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Blaze of Glory Pre Show (Results)
« on: April 12, 2020, 04:09:33 PM »
Blaze of Glory VIII Pre-Show
Locale: Las Vegas, Nevada - Golden Ring Casino
Please send all segments to Donna Beauchamp. If you send them to the Underground account and not to the Donna account please don’t get upset if your segment doesn’t make the show. Segment deadline is the same as the SCW deadline.

The pre show is off to a good start but the cameras move to the backstage area where Alex Rush can be seen standing in between two rhinos, all three of them staring at a board with pictures of SCW, SCU and GRIME stars on it, some of their faces crossed out. On Alex's head is a Sherlock Holmes style deerstalker hat and in between his fingers is a pipe.

Alex: This is indeed a pickle my dear Watson's. Who could my mystery partner be?

Alex brings the pipe to his lips and blows bubbles out of the end before looking at the rhino.

Alex: You would say Kelli Torres, because she brings you food and she likes you. I do agree, she's super dreamy, kinda lady you wanna take home to mumsie just to say yes mumsie! I have pulled this cracker! And to take to your friends and say look at that lads, you can't imagine how flexible she is.

Alex and the rhinos all look to the left, looking up as if they're in a dream world, but Alex snaps himself out of it.

Alex: Now is not the time to daydream about the wonderful Ms. Torres and her flexibility Watson's, we need to think who it could be. I have teamed with many a person here, John Blade?

Alex looks at the rhino on his left.

Alex: True Robert-Edwin, we wouldn't know if it's him, cause we can't see him anyway.

He looks to the rhino on his right.

Alex: It might be Shorty! Good shout Edwin-Robert, but we can't see him either unless we look down. I miss that guy, Dick Punch Party was the greatest team name that never was. Oh! What about that Ella-ella-eh-eh-eh bird?

Both rhinos shake their head in unison.

Alex: Yeah, she ain't around much, what about those scary dudes in the masks in GRIME? It could be a sneaky ploy to take an SCU championship, and kidnap us and cover us in butter, and herbs!

Alex stops as he looks at Robert-Edwin.

Alex: Probably right, they don't look like the herb type people. They look like they like their grub bland.

Alex blows bubbles from the pipe again.

Alex: It could be anyone....

Alex turns his head and points off camera.

Alex: CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCKEN! I want a word with you! Get him boys!

Alex and the rhinos charge off camera as the camera focuses on the board of suspects.

Hardcore Tag Team Championship Match
Alex Rush & ??? Vs The Good Shepherds ©

We find our way backstage as Referee Jade Pham looks to Gianni Di Luca with an eyebrow raised.  She sighs and then starts laughing.  Gianni doesn’t look so happy with the laughter from his referee as he takes a step closer.

Gianni:  What’s so damn funny about this?  I don’t see the humor in it.

Jade:  How do you not see it?  Is that really his partner?  That’s ridiculous!

Gianni:  So is your face!  Now shut the hell up and get to the parking lot…

Jade wants to protest, but she realizes this is no joke and she just shakes her head.  As she is headed toward the parking lot, she runs into Gerald and David Shepherd by the door.  Gerald is shaking his head and talking under his breath to David.  Jade goes by them and David stops her.

David:  You can’t really think this match is going to happen.  It’s punishment toward your most valued warriors against GRIME.  Is this how you repay us?

Jade:  Hey, I’m just as surprised as you guys are.

Gerald:  Surprised?  We’re not “surprised”.  We’re appalled by the gal of Sin City Underground!  This will not stand!

Jade shrugs her shoulders.

Jade:  Talk that over with Gianni. I had no luck doing so.  But a bit of advice?  Target Alex and avoid his partner. That’s how you keep your titles.

Gerald:  If this is what it takes to stay the Heavenly Tag Team Champions, then who needs that?

David:  No, Father.  I embarrassed us last week. I must prove myself worthy.  I will lead us to victory.

Gerald is about to speak when the door to the garage opens up and Jade walks over to meet Darlyn in the center of the parking lot.  Alex Rush is standing in front of a box truck, but it’s clear he’s just as in the dark as he is inspecting the box truck, knocking on it and listening.  Darlyn raises the microphone to her mouth, but pauses, unable to help but chuckle and shake her head.

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Parking Lot Brawl for the Hardc...Heavenly Tag Team Championships!!!  Iiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the champions, from Tulsa, OK, they represent The Good Shepherds… Brother David and Father Gerald Shepherd!!!

Brother David raises his arms up with both titles up. He looks over to Father Gerald, who turns around and moves toward the door as Brother David stops him and brings him back toward the center.  He continues trying to talk to Gerald to calm him down.

Darlyn:  Aaaaaaaand their opponents… First, from Westminster, London, England standing at 6’1” and weighing in at 210lb, he is… Alex Rushhhhhhhh!!!

Alex stops inspecting the truck and he turns around and points to himself to let us know that it is him.  He showboats, but only for a little bit because he is just as curious as the rest of us as to who his partner is.  He steps to the side as a few stagehands walk to the truck and open up the back.  They open it up, but the shadows shroud the identity of his partner.

Darlyn:  And his partner… From Capetown, South Africa, standing at 5’3” and weighing in at…

Alex shouts out as the box truck begins moving.  He rushes into the truck and disappears into the shadows as well.

Darlyn: … 2,436lb, he is…

Alex:  … EDWIN ROBERT!!!

Alex Rush comes riding out of the box truck, riding Edwin Robert as Father Gerald screams out in a mixture of anger and fear.  He storms off toward the door, leaving Brother David standing there alone just as the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  David rushes over to Edwin Robert and jumps on top as he and Alex begin slugging it out.  He grabs onto Alex and throws him to the ground, off of Edwin Robert.

Chad:  Edwin Robert bucks David off and to the ground as he begins charging right at Father Gerald.  Gerald shakes the door and screams loud and rough as he tries to get out of the parking lot.

Gena:  Edwin Robert comes to a screeching halt as Gerald dodges out of the way.

Gerald:  No!  NO!  Stay away from me, hell beast!

Chad:  Alex grabs Brother David and flings him into the side of the box truck.  David collides with it, but instantly throws an elbow back against Alex’s face.  He goes for the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter) but Alex tickles David’s armpits to break it up.

Gena:  He then grabs onto Brother David’s neck and locks on Choke on this wad (Rear Naked Choke)!  He’s giving noogies and flicking at David’s nose.  The SCW/SCU ringside crowd laughs and cheers for Alex.

Chad:  Brother David moves around, but there are no rope breaks.  There are no releases unless Father Gerald can get over to break it up on time.  David hammers at Alex, but it isn’t enough for the determined Alex to let go.

Gena: Father Gerald is trying to get over to David, but Edwin Robert is chasing him around and he hooks Gerald’s tights with his horn, lifting him up in the air as the screams get more desperate and high pitched!  And David taps!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Edwin Robert!!!

The crowd is going absolutely ballistic at ringside, almost drowning out “Let’s Get Rocked” blasting over the speakers.  Alex Rush lets go of David and begins running around the parking lot with his arms out, excited for his first SCU title.  He jumps up and hugs onto Edwin Robert as he is handed both title belts.  Edwin lowers Father Gerald, who scrambles away from him.  He backs up to a rising Brother David as Edwin and Alex ride out through the backstage area.  They make their way all the way to the ringside area and Alex slaps hands with people as he goes around the ring.  The celebration is heavy as Alex even receives a rose from Underground Champion, Celeste North.  Alex brings her up on the rhino as they ride around in celebration, giving the Blaze of Glory crowd a moment they won’t soon forget.

Backstage we see Brother David rubbing his neck and Father Gerald pulling a robe over himself.  Brother David has a bloodied lip and his cheeks are red from beard burn.  He looks irritated as he walks down the hallway.

David:  You’re my father.  You’re supposed to protect me, not the other way around.

Gerald:  I would wrestle a bear for you, son.  But a rhinoceros?  There is no way in heaven! I have keraphobia, thanks to the horned beast of the underworld.

Brother David looks at his father, and for a moment it’s as if he’s an actual, normal human being.  His brows are furled and his face is twisted in confusion and disbelief.  He holds a hand up and grabs a phone out of a stagehand’s hands.  He types something in and looks at it, even more confused.

David:  A fear of horned animals?  You can’t even blame that on religion. That’s just- weird.

Father Gerald is not used to being talked to in such a manner.  He would normally shout at his son about respecting parents but he is far too embarrassed by what has just taken place to even do that.  Instead, he marches down the hallway to find Donna Beauchamp standing with Gianni Di Luca.  She tells Gianni that she will handle this one and Gianni steps back to watch the show.  Gerald storms up to Donna and glares at Gianni.

Gerald:  Don’t- say- a word!

Gerald’s fear has shifted to anger now, leaving fear at the parking lot doors.  He pulls his robe tighter around him.

Gerald:  First of all, you owe me new ring gear.  I have been- exposed- in this trash wrestling style match. The parts of me that are reserved for my wife’s eyes only will now be seen the world over.  And let us not even begin talking about the mental duress you have put me under!

David:  The mental duress of my father speaks volumes!  We fight the good fight week in and week out.  We even took it to G.R.I.M.E. and reigned victorious over them to keep our titles.

Donna:  They are not your titles any longer.

David:  Isn’t that the gospel truth?  The second Alex’s partner was revealed to be a rhino, it went from a respectable match to trash wrestling.  Maybe G.R.I.M.E. should take over SCU because this display proves that it already has! You can gladly keep the Hardcore Tag Team Championships.  We will continue to reign as the Heavenly Tag Team Champions, and we will no longer support you in the war on Erik Staggs.

Gianni laughs in his infamous way and Donna elbows him in the ribs to stop him from making things worse.

Donna:  That is your decision to make. I won’t pander to you or beg you to do anything. I never have done that and I never will. If you would like me to direct you to Erik Staggs office I will gladly do so.

Gerald:  Erik Staggs is a cretin, and truthfully, his ragtag group is not worth having another Shepherd under his charge.  It’s bad enough that he’s taken my daughter, but he will not have us.  If you do not strip Alex and the hell beast of those titles and award them back to us, then I will have to speak to a lawyer when it is no longer the Day of the Lord on this Easter Sunday.  Though it will not be today, we shalt rise on the third day, and find our way back to eternal glory.

Gianni can’t do it any longer.  He walks into the room behind him and shuts the door.

Donna:  I don’t deal with demands very well. I’m afraid you’re going to have to find another religious hyperbole to use to describe how it ain’t gonna happen.

Gerald:  Oh. The injustices reign supreme tonight.  You will be hearing from my lawyer in short time.  And I will be combing over every aspect of my SCU existence. This is far from over until you make it right.

Gerald glares over at Donna and then waves David toward him.  They walk off together while Donna just smiles at Gerald.

Backstage, the live crowd cheers as Marissa Henry is seen holding up a microphone. Standing next to her is Mercedes Vargas for an interview segment.

Marissa: With me is my guest at this time, SCW Hall of Famer, Mercedes Vargas. What brings you here to the pre-show?

Mercedes: Many of the SCW Superstars and Bombshells have huge matches tonight, myself included, so ahead of Blaze of Glory, I thought I drop in and see what the pre-show has to offer.

Marissa: And what match are you looking forward to tonight?

Mercedes: Think I'm going with the Underground Championship match. It's amazing what a change of scenery can do for your career. Celeste is doing some amazing things in Sin City Underground as Underground Champion. She's already over 100 days with the title, defended against some tough girls and tonight's she's got another challenge ahead of her in Kelli Torres, a former Underground Champion herself.

Marissa: Do you think the title stays with Celeste or are we going to see a new chanpion?

Mercedes: Not to be bias, but I think Celeste will walk out of Blaze of Glory the same way she walked in, still champ. Don't get me wrong, Kelli, a former Underground Champion herself, is someone who nobody wants to face in SCU and I'll go as far as to say Celeste may have finally met her match. But I think Celeste will find a way. She always does. There's a reason she hasn't loss a match yet in SCU, there's a reason she hasn't loss a match in over two years. I've been in the ring with her, and she is that good.

Marissa: You were part of the revival of the Mean Girls when Celeste took over leadership. Despite having success early on, the group quietly disbanded after a tag loss at Summer XXXtreme in July 2017, which also turned out to be Celeste's final match as well. Veronica had her final match two months later. Last we saw you ahead of the four-way between you, Celeste, Delia and Veronica, you expressed hard feelings years after everyone moved on. Is there a chance Mean Girls could return in SCU or SCW?

Mercedes: The last thing anyone wants to see is another Mean Girls reunion, because I don't think anyone on the roster could handle that.

Marissa: Final question. How do you see your match going tonight?

Mercedes: Unlike Keira and Seleana, I think I've done pretty well for myself in contendership matches. Tallyn is in his first one. I think I have a shot to win this thing. The question isn't who's going to let me, it's who's going to stop me.

SCU Underground Championship Match
Kelli Torres Vs Celeste North ©

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Kelli is ready to get this one started as she waits for the Champion Celeste to walk to the middle of the ring. Celeste North puts her hands up, begging her to hold on as she grabs for a mic...

Celeste: Hold on, hold on a second. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Kelli Torres is staring at Celeste North questioningly, signaling for Celeste to fight her...

Celeste: Listen, nobody here is trying to take anything away from you. You are a tough former champion who has never lost any of your titles. Regardless of what people think, you competed in and won this very Underground title. Nobody can take that away from you, but c'mon...

Do you really think you stand a chance against the likes of me?

Gena: Kelli Torres walks precariously up to Celeste. Looking Celeste hard in the eyes before raring back and striking the champion hard with an open hand. The mic drops and bounces out of the ring.

Chad: As expected by Kelli who seems to never deal with others shit!

Gena: Celeste North holds her face as the previously arrogant look one her face turns into one of anger. she moves to a defiant Kelli Torres and the staredown commences.

Chad: You can almost hear the words as she questions if she really wants to do this.

Gena: The defiant agreement is obvious as Kelli Torres looks to defend her title valiantly… Kelli brings her arms up to tie up. Celeste North ties up with Kelli, Celeste shows off her strength as Celeste North easily backs Kelli into the corner.

Chad: The ref tells her to break off, which she does. Kelli Torres isn't happy and shoves Celeste North in the chest. she doesn't move, and audibly laughs at her attempt. A vicious slap to the face, Celeste North's smile changes to anger at Kelli Torres.

Gena: Celeste tries to slap Kelli but Kelli blocks it and pushes Celeste again, this time Celete falls on to the mat. Celeste gets up as the two lock up again in the middle of the ring. Celeste overpowers Kelli and tosses Kelli to the mat.

Chad: Kelli Torres gets right back up and rushes at Celeste North, throwing punches and chops at her torso in a fury. Kelli strikes her several times in the head… Celeste North shoves her off to get some breathing room.

Gena: Kelli wastes little time and runs off the ropes, coming back with an arm extended. She goes for the clothesline, but Celeste ducks, Kelli keeps running and bounces off the other ropes to try again.

Chad: Celeste North stares at her in disbelief then bends over to catch her. Celeste tosses Kelli up into the air with hang time. Celeste smashes Kelli hard into the mat with a modified Le Coven Bomb!!! (Arn Anderson Spinebuster)

Gena: Celeste goes for a cover!


Chad: Kelli kicks out, Celeste gets up and helps Kelli up to her feet… Kelli grabs Celeste and drops her with an MMA takedown! Kelli gets on top of Celeste, Kelli nails an elbow to her face, Kelli hits a second elbow to the nose! Kelli moves to go for the cover!


Gena: Celeste gets her shoulder up at two.Kelli gets off of Celeste, Celeste takes a second then sits up to see Kelli Torres rebounding off the ropes, unable to avoid contact as she leaps and connects with a dropkick. Kelli goes for the cover… No Celeste rolls them over for the cover on Kelli!


Chad: Kelli kicks out, Celeste gets up and gets kicked in the shin bone by Kelli. Celeste bends down and gets kicked in the side of the head. Celeste drops to her butt, Kelli does a kip up yo get to her feet… But fall on her ass as Celeste kicks her feet from underneath her.

Gena: Celeste gets to her feet and tries a pin kick that misses as Kelli does a back roll to get to her feet. Celeste runs over at Kelli… Kelli lets out a left, then a right, with another left to the chest of Celeste. Kelli turns around for a spinning fist… Celeste grabs Kelli’s arm and throws her with a hip toss!

Chad: Celeste bends down to grab Kelli but gets kicked in her face. Kelli rolls to the side to get to her feet.  Celeste runs over but gets nailed with a superkick! Celeste stumbles into the corner banging her head off the turnbuckle. Kelli Torres wastes no time and goes for a roll-up!


Gena: Celeste barely kicks out! Celeste North gets to her feet quickly, and she isn't happy. she charges at Kelli Torres, Kelli goes for another spine fist… Celeste grabs the fist with one arm and wraps the other arm around Kelli's head as she locks in her Crossface Chickenwing!!!

Chad: Celeste jumps back to get them both off their feet. The two land on their butts as Celeste locks her legs around Kelli’s body trapping her in the center of the ring!

Gena: The ref looks down at Kelli, Celeste applies more pressure on the head of Kelli… Kelli knows she’s beat as she taps out!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winner of this match… And still the SCU Underground champion… Celeste North!!!

Celeste lets go of Kelli and stands up, pride written across her face.  She looks out across the audience as she leans in to Darlyn’s microphone.

Celeste:  Looks like Tommy Knocks wasn’t wrong.  I’m still number one, Kelli… but you were damn close to dethroning me.  Out of every match I’ve head in SCU, this one is the only one that made me think for a second that my streak was going to be over.  Respect…

Celeste leans back inside of the ring and she gets her Underground Championship belt.  She holds it up and looks over to Kelli, who is slowly making it back to her feet.  Celeste gives Kelli a nod, and it is not returned.  Instead, Kelli approaches Celeste and they give each other a hug.  Kelli then raises Celeste’s arm in victory as the crowd cheers on their top two favorites.

Backstage with Gemma

Gemma: Please welcome my guest at this time…*Censored* you know who the *Censored* he is.

Stewart and Gail stand next to Gemma.

Gemma: Yeah, so here tonight, you have to fight a bunch of Grime dirtbags for your title.

Stewart: First off, you look incredibly sexy tonight, but about grime yeah Thad can make whatever deals he wants, all he has done is sent his Grime members to the slaughterhouse, I’m no ordinary man, both of you know that, so Thad, sent one, two, three, hell send every male member of grime you got, and watch me knock them the *Censored* out.

Gemma: Damn your sexy when you're fired up.

Gemma, Gail, and Stewart walk-off

SCU Combat Championship Match
Boxing Match
Andrey Azarov Vs Stewart Mason ©

We zoom in to see a table set up at ringside with Spike Staggs, Brooke Saxon, and Blasted Monk at the judges table.  The spotlight finishes shining over them and goes inside of the ring to Darlyn, who is seen flanked by the champion and challenger.

Darlyn:  The following contest is a Boxing Match, and is for the Sin City Underground Combat Championship!  Iiiiiiiiintroducing first, the challenger.  He hails from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, standing at 6’4” and weighed in this morning at 227lb, he is… “The Siverian Shadow Cyclone”... Andrey Azarov!!!

The crowd boos as the spotlight shines on Andrey, raising his gloves in the air before Erik Staggs, owner of GRIME Wrestling, removes his black and red robe.  He jogs in place, throwing a few practice swings to get into it.

Darlyn:  Aaaaand the champion… From Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb this morning, he is… “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Mason!!!

The crowd cheers deafeningly loud as Stewart allows Gail Weston to remove his robe for him.  She rubs his shoulders as he bounces up and down, stretching his arms out and getting ready for the fight to begin.  They stare each other down from across the ring before the referee calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Stewart surprises us all as he comes out full force, swinging lefts and rights on Andrey, who was definitely not expecting that right out of the gate.

Gena: Andrey puts up his gloves to deflect a lot of the hits, but he just wasn’t ready. He refuses to let himself get backed against the ropes or the corner, so he moves around in a circle, backwards.

Chad: Stewart continues on the offense as Andrey tries to avoid as much damage as he can. However, he takes one solid punch to the head that spins him around. Stewart goes for a few jabs to the kidneys, but Andrey is on the ropes and Stewart is ordered back.

Gena: Andrey turns around and finds himself on the offense now. He knocks a motherfucker with a few solid hits to the sides of the head, and Stewart’s bell is rung.

Chad: Stewart is stunned. He is a little weak on the defense, as his offense plan was shot by awakening something in Andrey.

Gena: Andrey hits a few stomach jabs to Stewart, sending him reeling and into the corner. He pushes himself out quickly and punches Andrey with a solid Uppercut. Andrey backs up, almost to the ropes.

Chad: Andrey spits out blood to the outside of the ring and welcomes Stewart, who goes right back on the offense. Jab, jab, right hook, blocked uppercut.

Gena: Andrey gets a couple right hooks to Stewart’s face, catching him off guard as he goes on the defensive, backing up a bit, but this fallback gives the boxing superstar, Andrey, the advantage.

Chad: Andrey knocks Stewart down to the mat, and Stewart gurgles blood from his mouth. He immediately shoots back up to his feet and goes for a knockdown of his own, but the bell rings.

Ding! Ding!

Gena: Spike, Blasted Monk, and Brooke confer with one another, but it doesn’t take long before Monk passes along his scorecard.

Darlyn: At the end of the first round, the score is in favor of the champion, Andrey Azarov, 10-9 due to a knockdown on Stewart…

Chad: The crowd gives off mixed reactions as Stewart glares across the ring at Andrey, and Andrey looks smugly across the ring before allowing Erik Staggs to help tend to the cut on the inside of his lip.

Gena: Stewart allows Gail to stick a cotton ball inside of his cheek, and replaces his mouth guard after giving him a mouthful of water, and then spraying it into his hair. Stewart rests against the ring post to take advantage of the momentary break.

Ding! Ding!

Chad: They meet back in the center of the ring. This time, Andrey tries for the offensive, throwing hands left, right, up, down, jabs, the works. Stewart blocks a good 95% of them as his arms fly around at amazing speed.

Gena: Stewart dances around, rolling his tongue as if to tease Azarov. He deflects one punch, trying to make Andrey punch himself.

Chad: Big mistake. Azarov might not be the champion, but this is what he used to do! That’s what makes him a major threat here is his experience. He won’t fall for shit like that.

Gena: Stewart with a right cross that puts Azarov on his ass, stars floating around his head! Damn!

Chad: Stewart goes in for an attack, but the referee backs him up and he obliges. He jogs in place to keep the adrenaline pumping. He moves his gloves to goad Andrey back to his feet.

Gena: Andrey gets up, ready to Spear Stewart, because why the fuck not when you’re a GRIME member. Rules don’t mean shit, but Erik shouts out to him and he slows his roll.

Chad: But Stewart moves out of the way and lands a punch to the back of Andrey’s head, sending him down to the mat once more, and the crowd is on their feet!


Ding! Ding!

Gena: Stewart slaps Azarov on the ass as he crosses over to his corner to take a rest. He holds his arms up in the air as the crowd cheers for him. Azarov is piiiiiiiissed.

Chad: Again, it doesn’t take long for the judges to turn in their score cards, and Darlyn seems just as excited as the rest of us.

Darlyn: Round two goes to the challenger, 10-8 as a result of two knockdowns on Andrey Azarov…

Gena: Stewart takes another drink as he rests while Erik hypes up Azarov, getting him stoked up for the next round. This sets the tone for GRIME Wrestling tonight as they get major exposure on the main show.

Chad: Azarov better get his head back in the game if he hopes to do that, because he might very well get disqualified with such unsportsman-like conduct.

Ding! Ding!

Gena: Both men look more tired now, despite taking little damage. The dance has been hard on these men who have not had much time to prepare for a boxing match.

Chad: And blocking and throwing is just as hard as taking hits. This time, both men take the cautious approach, coming to the center of the ring and circling one another.

Gena: The circling continues until Andrey throws a right cross, attempting the same success that Stewart had earlier in the second round. He misses and Stewart spins around, landing a punch to the back of Andrey’s head, knocking him down to the mat.

Chad: He pushes himself up from the mat and charges at Stewart, punching him with such ferocity that he sends Stewart sprawled out onto the mat, blinking and spitting a bloody cotton ball out.


Gena: Stewart gets back up to his feet, but for a second there, we thought he might be out of it. He steadies himself as he comes to the center of the ring. He holds his head and squints at Azarov, who has the upper hand.

Chad: Azarov hits a jab to Stewart’s gut, and then a left hook to Stewart’s jaw. He goes for a right hook, but Stewart is able to block that one, but another left hook knocks his mouth guard out of his mouth in a shower of blood and spit and maybe a tooth?

Gena: Well Stewart just got a hundred times sexier after taking that bump. He spins around and jab, jab, right cross, left hook, uppercut to Azarov, and Azarov falls back on his back!


Chad: And Andrey is back on his feet, but barely after that one! Stewart and Andrey are breathing hard, and both men are trying to find the right balance of resting and not letting their opponent rest too much.

Gena: And fuck it, they say, because they charge one another, and they seem to melt together into a flurry of fists flying so fast and furiously that I can’t even keep up. And most of them are connecting as they go back and forth.

Ding! Ding!

Chad: The judges are going to have a little harder time with this one because it was damn fucking close. They’re taking their time right now, it would seem.

Gena: Andrey and Stewart take their time resting up. I just have to take a second to say that Stewart is a beast for going through this with a mouth full of blood this entire time. Wrestling is one thing, but we’ve gone over ten minutes now, and that’s a lot of blood coming out of there.

Chad: Oh, here we go. Judges have come together.

Darlyn: The judges have declared this round a tie, so both competitors will be awarded 10 points each.

Chad: Both Stewart and Andrey look miserable, and outraged by the proclamation.

Ding! Ding!

Gena: Stumbling back out to the center of the ring, Andrey and Stewart try to shake out the aches forming in their muscles. For a second, they exchange a look of mutual admiration, but Andrey knocks it right off of Stewart’s face with a left cross and uppercut.


Chad: That was too fast for a knockdown. Stewart is back up and he goes on the attack, throwing right cross, left jab, right jab, left hook, but only the jabs connect, and Andrey absorbs the hits well.

Gena: Stewart stumbles into the ropes and holds onto them as he catches his breath, turning around as Azarov shows no respect and comes at him with a hard jab to the nose.

Chad: He could very well have broken Stewart’s nose with a shot to the face like that. Stewart knows it too. Haha, get it?

Gena: Shut the fuck up. Stewart ducks under a left hook and lands a left and right jab to the back of Azarov’s head. Andrey nearly falls down, but holds onto the ropes to stop himself. He turns around and gets the same treatment to his face.

Chad: He holds his gloves up to block his face, so Stewart body beats with quick and heavy jabs that get the crowd going with each added stomp Stewart gives to the mat.

Gena: Stewart has found his aggressive roll. Andrey lowers his gloves to his body, and Stewart rocks a left hook and a harsh right cross, followed by an ax handle that might not be exactly legal, but the ref doesn’t say a word about it and Andrey goes down to the mat, squirming.


Chad: Azarov is back on his feet, and Stewart hits a couple jabs to his right side and then bloodies his lip with another right cross that drops him to the mat.


Gena: And Azarov gets back to his feet and deliberately nails a headbutt to Stewart and knocks him down to the mat. The referee admonishes him for it, but Azarov gives a bloody smirk of pride.

Chad: The referee does not disqualify and Stewart gets back to his feet as…

Ding! Ding!

Chad: The judges are really going to town on this one. The debate is heavy, and you can tell that this one won’t be so easy to call.

Gena: Well, they are handing the card off now, so I guess you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, chode.

Darlyn: The judges have given this match to the champion with a score of 10-7 due to the penalty of an illegal headbutt…

Chad: Andrey Azarov looks piiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssed offffffffffffff…

Gena: Can you really blame him? He thought he was going to take the belt home with an illegal move, and the referee knows that. He’s not going to let Stewart throw in the towel yet.

Chad: Stewart has been the champ for long enough.  It’s about time he just gave up already.

Ding! Ding!

Gena: Final round, bitchesssss…These sexy fuckers are going the distance, bitchessssssss!

Chad: One of, most likely. Stewart’s head is still spinning, and Andrey takes advantage of that. He clobbers on Stewart, but Stewart is not giving in. He blocks as much as he can. Half or so.

Gena: Stewart moves closer to the center of the ring and he begins throwing his own jabs back. The referee calls for the two competitors to back up just a touch so that their bodies are not literally touching, and technically ramming.

Chad: If that’s a Reuben, I’ll be the roast beef. Just slide in between. You get what I’m saying… Because I want to be a Combat Champion someday.

Gena: Just tell yourself the truth already, damn. Andrey gets a few inches of space, but Stewart uses that space to swing with an uppercut right to the chin, followed by a right hook, a left hook, and then like five rotating jabs! Andrey falls down!


Chad: Closest call fucking ever! Azarov is out on his feet though! Stewart dances in places, winding up his arm as he dashes over and hits that motherfucker square in his… No! Azarov moves!

Gena: The crowd groans because they thought Azarov was down and out. Azarov punches Stewart in the back of the head like four times, and Stewart goes down on the mat, crawling to the corner to try to get back up.

Chad: The crowd is aching for a knockout, even at the expense of the fan favorite at this point. That’s what they are accustomed to, and SCU and GRIME always aim to please. Stewart crawls up the corner, but Azarov continues his assault, punching away. As Stewart turns around, he hits an Uppercut that gives him just enough space.

Gena: He charges at Azarov and hits a series of jabs followed by a left cross that sets up for a right hook, but the right hook gets blocked and Andrey throws a couple of jabs that get blocked. He hits a stomp to the foot that the referee apparently doesn’t see!


Chad: Andrey hits six alternating jabs and then nails a right hook to the temple that sends Stewart into the ropes and down to the mat, but he clings on for dear life, trying to come back to his feet, and he does!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: No knockout? Are you serious? We went the full five rounds, bitches!

Chad: And Blasted Monk, Spike, and Brooke are handing in the scores now. Liam is excited to reach this, and so are we! We need a goddamn drumroll!

Darlyn: The judges have given their score for the final round, and the scores have been tallied. The challenger, with a score of 46 of 50 points. The champion, with a score of 4...7 of 50 points! Therefore, STILL your SCU Combat Champion…Stewart Mason!!!

Erik Staggs screams from his corner as Blasted Monk, Brooke, and Spike give him an earful in return.  He attempts to go inside of the ring when Gianni Di Luca comes out to ringside and climbs inside of the ring.  He steps in front of Erik as soon as Erik grabs the Combat Championship from the referee.  Gianni yanks it right back and hands it back to his referee.  He shouts “YOU BLEW IT!”  He then waves goodbye to Erik and Andrey.  Andrey just stands there, staring at the belt, huffing and puffing as he watches Stewart raise it above his head in victory.  He is about to go after Stewart when SCU Security shows themselves at ringside out of practically nowhere.  He holds his hands up and walks away, dropping his gloves on the mat as he exits.  Erik seems to be scolding him as he rushes up the ramp.

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen with his managers Johan Svennson and Giovanna Teixeira to discuss the fact he isn’t booked for Blaze of Glory.

Hitamashii: I am PISSED that I am not booked tonight, whether it be in the preshow or the main card, and when I get booked next, I will cause a lot of pain and destruction, and inflict my will upon whomever dares get in my way, and there is NOTHING that anyone can do to stop my wrath. I am the Soul of Fire and the biggest member of GRIME and not being utilized to my full potential.

Hitamashii cackles and he, with his managers in tow, decide to go into the locker room as the scene fades to black.

Recorded footage…..

We see two figures in black robes with hoods standing next to each other. The hoods are so large their faces can not be seen. After a moment they both remove their hoods and we see masked Grime members Green and Orange standing side by side.

Green: Here we are, for all the world to see. A rising tide of power like none that have been seen before. We of course know there are many questions. Believe us they will be answered in due time. There is a method that is unfolding and that method is what has brought us to Grime.

Orange: Order out of chaos. That may be the easiest way for some people here to see it and to get it. We are here to fulfil a promise that was made, that’s all. That’s not so bad when you think about it, right? The fans are owed and we are simply here to ensure delivery. Just watch, The tide will continue to flow in our direction at Blaze of Glory.

Green: Think of us as agents of change, for the better. We will continue to rise and there is nothing that can be done to stop us. We are united in our goals, as they say strength is in numbers. Our numbers just happen to be of a higher quality than most. As you see us together now just know that you will continue to see us together, watching each other’s backs.

Orange: Who we are, will be revealed of course in time, but that is secondary to why we are here and what we are going to do. We can’t wait to take our next opportunity to show the world what we are capable of. We are Grime and we are taking over. The best thing for all non believers to do is to accept this as fact.

Green: We will do what we want when and how we want. If any of you try to stop us we will simply beat you into submission by any means necessary. This is not a boast, think of it as more of a guarantee.

Orange: A promise!

Green: There you go, you know we go together well.

Orange: I was just thinking that we should be champions of TV.

Green: Wait, do you mean?

Orange laughs a bit…

Orange: All I’m saying is I can’t think of any reasons why we would not make great champions, while being on TV.

Green: True, I mean we are certainly not strangers to having titles. Still though we have to follow the plan. I’ve known there are big plans for us, just let me take care of a few arrangements. Trust me orange, you and I are going places and there are big things in our futures. We are a key part of the Grime plan. So trust the fact you are going to be seeing a lot of green and orange.

The recording stops as the scene goes black.

SCU Combat Championship Match
MMA Match
Melissa Ruin Vs Halo Annis ©

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Round One

Chad: Halo takes two steps towards the middle of the ring as Melissa comes charging in at Halo. Melissa jumps for a jumping knee but Halo gets her hands up to block it.

Gena: Melissa goes for a right elbow but Halo leans back to avoid contact. Melissa takes a step back then goes for a back spinning kick which Halo blocks.

Chad: Melissa goes for a left jab then a right hook but Halo blocks both strikes.

Gena: Melissa is trying to prove she can be a Combat champion. Halo is doing a great job blocking and taking her time.

Chad: Melissa gets her arms up, she tries to kick Halo but Halo moves out the way. Melissa takes a few steps back as she waits for Halo to attack her.

Gena: She could be giving Halo a chance to strike in hopes to block and counter since Halo keeps blocking everything.

Chad: Halo steps back and creates a big gap between them.

Gena: Melissa runs at Halo with a jump kick, Halo jumps backward to land on hers back. Melissa misses Halo, Halo does a kip up into a diving front roll. Melissa turns around as Halo does the same getting to hers feet.

Chad: They have a stare down as the fans (SCW/SCU stars and staff) get to their feet and cheer the two on.

Ding! Ding!

Gena: Song gets between the two and orders them to their corners as we end round one.

Chad: So far, Melissa is all over the place and Halo has blocked everything being thrown at her.

Gena: Halo is going to have to fight back because it’s a matter of time before Melissa lands a shot. Melissa is the youngest of the three Ruins but make no mistake about it. Melissa is stronger than her twin sisters. Melissa is the MMA fighter between the three. Melissa has found her calling in the Combat scene, now she has to prove she can be the champion.

Chad: Halo is not making it easy. Halo is letting Melissa tire herself out. Expect this to go all three rounds with how Halo is controlling the pace.

Ding! Ding!

Round Two

Chad: Halo takes a step forward as Melissa comes in charging at Halo. Melissa goes for a running knee but Halo blocks it, Melissa hits Halo with a back elbow to the jaw!

Gena: Halo stumbles back as Melissa charges in with a haymaker… Melissa goes down… Her nose busted open by a lightning shot from Halo Annis!!!!

Chad: Halo goes to get on top of Melissa, Halo lands another clean punch to Melissa’s nose, more blood gushes out. Halo goes for a third as Song goes to Grab Halo’s arm and we also see ring side medic throwing in his towel… This one is over!!!

Song tackles Halo off of Melissa…. Melissa's nose lets out a massive amount of blood. Dr. Smith runs in the ring as EMT’s rush in to help the ring seide medic.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Song and Dr. Smith checks on Melissa as she is knocked out by Halo hitting him in hers left side temple with hers right heel.

Gena: Song lets Dr. Smith do his job as she goes to raise the hand of Halo.

Darlyn: Your winner of this match by TKO and still the Combat Champion!!! Halo Annis!!!!

Winner Halo Annis second round 32 seconds. Match time, 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

Halo gets her Combat title… Dr. Smith and the two EMT’s try to get her nose to stop bleeding… THe purge sirens start to sound off in the casino… Halo drops her title as she looks around ready for GRIME to show up…

Melissa pushes the medics away as she gets to her feet. Her nose clogged up she stands next to Halo untied to take on GRIME. Orange and Green come out holding the signature GRIME Chains. A few of the SCU stars watch as fans jump the barricade to stand between them to not allow GRIME to attack.

Orange and Green walk backwards as they head back behind the curtain. Halo turns to look at Melissa, impressed, Melissa keeping her word that she has SCU back against GRIME. Halo extends her hand, Melissa shakes no and turns her back on Halo to leave the ring.

Chad: Melissa did say she has Halo’s back against GRIME. Melissa is not trying to be Halo’s friend but will have her back as we just saw. A great sign for SCU as we need more of this to fight GRIME off!