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Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check Taken Pic Bases List): Chris J Millington
Twitter: @SCU_GM_Tad
Name: Tad Ezra
Staff Position: General Manager
Nickname(s): n/a
Age: 29
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 180lb
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Personality: Happy-Go-Lucky, but will not be walked over.  He takes his job very seriously, and will do what he can to put on the best possible show.
Strengths: Liked by the fans, fair, tough
Weaknesses: Very minimal wrestling training
Alignment: Heel
Weapon Of Choice: Clipboard


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List): “Ready To Let Go" by Cage The Elephant
Entrance Description:
The crowd cheers at a near deafening level as Liam nods his head and raises his hands out to the side. He lets it go for a moment before bringing the microphone back to his mouth.

Liam: Iiiiiintroducing first, from Ottawa, Ontario, respectfully welcome the General Manager of Sin City Underground… TAD… EZZZZZZZZZZRAAAAAAAAAA!!! @@

“Ready To Let Go" by Cage The Elephant begins playing as the audience boos loudly for the arrival of the General Manager. The lights come up as Tad walks onto the stage in a torn SCU printed t-shirt. He looks from side to side before raising his arms up in the air. This gets him a reaction before he runs down the ramp. He makes his way all around the ring before swinging around to the ring steps. He jogs up them and wastes no time in getting inside of the ring. He walks around, throwing his arms up in the air and a sly grin on his face. After working the crowd for a moment, Tad walks up to Liam, shaking his hands with him before accepting the microphone from him. He takes center stage as Liam steps back to the ropes. Tad looks from side to side, grinning and shaking his head at the reaction and letting it die down before he continues.

Bio & Past Accomplishments: Tad Ezra is a long time wrestling fan, and former journalist in the field.  He has studied much of the in’s and out’s of wrestling.  He debuted when he was asked in a pinch to be the General Manager of Karnage Wrestling back in 2017.  The show only lasted a few episodes despite Tad’s greatest efforts. He was given a second chance in February of 2018 as he was given a second chance to be the GM for Northern Lights Wrestling under the Honor Wrestling umbrella.  He stayed the GM through their duration, and has been moved over to take the same management role in SCU, however, his idea is an image that is much more gritty than the NLW brand, and he will be playing the part.
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