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Sin City Underground Ep. 57 (Results)
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SCU Ep 57
GRIME Wrestling


Everyone inside of the Staggs Dungeon settles into their seats as the lights go.  This instantly undoes that as they come to their feet, cheering.  The camera pans around the crowd of SCW stars.  As we come back around in a full clockwise rotation, the lights lower again and “Wrecked” by Killbot plays over the speakers.  The crowd goes even more wild.  Gianni comes through the curtains in a blue suit.  He looks behind him and shouts out.

Gianni:  You can’t touch me, dawg!  SCU Personnel comin’ through!

He turns back around and shakes his sleeve back into place as he walks down the ramp.  He climbs up onto the apron and quickly steps inside of the ring.  He walks around, getting the crowd into the moment, but only briefly before going to the side and calling for a mic.  He waits a second for it and then walks to the center of the ring.

Gianni:  Usually I love the flare, but I got too much to address, and bein’ around these GRIME asshats for longer than I need to be just ain’t gonna happen.

“Don't let your dreams be dreams”

Andrew Borg theme starts to play, we see the SCU champion walk down the rampway as he enters the ring. SCU GM Gianni looks at his champion.

Andrew goes to his back pocket to grab a microphone.

Andrew: You know boss, you’d make things easier if you gave GRIME access to some stuff. Like headsets, I haven’t had to hold a microphone in a few years. Anyways, I got your back boss, I know GRIME is here and would love to attack you. But with me by your side, they will stand down… Yes They Will!

Gianni stops and stares over at Andrew.  He blinks a couple of times, and then shakes his head.

Gianni:  Between you an’ me, I think I am capable of holding my own here, but I, uh, appreciate the support.

Gianni turns away from Andrew and balls his hand up into a fist and gives a jerking motion off to the side, shaking his head.

Andrew: Yes You Can!

Gianni: Yes I can.  Now, I know this is GRIME, and I know not many people care to watch, because it’s not a structured wrestlin’ show…

Andrew: Nothing is impossible!

Gianni:  Buuuuut I need to address some stuff about Sin City Underground after Blaze of Glory.

Gianni looks over at Andrew, like he’s waiting to get cut off.  When Andrew gives him the nod to continue, Gianni starts talking again.

Gianni:  Blaze of Glory saw a lot of big thin’s for SCU.  Champions retained, such as Celeste North, Stewart Mason, and Halo Williams…

Andrew: *Cough* Halo Annis. *Cough*

Gianni speaks a bit longer to overtake Andrew as he just keep going.

Gianni:  Championships changed hands such as Team Go winning the Pride Tag Team Championships, Alex Rush and Edwin Robert became the first Interspecies Tag Team Champions in Sin City History.  Lots of big things took place.  But one of the biggest moments for SCU at Blaze of Glory was seeing Mark “The Dragon” Cross win the Blast From the Past tournament.

A roar of boos echoes throughout the venue, despite the view of the SCW/U crowd cheering and pumping their fists in the air.  Gianni smiles, but the booing noise catches him off guard for what he’s seeing.

Andrew: Yet, your Underground champion didn’t defend the SCU title. You call that a champion? If the standards of SCU are going to change to suit the needs of one, Mark Cross then I say, change the standards for all. Let me, your TV Champion defend at the supershows since Mark Cross can’t Just Do It, But I can… Yes I Can!

The crowd appears to be booing, but there is an overwhelming amount of cheers coming through the audio feed now.

Gianni:  Bro, I was gonna get to all that.

Andrew: Just Do It! Yes You Can!

Gianni:  Fawwwwwk… Can somebody come out here and just kick this dude’s ass already? There’s literally a Purge goin’ on right now!

Andrew: Don't let your dreams be dreams!

Gianni shakes his head and grabs onto Andrew’s shoulders like he’s serving him up for GRIME, yet, nothing happens.

Gianni:  Due to Blast From The Past, Cross wasn't able to defend at SCW's biggest supercard, Blaze of Glory. Cross won the tournament, and will now be going on to Into the Void to challenge Ben Jordan for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Andrew: Don’t let your dreams be dreams… You're gonna wake up and work hard at it!
Make your dreams come true… Nothing is impossible!!!

Gianni puts his hand to his face and wipes down, shaking it off.

Gianni:  Now, SCU and SCW have a good workin’ relationship with one another, but SCU and it's champions need to present in our best interests, and having the Underground Championship go undefended at two of the biggest shows of the year, back to back, is not acceptable. The title will be on the line at Into the Void, making Ben Jordan the new Number One Contender to the SCU Underground Championship.

Andrew: I’m facing the Combat Champion so this as the SCU TV Champion, this I Will Allow!

SCW/U fans again cheer loudly, Ben himself looking honored as those surrounding him pat him on the back.  However, the sound coming through the audio is boos.  Gianni looks around to acknowledge that, and then moves on.

Gianni:  Wait, wait… Should Mark Cross keep his title, Ben Jordan will be the Number One Contender.  Because SCU deserves the respect from it’s top tier champion…

Andrew: Wait, so when I beat Mark Cross for the Underground title next week, I’ll face Stewart the Combat Champion and then Ben Jordan at Into The Void. I Andrew Borg will be your Champion of Champions! Yes I can!

Gianni leans in towards Andrew, he moves his mirophone away but still gets picked up by Andrew’s.

Gianni: Bro, are you ribbin’ me right now? That’s not how this works. You high or something?

Gianni leans away from Andrew.

Gianni: As I was sayin’… Just as much as said champion deserves our respect.  We were lenient on Mark Cross durin’ the Blast From the Past tournament, but to be a double champion, one must work like a double champion.  Cross will defend his title at Into the Void, but he will defend it between now and then.  And, to make sure he is ready to be the only allowed reignin’ Double Champion in Sin City history, the pressure’s gotta get turnt up to 11, bro.

Gianni smacks at his chest like to say “Come at me bro”.

Andrew walks up to Gianni’s chest.

Andrew: I’ll beat Mark Cross! Yes I can!

Gianni: If you don’t get the fuck away, I’ll kick ya ass myself bro.

Andrew: Andrew vs Gianni??? Book it… Yes You Can! What are you waiting for? Just Do It!

Gianni shakes his head.

Gianni:  But you can’t, dawg.  I know I can.  I can also strip you, suspend you, fire you. The list goes on and on.

Andrew: Nothing is impossible!

Gianni:  Bro… I got important shit to tawk about hey.  If someone don’t come out here and handle this for me, I’m gonna come back they and box ya ears, every one uh ya damn ears. Now, next week, we will be givin’ the same opportunity that the ladies was given. A golden briefcase ladder match will take place next week. The winner doesn't have to, but could cash it in at Into the Void. But not during the match between Mark Cross and Ben Jordan. Technically they don't have to, but we know Alexis and the winner of next week's ladder match will cash in at the next biggest show of the spring.

Andrew: So, how would this work, boss? I beat Mark Cross next week for the title but also win the briefcase. Even that’s a bit overkill for the TV Champion.

Gianni: Okay bro, you got it. If you retain tonight, you’ll have a match next week. Andrew Borg defends the TV title against Pride Tag Team Champion… HB Carter!

Andrew looks shocked and shakes his head. He looks at Gianni.

Andrew: No You Can’t!

Gianni: I Just Did!

Andrew: Okay… I see you’re busy and I caught you at a bad time. How about we talk about this later?

Gianni: No We Won’t.

Andrew gets upset as he leaves the ring. He points at his TV title then at a sign in the crowd being held by a SCW camera man sitting as a fan. Andrew yells at the fan.

Andrew: No He Won’t!

Andrew leaves to the back.

Gianni: Fuck, finally… back to business. Now, I gotta put this out there.  SCW does not recognize the briefcase contract, so it can not be used during a sanctioned SCW match. Even though the SCW AND SCU titles will both be on the line in this match at Into the Void, it is a Blast From the Past reward to Mark Cross promised to him by SCW.  We got nothin’ to do with that.  So ya can literally cash it in at any time we’re in action, but durin’ that match, or the Mayhem Survival Match at Supernova 3, location pending.  I’m tired now.  That guy is exhausting. I’m gonna go back to the hotel. Thanks for ya time…

Sitting in the office at the Staggs Dungeon, Vixen is relaxed as she has her feet up on the desk. In her lap rests the World Nightmare championship belt and in her hand is the Crimson mask that for she had worn until Blaze of Glory. Not even paying attention to the cameraman that is filming her from the doorway she begins to speak to the mask that is like a puppet on her hand.

Vixen: Can you think about what is going to be happening tonight? Tonight I get to face Black in the cage tonight in my first title defense. Now Black and I were on the same side. As Crimson I was just another masked soldier who was the equal of Black and now that has changed in so many ways.

Vixen only smirks as she waves the Crimson mask in front of the camera as if expecting an answer.

Vixen: We made such a team when I wore this mask. We fought alongside each other and even though Black was and is an enigma, they are someone that I knew could do as much damage as the next masked GRIME member. Which means that this week I know what to expect from Black in that cage.

Vixen’s face gets serious for a moment as she spares only the barest glance at the cameraman.

Vixen: This week in a cage lined with barbed wire, Black as a chance to take this…

Vixen uses her other hand to caress along the title belt that fills her lap.

Vixen: World Nightmare championship from me. And sadly, I have to tell Black that there is nothing but a snowball’s chance in hell that Black will take this from me. Black only saw what I wanted Black and the rest of the world to see when I wore this mask. Crimson was but one of many in GRIME. And now that I am no longer wearing the mask, I can be the extreme person that only I know how to be. That soldier is one that even Black will not be able to handle.

Vixen again spares the barest of glances at the camera as she grabs the title and sits up. Setting the belt on the desk, she sets the mask beside it, still talking to it.

Vixen: Tonight in that cage, I will once more be in my element. Black seems to think that I am just like my stepson Tim and that I would succumb to the taunt of a barbed wire casket that put Tim out of action. How little Black knows me. Barbed wire doesn’t scare me…

Vixen looks towards an award that is hanging on the wall dated twenty fourteen. Just above it is a picture of Vixen in a crimson mask of blood with her arm raised with the SCW Bombshell title in her other hand.

Vixen: Black, do you see that…that award was for match of the year in twenty fourteen and I was the one that won that Barbed wire match against Odette Stevens. Barbed wire is not only something that I like to cause the maximum amount of damage with, it is something that makes me feel comfortable in the ring. I know its bite and I also know that in the match tonight, I am going to use it to full advantage against you Black.

Vixen looks down at the belt in front of her, a smile slowly cracking across her face.

Vixen: Interestingly, I was a champion in that match where I beat Odette. Will history repeat itself? Will I step in the cage of steel and barbed wire to face Black and allow it to be the night where Black’s mind games make me lose my title?

Vixen slowly starts to shake her head no as her eyes turn to the camera and her lip curls in a sneer.

Vixen: I hope your insurance is paid up Black because tonight is going to be a bloody fight and when all is said and done, I WILL still be the World Nightmare Champion and you WON’T.

Vixen picks up the title belt and the Crimson mask. Stepping from behind the desk, she shoulders the belt then walks towards the camera where she pushes the mask onto the lens sending the view to black.

It takes a moment or two before the camera fades in. When it does, it focuses on a young Japanese woman sitting on the apron of an empty ring. She’s dressed in a Nike sports bra, Nike leggings, and a pair of Nike In-Season TR 8s. She gives a short wave before she starts speaking.

Unknown: Hey, how’s it going? My name is Midori Miyamoto. And I’m here to speak a little about my mentor, Merlot Ayano.

She nods her head a little as the camera zooms in.

Midori: What makes Merlot standout? Well, I think the thing that distinguishes Merlot from a lot of other wrestlers is her drive and work ethic. I mean, we’re talking about a woman who gets up everyday before the sun rises to go train. She does about an hour of powerlifting in the wee hours of the morning. And after that? She’ll spend a considerable amount of time in the ring. Does she need to or have to? Probably not. She’s talented beyond all get-out. However, she gets up and grinds because she wants to be considered one of the best. She gets up and hits the gym because she craves that competitive edge. Merlot gets up and puts in the work because she truly loves the sport of professional wrestling. You can’t say that about most wrestlers these days.

The person holding the camera seems to ask her a question.

Midori: What’s one important lesson that Merlot has taught me? That’s an easy one. More than anything, Merlot has instilled in me the value of mental toughness. Professional wrestling is a taxing, cut throat sport. It can be easy to doubt yourself and get discouraged; it’s happened to me a few times. But when times get tough, you can’t lower your head or feel sorry for yourself. You can’t cower away. You’ve got to keep pushing forward. I learned that lesson from Merlot. No matter how she is feeling or what she’s going through, she’s always able to spot the silver lining and make the most of everything.

A moment passes as the young woman receives another question.

Midori: What are my thoughts on this upcoming Sin City Underground Television Championship match? I think it will be one that people will talk about for a long time. I think this match isn’t just about the TV Championship; it seems a bit personal for Sister Esther and Merlot. That personal investment is going to push that match to another level.

She nods as she takes a moment to think.

Midori: Before I head out, I’d like to say something. Merlot is my mentor. She’s my friend. So obviously, I’m biased. That being said, I think a lot of people underestimate Merlot as a competitor. They see her face, they listen to how she speaks, and they believe that it will be all sweet for them when they step into the ring with her. That’s...well, honestly, that’s very foolish. Merlot tries to see the good in people, she really does. But when you begin to mock her? When you start to disrespect her? Well, that’s when she becomes dangerous. I’ve seen her knock out opponents with a single backfist. And if we are talking strictly SCU, we all saw the punishment   Winter Elemental received when she tried to dismiss Merlot’s skills. So, I think that’s something to remember going forward.

She nods her head.

Midori: Are we finished?

Something is said to her off camera.

Midori: No, thank you for having me.

A second or two passes before the camera fades out.

Get the fuck out of here! I’m trying to talk!


We go backstage to see Esther Azarov standing in the midst of a fallen Yellow masked member who is on the ground, and a trash can in her hand.  She dumps it over Yellow and then drops the can on top of him.  She brushes her hair out of her face and then exhales hard.  She looks over at the camera with an annoyed look on her face.

Esther:  Look here you little bitches. Tonight is the night that I have the honor of bringing the GRIME TV Championship back home.  I get to prove that GRIME is the place where the real talents go.  I mean look at the talents we have.

Esther looks around and then gets closer to the camera.

Esther:  We have Hitamashii, Abaddon, Angel of Filth, Javier Gonzalez, Vixen Staggs, and Jerry Cann. I’m in good fucking company.  We’re the stars, and tonight I get to prove it once again. We get to kick the night off with a real fucking bang and it’s going to be at Merlot’s expense.

Esther laughs and dodges a water balloon coming at her head.  She looks in the direction it came from and she stomps angrily.

Esther:  Was that fucking gasoline?  No, was that gasoline asshole?

The camera turns to see Cadet Blue standing there and Esther can’t help but pick up the trash can and throw it at him.

Esther:  Get the fuck outta here with that shit!  I’m trying to talk about how we’re all stars and we deserve respect, and you throw a gasoline balloon at my fucking head during an interview?  You’re a fucking savage!

Cadet Blue just shrugs his shoulders and Andrey Azarov walks into the room and throws Cadet Blue into the wall.

Andrey:  Is being savage problem for you? Because we might need divorce lawyer sooner rather than later.

Esther walks up to Andrey and jumps in his arms.  She begins kissing him.  He feels her up and then switches her up onto his back.

Andrey:  I will get you to ring now, dorogoy. Safely to take title from Merlot.

Esther moves around onto his back and he gives her a piggyback ride down the hallway of Staggs Dungeon.  She holds on tight as the camera moves down with them.

Esther:  I feel like a fucking princess on her way to coronation to become the queen.  Preferential treatment isn’t always a bad thing.  Daddy Erik handpicked me to take the next strike at SCU. The one that sees us gaining yet another stronghold on them.  And it all starts with wiping that stone chiseled look off Merlot’s- stupid face and taking her title.

GRIME members masked and otherwise cheer her on as Andrey carries her to the curtains.

Esther:  Hit my fucking music!

Andrey:  That’s lot of fucks said, babe.

Esther shrugs as “Problem” by Natalia Kills plays on the speakers.

\'user Vs \'user

SCU TV Championship
Sister Esther vs Merlot Ayano

Liam:  Okay, Erik, I think there’s something we need to address after that long winded bullshit we just saw before Esther took over the screen.

Erik: That’s a touchy subject.  Those who tune in to see provocative wrestling programming, rather than a total yawn… SCU and GRIME both operate under Tad Ezra, on behalf of WGN.  So, sometimes we’re going to have to sit through their bullshit, and make up for it by working that much harder to put on enticing television.

Liam and Erik shrug their shoulders as they turn their attention toward the curtains to wait for Esther, and Liam stands up to announce her arrival.

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, contested under GRIME Rules, and is for the SCU Television Championship!!!

As the music continues to play, the SCW crowd boos for Esther.  She comes through the curtains while riding Andrey’s back down to the ring.

Esther:  Shut up, you idiots!

The crowd only boos louder when Esther flips them off with Andrey walking her down to the ring.  She climbs off of his back when she walks up the ring steps.  Andrey folds his arms across his chest.  Esther prances around the ring with a bit more demure in her stride.  She gives the a cupped hand wave, nodding her head while they continue to boo her.

Esther:  Don’t worry.  I’ll make a good Queen of TV bitches. Merlot’s going down.

Esther then settles into her corner, leaning out to talk to Andrey while waiting for Merlot to arrive.

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Erik:  Esther goes right for Merlot with alternating kicks that Merlot blocks.  Esther stops and catches Merlot with a sucker punch that sends spit flying outside of the ring.

Liam:  Esther then backs Merlot into the corner and uses her Combat experience to send Merlot into space.  She is relentless in her attack.

Erik: Atta girl!  Esther then grabs onto Merlot and hits a Snapmare, converting it into a Sleeper Hold.  She wrenches the neck as Merlot puts a foot on the bottom rope.

Liam:  Esther laughs as the referee lets Merlot know there are no rope breaks.  Merlot was really not prepared for the rules of this match.

Erik:  Even though she’s SCU, don’t count her out.  There’s a reason I’m happy to scout her.  She uses her legs to pull herself to the ropes and she moves outside.

Liam:  But Esther still has the hold locked on.  Merlot uses her powerful legs and drags Esther right to the ringpost,  She grabs onto her and slams her into it to break the hold.

Erik:  Merlot quickly hits a high kick to Esther’s head and the crowd cheers as she leans down and catches her breath.  She then slides back inside of the ring and picks Esther up.

Liam:  Esther tries to bat Merlot away, but Merlot picks her up and into a German Suplex.  She latches on for the first pin of the match.


Erik:  Esther plays possum, getting just enough time to recover.  She gets a shoulder up and then she grabs onto Merlot’s arms.  She stands up and goes for a Kudo Driver!

Liam:  Oh, but Merlot locks her legs around Esther’s neck and holds onto her back.  Esther stomps around, trying to find a way out of the hold.

Erik:  She hits a Double Leg Slam to Merlot onto the turnbuckle.  Merlot holds the back of her head as Esther grabs the legs into a kneeling pin combination.


Liam:  Merlot throws her shoulder up.  She’s not going to lose her title so easily, even if it is inevitable.  Merlot slides out from under Esther, but Esther grabs onto her leg.

Erik:  She pulls Merlot to the center of the ring, but Merlot kicks Esther in the face.  Esther doesn’t let go, so Merlot hits two more solid heels to the face and she drops the leg.

Liam:  Esther holds onto her eye, giving Merlot the opportunity to get to her feet where she hits a Crescent Kick to Esther, dropping her.

Erik:  Esther tries to scurry backward, waving her hand up as Merlot stalks her.  She starts to slide out of the ring, but Merlot grabs her leg and pulls her in.  Esther tries to get up.

Liam:  She is hopping on one foot and she tries to turn around.  Merlot does a Dragon Screw and takes her down.  She is taunting Esther as she backs her into a corner, kicking her as Esther blocks.

Erik:  That’s the competitor I got my eye on.  Esther stands up and Merlot brings a knee to the gut.  She then brings a Bicycle Kick down across Esther’s head.

Liam:  Uh oh.  She’s stalking Esther now.  Esther doesn’t see it as her clock is spinning.  She hits Eternal Burning (High Velocity Roundhouse) to a kneeling Esther! She goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and still SCU Television Champion… Merlot Ayano!!!

Merlot knows better than to stick around.  She grabs her title and she watches as a few masked members come down to check on Esther.  She then exits through the SCW crowd, not looking back as she does so.  Esther slowly comes to as “Futatsu no Roe” and she gets pissed off.  She screams as she realizes what’s just happened.  She gets up to try to go after Merlot, but is held back by Andrey.


The words flash up on a blank screen. A few moments later the image of Mark "The Dragon" Cross replaces it, standing victorious with his SCU Underground title over his head. Watching approvingly from outside of the ring, one arm in plaster, stands Valentina.


The words are replaced with Mark "The Dragon" Cross connecting the "Kettetaki Desaki" on Javi Gonzales in the Blast from the Past finals as Evie Jordan smashed Kate Steele into a ring post. The scene cuts to the pair celebrating in their matching Fire Dragons 2.0 shirts.


The scene changes again to the Boiler Room of the MGM Grand from Sin City Underground 41. Mark "The Dragon" Cross is dealing hammer blows to Lord Raab


A three way split screen showing Mark Cross, Ben Jordan and Lord Raab sporting their respective championships fills the screen. The images of Jordan and Raab fade, leaving Cross alone with a message.


The white text flickers on the screen for a few moments, before the whole thing fades away to darkness.

Cameras go backstage as Henry stands with Samuel McPherson as it was rare not to see Lord Raab around tonight. However, he was at the arena, but not at this current time as he knew, tonight was Samuel's night, although Henry has plans to address the after events of the match Lord Raab had at the Supershow event. Tonight was about Samuel as he stands there, comfortably confident with his relaxed appearance, looking forward to showcasing what he's about when he wrestles by himself which was a rare event itself. Henry begins to speak.

Henry Losak: "Before I address Samuel and the title quest, let's talk about how much Lord Raab has done to raise the standards above the GRIME Wrestling brand. Nobody in this brand, not even the pathetic family rivalry nobody gives a shit about on the bombshells side of things has elevated towards making GRIME Wrestling as violent of a brand as Lord Raab's done. I will say this, and it's rare me, and Lord Raab agreed to say this, but after the performance, the man put on at the Supershow, we have respect for Abaddon. He busted his ass, and he was one of the most violent opponents Raab has faced since Lord Raab's arrival here. Abaddon is the future of hardcore wrestling, and he will continue to grow as a wrestler. The match will go down as the most violent wrestling match GRIME, and the entire company has ever seen in history. Just on that night, Lord Raab was the better man. Also, the open challenge for Lord Raab to defend his GRIME Nightmare title is still open to anyone in GRIME Wrestling so bring the challenges on because Lord Raab wants everyone to step up and experience wrestling against him for the belt."

It was tough for both Henry and Lord Raab to agree on respecting wrestlers like Abaddon as they rarely ever do. However, Henry quickly moves on from that and looks directly at Samuel, who needed all the spotlight he can get. Henry pats Samuel on his shoulder before Henry speaks again.

Henry Losak: "Moving on, let's talk about the other man of The Monstimals tonight, Samuel McPherson. Now, he hasn't had many if any opportunities to prove himself as a solo's competitor and the truth is, he can wrestle by himself without Lord Raab tagging along with him. He has done so in a couple of companies. It's made me happy to see that GRIME Wrestling are ready to let Samuel showcase what he can do in the ring by himself. I mean heck, he should've been given a solo's title opportunity long ago when he was the runner up of the gauntlet SCU had a while ago but never received it for some reason. Tonight is the night where Samuel McPherson proves who The Animal is."

Samuel nodded as he signals something Henry hadn't mentioned yet, the title around his waist with the upcoming match tonight he has with Andrew Borg. Henry nods at Samuel and speaks again.

Henry Losak: "Samuel already pointed out what his goal is tonight, and that's to capture a title around his waist. As I said, it's about damn time Samuel received something for himself and tonight, that's going to be against Andrew Borg. We know he's a talent in SCU and I get how GRIME Wrestling wants another title to its brand. SCU has too many belts, and this Andrew Borg is not a worthy champion. I mean he only became champion because he caught the title belt dropping from the ceiling. Not like he unhooked the title to win or anything. Shows how lazy Andrew Borg is. He's not a hardworking, worthy champion people respect. Samuel doesn't respect lazy workers like yourself."

Henry nodded, agreeing with everything he said, along with Samuel himself and Henry continues to speak again.

Henry Losak: "Samuel hasn't had a chance to step himself in the spotlight to receive a title show like the soon to be GRIME Uncensored TV title match. Tonight, he will make an impact on Andrew, destroying him like Samuel's never gone before to do everything it takes to beat the shit out of the worthless champion who has been a piss poor champion who can't defend the title successfully. He only retained his title by Disqualification last time out, but this time, he won't walk away with the title around his waist. Samuel has been training all week long for this match, and nobody will stop Samuel achieving his dreams of being champion in GRIME Wrestling. Samuel will tear apart Andrew with and without weapons at his disposal because Andrew is incapable of defending his title and winning them without being Disqualified."

There were a few more things to say about Henry as Henry takes a quick breather before speaking for the last time.

Henry Losak: "Tonight, Andrew will be blooded and fucked up by The Animal who will prove himself he's capable of winning title matches by himself and makes a start on being a great solos wrestler me and Lord Raab knows he can be. We know Samuel will do what he has to do in the ring, wrestle with the pure nature of being violent, throwing Andrew around like a ragdoll, making his TV title reign like an absolute joke that Andrew's accomplished so well. Samuel will walk away tonight as the first-ever GRIME uncensored TV champion, having GRIME Wrestling being dominated by The Monstimals as solo's champions is the ultimate goal. We'll have all the power after tonight, and you can expect GRIME Wrestlers will hate our guts more than before. Andrew has to suffer his fate of him being destroyed, leaving Andrew in a bloody mess to a point he will not be able to stand before Samuel pins him to be champion. Because Samuel can and will do that with no restrictions on him and doing whatever he wants to win. Prepare to be destroyed by The Animal, ripping Andrew apart and leaving him on a scratcher to the hospital."

A lot was said tonight as the goal of Samuel gaining more spotlight than he's gotten for the last few weeks was accomplished. Samuel goes to the camera and signals the title going across his waist tonight. After that, Henry taps him on his shoulder, and they go behind the curtain for Samuel to prepare himself to wrestle by himself for the first time in a matter of months to achieve his dream of being the first-ever male GRIME Uncensored TV champion.

\'user Vs \'user

SCU TV Championship
Samuel McPherson vs Andrew Borg

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall under GRIME Rules, and is for the SCU Television Championship!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’6” and weighing in at 280lb, he is… Samuel McPherson!!!

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Erik:  Sam walks over toward Borg, but Borg walks backward as he goes around the ring, sizing up the opposition.  He finally stops as Sam reaches for him.

Liam:  He steps under the monstrous arms of Sam and pounds at his back.  Sam turns around and swats him back a few steps.  As he turns around, Borg kicks him in the gut.

Erik:  Borg moves back and charges at Sam with a Clothesline From Hell attempt, but against the power of Sam, it barely makes him stumble back a step.

Liam:  Sam grabs onto Borg’s head and punches him across the forehead and it instantly drops him.  Sam paces around for a second before he picks Borg up into a Chokeslam attempt.

Erik:  Sam wants to end this one early. He lifts Borg up, but Borg gets several elbow smashes into the side of Sam’s head.  Sam drops him, and Borg goes off the ropes.

Liam:  Borg comes back with a jumping eye poke that blinds The Animal.  Borg takes this opportunity to hit several body jabs and a few knees that brings Sam down to his knees.

Erik:  Borg slides to the outside of the ring and he pulls out a chair.  He’s taking advantage of the GRIME Rules for this one.  He slides inside of the ring.

Liam:  As he lifts up the chair, Sam pops up out of nowhere and hits a Big Boot right into the chair!  Borg goes down!  Sam is bringing the title to our camp as he goes for the cover!


Erik:  Yes he can, because he just did!  Borg kicked out of that one!  He’s got some fight in him and he’s not going to let the title go so easily.

Liam:  Sam drags Andrew up to his feet, looking for that Chokeslam once again.  However, instead, he tosses Borg into the corner.  Borg ducks a Body Avalanche!

Erik:  He hits several Shoulderbutts to Sam, relentless in his attack.  He lifts Sam onto the top turnbuckle and he steps up onto the second.  He’s going for a Vertical Suplex!

Liam:  Sam tries to use his strength to weigh himself down, but Borg is determined!  He hits a few body shots and then he goes for it again.

Erik:  However, Sam hooks his leg and then he hits a Throat Thrust to Borg.  He lifts Borg up by the throat and nails a Chokeslam on top of the chair!  He steps down and glares at Borg.

Liam:  New TV Champion!  He kneels down over Borg and goes for the full body cover!  It’s over!


Erik:  What?!  Are you fucking kidding me?

Liam:  Abaddon comes out from under the ring.  His outfit is still charred from Blaze of Glory’s Dumpster Fire Match where Sam screwed him out of the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!

Erik:  Abaddon pulls Sam off of Borg and then kicks him a few times in the side of the head.  Sam still stands up and towers over Abaddon.  I understand retribution, but this is not the time or the place!

Liam:  But it’s happening!  Abaddon doesn’t back down, instead locking on the Revelations (Von Erich Claw)!  Sam is going down quickly from this one.  However, Borg locks on the Yes You Can! (Taz Mission)!

Erik:  Abaddon steps back and just watches as Sam’s struggling begins to fade.  After three arm drops, the ref calls it… Fucking Abaddon…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Television Champion… Andrew Borg!

Much like Merlot, Andrew is smart enough to take his belt and get the hell outta there.  Lord Raab makes it into the ring, and Abaddon just stares at him.  The tension is thick enough to cut with a steak knife.  Raab takes a step closer to Abaddon, and Abaddon steps in closer to Raab.  It’s as if they are sizing one another up from under the masks, one charred, and the other still cracked and chipped off on the forehead.  Raab looks over to see Sam starting to come to, and then he looks back to Abaddon, throwing a punch now!

Erik:  This isn’t over between Abaddon and Lord Raab!  They are going to town on each other in the middle of the ring.  Back and forth, back and forth.

After a minute of the brawl, Sam gets up and smacks Abaddon over the head with the chair.  He and Raab viciously maul Abaddon until Henry appears to call it off.  Raab takes one last good kick, and Sam hits one last chair shot before throwing it down.  He and Raab join Henry on the rampway.  They look down to admire their work, but after a minute, Abaddon simply sits up.  He turns his head slightly to look at Raab, Sam and Henry, and he runs his finger across his throat, giving us one final staredown before The Monstimals leave the ringside area.  Abaddon rolls to the outside and fades into the SCW crowd.

The Kawaii Dragons are walking the halls of the Staggs Dugen as if they're looking for something.

Winter: Oh GRIME…

Tatsu: Bitches!!!

Winter: Come out, come out wherever you are!

Tatsu: Those bitches not want any of Kawaii Dragons!

A door opens up, we see GRIME Mask members Orchid and Celeste come out.

Winter: Oh, the two from last week! The ballsy ones with the colors that had caused a bit of a stir.

Tatsu walks up to them both.

Tatsu: Bitches!

Winter: We’re looking for good GRIME Wrestlers, not the newb that they hired last week to job to the rest of the trash!

Tatsu: Bitches!

Winter: Look go back and ask the few that matter to stop being…

Tatsu: Bitches!

Winter: and come out here to talk.

Celeste gets her foot out and almost kicks Winter in the nose. Orchid waves off Celeste. The door opens up as we see Angel of Filth come out.

Filth: Now, now, that’s what they want. They know they have a few minutes to run their mouths on TV before we can do anything.

Burnt Orange: Why is that? I say we do them right now.

Filth: WGN has rules that Tad has to enforce in order for us to work on the greater cause.

Indigo: But this is war.

Cadet Blue: All wars have some sort of Rules of Engagement.

Filth: The time they have is running thin, after that, no such rules apply.

Winter: Five minutes for Kawaii Dragons to be on TV so fuck GRIME…

Tatsu: Bitches!

Filth: Yeah, and according to my time, you used up 4 minutes and 42 seconds, leaving 18, 17, 16…

Winter: 15… 14...13…

Tatsu: Can Tatsu play!

Tatsu says as she walks up to Filth.

Tatsu: B… B… B… BITCHES!!!

Filth: 5… 4...3…

Winter: 2…

Tatsu: 1!!!

Tatsu and Winter pull out their nunchucks and swing. Orchid and Celeste grab on to them. The Kawaii Dragon spray the Kawaii Mist on to the GRIME group and let go of the nunchucks as they took off running. Those not sprayed as well as others coming out of the room give chase to Tatsu and Winter.

Winter and Tatsu turn the corner, Alex Rush is seen riding Edwin around the loading dock area of the building. The Kawaii Dragons run over and jump, Winter lands on the Rhino as she wraps her arms around Alex Rush’s wasit to get her balance. Tatsu does the same as she sits behind Winter and holds Winter.

Winter: Turn Edwin around!

Alex: Let’s go mate… Oh!

Alex looks on to see half the GRIME roster in front of him.

Tatsu: What now… Bitches!

Filth takes a step but Edwin lowers his horn and makes a noise. Some of GRIME take off running which causes Edwin to react in a way that gets all of GRIME to take off running.

Tatsu: Bitches!

The camera cut away

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Sin City Underground Ep. 57 (Results)
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“Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits plays over the speakers and Erik Staggs steps from behind the announcers table.  He gets a mixed reaction from the SCU crowd, but mostly boos. He just smirks and walks away from the table and to the ring.  He rolls in under the bottom ropes and gets to his feet.  He walks over to the far side of the ring and he waves impatiently for a microphone.  Once he gets it, he leans against the ropes, staring to the stage.

Erik:  Tonight is being brought to you by GRIME Wrestling, and all of the loyal stars that represent the trash can brand.  I believe in rewarding hard work to the best of my abilities.  Lord Raab and my niece-in-law, Vixen Staggs are your GRIME World Nightmare Champions.  Sister Esther and Samuel McPherson were rewarded in their attempts at bringing the TV Championships home to GRIME…

Crowd:  They couldn’t cut it!  They couldn’t cut it!

Erik stops and glares out into the audience as his nostrils flare out.  He looks across the audience and then looks back to the stage, ignoring those at ringside once more.

Erik:  But what about the stars such as Hitmashii, Jacob Johnson, Eric Weaver, Jerry Cann?  Or the masked talents which there are plenty of? And even though Abaddon just ruined a beautiful opportunity to bring the men’s TV Championship back to GRIME for a second time, I guess I can throw his name into this as well.  All of them. They will get exactly what they deserve, and it will be much sooner than you all think.

Erik glances over his shoulder at a portion of the crowd and he winks.  But then, he turns back to the stage and pushes himself off of the ropes.  He walks across the ring to the corner facing the ramp and he rests his free arm on the turnbuckle.  He brings the microphone back to his mouth.

Erik:  Speaking of getting exactly what you deserve, I wanted to take a moment to apologize to someone.  But I want to do it right here, right now to show how sincere I am.  I’m a fair guy.  I’m not some horrible monster.  So I would like to request that Andrey Azarov come to the ring…

The lights flash around the audience as it searches for the faces. Andrey and Esther Azarov jump over the barricade. “Problem” by Natalia Kills plays over the speakers as Andrey and Esther circle the ring. Andrey helps Esther onto the ring apron and then jogs up the ring steps. They meet for a kiss. Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters. Esther mouths something to Andrey and then to Erik.  She steps down and stands just outside of the ring.  She brings him a microphone.  He steps just a few feet away from Erik and then he brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Andrey:  Nyet.  No apology is needed. At Blaze of Glory, I fall short of match I should won without question.  Stewart Mason is… skilled fighter.  He could be PBC champion in no time.

Erik nods his head.

Erik:  I’m glad you speak so highly of Stewart.  Once we break him down of his loyalties to Gianni and Donna, he will make a great GRIME Combat Champion.  But I did not bring you out here to talk about that match, because I already expressed my… displeasure… over that result.  Probably a little too loudly.  I owe you an apology, and I won’t take “no” for an answer.

Andrey holds a hand up to ask for a second.

Andrey:  I understand.  But I want you to know that you have ultimate respect of mine boss.  I just want you to know this from no matter what happens with contracts.

Erik smiles and he brings Andrey in for a hug.  He pats him on the back before putting him back at arm’s length.

Erik:  GRIME is like the children I never had.  There is an unconditional love that I feel for each of you.  I want to apologize to you for that.

Andrey looks confused just as he stops himself from speaking because of it.

Andrey:  You are powerful man, Erik.  This humbles me to hear from you.  But why apologies for such feeling?

Erik:  Well, if anyone ever followed my dearest nephew, who is more like a son to me than anybody, they would know that I cared so deeply for his well being that I wanted to make sure he knew at every turn that I was there to support him… when he made the right choices. And I want you to know that I see a lot of him in you, Andrey.  And that’s why this is going to hurt me so much more than it hurts you…

Esther takes a few steps back and gives Erik a nod to say “go ahead”.

Esther:  I love you baby!  Just go with it!

Esther then walks over to the ramp and begins walking up it.  Andrey looks super confused as Erik Staggs catches him with a hard right cross to the right cheek of Andrey.  As Andrey stumbles back, Erik brings the microphone back to his lips.

Erik:  You fucked up the second you walked into Gianni and Donna’s office to even consider leaving GRIME.  You dared to cross us?  That can’t go without punishment.

Andrey walks over to Erik, his eyes wide with rage.  He gets in Erik’s face before Erik punches him three times in the gut and watches him go down to the mat, holding onto his stomach.

Erik:  You sorry sonuvabitch… You don’t even know.  Loyalty isn’t blindly given, but for someone who sacrificed for you to get a chance at Stewart when I had plenty of others in the back who were more deserving is like a spit to my FUCKING FACE!  Erik Staggs doesn’t play that game.  So I’m going to teach you a very painful lesson.

Andrey slowly gets up and walks back over to Erik, challenging him once again.  Erik turns away slightly when his enraged face turns to a sly grin.

Erik:  And that lesson starts with one GRIME star.  If you make it through one of them, then there will be another.  And another.  And another until you just can’t take it anymore.

Andrey stares Erik down for a minute before leaning down into the microphone.

Andrey:  I accept challenge.  Problem is, there is not enough GRIME star to keep Andrey Azarov down.  Who is unlucky first?

Erik taps his chin for a minute, and then he looks over to Liam, and then to the timekeeper’s table.  He calls for the bell!

\'user Vs \'user

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Holy fuck, we’re going right into another match.  The referee slips inside of the ring as Andrey shoves Erik into the ropes.  Erik comes back and ducks a Clothesline from Andrey.  He comes up behind Andrey and does a Russian Legsweep to the canvas.  Erik rolls Andrey over, and he immediately mounts and throws punches at him.  Andrey blocks some of the hits as he tries to push Erik off of him.

*Static crackle*

Pakistan Green:  Andrey fighting the boss is funny, but not impossible to get past.  Andrey is able to power out from under Erik, and he Spears Erik into the corner, hitting repetitive shoulderbutts.

Liam:  Welcome to the commentary booth.  Why are you here?

Pakistan Green:  If Erik doesn’t finish Andrey, then I will, Liam.  Erik’s old, fragile ribs can only take so much.  But Erik slides out and behind Andrey.  He grabs onto the back of his shirt and throws him into the ringpost.

Liam:  Erik clubs Andrey across the back a few times.  He then hits rapid elbows to the back of his head.  He picks Andrey up and spins him around and slaps him hard across the face.  He ducks under a punch and then he hits a crotch punch to put it totally in his favor.

Pakistan Green:  He tosses Andrey to the outside of the ring and sizes him up.  Please don’t tell me he’s going to do what I think he’s going to do.  You’ll break a hip, Daddy Erik!

Liam:  Looks like the owner is going for a Suicide Dive.  As he goes toward the ropes… Spike Staggs is right there, waiting for him.  He grabs his uncle through the ropes and falls backward.  They roll around throwing punches.

Pakistan Green:  Talk about a real punch to the dick, Spike might as well be Shorty.  Erik and Spike duke it out on their way to the back, so I guess it is my turn.

*Static crackle*

Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Erik Staggs has been eliminated, I guess? Iiiiiiintroducing next, some kind of Green!!!  Pakistan Green, I’m being told in my ear!


Liam:  Pak picks Andrey up and rolls him back inside of the ring.  He picks Andrey up and immediately puts him into a Bear Hug.  He isn’t being gentle either as he whips Andrey around like a ragdoll.

*Static crackle*

Mac:  Hiiiiiiiii.  I am not fighting, I just like to talk.

Liam:  Like almost every woman I’ve ever met.  Chauvinism is still taboo?  What the fuck?

Mac:  Andrey is able to grab onto the ropes so the big masked one can stop shaking him around.  He pulls himself out of the grip and hits an Uppercut on Pak.  Pak stumbles and Andrey hits him with a series of body shots.

Liam:  Pak bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a Clothesline that puts Andrey right on his ass.  He rips Andrey up from the mat and picks him up in a Double Handed Chokeslam.  Andrey rolls to the outside, holding onto his back.

Mac:  Pak follows him outside and flings him into the ring steps.  Andrey rolls over them and shouts out in pain.  He then tries to pick up the ring steps, but Pak recovers so quick that he just gets his face smashed into them instead.

Liam:  Pak picks the steps up and throws them across the ringside mat.  He then picks Andrey up to Bodyslam him on top of the steps, but Andrey wiggles free.  He reaches under the ring and pulls out the first thing he feels.

Mac:  It’s too bad it’s extra turnbuckle pads.  He throws them at Pak as he steps backward.  Pak bats them away but Andrey goes under ring and pulls something else out.  It’s a 2x4 and he smacks Pak with it!

Liam:  And Pak goes down like a ton of bricks.  Andrey lets out an exasperated sigh as he tries to catch his breath.  Pak starts to move, and Andrey throws the 2x4 at his head.  As it bounces off, he digs for more under the ring.

Mac:  He pulls out a table and sets it up with one set of legs, and the other part of the table rests on the ring apron.  He lifts Pak up from the ground, but Pak shoves Andrey right onto the table and over it.

Liam:  Pak reaches over the table and lifts Andrey up into a Falcon Arrow, but Andrey grabs onto the ropes and slides inside of the ring.  Pak slides in, getting stomped, but it has little effect.  Pak gets up and Andrey hits a Haymaker.

Mac:  Pak turns around and Andrey tries to lift Pak up to dump him through the table, but Pak holds onto the ropes now and hits a Headbutt.  He climbs inside of the ring and looks for a Sidewalk Slam through the ropes, but Andrey rolls him up and holds the tights!


Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Pakistan Green has been eliminated!  Iiiiiiiintroducing next, GRIME Masked Member Yellow!


Mac:  Yellow comes rushing out as Pak argues with the referee.  Yellow begins hitting spinning kicks to Andrey.  As Andrey stumbles to the corner, he grabs hold of Yellow’s leg and…

*Static Crackle*

Rory:  Get the hell out of here.  I got dibs next.  Yellow comes back with an Enziguiri and puts Andrey down on the ground.  Yellow gets up and stands over Andrey, looking down on him like the treacherous bitch that he is.

Liam:  Well Andrey has taken quite the beating and Yellow looks to be taking it to him pretty good.  In short, you’re probably a little late to the party, and you really are a loser.

Rory:  *Laughs*  Hell yeah I am.  Yellow grabs Andrey by the back of the head and walks him around the ring, slamming his face into each of the turnbuckles.  He gets to four before Andrey whips him into the ropes, but catches him with a Clothesline on top of that table.

Liam:  The table doesn’t break… until Andrey jumps over the top rope with a Leg Drop right through the table!  The crowd even has to cheer for that one!  Andrey is feeling miserable right about now, but he pulls it together to roll Yellow back inside and he pins him!


Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Yellow has been eliminated!  Entering next, Rory Rockefeller!!!


Erik: *Breathing heavily* Sorry about that… I had to take care of a few things really fast.  Rory makes it into the ring and he lifts Andrey up.  He flings him into the ropes and as Andrey comes back, he hits him with a Big Boot.

Liam:  Down goes Andrey.  He tries to get to his feet, but Rory circle stomps him like he beat his mama.  Rory drops a knee to Andrey’s back and then begins stretching his arms backward.

Rory:  How’s this for a loser, bitch?  Huh?  How’s my little girl doing?  You give up?

Andrey:  NO! Fuck you!

Erik:  Rory gives a few more tugs.  He stands up and gives Andrey a few nudges with his foot.  He walks around, goading Andrey.

Rory:  You gonna get up?  You gonna be daddy’s big girl?

Liam:  He slaps Andrey across the back of the head.  As Andrey gets up, Rory spins him around and hits the On the Rocks (Atomic Drop followed by a Double Underhook Piledriver)!  He rolls Andrey over onto his back and looks over to Erik as he goes for the cover.

Rory:  This is for you, Daddy Erik!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  As a result of a pinfall, Andrey Azarov has been eliminated!  Therefore, your winner… Rory Rockefeller!

Rory:  Who the fuck’s a loser now?  Huh? Whose YOUR daddy?!

Rory leans out of the camera and raises his arms up.  The referee joins him, but it is just for show.  “Drink Drank Drunk” plays over the speakers as Rory moves around the ring celebrating.  He leans back into the ropes as Erik stands up at the announcer’s table and gives Rory a clap.  Rory points out to Erik with a proud nod and then pounds at his chest.

Somewhere in the Staggs Dungeon.

Raisa and the Jeckels are sitting on the floor.

Raisa: What happens tonight, we will not apologize for, tonight three must die.

Jack:  You see success hasn’t come our way in the City Of Sin, after maybe being the victors is only longer what we strive for.

Jake: Tonight we face three in masks, and those masks will hide your fear, it will hide your pain, tonight Fuschia, Cyan, Cadet Blue, we will so you no mercy, for mercy you do not deserve, tonight your sacrifice will be the message to all of SCU, your fate, your lives are in our hands.

Jack:  It Is Written So It Shall Be done.

We see two masks sitting out on a nearby bench, Green and Orange, and the two who are formally known as.  Ruby is leaning on a locker while Jade is seated in a black leather chair. Jade has a phone and seems to be watching something on it.

Ruby: Do you think anybody knows who we are?

Jade: I can tell you that I’m sure they don’t. Only Eric knows who we are. Why?

Ruby: I don’t know the thought just crossed my mind.

Jade: We are going to surprise everyone, but we don’t need to concern ourselves with that. How are you feeling about tonight?

Ruby: Ready. I’ve been training hard all week, but that’s nothing new for me.

Jade: True, you are a gym rat. Although with the gyms being closed and all I sure you’ve had to adjust.

Ruby: Yes and no. There’s a lot you can do with weights and resistance bands, push ups and squats, and …

Jade puts a hand up in the air.

Jade: I get it, I get it. It’s good that you are staying sharp, I've been keeping up with my training as well. This match tonight is an important opportunity for us to make a statement.

Ruby: I have been planning on leaving a long lasting impression. We need to show everybody why we were chosen to help with this invasion.

Jade: Yeah and that’s just the match part. We will be instrumental in the success of this hostile takeover.

Scene fades to black.

\'user \'user
\'user \'user

Inferno Tables Match
Jade and Ruby vs Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson

Set up around the ring are a few wooden tables, along with gas cans, matches, lighters, and even a couple torches.  The SCW crowd cheers for the brutality that is promised based on what they’re seeing, and it almost requires no introduction.

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an Inferno Tables Match!  One can only win by putting an opponent through a table that has been set ablaze!  Introducing first, Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson!!!

Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson step from within the crowd, coming in from opposite sides of the venue.  They both slide inside of the ring, but not after stuffing lighters and matches into their pockets.  It looks like they’ve taken them all, which is a smart strategy.  They meet up in one corner of the ring. They discuss further strategy as the lights shift in ruby and jade onto the stage.

Liam:  The artists formally known as Green and Orange, please welcome at this time… Ruby and Jade!!!

Jade emerges from behind the curtains first.  She poses with her hand at the side of her face in a very femme fatale sort of way.  Ruby comes out next, and her body reads no nonsense as she puffs out her chest.  She slaps each side of her chest before moving down toward the ring.  Jade climbs onto the apron and does a cat-like walk across it to meet Ruby in the center.  She and Ruby stare at Jerry and Jacob.  They then enter the ring and step to the center, ready for battle.  Jerry and Jacob laugh as they meet them in the middle.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Erik:  Jerry leans in and pats at his cheek, calling for one of the ladies to give him their best shot.  When they don’t, he turns to Jacob and laughs.  The larger Ruby then hammers Jerry right in the face, putting him down to one knee!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Liam:  Jacob laughs at Jerry and points at him until Jade hits a Thrust Kick right to his stomach, and he goes down to one knee as well.  Jade and Ruby begin pounding on their opponents, getting them down to the mat.

Erik:  Ruby climbs on top of Jerry and begins throwing rapid, but very hard hitting punches.  Meanwhile, Jade lifts Jacob up and drops him to the side with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Liam:  Jerry is able to bridge out from under Ruby and he slides over to the corner where he and Jacob meet up.  Looks like they’ll be taking these ladies more seriously now.

Erik:  Jacob and Jerry nod their head.  Jacob rushes Ruby, ducking under a Clothesline.  He comes off of the ropes and then hits a Bulldog on Ruby.  Jerry trips Jade up over the ropes and he presses down on the back of her neck with his knee.

Liam:  Jacob rolls to the outside and he dumps gas over one of the tables already set up.  He drags the table closer to the ring, and then he strikes up a few matches, but they don’t light right away, blowing out quickly.

Erik:  Will somebody turn off the ceiling fans?  Please.  Thank you.  Jacob strikes up a few more matches and they ignite.  He is about to drop them on the table when Ruby reaches through the ropes and lifts him up into a choke.

Liam: He waves his arms around, and as the matches start to burn at his fingertips, he drops the matches onto the table.  It immediately goes up in flames!  This distracts Ruby, and Jacob is able to drop her with a Guillotine across the middle ropes.

Erik: Jacob then drags Ruby through the ropes and is about to dump her onto the table when she locks on a chokehold.  Jacob tries to get out, but his only option is to bring her face down near the flames.  She instantly lets go as the mask looks like it’s about to melt right off!

Liam:  You might want to invest in better masks that are less… melty, boss.  Meanwhile, Jerry finally lets go of Jade and he drags her up to her feet.  He sets her against the ropes and goes flying toward her.

Erik:  Jade doesn’t see him coming, and the table is right there.  Jade’s a goner!  As Jerry approaches, Jade dips down and flips Jerry over the top ropes!  Jerry sails through the air, and Jacob grabs onto him to stop him from going through the table!

Liam:  Reflexes like a cat from Jacob Johnson.  He and Jerry gather their footing, but Ruby picks Jacob up and drops him with a Front Powerslam right through the table!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners… Ruby and Jade!!!

Ruby and Jade high five one another, keeping their fingers hooked as they walk to the ropes.  They look around as Jerry puts out the fire on Jacob, and they give a nod before exiting the ring and going up the ramp.

Cut outside of the Staggs Dungeon, Abaddon bursts through the door with aggression.


Abaddon reaches for his chin and checks it under the mask. He rubs it for a moment, and then licks his bottom lip.

Abaddon: This... this is becoming... stimulating.

Abaddon attempts to discreetly check his ribs post assault by the Monstimals.

Abaddon: At Blaze Of Glory you were broken. Raab... the World Nightmare Championship was in my grasp. McPherson... you intrigue me. You hid away in a dumpster like the trash that Raab truly believes you are. Why? Raab... you knew. You... you knew that you did not belong in there at Blaze Of Glory. You have left your path of Destruction in Sin City. Nobody can take that away from you. That was then. You are not the same monster that you were. That championship in your possession is merely a token of false hope. You are clinging on to that championship in a way to hold on to the little relevance that you think you still have. Mark my words the World Nightmare Championship will be mine. Samuel... you well, we are just getting started it appears. You are a formidable challenge, whether Raab keeps you in dumpsters to succeed where he would only fail. Erik sign it. I need to put The Animal down.

The camera focuses on the face of Alex Rush, a headband around the top of his head, white with a big red circle on it. Either side, Japanese writing is seen. The camera zooms out slightly to see him sitting crossed legged on the floor of the Staggs Dungeon, somewhere backstage, the Hardcore Tag Team Championships either side of him.

Alex: Chow down down you hungry, hungry rhinos!

Alex taps his chin.

Alex: Don't sound right somehow.

The camera zooms out to see Alex's rhinos Edwin-Robert aka Lucha Rhino and Robert-Edwin putting their heads down to eat something from long dishes. Marissa Henry walks past Alex, but stops and takes two steps back

Marissa: I know I'm gonna regret asking.

Alex puts his head up, tilting it backwards and looking at Marissa.

Alex: I'm glad you asked upside down Pussy!

Marissa: I'm not Pussy Willow!

Alex: Didn't say you was but you should really wear longer skirts or underwear.

Marissa takes a step back, stopping some things being in Alex's view.

Alex: Owwwww, liked that view. Good job with the wax strips.

Marissa: Hey! Ugh!

Alex: Well, I'm glad you asked what we was doing.

Marissa: I didn't ask.

Alex: Not with the lips on your mouth you didn't but I'm a master of lip reading. Me and the boys 'ere, we're having a rhinos favourite meal. Sushi!

Marissa: Sushi? Rhino's like sushi!

Alex: They love it! It's their most favourite meal ever! These boys here, they love it, they can't get enough of it. They could be distracted, like when they play Mario Kart, right? Not taking any notice of the world, then sushi will appear like fifty feet away and they'll be like SUSHI! And run and get it. They could be running a marathon, and they do like doing that, and they'll stop for sushi and forget they're running till they look down and ask themselves why they were wearing trainers. Rhino's and sushi go together like thongs and a stripper.

Marissa: I can't believe rhinos like sushi.

Alex points to them.

Alex: Look at them having a scoff, they will bite anyone's hand off for trying to take their sushi, their sushi, they paid for this so it is theirs.

Marissa: Aren't you worried that this is a GRIME purge show?

Alex: What's that when it's at home?

Marissa: Well let's just say people from SCU are not welcome, aren't you worried you'll be attacked?

Alex points at the two rhinos.

Alex: Would you be worried? I got me mates here and I don't think anyone is gonna try and get at me with these two knocking around, you should be more worried than me, you're SCU.

Marissa frowns.

Alex: Tell ya what, you come sit next to me and we'll protect you from the GRIME lot.

Marissa looks at Alex cautiously as he pats the ground next to him. Reluctantly, Marissa sits next to him. Robert-Edwin glances up, then looks at Alex.

Alex: I know, right? Fuzzy lighning bolt.

Alex turns to Marissa who crosses her legs. She looks at him with a glare.

Marissa: Can't you take anything seriously?

Alex: Of course I can, watch.

Alex turns to the camera, waving it towards him as he clears his throat. A serious look crosses his face.

Alex: Don't drink bleach, it will make your doodah sting when you widdle it out.

Alex turns back to Marissa.

Alex: How's that?

Marissa rolls her eyes as the door busts open.  All eyes move over toward it as a high pitched battle scream.  A figure in a black GRIME style outfit with a Red mask comes jumping over Robert Edwin with a picture perfect leap frog, rolling flip.  Blonde hair trickles out from under the hood, and the well endowed woman stands there with a modified electrified baseball back, crackling with a charge.  She points it right at Alex and then she winds it up, walking toward Alex.  However, one misstep onto a sushi boat, slipping face first onto the concrete floor with a loud “splat” being heard.  As she gets up, we see water all over the floor, and the mask has slipped across the floor.  The chest is now flattened, and we see it is Otis “Tana Mongeau” Sludge!

Otis:  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

Otis stomps repeatedly as he tangles his hands in his blonde wig, causing it to slip off slightly, where Edwin Robert pulls it off of his head entirely, chewing on it.  He looks at the mask on the ground and he stomps it.

Otis:  Stupid cheap ass mask from the merch shop!  Fuck you, Andrey!  And fuck Mr. Firecrotch!

Otis storms off, pushing Edwin Robert and Robert Edwin out of the way, though they don’t look phased by it at all as Robert Edwin goes back to chomping down on the sushi.  Alex stares wide eyed at the situation, confused by it all.  He then looks to Marissa.

Alex:  Marissa.  What’d ya do to piss in his cheerios?

Marissa just stares at Alex, with the same confused look he just gave her seconds ago as the camera cuts elsewhere.

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The Jeckels vs Fuschia, Cyan, Blue

“Freakshow” plays over the speakers.Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels.

Liam:  The following contest is a Six Person Tornado Tag Team Match contested under GRIME Rules, and is scheduled for one fall!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, accompanied to the ring by Raisa, from Transylvania, Romania, they are Jack, Jake, and Helena… The Jeckels!!!

She leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth.

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers as Cadet Blue emerges from the curtains first.  He has a barbed wire baseball bat in his hand, dragging it loosely behind him.  Cyan comes out next with a wheelbarrow full of various objects.  Fuschia comes out with… nothing.  She shrugs.

Liam:  Aaaaand their opponents, representing the Masked GRIME members, they are… Cadet Clue, Cyan, and Fushia!!!

Fuschia walks out in front of the others and walks down toward the ring.  Cyan wheels down the items in the wheelbarrow and sets it just outside of the ring.  Cadet Blue continues to drag the bat behind him, the scraping sound getting louder and louder as he slowly walks.  Fuschia flips up the ring apron, looking for something as she moves around the ring.  She makes it to the third panel, just in front of The Jeckels.  She pulls out a ladder and slides it inside of the ring.  She then points up to the barbed wire steel cage above them.  She pulls herself up onto the apron and then steps inside. Cadet Blue lifts and dumps the wheelbarrow inside of the ring before he climbs up to stand next to Cyan, who is patting the palm of his hand with the bat as if it weren’t painful at all..

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Erik:  We thought The Jeckels were crazy, but Cyan, Fuschia, and Cadet Blue seem to have plans of their own.  The six fighters begin walking around, looking at what they’ve got to work with.

Liam:  Jake rolls outside and picks up a piece of the charred table left over from the last match.  Helena picks up a gas can and sets it inside of the ring.  Cyan claps his hands together while Jack slides a couple tables inside of the ring.

Erik:  They seem to be excited to inflict pain on one another.  Except Fuschia.  She seems pretty dull.  She picks up a bag and carries it over to Helena.  She swings it at Helena, but Helena ducks.

Liam:  Helena punches Fuschia in the gut and then rips the bag out of Fuschia’s hands.  She smacks her with it, and all we can hear is a shattering sound.  Helena dumps the contents of the bag on the ground to reveal a thousand shards of broken beer bottles.

Erik:  Jack sets a table up in the corner as Cadet comes up with the bat.  He smacks Jack with it and then gets behind Jack, holding the bat to his forehead as he grinds it back and forth as Jack shouts out in pain.

Liam:  Cyan picks up a Kendo Stick and tries to smack Jake around, but Jake catches him and bangs the top of Cyan’s head with his elbow.  He rips the Kendo Stick out from under Cyan and cracks him in the ribs with it.

Erik:  Cyan drops to one knee.  He then takes another shot to the noggin.  As he goes down, Jake goes to wrap the stick around Cyan’s throat, but Cyan blows something right into Jake’s eyes.  He throws the red powder across the mat… cayenne pepper?

Liam:  That’s just low.  Cyan takes Jake and throws him right into the table that Jack had set up seconds ago.  Meanwhile, Fuschia and Helena are trading blows with one another until Helena misses a punch, and Fuschia shoves her back into a smack with the barbed wire bat from Cadet!

Erik:  Fuschia pulls the ladder up to the second rope and she props it up.  As she starts to climb it, and it wobbles, the crowd gets on their feet for this crazy fucking shit.  However, Jack pushes Cadet Blue into the ladder, making Fuschia fall onto the broken glass.

Liam:  Ha! She’s not so quiet now as she rolls around, trying to get out of the glass.  Helena hits a Curbstomp to Fuschia, laying her out on the mat.  She goes down for the cover.


Erik:  Cyan pulls Helena off by the leg and spins her around for a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex on top of the glass!


Liam:  Jack grabs Cyan by the throat and shoves him into the corner.  He picks up a steel chair and he throws it at Cyan, and then kicks him in the face as the chair is perfectly aligned.

Erik:  Cyan goes down, but while this is going on, Cadet has launched himself off of the ladder and is holding on to the barbed wire steel cage!  What is he doing up there.  He’s… loosening the barbed wire?

Liam:  He gets some of it to drop off as he goes up the cage wall.  Gloved hands help this one as he trips up the level to cause part of the cage to drop down.  He’s fucking nuts!

Erik:  He’s a genius.  As Jack is smacking Cyan with the chair, Cadet drops down, bringing a strand of barbed wire with him.  As he drops, he wraps the wire around Jack’s neck.  He calls out as Fuschia reels the cage up, raising Jack with it!

Liam:  Jake, however, takes advantage and smacks Cadet with a fluorescent lightbulb.  Jake climbs on top of Cyan and the referee makes the count!


Erik:  Fuschia is rushing back to the ring, but Raisa trips her up along the way.  Fuschia reaches out toward the ring when the hand drops again.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners… The Jeckels!!!

Raisa rushes over to lower the cage down to give Jack some relief.  He pulls a piece of cloth from Cyan’s jacket and wraps it around his throat, tying it as tightly as he can while still breathing.  “Freakshow” plays over the speakers again as The Jeckels celebrate, exiting through the cage door.  They make their way to the stage and leave as Fuschia checks on Cyan and Cadet Blue.

Backstage of the Staggs Dungeon, the cameras open up to find G.R.I.M.E member Black leaning against a wall. They have a length of barbed wire in their hands, using the safety of some strong gloves to protect their skin from being pierced by the wire. They stare down at the wire, a low chuckle heard every so often as they toy with it in their hands.

Black: Pain. We’ve all felt it a time or two in our lives. And no doubt we’ve all inflicted it on more than one occasion. It is an unavoidable concept in our lives, don’t you think?

They begin wrapping the barbed wire around their hand, laughing again and tilting their head back as if feeling the pain of it piercing their skin.

Black: A lot of people fear pain. They do everything they can to avoid it. To run from it and to keep themselves from ever inflicting it on those they love, but I have to ask why? Why be afraid of something that feels! Thrilling?! Amazing?! Pain should not be feared. But celebrated! Don’t you people understand?! Don’t you get it?!

Black looks up into the camera, gripping the barbed wire tighter. Their head moves from side to side in a twisted almost maniacal manner as they laugh again.

Black: What about you, Crimson? Oops. Sorry, Vixen? As you now have the honor of being unmasked and showing your true identity to the world. What do you feel about pain, Vixen? What do you feel about our barbed wire steel cage match later tonight? You seem confident, yes. But knowing me the way that you do, aren’t you just a little bit...scared?

Black laughs and slowly unwraps the barbed wire from their hand. They remove one of their gloves, staring down at their now exposed skin before they start wrapping the barbed wire around their hand again, immediately piercing the skin and drawing blood!

Black: I don’t think I need to remind you that pain is not something that I mind. I don’t think I need to remind you that I very much enjoy pain and no matter what you do to me in this match tonight, I’ll be begging for more. The ecstasy that comes from the puncturing of the skin…

Black gasps and tilts their head back, squeezing the barbed wire tighter.

Black: And not just my own, Vixen. Make no mistake, that the pain you will experience will be just as thrilling for me as the pain you will put me through as well. And the lengths to which I will go to to prove that you’re not the chosen one as I take that World Nightmare Championship away from you? Mmmm….I’m so very looking forward to it.

Black unwraps the barbed wire and brings their blood covered hand up to the camera, smearing their blood all over the lens.

\'user Vs \'user

Main Event
GRIME Nightmare Championship
Barbwire Steel Cage Match
Grime Masked Black Vs Vixen Staggs

Liam:  The following contest is your Main Event, and is a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, representing the GRIME masked members, she is… Black!

Black walks through the crowd, looking around as she gets to the ring.  She turns around and pulls herself backward onto the apron and she sits there methodically.  After a minute, she rises up and steps inside of the ring.  She walks around, letting the crowd get a good look at her as she teases taking her mask off.  However, she does not.  Instead, she settles into the corner and keeps her eyes peeled on the entryway.

The haunting opening notes of Joke’s on You begin to fill the venue as the lights lower to a crimson light that plays over the ramp where Vixen Staggs can be seen standing at the entrance dressed in dark tights and crimson halter under a studded black leather jacket. Walking to the beat, her lips smirking slightly as she avoids the reach of the crowd until she reaches ringside. Stopping at the side of the ring, she reaches up and pulls herself onto the apron and turns to offer a cocky salute to the fans before sliding between the ropes.

Liam: Introducing from Ottawa Ontario, she is the current World Nightmare Champion Vixen STAGGS!!!

Vixen climbs the turnbuckle to slowly peel off the leather jacket and hang it from the ringpost. She turns and relaxes on the top turnbuckle as she waits for the bell.

As they settle into their respective corners, the referee waves for the barbed wire steel cage to be lowered once again.  Members of the ring crew begin fixing the mess from the previous match, lacing the wire back through loosely.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Vixen wastes no time in charging across the ring as Black.  She whips Black across the ring and comes charging at her.  Black drops, and Vixen heads straight for the cage!  But she catches herself on the turnbuckle with a very close call.

Erik:  The crowd was excited, but Vixen’s experience with this sort of match gave her a heads up.  However, Black has decided that the fans will see blood.  She clubs Vixen into the side of the cage.

Liam:  Vixen sacrifices her hands to save her head from being torn open.  She kicks back at Black and she stumbles back just in time for Vixen to come flying off of the middle turnbuckle with an Ax Handle Smash.

Erik:  Vixen takes a page out of Jack Jeckel’s playbook as she tears a sleeve from her arm and wraps up her hand.  However, she barely has time to do that as Black sweeps her off of her feet.  She stomps Vixen’s face a few times.

Liam:  She is bound and determined to make Vixen’s match with Odette look like child’s play, giving the fans plenty of blood sacrifice.  She then steps on Vixen’s chest, holding onto the top rope as she bounces up and down.

Erik:  She’s trying to break Vixen’s ribcage wide open like a fucking beast.  But Vixen is able to trip Black up.  She walks up behind Black and throws her face first into the side of the cage.  This is where having a mask is a great benefit.

Liam:  Vixen seems up for the challenge of shedding blood from Black’s head, despite a mask.  She hits a Dropkick to the back of Black’s head.  She then lifts Black up and continuously bangs her head into the side of the cage.

Erik:  Black is gonna feel that in the morning, mask or no mask.  However, she spins an elbow back at Vixen, but Vixen lifts her up for a Hammerlock Suplex.  But Black flips back out of it, and she shoves Vixen into the ropes, and subsequently the side of the cage.

Liam:  However, Vixen stiffens her elbows, doing little more than getting her hair tangled into the barbed wire.  She spins back with a Yakuza Kick to Black and then does a Belly to Back Suplex into the cage wall.

Erik:  Black’s hoodie catches on the cage wall, shredding it as well as the black shirt, tearing into the flesh of Black.  Vixen uses the assistance of the barbed wire and she holds her up against the cage wall and hammers into her midsection to worsen the cutting.

Liam:  Vixen grabs onto Black and then brings her back into a Bridging Suplex, going for the pin already!


Liam:  And Black got the shoulder up.  She pushes Vixen off of her and crawls over to the ropes, holding onto her back.  Vixen gets to her feet and follows after.  She grabs onto Black’s leg.

Erik:  But Black drops and rolls forward, dragging Vixen right into the cage wall!  Vixen shouts out as it scrapes up her face!  She holds on as the blood begins to flow.  She looks down at her hands covered in blood and she growls as she pounces on top of Black!

Liam:  She is literally choking Black with her hands around her neck.  Black’s arms flail around as she tries to get free from the choke, but it’s all in vain.  She gives one final stab at it, literally, with a thumbnail to the eye of Vixen.

Erik:  She gets just enough distance between her to put her knees up between and then she kicks Vixen off of her.  She gets to her feet and grabs Vixen by the hair.  She throws Vixen’s by the hair into the side of the cage wall.  She then moves her back and forth across it.

Liam:  So much for Vixen’s eternal beauty.  Black doesn’t just want the title.  She wants to scar Vixen Staggs image in more ways than one.  She holds onto her back as she steps back from Vixen.

Erik:  Like a true Staggs, Vixen turns around and stares Black down.  The blood is flowing from her forehead, and Black can’t believe that Vixen is staring through a different kind of crimson mask now.

Liam:  Black throws a punch at Vixen, sending her back into the ropes.  Vixen stumbles and falls into it, but she bounces off of the ropes and lands a Clothesline..  Black rolls back and then comes gets to her feet and hits a Clothesline of her own.

Erik:  Vixen can’t react as quickly with her hair matting with blood.  She tries to pull herself up to her feet when Black grabs onto her hair and stomps down on her back.  She stands above Vixen and begins punching away at Vixen, busting her open further.

Liam: Vixen hits a Fireman’s Carry on Black.  She stumbles back into the corner and sinks down a bit.  Black scrambles back to her feet, feeling the sting of the cuts on her back.  She grunts and charges at Vixen.

Erik:  Vixen lifts Black up so that she collides with the corner support beam of the cage.  Black holds onto her mask and falls down.  She gets up and flips her head back, and the hood falls down, seeing the black hair fly back as well.

Liam:  Vixen breathes heavily as she throws her hair back too, flicking her own blood back against the cage.  Her chest heaves as she slaps her thighs, shouting at Black.

Vixen:  Come on! Get the hell up and take your ass kicking!

Erik:  Goddamn, she’s really making me happy she unmasked.  That wicked grin on her face as Black gets up.  She kicks Black in the gut and then hits The Joke’s on You (Sonia Deville’s Hellavator)!  She goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion… Vixen Staggs!!!

“The Joke’s On You” plays over the speakers as Vixen rises to one knee.  She flips her hair back, shaking it out as it is soaked in crimson, same as what is dripping down her face.  She then stands up to both feet and lets the referee raise her arm up in victory.  Vixen mutters something at the referee, and then she looks over at Erik Staggs at the commentary booth.  She turns back to Black and she picks her up from the ground.  She grabs at the mask on Black’s face and she lifts her up.  She mutters something to her and then she throws her back down to the mat.  The barbed wire cage starts to rise as Angel of Filth comes walking out onto the ramp.  She stomps down to the ring   Vixen puts the title on her shoulder and stares at Filth, who is flicking her tongue.

Filth:  You taking good care of my belt for me, Vixy?

Filth’s nose crinkles as she continues walking down toward the ring.  She rolls in under the bottom rope and gets close to Vixen, who polishes the belt up.  Filth looks down at the title, reading Vixen’s name on the nameplate.  She looks up at Vixen and reaches up to brush a strand of bloody hair from out of Vixen’s face.  She then extends a hand to Vixen to shake, but Vixen doesn’t take it.  Filth nods and turns away.  She shakes her head and then she rubs at her stomach.  She reaches into her pants and pulls out a billy club and she smashes it against Vixen’s face, sending her down to the mat.  Filth drops the club and stands over Vixen.  She leans down and looks right at her.

Filth:  You don’t have to like me.  You don’t have to enjoy knowing that you only have a title to go for because of me.  What you do have to do is to respect me, ghost of relevant SCW Bombshell’s Past.  I don’t care if you are Vixen Fucking Staggs or the risen zombie corpse of Misty O’Malley.  Respect me, or I’ll knock you the fuck out.  And if you don’t like it, you can drop the title in my hands as you walk out that goddamned door!

Filth snorts and spits a black spray to the side before tucking her thumbs in her pants and stepping back.  She looks over to Erik and then she points to the back.  The sirens go off as a message appears across the tron and is read aloud.

”This concludes your weekly Purge.  Emergency and medical services are back online.  We thank you for your participation.  Blessed by our new WGN Head of Quality Management.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”