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 It was 8pm on the 5th of May (again, however you want to say it is fine too but the other way round is just wrong. Just Saying!) Evie had only just returned the gold kart 5000 or the pope-mobile 99 and parked her up in the Saxon Hotel parking lot. The young Australian didn’t waste any time in opening the kart door, slamming it shut behind her. Ben proceeded to follow Evie’s lead, unsure if he was allowed to start speaking yet but he took his chance and went for it.

“Eves…” His English tone started.

Ben was cut off by a stern look from Evie, she couldn’t cave in now or the rest of the night would be ruined. Evie was terrible at keeping secrets from him, she had been since day one. If fact the first time the laid eyes on one another and spoke to one another she came out to him as an international super spy, straight up no bullshit she wanted to be truthful and honest with him. Ben might have thought she was joking at the time, but the history between them says otherwise. Ben held onto the birthday card that was in his hands and gave his wife a slight frown, he felt like he was in trouble for something but Evie quickly spoke up to ease his mind.

“No time for chit chat baby, we have an hour to get ready.” Her harsh Australian accent sounded song like for once.

Ben reached out and took her right hand, before he led her over towards the elevators. He didn’t fight her, he didn’t question whatever she was up to. Deep down he knew that whatever she was concocting was going to be worth the little bit of silent treatment he was now being punished with. As the two of them reached the elevator doors, Evie reached forward and pressed the up button and almost on cue the lift binged and the doors opened in front of them. They stepped inside and Ben twirled Evie around, before he reached forward to press their floor level before he pulled her back into him. Evie’s right hand was now resting on Ben’s chest, her finger nails toying with the collar of his shirt. Ben’s hands wrapped around her, resting on the small of her back before he lowered his head and pressed his lips onto hers. He wasn’t forbidden from touching just speaking and right now in this empty lift he was going to take full advantage of their time alone. Evie’s fingers wrapped around the material of his shirt pulling Ben into her as he eagerly let their kiss deepen, he wanted to show her how much their time together on the empty Las Vegas strip meant to him and without the use of his words, he was going to use his lips in other ways to communicate his appreciation. Evie’s left hand curled up as her nails dug into the fabric of his shirt, her long nails pierced into his skin only cushioned by the thin layer of cotton to save his skin from being scraped but she couldn’t help it his touch was intoxicating and it was his birthday after all a little touch and tease wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Before the two could get carried away the lift stopped moving and at the most inconvenient time the doors slid open with the ringing sound of the bell, disrupting their peaceful moment alone. Pulling away from his reluctantly, Evie lead the way out of the elevator while Ben followed on his eyes glued on her behind as she ushered him back to their suite. Evie removed the key card from a sneaky pocket in her dress and with a simple stroke, the light turned green and she pushed the door open escorting them both inside their room. Ben held the door open for Evie as she stepped inside their room first, as Ben followed he looked around to see the mess his dog son had left behind but he didn’t have time to clean it up or speak with Bear. As soon as the sound of the door slamming shut behind them echoed throughout their room, Evie had spun on her heels and Ben was given his next direction.

“Shower, now.” She ordered.

Ben chucked his hands up as if not to argue and he headed off in the direction of their bathroom. Evie waited to hear the sound of running water before she quickly checked her phone to see a message from Fenris on the screen. “All good on timing.” Evie fired him a quick thumbs up reply before she snuck out of the main living room of their suite and into their bedroom. She walked over towards the walk in closet, she reached for the suit bag, before she laid it out on the bed. There was already a note on the bag with Ben’s next direction “Put this on xxx”. Evie could hear the screaming sound of water running through the pipes and she quickly needed to start working on getting herself ready for what was about to happening next. She quickly exited their hotel room and headed back into the main hallways of their floor. While Ben showered in their room, Evie accessed the vacant room beside them to do the same, the temptation was there to share the bathroom but right now she was running a tight ship she didn’t have time for distractions.  

As for this part, we all know how showers work so you know use your imagination about getting ready will you.

Twenty minutes had passed Ben had showered and changed he was now standing in front of the floor length mirror wearing a pitch black suit, a crisp white t-shirt with a jet black bow tie. He wasn’t a stranger to a suit, but this one was new to him but still it hugged every curve on his body, highlighting him in all the right areas. Ben has chucked on the matching suit jacket and now he was adjusting the hem of the jack and shirt, making sure the shirt wasn’t tucked up underneath it. On his feet were a pair of high polished black shoes which matches his black belt with a splash of gold on the belt buckle. He spent a few minutes adjusting his bow tie trying to get it to sit straight before he noticed Evie walk up behind him. Ben didn’t turn around he just focused on Evie in the reflection of the mirror she was wearing a floor length tight fitting black dress, that hugged her perfectly. The thick black straps rested over her shoulders while the square cut out around her neck showed off what the lord blessed her with ever so gently and of course kept it classy. Her long hair wasn’t out in fact it rested all on the top of her head in a pulled back French bun. Ben couldn’t remember the last time he saw his wife with her hair up but now he couldn’t stop staring at her face.

Evie walked out from behind him, stepping around him see reached up and adjusted his bow tie pulling it straight before she slid her hands down the front of his jacket dusting it off for any imperfections. Ben couldn’t take his eyes off her, he went to tell her how beautiful she was but Evie was pulled away from him as she heard her phone ding in the distance. Walking off she quickly checked her messages to see that Fenris had sent through the magical message she had been waiting for. Turning back to look at him, Evie’s red lips parted as she smiled towards him.

“You going to stand over there all night or what?” She mocked him playfully.

Ben rolled his eyes at her to match her playfulness before he walked over to stand beside her.

“Can I talk to you yet or?” He questioned.

Evie shook her head from side to side before she looked up at him with a big pouty bottom lip.

“Not yet, soon my love.” She teased him. “But for now… follow me.” She ushered him.

Ben wasn’t used to such trickery but he didn’t think she was up to much, nothing more than just a simple romantic date night between the both of them. The two joined together by holding each other’s hands as Ben’s fingers wrapped around Evie’s as they walked off towards the door of their hotel room. Soon enough they were back inside the elevator and soon enough they were at their new location. The elevator doors slid wide open and Ben who was distracted by looking at his wife, was taken back with an almighty scream.


The two stepped out of the lift onto the roof top as Ben was swarmed by a group of his nearest and dearest friends in Sin City Wrestling. As soon as they stopped shouting happy birthday at him party music started to play in the background, while drinks and food was walked around by the lovely staff at the Saxon Hotel. Evie had managed to snake her way out of the group that had gathered around Ben to join him in birthday celebrations. She had moved her way over towards the pool to catch some air, but she wasn’t alone as Fenris stood beside her dressed in a suit.

“You’re looking sharp.” She mocked him.

“Shut your face.” He barked back.

Fenris reached over to Evie, offloading one of the drinks he had in his hands. It was whiskey on the rocks of course. The two took a moment to look at the party decorations they had put together, there were black and white balloons, streamers. There was food, drinks and a massive three tier birthday cake. The entire Sin City Wrestling, most of the Sin City Underground roster was on site to celebrate Ben’s big birthday. There was a custom neon light that was mounted on the wall the read “Jordan, Ben… Jordan” giving off the theme for this party it was Bond of course. Evie had wanted to give her Sin City Wrestling family a reason to dress up in these horrible isolation lockdown time, trying to give them all something to look forward to. As Evie looked over towards Ben she couldn’t help but smile, he was enjoying himself already as he mingled with his friends.

“You know… we’d make a pretty wicked team.” Evie smirked. “Mixed Tag Team Championships yeah?” she teased him.

Fenris just choked up his whiskey before he looked over at her with the deadliest look in his eyes.

“In your dreams.” He taunted her.

The two shared a laugh, but more importantly a moment of peace as their shoulders were now released of the pressure of keeping this party a secret and they were free to celebrate the night with the party boy himself Ben Jordan.


OOC: Thought this could help some people out if they are struggling with role-play ideas this week. Who doesn’t love a Bond themed SURPRISE birthday party? Also, thank you for letting me into your lives for two role-plays in a row, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with Evie.