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Sin City Underground Recap Show
« on: March 22, 2020, 04:39:32 PM »
 SCU Recap Show

Gracie: Hello and welcome to the Sin City Underground 2020 recap of the year so far.  I am Dr Gracie Staggs…

Liam:  And I am Liam Gagnon. I’m not going to waste too much time here. There’s so much to talk about, but so little time…

Gracie:  I think the first thing we should discuss, which is the first major thing that happened this year.  Mark Cross bringing the Underground Championship back to SCU from a company that has since established themselves as their own company.

Liam:  Mark Cross made the biggest mistake of his career in taking that title from us. Javier Gonzalez joined GRIME as the Underground Champion, and that was likely his biggest appeal to GRIME.

Gracie: It was a major blow to them when Cross took the title from him, and likely explains why he has yet to be able to defend the Underground Championship since winning it, without his matches getting interrupted or thrown out.

Liam:  He should have kept the Double Down Tag Team titles with Valentina. He was doing okay for himself with that.

Gracie:  Let’s step back.  Speaking of thrown out matches, on Night of Champions, GRIME decided that there was no need for the Combat Championship matches to take place, interfering in them.

Liam:  Who really wants to see Halo Williams versus Kelli Torres?

Gracie:  Um, everybody?

Liam:  Nobody!  And Hitamashii knew the plan to take it to Stewart to put him in line.  And if you asked me, it worked.

Gracie:  Those titles might have stayed in the hands of the champion, but that’s about it for champions retaining.  For example, Merlot Ayano took the TV title from Dahlia Rotten, and nobody saw Mz Holly Wood taking the TV title off of Hitamashii.

Liam:  You’re right, nobody saw that coming.  Nobody.

Gracie:  And speaking of Nobodies, we rounded out Night of Champions with Celeste North winning a Mean Girls Fatal Four Way against Delia Darling, Veronica Taylor, and Mercedes Vargas, to become the Underground Champion.

Liam:  Oh, the undefeated chick won the title?  That’s a big shock… Nobody saw that coming.  Yawn. And you wonder why GRIME doesn’t even want to be associated with SCU…

Gracie:  Is that why Javier and Angel of Filth had to sneak their way into a Double Down Championship Match to steal TAG titles and turn them into their own singles titles?

Liam:  Why not?  We’re taking what we deserve.  What was promised to us, to all of you, to begin with.  We took our cut, but we’re thirsty for more.

Gracie:  Is that why you called for The Good Shepherds and the Kawaii Dragons to fight for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships inside of YOUR locker room?

Liam:  It was a Hardcore Tag Team title match, and they just weren’t doing it right, so we gave them a helping hand. And they got a rematch the following week, fair and square.

Gracie:  You guys knocked them out and left them on the floor.  All of them. How is that helping?

Liam:  The fans obviously enjoyed it, unlike the rest of that episode.

Gracie:  So the fans weren’t excited to see HB Carter defeat SCW/Honor legend, Eyesnsane?  Or the drama that took place after New Foundation defeated Nobility, when Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash kicked Chanelle Martinez out of the group?  And Torielle Jackson comes in and makes the save on the person she just finished feuding with?

Liam:  Secondary at best.  Where are they at now?  Is Chanelle still on the floor of that Starbucks?  Did Torielle find her way back from that car at the drive thru window?  They’re not around, and neither is Eyesnsane.  Try again.

Gracie:   Moving on, Merlot Ayano defends her TV Championship against Kelli Torres, and she won by the skin of her teeth when she kicked out of a double pin, getting the three count.

Liam:  A real stroke of luck.

Gracie:  You’re unbelievable.  Anyway, Celeste North defended her title against a newcomer in Ariana Angelos.  Some fans questioned that on social media, but those who subscribe to the SIn City Network to see the exclusive matches, Ariana defeated Veronica Taylor the week before in a Sin City Network Exclusive match, showing just how important these Exclusive matches can be.

Liam:  Celeste of course retained. Big shocker. Speaking of undefeated, Jenifer LaCroix and Father Gerald take on GRIME in their official televised debut.

Gracie:  And Father Gerald and Jenifer went on to defeat GRIME, which was a miracle, given their completely different views, one being a pastor of his own church, while the other is a member of Le Coven, a practicing witch.

Liam:  I wonder if Celeste and Jenifer have truly thought about moving over to GRIME. We could get down with that witchy shit. Don’t they dance naked around campfires?  So does half of the female members of GRIME.

Gracie:  The ladies of GRIME hit the main event for this show, taking on Halo and two partners of her choosing.  It came about that, in her hometown, her sister Rain and friend GoGo volunteered to be her partners, and they were able to secure the win in this unsanctioned match.  It wasn’t a good night for GRIME.

Liam:  It was not.  But it helped that Halo went on later to taking the vacated SCU Combat Championship.  Only badass motherfuckers get that belt.  So it wasn’t too bad for GRIME.

Gracie:  It was also the night that SCU decided that the general manager position was beyond Tad Ezra’s abilities.  He had been allowing GRIME to run roughshod on SCU, and he showed how incompetent he is.

Liam:  Incompetent?  If anything, he became the GRIME GM and WGN Head of Standards and Practices for SCU programming.  The ratings dropped when GRIME was banned, and that’s a fact that Harold Cooper himself stated.

Gracie:  On episode 48, Alexis and DJ Staggs share a Birthday Bash, seeing many stars of SCU attending it, and some… not so wanted guests.

Liam:  You mean the best birthday surprise with GRIME showing up to the party?  Who doesn’t like a little GRIME with their birthday cake?

Gracie:  Apparently Alexis Staggs, because she and Tim joined the GRIME lynch mob later that night.  But during the party, we were even treated to some birthday tributes to DJ.  Torielle Jackson gave a shout out during her speech, and Mz Holly Wood dedicated her successful TV title defense to DJ.

Liam:  Is this a wrestling program we’re talking about?  Or is it Real Housewives of Staggs Dungeon?  You treat GRIME like they are the bad guys, when really, they’re just giving you what SCU and Tad promised to begin with.  Dirty, filthy, underbelly of Sin City style wrestling.

Gracie:  And that’s why SCU promoted an Inferno Tables Match, just because?  Samuel McPherson put Mickey Carroll out with such a brutal match.  That was an SCU match, not a GRIME match.

Liam:  The one and only time SCU had the balls to do something that brutal.  And on top of that, GRIME was so impressed with The Monstimals that they invited them to join forces, which is a completely rare thing, by the way.  And do you need me to spell out how that went?

Gracie:  We all know that The Monstimals joined, if not only because Lord Raab is now your “World Nightmare Champion” for the men’s side.

Liam:  Why the air quotes?  Lord Raab earned his spot in GRIME, and he earned his spot by taking the title off of Javi.  That’s no easy task.  Just ask, I don’t know, most of your roster?

Gracie:  Speaking of your shortcomings, SCU answered your strike when The Three Way bring their Pride Tag Team Championships back, introducing SCU’s first mixed tag titles, later defended that night.  They even kept them, with many of SCU’s greatest tag teams involved, and two GRIME members allowed to compete.

Liam:  Keep downplaying GRIME.  The most effective way to do the most damage is to do it under the radar until you’re ready to hit the main artery.  It’s a fine strategy, and you know I’m not making this up.  The longer this show goes, the more you’ll see my point.  And I don’t even have a doctorate.

Gracie:  Taking a break from GRIME… The Fox Brothers picked up their first tag team win of 2020 by taking out former SCU Underground Champion, Powershock, and SCW and Honor Wrestling legend, Eyesnsane in what Gena calls “The biggest upset in SCU history.”

Liam:  You mean the one who knows nothing about wrestling?  Who drinks like a fish?  Let’s trust her opinion.  What did she have to say about Chanelle Martinez beating Angel Kash?  That was way more exciting than the Fox Brothers doing literally anything.  No one saw that coming.  Just like they didn’t see Mz Holly Wood talking Chanelle and Torielle into reforming Azz n’ Class.  I mean, somebody had to be laid out on the floor of a Starbucks like a snowflake.  Why not SCW legendary jobbers, Azz n’ Class?

Gracie: Shooter Reed and the hashtag LOHT debut, embarrassing SCU.  And not because of his “stellar performance”, but his general attitude.

Liam:  Shooter Reed has more talent in his nutsack than half of the men’s locker room combined.  He knows more about wrestling than your play-by-play team of a man who ogles other men under the guise of a wrestling fan, and his drunkard of a wife.

Gracie:  You’re just one big ray of sunshine, aren’t you?  You’re like Tatsu Ikeda telling a two year old that his mother is a whore, in Japanese.  And then rolling around with said mother, breaking all of his presents, and ruining his birthday cake.

Liam:  Tatsu is evil, isn’t she?  She acted so concerned for her tag partner that she “volunteered” to take her place in a title match at the Super Card.  So selfless…

Gracie:  She’s probably your best friend then.  She was also part of the lynch mob going after GRIME that night.  Along with a rhinoceros belonging to Alex Rush.  Two weeks in a row, actually, GRIME was removed from interfering in Alex Rush’s matches by his rhino friends.

Liam:  You’re probably best friends with The Good Shepherds.  Oh wait, everybody hated those religious zealots until they had the balls to step up and be the first ones to call us out.  Then, the lynch mob had the guts to even try to chase GRIME later that night.  But, Donna Beauchamp did do one thing right when she included five of GRIME’s brightest stars in the video that was unveiled that night.  Six of the brightest if you watched the member who joined up with us to really stick it to Father Gerald.

Gracie:  Esther really did get revenge for being told she would not be going after the SCU Combat Championship again by jumping ship to another company where she will still never get a shot at the SCU Combat Championship when she jumped into Red’s arms and got freaky with him backstage.  That sure showed everyone, didn’t it?

Liam:  What showed everyone was when Harold kicked off episode 49 with a special message, naming Tad WGN’s Broadcast Standards and Practices for SCU, giving him the power to insert GRIME where he sees fit.  And GRIME gains Abaddon AND The Monstimals in one swift kick to the owner of SCU’s nuts.

Gracie:  And a great moment in wrestling history happened when Red and Esther were caught in a broom closet, getting into the heavy petting.  Wrestling at it’s finest.

Liam:  Some guys who live in their mother’s basement rent free pay good money for that kind of wrestling.  But the happy ending they got was when Red proposed to Esther and she accepted.  That’s like the fourth best kind of happy ending. Top Five at least.

Gracie:  Grimaldi makes his debut by defeating Jamie Staggs and sending out a message that he means business.

Liam:  He sent out a better message when he threw Jenifer LaCroix and Angel of Filth off of the Sin City Tron just a couple weeks ago.  But sure, we’ll go with that moment as his big message.

Gracie:  Nobility takes a moment to call everyone peasants, and talk about hand sanitizer, in a moment when the country is in such short supply.  Kelli and Halo, and even Veronica Taylor had things to say on the topic.

Liam:  But it didn’t matter, because ultimately, GRIME came in and brought us back to the subject at hand, which is wrestling.  You’re welcome. Sadly, we did not put Melissa on a stretcher.  She was able to come out and screw Chanelle out of a match against Shannon Middlebrooks to stoke that fire to heat up her double mocha latte. We’ll do better next time, trust me.

Gracie:  Shannon walked away with a win, but they were not able to do the same when Le coven defeated Ivory and Shelby in tag action.  And in tag action, we were able to see O’Malley and Tatsu defeat The Nobodies, Tim and Alexis Staggs, to determine who got to pick the stipulation for their matches at My Bloody Valentine.

Liam:  Tatsu naturally picked a Kendo Stick Match, which was good on paper, but not so much in practice.  O’Malley, however, picked a barbed wire casket match.  Prrrrrrops to O’Malley for that one.  Tim Staggs won’t be performing the maritals for quite a while.

Gracie:  Lord Raab had earned himself a shot at the SCU Underground Championship on episode 48 in an Exclusive Match, and as much as GM Gianni Di Luca hated to have to honor it, he did.  And that match was sickening.  The brutality was raw and unadulterated.  And the second new GRIME member, Lord Raab, was clearly about to lose, GRIME interrupted again.  Typical.

Liam:  Typical?  How do you gloss over the fact that Father Gerald opened up The Church of the Good Shepherds to fight ONE member of GRIME, and has Andrew Borg waiting in the wing to try to outsmart GRIME?

Gracie:  Or, what actually happened, was Hitamashii accompanied Jacob Johnson to the church.  And before the match could end, many more members of GRIME showed up, and Gerald and Borg barely made it out of there before getting mob attacked.

Liam:  That tends to happen when you call out a big group of people, thinking you’re high and mighty until that group answers your challenge.  Don’t be mad that you tore apart your own family on some narcissistic need to have delusions of grandeur.  Suck it up, buttercup!

Gracie:  Episode 50 was a special Ladies Night Out, called by an injured Valentina and Gena Schaal.  Ring announcer for this event, and many more to come apparently, was Darlyn Farjardo.  And Delia Darling hosted the evening.

Liam:  I like how you tried to throw in a jab at me when I’m the one who decided not to renew my contract to go over to GRIME.  I wish Darlyn the best when GRIME puts SCU out of business.

Gracie:  Delia talks about the events of the night in a Supernova 2 re-enactment of lackadaisical hype, until Celeste and Jenifer decide to put her in her place with a reminder of the Underground title NOT being around Darling’s waist.  And Combat Champion Kelli Torres comes out to put everyone in their place.  Jenifer was having none of that.

Liam:  Neither was Darling when she flat out told everyone that SCU doesn’t pay her enough to take their side.  If she wasn’t exactly what we despise, we could easily buy her loyalty.

Gracie:  Celeste defeats Shannon Middlebrooks to retain her title to continue to rub in Delia’s perfect little face.  Nobility hypes up their street fight with Azz n’ Class by defeating New Foundation.  While Azz n Class defeat the Ruin Sisters to answer Nobility’s call.

Liam:  Veronica Taylor snakes her way out of having to earn a title match during a battle royal to face Celeste and obviously lose to her at My Bloody Valentine.

Gracie:  Aside from Esther trying to rub a ring with no diamonds in our face to hype her wedding, SCU was putting on a possible Match of the Year 2020 contender when Kelli and Merlot take the Kickbboxing Match to a score, and subsequently a draw.

Liam:  That’s not competition either.  That’s two chicks fighting it out to find that neither is better than the other.  How do we respect either of them when they just couldn’t get the job done?

Gracie:  Let’s ask that to Sister Esther, who obviously couldn’t take it to Kelli Torres well enough to retain the SCU Combat Championship.  As a matter of fact, she wasn’t even cleared for competition for a month after December 2 Dismember.

Liam:  That’s in the past.  Esther has aged like a fine wine in her abilities.  She has sophisticated undertones of sass and creative uses of profanity to match her skills.  We’re talking about 2020.

Gracie:  Convenient… Now at My Bloody Valentine’s pre-show, our Combat Division opened up the action when Stewart Mason retained against Andrew Borg.  We then went on to see Alexis Staggs defeat Tatsu Ikeda in her own specialty match, a Kendo Stick Match.

Liam:  Unfortunately for Alexis’ husband, he wasn’t able to fend off the pissed off Irishman not named Mickey Carroll in a Barbed Wire Casket Match.  As a matter of fact, he got fuuuuuucked uuuuuuup.  Like, he’s still at home recovering.  And Winter shows her evil-ness when she threatens to go beat up nearly a single mom for hurting Tatsu.  Then Tatsu shows how evil she is by jumping out and saying “You just got DICK’D!” Jamie Staggs style, if Jamie Staggs was a cute little Japanese schoolgirl.  Oh, and right after that, in a shocking turn of events, Celeste North wins yet another match against Veronica Taylor.  Shocker.

Gracie:  In a real shocking turn of events, Mark Cross and Jamie Staggs try to put on a good match for the SCU Underground Championship, but within a minute of the bell, GRIME initiates…

Liam:  The word you are looking for is Purge.  We kicked off our first purge, where in a nutshell, you can get away with fucking up any wrestler in SCU or GRIME, with weapons of class 4 of lower.  SCU personnel and SCW in it’s entirety is immune from the action, as well as any fans or talents not contracted to SCU or GRIME.  We didn’t let that match take place, and we gave it a mercy kill.

Gracie:  The rest of the pre-show was dominated by GRIME bookings. All 4 Good Shepherds defended their Hardcore Tag Team Championships in a Warrior’s Brawl Match.  While the pace was rather even, Father Gerald secured the win to retain the belts.

Liam:  With Andrew Borg lending a hand.  Let’s not forget that fact.  We are followed by lots of backstage shenanigans and attacks on SCU stars by GRIME, who were like deer in headlights.  Then Lord Raab wins the title from Javier Gonzalez in a Cage Match.  Angel of Filth retains her GRIME World Nightmare Championship in the same style match.  And The Purge is over at the end of the pre show.

Gracie:  Winter Elemental and Stewart Mason challenge The Three Way for the Pride tag team championships, but they fall short of gaining the belts.  You’ve already given us your thoughts on the Street Fight between Nobility and Azz n’ Class…

Liam:  *Laughs*

Gracie:  *Glares*  And the greatest match of the night in my opinion, the Pride Tag Team Gauntlet that saw many mixed tag teams come through.  Merlot and Holly teamed up and took out three teams, only to get knocked out by the unlikely pairing of Shooter Reed and Valentina.  They took it to the finals where Shooter cost his team the win and the contendership to the Pride Tag Team Championships when he helps Ariana Angelos pin Valentina to see Carter and Ari, Team GO, to move on to challenge for the belts at the next Super Card.

Liam:  Then, when Kelli is declared unable to compete by… well, you… The SCU Combat Championship is declared vacant.  Delia Darling took on Halo Williams, and as I said earlier, Halo went on to win, only for Melissa Ruin to come out and talk trash to Halo, letting us know who the next challenger will be.

Gracie:  GRIME rounds out the split brand’s tier participation with a great showing of wrestling ability and hardcore brutality when… Sister Esther marries Red, with Yellow officiating.  Red presents a bloodied Father Gerald as a wedding gift to Esther, while a bloodied, disoriented Jamie Staggs acts as his best man?

Liam:  it’s okay, he’s Russian.  That excuses just about anything weird.  When it was time to kiss the bride, Red unmasked himself to reveal he was former PBC Champion, Andrey Azarov.  It was a big moment for GRIME!

Gracie:  My Bloody Valentine set records for the last few years as far as streams go on the Network.  People were buzzing from the unprecedented action that took place.

Liam:  AKA the purge.  People tuned into Underground Episode 51 with record numbers for SCU programming on the Network and WGN combined.  It looks like Tad is doing quite the job after all.  The owner of SCU should be ashamed of himself for firing Tad.

Gracie:  This was a warm welcome for Andi Lynx as she picked up a win for her television debut against Denise Andrews.

Liam:  And even though it was not a purge, we were still treated to an appearance from Andrey and Esther Azarov when they attacked Mother Mavis as she attempted to promote her Blast From the Past participation.

Gracie:  Something we have yet to see from Javi, who is apparently all about brand involvement.  HB Carter made sure to let it be known that as a gay man in Russia, he was ready to get his match in and get the “H” outta there.  Then, Nagisa Yagata debuted with a victory over Mason Fox.

Liam:  Celeste says something about SCU unity, blah blah blah.  Then, I was kind of entertained when Grimaldi defeated Alex Rush in what some are calling an upset.  I called it the comic relief of the night.  But the best part came when Holly Wood and Jerry Can were exchanging words, and then the audience was treated with what they have been begging for since September 2018.  Another Purge went into effect, and Jerry Cann made the right decision when he signed a GRIME contract to fight alongside us.

Gracie:  And because it shows the foundation of great wrestling to do away with rules, Lord Raab, Samuel McPherson, Hitamashii, Abaddon, Rory Rockefeller, Eric Weaver, Jacob Johnson, and Jerry Cann fought hard in a Falls Count Anywhere match, but Ariana, Tatsu, Halo, Merlot, and Dahlia come out to break up the fight, getting it thrown out. Must have been a kick to the stomach for you guys.

Liam:  Honestly not.  The women of SCU have courage.  Unfortunately, most of the men don’t.  But that’s what the Purge is all about.  And it gave Grimaldi the chance to get some exposure by throwing Jenifer LaCroix and Angel of Filth off of the top of the Sin City Tron.  We have mixed feelings about that one as 51 goes off the air.

Gracie:  52 kicked off with Helluva Bottom Carter leading Spain’s Multiusos Ciudad de Cáceres choir in a song about Brother David Shepherd’s beauty prior to them meeting one on one in the ring, where Carter used his sly tactics to get under David’s skin and secure the win.

Liam:  Then The Nobodies, Alexis Staggs and Celeste North, self pep before they go on to face Veronica Taylor and O’Malley, which was surprisingly not a boring match.  But Celeste was clear in calling out Kelli Torres in her little rant.  When it came down to the match, Veronica and O’Malley were able to put aside their differences and nearly got the W a few different times.  However, Alexis’ chronic PMS was just raging too hard, and she got the win over O’Malley.

Gracie:  We saw more of Shooter insulting Valentina, and Valentina didn’t take it lying down.  She slapped the taste right out of his mouth.  Probably not the best way to get on the same page when taking on the Good Shepherds for the Hardcore titles later in the evening, and it led to them both losing in a double pin.

Liam:  Rewind to Stewart Mason as he knocks the fuck out of your Underground Champion and puts him down for the three count.  I LOL’d at that one.  It’s not every day that Mark Cross gets to finish a match, but when he does…. phwewwww…

Gracie:  Ginny Mae Putnam gets her first singles match and a title opportunity against Merlot Ayano, but unfortunately, she just couldn’t build up enough steam to take the TV title from Merlot, and her epic reign continues.

Liam:  And just as we’re about to see Halo Williams and Melissa Ruin go at it in a non-title grudge match… Purge goes into effect.  However, the speech was slightly different and let it be known that the Purge was in effect all the way through the end of episode 53, which meant that I got to get back on the mic where I belong.  It also saw Andrey Azarov, Rory Rockefeller, and others interrupt a Wednesday Night bible study in Tulsa, Oklahoma because it was never stated that Purges have to take place at the arenas when they are in effect, so…

Gracie:  So chaos rules.  We get that.  But that didn’t work out in GRIME’s favor, even as the alarms sounded.  SCU united and backed up Halo Williams, fending off most of GRIME.  And that carried over to the next show when SCU showed up in Transylvania for 53, clad in their own varieties of masks to have a little fun.

Liam:  Most of the members of GRIME aren’t afraid of competition.  Tad has even publicly stated that he cares about violence and chaos, and that dirty, filthy feel.  We got that out of SCU, so it was actually a very nice night.  Except when Shooter thought he had the upper hand over Light Blue, and when he realized he didn’t, he threw Valentina and his Lords of H-Town in LB’s way and ran off like a bitch.

Gracie:  Val did set Grey on fire, while Crimson put the Ruin Sisters, Debbi and Stacy, through a table.  Then we went on to see Rory Rockefeller and Jacob Johnson fight in a First Blood Match.  While it remained close, Rory busted Jacob’s nose open to get the win.

Liam:  Abaddon and Jerry Cann went at it in an Inferno Tables Match.  Jerry Cann put Abaddon through a table, but since it wasn’t on fire, the match continued.  Ultimately, we saw Jerry Cann go through a flaming table, and Abaddon secured the win.

Gracie:  Brother David pleads with Esther, walking up on her just as she’s about to receive… oral stimulation in front of everyone, out in the open, like the classy lady she is.  David asks Esther to come back home to her family.  When David insults her career, Andrey knocks him out and the rest of the Shepherds come up for the save.  However, GRIME overwhelms them and they are about to set the family on fire, and Esther stops them, only to set them on fire herself.

Liam:  Esther and Andrey go on to take on Yellow and Green in an I Quit Tag Team Match.  The action was heavy until Melissa, Halo, Jenifer, Merlot, Tatsu, and Winter came down from the ceiling and wreaked havoc.  When they cleared the ring, we saw that Kelli Torres was maneuvering the whole thing with the help of Team Canada.

Gracie:  Then, we saw our Underground Champions teaming up to run rampant through half the GRIME roster in the hallway.  Celeste and Cross made it through, and a quick Blast From the Past plug from “The Dragon”.

Liam:  Then Javi and Eric Weaver go at it in a Bare Knuckles Parking Lot Brawl.  Windows were shattered.  Insurance claims were filed.  Blood was shed.  Ultimately, Javi came out as the winner.  But we didn’t let that stop us from turning it up a notch.  Lord Raab defended his World Nightmare Championship against Hitamashii in an Electrified Cage Match.  Hitamashii fought tooth and nail, but in the end, the cage won, and Lord Raab delighted in his agony and picked up the victory.

Gracie:  And just before the start of the main event, Alexis Staggs had a run in with Black.  They traded some pretty wicked blows with one another.  It stayed pretty even until a new member, Fuschia, showed up and helped tip the scale in Black’s favor.  The door to the locker room closes, and we hear Alexis scream before losing sight of her.

Liam:  And bringing us up to speed, we see Grey, Sea Green, and Light Blue taking on Silver, Purple, and Blue.  The fans brought the weapons, and the losing team was to unmask.  The match was very back and forth, and the masked members proved exactly why they belong in GRIME.  Unfortunately, one team had to win and one team had to lose.  The team of Sea Green, Grey, and Light Blue took the fall.

Gracie:  But just as they were about to unmask, Purple, Silver, and Blue stop them.  They let it be known that they wanted to unmask.  And as they did, the crowd in Transylvania went wild when special guest commentator for the night, hometown girl Raisa, introduces her clients, Jack, Jack, and Helana Jeckel!  Social media is still going crazy talking about those unmaskings.

Liam:  I just gotta say that I’ve peeked under the masks, and social media should be buzzing about the talents under the masks.  A mix of seasoned veterans, promising rookies straight out of the best wrestling schools in the region, and second chancers.  And if you think GRIME is a passing trend, you’ve got another thing coming.

Gracie:  And we are just about out of time tonight, but I’m told that we have a special message promoted by WGN and the Sin City Network, where you can tune in to watch Climax Control as it airs live.  Thank you for joining us.  I am Dr. Gracie.

Liam:  And I am Liam Gagnon.  Take it sleazy.

As the program is coming to a close, we find Valentina and Sister Esther seated on a couch inside somewhere with cards in their hands. Valentina has a big smile on her face, but Esther just looks annoyed to be there with her arms crossed over her chest. Val takes a deep breath and kicks things off.

Valentina: Hey SCW and SCU fans. Thanks for subscribing to the Sin City Network and for tuning in for this special broadcast.

Esther rolls her eyes at Valentina and adjusts herself all grumpy like in her position.

Esther: You're so pathetic. What she's trying to say is that being stuck inside of your home for the next two plus weeks is going to suck-

Val just stares at Esther almost dumbfounded with her jaw hanging low. She quickly rebounds and thinks of something better to say.

Valentina: It might not be ideal, but with so many streaming options and everything online these days, you're bound to find something to take your mind off of everything that is going on.

Esther: Borrrrring! Who does that anyway? That's what you do when you're bed ridden, or a loser with no friends. Forget what this dirty skank just said. Tune in to Underground and Climax Control, and spend the rest of the time partying with 8 of your friends for two weeks. Utilize social media so you don't become feral like this bitch over here. I mean how are you the hottest chick in SCU but you can't even land Shooter Reed? Literally don't listen to her. Ever.

Val stops and gives Esther a sideways look.  She looks down at her cards and then returns a look to the camera.

Valentina:  Aside from the streaming services available, and the hottest new movies available on multiple platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and so on, there are many options for curing boredom during these times.  There are home workout, yoga, tai chi, Twitch channels to broadcast the new SCU Underground video game now available on Xbox One, Playstation, and PC, brain exercises…

Esther holds a hand up and glares at Valentina.

Esther:  Bitch you just stole all of the paid advertisements.  I call halfsies.  This is why no one likes her.  This is also a good time to utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Instagram to keep up with the latest from your friends, families, and the greatest celebrities like me.

Valentina:  Yeah, they are going to get right on that, chica. And while you’re at Walgreens, treat yourself with a face mask and home mani-pedi sets.  The options really are endless.  So please, feel…

Esther shoves Val, knocking the cue cards out of her hand.

Esther:  Look here you little bitch. I get to do the sign off.  Ahem so we from the Sin City Network want to remind you to stay tuned as SCW Climax Control airs live, now-.

Esther moves in front of Valentina, hogging the spotlight as Val pushes her back, causing Esther to push her once again as the cameras fade out.