Author Topic: Memo to SCW, SCU and GRIME rosters and staff  (Read 551 times)

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Memo to SCW, SCU and GRIME rosters and staff
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:30:36 PM »
 As you're aware from Climax Control, SCW, SCU and GRIME have decided to postpone our hometown tours indefinitely. It was one of the biggest challenges I've had to face in all my years as a wrestler and owner of a company. We're fully aware that we could only release some of the information needed on air, as not to create more panic and uncertainty, but we feel we need to pass this out to the wrestlers of Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground and GRIME to further define points and recommendations.


- SCW has chartered a flight to fly everyone together back to Las Vegas, Nevada leaving at 1pm UK time. It will be a flight with no members of the general public. A bus has been arranged to take everyone to the airport. SCU and GRIME staff will be doing the same for their stars from their current location.

- On arrival testing. We're all fully aware of how quickly COVID-19 virus spreads and an SCW star has had symptoms and since been cleared, but we feel the need to keep our roster as safe as possible, so I have struck up a deal with a private lab for all SCW SCU and GRIME, to be tested, not only wrestlers, but close family members who they have been in recent contact with too. From then, we recommend self isolation at a hotel provided till results come back. Regular testing will occur as time goes on. We're looking to be aggressive to try and keep your health in tact.

- The Hotel. Thanks to Brooke Saxon and her father Henry, SCW, SCU and GRIME stars have been offered the use of the luxurious Saxon Hotel. Henry has offered the whole hotel for wrestlers and staff use as well as their families. We know it's tough to sit and ask everyone to relocate from their current locations and we're aware that many will not, but we're asking for everyone to consider it to help combat this virus. This will be paid for by Mr. Saxon, you will not occur any costs. No fans will be allowed in and the hotel will be deep cleaned by experts every Sunday while we go to work.

We would advise not leaving the hotel, and frankly, you won't have to, because the hotel is luxury for a reason and boasts many thing listed on page two - written by Donna.

We would also recommend that current Las Vegas residents also stay at the hotel. I live in Vegas and I too will be staying at The Saxon Hotel.

- Non US citizens. We know some of you live outside the US, but as you have a work visa to wrestle in the US, this also means you can live in the US while that visa is valid, so you will be able to join us at the hotel for the foreseeable future.

- Family. We know that it's hard to be away from families, so we are willing to help bring them to us, provided they go through the same procedure for their own well being.

- Pets. Everyone seems to have a pet these days that they travel around with, and Mr. Saxon has gone against his policy to allow pets in the hotel. If you have a pet, I think you owe him a massive thank you.

- Gym usage. Although the hotel boasts a very well equipped gym, the GO Gym is not open to roster members outside their former students, but Joshua Acquin has offered to open his gym just a stones throw away from the Saxon Hotel, to members of SCW, SCU and GRIME. He too has assured me that the gym will be cleaned constantly to remove any chance of infection.

- Non exclusive contracts. We know although we have many of our roster tied down to exclusive deals, we are also aware that more than a few work elsewhere. Should you choose to stop your bookings with other companies, we are more than willing to compensate you. If not, all we ask is you go through the same testing process as we will get on our return to Las Vegas.

I know it's a lot to ask for you to pack up your live for a few months and move your family to this hotel, and stay in as much as possible, but we really think this is the best thing to do at this point. If you don't, then you will have to go through the testing process every time you return for an SCW show. We know it might be a minor inconvenience for you all but we all need to do our part to help stop the spread of this pandemic to help protect the old and the vulnerable. Please consider relocating to the Saxon Hotel for yours and your families safety.


- SCU and GRIME shows will be moved to a Sunday, airing after Climax Control. Shows will be standalone. We have come to this decision simply because it will keep potential spread of the virus to a minimal.

- All shows will be recorded on Sunday morning back to back, but will still air in designated time slots, Climax Control airing at the same time, Underground to air later.

- Show locations. For the foreseeable future, all shows will be held at the GO Gym, owned by Gabriel and Odette Stevens, The Staggs Dungeon, a training facility owned by Spike Staggs, or The Golden Ring Casino, owned by Daniel J Morgan and London Underground. The reason we have opted for three is so the areas can be deep cleaned after every show and before every show, so in the cases of both The Go Gym and The Staggs Dungeon can stay operational.

- Audience. There will be no members of the public allowed in at all. Crowds will be made up from the other companies wrestlers and family members should they wish to do so.

- Travel to show locations. We will provide transport to show venues together. If everyone has tested negative, we feel this is the wisest way to keep it that way.

This will be in place for the immediate future. We are taking things week by week, but we do have to adhere to government rules.


We know this is a tough time for a lot of people financially, where businesses will go bankrupt, we've seen it already but we will NOT be asking you to take salary cuts at all, or release anyone from SCW, SCU or GRIME rosters for financial reasons, nor will we stop booking people on a pay by appearance. We know that having no paying audience severely puts the cash flow at strain but advertisers are still paying. Also Christian and I set up an SCW emergency fund nine years ago, moving thirty percent of profits to that fund before we would make money out of SCW. That emergency fund has gone largely untouched and will be used to cover any losses from SCW and SCU/GRIME. No one will lose their jobs because of this.


We honestly feel this is the best way forward for SCW, SCU and GRIME. We, as companies and television stars, need to lead by example. So many people out there are not taking notice of government warnings. I know many people in this world thinks this is an over reaction to a virus, but it's taking so many lives every single day. People are losing relatives, I've lost count of how many RIP social media posts I've seen, saying goodbye to parents and grandparents. We, as good human beings need to do what we can to buy governments time to find a cure or a vaccine to this. None of us wants to say goodbye to our parents so please take this seriously, follow all government advice, practice social distancing, wash ya hands, do whatever it takes to play your part in saving lives.

I'll see you all on that plane tomorrow.

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Memo to SCW, SCU and GRIME rosters and staff
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 05:37:45 PM »
 Saxon Hotel and Suites is a 500 room hotel just steps away from Joshua Acquin's training gym. Two street lights away from the Golden Ring Casino.

Fully-Equipped Kitchenette
Living Room With Pull-Out Sofa Bed
Free WiFi
Two Separate Showers Plus A Tub
​Smart TVs
​All food will be Comp.  
​Access to Our Exclusive Water Park
Two outdoor pools. One large and a small one with a movie wall
Two movie theaters that seats 45 people each room.
9 hole Mini golf
Underground level is a 50,000 square feet laser tag arena.

The only thing not being covered by Henry Saxon will be any alcohol you order. The Hotel needs to make money somewhere! The hotel is closed to the public but everything in the hotel is open to use for SCW, SCU, and GRIME.

The Hotel staff has been cut down to just one Desk person overnight and two during the day and evening. The 75 housekeeping team has been cut down to 20. Three bartenders, 9 cooks and three chefs will be at your service and will also be staying at the hotel to limit outside contact.

You may use any of them as you wish in promos or segments. All But Henry or Brooke of course as Henry will not be around and Brooke is taking care of other matters.

Photos of the hotel and the rooms everyone will be getting will be tweeted out by Brooke after results today.
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