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- Fractured?
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Climax Control should have been a great night for Evie Jordan. She had returned to the six-sided ring for the Blast from the Past, her partner Mark Cross was able to pick up the victory for their team. Ben and Evie were talking again. Well, they were…

Now Evie was stuck in Sin City Wrestling for round two of this year’s Blast from the Past, all because Mark Cross wouldn’t just lay down and eat the pin. No, he had to spring back up and take control of the match up once more, making sure Evie was booked for another match in two weeks’ time. Evie wasn’t impressed, she wanted out and thought that she had done everything in her power to do so. When it came time to leave the arena for the night, she stalked the back halls until she walked in on the last possible thing, she wanted to see that night. Her husband was face down, passed out, rotten drunk it was unknown to her if he had even bothered to try and keep himself awake for her match or if Ben had just written himself off incapacitating himself by the “drinking contest” he was forced into by Mickey and Brooke.

At that point she saw red. Not only had Evie heard her husband earlier in the night make a money joke about her, he also let Mickey disrespect her by bringing up the memory of Emma Rose. Now he was face down on a table, with z’s surrounding his head. It took everything in Evie’s strength to walk away from what she had witnessed; it took her teeth sinking into one another acting like a cage to stop from her lashing out. All she could do was point at Fenris who could see the fury in her eyes and let him know that Ben was under his care for the rest of the evening.

To some Evie was being childish or cruel but she was mentally exhausted. Evie had stood by Ben through sickness that contained countless sleepless nights, she offered twenty-four seven care for him in his darkest days. Not once did she miss an appointment, not once did she complain. She did it because she loved him, she did it because he needed her and because she wanted to be the support system he deserved. Evie pushed Ben and stood by him as he regained his health and climbed the ranks and become the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. There wasn’t a night she wasn’t standing in the gorilla position waiting for him to walk back through the black curtains, there wasn’t one training session she missed… and here he was face down, passed out, drunk.

The blood in her veins felt as if it had turned to ice, as her heart pounded deep in her chest. It didn’t take a genius to see that Evie was a ticking time bomb. She was just lucky enough that everyone was entertained by Ben and Mickey being passed out to witness the murderous look tearing away at the back of her eyes. Yet, that glare didn’t go undetected by Daniel Morgan who was smart enough to send Mackenzie, Charlotte and Danielle in hot pursuit of the unpredictable volatile Aussie.

Two out of the three women knew what Evie’s reputation was like and they knew that even York wasn’t big enough to keep the old Evie caged. There was enough evil on these streets, they didn’t need a combustible ex-assassin / super spy unleashing in some sick sort of stress release exercise. Truth be told the Australian Bombshell needed to be harnessed, her anger needed to be harbored and channeled into another direction, maybe a night out on the town was exactly what Evie needed.

Evie could tell that she was being tailed, it didn’t help that Mackenzie and Charlotte were hatching out a masterful plan to keep Evie under their supervision, while Dani was just bouncing behind them trying to figure out what was going on. Stopping dead in her tracks, Evie turned back to look at them who all screeched to a halt as she spoke to them.

“Can I help you?” Evie snarled, her pearly white teeth on display.

Danielle snapped at the sound of Evie’s voice, sheepishly pulling Mackenzie in front of her as if she needed her for protection. As Mackenzie and Charlotte rolled their eyes at Dani, they quickly returned their attention back to Evie.

“Actually…” Charlotte began. “I think we could help you.” A smirk rode across her face. “And you could help us.”

Mackenzie glared at Charlotte unsure what she was hinting at by having Evie help them. Pushing past her teammate Mackenzie stepped up towards Evie as if her reputation weighed nothing. It wasn’t long until Mackenzie and Evie were standing toe to toe backstage while the less than confident Dani and wild smirking Charlotte watched on.

“You’re pissed.” Mackenzie smirked. “We get it…” that powerful devilish smile gleamed brightly as if she had hatched a plan. “And I know just the place we can all go to, to have some fun.” Her tone said it all, there was an underlying agenda.

“Do I look like I’m in the mood for fun?” Evie bit back, her harsh accent making that come across as a threat.

Mackenzie just kept her cool, before she swiftly draped her right arm across Evie’s shoulders.

“To be honest, no.” There were no lies. “But a little birdie told me there a good chance that someone from your past is in town, a cashed up little old lady… with a ring on each finger… looking to clean up at the Vudu longue.”

Mackenzie’s tone was cool calm and collected and it was sounding like music to Evie’s ears. As Mackenzie took a step back, she unhooked her arm from Evie’s shoulders to step back to see if the Australian had taken the bait. Charlotte on the other hand, was trying her best to fill Danielle in on the massive part of Evie’s history she was missing, without letting her dirty little secrets slip. Evie just shook her head from side to side, putting her right foot before her left and looked to walk off on them all. She didn’t have time for this, all she wanted to do what cause pain. The last thing she wanted was the London Underground babysitters club, spying on her all night because Daniel Morgan and giving them the nod.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong.” Charlotte called out. “But isn’t that old bag, wearing one of your rings?” she followed it up with a smug look on her face.

Evie stopped dead in her tracks, like a wolf who had just heard its prey from over a mile away her ears pricked up at the sound of Charlotte’s sing song like taunt. Turning her head to the side, Evie swept her long dark brown hair before her ear so she could look at Charlotte’s smug face over her shoulder. She wasn’t wrong. There was a whole other backstory that had to be told but for now, Evie only had one thing left to say.

“If either of you are lying to me…. I’ll skin that one alive.” Evie snarled.

Her long-manicured index finger fired towards Dani. Mackenzie and Charlotte threw their hands up in unison to protest their truthfulness. As Evie took their word for gospel, she excused herself from the group to shower. The four arranged to meet back here 30 minutes before heading out on the town for the night. As Evie had walked off on them Charlotte was quick to fill in Danielle on what had happened, it was a little farfetched of a story but there was no way Charlotte or Mackenzie could tell her the full story without compromising the three of them.

“Why does an innocent old lady have Evie’s ring?” Danielle questioned.

Mackenzie laughed at the sound of innocent old lady coming out of Danielle’s mouth.

“Vivian, is anything but an innocent old lady, Dani.” Charlotte started. “She’s cold blooded and calculated as hell, back in the day, before Evie was a wrestler, she used to… well… let’s just say she gambled a lot…” she had to bite her tongue from saying too much. “Evie stumbled across Vivian’s path one day… and well long story short, Evie lost a lot… Vivian gained a lot and well, we personally think they’re long overdue for a little rematch.” She beamed with excitement.

“Oh. Well that seems fair.” It was all that innocent Dani could add.

Dani’s ability to just shrug off what she had been told and not ask any further questions was a god send for Mackenzie and Charlotte, it meant the less they had to cover up. Mackenzie and Charlotte knew exactly the kind of trouble they were about to head into.  Yet, having Evie gamble against an old woman who had York at her fingertips seemed like a healthy way for the Australian assassin to vent her frustration, instead of her becoming the new ripper of England didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all. Danielle went to walk off to gather her things and meet them back here, but before she could step away too far, she turned back to look at her closest friends.

“What did Evie mean by she was going to sink me alive? Is that like an Aussie thing or something?” her voice was a little nervous.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Mackenzie chuckled. “It’s a figure of speech back in Australia.” She waved Dani off as if it was nothing.

“Oh, okay… cool.” She blushingly replied, trying to hide her nervousness.

As Dani bounced off down the hallway, she didn’t get far before she ran into Mikah and without wasting any time she had invite her to join them for dinner and drinks. it took Mikah less than a few seconds to agree and the night was finally set in stone. London Underground’s Mackenzie and Charlotte were going to distract Evie Jordan, whilst protecting Danielle from finding out the truth of it all and all the while keeping the drinks following so that Mikah could finally take a night away from her kids and enjoy herself. They were going to have their hands full, but if anyone could handle such an array of people and conditions it was those two.  

Four hours later;

The five females had reconnected, and they were well and truly enjoying their night together. The Vudu longue was well and truly alive as it was busting at the seams with people. Evie, Mackenzie, Charlotte, Dani and Mikah were lucky enough to be ushered to one of the tables in the back of the room, that overlooked the dance floor, but it was still quiet enough for them to all sit back and talk. It didn’t take a genius, to figure out while Evie at positioned herself against the back wall, her eyes locked on the entrance way. She was waiting very impatiently for a ghost from her past to walk through the gates of hell, just so she could get a chance of winning back something that belonged to her. Dani and Mikah didn’t really know what was going on, but the two had made a pack to stick together for the night. Mikah even taking Dani under her wing a little bit to keep Dani true to their night of drinking.

As the night ticked on, it was almost eleven thirty before Dani had whisked Mikah and Charlotte away to the dance floor. They both hated her for it, but from where Mackenzie and Evie were sitting it looked like they were having the time of their lives. On the table in front of the remaining two told the story of the last four and half hours, as there was empty shot glasses, bottles and glasses across the table. Yet, as soon as a waiter saw one of them finish a drink, he was quick to rush over and refill their supply. There was money in this club, big money and right now Evie could see from the cliental they would be raking in seven figures by the time the door shut four am.

“Have you stopped being a pissy bitch?” Mackenzie’s voice was still strong, not a slur to be heard.

Evie turned to look at her, but only for a millisecond before her hawk like attention returned to the front doors.

“Please don’t tell me Mackenzie fucking Page is going to try and give me love advice.” She fired back.

Evie’s black nails tapped on the glass in her hand, before she took a long sip of her deep brown liquid. Mackenzie just looked at her over the rim of her beer glass with a devilish smirk.

“Fuck that.” She snarled. “But if you’re asking, you’re being a complete tit.” A laugh ripped through her lips. “Ben has done nothing but accept you and love you for who you are, and you’re acting like a prissy bitch who has chipped a fucking nail over one fucking incident.” A simple shrug of her shoulders is all she could offer.

Evie turned to look at Mackenzie, she didn’t want to get into this with her she was too heated from what she felt about her husband right now. A part of her knew Mackenzie was right but fuck it she was angry.

“What happened to…” she lifted her glass. “Fuck that?” She dumped the rest of her drink down her throat, not even letting it touch the sides so she could savor it.

Evie was basically telling Mackenzie to keep her mouth closed. Those two were as bad as each other. When it was just them, they would lock horns, always having to one up each other. It was in their nature. You see Mackenzie saw Evie as a glorified super spy who never really had to work hard for what she had handed to her. In her eyes, Evie had all the gadgets all the devices in the world when it came to her previous call of duty. Mackenzie didn’t see her past as dirty work, while on the other hand what London Underground participated in was built from the ground up. The two of them secretly had blood dripping from their fingertips, both as dangerous as each other but there was nothing wrong with some friendly or well not so friendly competition.

“Just saying, if you’re going to cold shoulder him over something so trivial… he might wake up one morning and finally see the monster that’s been beside him the whole time.” She was joking, but also, wasn’t.

“Get fucked.” Is all Evie could fire back, before the rest of the party returned to the table.

Charlotte rushed back first, eager to get her hands on another drink to forget the grinding on the dance floor she had just encountered. Mikah on the other hand was quick to check her phone in her clutch. She was a mother who had two kids being baby sat right now, it was expected that she would be a little distracted at times. Dani on the other hand was still making moves on the dance floor, completely ignoring the fact that a sleaze ball guy was trying to back himself up on her as she danced in a craze. It didn’t take long for Evie’s eyes to scan over the dance floor, yet at the same time Mackenzie and Evie made eye contact with the guy who was now grinding up on Dani’s behind. They could foretell exactly what was going to happen and like lightning Charlotte, Mackenzie and Evie were on the dance floor, to find out just exactly happened next, you’ll have to tune into Danielle’s Weston’s promotional video later in the week.

It wasn’t until after the Dani incident that Evie’s glazed over eyes fell on the front doors of the Vudu Longue as they swung open. It was edging on one am, it wasn’t uncommon for Vivian and her mob to arrive as the masses start to leave. Like clockwork Charlotte turned to Evie a smile from ear to ear as she mouthed “Told you so.” Evie didn’t waste any time and she didn’t look back as she made a beeline for the doorway. She had one thing on her mind tonight and that was revenge. Sweet revenge that would keep her thoughts about her troubles at bay. Evie moved through the bustling crowd as if there was no one standing in her way, pushing past the dancers, bulldozing her way to get to Vivian.

Vivian even though she appeared to be a simple old lady, there was nothing like an innocent grandma about her. She demanded respect, purely just by looking at her. She was dressed in a floor length dark green mink coat, her fingers dripped with diamonds, nothing under five carats on each digit.  Behind her was a flock of security, although London Underground knew them more personally. They were rivals in their hobby away from wrestling. Although there was no bad blood spilling between each group momentarily, Charlotte and Mackenzie knew they had to tread carefully. Truth be told Mackenzie had invited Vivian her tonight, as honestly, they had their own side mission to accomplish here tonight.

It took Evie only a matter of seconds to be up in front of Vivian, she ducked and weaved her way inside her inner circle so now she was standing face to face with a long-time rival. As much as Evie hated Vivian, they shared a love hate relationship, there was no need for any violence tonight all Evie wanted was a chance to win back what was hers. As Vivian’s eyes laid upon Evie’s a sour smirk crossed her face.

“Well fuck me, I thought you were dead?” Vivian coughed, smoke spilling from her lips.

Evie didn’t respond, her eyes were too focused on Vivian’s left hand, middle finger. The sight of the eight-carat ring was glittering in Evie’s eyes. It had been more than ten years since Evie had seen her precious diamond. It was one of the first piece of jewels she acquired in her previous line of work. It was god ugly, but it was hers and right now she wanted nothing more than to swipe it back and have it back in her possession.

“Oh, Evie darling, please tell me you’re still not cut up about this?” Vivian flipped Evie the bird, with a wickedly evil smile.

Evie just returned the favor a wicked smile on her face as she eyed Vivian up and down.

“Don’t you think it’s about time we had a rematch?” Her Aussie accent was sarcastic as ever. “Although, I’m in the mood to risk it all.” A roguish smirk inched the left side of her mouth upwards. “Your coat, all your rings, the cash in your Fendi purse… for whatever you want.”

Vivian took a step towards Evie. “Whatever I want?” she chirped. “That could be dangerous.”

“I’m counting on it.” She licked her lips in anticipation.

Vivian just side-stepped Evie, before ushering her to follow her. At no point did she make her stipulation vocal of there rematch, but Evie didn’t care. There was no way she was going to lose. She couldn’t lose, she couldn’t handle another thing going tits up in her life right now… but she was to stubborn to just let an old dog lie and she was willing to risk it all. She was willing to put anything and everything in the palms of an old moody woman, who had more power and cash than the Queen of England herself.  

Many, many hours later;

It was ten forty-two in the morning, the sun was blistering down on York. The birds were chirping daylight was in full effect. It was grand old day in the city as people had left their houses and gathered together to enjoy brunch in the rare event of sunshine there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It wasn’t an average day for York and sure as hell wasn’t an average day for Evie Jordan. The sound of heels clicking against the pavement brought a smile to her face, but also sounded like a bongo drum was pounding in her cranium. It was rare for Evie to feel the effects of alcohol. Her body was basically immune, but here she was nursing a killer headache that was no doubt going to add to her viciously unpredictable mood.

Evie walked with purpose as she headed towards her hotel, her long brown hair was dancing in the wind as it whipped behind her. Her long black manicured nails nursed a takeaway cup of coffee as she entered the lobby of her hotel, she bypassed the security and made a dash towards the elevator. Evie didn’t know if she had beaten Ben home, after all she hadn’t heard from him all night all she knew is that she was desperate for a shower. The sound of the elevator dinging to alert her that she had reached her floor made her cringed at how loud it sounded. It was like the bells of Big Ben were preforming just for her.

She walked towards her door, trying to balance her coffee and her clutch as she fumbled around for the room key. The sound of rattling was enough to wake the dead as she shushed and scolded herself to work faster and smarter. Turns out Evie didn’t need her room key as the door opened before her, standing in the doorway was her world, Ben Jordan. There was a mixture of emotions on his face. There was a hint of concern, a splash of anger, half a cup of frustration all mixed in with black circles surrounding his eyes. Evie didn’t know what to say, so she just side stepped her way into their apartment. She could tell his eyes were looking her up and down, I mean why wouldn’t they?

Evie reeked of cigarettes and booze, she was dressed in all black, black tight ripped jeans, black sky-high heels, a super tight black v necked t-shirt. Over her shoulders a large floor length dark green mink coat sat proudly, while dazzling on each finger was a new large diamond. She had won her ring back and then some. In that sense she was on cloud nine, the smile that was plastered on her face should have been enough to tell the world how happy she was with herself, but Evie could feel the burn of Ben’s cold blue glare on her skin. That’s when she remembered there was a slight cut under her right eye, that sat on top of her cheekbone like a beacon, she had received that from helping Dani but there was no way Ben would have been able to know that.

They weren’t speaking.

Walking into their apartment Evie removed the coat from her shoulders and tossed it over the back of the nearest chair. She had never felt like this before, they had ever been like this before. It was just a dance they were in and it appeared that each of them was on the back foot unsure who should make the first step. She heard the door click shut behind her as she started to remove all the rings from her fingers, tossing them on to the hallway bench. Keeping just her wedding band on, Evie played with it nervously before she whipped around on her heels to look up at her husband.

And if looks could kill, Evie just felt the throb flatline from her pulse.

All she wanted to do was rush towards him and hold him. Ben looked as if he had danced with the devil with worry, but she couldn’t get over that underlying anger towards him it was still bolting her feet to the ground.

Now it was all just a matter of time before one of them cracked.

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