t help but to chuckle. After taking another swig from his water bottle, he quickly swallows. He shrugs his shoulders, and lets out another chuckle.

Kyzer: “I don’t know and I don’t care if she knows. Your sister is literally fucking crazy, she probably already knows that I’m in Vegas. I wouldn’t be shocked if she called my dad and found out. I don’t understand why she’s always like this. Yeah, we dated a lot, for a long time, but we’re not together. I don’t care what she does, so I don’t get why she cares what I do.”

Donovan breathes a deep sigh, he knew this would be a conversation that would involve a lot of talking about fucking his sister, and he was dreading it. Taking a seat on the side of Kyzer, he looked at him intently.

Donovan: “You two have been playing mind games with each other for two years. Literally, you two have broken up and made up more times than Jasmine St. Clair had orgies, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. All that she’s talked about since we’ve had to stay here in Vegas is you. She’s wondering if you and Lana are still a thing. She’s worried that you’re never going to go back to her. I’m worried because I can’t sleep at night because all she does is talk about you.”

Kyzer scoffs at Donovan’s statement. Looking over at his friend, he raises his right hand up, and places it on Donovan’s shoulder.

Kyzer:“Look, I’m sorry that you’re constantly involved in our constantly evolving soap opera relationship, but I’m done. I don’t want to be your sister, I want my independence. I want to be able to break into wrestling without dealing with her crazy ass. I want to be able to tap all the ring-rat ass that is going to be thrown my way. I’m not even with Lana, which was literally just to make your sister jealous, like it always is.  I just need her to move on, and I think I need you to help me do that.”

Giving Kyzer a quizzical look, Donovan places his hands into his pants pocket. Averting his attention to two beautiful women running past, Donovan begins to speak to Kyzer once more.

Donovan: “Look, I’m not doing anything. If you want her out of your life, you’re just going to have to tell her the truth. That’s the only way that something like that can ever happen. I can’t sit here and act like I can solve the problem, when the problem has always been there. I can however, offer you the advice I’ve given, and tell you that you need to go speak to her, seriously.”

Sighing, Kyzer looks at Donovan and rolls his eyes.

Kyzer: “I really don’t want to, but you’re right. I have to let her go, permanently. However, I’m definitely going to do it my own way.”

Before Donovan could say anything, Kyzer quickly pulls out his phone. After playing on it for a moment, he holds his phone out and a dial tone can be heard. It would not be long before the dial tone would no longer be heard.


The voice on the other end of the phone was unmistakable, Kyzer had called Delta. Kyzer took a moment, catching his breath and collecting his thoughts.

Kyzer: “Look this isn’t a social call. This isn’t for us to get back together, I want you to know that we’re not doing this anymore. I’m done, I don’t want you anymore. We’re terrible for each other, and I want to live my life. I can’t do that if I’m tethered to your crazy ass web of psychotics. You’re fucking crazy, and I’m not doing this shit with you anymore. I hate you, and I hope you never talk to me again you crazy fucking bitch, good bye.”

Before Delta could muster up words. Kyzer quickly hangs up his phone. Flipping the switch on the side to silence it, he puts his phone back into his pocket. Looking over at Donovan, he was obviously impressed by Kyzer’s display. Lifting his hands, Donovan begins to a slow, patronizing clap for Kyzer.

Donovan: “Damn, I can’t believe you actually told her that. I think you almost brought a tear to my eye that was impressive. You did what you had to do, now I’ll just have to deal with her being fucking stupid. Speaking of, I should probably go make sure she doesn’t try to off herself. Kyzer, keep in touch?”

Donovan extends his right hand towards his friend, a smirk coves over Kyzer’s face as he shakes Donovan’s hand.

Kyzer:“You got it, and you know, I’m going to be watching Sin City Underground to watch you and Bentley kick ass. Who knows, maybe I’ll also be there one day.”

As the two begin to laugh, Donovan felt good about the conversation that had been had. Not only did he finally get the final blow to Delta and Kyzer’s situationship, but he set in motion an early phase of his unknown, long-term plan.