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Angel Kash
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Handlers Name: John
Any Messengers: Discord
Years Active: TO many ot name.


You will be booked at least 2-3 times a month. In order for this to happen, you will be booked in singles as well as tag team matches. Since tag team matches take place in an intergender division, please let Tad Ezra know if you wish to only wrestle your gender. We will still book you in tag team matches under Mixed tag team rules but keep in mind, tag team titles will be intergender so if you wish not to wrestle the opposite gender, you limit yourself to only singles gold when you do get a title shot. ***Be sure to fill out a Tag Team application***



Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check Taken Pic Bases List): Kate Upton
Wrestlers Twitter: @Angel_KashTDB
Wrestlers Name:Angel Kash
Nickname(s): The Trillion Dollar Princess, The Golden Queen
Height:five feet nine inches
Weight: one hundred twenty-five pounds.
Hometown: The Hamptons.
Personality:Spolied, snobby, cunning, and downright cruel are the first four words used to describe Angel Kash. She was born with a sliver spoon in her mouth and is quick to remind everyone who comes in contact wiht her about it.  Her brand means the world to her and is her focus sometimes to the determit of her in ring career. If anyone has became utterlly hated very quickly during their long career its the blonde rich bitch.
Strengths: Cunning, Veteran, More Skilled than lets on, Mind Games.
Weaknesses: Relies on bending rules, Overconfident, Can sruggle against stronger opponents.
Gimmick If Any:She is an the first and only trillion-heiress to ever be involved in the sport of professional wrestling. After her father died being the only child she was naturally given the money, and took her fathers empire from an small one to an major conglomerate of many businesses and shops around the world. Along with being spoiled rotten as an child do to being daddies little princess she has developed an major ego. The word bitch if you look in the dictionary has an picture of Angel Kash besides the word. She is as cold and ruthless as they come, willing to do whatever it takes to get the win and take the gold and put it around her waist.
Alignment: Heel


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List):Superfical by Hedi Montang
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Darlyn:  And next, from The Hamptons, NY, standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 125lb, she is “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhh!!! @@

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.


Everyone gets one finisher and 3 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages *Remember you can only pick one*

-Cheater (Think of old school heels doing illegal moves like Eye Pokes, low blows etc)- Will win by any means necessary. )

Signature Moves
1.) The Liquadation-Triangle Choke Armabr
2.) Face Blower- Face Buster
3.)Buyout-Implant DDT

Finishing Move
1.) Kash Flow-Code Breaker


Weapon Of Choice: Make Up Powder but can use anything down from diamond knuckles, to her purse, to a brick of money.
Match Of Choice: Anythting she can make the rules in.

[Superstar Bio:Angelina Jones, better known as Angel Kash, was born on November 27th 1990, in the city of Manhattan, New York to multi-millionaire Adam Jones and Rebecca Lynn Jones, who was a top tier supermodel. The young couple was one of the richest in New York, part of the new money crowd. With Adam, creating an empire out of resorts on the east coast, of the United States, and having a helping hand in the casino scene in Los Vegas, as a chief investor into the MGM Grand. So, Angel grew up in a luxurious mansion, and had everything a young girl could want.

As, she grew up she participated in pageants, as a little girl winning her first at age five. Which, also began to feed into the ego the young girl was developing. Expecting things to be handed to her on a silver platter, by anyone and everyone. As her father often spoiled her, and her mother taught her how to treat those who are less fortunate than they are, by demeaning them, especially the servants. She soon, became the woman who is one of the most hated in the wrestling, and high society scenes.

As Angel grew older her cousin Dianca started trying to be more like her. Wanted, to to do the things Angel, got away with on a daily basis. However, Angels aunt, and Dianca's mother did not like that. And often, would try to displicin Angel though it would never work, as her mother and father often ignored it. And, Angel soon entered modeling at the age of fifteen in order to start to carve out her own identity. That of being one of the most materialistic, and in demand divas in the modeling world, however, she began to get bored of just modeling.

And, began wrestling training a few months later, against the wishes of her father and mother. Though, they began to support it. With her father being a huge wrestling fan, hiring Angel one of the toughest, and greatest trainers money can buy, and a personal bodyguard named Leroy. Though, in a few short months after Angel won her first match in Knockouts of Wrestling, her father mysteriously passed away, and in a twist left the entire family fortunate to Angel. In spite of her mother, Angel had control of the family estate, and moved it to the Hamptons, and began growing the business beyond what her father had attended.

By growing more resorts, malls, shopping plazas, and other high end cosmetic products. Growing, the business into a huge money making machine. Soon enough, Angel joined the billionaires club, and her wrestling career fell on the back burner, though she had some memorable feuds in GCW, before heading to RoB, where her career fell flat despite forming the Billion Dollar Bitches stable with Sara Richardson, and Evangeline Sinclair. However, it was not until her days in 3WL she really became a force in women's wrestling.

In 3WL, she gained major notoriety attacking Eva Rodriguez, before beating her on RoB Televisions winning her first major singles title. However, she lost it a week later, making it one of the shortest regins in company history. Soon enough, in 3WL Angel, became one of the most hated people and even got placed in the hall of fame, within her first year. Then, in a twist do to local law officials looking the other way, Angel bough a homeless shelter that she was supposed to be helping out in for the day, and turned into the first ever Millionaires only mall, and now she has another location, in Los Angeles. She did come close to winning the 3WL United States title, and buying the 3WL World Title. Before, winning the 3WL Television title, with help from her bodyguard Leroy.

After, leaving 3WL she, settled on entering the world of hollywood, becoming a star in some minor motion pictures. However, they allowed her to have influence in begging talks with Circle Network television executives about her own reality television show. However, soon enough she was signed by CWF, who saw potential in her. She quickly become one of the biggest names in their company, and one of the most hated woman backstage, and in front of the camera. Within two weeks she won the CWF tag team titles with then friend Sabrina Artois, and then she won the Womans Title within a month of debuting, before losing it a month later. Then in the spring of 2014 it was announced that Angel Kash would be getting her own reality television show called Kashing In, with Angel Kash. It would follow her life, travels, and anything else she wanted becoming her vehicle to increase her brand name. Then, live on the show Angel announced she had signed with Livewire Wrestling. After leaving CWF, she has begun touring around the world inculding stints in Japan, and Austrila but is now returning to North America.

***Be sure to fill out an NPC/Manager application as well***
Manager's Name: Todd, and Leroy.
Manager's Pic Base (Check Taken Pic Bases List): Sheldon from big bang theory, and 50 Cent.
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