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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:49:35 PM »
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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2017, 09:03:38 PM »
 RP Title: “Holy shit!”

(Kate and Jenny have given me permission to use their characters during my Supercard RPs as Jessie)

Jessie won her first match of the year successfully toppling The Justice League with Amy’s help but did it influence the World Bombshell Tag Team Title match between The Justice League and the Members of the Elders? Nope, despite the Metal and Punk Connection’s impressive win over the Justice League the bosses stuck to their original plan for the World Bombshell Tag Team Title Match at Inception II and spread the three members of the Metal and Punk Connection across three title matches, Amy was challenging Veronica Taylor for the Roulette Title in what was sure to be a heated battle and Kate was getting her rematch for the Bombshell Internet Championship against Polly Playtime, so where did that leave Jessie?

She, alongside old rivals Mikah and Melody Grace, was challenging Crystal Millar for the World Bombshell Championship! Crystal had just come off a successful title defense against Melody at the last Climax Control before Inception II so that explained the former Bombshell Internet Champion’s presence in the match and Mikah gave Crystal a hell of a fight when she challenged her for the title a few weeks before Christmas, not to mention Mikah’s previous World Bombshell Title reign, so why was Jessie in the match? She was the last Bombshell to challenge Crystal at a Supercard in 2016 but that was back in November, will the third time be the charm for Jessie?

Parking lot of Tropicana Ballroom, Laughlin, Nevada
Sunday the 8th of January 2017, 11:00pm

This was not how I was expecting to end the night.

For those who went for a bathroom break during my seg, first off all, fuck you, second of all, whilst I was backstage at this week’s Climax Control I was informed by one of the stage hands that someone had slashed the tires of the rent car we had been using because our regular car is in for service back in Las Vegas and spray-painted the words “Fuck Trump” on the side of the car obviously under the impression that because we are white we voted for Trump.

Compared to that Facebook Live video where a bunch of black teens assaulted a white teen with special needs (not racially motivated my ass) this is hardly the worst thing that’s happened since Trump won the election back in November but it’s still pissed us off, especially since we voted Third Party and planned to move to Canada if Trump won, granted that fell through after our Visas where denied but my point still stands!

“Jessie!” I looked up and saw my partners in crime Amy Marshall and Kate Steele running up to me, apparently having just heard about the incident and it was Kate that spoke up. “Sorry we didn’t get here sooner, we were talking about our matches at Inception II when we saw your seg.”

“Don’t sweat it, I’m angrier at the idiot who vandalized the car.” I said as I motioned to the car, I wasn’t exactly a car expert but the wheels looked totally fucked and looked that needed to be replaced, which Jake was having an angry phone conversation about with the rental company, and off course it was hard to miss the spray-painted words on the side. “We voted third party for fuck’s sake! At least it wasn’t our regular car.”

“That’s true, at least the police have been called.” Amy responded as she surveyed the damage. “I take it you’ve spoken to them already?”

“Yeah, they’re off reviewing the CCTV footage starting from when he arrived at the arena which I think was a couple of minutes before the opener started.” I responded before grinning at Amy. “Nice touch with the attack on Veronica by the way!” I added and Amy grinned in response.

“Someone had to get the title out of the Mean Girls’ clutches and with Celeste busy with Mercedes I’m more than happy to step in.” Amy added and we nodded in response. “All though I am a bit concerned about Celeste coming after me after I beat Veronica for the title.”

“Let her, she got screwed out of the title after all.” Kate responded and Amy frowned. “Yeah, I know, this is exactly what the Mean Girls want, us fighting each other, but still!”

“I get what you’re saying but you just know Christian’s going to find some way to get the Mean Girls in that fight.” Amy responded before shaking her head. “I’ll worry about that more after I beat Veronica for the title, come to think of it the only person here who doesn’t know who she’s facing at the Supercard is you Jessie.”

“They didn’t announce any matches for me whilst I was in here?” I asked and Kate and Amy shook their heads in response. “Hopefully I won’t have to wait that long.”

“Hi, me again.” The stage hand who had told me, Shane and Jake about the damage to the rent car said as he approached us and we looked up. “The bosses just came out with the card for Inception II, these are for you.” The stage hand added before handing us a copy of the card each, I read through it and at first I was confused because I didn’t see my name among the lower matches on the card, that is until I saw the Main Event.

“Holy shit!” I said as a broad grin spread across my face, I did a couple of double takes and sure enough my name was in the match. “Guys, I’m challenging for the World Bombshell Title again!”

“Yeah, we saw.” Amy responded with a grin on her face as she patted me on the shoulder. “Congrats Jess, you know what they say? Third time’s the charm!”

“Even better, that means that we can all walk out of the Supercard with a title in our hands.” Kate added as her own grin grew wider. “We’ll have a stranglehold on the titles before you know it!”

“Okay Jess, it took me being put on hold for what felt like a few days but I got the rental company to agree to pay for the repairs.” Jake commented as he walked up to us not really paying attention. “All that’s left to do is order a cab which Shane is taking care off, I know we don’t have that much money between us but if we chip in we should be able to get home without it costing an arm and a leg.” Jake added before looking up. “Oh, hey Kate, Amy, didn’t see you there.”

“Hey Jake.” Amy greeted my much bigger brother. “Jessie has some big news for you.” Amy said as she motioned towards me and I turned to him.

“They gave me another chance at the World Bombshell Championship!” I said not even bothering to hide the massive grin on my face, I mean, why should I? “Only downside is that I’m not the only challenger, Mikah and Melody are also in the match.”

“Considering how well you did in the Chamber of Fate match I don’t think that’s much of a downside.” Shane said as he walked up to us apparently overhearing what we were talking about. “But we do have a problem, not many cabs are available tonight and none of the ones I could get a hold off come near the Tropicana Ballroom, if you have any suggestions I’m open to them.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll drive you.” Amy responded and we gave her a surprised look. “Don’t worry about Jake’s height, my car’s pretty big.”

“If I don’t bang my head getting out of the car like I did at my first Bloodstock I won’t complain.” Jake responded getting a funny look from Amy and Kate. “It’s a long story, basically I was so eager to get out of the car that I didn’t duck on the way out.”

“What’s even crazier was that he waited until after Death Angel finished their set.” Shane added with a laugh and Jake shook his head in response. “Seriously though, thanks for the offer, we just have to go get Jessie’s laptop from where we left it.”

“That’s cool, I have to get my stuff as well, Crystal just beat Melody to retain the title so that show’s ending soon.” Amy responded and we nodded in response. “Want to stay here encase the police have any more questions for you guys Jess? Might be a good time to get your promo done.”

“Good idea.” I nodded in response and they walked off, Kate followed them presumably for the same reason so, whilst trying to ignore the vandalized rental car, I went to a secluded spot in the parking lot to get started on my promo.

“When I said that I wanted to fight my way back to the top of the Bombshell division following my loss to Crystal Millar at High Stakes VI I didn’t think I’d reach the top as quickly as I did but low and behold, here I am ready to challenge for the World Bombshell Championship again at Inception II and once again, I’m in the Main Event! Unfortunately, it’s not a straight up one on one rematch between me and Crystal as I also must deal with two more faces from my past, Mikah and Melody Grace, is there any proof to the saying “third time’s the charm”? Well I guess we’re about to find that out!”

First up is Crystal.

“And I’m kicking things off with you Crystal since you’re the champ and all, you’ll probably be watching this from the infirmary since you just had an intense match against Melody so I’ll try not to insult you too much! Anyway, Crystal when I beat Veronica Taylor is the qualifying match for the Chamber of Fate everyone automatically assumed that I would be the first one eliminated from the match, I wasn’t, in fact I eliminated not one but two clear favorites to win the match until Sam made me tap out to the Sammi-Wrap but even so I put my name on the map in that match and our match at High Stakes VI, so what’s different this time?”

Quite a lot.

“As I said during my promo against Melody at the Climax Control following High Stakes VI, I’m done looking towards the past, from now on I’m focused on one thing and that’s my future in this business and that future involves me holding the World Bombshell Championship, being a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Winner and who knows? Maybe a shoe-in for the 2017 Hall of Fame? Stranger things have happened but what’s not strange is the fact that I’m ending your reign in two weeks’ time at Inception II!”

Next up is Melody.

“Funny how things can change in a year, huh Melody? When we first faced off I was on the hunt for the Bombshell Internet Championship which you would subsequently chase after throughout the Japanese Tour and now look at us, we’ve both challenged for the World Bombshell Championship on two separate occasions and we both lost our title matches, hell you lost yours just now, I’ll have to review the tapes later since I missed the match because some jackass vandalized my rental car but if the fight you gave Crystal was anything like the fights you gave me back in Japan then you probably put your name on the map with a match against Crystal as well!”

But that’s where the similarities end.

“But just because we gave Crystal a hell of a fight for the World Bombshell Championship it doesn’t mean that we’re on equal footing heading into this match, or to put it another way, before you challenged Crystal you only had one Bombshell Internet Title Reign under your belt, which you beat me to start I might add, but me? Alongside the Bombshell Internet Title, I’ve held the Bombshell Roulette Title once and the Bombshell World Tag Team Titles three times, once as part of Venom and Vice and, more importantly, twice as part of the Metal and Punk Connection with Amy, what this means is that once I win this match I’ll be the latest Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion like I just said and that means that I’m hungrier and more determined to win this match than you, Crystal or Mikah but don’t take my word for it, I’ll let my actions speak louder than words at Inception II!”

Finally, is Mikah!

“I saved Mikah for last for one very good reason, out of the other three Bombshells in this match she’s the one that I have the least amount of history with, I mean really Mikah, how many times have we faced off? I was in that Musical Chairs Battle Royal for the title during the Climax Control Despayre hosted last year but between then and the Chamber of Fate? No interaction, we didn’t even interact during the Chamber of Fate match since you were eliminated before I even entered the match, huh, considering that I said that I was done looking towards the past I sure am referring to it a lot, aren’t I? Doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’ve beaten me twice and as I said we didn’t even interact during the Chamber of Fate, so what’s different this time?”

Do I really need to point this out?

“Ever since your World Bombshell Title Reign was ended by Sam every time you’ve been put in a big match situation you’ve bombed, no put intended, Chamber of Fate? Like I said, you were the first one out, your recent World Bombshell Title Match against Crystal? You put up a good fight but you ultimately fell short and in two weeks’ time I’ll be there to make sure that the streak of you losing in big matches continues, I may have been wrong about you not giving a shit following your loss to Sam but I’m not wrong about this!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“It seems that the powers that be used our recent title matches against Crystal for the basis for this match and considering that Crystal doesn’t even need to be pinned or submitted to lose the title I think it’s safe to say that this is the most trouble she’s been in since she won the title from Sam Marlowe, even with that in mind I’m more focused than ever on my goal of winning the World Bombshell Championship and taking the one title that I’ve yet to hold here in SCW! Mikah, Melody, Crystal, I’m sure you’ll put up a good fight in this match but at the end of the day I’ll be the last Bombshell standing with the World Bombshell Championship! This is the “Heavy Metal Angel” Jessie Salco signing off and in two weeks’ time the third time will definitely be the charm for me!”

I saw Jake talking to a police officer and I walked over to join in as the scene fades.

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2017, 07:14:21 PM »

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Mikah stares up at the ceiling of the gym her and Drake were presently in.  She was lying flat on her back in the middle of a practice ring.  Drake was leaning against a set of the turnbuckles, watching her with an amused look on his face.  She gasps for breath in an overly dramatic way and he shakes his head.

::DRAKE  “Before you say it, you’re not dying.”

Mikah looks over at her husband and gives him the evil eye.  How did he know if she was dying!?  He wasn’t in her body not yet, anyways.  She huffs a bit before moving her body up into a backbend before collapsing once again on the mat.

;;MIKAH  “Yep.  I’m dead.”

::DRAKE  “Not dead.”

He pushes himself off of  the turnbuckles before walking over to his wife, who was still lying flat on her back in the middle of the ring.  He steps over her and into her view, raising an eyebrow at her.  She looks up at him and blinks a few times before pouting her bottom lip out at him.

::DRAKE  “What are you pouting for?”

;;MIKAH  “I’m dead.  What would you say about me at my funeral?”

Drake sighs before sitting down beside his “dead” wife and glances at her.  He raises an eyebrow and she just smiles innocently at him.  He runs a hand through his hair before rubbing his face a bit, clearly thinking as Mikah just stares at him, smiling.

::DRAKE  “Well…I’d first say how big a pain you were.  And definitely a drama queen..”

She gasps in fake horror as she looks at him, watching as he thinks some more.  She places her on her flat stomach, feeling her bare skin under the pads of her fingers.

::DRAKE  “And then I’d say how much you loved to have sex.  I mean, I’d talk about how you’d want to do it all day…and how you were such a screamer…”

She smacks his leg with her hand, scowling at him a bit.  He grins at her before grabbing her hand to stop her from smacking him once more.

::DRAKE  “And then I’d talk about how much you idolized me.  Couldn’t wait to marry me and kept pressuring me and pestering me to pop the question.  And how you couldn’t wait to have my babies…”

;;MIKAH  “Okay, you’re not even allowed to attend my funeral now.  OR even be in the vicinity of it.”

She sticks her tongue out at him and sits up and pulls the hair tie out of her blonde locks, letting them cascade down her back.  He chuckles, watching her do so from behind.

::DRAKE  “Well, it’s a good thing you’re not dying then.”

He moves up behind her and brushes her hair away from the back of her neck and places a kiss on it.  She shudders a bit from the chill the kiss gave her and she glances over her shoulder at him.  He smiles at her before pulling her into him a bit.

;;MIKAH  “You know, it’s a shame that you’re not interested in competing anymore.  We could’ve been a killer tag team.”

Drake smiles and kisses her cheek, letting his lips linger against her skin just for a moment.

::DRAKE  “I thought you hated tag teams…”

She makes a face before looking at him and tilting her head just slightly to the left.  She looks into his beautiful blue eyes before offering a small smile.

;;MIKAH  “I wouldn’t hate teaming with you!  You’re my husband and I love you.”

She leans over and kisses him full on the mouth.  He grins and pulls her in close, his hand sliding around to the back of her neck and under her hair.  What started out as an innocent kiss, was turning more into a small make out session in the middle of the ring.  She moves just so that she could be facing him, without her body being twisted at an awkward angle.  She leans him into him, placing a hand on his side, gripping his shirt in one of her hands.  She squirms a bit, moving to straddle him as he sits crossed legged in the ring.  She wraps her legs around his waist, loosely crossing them behind him.

;;MIKAH  “We’ve almost been married for six months.  Can you believe it?”

::DRAKE  “I told you that I was serious when I asked you to marry me.”

She grins at him, a genuine smile on her face as she bites her bottom lip.  She didn’t like to admit that she was wrong but there were things that she didn’t mind doing in front of Drake.  He reaches out and tucks her blonde locks behind her ears, forcing them out of her face to see it better.

;;MIKAH  “You were right, I was wrong.”

She leans in and kisses him full on the mouth once more.  He laughs against her lips before pulling her even closer, if it was at possible.  He runs a hand through her tangled blonde locks, grabbing a handful of them before letting go and sliding his hands down her back and to the top of the waistband of her wrestling attire bottoms.

::DRAKE  “I love when you tell me that I’m right.”

Mikah rolls her eyes at him before covering his mouth with her hand, grinning at him.  He looks at her and tries to say something but it was muffled.

;;MIKAH  “What’s that babe?  I can’t understand what you’re saying...speak up!”

He gives her a look before trying to speak once again but the sound comes out muffled once again.  She giggles before removing her hand from his mouth and replacing it with her lips, kissing him.  He laughs against her lips before returning the kiss with eager response.  She giggles a little before wrapping her legs a little more tightly around his waist, pulling herself in closer to him.

::DRAKE  “I fucking love you, you know that?”

He pecks her lips with a few more kisses before standing up, carefully as she was still wrapped around him.  She pouts her bottom lip out at him.

;;MIKAH  “What are you doing!?”

::DRAKE  “I’m going to go shower, you’re going to go shower and then we’re going to go get something to eat.”

She grins at him before pecking his lips with a kiss and reluctantly unwrapping her legs from around his waist and placing them on the canvas of the wrestling ring.  She looks into his eyes with a mischievous look on her face and in her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Too bad you can’t shower with me…”

She trails a line on his chest, moving just her eyes to follow the trail of her finger before moving her eyes to look back up at him, a small smirk on her face.

;;MIKAH  “I might get all lonely in there by myself.  With no husband to keep me company…”

She pouts out her bottom lip once more and Drake groans, letting his head fall back a little bit.  It was clearly hard for him to tell her no, especially with an offer like that.

::DRAKE  “That’s not fair, Mikah.  You know I can’t go in the women’s locker room with you.”

;;MIKAH  “Nobody will know.  I won’t tell.”

She shakes her head no to solidify her answer and to try to make him think that she wouldn’t tell anybody.  Drake shakes his head no with a groan and a sigh.

::DRAKE  “Can’t do it, Miks.  My buddy owns this place and I’m not about to be apart of a scandal because my wife likes to cause trouble.”

She sticks her tongue out at him in a childish way before crossing her arms over her chest.

;;MIKAH  “Fi-ine.  No shower sex for you then.”

She turns and stomps off, in a pretend mad like way and he groans, watching as she gets out of the ring to go to the locker room.  It took him a moment to calm himself down before getting out of the ring to go to the men’s locker room before stopping at the women’s, hesitating outside of the locker room door..

::DRAKE  “Fuck it.  Mikah don’t start without me.”

He disappears into the women’s locker room, not hesitating again.  She squeals loudly as she gets ambushed by her husband.


Mikah had let Drake pick the place where they were going to eat.  He had picked one of the top pizza joints in the city and she was doing okay with eating the salad that they’d started out with. Now she was picking at the few pieces of lettuce that was left in the plate-like-bowl.  She looks across the table at him and then offers him a small smile.  Pizza wasn’t really her thing but she knew he liked it and she’d do some things that made him happy.

;;MIKAH  “We should move.”

It was out of the blue and totally unexpected.  It made Drake almost choke on the last bite of his salad.  He looks at her, tilting his head to the side and narrowing his eyes at her.  Almost as if he didn’t believe a word that she had to say.

::DRAKE  “Are you sick?  Do you have a fever?”

He reached over to try to put his hand to her forehead but she frowns at him and bats his hand away from her head, giving him a slightly dirty look.

;;MIKAH  “No, I am not sick, Drake!  I’m serious.  I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and you’ve done the New York thing with me for quite a while…and you do a lot for me.  And marriage is supposed to be about compromise, right?”

He looks at her a bit skeptically and slowly nods his head.  She giggles a bit, knowing that he still wasn’t sure if she was serious.

::DRAKE  “You shouldn’t tease me like that…it’s almost worse than when you tease me between the sheets.”

She wrinkles her nose at him and shrugs her shoulders before crossing her legs underneath the table.  He still just stared at her, almost like a fish out of water and she giggles quietly before shaking her head at him.

;;MIKAH  “Stop looking at me like that, Drake!  I’m serious!”

He just looks at her again, still unsure if she was being serious.

::DRAKE  “But…it’s New York City.  You love New York City.”

She shrugs her shoulders as she leans forward and takes a drink of her water through the straw, keeping her eyes on him for a moment or two.

;;MIKAH  “Yeah, but I love you more.”

She said it as if she said it every day.  And she did tell him that she loved him almost every day but she had never put it in context like she was now.  She never proved to him that she loved him more than she loved a city.  And she knew that he believed that she loved him but she wanted him to be happy too.  And there were schools in Chicago that Leighton could go to.  It wasn’t like she had any real ties to New York City that was keeping her there.  And she knew that MiKayla would follow her, especially since MiKayla loved the way Mikah interacted with Maddox, MiKayla’s son and Mikah’s nephew.

;;MIKAH  “And you’re more important than a silly city.  We can visit anytime we want, it’s not like we’re slacking in the money department.  You’re Drake fucking Green, for Christs sake!”

He smiles and nods his head, agreeing with her words.

::DRAKE  “Yes, I am.”

;;MIKAH  “And it’s not like I don’t have money.”

He nods his head, still looking at her a bit skeptically.  She laughs a bit before nudging his leg with her own.  He smiles finally at her and she grins back.  Maybe this was a step in the right direction.  He just smiles at her before taking a drink of his soda.

::DRAKE  “We should go visit Oak Brook sometime this week.  I really think that you’d like it.”

She offers a half smile as she thinks about other things.  The things that a move this big would require and how to tell Leighton she was uprooting her from school to move to a smaller town.  It was the smaller things that were worrying her; not the bigger things.

;;MIKAH  “You’re just saying that so you get your way.”

She winks at him and he chuckles himself, shrugging his shoulders at his wife.

::DRAKE  “Probably true but that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want to visit Oak Brook.  If we were to have a baby, it’s where we should raise it.  You can’t think that raising a baby in New York City is ideal....”
He wasn’t trying to offend her, not in the slightest but for some reason she felt just a tad bit offended.  She looks at him, trying not to be hurt by his words but they did hurt.  He can sense the change in her mood as she stares at him and she shakes her head a bit.

;;MIKAH  “I raised a baby here, Drake.  I raised Leighton here when I was only nineteen years old.  Christ--her father didn’t know about her and I didn’t know her father!  I raised a baby in New York City!  And now that baby is eleven years old!  It can be done.”

She crosses her arms over her chest in a huff and looks off to the side and away from her husband.  She wasn’t sure why it bugged her so much that he had said something that was so insignificant and something that he obviously didn’t mean any harm by.  He could tell that he’d hurt her feelings or pride in some way and he just looks at her for a moment and opens his mouth to say something but the waitress brings their pizza over and sets it in the middle of the table.

◘◘WAITRESS  “Enjoy.”

The waitress flashes the married couple a smirk before walking away, leaving the two to sit in the awkward space.

::DRAKE  “Babe, I didn’t mean it like that.  Honestly.  Leighton’s a great kid and you did a great job with her.  I’m just saying as a family unit, I really think that Oak Brook would be a great new start.  Together.”

She looks across the table at him, before shrugging her shoulders with a non-committal sort of way.  She wasn’t sure that’s what she thought.

;;MIKAH  “Okay.  We can go to Oak Brook.”

It was all she said to him; the answer short and simple.  And maybe a little tight lipped.  Almost as if she didn’t want to say it.  Drake sighs and shakes his head before grabbing a piece of the pizza and putting it on his plate.  It was as if their dynamic had changed a little bit and he wasn’t sure if it was going to stay that way.  Mikah looks at the pizza and wants to turn her nose up at it but didn’t want to set off any alarms about it either.  She didn’t like eating pizza; too many carbs and too much grease.

::DRAKE  “Come on, babe.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean anything by it, it was a stupid slip of the tongue, that’s all.  It’s not like I said you were a bad mother for choosing to raise Leighton here.  You’re a great mother and an even better wife.  C’mon, you suggested the moving part, not me.”

He was right and Mikah knew he was right but it still didn’t change the fact that her train of thought was now focused on the fact that New York City probably wasn’t the best place to raise a baby.  She couldn’t help it; it’s how her brain was wired.

;;MIKAH  “I know you didn’t mean anything by it.  I’m just thinking, that’s all.”

He watches her before offering her a smile and then taking another bite of his pizza and she takes one small piece and puts it on her plate.  She still wasn’t sure about the pizza with all the grease that the pizza held and the carbs.  But she didn’t want to alert her husband that her eating disorder came and went as it pleased.

::DRAKE  “Don’t over think it, babe.  It’s not a big deal.  You did a great job with Leighton.”

He smiles at her again as he eats his pizza and she shakes her head with a grin.  She knew that Leighton was an exceptionally smart little girl.  But Mikah wondered how much of that actually had to do with her as Leighton’s mother?  She hadn’t been around much but she did take the little girl with her everywhere before she started Kindergarten, so it wasn’t like she was strictly raised in New York City, either.

;;MIKAH  “You know, that’s not really fair, Mr. Green.  You know that I will over think and over think again.  And again.  But it’s not about what you said or that my feelings were hurt; I’m a big girl, and can handle that.  I just was curious about how much of my parenting is actually the reason Leighton is the way she is.  I’m not around a lot, not with this job title so she’s had nannies and babysitter’s galore.  Maybe they’re the reason she’s so grounded and down to Earth.”

She shrugs her shoulders, taking a small miniscule bit of the pizza.

::DRAKE  “No, I think it’s you babe.  She loves you and I know she does.”

She smiles at her husband and tucks her locks behind her ear and looks around the pizza place.  It was pretty crowded for being a pizza place.  She knew that the place had great reviews and a damn perfect rating but she hadn’t expected it to be so busy.

;;MIKAH  “Well, I hope it’s me.  Heaven knows she has about a million reasons to hate me; I’m surprised that she doesn’t yet.”

::DRAKE  “Nah, she won’t hate you.”

He shakes his head in disagreement before glancing across the table at her, a smile playing on his handsome face.  She grins at him and takes another bite of the pizza.  She actually liked pizza, just didn’t like how it set with her sometimes.  She enjoyed all this little dates with her husband and she enjoyed the more bigger dates as well.  She wondered if they’d do something for their six month anniversary.  It was a milestone, after all.

<text align=right> <p align=”Right”> "DINNER IN OAK BROOK."

Mikah and Drake had spent the day in the heart of Oak Brook, Illinois the location of their new home; or more like Mikah and Leighton’s new home.  Mikah had been sure of to look at the schools in the district to ensure that she’d know her options for enrolling Leighton in school when the time came.  And now they were seated at the local restaurant known as Seasons 52.  Mikah pushes around the lettuce in her plate-like-bowl, trying to force herself to eat another bite.  She hadn’t ate much of her salad or the appetizers that they’d ordered.  She glances across the table at her husband and half smiles a bit at him, still trying to process everything that they’d done that day.  

All in one day, she’d looked at his their new house, a few school options, and a lot of moving operations that would have to take place.  And she had a short window of time where she’d have to decide whether she wanted to keep her house in New York City or put it on the market.  She sighs as she thinks about multiple things as she continues to push the lettuce around in the bowl like plate.

;;MIKAH  “It’s a lot to process, you know.  Leighton might throw a fit.  And I--we have to think about the dogs and how to get them here…”

She glances across the table at him and tilts her head to the side, her curled blonde locks falling to that side.  She’d changed into a gold halter top like dress with an open back that was tight and had a short skirt.  On her feet, she’d put on black stiletto pumps.  She bites onto her bottom lip, looking down at the lettuce that was still in the bowl and sighs before pushing it around again, barely eating it.  She grabs her drink and lifts it to her luscious pink lips before taking a sip.  She’d ordered a simple mango tequila sunrise and was just about to finish her third one.

;;MIKAH  “And then there’s the fact that I’d probably never be home.  Like, ever.  Especially if I win.”

She frowns a bit, thinking to herself out loud before taking a deep breath and trying not to overthink it but she most likely would.

;;MIKAH  “How’d you do it when you were in SCW and in movies and the champion?  I mean obviously, you and I weren’t together when you were the champ and I was the champ.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t even like to be near one another at that point.”

She smirks at him, the movement of her lips spreading across her face and her eyes move up to the right, looking up as she recalls some of their past meetings in her mind. He smiles back at her before picking up his scotch and taking a sip.

::DRAKE “Those were fun times.”

He smiles again before leaning back a bit in his chair.

::DRAKE “Traveling is never easy, babe. Especially with Leighton. But … I mean do you want it. The title again?”

She wrinkles her nose and turns her attention back down to her salad, pushing it around in her bowl like plate some more.  Maybe it’d wilt or something if she continued to play with it, she wasn’t sure.  She thinks about the question and what it would take to actually have that happen.  It’d require a lot of work and a lot of dedication.  And dedication to what?  A company that she was ready to leave two months ago to possibly start a family.  Would she get baby fever again?  She wasn’t sure.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know.  Maybe?  But then that’s not fair to you or to Leighton.  I’d be uprooting her from her current school to move here and then poof, I get busy with SCW and the championship scene.  And where does that leave you?  Would you travel with me?  Stay here with Leighton?  Go crazy like I seem to be?!”

Rambling.  She was good at rambling and could most likely out ramble anybody in such a contest.  She takes a deep breath before looking over at Drake and grabbing her drink and finishing off the last few swallows of it.  She glances around, wondering where their waiter was.  She looks to her husband.

;;MIKAH  “Well…?”

She wanted her questions answered but didn’t know if they were even questions that could be or should be answered.

::DRAKE “Well, what? You know I can’t stay home ALL the time. I’ve got to work too. Leighton will be fine. It’s not like either one of us are home very often anyway now.”

He pounds the rest of his scotch and then starts to look around for the waiter too.

::DRAKE “I think you should go for it.”

He waves to the waiter and motions for two more drinks.  She takes a moment to think before shrugging her shoulders and poking at the lettuce once more.

;;MIKAH  “Maybe.  It’d make sense for me to try for it seeing as almost a year ago is when I lost it.  Well, in a month or so.”

She makes a face at that memory that seems to resurface in her mind.  She sets the fork down, glancing at Drake again before looking at the salad that couldn’t even be considered half eaten or even a third of it gone.  She presses her lips together, rubbing them together for a few seconds.

;;MIKAH  “And I know if I do win, it’s going to be hard for me to drop it so easily.  I’ll have to be the one to break my old record because well, I’m me.”

She chuckles at her own remarks for a second before grabbing the drink from the waiter and flashing him a smile and taking a sip of the alcoholic beverage.  She sets the glass down and re-crosses her legs underneath the table.  She shivers a bit due to the sudden change in position and due to the backlessness of her dress.

;;MIKAH  “Maybe I worry too much but I can only imagine how pissed off Leighton is going to be.  Her whole life has been in New York City.”

She hesitates, pausing.  Leighton hadn’t known life outside of the city and Oak Brook was definitely smaller than the Big Apple.  Leighton didn’t even know that her grandparents lived in Seattle; she barely knew that Mikah had grown up in Seattle, that’s how much Mikah didn’t talk about her childhood.

;;MIKAH  “You can tell me I’m crazy.  I’m okay with being called crazy; I’ve been called worse.  Come to think of it…”
She laughs a bit to herself, stirring her drink with the black straw.

;;MIKAH  “About a year ago now, I was causing the other idiots I work with to go on strike because they couldn’t beat me.  Ironic, isn’t it?”

She rolls her eyes at the thought. He leans in across the table and whispers.

::DRAKE “Can I tell you a secret?”

She nods.

::DRAKE “Leigh already told me she wants to move here.”

He leans back in his chair with a wide smile, picks up his scotch and raises his glass to her as if he was going to cheers her.

::DRAKE “And I don’t think you’re crazy, babe. I just think you’re really sexy in black heels.”

He smiles widely as he takes a long drink of his aged scotch.  She looks down, tilting her head to cause her hair to fall to cover her flushed cheeks.  They’d almost been married for six months and she still tried to hide the blush from him.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t think being sexy is going to get me that win next Sunday.  I’m sure it will be hard enough getting that win being married to you, if Hot Stuff Mark Ward has his way.”

She makes a sour face before shrugging it off, as if it wasn’t such a big deal.  She pushes the plate to the side, deciding not to even attempt to eat anymore of the lettuce that was left.  What was the point?  She grabs her drink once more and takes a long drink of it.

;;MIKAH “How are you liking married life, by the way?  I mean, this is out of your norm.  I’m not sure what you used to do in relationships and all, but married life wasn’t one of them.  Right?”

She looks at him, winding a lock of her blonde hair around her index finger.  She really didn’t know much about his history; just that he’d been with some girls that Mikah didn’t care for.

:::DRAKE “Umm good I guess. I mean the whole open marriage thing kind of helps….”

She raises an eyebrow at him before leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest, giving him a look.  She was trying to gauge just how serious he was and how she could play it off.

;;MIKAH  “Sure.  I’m sure it does.  I mean, I’m usually in bum fuck nowhere with a lot of attractive wrestlers around me.  Like that Ryan Keys.  He sure does like to walk around shirtless…”

She smirks a bit, before fiddling with her dress a bit, her eyes focused down on the hem of her dress before looking up at him, a smirk on her face and a mischievous look in her eyes.

::DRAKE “That guy? Please…”

He smirks back at her.

::DRAKE “But to answer your question….married life is great.”

She smiles before shrugging her shoulders, eyeing him a bit.

;;MIKAH  “What?  He looks like he could be fun…”

She winks at her husband before tucking her hair behind her ear and then sitting up straight.  She looks around the semi-crowded restaurant before looking at Drake again.

;;MIKAH  “You know, there are still people out there that believe you to be….what’s the proper word most of them use?”

She thinks for a moment, tapping her finger to her lips a few times before looking across the table at him.

;;MIKAH  “A cheating asshole?  I’m not sure that’s the term they use because I just laugh at them.  But does it feel good to prove them wrong so I--we can laugh in their hideous faces?”

She couldn’t help it; sometimes she wasn’t very nice and some people just brought that out in her.  He clearly didn’t bring that side out in her; she was much nicer to him than she was anybody else excluding Leighton.

::DRAKE “I don’t worry too much about proving anyone anything. And to be honest, you shouldn’t either. Who cares what they think. Personally I just want to go back to our house, start the fire, and have some more scotch.”

She frowns a little at him, furrowing her brows together a little bit.  She obviously cared but she had to work with those people that were always so doubtful of her and Drake’s relationship.

;;MIKAH  “That’s easy for you to say, Drake.  You don’t have to see those people anymore.  I have to see them on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis!”

She pouts her bottom lip out a bit.  She didn’t mind some of the people she worked with; most of them stayed out of her way but it was the usual people who continued to throw Drake’s past in her face that drove her almost to the brink of murder.

;;MIKAH  “But fiii-ne.  We can go back to your house…”
She grabs her navy blue petticoat that went to her mid thigh and had pink tulle underlay. Drake stands up, dropping a couple of $100 ills on the table as he does, and smiles at her. He walks around the table and helps her put her coat on.

::DRAKE “I can if you want me to be.

;;MIKAH  “You can what, babe?”

She slips the coat on easily and then glances down and buttons the buttons, securing them in place before grabbing her purse and then looking around.  She frowns a bit, seeing some of the people staring at her and then mostly at him.

;;MIKAH  “They need to learn how to…”

She pauses to speak louder.

;;MIKAH  “TAKE a picture.”

She shoots the couple that was staring at them a look before smiling at her husband.  Maybe it was still something she wasn’t used to.  She was used to anonymity that she’d had in New York City, even though she had been successful in the wrestling world for a while now. Drake shoots her a look before pulling her in tight and smiling at the couple.

::DRAKE “Come on join us, the waiter can take that picture.”

The couple scurries over and poses for a quick picture, thanking Drake and Mikah afterwards. As they walk away Drake whispers in his wife’s ear.

::DRAKE “Next time don’t be such a bitch….”

She shoots him a look.

::DRAKE “And what I meant was if you want I can travel with you for a bit. I don’t have to work until August it looks like…”

Mikah scowls in the couple’s direction, who were already sat back down and talking about that photo opportunity.  She gives Drake the same look before crossing her arms over her chest, trying her best not to pout but it was a struggle not to act that way.

;;MIKAH  “They shouldn’t be staring.  Don’t they know that a picture lasts longer?”

She sticks her tongue out at her husband in a childish manner before pulling at the sleeves of her jacket and then looking at him.

;;MIKAH  “What’s in August?  Another movie with Melody Grace?”

She didn’t sound bitter about it or even mad, more on the curious side.  Although, if it had been true or what was going to happen, she may just blow a gasket.

::DRAKE “You know you can make your jealousy less obvious. But, no. Not with Melody Grace. Some Russian spy movie I guess.   Three months in Moscow should be fun.”

She looks at him as they walk out of the restaurant and into the chilly winter Illinois air.  She gives him another look, trying to not snap at him or get angry about it.

;;MIKAH  “Not jealous of Melody Grace.  If I was jealous of Melody Grace, you’d be insinuating that I’m jealous of the fact that she gets to…”

She hesitates for a moment, wondering if she wanted to go that far or not.  She hems and haws in her mind, thinking of a more polite way to say it.  Fuck it, she thinks.

;;MIKAH  “Be underneath JDoubleH.”

She makes a face and thinks for a moment if that’s what she wanted to say but decides it was proper enough before glancing at her husband.

;;MIKAH  “And three fucking months in Moscow?!  What the hell am I supposed to do then?  Entertain Ryan Keys?”

She didn’t mean it but she wasn’t sure what she was going to do in Moscow, either.

::DRAKE “Make sure you tell Ryan hello for me.”

As they get to his BMW sedan he rubs her by the waist and then playfully pushes her up against the car. He pulls up her collar to keep her warm before brushing some of her platinum hair out of her face.

::DRAKE “How about for the next nine hours you forget about this nonsense J2Hism bullshit, drop the Miks act, and me and Mikah get to have some fun?”

She takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes before smiling a bit warmly at her husband.

;;MIKAH  “I thought Miks and Mikah were the same person?  Actually, I thought Miks was a little more nicer than Mikah.  But that’s just me.  And maybe you should let me drive.  How many scotches did you have?”

She raises an eyebrow at him before trailing her fingers along the lapel of his jacket, her eyes following her fingers for a moment before she flicks her eyes up to look at him.  She slides her other hand to his left side, where she was sure that he kept his car keys.  She leans into him, making her body just barely brush against his as she puts her lips to his ear.

;;MIKAH  “And I don’t want Ryan.”
She moves back after whispering, to look into his eyes.  That look of lust written in her eyes as she stands there, between her husband and the body of his BMW sedan.  She leans back against the vehicle, her eyes still on Drake, bringing the right corner of her bottom lip in between her teeth, biting it in a sort of seductive way as she slides her right hand into his left pocket, to search for the keys but as she does…


...Drake hits the unlock button after pulling the keys out of his right pocket.

::DRAKE “Nice try.”

He steps back a bit and then opens the door for her.

::DRAKE “My lady…”

She smirks as he opens the door and she runs her top teeth along the right side of her bottom lip, looking at him.  She leans in her lips once again just mere inches from his ear to whisper..

;;MIKAH  “Maybe I was looking for something else.  Something much….”
She bites on her bottom lip before kissing the place on the side his head by his ear.

;;MIKAH  “Bigger.”

She winks at him before climbing into the passenger’s seat, while running a hand through her tousled locks.  She blows him a kiss and puts her seatbelt on and then tugging at the short skirt that almost threatened to show her panties.

<text align=right> <p align=”Right”> "THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON."

Mikah was sitting in the chair next to Jimmy Fallon’s desk and was wearing a purple strapless dress that was tight and short, the usual style.  On her feet are silver glittered stiletto heels.  She laughs a little as her and Jimmy talk during a commercial break.  She smiles at Jimmy before she straightens up as somebody calls out five seconds.  The camera zooms in on Jimmy.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON Fallon  “Welcome back!  We’re here with our favorite SCW Bombshell Mikah!  Please welcome Mikah to the show!”

The audience cheers and she smiles before waving at them and then crossing her legs and placing her hands in her lap.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON Fallon  “How many times have you been on the show?  It seems like you and I becoming fast friends.”

Mikah chuckles and shrugs her shoulders.
;;MIKAH  “I think this makes three.  Fast friends, indeed.  It’s like the only late night talk show I go to.”

She just shrugs her shoulders again before smiling at the audience.  She didn’t like the audience but she was still trying to play it half way nice.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Well, we’re glad to have you here!”

She smiles at him with a grin on her face. She may not have liked a lot of people but for some reason she found Jimmy charming and likeable.  Or maybe it was because she was married to Drake Green and he’d changed parts of her.  She wasn’t quite sure.

;;MIKAH  “I’m glad to be here, actually.”

Jimmy gives her a slightly confused look before glancing at the audience with a bemused look upon his face.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Actually?!  Like opposed to not actually liking it?”

Mikah chuckles a little bit.

;;MIKAH  “Well, there are some people that I absolutely do not like!  And only go on the show to promote the event that SCW is putting on and my match.  But I actually like coming on your show.”

Jimmy places a hand over his heart and taps it a few times.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “I’m touched.  Really, I’m touched.”

Mikah rolls her eyes at him and crosses her legs again, getting a little more comfortable in the chair next to his desk.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “So tell us, Mikah.  What show does Sin City Wrestling have coming up soon?  Because we all know you only visit me when you have something to prepare for.”

She rolls her eyes at him before pushing her pin-straight hair behind her ears.  She knew what he was saying was completely true.  But why else would she have to visit him for?  She wasn’t a movie star and didn’t sing.  She wrestled and that was all.

;;MIKAH  “Well, Jimmy.  Since you’re obviously so interested in what I’m doing next Sunday on January 22, 2017…”

He laughs a bit as she smirks a bit too arrogantly.  She tugs at the top of her strapless dress and pulls it up a bt.  She loved wearing strapless dresses; hated always fumbling with the top.

;;MIKAH  “You and anybody else who wants to come, can drag your asses to Las Vegas to see Sin City Wrestling put on one hell of a wrestling show at Inception II!  It’ll be an event for the entire family!  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll be a blast!  Oh and you get to see me star in the main event.  No big deal.”

She just nonchalantly shrugs her shoulders, a smirk growing on her pretty face.  She laughs a bit as Jimmy grins at her and drums his hands on the desk for a moment or so.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “You just slid that in there man!  That was smooth!”

She laughs at his words for a second.

;;MIKAH  “Yeah, well I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to come see me in the main event.  It’s going to be the best match on the show.  Hands down.”

She didn’t even boast about thinking she was going to win because she didn’t know.  She just knew the four of them that were in the match would put on a stellar match.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Who are you up against this time?”

;;MIKAH  “Three other women.  Three, Jimmy.  Not just one, three!”

She holds up three fingers and then leans back against the chair.  It was going to be a challenge and whoever won was going to have to really, really do something drastic to get the win.  All of the girls in the match felt they had something to prove.

;;MIKAH  “It’s me versus Crystal Millar versus Melody Grace versus Jessie Salco.  And it’s for Crystal Millar’s Bombshell Championship.  This is the match that could potentially set the tone of the New Year you know.”

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “You’re right, it could.”

Mikah nods her head and takes a deep breath as if to calm her nerves.

;;MIKAH  “I’d love to say that I’m not nervous about the outcome but let’s be honest Jimmy, I’m a wreck. One minute I really, really want the championship and the next minute, I’m saying screw it.  I’m going to retire and make babies with my husband.  It’s a very complex feeling sometimes!”

Jimmy laughs, tilting his head back as he did so.  Mikah had an amused smile on her pretty face.  She watches him in adoration for a moment or two before uncrossing her legs and crossing the other one over the top of the other.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Man, you really don’t know what to do!  But I must say, you and your husband would make gorgeous babies.  I mean look at this man!”

Mikah has a worried look on her face as Jimmy brings out a framed picture of her husband, Drake Green and holds it up on his desk.  She smiles at the sight of him and she looks at the picture, adoringly.

;;MIKAH  “He is pretty good looking.  I’d fuck him.”

The censors bleep out the cuss word and Jimmy about dies laughing.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “You can’t say that!”

She just shrugs her shoulders, confidently as he still laughs.

;;MIKAH  “It’s true.  I do it on a nightly basis, sometimes during the day too.”

She winks at the camera as Jimmy shakes his head, trying not to die laughing.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Oh my.  People are going to have a field day with that!  Tell me more about your opponents.  I can’t remember who you were facing the last time you were here.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “To be honest, I don’t remember either.  It’s been so long!”

He nods his head in agreement, a mock sad face on his own face as she thinks for a moment, looking out into the audience.

;;MIKAH  “Well, I’m sure you already know a little bit about Cyrstal Millar.  She’s the current Bombshell Champion and she’s been pretty impressive.  She’s even beat me once now!”

She lets her jaw drop open in mock surprise and Jimmy gasps for a dramatic effect.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “No she didn’t!?”

Mikah nods her head.

;;MIKAH  “She did.  It was a great match but she was better that night.  But I hope she doesn’t expect this match to go in her favor this time.  There’s three of us this time and there’s more of a chance that she won’t go home with the championship in her grasp.  Maybe I’m wrong but the chances are higher that she doesn’t go home with the belt.  And I like those odds.”

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Tell me about Melody Grace; her Twitter looks interesting.”

Mikah makes a face.  She goes back and forth with how she feels about Melody.

;;MIKAH  “Ugh.  Really, Jimmy?  We had to go to her next?!”

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “What!?  It was an honest question!”

He raises his hands up, feigning innocence.  She gives him a look and rolls her eyes at him a little bit.

;;MIKAH  “Melody Grace is…a fantastic competitor in the ring.  I just…don’t feel that she’s ready for the championship belt.  Maybe I’m wrong and maybe she will win but she just doesn’t seem ready.  And I even half way like her most days!  Especially on the days when I’m not reminded that she starred in a movie with my husband.  That’s what really trips my trigger so to speak.  And I know that it was just a movie and acting and so on.  But still, I wouldn’t be human if I was completely with okay about it.  And plus, her subtweets about me when I would just tweet to J2H make me roll my eyes.  It’s not like I was hanging out with him every other day.”

She takes a deep breath.

;;MIKAH  “And I could be wrong but it just seems all weird that when I’d send a tweet to J2H about something stupid or who knows what, she’d post a tweet either a minute or two later that was her rolling her eyes or saying something about it.  Of course, it’s all cryptic because she didn’t tag me in the tweets.  SO she could just say I’m going on my own opinion.  Which is true, this is my opinion.  It’s not a fact as I don’t have anything to really base it on except my own intuition.”

She lets another shrug roll off of her shoulders.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “What’s with the duck?”

Mikah takes a deep breath and then slowly lets it out.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know.  She has a pet duck that used to show up to the events.  I don’t think it has recently but then again, I don’t pay attention to the duck.”

She rolls her eyes a bit before looking over at Jimmy.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Okay, now Jessie Salco…”

;;MIKAH  “Right.  The chick that’s gotten way too many shots at the championship that doesn’t deserve them.  I mean, oops.  Did I say that outloud?”

She glares and rolls her eyes.  She didn’t know why it bugged her so much, but for some reason it did.  It bugged her a lot.  She hadn’t ever asked for a championship shot.  And if she had, she’d been joking.  She just liked to do whatever it was she was booked in and that was that.

;;MIKAH  “This girl--woman has some balls, I will give her that.  She had the guts to walk into Hot Stuff Mark Ward’s office and demand a championship shot.  And it was given to her, just like that at the last Super Card!  It’s just crazy to me that it happens like that for her.  I never asked for a championship shot or demanded one.  And if I did, it wasn’t serious at all.  It was me mocking her or any other person who demanded one because I found it funny.  And I’ve beat her before.  Actually, I beat her a few weeks ago in the triple threat match that I had with her and Sam Marlowe.  I’ve beat all of these women that I’m booked against.  And only Melody and Crystal hold a win over me.”

She holds her index finger up to indicate one.

;;MIKAH  “Just one win.  Just one.”

She smirks a little, letting the gesture spread across her face.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Man, this match seems like it could steal the show.”

;;MIKAH  “I’m in the match, of course it’s going to steal the show.”

He nods his head, quick to agree with the bombshell.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Tell me about J2Hism…”
She grins and looks at him, an amused look in her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Ah, yes.  That.  Well, J2H has had quite the year, hasn’t he?  I mean he’s held the championship for a year now and I want that success.  I want the championship and I want to hold it for a year.  That’s my goal if I win next Sunday.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that I hold it for a year, if I get it.  Hell hath no fury like a woman on a warpath.  Or something like that.”

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “I’m not sure that’s how the saying goes but it works.”

He nods his head and shuffles some of the cards on his desk.  She looks at him and raises an eyebrow in his general direction.

;;MIKAH  “I’m serious, Jimmy.  I can’t remember if I was on your show when I was champion last but I’m pretty damned determined as the champion.  It was hard for anybody to beat me when I was the champion.  And I will have that same attitude if I win it again.  It’s going to be hard for anybody to beat me again.  People will start rioting again.”

She smiles at him before brushing her bangs out of her face.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “What do you think your opponents are going to bring to the ring with them?”

She gives him a funny look, raising an eyebrow at him.

;;MIKAH  “Jimmy, it’s a wrestling match.  It’s not a slumber party.”

He laughs before tipping himself back just a it in his own chair.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “No, no no!  I mean, what do you think they’re going to try to do to win the match?  I mean obviously none of them are slacking in the talent department or they wouldn’t have gotten this match.”#

;;MIKAH  “Oh so you’re saying that Jessie Salco didn’t suck Mark Ward’s dick?”

Jimmy about chokes on his own spit in laughter and at Mikah’s bluntness.  She just smirks, unphased by her own little remark.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Wha-at?!”

;;MIKAH  “Well, why else does she get  a lot of opportunities?!  I know she can come back and say that I’ve had a lot of opportunities too but I didn’t ask for them!  I was just given them.  And sure, she can say that she was just given this opportunity but please, none of us in the match are stupid.  And I’m pretty sure that she was one of those bitches that believed that I slept with Mark Ward to hold the championship as long as I did.  Maybe not but I’m sure she was in that cluster of women who believed that.  But sheep will believe anything they’re told.”

An arrogant smile crosses her face for a moment.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “Did you just call her a sheep?!”

Mikah nods her head.

;;MIKAH  “And Cyrstal too.  Celeste North had Crystal and Natalie McKinley believing all sorts of lies last year at this time.  She had them all worked up because I liked to have a little fun backstage.  I’ll admit, I may have had a little bit of a drinking problem last year but it was nothing major.  I knew not to drink when I had a match and I didn’t drink on those nights either.  But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t stir the pot a little bit.”

She grins and bites her bottom lip.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “What does that mean?!  What did you do?”

;;MIKAH  “Well…I can’t remember who I was facing but I purposely tweeted a picture of a bottle of tequila and a shot glass just to stir them up and provoke them into going on strike a little more.  It might not have been a nice thing to do but it proved that they’re sheep.  They’ll believe anything you put on Twitter; whether it’s true or not.”

She grins at Jimmy.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “You and Crystal have been on friendly terms as of late, why?  And do you see this match changing that?”

Once again, she shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “I like Crystal.  I think she’s a better person than what she was a year or so ago and 2016 was her year, I’ll give her that.  And I’m hoping that she and I can stay on friendly terms after the match, no matter what the outcome is.  And I hope she’s professional to realize that come next Sunday, it’s not personal, it’s just business.  I’d throw my best friend down to win if I had to and he’s dead.”

She just had a serious look on her face, almost a deadpan look.  She meant it and she didn’t care if it sounded horrible.

ƒƒJIMMY FALLON  “That’s kind of vicious.”

;;MIKAH  “Maybe a little but you do what you have to do to get what you want in this business, Jimmy.  It’s not like I said I’d kill to win.  But let’s be honest, if it wasn’t illegal, I’d probably do that too.”

She chuckles a bit before shrugging her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “This business isn’t for the weak hearted or the thin-skinned people eith

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2017, 10:27:28 PM »
 Hello, hola, hi, g’day how are you all? I hope you are all fabulous and have had a great week this week. I know that it has been a roller-coaster of a week for me, but you will all see what I’m talking about shortly. Now usually I take this part of my promotional to talk a little crazy with you, however, with the magnitude… Haha I said a big word. Anyways with the magnitude of my upcoming match at Inception II that I would take this time into getting straight to the point and well you’ll see why… just know that I love you all and I thank God, every day when I wake up knowing that I have you all in my life.

Now let’s get this started…

Well the Year 2017 did not start off the way that I would have liked and for that my Melephants I am truly sorry. You guys put your faith in me, you believed in me and last Sunday night at Climax Control I let you all down, in the height of our careers together I dropped the ball. I can’t even put the right words together to say how sorry I am but just know from the bottom of my broken heart that I am sorry, truly sorry and I wished things could have ended differently for us that night.

Today should have been a celebration, this week should have been a week filled with nonstop parties but for us it’s not. Today we must band back together and start working on our next chapter. What’s in our next chapter you ask? Well we have two weeks to regroup and work together in making sure we don’t slip up in two weeks’ time at Inception II. When I say, we don’t slip up I mean, we hope that I don’t slip up because let’s face it throughout my whole career coming up from a simple fan girl to the wrestler that I am today… you guys have never doubted me. You have never left me and you have always had my back. It’s about time I repay you all for your dedication, love and devotion to the Melody brand by bringing home the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championship.

Last week I was nervous, I couldn’t focus and I didn’t know that I was capable of. I froze and that lead to Crystal running all over me and that is a feeling I never want to feel again. Trust me when I say this, last week was the wakeup call I needed. When life sends you, an important wakeup call it’s imperative that you answer the call and believe me, life only had to hit up my phone and within two rings I picked up the call and life and I had a little heart to heart about what’s right and what’s wrong… what needs to be forgotten and what needs to be done.

What needs to be done you ask?

Well over the next two weeks I have the time to rebuild, to refocus and regain my confidence so that when I come face to face with Mikah, Jessie Salco and Crystal Millar I will have no excuses. I will have no reasons to doubt myself, I will just be filled with confidence… but not over confidence because well I don’t want to end up looking or sounding like Crystal… I mean if anything I just want that shiny championship that’s currently around her waist. So together we will unite and this time round we will make sure that Crystal is left flat on her back on the canvas, looking up at the ceiling counting all the lights.

It’s a big call to say that, but I trust that we have the power to overcome her so together we will fight until we do so.

To be honest I’m surprised that I’m in this match considering I did just lose to the champion, I thought for sure that Mark Hot Stuff Ward and Christian Underwood would send me to the back of the line and make me work my way back up. However, they have blessed me with a second chance, a chance that I don’t plan on having slip out of my fingers once more.

I will go into Inception II more alert, more driven and I will make sure I put on one hell of a show because my believers deserve it. My Melephants deserve it and well because a part of me feels like this could be my time to do something big, to do something great and that’s finally being able to lead the Sin City Wrestling Women’s division. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was the crazy fan girl backstage making a mess or as I like to call it running riot with Despy, it’s been a goal of mine since I started training in secret with Derek Thorne and I’ll be devastated if this isn’t something I accomplish before my wrestling career comes to an end.

I need this, not just for myself but I need this for my Melephants so mark my words, if I don’t win the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championship at Inception II you can bet your last dollar that I won’t stop until I do. It’s only a matter of time before it will be my time… it’s only a matter of time before it will be our time… and well I truly believe that time is now. Last week was a reminder of how good you must be to be the best and now since I know what it’s like, have confidence in me when I say this I know I have the tools to be able to pull this off.

So, let the two weeks’ preparation begin and well let’s all join together by making sure that Crystal Millar doesn’t walk out of Inception II as the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion. We need to walk out as Champions. So, every drop of my blood, every bead of my sweat and the tears that roll down my face this fortnight will be for you… it will be for us.

Remember you deserve this and that I love you all, my Melephants.


Sunday night; Failure.

After the bell rang and Crystal was declared the winner AND STILL Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion, Melody watched as she jumped up and claimed her victory. Never in a million years did she think that Crystal would help her back up to her feet nor did she believe it when they two embraced in the middle of the ring showing one another respect. Melody didn’t want to cramp Crystal’s style or impose on her winning moment so with a friendly raise of the champions’ hand she quickly rolled out of the ring and headed towards the backstage area.

Melody managed to make the long walk backstage still smiling at her fans but they could tell by the look on her face that she was in pain, not physical pain but emotional pain. Although crying in public wasn’t Melody’s style anymore since she had started to mature so she just bit down on her plump bottom lip, waved to her fans once more before slipping back behind the black curtains in the gorilla position.

That’s when her eyes fell into his. James was standing waiting for her to walk out and backstage, he wasn’t alone as Simpson was standing a few steps back. However, this wasn’t one of those magic of TV moments this was a real raw moment between James and Melody that only a few really got to see. James handed his title back off the Simpson behind him so his body guard could hold it while he walked towards Melody eating the distance up between them with an urgency. He needed her to be in his arms and he needed her to be there now. Once he was close enough he held onto his petite blonde girlfriend hugging her softly. His right hand went up to her hair that he stroked out of her face while his left hand cradled her back. He didn’t want to let her go, he knew how much she loved winning but he also knew how much she hated losing. Not because she was a bad loser, she was just the type of girl who took to them way too personally. Pulling away from him Melody just looked at her boyfriend and faked a smile she wanted him to know that she was okay but James knew she was hiding her emotions from him.  Melody wiggled her body free from James before her gaze dropped down to the floor. She was hot, sweaty and was cranky at herself and James knew it.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Melody babe, come here. You did amazing out there. You held your own against Crystal.

He once again grabbed onto his girl and held onto her for dear life. James didn’t want to let her go because he knew what she was going inside her mind. He knew that she was ripping herself to pieces and that was enough to damn near kill him knowing that she was torturing herself internally while pretending that everything was okay on the outside.

Melody: But, I… I… I didn’t win.

Her voice was soft almost a whisper, but her words were crystal clear she was punishing herself not even five minutes after her match and she was ripping herself to shreds James knew it was now or never when it came to helping Melody see the light. He had to make this right or he knew the next two weeks would be absolute heartbreak at home.  

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Sometimes you don’t get what you want the first time you go for it babe, nevertheless you were amazing out there. Do you know how tough you looked? Babe, they loved you.

He kissed the top of her head before he drew his head back from hers so he could stare into her eyes. Melody broke the hug once more but it wasn’t because she wanted to be away from him, she just felt sweaty and gross. James almost reading her mind brought his right hand up to the bottom of her chin tilting it up so she couldn’t look at the floor as she spoke.

Melody: I let them down James, I said I would win the Championship for them and now look at me… I lied to them. I’m a liar. They deserve so much more than me, they deserve someone better like Sammi. I failed them.

Melody tried to drop her head to look at the floor once more but James stopped her he wasn’t going to allow her to kick at herself while she was down.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Melody, come on. The fans love you, they weren’t disappointed at you they were disappointed for you there is a difference. They would never turn their backs on you, trust me you’re like everyone’s favourite one loss isn’t going to change that.

She sighed before she looked towards him, her right hand found his as she looped her fingers with his. James looked down at their hands and smiled, maybe she wasn’t going down that dark spiral that he was used to when she lost? Maybe he had rubbed off on her in a good way when it came to these dark moments in time?

Melody: I just feel like I betrayed them.

Those words cut through Melody like a knife, if anything throughout her whole career all she had ever wanted to do was put on a good show for her fans and lead them somewhere great but now she felt like she had promised them the world but only showed up with an atlas. James pushed a strand of her blonde hair out of Melody’s face and placed it behind her ear, stealing her attention once again.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Did you lose on purpose?

The young blonde screwed up her nose she didn’t understand James question, she didn’t lose on purpose she didn’t know why he would even ask that especially after she had given it her all out there.

Melody: No, I guess?

Biting down on the bottom lip she hoped that was the right answer because his question was all sorts of confusing. She was thinking that he thought she didn’t do her best, she was also thinking that he thought she had just given up and let Crystal beat her. All these thoughts were running through her mind and she couldn’t stop them, only the sound of James’ voice pulled her back into the land of the living.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> What do you mean you guess?

He was glaring at her, confused by her answer. Did she just give up out there? Did she feel outmatched did she think she wasn’t good enough? All this and more were plaguing him.  

Melody: No, I didn’t lose on purpose but I should have put more effort in, I should have trained more, I should have been more focused… I should have taken it to Crystal. I don’t know James it’s hard to explain. All I know is that I let them down and I don’t think I can forgive myself for that. They believed in me… now what?

She went to pull her hand away from his but James wasn’t going to allow that as he held onto Melody’s hand for dear life hoping that she would stay where she was. Once she felt James resisting to let go of her hand Melody stopped but she did sigh showing him that she was getting testy about this subject and it was starting to annoy her. James just licked his lips and took a moment to reply making sure he had his wording right as he didn’t want to set Melody off and cause her anymore disappointment for tonight.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Step one is to stop over thinking this babe, your fans will still love you, they will always love you. You could go out there and call them a bunch of idiots and they would still clap. Step two is what do you always tell me? Get knocked down seven times but stand up eight? Do you know how many times I was knocked down? Do you know how many times I left the people of SCW down and now look at me the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in SCW history.

James had a confident smile on his face, it was an odd time to be smiling while his girlfriend was standing before him upset but Melody just looked up at him and she smiled back. A true smile, I mean it was a small smile but it was something.

Melody: But you’re the best in your field babe, I’m just… well I’m obviously, not as good as I thought.

Her smile faded as she spoke to reflect her wording, she was proud of James but right now she couldn’t be proud of herself it would take a while for her to get that feeling back. Melody used her free left hand to rub the base of her neck feeling a small bunch of knots forming from stress and the face that she had wrestled without stretching it.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You need to knock this self-doubt bullshit on the head Mel. You’re the best Sin City Wrestling has so start believing it.

Without any warning, he pulled Melody in towards him hugging her again while keeping their hands that were linked together that way. He wanted nothing more than to wash these doubts away and he wanted to do it instantly. However, he knew his Melody and he knew that it would take some time for her to forgive herself.

Melody: You have to say that.

Her tongue was poking out the side of her mouth as she narrowed her eyes at him, she honestly thought he was just saying what she wanted to hear. James however, meant every single word that he said to Melody after all she was the love of his life, the woman he would be up front with until their end of days he saw no reason to lie.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I don’t have to say shit, I tell it like it is. I call it how I see it. You know that… now please stop dwelling over this Melody… you will get another chance and when you do you will win the Championship and you will dominate this division. Trust me babe, I can feel it.

He positioned himself so now he was standing beside her with his right arm draped over her shoulders, all the while her hand was still holding his as he tried to guide he away from the gorilla position. After all the show was over and any minute now Crystal was going to walk through the black curtains to the left of them and he didn’t want Melody to see her with the championship, that would well and truly put her back down in the dumps.

Melody: I just…

As she started to voice her concern James lead her away from the gorilla position and down the hallway towards their shared locker room. Simpson was a few steps behind them but he never said a single word, however he was very impressed with how James was handling this he was proud on how far his boy had come since becoming World Champion and Melody’s boyfriend.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Stop, you just, nothing… come here. You’re one of the greatest I and the SCW world has ever seen. This one loss isn’t going to ruin that. We all lose at times it’s part of life… now quit talking as if you’re giving up because I won’t let you… they won’t let you… and you know deep down this will just light that fire in our stomach to do even better next time.

He placed his free hand on her stomach, making Melody squirm a little as she was ticklish. The blonde held back her giggles as she looked to her side looking directly into James eyes.

Melody: That’s if there’s even a next time.

She was being bitter again but he understood why she was being that way but he knew she would get another chance. In fact, he knew she would get another shot at Inception II he just didn’t want to tell her right now as he knew she wouldn’t handle it and would just instantly shut down the idea of competing so she didn’t “let her fans down”

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> There will be babe, trust me. Now can we get out of here? I want to take you somewhere… I want to show you something.

He was trying to change her mind, trying to distract her from her loss and he wanted to cheer her up. Melody just looked at him with her sad defeated eyes and titled her head to the side.

Melody: Where are we going?

She wasn’t in the mood for going out and she thought he would know that but she didn’t know what he was up to. James just looked at her, his eyebrows coming together as her questioned her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Does it matter? It’s a surprise.

He never could understand why Melody was always like “Surprise me” but when he was going to surprise her she would always be like “where are we going? What are we doing?” it was a female thing, that’s the only option he could put his finger on when it came to understanding her.

Melody: Jam I’m not in the mood for any surprises.

James just pulled her towards him, so she was right up under his shoulder and gave her a squeeze, he was going to get her out of this mood and he was going to do it with distraction. He knew that after a long hot shower, dinner and his surprise that Melody would wake up feeling brand new and she would be fully focused on the task at hand, that task being preparing for her match at Inception II. While Melody was looking at James with a stern look across hers, James just cocked his mouth up to the left as he smirked down at her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Oh, well if that’s the case I’ll tell Niall Horan to just fly home then?

He let go of her and started to head off down the back-corridor He couldn’t see Melody’s face but he held three fingers up, before he dropped one to show just two, before the two fingers turned to one before finally he wasn’t holding up any fingers and what he had just said to Melody had just registered.


She was bouncing up and down as she bounced her way towards him, she had a spring in herself as she caught up with him. Melody ducked herself under James arm and she forced him to drape his arm over her shoulders as she looked up at him with a smile plastered on her face from ear to ear. Her mood complete changed as she forgot about what just happened in her match as she thought about meeting her favourite singer of the moment.

The look of hope in her eyes slowly faded as the smile on James face went from pure to evil, he was toying with her and now she knew it. However, she wasn’t mad at him she couldn’t be mad at him after all he had just helped erase some of her fears. James held onto Melody tightly before he pressed his lips onto the top of her forehead kissing her gently before he pulled away from her with his cheeky smile on his face.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Sadly, for you I’m joking, but I can promise you it will be worth it. Now go get showered and changed… we have somewhere to be.

James didn’t give Melody a chance to say anything as he pressed his lips against her firmly and the two shared a small kiss backstage. It wasn’t a played up for the cameras kiss it was a real kiss that James so gently let deepen as he didn’t want to startle his girl after her emotional roller-coaster night. Melody’s hands came up to the sides of James face as she held him softly before their lips parted. She didn’t know how she got so lucky but she could tell he was thinking the same thing as they separated and headed towards their locker-room. James followed Melody down the hallway making sure she still had that spring in her step the whole way.

He did have a surprise for her but it wasn’t Niall, it wasn’t a puppy, it wasn’t an engagement instead James took Melody to a small fair that was on in Laughlin Nevada. There is where he spoiled her with one of her greatest fantasies she had about being in a relationship ever since she was a little girl. What is that you ask? He took her on the Ferris Wheel and paid the man a little extra so they could be stopped at the top and well he kissed her. A vision that Melody had had in her head about what a “real relationship” was about when she was young and used to day dream about the man of her dreams. Now it was one less thing that James had to listen to Melody harp on about, but he was glad because it took her mind away from her loss to Crystal and gave her some much-needed freedom away from the self-doubt that was going to consume her.  

Now all he had to do was tell her she was facing Crystal, Mikah and Jessie at Inception II and pray that she didn’t faint.


The scene opens on the balcony that overlooks the beautiful city of Beverly Hills and all the expensive celebrity homes. This is the popular promotional place for James and Melody. This week being no different as Melody Grace Carpenter can be seen standing on the balcony. Her hands are wrapped around the hand railing as she looks out to see the sea of beautiful homes and the acres of rolling green grass that surrounds her. The young bombshell is wearing a long black flowing dress that has a choker style neckline. Her toned arms are out and on display as she grips a little tighter on the hand rail, lost deep in thought. A few moments past and the finally the song like voice of Melody Grace comes to life as she starts to speak to her Melephants watching at home.

Melody: Somehow in my career my greatest moments have always seemed to be surrounded by two people. The first person being Mercedes Vargas and the second being Jessie Salco. So why would it be any different this time round at Inception II? Where I find myself in a fatal four way, I get to face the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion Crystal, Drake Green’s wife and Jessie Salco. Jessie… Jessie… Jessie. I just can’t seem to get away from you when it comes to championship matches but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why you may ask? Because I know your limits and I know how to break them.

She continues to look towards the view, ignoring the camera that is beside her for now. Her face is made up perfectly with a natural blend of makeup. She has a small smile on her face, feeling much better from Sunday night as the look in her strikingly clear hazel eyes are screams confidence.

Melody: Let’s face it how many times have I faced you, Jessie and how many times have I beaten you? Every damn time. So, if you think that the tides are going to change for you at Inception jessie you have another thing coming. I will not and can’t be stopped by the Heavy Metal Bombshell in fact I refuse to. Jessie, you might think you have what it takes to beat me and the others but I can assure you… you don’t. Which is sad, I mean it’s not that I don’t like you Jessie it’s just deep down your heart isn’t really in this thing. Sure, you say you want to become the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion but you never ever tell us a proper story as to why.

She finally turns towards the camera looking straight down the lens to deliver her messages to Jessie Salco directly.

Melody: Let’s face it you just think that you’re entitled to it, like half of the others on the roster. I can’t knock you for that I mean once one person says something in that locker room the rest of them follow. Like a bunch of mindless sheep.

A small smirk rises on her face as she looks towards the camera. Melody quickly swipes a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as she continues to speak towards Ms Salco.

Melody: Unfortunately for you Jessie you won’t be walking away from Inception as THE NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion because all of us who is in this match, have beaten you in the past we have done it multiple times so I don’t see the outcome being any different. We all have your number however we aren’t your greatest threats in this match. Jessie your biggest threat is yourself, I mean think about it, think about the multiple other chances you have had at capturing this championship over the past few months yet you have slipped, crumbled and fallen short of even coming close.

Melody bright her right hand up towards the camera and she holds her thumb and index finger apart showing an inch of air before she giggles to herself.

Melody: I’m sorry Jessie but it’s just facts. Cold hard facts.

OH, YOU JUST KNEW THAT… Melly was going to serve come cold hard facts. Melody just smiles and continues.

Melody: Another cold hard fact about you is that next Sunday night you won’t have Amy Marshall on the corner… I mean… in your corner, you won’t have the reason why you were semi successful in the tag team division with you for support and that will be your greatest weakness. You won’t have her guidance you won’t have her interfering on your behalf and that right there is a major card you like to play. Too bad it will be removed from your play book.

Melody just shrugs her shoulders effortlessly as she continues to bash on Jessie Salco.

Melody: So, Jessie I ask you this, what are you going to bring to the match at Inception that will be any different from the last few matches you have had when you have attempted to become the Bombshell Champion? Hmm? Because if you ask me there is nothing you can do, there is nothing you can say because let’s face it you gave it, your all last time and look how well that ended for you.  

She pushes another strand of her long blonde hair behind her right ear as she continues.

Melody: The outcome for you at Inception II will be the same, you will leave defeated and then you will beg for one more shot. How many shots does someone deserve? How many attempts should someone receive before they realise they should just give up? That’s a question you need to ask yourself Jessie because the way I see it, you need to give up. You need to collect yourself and rebuild your “claim” to becoming the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion… once you have done that, once you have a real purpose for wanting to be crowned with such honour only then will you understand what needs to be done… as for right now, you’re just swinging… praying that you’ll hit something… praying that you’ll get lucky but when it comes to the Bombshell Championship being lucky doesn’t cut it. You should want it, you have to crave it and you have to be willing to do anything for it and you just don’t seem to have what it takes.

Shaking her head from side to side Melody drives the point home that she doesn’t believe in Jessie Salco. As Melody continues to speak the view around her gets a little darker as dust seems to be kicking in. This gives Melody a time check as she knows she needs to wind this one up.

Melody: You’re driven by one factor and one factor only, you purely just want to be called the Bombshell Champion. You don’t wish to lead the division you just want to be top dog… and that right there isn’t a true spirit of a champion… it’s a shell of an empty girl just wishing for once in her life she is the girl who has what everyone wants. You’ll never be that girl Jessie so just give up now.

Life advice with Melody, staring Melody Grace. Melody licks her nude lips and lets that soak in for a second before she looks towards her lens of the camera with a flare in her eyes.  

Melody: I’ll see you an Inception II and trust me when I say this, you won’t be walking out as the NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion… and once again your name will not be lit up in lights and I know that must be eating you alive. One day Jessie, one day you might get what you are wishing for but it won’t be next Sunday night… you’re going to have to try your best to beat me and we both know your best will never be enough.

With a cheeky wink, Melody starts to walk back inside her beautiful mansion that she shares with James Huntington-Hawkes III but before she disappears behind the drawn white curtains she stops and twirls back towards the camera.

Melody: Oh, and Crystal and Mikah, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you both… You’ll get yours in time.

Melody winks once more before she steps back into her house, leaving the camera to focus on the curtains blowing in the gently Beverly Hills breeze. The sound of muffled talking can be heard between her and James but before anyone can hear what they are saying the camera fades to black leaving us all in the dark. Literally. Who turned off the lights?


Tuesday; The key to this business to is always be willing to learn.

It was early in the week and Melody found herself back in Vegas for the day as James had a day filled with press back home and she didn’t want to be alone so she took the journey from Beverly Hills to Vegas by herself to take up a chance to train with Gabriel Stevens. After all her trainer Derek was back in Norway dealing with some last-minute things before he could finally make his way back to the States and call this beautiful country home.

Gabriel and Melody had never really trained together before as Melody always relied on Derek but there was something she wanted to learn that she knew Derek couldn’t teach her. That didn’t stop her from feeling bad, like she was professionally cheating on her trainer by spending the day with Gabriel. Melody was very loyal when it came to people who trained her so she could put all her success thus far down to one person and that was the absent Swede. However, if everything went well today she could add the extremely talented SCW Hall of Famer to her list.

The scene opens inside the training facility that is run but Odette and Gabriel Stevens although seeing Odette there was like seeing a rare white rhino lately, she was up to something but Melody couldn’t put her finger on it. Either way Gabriel and Melody were inside the six-sided wrestling ring that was at the back of the building. The walls of the facility were lined with top of the line work out gear, fitness machines and everything strength training. Wrestling ring wise there was three of them two standard rings and one six-sided ring that helped with talent that were joining Sin City Wrestling. Out the back were showers, a sauna an ice room and other forms of muscle relaxation forms that the superstars used for cooling down or warming up.

Melody was however sitting in the middle of the ring, her body covered in sweat as she wore a tight pair of black ankle length yoga pants that were bright purple, while her chest was covered by a J2Hism t-shirt. Gabriel was standing beside her looking down at her, he was also covered in sweat as he had spent a good half of the day training Melody privately. He was in a pair of black tracksuit pants while he wore a Sinful Obsession tank top.

As Gabriel looked down towards Melody he had a firm but friendly smile on his face, as he caught his breath. Melody was sitting on the canvas looking up at Gabriel trying to do the same thing, but her body was starting to wear out as she hadn’t rested since Climax Control. Just as she was going to get off the floor she huffed and sat back down clutching her ribs in slight pain.

Gabriel: Okay Melody lets go again… this time focus on your landings. I don’t want you to get hurt, I don’t want you to hurt me… now think about what you’re doing before you do it.

His British accent was still thick considering he now lived in Vegas but it was his thick British accent at times that made him sound angry at her. Melody looked up at Gabriel with a frown on her face but she still clutched her right side trying to get rid of the stitch that was there.

Melody: G, I’m trying…

She looked up at him with a truth stare in which Gabriel just reached down and squeezed her shoulder in support.

Gabriel: I know Melody, but dig a little deeper Love. You got this. You just need to believe in yourself.

Melody made her way back up to her feet and she quickly started to jog on the spot, while swaging from side to side trying to move the stitch out of her side with some low intensity training. While she moved her head from side to side letting her neck crack loudly, the sound of it caused Gabriel to look down at her and shake his head.

Melody: You know, you’re much nice than my other trainer, that guy was a real arse.  

He didn’t know what to say at first but he watched Melody jog around the ring keeping her body warm as she waited for the stitch to fully pass before she started to train again. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt herself or Gabriel because she wasn’t fully focused on what she was doing as she was being ripped apart inside out by a stitch. She also didn’t want to attempt she had a stitch because she knew Gabriel would scald her for not stretching correctly before their training session.

Gabriel: Flattering me, won’t make me go easier on you. Now come on let’s try this again.  

Melody stopped what she was doing and made her way back over towards Gabriel she stretched out her body once more as she turned her torso before finally the burning pain of her stitch disappeared. She was ready to go once again and the pained look on her face turned to a smile of happiness.

Melody: I wasn’t flattering you… I was telling you the truth.

She tapped him on his shoulder before giving him an appreciating smile, one that Gabriel returned as he made his way back over towards the closest turn buckle. He stretched out his arms and pulled them across his chest getting ready to go another round, so Melody could get her new fast paced high impact move down pat. After all she couldn’t use it if she didn’t have complete control off it and since this morning, the had nailed all of it apart from the ending. It’s not that she was landing it incorrectly, she was juts unsure of herself and being unsure of herself out in the ring could lead to injury and that was something she didn’t want to happen, especially in a championship match up. Gabriel finished stretching and her turned back to Melody before he pointed back towards the turnbuckle.

Gabriel: Well thank you I guess, but being nice isn’t going to last much longer if you don’t get up and try this move one more time.

He was being serious, after all he was probably getting tired and wanted to go home to Odette not only that Melody had a long drive home if she was wanting to get back to James tonight.

Melody: It’s a really… hard move Gabe.

She almost had a hint of doubt in her tone as she spoke, something that Gabriel picked up on. Melody just bit down on her bottom lip and prayed that Gabriel didn’t pick her apart for saying that.

Gabriel: I know, now you can see why I didn’t want to teach you it in the beginning but after today I think you’ll have it down pat and you’ll be able to use it at Inception, if you feel confident enough to do so?

Gabriel didn’t laugh as Melody just let out an “Eep” after he spoke, she wanted to use this move at Inception it’s why she wanted to learn it so bad. It wasn’t because she thought this move was going to define her becoming the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion or not, she wanted to learn it so it gave her another level of excitement for her fans after all if she couldn’t win the Championship she at least wanted to keep them entertained and keep them focused on the growth of her career. She also owed that to her fans to keep evolving with the times, to keep taking risks and to show them that you’re never too old to learn new daring tricks.

Melody turned to look back at Gabriel and with a bright confident smile she nodded towards him, giving him a sign that she was ready.

Melody: Alrighty, let’s do this… with a bit of luck this move might help me become Champ?

Gabriel just smiled and nodded her had all the confidence in the world that Melody had what it takes to become champion, she just had to believe in it herself and with a bit of time he knew that she would. Even if her new found confidence came with learning a new move to add to her arsenal of tricks, after all Crystal, Mikah and Jessie wouldn’t be expecting something new and dynamic from Melody. They wouldn’t know what she had up her sleeve and that right there was going to be a game changer. The other girls wouldn’t know her set up, they wouldn’t know what she had in mind and they wouldn’t know that she now knows how to hit one of the scariest moves in wrestling.

Melody made her way towards Gabriel and she started to climb the ropes in the corner, while Gabriel walked a few steps back and got into position and suddenly, the footage went black. Leaving us all to wonder what is her new move? How does she hit it? Where does she hit it? Does she actually have to climb the ropes or was she just playing you?

Oh? Did you think you were going to get a sneak peek? Well guess again, this move was going to be Melody’s secret weapon and she was going to make sure she went into Inception fully loaded.


This scene opens outside the beautiful over the top mansion that James and Melody call home. However, this shot doesn’t start streaming from its usual balcony setting as Melody could be seen sitting on the side of the monstrous water feature that stands proudly in the middle of their front yard. It’s a vocal point that everyone can see from the street and a majestic piece of art that stuns their guests as they arrive on their property.  Melody has her eyes focused on the camera that is directly in front of her while, she moves her neck from side to side trying to loosen some of the knots that had formed for a hard week of training.

The young blond was wearing a tight knee length yellow skirt, her mid-drift was on display before a matching yellow halter neck crop top covered her chest. Her long blonde hair was down and curled, styled to perfection while her natural makeup glow was of course on point. Melody had done a one eighty over the years when it came to styling and right now she was very on trend. Her feet were housed in a high pair of black YSL heels that was risky with her standing in the gravel driveway that surrounded the water feature.

As the cameras panned in on Melody they could see her massive mansion in the background highlighting her surrounds on this crystal-clear day, the sun was shining high lighting a glow around her blonde hair creating and angelic appeal around SCW’s Little Miss Sunshine. Once the camera was in place Melody looked back at her safe place before she turned back to look at the lens of the camera with a cheeky smile on her face.

Melody: It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Everything about it is perfect… I can proudly say my home that I live with James in makes a lot of people jealous… and no doubt Mikah you’re one of them. I mean you wish you could be, here right? You wish you call this place home? Don’t try and deny it, I mean why else would one of the biggest heels in Sin City Wrestling need to “follow” J2Hism to find her cause? Hmm it can’t be because she truly believes in it, unlike myself and Rage. How could you believe in it, when you only believe in yourself? So instead of standing on your own two feet you dragged my boyfriend into your little plans and for what? So you could gain traction and interest from whom? You say from the fans, so they can boo you, you say from the higher ups so you are noticed so you can stand out but the only person I can see you begging for attention from is James Huntington-Hawkes III himself.

Melody’s eyes narrow as if she is mad, before a smile crawls to her face followed by laughter.

Melody: What’s the matter Mikah, is Drake not paying you the same amount of attention as he used to since he retired? So, you have to… try and claw your way onto the next male in Sin City Wrestling. Well little girl, you’re barking up the wrong tree. You see while you’re too busy flaunting yourself, throwing yourself towards James promoting his J2Hism… being a typical clingy fan… remember that while you might be a follower… you’ll never be the girl that walks beside him. That position is taken and well you could never fill these shoes.

Another bright smile dances on Melody’s face.

Melody: So, let me guess Mikah, this week are you going to sit in a room surrounded by stuff animals and pretend to be me, like you have done the LAST TWO times we have face each other? Because let’s face it it’s hard to come up with new creative ideas… for someone like you who is so used to having people hold her hand. Are you going to rip their heads off and throw them around? Knowing full well that if Despy was to ever see it he would steer clear of you? It’s funny how much you beg to be in someone’s life but within a blink of an eye your stupidity would have them walk out of it so fast it would leave your head spinning.  However, I don’t think that really bothers you does it? I mean as long as you’re getting what you want right?

She rolled her tongue over her white teeth before she continued.

Melody: You’re a snake and I can’t wait for the day that Despy wakes up and sees you for what you really are… nothing more than a leech that attaches herself to the greatest superstars and sucks on their popularity… Look at your track record, you wanted to be noticed so you started hanging out with Despy, you wanted even more attention so you hooked into J2Hism, you wanted to be the powerful bombshell so you sided up with Drake and ended up marrying him… also side note no one cares how long you two have been married and the fact that you’re celebrating six months of marriage just goes to show that you’re both surprised that this failed jerry springer show just refused to end. You must feel like you got the deal of a lifetime sinking your teeth into Drake, but I can assure you one day he will leave you because he has just settled… and sometimes the best is less and right now he just couldn’t be bothered to put any effort in with trying with anyone else so he has settled for less. Trust me I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t sucking some other girls face, I mean why else would he be so quiet? While you beg for his attention all over Twitter… like child who is begging for acceptance.

A simple shrug of her shoulders before she starts up again.

Melody: You couldn’t be stopped with just Drake, Despy and James so you’ve taken it upon yourself to flirt with a MARRIED man week in and week out on Twitter in Simon. It’s pathetic and it’s sick, what is the attention so icy at home that you’re trying to find some warmth at work? That’s what it looks like Mikah, now I’m not calling you a slut but the dots are starting to line up. I’m just waiting for you to turn up to work drunk once more so you can shove your tongue down Hot Stuff’s mouth once more. Maybe with a bit of common sense, he’ll suspend you for being a well… you guessed it.

Just a simple smile crosses her face.

Melody: Nevertheless, regardless of how I feel about you, I still have to face you next Sunday night at Inception II and I know that you will be hell bent on making sure that Crystal doesn’t break your record when it comes to holding the Bombshell Champion… however I have my own record that I refuse to have broken and that’s my undefeated streak when it comes to Super Cards.  So, if you think for one moment that I’m going to be an easy beat I can assure you it won’t be like last time we faced each other you won’t have your safety net that will safe you this time round. So Mikah you can try your hardest and you can try your best at Inception but I promise you, you will not be walking out with the Bombshell Championship over your shoulder. I refuse to let the Sin City Wrestling fans have to suffer at the fate at your hands once more, I refuse that have this division grow cold and boring like it did last time you were the leader… so believe me… stopping you on your path of becoming a two-time champion is high on my list of things to do…

Melody turns back to look at her house before she exhales deeply.

Melody: Next Sunday night you’re going to find out the hard way that no matter how much you follow my James around, no matter how often you preach J2Hism… you’ll never be the apple of his eye, you’ll never be his girl and you’ll never be the first lady of J2Hism… and you won’t be the Bombshell that gets to carry the World Bombshell Championship and promote James’ greatness… you will fall short and that moment right there will be one the greatest moments of the night… seeing the confidence of you just run dry once you realise that you’re no longer the greatest, you’re no longer the best and well let’s face it you’re no longer wanted.

Melody tucks a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear before she wraps this one up.  

Melody: So, come Inception II Mikah I will be coming for the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship and I’ll be knocking you over as I make my way towards it for far too long you have rendered this division down to fear it’s about time that someone steps up to you and put you in your place… and I’ll be looking to do that next Sunday night.

With a simple smirk the blond continues.

Melody: Now Crystal, I know you have been waiting and trust me… you’ll get your time soon.

With that said and done the cameras panned into Melody’s confident smiling face before they faded to black. Meaning there was one Bombshell left for Melody to address and it was only going to be a matter of time before she did so.


Friday night; THE TALK.

It had been a couple of days that had passed since we had seen Melody training with Gabriel in Vegas but now the blonde bombshell was back at home with James in Beverly Hills. James however had taken the day to work on more pressing Sin City Wrestling promotional issues, hyping up Inception II while normally Melody tags along she decided to stay home today. After all she had woken up feeling a little under the weather and thought it would be best to rest and recover as she didn’t want to be unwell for her match next week.

While Melody was upstairs in her room resting, she couldn’t get any rest as the sound of splashing kept her awake and where that splashing was coming from, was well outside in the hot tub. Melody crawled out of bed and headed over towards the window overlooking the backyard and that’s when something horrible caught her attention. Down in her backyard her pet duck Dexter could be seen swimming in the hot tub, but he wasn’t alone as he was surrounded by a flock of other ducks. Springing straight into action Melody rushed down stairs ignoring the fact that she was wearing a silk nightie, she was in too much of a rush to grab a dressing gown as well she knew if James came home and saw Dexter in the hot tub, Dexter might just end up for dinner.

Melody rushed down the stairs and made it to the bottom floor of her house, although as he feet hit the last step she reached out and grabbed onto the hand railing of the stairs she felt light headed and dizzy. It took a few moments before she found her footing once more before she slowly walked over towards the kitchen. As she walked through the kitchen she felt herself grow faint once more but she just shook it off and continued her way towards the backdoor. The young blonde swung the backdoor open with such force that it slammed and like startled children the hot tub filled with ducks stopped what they were doing and looked over towards the human.

As if on cue all the other ducks flew away as Melody marched her way over towards the spa, she had a look of anger in her eyes but she had to stop every few steps to collect herself. Her tummy was rolling and her vision was unclear but she had to get Dexter out of harm’s way especially before the man of the house came home. Meanwhile Dexter was juts floating in the water, his bow tie still around his neck while random feathers lined the surrounding of the circle tub. Melody continue don her war path before she finally made it to the side of the spa. She rested her hands along the curbing of the tub and she looked at Dexter madly.

Melody: What have we told you about bringing ducks over? Hmmm, you’re so lucky daddy isn’t home because well you would be grounded.

Dexter just looked up at Melody as he was swimming around, with an innocent look on his face.

Melody: Plus, you know the rules no bring strange duck girls over… we don’t want you becoming a father at such a young age.

Dexter:  QUACK!

Melody: Don’t you raise your feathers at me young boy, you’re just lucky I’m the push over parent. Now come here… get out of there before we both get in trouble.

Melody reached into the spa and scooped Dexter up into her arms, her pet duck instantly snuggled into her chest and closed his eyes as if he was peacefully about to go to sleep. Melly ran her hand down his feathers before she sighed out loud.

Melody: What am I going to do with you? Why can’t you play by the rules?

Dexter was continuing to play asleep as Melody headed back towards the house with her pride and joy in her arms as she nursed him like a baby. As Melody was walking back towards the house, her vision blurred slightly causing her to almost trip over the bottom step that lead back down to the outdoor entertaining area.

Dexter:  QUACK!!!

Melody: I didn’t almost drop you… calm down I would never drop you.

Dexter fluffed his feathers in disgust as Melody just slowly dragged her feet and returned to the safety of indoors. As soon as she was inside she closed the door behind them both before she placed Dexter down to the floor. As she placed him on the tiles her hands pressed against their coolness and that’s when she realised she was sweating.

Melody: Please behave Dexter, I don’t want to have James give you the birds and the bees talk. You’re too little.

She let out a yawn before she headed back into the living room and without a moment to spare Melody made it to the couch in time. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out like a light, leaving Dexter to look at her from the floor concerned. He waddled his way over towards his mother, jumped up onto the coach and nestled his way under her arms so now he was comforting her.

Six hours later Simpson and James had returned home to the sight of Melody and Dexter passed out on the coach. The fact that Dexter was on the expensive couch would normally infuriate James but as he made his way up closer to Melody he could see how pale she was so he didn’t wake them both up. Instead he grabbed a blanket and placed it over the top of them both. While he was doing so Dexter opened his eyes to look up at his dad for a few moments almost as if he was trying to tell him something with his eyes before he closed his eyes again peacefully. A strange look crossed James’ face as he turned around to face Simpson who was standing in the entrance way.

Simpson:Something wrong Sir?

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> No, well I don’t think so?

Simpson:What’s with the troubled look on your face?

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> It’s nothing Simpson.

James chose not to tell Simpson that he thinks he just had a father son moment with Dexter before he shrugs his shoulders leaving them be in peace as he still had work to do for Sin City Wrestling this week and getting it done now while Melody slept meant that by the time he was finished they would be able to hang out together and get in some downtime before the craziness of next week kicked in.


The scene opens from poolside at the Jamel family mansion, it’s just on night time and the city lights that James and Melody’s house over looks have just stared to shimmer to life. Melody could be seen sitting on the edge of the pool her feet hanging into the nice warm water as she gazes out looking at her view in peace. She was wearing a sheer red top piece dress that had cut outs around her torso showing off her abs that she had worked so hard for. Her Long hair was pinned up on the top of her head in a messy bun, but still she looked perfect.

Melody looked over her right shoulder to see the camera man with the cameras all set up ready to go and she gave him a little smile. She enjoyed working with the same camera man as she felt that he always got her good side and well looking good was a big part of her career right now with magazine covers, runways and modelling contracts being waved in front of her. Needless the say Melody’s face looked a little pale but that didn’t stop her from having the look of confidence in her eyes.

Melody: Well it all comes down to this, it all comes down to this last person the current Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion… Crystal Millar… the girl that beat me last week one, two, three and retained her championship. Crystal the girl who I must face next Sunday night at Inception II. I bet she is sitting at home just laughing, smiling even knowing that she has taken my first win away from me in 2017. A year that I said was going to be the Year of the Melody… well I can promise you all that smile isn’t going to last long on your face Crystal but last week when I faced you, I learnt from you and well now I know I have what It takes to beat you. So, come Inception II, watch yourself because I’ll be coming for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championship… and this time I’ll be taking the belt home with me.

A cool smile is on her face but she doesn’t stop for long, just enough to drive her point home.

Melody: Now, Crystal it’s come to my attention that you only seem to be concerned with one thing and one thing only and that’s breaking Mikah’s streak. That’s your drive, that’s your passion and that right there is sickening… I mean do you have no respect for the Bombshell Championship at all? Are you purely driven just by the fact that you feel that you need to beat Mikah’s reign to feel justified? Do you think beating the reign will catapult you into a higher status in Sin City Wrestling, do you think that will make you the greatest champion of all time? You see what people have confused is it doesn’t matter how long you hold a championship for, what matters is what you do with your reign when you have it. Now think to yourself Crystal what have you done that as shattered the glass ceiling? What have you done that makes you stand out from the rest?

Melody stops and licks her glossed lips before starting to speak again.

Melody: I’ll tell you what you have done, nothing… absolutely nothing. You have shown up about eighty percent of the time, you haven’t promoted your championship belt because to you it’s just a toy… what really matters to you is the reign being broken and not the legacy of the belt itself. Shame on you, it never occurred to me how selfish you really are until now and that’s repulsive.

Melody shakes her head from side to side, showing her disappointment in the champion.

Melody: The whole time your reign has been about your movies, it’s been about your bipolar personality it’s been about you one minute needing the fans the next minute you toss them to the side. You can’t decide what you are Crystal one minute a good girl looking for approval the next minute you’re back stabbing everyone in your way. You have tainted the championship with your flip flopping ways and for what? All so you could cause a buzz for your movies? All so you could promote your so call silver screen life… news flash d lister… no one cares about your tragic little movies. Trust me James and I tried to watch one the other night, it might as well have been called snooze fest.

A little giggle leaves Melody’s lips as she smiles.

Melody: Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Now Crystal I know you will brag because you beat me last weekend but I can promise you next week at Inception that same result will not happen again. I will not allow you to leave Inception II as the World Bombshell Champion. You have tainted the title, you have burned the fans and you have made a joke out of the division for far too long and it’s about time someone stood up to you. I’m going to be that girl, I’m going to be the one that frees the fans from you, and together with MY Melephants we will take the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell to greater heights. We won’t be driven by the fact there is a target that needs to be beaten, we won’t be drive by Mikah… we will be fuelled by each other for each other and that’s what it means to truly have fans. Can you say that your fans will stand beside you in the weakest days? Because I know I can, I also know what my fans deserve and what the deserve is someone who isn’t going to double cross them all the time.

A stern look is on Melody’s face as she talks about her fans, showing her passion towards them.

Melody: I will always have their best interest at heart and to others that might be a weakness but to me it’s my greatest strength. Last week I didn’t think I had what it takes to go up against you but together with my Melephants we showed you that I could in fact stand toe to toe with you in the middle of that ring… together we almost out matched you… we almost beat you. So, don’t you dare say that I will be an easy beat because I assure you next Sunday night at Inception I’m going to give you one hell of match… so much so it will feel like you’ll be chasing me to retain your title… more so then you being in the lead.

She winks at the camera before she turns her head away to look at the beautiful lights before her.

Melody: Last week you tried to rub it into my face that I didn’t have the championship when you raised your title at the end of your little speech, pretending to be surrounded by dominance. Last week you just proved that you just want the glory and the fame… but when it comes to working hard for it, that’s were your weakness lies… I will expose that next Sunday and everyone will see you for what you are… and what you are Crystal, is the girl who is going to come up short just thirty something days short of beating Mikah’s record… and what will you do once that happens? Will you be humble and be pleased with yourself knowing you gave it a red-hot crack or will you exploded and crumble lashing out at the fans once more? My money is on the second one… because once everything is taken away from you at Inception you will want to place the blame on someone, but you’ll be too selfish and blind to see that you did this to yourself.

Melody sighs once more before she starts to wrap this one up.

Melody: Well that’s enough for this week, I think I’ve given Crystal enough to think about… so, until next week my beautiful Melephants may we continue this journey to the top together and may we stampede our way there. Remember I love you all and hope you all stay safe.

With those words leaving her lips Melody looks at the camera and blows her fans a kiss before the seen fades to black. Leaving us all wondering, has Melody got what it takes to beat the other three women that are in the fatal four-way match next week?

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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 Sunday night; Strictly off camera

Inside the house of James and Melody, James was sitting on their large California king bed. He was resting with his back up against the head board while his left hand was behind his head, his right hand was playing with the remote as he flicked through the hundreds of channels looking for something to watch. His body was tucked up the covers showing that he was ready for bed and was just waiting for Melody to finish up in the bathroom.

Meanwhile Melody was staring into the large wall length mirror inside her bathroom that she shared with James, her face was pale and her little body trembled. She was dressed in a pair of loose fitting sleeping pants that had white clouds on a blue back drop, while her top half was covered by a white tight tank top. The look on her face was filled with worry and she started to pace back and forth in the bathroom almost as if she was waiting for something. Looking down at her watch she still had in her hands she exhaled deeply as the time counted down before her Fitbit started to beep. She quickly pressed the buttons on the side of the watch stopping it from beeping before she made her way over the bench.

That’s when her eyes looked down from the mirror down to the bathroom sink, her eyes traced along the counter top before she was looking at two white sticks. Her hand glided across the counter top slowly as she nervously looked at both sticks with unease before she finally grabbed on to them. Flipping the first one over she sighed what looked to be a sigh of relief but as she flicked over the other white stick her face returned to pale.

Her body tensed up before she felt a pool of sweat bead up on her forehead. Melody quickly held onto both of the tests in her left hand before she turned the tap on. She pooled some water into her right hand and splashed it up onto her face before she looked at herself in the mirror once more. Within a matter of moment her hands dragged through her blonde hair before she turned and headed towards the bathroom door. Melody looked at the closed door before she exhaled and opened it, not sure where her life was going to go from this moment on.

As the door swung open it caught James attention and as soon as his eyes fell onto Melody’s face he sprung out of bed and headed towards her. She looked scared, sick and out of zone and that was frightening to him.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Melody what’s wrong?

James’ steps ate up the distance between them as he swooped over to be by his girlfriend’s side. He couldn’t see her left hand as it was hiding behind her back as she uneasily rocked on the backs of her feet. Melody looked at James she wanted to speak but she couldn’t find any words.

Melody: Jam… I… I…

She couldn’t say it, so she pulled her left hand out from behind her back showing James two pregnancy tests in her hand. He looked down at them confused as what they were at first before his eyes went wide. The first test he saw had one blue line that meant it was negative, while the second one was showing two blue lines… showing a positive result. Meaning one of these were incorrect however Melody or James didn’t know which one was telling the truth at this time. James’ face went blank but as soon as he saw the tears welling in Melody’s eyes he pulled her towards him hugging on to her tightly. James didn’t know what to say right now, however he knew he had to support the woman he loved.

Melody just fell into the hug and started to sob into James chest, she was excited but scared, worried that James would be mad at her if they were in fact going to be parents. Not, only that what happens with her career if she was? There was only one way they were going to find out and that was going to a doctor’s appointment first thing tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, what the real result is?… Well only time would tell.


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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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Let’s Get Ready For This

Damn what can I say another title match and yet another title defense. I meant what I said about Melody Grace, I know some people were confused by the way I showed her some respect by the end of our match but that’s the point that I want to get at for the year of 2017. I am here to officially turn over a new leaf. I know it’s been a constant up and down battle for me because I always leave so much of myself in the ring and for the fans a like.

But there’s one thing that I don’t ever want to come across as and that’s being a stuck up Bitch who has disrespect for this business. Disrespect for all of those other people in the business who keep pushing Bombshell wrestling to be at it’s very best.

I really am happy to stand at the forefront of this division because in SCw we have the very best, in SCW everybody has a chance to really make something for themselves and it’s up to the bombshells if they want to reach out and claim that brass ring for themselves. From the horrible likes of Delia, and Veronica Taylor who would backstab a friend in order to claim a championship. To the likes of Mercedes Vargas who seems to be a very tenured individual in this business.

To the ultimate underdog in Melody Grace. Whoever is your cup of tea they all bring something fresh and exciting to the ring every time they walk down those aisles and they step aside, and that’s what makes me smile. However as much as I respect Melody it just wasn’t her time to shine. It was my time and when the supercard hit’s I will be in day 217 of my legendary reign.

I know competing in Las Vegas is going to be a big deal. It’s the home of SCW so it’s a big homecoming for the company and I know the task at hand is to just keep on pushing forward. Keep showing why I am the best Bombshell in the division today.

And it’s not something that I say just to say. It’s something that I show by my constant actions inside of the ring. Who else in this company can say that they have single handedly went through every single challenger beating everybody on the roster?

I know Mikah was great…

She was amazing even. Holding two titles at once and I will get back to her when I do my official promo for the show but for a few months she had beaten me in back to back title defenses. She beat others, but I have beaten EVERYBODY and the best thing is I don’t show any signs of slowing down. My number is going to be at 217 by the time Inception comes around but in my eyes the number to beat will be 266 because that’s the number that Mikah established.

It’s getting to the point that if I hold my Championship for 49 days past this show I will have done the unthinkable. I will be the longest reigning SCW World Bombshell Champion ever.

Roxi Johnson can’t hold that claim. Delia can’t hold that game. Misty, Vixen, not even Mikah will be able to hold that any longer but that will be all me.

The little girl from Detroit who nobody thought much of will have become the measuring stick for all of Bombshell wrestling in this company and that really places a smile on my face. It was such a journey to win the Roulette title when I first came into this company. A journey that was finally completed when I beat my good buddy Natalie Mckinley. I didn’t hold that title that long. I didn’t do so well in the Blast From The Past Tournament and I was just there.

But these past 12 months have been absolutely fantastic. Regardless if I was getting booed or getting cheered it’s something that I will cherish for the rest of my career, and out of all the places that I have ever wrestled. Nobody has ever treated me as well as SCW has and for that I am thankful.

I feel I can take on anything that comes my way and I owe it to the great fans of this company. Without them I wouldn’t have been the woman of the year and I certainly wouldn’t have been most improved. Every passing day becomes a challenge so I say it’s up to me to keep on raising that bar and being the best champion that I can be.

I know this match coming up is going to be quite the challenge. After all it’s a four way match and unlike the Chamber of Fate match from the past summer. I can lose my championship without getting pinned. I don’t even have to be involved in the final decision.

It’s a scary thought knowing that everything I worked so hard for can go away in one fell swoop. Everything can come crashing down and it’s not even my fault, but that all goes with the territory of being the champion.

Title defenses aren’t supposed to be easy. They are supposed to be challenging and I need to rise to the occasion. The best thing however is that the three women who are in this match along side me. I can honestly say I have beaten them all in singles competition. I have shown that I have what it takes to overcome them in an individual setting.

Perhaps this might be different though. It really doesn’t matter if I can beat them all just like I have shown in the past. If I can survive the test of time and endure other hard fought matches why can’t I go in Vegas and do what I do best?

There’s a reason why we have the Main Event spot and it’s because we deserved it. So let’s showcase what we are all about.

As SCW goes back home to Vegas I think this is a good time as any to go back to my birth place of Detroit. Now is as good of a time as any.

They deserve that much especially after I neglected them for so long, but it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that everyone needs to know is that come January 22nd through hell and high water. I will be bringing it and I will leave Las Vegas still as you SCW World Bombshell Champion.

Bring it ladies because you can bet your ass I will be, and I am not ready to depart from my championship just yet…

This is the Rose that simply refuses to wither away and nothing can stop me from blossoming...

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Detroit Michgian

Southwest Flight 100688 had successfully departed from LAX and arrived safely at the Detroit Airport. For a woman who was all about her wealth, fame, and fortune. Crystal had always enjoyed flying on Southwest mainly because there was no assigned seating, and more importantly than that she got two free checked bags not to mention a free personal item and a backpack. As people were deboarding the plane people stood by the airport gate as various travelers all held their cameras tightly in their hands waiting for Crystal Millar to emerge. After all this was the place of her birth which meant that it was going to be a homecoming for the Starlet.

Emerging first through the gate was the co-star or her movie Matt Stone. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood as he was caught carrying two carry on bags. More importantly the carry on bag slot he was allowed was replaced by one of Crystal’s. The Canadian grimaced as he struggled with the bags. Finally walking through the tunnel clad with a pair of shades on top of her forehead, the SCW Bombshell Championship draped across her shoulders. As soon as she raised it she was welcomed with flashes from cameras.

She walked next to Matt as she whispered into his ear.

“Remember when I walked into the baggage claim area in your city?! Well welcome to Detroit… These are my people! This is what it feels like to be in a city for the working class!” With that Crystal continued to grin as she gripped her title harder than before smiling. “Guess who’s home and damn does it feel good to be back!”

“Right, working class, that describes you pretty well.” He fired back, walking away from the crowd of people and just dropping the bags he was burdened with on the ground. “Damn this movie” he thought to himself, cursing the fact that it meant he had to spend more time with this egomaniac. He would much rather be home right now enjoying a frosty chocolate milkshake instead of standing in an airport, watching Crystal interacting with all of these mouthbreathers she called her fanbase.

Crystal grinned as she posed with her championship in all sorts of ways. After all she was just coming off another title defense so she had all the reasons to smile. She finally continued to walk as she stood in front of Matt grinning as she placed her hands on her hips. “Now let it be known that I am not going to be one of these snobby bitches who refuses to take pictures in the airport!”

Crystal smiles wider than ever. “I am here for all of you! And as your champion you can count on me to be there for all of you!” She smiles once more before she turns her attention over to Matt. Her eyes beaming daggers into him as she proceeds to shake her head in disgust.

“So is there a reason you dropped the bags to the ground? Last time I checked a gentleman is supposed to pick up the bags, and carry them all the way to the car.” As she finished a third figure emerged from the gate. It was Crystal’s personal assistant Chloe Martin. She held an iPad in her hand as she was tabbing through her electronic notes.

“So where would you like to stay during your time here Mrs. Millar? I can book you the Four Seasons. I could book you a DoubleTree or....”

Crystal quickly shook her head as she smiled at her and Matt. “I think we shall stay at my mom’s house. It might be small but I want Matt here to get a taste of what being in inner city Detroit is all about. That is if he isn’t too scared….”

“Hang on a second, you didn’t book the hotel ahead of time? I mean, yeah, we’re in Detroit and there’s no reason to visit here, but on the off chance that there wasn’t any rooms, what would we have done, slept on the street?” He was dealing with one issue at a time, ignoring Crystal’s ludicrous suggestion of staying at her mother’s house. “And for the record…” He continued, turning to Crystal. “A lady wouldn’t be frolicing with the public and just allowing that gentleman to stand there with what has to be 500 pounds of useless crap you’ll probably never use or wear on this visit.”

Crystal got upset as she placed her hands on her hips again. “First of all what is wrong with staying at my mother’s house?! Are you afraid for a little lesson in urban culture?! Are you afraid to see how life really is outside the box of living the high life. So many people think that is all I am about but there’s more to me than just that… Secondly….”

Crystal growls as she points at her bags. “That is not useless crap! I will have you know that all of my makeup is in those bags among other stuff! My shoes are there and a girl can’t just travel without her 15 pairs of shoes right?! So pick up that fucking bag! The quicker you pick it up is the quicker we can get out of this shitty ass….” Crystal catches herself as she looks at all of the people in the airport watching her.

“I mean great Detroit natives my people!” Crystal slowly whispers in Chloe’s ear who nods her head as smiles. “Ok that’s enough… We have to get going. Please I am sure you all have somewhere you need to be right? And we have a rental car to grab…” Chloe walks over to the bags and yanks one up as she winks at Matt. “Don’t worry my prince I can handle carrying a bag if you can handle carrying the other.

Matt just groans and picks up the remaining bags, shuffling off with the other two. Maybe he should look into getting an assistant, it would be nice to have someone he could boss around. Wouldn’t have to be anyone special, hell, a pack mule would suit him just fine right now. His mind wondered to Crystal’s face on a mule’s body, making him laugh. “There’s a perfect ass.” He says to no one in particular as he laughs.

Chloe however stops as she looks back at him making sure to sway her hips. “You really mean that?! She bounces about as Crystal sighs. “He wasn’t talking about you numb nuts… You don’t even have an ass… Let me show you what he REALLY wants to see…” She snatches the bag away from Chloe not realizing how heavy it is drops it to the ground.

“Holy shit it’s heavy!” She regains her composure as she yanks the bag up and starts to walk directly in front of Matt showing him how her ass looks in some nice tight jeans. “Yeah I bet you really like what you see…” Chloe gets a bit irritated as she snatches the bag away from Matt as she walks in front of Crystal. “It’s not that heavy Mrs. Millar… You just don’t work on your upper body strength that much…”

“Excuse me?!” Crystal says as Chloe is out walking her. Crystal not one to be shown up picks up the speed leaving Matt without any bags to hold as the two try to show off for him. While the two of them were bickering back and forth, Matt was just walking forward and ignoring the two of them, just living in his little fantasy world where Crystal was a donkey and now there was a little blonde coo-coo bird flying around the donkey. He was living in some sort of fantasy Disney world right now and he just walked right passed both of them while they were talking about who even lifts. “That’s nice” was all he said, hoping that they would accept that flimsy answer to whatever it was they were talking about, he just wanted to get out of this crowded airport.

The two continued to bicker and argue until they reached the door that read rental cars. Crystal dropped the bag as she looked at Chloe. “Why are we arguing with one another?”

“And why are we the ones carrying the bags?!” Chloe replied back in return.

They both turned around to glare daggers into Matt. “MATT PICK UP THESE BAGS RIGHT NOW!” They both yelled. Crystal looked up at the door at the sign that read Hertz Rental Car bus stop. She exited waiting at the bus stop for the bus to pick them both up.

The yelling jolted Matt out of his little happy place and he noticed where they were. “Why am I the one being yelled at?” He exclaimed, not even waiting for an answer before picking up the bags once again. At least he could skip his daily workout after this. “Can I point out the irony of you saying you want to get back to your roots with fifty pounds of make-up and shoes. Who were you before wrestling, a showgirl?”

Chloe talks back as she shakes her head. “A girl has to have her needs Matt…”

“Exactly” Crystal says in return. “Don’t you want me to look my prettiest?! You usually like what you see right?! So why is it a big deal… Just do your job and carry my shit. That’s what my company pays you to do…”

Chloe snickers in return. “And star in straight to dvd films because of your acting.”

“What you say Chloe?!” Crystal snaps back.

“I said you are the SILVER SCREEN QUEEN! A box office hit all the time. Now let’s just get going.Get this car so we can see the beauty of the city of Detroit.”

“I’d say at least I had something pleasant to look at, but I’m afraid that the back of Chloe’s head is in the way.” He muttered to himself, eluding to Chloe being a major kiss ass right now. Truth be told, he was starting to have second thoughts on this whole movie thing, if he meant he had to become more or less a lackey for Crystal in order to make sure she behaved herself.

The bus arrived and they got on it and rode their way to the rental car agency. After handling business at the counter and signing the paperwork Crystal had gotten her rental car. Matt was finally able to put the bags in the trunk as Crystal sat in the front seat. Chloe went to sit beside her but Crystal grinned in return. “Where do you think you are going bitch?! This passenger’s seat is reserved for my lovely co-star. So Matthew be a doll and take your place in the front. Chloe you can get in the back. I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish with this whole women’s power thing but I could never go against Matt…”

She grinned grabbing Matt’s face gently as she looked out into the distance. She moved her attention to her hand bag where she pulled out the envelope to remind Matt of their agreement. “Remember you act right, and you might just get this if you are good…”

“Well if this is anything like last week, it won’t be worth it.” He answered back, shuddering at the thought of Crystal’s cold in Las Vegas. “Knowing my luck…” he continued, hating that the thought even crossed his mind. “One of your precious fans just infected in you and before we know it, I’m back in hell.”

“Now...Now…. Things should be fine this time. I am on some antibiotics and well none of that’s really important. All you should worry about is being right here in the Motor City! Now there’s a reason why I rented a brand spanking new Ford Focus! It’s because we are in DETROIT… It be foolish to be here without driving a FORD. It means everything to this city. Martha Ford such a blessed woman running my LIONS… This city wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for Ford so we must support them through everything. You guys understand me?!”

“Oh yeah, Ford is important, I’ll make sure to jot that down on my list of things I don’t care about. Any other gems you’d like me to add to that while we’re here? Maybe that 8 mile is ghetto or that Barry Sanders was the best running back of all times? Oh, I know, I could toss on the fact that thirty years ago, some bald guy slammed a big fat man, would that be good?”

“WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PONTIAC SILVERDOME will go down in history! But Detroit is everything. We are such a great working class city! Eminem is amazing, and I am happy you mentioned Barry Sanders he was great too. Can’t forget what Isaiah Thomas did for the Pistons. How much people loathe the Red Wings, and my Tigers are great. So there… Or perhaps we should drive by the Jungle! Because a Jungle was always better than a Birds Nest, or a Pirates Ship! Suck it Matt! Admit it! I have superior Madden skills. You need me and my Right Tackle succeed… Grovel for me and I might consider giving you the player you need…”

Crystal smiles looking at Matt… “Or perhaps I could put you through some torture in order to get that Right Tackle…”

Chloe shakes her head. “Mrs. Millar we didn’t come here for you to ridicule Matt… You can do that on your own time. We have a busy schedule to attend too… Things to do, this homecoming tour is supposed to really build up your fan base as you take your biggest rival through your home town. What do you think is going to happen when he takes you through Baltimore in a few weeks….”

Crystal’s eyes open wide up. “B..B...Baltimore?! The crime rate there is ridiculous… IT’s so fucking high plus….”

“Yes I know we could have gone through Ottawa but the fans already saw you overcome that city so we figured it would be interesting to see what happens when he takes you through the city that is his American residence. Shouldn’t be too much for a mega star like you to endure. After all you have overcame everything right?!”

The Starlet shakes her head. “Are you crazy?! Baltimore is where this piece of shit almost killed me and I had to stay in a hospital. You must be fucking nuts if you think I am going back there for anything…”

Chloe shrugs her shoulders. “Actually you WILL be going. It was all in the contract you signed for the movie, and Matt gets to make the entire agenda of what you both will be doing just like what you are doing here in Detroit. Fair is fair right?!”

Crystal sighs as she shakes her head. “I don’t think I feel so good now…” Meanwhile Matt is smiling from ear to ear, looking over at her. “Oh goodie, all the fun we’ll get to have. Of course, I could just draw inspiration from what we do here, so if you want to take me to some place where I can’t stand, then I might just have to return the favour and take you to a place you won’t appreciate so much. I think I can come up with a few of those off the top of my head, but why ruin the surprise? So tell me again, Crystal, just where are we going on this trip?”

“So we are going to go to my house first… I think it would be best if we met my mother… Well she’s technically my aunt since my mother was an unfit drunk piece of shit who was unfit to raise a daughter. Kinda left me on her sister’s doorstep to raise with her other 5 kids. Strong single black woman and all….”

Chloe speaks up from the backseat. “Oh in the same way you just dumped your daughter off in your sister in law Jenny’s arm to raise?!”

“Chloe shut up it’s different!” Crystal snaps back as Chloe just shakes her head. Crystal begins to speed up as she looks in the rearview mirror. “Besides I wouldn’t piss me off when I am the one that is driving behind this wheel… Anyway I want you to meet her along with some of my siblings. I know some of them have a bone to pick with you over the way you been treating me. I just know you are going to have a wonderful time this evening…”

She snickers in return as she turns her attention to Matt. “You aren’t scared are you?!” “Scared?” he asked back, an amused look on his face. “No, I’m not scared of hoodrats. I’m afraid I’m going to be bored out of my mind, terrified that I won’t be able to find a single intelligent person to talk to and I’m worried that there won’t even be a gun there to assist me in my suicide I’ll want to take part in just to end this horrible nightmare, but scared? Not a chance.” He glances back at Chloe for a moment. “What are you going to be doing throughout all of this?”

“I’ll probably be on my iPad plotting things out. Time is money… Arrange for some Meet & Greets with the both of you. One at a Red Wings Game for the first 500 fans to enter the Joe Louis Arena. And I know we are setting up something big with someone nicknamed Megatron. Some special banquet dinner or something…”

Crystal’s eyes open wide up. “REALLY?!” “That sounds far more entertaining than anything you’ve come up with.” Matt says to Crystal, peering back at Chloe once more. “Good work with that one, maybe I’ll just hang out with you on this trip, make sure you don’t feel so left out.” He gives her a wink, though makes sure it’s with the eye that Crystal can see.

Crystal elbows Matt as hard as she possibly can as she pouts. Chloe shrugs her shoulders. “Mrs. Millar why are you getting so upset… Don’t you constantly hate Matt on an everyday basis and aren’t you a married woman? I mean if someone was looking at Jonathan like this I could see you getting ups….”

“Shut up Chloe! As far as I am concerned Jonathan would rather be married to a Nebby and whatever a Team Skull is…. But I don’t have time for videogames I only have time for….”

“Mrs. Millar no disrespect but you just made a Madden reference like five minutes ago. You just contradicted yourself and….”


“You just did…. You confuse me so much…” She leans forward leaning near Matt to whisper into his ear. “Must be that time for her…”

“It always is.” He replies back, laughing. “I’m not even going to pretend to know what a Nebby is, but if that’s how you feel about him, why don’t you just get a divorce? All you do is complain about how neglected you feel, it’s quite frankly becoming quite annoying.”

“Well maybe I will but right now I am happy I think…” Crystal sighs as she thinks about it. She makes a few turns and after enough driving she is finally at their respective destination. She sighs as she looks at Matt before turning her attention over to Chloe in the back seat. “So are you all ready to meet my family?! I must warn you… They aren’t the most pleasant of people but when you really get to know them they can be quite awesome. They mean no harm… Except Ester… Just stay away from my sister Ester…”

Crystal sighs in return. “Uh huh…” Matt says, looking at the house, clearly not impressed. “Well I don’t plan on getting to know them, and I think I’d be happier if I never actually meet them. Anyone who can claim they live in this place is clearly not my brand of people. How about you go in and Chloe and I take the car to a nice hotel?”

“If you don’t want to stay here that’s one thing and I won’t force you, but at least be respective and meet them!” Crystal exits the car as she pulls the car keys with her. “Besides it’s not like you two can go anywhere unless you call a cab or an uber…” She runs up to the doorstep as she begins to knock on the door. Slowly glancing back at the car hoping that the two of them would follow suit.

It isn’t long before the door to the small home opens up and standing on the other side was an elderly woman. She smiles as she hugs Crystal tightly. “Long time my Christina… You know better… Where are my phone calls? And when am I going to hear from my Granddaughter?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders. “Sorry mom… Look I brought some guests with me…. “ She points at the car motioning for Chloe and Matt to come up to the door alongside her. Matt just sighed and came out of the car, but rather than going to the door, he went to the back of the car and starting bringing the bags out from the trunk, since there were a lot of them and it didn’t look like Crystal was going to help at all. Grabbing as much as he could, he started up the steps, breathing heavily. “Hello” he finally spat out upon making it up there.the elderly woman at the door smiled as she looked at the man.

“Christina… Jonathan looks a lot dif….” Before Crystal’s mom could finish that statement Crystal’s sister Ester exits the house. A tall woman with a muscular build snatches the suitcases from Matt and chucks them in the house. “Mom that’s not Jonathan… Nobody gives a damn about that midget. This is a real man. This is Matt Stone. Wrestler, movie star galore. The man who constantly embarrasses Crystal on an everyday basis, the man who is carrying her movie to a success…”

Ester grins as she smiles at Matt. “How do you put up with Crystal? Honestly there’s a reason why I am a fan of yours. People like you make me smile. You aren’t afraid to put her in her place when need be…” She grins looking at him as Crystal sighs.

“Yeah… This would be the sister I was telling you about. Ester… Ester… Mom this is my ummm… ummm… FriEnemy….”

Chloe starts running up the stairs. “Co-Star would be a more professional term…”

“Chloe shut the f….”

Mom quickly cuts her off. “Christina I know I taught you better than that. You aren’t going to cuss in front of me or our guests especially not in THIS house. Why don’t you get inside and make your guests feel comfortable….”

“Mom they were just leaving to go to the hotel…”

“Without you treating them like proper guests?! And why are they carrying your bags to begin with? Did the concept of proper manners just leave you altogether since leaving Detroit?! Hurry along make them some iced tea…” Crystal snickers as she speaks again.

“Actually they were just LEAVING right Matt… You wanted to take the car to a better hotel. You REALLY don’t want to meet MY family…” Crystal having second guesses as she takes the keys tossing them at Matt. Matt grabs them, a smirk spreading out across his lips. “Oh, I think we can stay for a drink at least, it is the polite thing to do, right Chloe?” Matt asks accepting Crystal’s mother’s invitation, stepping back from the door so Chloe can enter first, like a gentleman would. “Maybe even two drinks, who knows?”

Chloe nods her head. “Oh… Mrs. Millar is actually going to serve us for once?!”

“Mrs. Millar?!” The older woman stares in return. “In this house you can call her Christina or Crystal as you all put it… She’s the baby of the house so she’s used to doing things for everyone else. Anyway it’s a pleasure for you both to be here…”

Chloe raises her eyes. “So is this why she left this great city?!”

“I am sure there’s part of it although the real reason is…”

Ester smiles as she looks back at Crystal. “OH! Since you are in town… I know your graduating class is getting together. You know… Crystal WOULD have been apart of that class if she didn’t get pregnant but I am sure everyone would be happy to see her again. Maybe while you guys are here you should pay it a visit. I am sure it will be good times for everyone…”

Walking into the hallway next was Crystal’s other sister Cherrie.. She just shakes her head glancing at everyone in return. “Why do you always have to be like that to her… You should feel ashamed to be constantly picking on her like that Ester…”

Matt’s too busy looking over at Crystal, that glint in his eyes. “A reunion, eh? Doesn’t that just sound like fun. Imagine seeing all your old friends from high school Christina, a good old time. Chloe, jot that down in the planner.”

Chloe smiles as she does exactly that placing it into her iPad. Meanwhile Crystal walks over to them just sighing. “No I really don’t want to go… I really didn’t have friends. Well except for Stephanie and she slept with my exhusband! I rather not go to that school. To be honest I left this city because I didn’t want Brittany surrounded by any of this!”

Ester can’t help but get mad. “Surrounded by what?! Her aunties and grandma who miss her dearly?! Sounds like you are selfish just like you always were. You aren’t really our sister you know that! Not our problem Aunt Mary was a drunken drug addicted mess who couldn’t handle raising you. Leaving you to be my mother’s burden…”

“ESTER THAT’S ENOUGH!” The mother snaps back as Crystal starts to have tears in her eyes. Cherrie just sighs as she looks at Ester. “Just leave her alone… You always do this?!”

“Do what?! Refuse to sugar coat shit?! She’s an absolute mess and just like her own mother. She lives a life of fantasy dwelling in Los Angeles because she’s afraid of what happened right here. Too afraid to face it that things aren’t perfect. She didn’t have her storybook ending here. Granted we all know we ARE much better wrestlers than she ever will be. Look at you Cherrie multiple time World Champion and you dragged her to a few tag championships. I have a few World titles under me. Our brother Mike the same way and even his wife Candace did. But you look at Crystal and she’s the late bloomer. Walking in our footsteps after we paved the way for her. I am sick of always babying her...Let’s just call a spade a spade…”

Ester smiles at Matt. “That’s why I always liked this guy right here. He’s a Straight Shooter. Ever opinionated… Always ready to speak his mind, although I am curious why he sticks around her so much. I know it isn’t the ass because as you can see… She’s inferior when it comes to the rest of the Hilton girls…”

Ester grins wickedly. Matt just chuckles, loving every minute of this. “It’s all part of the business, I suppose.”

“Part of the business?! I been watching you for a while. You took over my sister’s team in the SFL even though it was short lived. I watched the practices Crystal wasn’t even the best player on her team yet you put up with her ego. You are so much better on the screen, and let’s not start with the wrestling career… Someone like you shouldn’t be wasting so much time with her…. In fact…”

Crystal has heard enough as she charges after her sister but in return Ester is there to grab Crystal yanking her up and slamming her through the coffee table with ease. Crystal clutches at her back as Ester stares down at her. “Don’t ever think you are tough enough to beat down on your big sister! You hear me… Don’t you ever do that!”

The mom quickly steps in there as she looks at everyone. “What is wrong with you! You okay Crystal?! Crystal just blows it off as she is helped up to her feet and as soon as she is she pushes her mother to the side as she storms out of the house. Cherrie just sighs as she looks at Ester. “What is your problem?! You know she isn’t the most stable at times… Christina come back…”

Chloe looks at everything as she decides to run outside after Crystal. Matt looks around for a moment, feeling a little awkward right now. “So...this was nice…” He says, walking towards the door himself. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.” He offers them a polite head nod before casually walking out the door, not really looking for Crystal, just wanting to get out of the house.

Crystal is in the backseat of the car as she had clicked the door open a bit before handing the keys to Matt. Chloe gets in the car and sits next to Crystal as she looks at her.

“You okay Mrs. Millar?!” Crystal shrugs her shoulders still with tears in her eyes as she looks back at Chloe.

“Just call me Crystal… No reason to act like something I am not in front of you.. .You saw me at my worst…” Crystal looks out the window hoping Matt would hurry up to the car. Seeing the two in the car, Matt makes his way over, looking through the window. “What are you doing?” He asks, looking slightly annoyed.

“Just drive… Let’s get out of here…” She sighs reaching into her handbag she pulls out the envelope and just lays it on the driver’s seat. “It’s all yours you have more on me than I ever will have on you…Go on take it… Go on and tell the world what I put you through. Tell them why I secretly hate this city… Why I am hesitant to truly call it home… Drive my image into the ground…” She sighs with tears in her eyes.

“Is that what this is all about? What did you think would happen, you know these people far better than we do.” He says, taking the envelope from her just the same.

“I got excited when I was coming home but am reminded why I claim Los Angeles as my own… I don’t know let’s just get that Four Seasons Chloe…”

“Sure Mrs.. I mean no problem Crystal… Did you want to do the High School thing? We don’t really have too if you don’t want too…”

Crystal looks at them. “Sure might as well get it out of the way but only if you come with me Matt… Promise you will be there with me…”

Matt rolls his eyes, sighing. “Fine, I guess I can do that, might be fun to hear what the people have to say about you. You better not make it hell for me, though.” He says, looking down at her face, knowing she knew what he was talking about.

“Anyway let’s just go to the four seasons Benson!” She sobs back as Chloe is left laughing as Matt eventually starts the car off and they head off in the direction of the city.

On Camera
Never Gonna Give You Up…

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the loud sounds of Rick Astley blasting loudly for all of the viewers at home. Never Gonna Give You Up begins to play loudly and it is at that moment that Crystal Millar can be seen dancing onto the scene. She has her White Bombshell Championship draped across a shoulder and is all smiles as she stares intensely into the camera. She looks at her championship patting it hard as she looks right into the heart of the cameras.

Crystal: “Good evening to all of my lovely viewers. In case you may not know who I am let me just remind you that I am in fact your SILVER SCREEN QUEEN Crystal Millar! Better known to the world as the SCW World Bombshell Championship. Hasn’t it been a wonderful 200 plus days of my reign so far?! I feel like I am on top of the world and no despite the song that I came dancing out too. I am not Rick Rolling you! This is my reign and I am NEVER GONNA GIVE this title up because I love it soooooooooo much. I feel like dancing don’t you all want to do the same?!”

Crystal grins from head to toe as she adjusts her championship and begins to speak some more.

Crystal: “But now that we got that out of the way in a little over a week SCW will be hosting it’s very first Super Card of the year Inception 2 from the home of SCW Las Vegas Nevada and it will be such an amazing night. But what really seems to be the highlight of the night will be the main event of the evening. Everyone will get the pleasure of seeing me defend my championship yet again as I step in the ring with some very game competition in the likes of Jessie Salco, Melody Grace, and Mikah… If there was ever where my title reign might be in jeopardy it would be at Inception because it’s a Fatal Four Way match….”

Crystal let’s a long deep breath escape her lips as she continues to speak.

Crystal: “That’s right a fatal four way a match where everyone needs to be on their toes because whoever gets that very first pin fall will be the one to walk out as the champion. It’s the first time where I will be defending inside of a match where I can lose the belt without being pinned or submitted so I really need to be on my guard because as soon as the bell rings anything can happen. For all I know the three other women can all gang up on me and take me right out of the equation altogether so they can focus on a new champion being crowned. That’s the harsh reality of walking into a match like this but then again I wouldn’t be the champion if I couldn’t handle the pressure. I know how much this championship reign means to me and to the others in this match I know they want to have this moment just as much.”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks deeper into the camera.

Crystal: “But what makes it scary is these three women have EARNED this place in this match. Just look at Jessie Salco to start. She has been a long tenured bombshell in this business.  Former Roulette Champion, former Internet Champion, and a multiple time Bombshell Tag Team Champion, it really doesn’t get any better than that does it. For her there’s only one thing left to do in this business so she can go down in the history books alongside her partner Amy Marshall, alongside Roxi Johnson, and even Mercedes Vargas as being a Grand Slam Champion, and that’s to gain the belt that I have around my shoulder. You need to win the big one. I know I may have had a strong past with you where we didn’t see eye to eye. Nearly because you kept accusing me of being in the Mean Girls when I clearly wasn’t but you know what Jessie you have earned to be in this match. While I was fighting the likes of Sam Marlowe and Mercedes Vargas you were slowly gaining your respect. Slowly fighting your way into the limelight and right smack dab into the World Bombshell picture. So let me be the first to say that you have earned my respect and after the match we put on at the last Supercard I can acknowledge why you are in this position.”

Crystal waves her fingers offering a wicked grin.

Crystal: “But don’t take my sign of respect for granted. Just because I respect you doesn’t mean I am just going to roll over and let you win my championship. That shit isn’t going to fly with me Jessie, and if you really want this belt. You are going to need to wait until I make the history that I have been longing to make. I am out to be the best. Being number two can be quite forgetful nobody ever remembers the second to do something. That’s why surpassing Mikah is driven me to be at my best, and that doesn’t really seem like a good thing for you and the rest of my opponents. So if you are seeking the storybook ending when you finally get over the hump. You better keep waiting for it because it won’t come at my expense. Not now at least. It took me a long time to establish the credibility of the division again, and I won’t depart from this title. But keep at it… Keep on being that metal head. I am sure your wreckless ways will position you to a chance like this again. I am confident in that Jessie.”

Crystal grins into the lens of the camera as she nods her head and continues to speak.

Crystal: “Also in this match is Little Miss sunshine Melody Grace. Melody sweetie what has gotten into you? You took me to my absolute limits a week ago and I gave you the biggest sign of respect that anyone could give in this business. I helped you up to your feet. I praised you and I gave you a hug because you brought it. For months you been clamoring for competition a chance to get notice, a chance to have your main event match, and I gave you just that. How’s it feel to finally have that chance? How did it feel to be in that position? Did you enjoy that moment… How did it feel to compete under the big lights? To have top billing to finally have gotten the shot that you were seeking?”

Crystal cracks a smile as she looks at her championship.

Crystal: “Was it everything you imagined? Was it what you were looking for in the end? ‘well I want you to know I meant what I said to you. One day if you really put your mind to it you will be the future of this division. You WILL be a World Bombshell Champion but you can’t just step away from it or you can’t complain on Twitter when things don’t go your way. Complaining that one of your accomplishments will be taken away from you? Come on you are better than that. I know you are Melody… When I was first in this company I remember being that spunky little girl… Well I can’t say little because I was like 27 going on 28. But I had dropped so many matches. I couldn’t get my Roulette title back from Melanie Gabrielle. Mikah had owned me in every single match and I felt at my lowest…

But despite being at my lowest I never once showed that to anyone. I kept my composure. I kept at it and I kept pushing forward. It took a year for me to get to where I wanted but eventually I went on a tear and nobody could stop me. You yourself witnessed it when you were getting screwed in chasing after the Internet title I was making strides in this company. I was making a name for myself, and now I am at a place where I can’t be touched and it’s a great feeling because what you see before you. It’s what happens when you put the time and effort it. It’s what happens when you get knocked down and find a way to pick yourself back up. When people get on your nerves or when you feel you don’t get the respect you deserve guess what Melody?! You just keep going. You keep going forward because at the end of the day that’s all you really can do. You don’t complain about things you force change. You get people talking with your wrestling ability and let your wrestling do the talking.

People see Crystal Millar and they assume the word Bitch but you know what it’s an image I established for being a great wrestler. People harped on me for jumping on Despy but I was a great wrestler before that. Doing something like that just helped fleshed me out a bit and got people to take me more seriously. You however have it all. You are right there. You just need to flesh it out and I guarantee you will seek what you are looking for. Keep at it and you will get there.”

Crystal smiles warmly.

Crystal: “You got it all… You are popular you have the fanbase. Don’t stop Melody just keep your eyes on the prize ahead and everything else will fall into place. I truly mean that… Take it from me. I already walked in those shoes before. Just keep calm and keep pushing on Melody you will get there. You have the awesome boyfriend. The network of friends. You just need to give it that umph so you can win the big one”

Crystal offers a very long sigh as she shakes her head and begins to speak some more.

Crystal: “And now that we got that out of the way that leaves me with just one more person left in this match, and that woman goes by the name of Mikah Green… Mikah when it comes to you I feel like we know each other the best. We have gone to war with one another in so many matches. It has been an ongoing war and I know when I defended my belt against you in that one on one match. The question that everyone had on their mind is what would happen in a match when I was defending the title. You had gotten the best of me in non title matches or when you had the belt. But when I was the one who was the hunted how would I react to having my back against the wall. I would say I did a great job for myself. I came out fighting and I finally got over the hurdle that was you.

But just because I won once doesn’t necessarily mean I can be at ease because we all know that in this industry on any given day anybody can beat anyone. I showed that when I beat you Mikah, Sam showed that when she beat you, and in return you showed that when you became champion in the first place. This is a business when anything can happen at any time. So I know what it is you want. You want the title around my waist. You want it badly. You want it so much you can taste it. You can smell it. You wish to take it away from me so I don’t break your streak so that you still have something you can cling onto but as much as you want that. I want to break it even more. It’s so maddening because I want to go down in history forever. I want it more than you could ever imagine.”

Crystal takes a breath as she continues to speak.

Crystal: “Last year just wasn’t your year. You lost your title and went on this rampage like you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted to move on to new things and didn’t really get the release you were looking for. You bounced between not caring about the title to suddenly wanting it back once finding out I was drawing closer and closer towards breaking the streak. That’s not a valid reason for wanting a belt Mikah. You should want it because you want to be the best damn fighting champion on the planet not elsewise.

I know I am the one with the movie career who lives the Hollywood lifestyle but you are the one always on some tv show. Always getting the gigs I could only die for. Last time we fought youw ere on the view talking up how you were going to make me submit how you wanted to make me quit and that just wasn’t meant to happen now was it?! No… And it certainly won’t happen not when I am as fired up as I am. I have busted my ass way too much for me to just lose everything now.

You Mikah were distracted last year. You were all over the place. You had a huge wedding to plan. You got the wedding of your dreams you found love, and it really had an impact on your wrestling career. I can compare your year last year to the one I had the year before when I became a Millar. I honestly didn’t care about anything other than having my husband. It’s not nothing else mattered to me.

Now that you got the wedding out of the way and you are back to the basics can you finally focus on what’s important again? Are you really ready to step out and win a championship for yourself? Are you ready to be the focal point of the division and ready to take this entire on your back and mold it into something new?!

The truth is I don’t think you are to be honest. If you were you would have wanted your belt back as soon as you lost it. You wouldn’t have waited so long to get back into the mix. You wouldn’t have gone this far this long in order to get to this position again, and that could be your downfall. For two hundred days I have ruled the roost! For two hundred days I have been the woman! You hear me… It’s all been about me and I am really expected to just sit back and watch as three women try to take away what I worked so hard to establish?! That’s just ridiculous.”

Crystal shakes her head in disgust as she continues to speak.

Crystal: “You see there are three other women in this match but then there’s me and I am the one who has proven to be ready to be in the limelight. I am the proven one by a longshot because I successfully cleared out the division and hit the reset button on the entire thing. As if clearing it out once was enough I am placed in a position where all of the contenders can get yet another shot?! Didn’t we just do this during the summer of last year?! And you know what happened everybody fell to me. Sam Marlowe lost ina  one on one match. Mikah, Melody, Jessie, Keira….

I have beaten absolutely everybody and some may think it’s a selfish thing to try to obtain something legendary but when you are in the position that I have been in what else am I supposed to chase after? What more can a girl accomplish! There really isn’t much. It might sound like I am on some sort of Power Trip but it can’t be that if I manage to back it up every time I get into the ring. No that’s cold hearted facts. Facts that I am the best and I am willing to prove that fact night in and night out.

You just don’t become the woman of the year on sheer luck. It takes a whole lot of skill to obtain that. It takes a woman such as me who can get there. I want to do much more though. I want to go beyond that. I want to be the very best! I want to be the measuring stick! Is that so much to ask?! Is that so much to ask of anyone… No because I am willing to put forward the fucking work just like I have been doing.

People can claim whatever they want but this right here isn’t a flash in the pain. I am the definition of hard work at it’s finest. What you see is what you get. If you don’t like that guess what… Take a number and try to best me inside the ring where it matters, but even that may prove to be a hard challenge.

So SCW you don’t think I am ready for this challenge?! You don’t think I am ready to put on the show of a lifetime. You should think twice because I live for moments like this. I live to be featured in the grand marquee to be top billing. To be the center of attention. It’s a damn travesty that I didn’t make the cover of the video game but you know what? You know who didn’t make it onto the case at all. None of the other three women in this match. I sell damn it! I sell and I bring it inside the ring every single night. Now things are at jeopardy. My precious title could be gone like that as a way to give others a chance. A chance they could win something without beating me for it.”

Crystal seems disgusted as she just shakes her head.

Crystal: “But if that’s the game we are going to play so be it then. Through hell or high water I am leaving Vegas with MY CHAMPIONSHIP belt. I am not leaving anything behind and I refuse to leave it behind. You three want what I got?! By all means come and take it from me. Take it if you think you have the skill and the ability because I won’t make it easy. I have done way too much for this damn company for me to pull a Jessie Salco and be a choke artist. Way too damn much.

I can be nice but when I feel disrespected that’s when I will defend myself. That’s when I will step up and show everyone just what they are dealing with. To my fans there shouldn’t be any doubts at who is going to walk away as the winner of this match because you are looking at her. There are four different ways that this match could go in but truly only one way leads to victory, and that one way is through the likes of m.

Come January 22nd through hell or high water I will still be your SCW World Bombshell Champion and the only thing you can do about it is sit there and like it because I am not going anywhere.

Brace yourself and all should hail the one and only SILVER SCREEN QUEEN!!!




It’s show time ladies… You ready to compete under the big spotlight?! I know I am… See you there…

With that Crystal looks at her championship raising it high into the air as we fade out on that image.
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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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 Four Seasons Hotel
Detroit, Michigan

Crystal was up bright and early as she wasn’t really able to sleep that well. Being in Detroit meant that Crystal was in her hometown but there were always triggers that she didn’t enjoy being around. Her sister Ester was definitely one of them. As much as there were some parts of the city that Crystal enjoyed deep down she didn’t want to be here. The memory of her childhood was something that had always flashed up before her eyes and she could only remember the way she was ridiculed by everyone among the way that they treated her. The BlackARican made her way to the hotel restaurant as she wanted to enjoy some breakfast by herself.

She had her Michael Kors handbag attached at her side as she slowly walked inside. The hostess spotted her as she walked up to her with a pair of menus in her hands. “Hello welcome to the Four Seasons dining room. How many will be joining us this morning?!”

Crystal sighed as she was about to answer back. “Sure table for on….” But before she could even finish her statement that’s when a figure was walking right behind her. The heels clicked together as Crystal turned around to see the petite blonde standing before her. It was none other than her personal assistant Chloe Martin. Chloe smiled softly as she looked at the hostess in return.  “Table for two please…” The hostess acknowledged Chloe as she grabbed a pair of menus and walked them to their table. They were placed at a table as they just glanced at one another. Crystal didn’t bother staring at her menu as her eyes moved to that of Chloe.

“So is there a reason why you decided to accompany me this morning? Because if you hadn’t noticed I really am not in the mood to do anything that’s close to a publicity stunt… I rather just take a day off…” The Latina beauty snapped back as the Canadian just shrugged her shoulders in return.

“Crystal why do you always have to get like that?! Am not here to talk about anything regarding the studio or even your wrestling career. I am here because I am worried about you. What happened last night shouldn’t be wished upon anyone. I could sense that you have a lot of hurt within you and as a….”

Chloe couldn’t get the words out as she paused with Crystal just glaring at her intently.

“As a what Chloe?!”

Chloe pauses before she takes a long deep breath and stares into Crystal’s eyes. “As a friend… Look I know we been through a lot Crystal but the one thing you need more than anything right now is a friend. You need someone you can talk to. Someone you can discuss life with and I know we haven’t eye to eye that often but I do want you as a friend. Not just as my work boss but as a friend because I feel you need it…”

Crystal thinks about it as she just sits there. The truth was she didn’t have much friends she can rely on. The only thing that was close to a friend was Zelda and she hadn’t spoken to her in ages. She needed someone on her side and as much as she put Chloe through she did feel something for her assistant. Crystal lets out a very long sigh as she gazes into her eyes. “Fine… We can be friends but don’t think this is going to cause me to treat you any differently when we are discussing or handling Rose Productions stuff. You know I got a rep to protect…”

“Oh not at all Crystal, I know you are a very busy woman with so much stuff to do. I wouldn’t dare dream of trying to come in between the image that you have established for yourself. Being all tough and everything of the sort….”

Chloe smiles back but this time Crystal wasn’t smiling as she just stared deeply into Chloe’s eyes. “Chloe it’s just not about me being tough but the reason I have this image to begin with is because of everything that has happened during my time in this city. I know there are so many people who would be happy to go back to their hometown. Happy to see the roots they came from and how they could give back to the city, but for me Detroit wasn’t always so kind to me…”

Crystal just shakes her head in disgust as she continues to share her heart. “Truth be told everyone here always made fun of me. Do you know what it feels like to grow up in a household where you don’t look like your siblings or even your mother?! I grew up being lighter than them and that’s because I am mixed with some Puerto Rican heritage. There’s nothing wrong with it but I couldn’t go anywhere without having someone throw it in my face. Telling me I am a half breed. Telling me I don’t belong or I won’t amount to anything….”

Crystal let’s some tears fall down her cheeks as she lets a long sigh escape her lips as she continues to share her heart.

“It was just rough all around for me and there weren’t any signs of it ever getting better at all. So I fell into the temptation of getting pregnant early. I became another statistic and became exactly what they thought of me. Of course I got ridiculed even more for it so instead of trying to fight it or plead my case. I left this city. I reunited with my long lost father and got into wrestling… Nothing else mattered to me. I didn’t care that I had a daughter who needed to be taken care of. I didn’t care that I just abandoned my softball team. The only thing that was my main concern was finding my own path to redemption…”

Crystal just sighs as Chloe smiles back at her as she glances deeply into her eyes. “And I would say you definitely found that when you left Detroit. Sometimes you need to leave a place in order to grow and now look at you Crystal. You are one of the premier wrestling athletes in the world. You have the long championship reign to go with it. You are the cream of the crop and have had the successful from rags to riches story. Who cares what others say? You made something of yourself and proved all of the naysayers wrong… I know you come across being tough but that’s because you have a story to tell. That’s because you had been abused for so long…”

Chloe nods her head in agreement.

“There’s nothing wrong with guarding your heart. You just know it’s been trampled upon at one time and don’t want it to happen again, so you are taking the steps to protect yourself. If there is something wrong with that mentality then I guess there are many others like you who are doing it wrong. But behind the façade behind the Bitch that you tend to try to play I know that isn’t you Crystal.”

“Really?!” Is all Crystal can say in return as she stares deeply into Chloe’s eyes.

“Yes… Because at one point I had to play that same role. I didn’t want people to see how weak I was especially considering I was involved in two bad relationships. There’s nothing wrong in guarding your heart. You do so with the intention of people not trying to break you, so they don’t see how vulnerable you are.. I have no idea why your sister treated you the way she did. It must have been tough growing up in that household. Extremely tough from the looks of it but you are a survival. You made it…”

“You really think so?!” Crystal says befuddled.

“Of course I do… You got the movie career, the wrestling career, a family. You are living the American dream what more can you ask for?! You have a lot more than like everyone else I know. There’s not much to it is there?!” Chloe smiles warm heartedly as she looks back at Crystal.

It isn’t long before a waiter walks by. He asks the girls if they need help and both end up ordering the same exact thing. Eggs Benedict. He walks away leaving them to talk some more.

“Yeah but for some reason every time I get to this city I freeze up. I forget all of that and it’s like I am stuck in my past of who I used to be. Stuck being little Christina that they made fun of, little Christina who always had to rely on her siblings to bail her out of a fight. It gets irritating at times…And I don’t want them to be the woman that I was around them…”

“Well if that’s the case Crystal why don’t you show them what you have become, don’t show them Christina… Show them Crystal Millar in the flesh show them what it means to be a Silver Screen Queen! And once you do I am sure they won’t have anything to say to you…”

Chloe grins with an evil smirk. Crystal raises an eyebrow as she looks at her smiling.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?! I mean I am trying to get away from that entire image. I don’t want to always be that bitch especially when I am trying to be more positive in my life. You know as well as I that I just want to have a great time. That I just want to do things the right way… I worked hard to start to gain trust from people and I don’t want to kill it all by being a bitch…”

Chloe offers a very huge grin as she looks back at Crystal. “I get that but at the same time you can’t allow people to walk all over you. Especially a bunch of nobodies who haven’t achieved what you have achieved in life. As a matter of fact if I was you I would take this high school reunion thing and use it as a platform to tell your childhood friends what you really want to get across. That you aren’t going to be treated badly by bullies anymore… What these people are doing to you is no different than the way that you treated Despayre and do you remember how that made you feel?”

Crystal nods her head. “Of course I do… I felt very low. I didn’t really want to do that to Despy but I felt it was needed to elevate my own career.”

“Exactly and that’s what these people are doing here! From what I gather it seems that what everyone tried to do when you were all younger. They used you because you were an easy target. They did it because it was the popular thing to do but we are far from those days. Today you can’t allow that to happen! You are the top wrestler in the country so show them WHY you won’t allow that to happen anymore. Show them how much you have grown since those high school days. What they are need in is a huge wake up call, and you are the one that needs to make it happen…”

“You really think I can do so Chloe?!”

“Crystal I know so… The way you talk down other opponents is the way you should be treating these people that want to hate on you. I assure you once you do that no one will make fun of you again because you will force them to respect you. Trust me you can be a real bitch at times, but sometimes that is what is needed to get your point across!”

Crystal can only smile in return as she keeps her eyes fixated on her assistant.

“Thank you so much Chloe… Honestly sometimes I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you working for me…”

“You want the truth?!” Chloe smiles with a huge grin.

“You would miss most of your appointments, you wouldn’t be able to deal with the little things. The studio would be in disarray you wouldn’t be making any extra money on Meet & Greets and things like that. So yeah perhaps I should just make you talk me up a bit more. Maybe a raise would be good for as much as I put into making you look amazing.”

Crystal grins as she looks back at Chloe. “Hey one thing at a time… I am new to this whole nice girl thing. Let’s not push it now. I still have to keep my image in tact…”

Chloe smiles in return. “Sure you do Crystal whatever you say. Can I ask you a question?!”

“Of course you can… I will ask anything…”

“What’s the deal with you and Matt anyway? The way you act around him makes you seem like well… He’s more than just a rival to you…”

Crystal sighs as she looks back at Chloe. “Truth be told it’s hard but I like him, but this whole marriage thing Chloe. I don’t want to be the unfaithful wife but Matt pays more attention to me than Jonathan does. He’s there when I need him and doesn’t waste his time with some stupid video game…”

“That’s a dangerous game you are playing though Crystal. Didn’t he cause you to go to the hospital before to the point a bad allergy went south and you could have died…”

“I know but it still doesn’t change how I feel about him…. I just really don’t know…”

Chloe shakes her head. “Well this isn’t the movie you just can’t act your way differently around both of them. One day you will have to choose and be happy with your decision. As long as you make an hoenst one that’s all that should matter…”

Crystal slowly nodded her head in agreement.

“You do have a point… I will make one soon I promise….”

“Good because it’s tearing you apart and you are better than that Crystal… Also I got a surprise for you….”

Crystal opened her eyes in amazement. “Surprise?!”

“Yes… Look behind you….”

Crystal turns around and as she does it’s her sister Cherrie. Cherrie walks up to Crystal as she stands in front of her folding her arms together. She looks deep into Crystal’s eyes. “Christina can we talk? I think it’s best if we do so alone….”

Chloe gets up as she walks away. “I’ll leave you two to yourselves… Call me later Crystal….” With that she walks away leaving the two Hilton sisters alone to talk to one another.
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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2017, 11:00:40 PM »
 RP Title: “Second chances don’t come often, let alone third.”

Inception II was this weekend and many pundits where viewing Jessie’s latest chance at winning the World Bombshell Championship as her last unless her team won the upcoming Blast from the Past Tournament and considering that her opponents where Crystal (off course), Mikah and Melody she had some stiff competition in her sights if she wanted to walk out as World Bombshell Champion but can she finally do it?

Jessie’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 19th of January 2017, 11:00am

Just my luck that as soon as I am on the verge of winning the last title I need for the Grand Slam and Triple Crown America is about to vote in Trump as president.

I’m not going to try to get that political in this promo all though let’s be honest, trying not to be political on a day like today is like trying not to be patriotic on the 4th of July, it’s just not going to happen, with that in mind I’ll just get my thoughts on Trump out of the way now, his presidential race should’ve crashed and burned the moment he mocked that disabled reporter and no, I’m not saying that I would’ve voted for Hillary either, as far as we’re concerned those morons are as bad as each other.

Hell, we initially planned to vote for Sanders but after he put his support behind Hillary we put our vote towards Third Party, everyone in both me and Shane’s extended families (except for Jake and my other siblings) said that it was a wasted vote and we said that we’d laugh in their faces after when the third-party vote won, now we’re going to be laughing in their faces as Trump drives the country to ruin.

But like I said, politics is going to be one thing that I will be avoiding in this promo even after that idiot vandalized our rental car because he thought that we were Trump Supporters because we’re white, that’s not hyperbole either, the guy pretty much turned himself in after my promo aired last week and wouldn’t listen to us try to explain that we’re not Trump Supporters.

And I swear to god, if I get called a crybaby one more time on Social Media for wanting a president I voted for rather than one that was determined by an archaic system because I’m a millennial or some shit I am going to scream.

Okay, I swear to god, I’m getting off my political soapbox now, besides as important as the presidential inauguration is I have other things on my mind, like the World Bombshell Championship because if there’s one good thing that should happen to me this week it’s winning that fucking title and finally joining the ranks of the other Grand Slam Champions, the only thing that would make it better would be if Kate and Amy won the Bombshell Internet and Bombshell Roulette Championships on the same night.

Then again, they have it easy, relatively speaking, they only have one opponent to worry about, me? I have three other opponents including the champion to worry about and considering who my opponents are I have one hell of a steep hill to climb if I want to win the World Bombshell Title, is it as bad as the Chamber of Fate? No, at least in that match I had wins over most of the competition, in this match? I have yet to beat any of my opponents clean otherwise.

So yeah, I have a lot to prove in this match but I’ll be damned if I let my third chance slip through my fingers!

“So, you guys going to watch the US be set back three hundred years tonight?” Shane asked and two things where clear, he had just finished drum practice in the garage and that he was talking about the inauguration, me and Jake shared a look before shaking our heads.

“I’d be spending most of it hoping that someone decides to turn the inauguration into the Red Inauguration, except we’ll be cheering when that bastard gets a knife in the gut.” Jake responded as he sat down in front of the TV and started channel hopping. “I’m not sure if I can live with the disappointment when either a: it doesn’t happen or b: the secret service actually does their jobs and wrestle him to the ground.”

“And I’d still be holding out hope that the secret service pull a Pretorian Guard on Trump and his entire administration.” I added and Shane nodded in response, me in the meantime? I just let out a disgusted sigh. “How the hell did this country go from legalizing gay marriage across all fifty states to, well, everything Trump?”

“Because Trump appealed to racist, misogynistic idiots who think that the supreme court should honor the bible instead of the Bill of Rights.” Jake responded with a frown as he shifted his weight. “Whilst I was on my way back from the shop earlier an older guy yelled out to me saying, and I quote, “I don’t need Obamacare because I still have the ACA, you dumb millennial, go back in your safe zone!”, compared to the car vandalization last week it’s not the worst thing that’s happened but still.”

“I’m surprised that he was willing to yell that at you considering how tall and muscular you are.” Shane commented and Jake laughed before nodding in response. “Please tell me that you put that idiot in his place?”

“I yelled back that the ACA and Obamacare was the same thing and he shut up.” Jake responded and we grinned in response. “And as much as I’d like to say that it was because he realized that I was right, I think it’s more likely that he couldn’t come up with a comeback and realized how much bigger I was than him.”

“All we need to do now is use it on every Trump Supporter we see and we shouldn’t have any hassle.” I responded with a grin as I leaned back. “Hell, if it weren’t for Brexit I’d suggest moving to the UK considering how many awesome festivals including Bloodstock that they are putting on over there.”

“Yeah, I know, they have such an awesome festival scene compared to the US’s especially when you compare the size of the countries.” Shane added and I frowned as every channel Jake seemed to be surfing through was talking about the inauguration.

“You know what? I have a promo to do and I really, really don’t want to think about the beginning of the end of this country.” I said as I walked out of the living room. “Anyone wants me I’ll be in the garage doing my promo.”

“Yeah, sure, I’ll call you when Lunch is ready.” Shane responded and without another word I went off into the garage and closed the door behind me so that I wouldn’t hear the TV whilst I was doing my promo.

“Second chances don’t happen often, third chances? Not a chance! Unless, of course, you’re a wrestler in SCW and the chances you keep getting are for the same title! Inception II is this Sunday and I have a lot on my mind wrestling wise going into this match, after-all with three other opponents and two other challengers who are just as hungry and desperate to take the gold off of Crystal Millar after the iron grip she’s had on the gold, myself, Mikah and Melody have a hell of a challenge in front of us what with it being one-fall to the finish.”

And I’m starting with Crystal.

“But if anyone is at the highest disadvantage going into this match, it’s the champion herself Crystal Millar, after all you don’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose the title, just ask Mercedes Vargas when she held the title for a couple of weeks, then again it was your interference that earned Mercedes that title reign in the first place! My point is Crystal that I can only see one way that you are going to walk out with the World Bombshell Championship still in your possession and that’s if a miracle happens.”

And I don’t see that happening.

“But in all honesty? I’d sooner believe that Christian was coming out of retirement for one more match on a random Climax Control than I’d believe that you would walk out the World Bombshell Champion because a miracle happened, I’ve mentioned this a few times but I’m atheist, meaning I don’t believe in god or any deity, let alone miracles and if the result of your last title match doesn’t disprove miracles as things that can happen then it’ll mean one thing, I’ll be your new World Bombshell Champion!”

Next up is Melody!

“Melody, I went over our history last week and I don’t feel like repeating myself, besides, I said that, during my promo for our last one on one match, that I was done talking about the past and how it related to the present and I think it’s about time that I made good on those words, don’t you? Don’t answer that question because I don’t give a shit what either of my opponents think of me or how I do things, going into this match there’s only one thing that matters and one thing that I’m focused on and that’s the World Bombshell Championship.”

Who saw that coming? Everyone? Good, my audience aren’t complete morons.

“Melody, out of the three challengers in this match you had the most recent brush with Crystal before this match, as I said before you were Crystal’s last challenger before this match was made official so you’d think that would give you an edge over me and Mikah, you’d be wrong because we’ve been waiting longer for this opportunity to raise its ugly head and that means we’ve had longer to improve our game heading into this match!  However out of the three challengers I had to wait the longest as I challenged her at the last Supercard which means I’ve had the longest time to improve and improve I have? Don’t believe me? I’ll let my actions do the talking when I win the World Bombshell Championship!”

And finally, Mikah!

“Mikah, it doesn’t happen often but I am willing to admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong about the fact that you haven’t given a shit since you lost the World Bombshell Championship to Sam Marlowe last year, looking back I realize that you were just biding your time waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and considering how long you’ve waited you have the patience of a turtle, too bad that you also have the wrestling ability of a turtle!”

What? Did you think I was going to be nice to her?

“Mikah, you are nothing but the worst traits of the Mean Girls rolled into one Bombshell and it’s even more glaringly obvious now than it was ever before now that the Mean Girls have made their unwelcome return to SCW! You managed to skirt by on nothing but luck before Mikah but I don’t need to do be a fortune teller to be able to tell you that your luck is fading faster than the Mean Girls’ cheap make-up and this Sunday it’ll come to ahead when I win the World Bombshell Championship!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“Like I said, second chances don’t come often let alone third and I am on my third chance! Mikah and Melody are both on their second chance to take the belt from Crystal but for me? This is pretty much do or die for me and any chance I had of winning the World Bombshell Championship for the first time which is why I plan to take full advantage of it by leaving my opponents in the dust, it doesn’t matter if I pin Mikah, Melody or Crystal to win the match because the champion doesn’t need to be pinned to lose the title and I have that gold in my sights, this is the “Heavy Metal Angel” Jessie Salco signing off, next time you see me I’ll be the one who finally dethrones Crystal Millar!”

I left the garage as the scene fades.

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
« Reply #8 on: January 20, 2017, 10:50:28 PM »
 Hi, hello, hey… well what a week last week was, wasn’t it? I mean it was up and down and up again… however that nothing new in the land of Melody I mean if I was ever to have a full week of being down something would be terribly wrong in this world. So where are we now? Well it’s week two of the Inception II build up and I can whole heartedly say that I’m so excited for my first ever Sin City Wrestling main event at a Super card. It’s a good feeling knowing that all your hard work and dedication to this business is finally getting rewarded.

I’m just sorry that I had to knock James off his main event perch for the first pay per view of the year. Sorry Babe, but I’m sure you will reclaim your throne next cycle.

So, what’s on the cards this week? Well it’s a week jammed packed of press for Sin City Wrestling, I literally only have one day off this week and that’s Monday. After that I have a meeting to attend to on Tuesday, a press conference on Wednesday, Hot Stuff has booked me in to some crazy fan frenzy thing on Thursday, Friday I have some radio interviews and some calls to make to some lucky fans followed by Saturday which is the day that James and I will head to Vegas and settle in for Inception. Sunday, well we all know what happens on Sunday… Inception II.

The biggest match in my career when I go into a fatal four way match up against Jessie Salco, Mikah Green and the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion Crystal Millar… Sin City Wrestling’s night of nights in January. To say I’m excited would be an understatement; however, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was nervous as well. A lot is riding on this match and I’m looking forward to seeing the result.

Win or lose I will finally put my stamp on this division and that right there is all that matters to me.

I haven’t been this nervous since my return match but this time it’s different this time I have a confidence about me which must seem crazy considering last time I was inside the six-sided wrestling ring I was getting pinned by Crystal but you know what they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. They also say you never fail if you learn and trust me I learnt from my defeat from Crystal. I learnt that tasting defeat at her hands, doesn’t taste sweet it’s bitter and I don’t like bitter. It’s not that I don’t value our Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion; it’s just that well… I never thought that I would allow her to get under my skin and get the best of me.

I have been in the ring with the best of the best and I have toppled them but for some reason, that match up with her crippled me just for a moment and no before you say I was star struck, I wasn’t. I was just blinded by the fact I was in my first main event on climax control, I felt underprepared, I felt nervous and I lacked confidence in myself. I know, right? that sounds weird, considering I’m a pretty happy go lucky person, it’s just you never know who you’re going to face when you go toe to toe with Crystal I was just unfortunate to have to face her on a day she decided to be normal and less cocky.  

However, with a bit of luck the tides will change this Sunday night in Vegas when all four bombshells come together inside the six-sided ring with one mission in mind, to beat each other and be crowd the NEW or in Crystal’s case STILL the World Bombshell Champion. I know the hype is strongly around Crystal retaining the title, I know she is the odds on favourite but something tells me this time round we are going to see an upset. Maybe with a bit of luck Jessie Salco will live up to all the hype she has been surrounding herself, maybe Mikah will decided that she actually wants to work for Sin City Wrestling after all and put effort in? Regardless of if they do, it won’t matter because I have a hunger that needs to be satisfied and last Climax Control I got my first taste of what it would be like being crowned the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion… it’s a life I would like to see a whole lot more of.

The bright lights, the main events and the recognition that I feel like I have worked my way up for! However, I won’t be experiencing all these glorious mementos by myself… I will have my whole fan base celebrating with me. You see it’s not just about me; it’s not just about winning… it’s about working together and being successful together. I see my one day pending World Bombshell Championship reign kinda like Rome, it wasn’t built in a day… but all the work all the waiting and all the hard yards will be worth it.

Any-who let’s not get caught up counting our chickens before they hatch, we have a long road still to go before Sunday night and well it all begins on Monday… the starting point of week two and well I’m going to enjoy my only public day off but I can assure you I will not rest a single day until the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship is around my waist… now that day could be this Sunday night… I could be in another years’ time… it doesn’t matter… it’s my goal and I’ll be damned if I let it slip away from me.

Okay it’s time to get down to business and well I’m sure I’ll be seeing you guys again shortly, however in the meantime know that I love you all and that I need you my dear Melephants because without you there would be no little Miss Sunshine inside Sin City Wrestling.

Now let’s get this show on the road.


Monday Morning; strictly off camera.

It had been a wild night and well morning if you guys had caught up with James promotional, although it’s off camera so well you know what’s going on but you don’t really know what’s going on. Anyway, Melody had spent the night tossing and turning in the sheets, she couldn’t sleep her mind was racing on one question was she about to be told she was going to become a mother? She wasn’t even twenty-four yet but that was a very real possibility that she was in fact going to be a mom. That thought alone brought her nothing but joy as her closest friends in this world were all mothers, Odette, Misty and Roxi all had children of their own and maybe Melody was going to be in this elite mother’s club that all had ties to Sin City Wrestling.

Nevertheless, her joy of the situation was also over washed with the fear of it all, she didn’t know how to be a mom. She was too much of a push over to be any good at it, Melody would make for the most affectionate doting mother but when it came to setting rules when the child was older her whole world would crumble. Not only that the timing of the pregnancy couldn’t have come at the worst time in her life career wise, although if she was in fact pregnant she would be keeping the baby so her career would take a backseat she already had that worked out in her mind.

The morning had dragged by as James and Melody drove towards their local doctors, they had managed to get a before hours’ appointment to avoid any run in with fans that might cause this information leaking to the press. Melody had also called her doctor last night and had strict instructions of what she had to do for this morning’s visit which she followed straight down the line. She felt bad enough that she was four weeks late and during that time she had been training; dieting and drinking… not once did the thought cross her mind that she could have been pregnant? She just put the lateness of her period down the stress or the fact she was jetting around the countryside putting her body off balance. However, the fact she had been feeling off for the last couple of days rang alarm bells before she noticed how long time had passed since her last monthly visitor.

That’s when the thoughts of what damaged has she done to their unborn child? Well foetus had she caused unrepairable damage to him or her? Were they now at a greater risk of miscarriage? Could she have caused issues with the baby’s development a million and one bad thoughts ran through her mind at this point of time, thoughts that she couldn’t shake. If she was in fact pregnant could all her actions lately risked the life of her child? If that was the case how could she live with herself knowing that she was a monster and that she had cost James and her child pain or discomfort or even in worst case scenario death? Those thoughts plagued her as she looked over across the car at James as he drove them towards the clinic, sending tears to roll down her face. Melody was quick to wipe them away; James was already stressed out enough he didn’t need to deal with an emotional girlfriend who had nothing but terrible thoughts sprinting in her mind.

The usual thirty-minute drive felt like two hours before James G63 AMG wagon pulled up to the secluded back entrance to the clinic, the perks of going to the doctors in Los Angeles meant certain ones were set up for celebrities and the rich and famous. James rushed to put the car into park before he unclipped his seat belt, dashing around the car so he could open Melody’s car door as she slipped out of the car with ease. As soon as her feet hit the ground her right hand was in his, as he pushed the car door closed with his left before locking it behind them. He ushered Melody towards the doorway of the building, making sure there were no prying eyes around them before the two disappeared inside. They were in luck there were no nosey paparazzi outside the clinic today waiting to see what celebrities would be coming out of day surgery with a new nose.

As soon as the two were inside the building there was no need to wait, Melody was lead into the doctor’s office with James by her side the whole way. As the two sat down on one side of the doctor’s desk James gave Melody’s hand a little squeeze reminding her that she wasn’t alone right now and that he was with her. The doctor looked at them both his eyes sizing up the situation he wasn’t sure if this was something they both wanted but it wasn’t his business to know. The Doctor didn’t waste his time as he handed over Melody a clear cup with a blue lid, which of course meant she was going to have to supply a urine sample. As she left the room to do so, James was left in the room with the doctor eyeing the office seeing the bright white walls and ceiling that didn’t have any medical pictures on the walls. Which was odd most doctor’s walls were covered in drug posters, from sponsors and donators, however he knew how much this doctor cost to visit so he knew the man probably had sense not to promote his products, instead he probably spent his donated monies on new golf clubs once a month.  

Melody returned into the room with her sample, she handed it over to the doctor her little hand shaking but before she could take a seat to rest her nerves she was directed over towards a lay back chair. The Doctor made his way over towards her checking her temperature, the insides of her ears, the back of her throat, her blood pressure. All the while asking her questions about why she thought she was pregnant. Melody told him she was four weeks late but didn’t think anything of it due to her traveling and being caught up with work. The doctor didn’t answer her, which lead Melody to believe that he thought she was a bad person he was probably making a mental note to call children’s services on her as soon as she left his room. James just sat on his chair, his eyes not leaving Melody’s body he was concerned for her and didn’t want her to be out of his sights.

After the intense questioning, Melody was subjected to a blood draw so they could test her blood levels for the hCG hormone a prominent hormone in detecting if a female was in fact with child. As he drew three tubes of blood from her arm, he quickly saw to her small wound and covered it with a white ball of cotton followed by a thin piece of cloudy medical tape. James leapt to his feet as helped Melody back to her seat, he knew she had a fear of needles and that veins freaked her out… so he could just imagine what thoughts her mind was performing due to the fact her fear and her hate were now colliding. Melody just smiled at James as he walked her over to her chair making sure she was okay, before they could speak the doctor cut them off and told them that the results in any other clinic would take days to find out however since they had come to him he had the power of new technology that would let them know within thirty minutes.

The next thirty minutes felt like a life time for them both as they watched Melody’s blood and urine leave the doctor’s office via his nurse and headed off down the hall for testing. The doctor left his office to leave them alone however no words were spoken Melody just rested her head-on James shoulder thinking the worst while James’ hand rested on Melody’s thigh. His thumb worked back and forth on her jeans comforting her. Melody was almost half tempted to close her eyes for an attempted nap but as soon as she did the doctor knocked on his door and made his way back into his room. That’s when he held a piece of paper in his hands with the results that would determine the rest of their lives.

James and Melody sat back up straight in their chairs, their hands instantly finding each other as they watched the doctor take his place behind his desk. He read over the results before looking towards them both.

Doctor: Ms Carpenter, you really should have come to us sooner.

That’s when Melody’s heart sunk into the bottom of her stomach, something was wrong, something was terribly wrong with their baby and it was all her fault. She turned to look at James who had a look of concern on his face, his eyebrows were drawn together a trait that James traditionally got on his face when he was angry. Was he angry at her? Had she done something to his future heir or heiress and now he would never forgive her? These thoughts ran through Melody’s mind and she didn’t know how to stop them she just turned away from James who had lightened his grip on Melody’s hand as he learnt forward adjusting himself as if to prepare himself for some bad news. That’s when the Doctor finally spoke up once again letting them know what was happening.

Doctor: Well Ms Carpenter, Mr Huntington-Hawkes the results are in and they are negative. I’m sorry if this wasn’t the result you were after.

As soon as the Doctor blurted out that they weren’t going to be parents a sigh of relief rippled through their bodies, but what was odd was the feeling of disappointment that followed it. James held on to Melody’s hand once more squeezing it while Melody just looked towards the Doctor, she didn’t say anything she just nodded her head as if to say she understood. After the clearance, she didn’t want to be in that room for another minute, she needed to get out of there she felt like she was suffocating as if suddenly, all the air in the room was being vacuumed out of it. She quickly said her goodbyes to the Doctor and she left his office making a beeline for outside. James stayed behind to fix up the fees with the clinic before making a follow up appointment for Melody next week. By the time, he went outside he could see Melody crouching down besides his gold G63 AMG hugging onto her legs.

Her petite body was shaking as she had forgotten to get the car keys from James when she rushed out of the clinic, in her desperation for air. She felt like a moron, she had given James false hope but real panic for no reason well she didn’t do it on purpose but right now she didn’t have a clear mind so she was punishing herself. Melody didn’t even see James has he made a direct route towards her, bending down her scooped her up into his arms, lifting her to her feet. He was hugging her desperately trying to find out what was going on in that head of hers. He wanted to say something to her but he knew that it would fall on deaf ears as for right now he knew that she was internally kicking herself but as for externally she was bawling her eyes out. He didn’t understand why she was crying, was she disappointed that they weren’t expecting or was she upset because of the stress of it all. All James knew is that he had to get Melody home, quickly but safely so they could come to grips with what had happened today in private.


Monday; strictly off camera.

It had been a long day already for Melody and James and since the Doctor’s appointment and since hearing about the results this morning the two hard yet to speak about the outcome. James just silently drove Melody home, while his normally bubbly blonde girlfriend just looked out the window seemingly lost in a world of pain. The thing is James didn’t know what to do or say to make this situation any better because he wasn’t sure how Melody was feeling; he wasn’t sure what she was thinking. He didn’t know if she was upset at herself for thinking she was pregnant or is she was upset because they weren’t going to be parents? Either way he was going to find out so he could fix this to the best of his ability. After James parked the car in the garage Melody jumped out of the car looking for freedom, but as she turned back to see James was already standing by her side. She couldn’t form any words right now because deep down she didn’t know if he was mad at her or if he was completely okay with what had just unfolded. Forcing a faint smile on her face she just looked James up and down before she grabbed onto her blue and gold YSL handbag and headed towards the nearest exit.

James felt like he was being pushed to the side, he didn’t understand why they had both just been through that together and now Melody was acting as if she didn’t even want to be near him. He took a step to the side and cut Melody off stopping the small blonde in her tracks. His hands came up to rest on the tops of Melody’s shoulders. James eyes scanned her looking for answers, but his glance shifted down to see Melody’s balled fists. She was mad and he couldn’t tell what she was exactly frustrated about. Choosing not to pick her apart with questions right now, James just slid his hands down from her shoulders onto her arms, before he tugged her towards him hugging her. His chin rested on the top of her head as she bent down resting the side of her face on his chest. Her little body vibrated in his hands once more as she sobbed and that’s when he knew his heart was breaking.

He desperately just wanted to shake her and drill her with a million and one questions but James knew that would be pointless right now Melody was in pain and that was killing him. While she was eating herself alive not knowing what he was thinking. If only one of them would say something this could have all been cleared up but the shock of the last few hours of their lives had overcome them both and rendered them speechless right now. The thing is Melody and James were both people who over thought about everything, you could tell them something and they would both process it, wring it out to dry and find the silver lining or the hidden bitterness in everything it was one trait they shared but every now and then it was their worst attribute when it came to each other.

A slight smile of relief crossed James face as he felt Melody hands wrap around his body; she was finally hugging him back showing him just the smallest sign of affection right now is what he needed. Now he knew that she wasn’t mad at him, but she was mad at the situation he just didn’t know if it was the outcome that had her so distressed or if it was the whole process? He didn’t say a word as he just rocked her body back and forth with his trying to calm her down while he ran his right hand through her hair her sobbing stopped and just as James was going to let her go so he could look at her, Melody held onto him a little tighter refusing to let him go.

Melody: I’m… I’m sorry.

Her voice was broken as she tried to control her breathing she didn’t want to look at him right now afraid of what the facial expression would be on his face. James was confused he didn’t know why she would be apologising it’s not like she had done anything wrong. They had just had a false pregnancy test, a scare something that a fair chuck of couples go through once in their lifetime. James just pressed his lips down on the top of her head.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Mel, babe… there’s nothing to be sorry about. Let’s go inside and talk about this okay?

He wanted to clear up what was going on in that mind of hers, so he could process it all and make things better. He also wanted to know what pages they were both on because if Melody was disappointed about not becoming a mother and he was okay with it at this point of time that was going to be a whole other conversation they would need to have. Melody just pulled herself away from James and looked directly into his hazel eyes.

Melody: I just need some time to process.

James nodded, he couldn’t be mad at her for telling him that he felt the same way. Melody was never a big in the moment speaker when it came to processing what she wanted to say she always ended up with her foot in her mouth or saying something but meaning it to come out another way so James knew she just needed to find the right words before she told him what was wrong.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Sure babe, you take your time.

Melody just forced a smile as she looked towards him before she stepped up towards him crushing her body against his in a desperate hug. She needed to feel his body against hers, she needed that closeness and she needed her James. James just held onto her tightly with no signs of letting her go.

Melody: I’m just really sorry.

There she was again saying she was sorry and he didn’t know what she would be sorry about and it was driving him crazy. However now wasn’t the time or place to question that as he just stroked her hair and lead her out of their garage and towards their house. The rest of the day was going to be hard on them both, with them both needing time to think and clear their heads but no matter how much time they needed to think and process they were never far apart from each other even if they were completely silent.


Monday Night; strictly off camera.

It was a long day a very long day for both James and Melody and their day was finally drawing to a close. Melody had gone for her shower before bed and was dressed in a pair of baggy grey sweat pants and a tight black tank top ready for bed. On top of her head sat a ridiculously high messy bun that was effortlessly put together. She was strolling the bottom floor of her house that she shared with James looking for him. James wasn’t hard to find as she located him sitting at their breakfast buffet counter. He was wearing what he had on this morning, baggy jeans, with a white shirt, his gold chains around his neck. He didn’t notice Melody approaching him at first as he was too busy looking at his phone, but he craned his neck up to see her as she made her way towards him. James nervously smiled at Melody before he returned back to his phone; he wasn’t up to anything he was just checking his schedule for the next week making sure he was familiar with what was expected of him.

Melody continued to slowly walk across the wooden kitchen floors before she made her way up behind James. She placed her arms on the back of his shoulders before she trailed them up to tops of them she rubbed her fingers deeply into his skin massaging the knots that had developed no doubt from today’s adventure. Melody watched as James’ eyes closed from her touch almost as if her was relishing it, missing it as she had been absent from him grip since this morning. Melody continued to massage her man’s shoulders before he swiftly reached up and grabbed onto her hands. As much as James was enjoying this attention, he didn’t want Melody to feel like she was required to do this what he wanted was for Melody to speak to him. James dragged Melody’s hands down the front of his body before he craned his neck back, her face was now beside his as he looked into her eyes. Melody knew he was looking for answers and she was only too happy to help him with them.

Melody: Hey can we talk?

James felt Melody’s breathe on the nape of his neck and she spoke quietly to him, he wasn’t sure why she was whispering as they had the house to themselves as Simpson was told not to come in today. However, he boiled it down to the fact that Melody was being cautious. James turned his head and looked at his girl before he let go of arms around his neck.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> of course, do you need anything?

His right hand was tapping the seat beside him, while his left hand was wrapped around his glass of water in front of him. Melody saw what James was hinting at so she took a seat beside him before she shook her head from side to side.  

Melody: No I’m okay… I just really want to clear the air.

Melody got comfortable in her seat beside James, but all the while her eyes didn’t leave his. James took a mouthful of his water before he returned the glass down to the counter top, before he placed both of his elbows on the counter top and lent forward. He turned his head back so he could look at Mel and he waited.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You and me both.

Melody couldn’t tell if he was mad at her or if she was just tired but she knew that eventually this conversation was going happen she just couldn’t predict the outcome and that’s what scared her. With a long exhale, Melody clicked her tongue off her teeth before she started to talk once more.

Melody: So… I…

She dragged her left hand through her hair before she started to play with the high bun that was on the top of her head, something she did when she was nervous. She was swinging her legs under the table another thing she did when she was uneasy about a situation. James wasn’t sure where this was heading but he was preparing for both a happy and sad outcome.

Melody: I just want to apologise for putting you through all of this, last night wasn’t fun we didn’t get a moment of sleep and this morning… well we found out it was all for nothing. I should have just gone out and brought another test. This whole situation could have been avoided. I stressed you out in the lead up to one of the biggest matches and…

She was going to continue but James arched back into his chair stealing her attention before her turned towards her and cut her off.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You’re kidding me, right? Melody you don’t have to be sorry for anything, regardless of you getting another test we would have been off to the doctors first thing this morning anyways. This isn’t your fault, you did the right thing by coming to me when you found out that we might have been expecting… I never want you to feel like you have to go through that alone. I don’t care babe, if you need to talk to me I’m always here for you and if I’m away on business I will always be one call away… please don’t think you can’t talk to me about things like this. We’re partners Melody, we do things together the good, the bad and well everything in between.

He didn’t want her blaming herself this wasn’t her fault she didn’t do anything on purpose and he needed her to know that. Melody just looked at James, she just wanted to hold him but she knew she couldn’t until she clears the air between them.

Melody: I should have been more responsible for my body James, at this stage I still don’t know what’s wrong with it or why I have been feeling a little off lately? I should have been on top of it. I shouldn’t have dragged it out and when it clicked that it could have been pregnancy I just freaked out.

She reached out and placed her hands on the counter top and action that followed up with the reaction of James hands coming up to find hers. Both feeling at ease being near each other once again.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> The female body is a wild and wacky thing Melody and I’ve booked you in for a follow up appointment next week so we can find out what’s going on. I promise you, we will find out and we will work through it together.

James lifted his right hand up and gently flicked a strand of Melody’s long blond hair that had escaped her high bun behind her ear so he could see her face clearly.

Melody: This morning when the Doctor told me we weren’t going to be parents I felt so disappointed but so relieved… l want kids James, I want them more than anything… to be a mom is what I think I was born to do but the thought of not knowing if that’s what you wanted or want scared me I didn’t know if you were angry at me… I didn’t know if the thoughts of oh no my life is over were running through your mind? I got excited, James… a part of me was so over joyed that we could have created a little life… but now… I just.

She paused making sure she had time to think about what she was going to say next she didn’t want to come across as a crazy lady she wanted to come across with her wits about her like she had thought this all through. The weird thing is most people have days, weeks and months to think about and process something like this but not Melody and James they were both professional athletes they didn’t have time to stew over things like this. Everything was a quick decision but it’s a decision they had to stick by and live with in that moment in time.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You just what?

James was worried he could see Melody’s thoughts ticking over in her brain and he couldn’t read them he didn’t know if she was implying their future right now and that was scaring him.

Melody: I just, I well… I can see that this morning’s news as much as I wanted it to be different I now know that it wasn’t our time. One day, one day I’ll be a mom but today isn’t the start of that beautiful journey. I mean look at me I’m not ready to be a mom, I can’t even handle late nights how am I meant to deal with sleepless nights?

James took a sigh of relief for a moment there he thought his whole world was going to be up turned but Melody’s honesty was opening him up to the real possibility that they were going to be just fine.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You would make the perfect mother Melody.

He squeezed her hand while flashing Melody a smile, he was right she would make the best mother because all her love would be devoted to making sure their child was well cared for. She would make their future child her number one and nothing would stop her from making sure the child knew he or she was loved and cared for.

Melody: Maybe, I hope so… but I know now that the timing wasn’t right and I’m sorry if you felt like it was a forced reality on you. I can only imagine what was going through your mind… our lives would have been turned upside down… completely.

James couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Melody looked in this moment, sure she looked tired, her hair was a mess her eyes were puffy and she was dressed snobbishly but he could see her maturing before his eyes and that right there was one of his greatest moments with her. She was being raw with him, she was opening to him and she was thinking about their future like actually thinking about it, not just being a live in the moment type girl. She had realised that every action as reaction and being parents right now wasn’t a good thing for either of them.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You can say that again.

James held back a slight laugh as he didn’t feel like it was the right time to do so; however, Melody could just imagine the thoughts that were running through his head. The sleepless nights, the nappy changing, the screaming the crying… no doubt they were all haunting him.

Melody: So please don’t be mad or upset with me.

James brought his eyebrows together he was unsure why Melody still thought he was mad at her, he wasn’t he was far from mad at her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I have no reason to be Mel, just please in future always come to me always talk to me be honest and out loud… I can’t help you if I don’t know what you’re thinking. Today almost killed me not knowing what was going on in your mind.

They were looking directly at each other, just inches away but there were still some words to be spoken before they could put this day behind them and look forward to next hundred years together.

Melody: I thought you would be mad at me because if we were having a baby, I have put its life at risk over the past few weeks.

She swallowed hard as did he, James didn’t think of that he completely ignored the fact that over the past few weeks Melody had been upping her training, she changed her diet, she had been drinking while they were in Greece, she had participated in a match. All those situations rolled over in his mind and now he knew why Melody was so afraid of him being mad at her, she thought that he would hate her if something was wrong with their baby. James reached across and softly held onto the side of Melody’s face demanding her full attention.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Not on purpose Melody. You would never do that… so why would I be mad at something you did unintentionally?

He was looking for answers but he didn’t have to wait long as Melody just parted her dry lips and spoke softly.

Melody: I don’t know I just had all of these thoughts in my mind.

She nuzzled into his hand that was on the side of her face, loving the touch of his flesh on hers. James just shook his head he needed her to not worry about things like that.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Well stop them babe, please.  

She wiggled forward in her chair; closing the gap between them her focus was lost in his eyes before she looked down to his lips.

Melody: I’ll try.

He could see that she was close and he could feel that they were about to come to an agreement but before he could silence everything and let today go past them both he had to say something first.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> and that’s all I ask babe.

He tenderly looked into her eyes before he gently guided her face towards his, with parted lips he took hers into his and kissed her. Melody’s hands found the sides of James’s face while his hands flopped down to her hips, pulling her towards him. Their mellow kiss turned into a few small peaks before they drew apart to look at one another with slight smiles on their faces. That’s when Melody got a slight tell-tale glimmer in her eyes and James instantly knew she was up to something. He mouthed the word “what” towards her in which Melody followed up with a small smile.

Melody: I’m kinda sad that Huckleberry James Alexander Carpenter-Huntington-Hawkes and June-bug Melody Grace Carpenter-Huntington-Hawkes will be put on hold, but I believe it’s the right thing to do.

She backed away from him, to see his eyes grow wide what on earth were those names? They were terrible. James just shook his head from side to side in disapproval.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Huckleberry and June-bug, Melody our children will not be called that.

The distained look on his face said it all, he was disgusted and he couldn’t tell if Melody was yanking his chain or not. However, she did have that look in her eye that made him believe she was just trying to lighten the mood.

Melody: Ugh, yes, they will be.

She was grinning from ear to ear as James watched her hands come down to his chest as she rested them there for a moment before she moved them down to his big thick gold chain. She ran her fingers along the gold playing with it a mannerism that Melody had when she was playing with James.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> No they won’t those are some ugly arse names, Mel.

He knew she was just playing with him and he felt that it was odd that she had named their children ugly arse names but she was smiling and that’s all that mattered right now so he gave her that look that just encouraged her to continue with the conversation.

Melody: No duh, it’s so Hucky doesn’t attract the eyes from gold diggers when he is older and so June-bug doesn’t get hit on strange wanna be golfers. I mean only their true loves will see past their weird names and we won’t have to stress.

James had to hand it to her there she did have a solid point and plan something that he hadn’t thought about until now. Her rubbed his chin and thought of his perfect reply, something that would get a reaction from her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I see what you’re getting at, but it’s still a no from me. Plus, our first-born son should be a James… its tradition.

He winked at her, did he just say “our first-born son” as if he was open to the thought of having children with her one day. Melody blushed her body was burning as she now desired to know if he was telling the truth or if he was just playing her game?

Melody: So you want to have babies with me one day?

As she spoke to him she tilted her head to the side all sly like as James placed his hands down in Melody’s lap.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> of course, babe… I just have another question why do our future children have three last names?

It was a valid question but Melody missed a vital key in that statement, however she just placed her hand son top of his and exhaled deeply.

Melody: Well if we aren’t getting married I still want everyone to know they belong to me.

She was being truthful James had said multiple times that they weren’t going to get married after she played a horrible game on him once. However, she was still hopeful that one day it would happen but she also would be over the moon to just settle with being the mother to his children.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> If that’s the case Huntington-Hawkes will suffice.

He winked at her before he rolled his tongue between his lips while he watched her process what he had just said to her. Her eyes narrowed as she gave him a questioning look before she calmly spoke.

Melody: Don’t tease me.

She didn’t know if he was just playing mind games with her or if he was being serious but James put all those doubts to rest as he learnt forward in his chair and lightly pressed his lips to Melody’s forehead. As he pulled back away from her he looked her in her puffy hazel eyes and held her stare before smiling a pure smile.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I would never.

Without giving her a chance to react he stood up and grabbed onto her, hugging his little Melody into his body feeling her touch for the first time today without the numbness of not knowing what she was feeling or what she was thinking and that was at breath of fresh air. Melody didn’t say a word she just smiled as she looked up at him, her hands running up his back and pressing into his skin loving that connection between them. He was perfect he truly was and today had proved that. They truly were the power couple, with or without a belt they had each other’s backs, they supported one another and that’s all Melody could ask for. She vowed to herself she would never keep him in the dark about something like this again, Melody would always be open and honest with him about what was going on in the back of her mind and that she would let him in. After all the support, he had just shown her moved her in a way she didn’t think was possible and now she was certain that he was an equally obsessed with her as she was with him.

Now with this out of their way and with this thoroughly spoken about they had nothing to worry about they were both on the same page. They both wanted children, they both wanted to one day be husband and wife but right now they were both over the moon being who they are and doing what they do and that was completely okay.

The rest of the night for these two was filled with an endlessly cuddle that was followed by a healthy dose of sleep as they finally melted away into the land of slumber knowing that they were going to be okay and that nothing could tear them apart. Today was done and now they had to look towards their futures and what was in their immediate futures were two big matches in their careers and tomorrow they would get to face that together.


The scene opens up inside Melody and James’ beautiful Beverly Hills home where Melody can be found sitting in front of a computer monitor. She has a stern look on her face as the camera swirls around to see that she had just finished watching Jessie Salco’s promotional video last week. The stern look turns to one of deep thought before she rocks back into her large white leather chair. Melody twirls around in her seat before a little giggle leaves her lips.  

Melody: Jessie Salco… Jessie, Jessie Girl, Jess… what more can I say? I mean last week I was expecting Jessie to come out swinging and yet here I am slightly disappointed in the turn out she supplied. Jessie, I though you wanted this, I thought you wanted to become the World Bombshell Champion? Yet last week you had nothing to say, well barely anything to say with any relevance. I’m disappointed, I feel let down. Normally you come across as focused and driven but last night it was as if, all the air was removed from your tyres and you were running on all four flats.

Melody shook her head from side to side to display her disappointment before she continued.

Melody: Maybe you’re just nervous because you know when it comes to Inception II you’re going to be out matched, not just by Crystal, not just my Mikah but from myself as well. That must be ticking over in your brain knowing that well odds are on everyone else on winning this one while you’re the dark horse that people are praying for you to emerge from the shadows. However, how can you? How can you step away from the darkness when you don’t truly believe in yourself? The evidence is clear and that’s why last week in your focus you seemed blurry, you seemed on edge, you seemed distracted.

Melody was saddened about this as she truly believed that Jessie was lacking focus in what will be the biggest match on the card at Inception and that was troubling her.

Melody: I think it’s because deep down you know you won’t have a chance of walking out of Inception II as the Bombshell Champion and that’s eating you alive. I said last week you would be your own worst enemy and boy oh boy was I right.

Melody flicked a lock of her blond hair over her tanned shoulder that was on display as she wore a strapless yellow crop top with just a touch of her midriff on display before a flowing white floor length skirt was shown.

Melody: I find it sad because normally I’m the underdog but in this situation, you’re the mole underground grasping for air. Do I think you will put all your attention into this match Sunday night? No, I don’t think you will. I think you will say you a drive, I think you will pretend to be focused but once you hit the six-sided ring at Inception II you will freeze, you will fumble and well you’ll ultimately drop the ball that Christian Underwood and Mark Ward have handed you.

Once again, the look on Melody’s face displayed sadness, she hated the fact that Jessie had basically tapped out of this match from her lack of conviction last week in her promo.

Melody: Which annoys me because if I don’t walk away with the win this Sunday night I was praying that you would step up and run away with the chance and fulfil your dreams but now the more I think about it the more I can see that it’s never going to happen.

Melody shrugged her shoulders not sure what to say next but she continued anyways.

Melody: The words and your NEW sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion Jessie Salco is never going to be yelled out of Justin’s lips because you don’t have what it takes to come to the party and provide anything… you’re just going to turn up and ride off everyone else and pray that Mark and Christian see something in your attempts so you get gifted another opportunity one day down the line. That attitude makes me sick and the worst thing is, you probably don’t even realise that’s the vibe you’re handing out.

She licked her lips applying some moisture before she continued; Melody returned her focus back to the camera and smiled.

Melody: So Jessie I beg of you, in fact I need you to step up this Sunday night because if you think this won’t be a show where Crystal turns her back on the fans once again and tries to work with Mikah to eliminate us out of the picture so they can steal all the glory as per normal? They see us as the weaker competitors… you’re kidding yourself if you think they see us otherwise. So, wake up and show up Sunday night… be the ruthless heartless Jessie Salco we all know exists and for the love of god show some emotion about this… be aggressive… I’m begging you… because it will be for your own good.

Nodding to herself as if to agree with what she was saying Melody’s stare was firmly on the lens of the camera hoping what she was saying would drive home to Jessie.

Melody: However if you decided to show up or not, you still won’t be walking away with the prize because Sunday night will be my night and there is nothing you can do or say about it… because after all even when you speak your words just come out as empty promises and hollow threats.

With a simple shrug of her shoulders Melody sighed before closing this part of her promotional.

Melody: I guess all I should say now is good luck Jessie, because you’re going to need it.

With that said and done the camera moved from the footage of Melody and focused on the computer behind her, focusing on the picture of Jessie Salco’s frozen face depicting the exact image that Melody had said what Jessie Salco would do this Sunday night at Inception II and with that the footage fades to black.


Tuesday; Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Mostly everyone craves to be somewhat rich or famous, wishing for the glamorous life however not a lot of them get to accomplish their dreams. They also don’t see the bitter dark side towards all the glitz and glamour how basic rights and simple trips to the stores get turned into frenzy. For Melody, she doesn’t mind, she can handle fans running up to her talking to her, wanting pictures and autographs in fact that is a major part of the lifestyle she loves because she was just like them.

However, there is a dark side to her life that she hates with a passion and that’s the pesky paparazzi. Sure, people might think that she is just an Indy Wrestling start what maniac with a camera would follow her around? Well that’s true when she was just a wrestler she never had this issues, it’s only since three things walked into her life. One, her boyfriend James Huntington-Hawkes III the press love them always trying to capture them at their worst or when they are out and about always looking for the scoop. Two once Melody started filming her role in the third instalment of the Jack Hammer franchise she had been subjected to the fury of clicking cameras and number three was her up and coming modelling career that was on the cusp of taking off. She could thank her stylist for that as websites like Perez Hilton, Hollywood life and Celebs Daily were bursting at the seams to get a glimpse of what high fashion outfit Melody had on next. Her street style was unmatched. She had become a top celebrity in the best dressed pages of Who, Marie Claire, US Weekly and Vogue magazine which meant there was a lot of pressure on young Melody to always look her best.

Nevertheless, Melody dealt with the paparazzi with elegance and grace (no pun intended) because being nice was in her blood. What you saw on television with Melody is what you ended up with when you spoke to her off camera. However, all her training and all her grace didn’t prepare her for the onslaught that was waiting for her outside the IMG model co building today.

Melody was first seen walking down the large glass steps of the twenty-story building as she made her way towards the exit, she had just been tied up in a four-hour meeting between IMG models and a SCW representative talking about how the two companies could join up and create more buzz for one another. Ms Grace was dolled up, looking bossy in a white Balenciaga hat a black Balenciaga bootlet heels, she as repping a mossy green Zoe Jordan Studio faux fur coat and RTA Brand skin tight black jeans. Carrying in her right hand she had a black leather studio YSL handbag a staple in her collection. It was when she hit the bottom step and looked out the large wall length mirror that she spotted the swarm of paps waiting outside for her.

Normally Simpson would join her or would be waiting for her down stairs from these meetings; however, she didn’t have him with her today as he was busy with James so she was going to have to make the mad dash from the building to her car that was being brought around from the Valet parking on her own. The uneasy feeling washed over her, she didn’t like being around these people while alone as she always felt like they were nicer to her when she had back up around to deflect them. She looked up under them brim of her hat and saw her black G63 AMG pull up and that the very moment she knew she would have to make a dash for it.

As soon as the glass doors swung open the clicking of cameras sounded and that’s when the onslaught of questions begun.

Paparazzi: Melody is it true that you and James got married in Greece?

Paparazzi: Mel, Melody… is it true James kicked you out of the house last night… sources say you were seen leaving the mansion in tears?

Paparazzi: Mel, what’s going on with your movie why is there no release date, did it bomb before it hit the cinemas?

Melody continued her path to her car ducking and weaving between the grown men looking for the finish line. She did her best to ignore the rude questions choosing not to answer them but she felt the group of camera clickers start to swarm in closer to her, the sounds of the cameras clicking and the flashing lights were driving her crazy but she put on her best smile and continued with her day.

Paparazzi: Is it true that you are backing out of your Sin City Wrestling contract to take up acting full time?

Paparazzi: What about the rumours about you and Mikah getting involved in an altercation backstage?

Paparazzi: Melody, come on give us something.

Melody stayed tight lipped as she headed towards her car seeing safety just a few steps away that was until one of the Paparazzi grabbed onto her arm, she couldn’t see his face but she could feel his grip tightening around her wrist as he yelled at her.

Paparazzi: Why haven’t you looked into the lights in your cellar Melody? I strongly think you should.

That question caught her off guard no one knew about them and her jaw dropped, the man’s voice sounded as if he knew something she didn’t and that sent chills down her spine. Melody quickly yanked her arm away and started to run towards her car. The Valet held her door open and Melody wasted no time in climbing in before she buckled up and made a quick getaway. However, the damage was done, she was now lost in thought as to who was that guy? How did he know what was happening in her house? And why did he grab her? Melody looked down at her wrist seeing a red mark swelling before she looked back towards the road in shock. What on earth was happening in her life right now? And boy oh boy James was going to be mad, when he got home and saw her wrist.


The scene opens at a familiar setting of the third story balcony that Melody Grace was known to hold her promotional videos from. The setting was just on dawn as the sun was just peering over the horizon looking to start a brand-new day. Melody has a jammed packed day so she knew she would have to fit her match chit chats into time frames that worked for her and if that meant waking up at the crack of dawn to do so, so be it. Ms Carpenter was wide awake, she was alert, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Her hair was perfectly wavy around her face, while her makeup was flawlessly done her dress sense for today was a pair of skin tight Guess denim jeans, a pair of skin toned sheer Public Desire heels and a button up white silk shirt that had long sleeves that ended at her wrists. She was dolled up with her diamond earrings, bracelets and watch gifts that she has received from James over the Christmas break. Her attention was focused on the camera in front of her as she just waited for the right time to start her next venture with her match focus this week. Melody quickly parted her glossed lips and with a smile she started to speak.  

Melody: So let’s talk about Mikah huh? I mean it seems like she had a lot to say about me on good old’ Jimmy Fallon the other night. When I say a lot, I mean, basically nothing…but Hey NOT ALL of us can be focused on the match this Sunday night I guess… so far two for two with my opponents not being bothered to show up and take the bull by the horns. Anyways you know what surprises me? Is how often she shows up on Jimmy’s show when the major stars only show up on Jimmy once in a blue moon and yet here Mikah is, getting almost monthly appearances? It’s almost like she doesn’t have anywhere else to go? Maybe she is just confined to Jimmy Fallon, I mean what about Jimmy Kimmel? Why doesn’t he get the love? I’ve thought about it and I boiled it down to a lack of creativity and well let’s be honest Mikah is a creature of habit… she haunts the same Television shows, she does the same promotional videos time and time again… I mean the last two times we have faced each other she was in a room surrounded by stuffed animals thinking that would get under my skin.

Melody faked a yawn before she excused herself and continued.

Melody: It seems like the must-see Bombshell is starting to run out of reasons, for viewings… I mean if you’re going to get the same wash, rinse, repeat garbage week in and week out what’s the point of seeing the same thing over and over and over again?

With a shrug of her shoulders Melody just didn’t see the point of it all, but she continued anyways.

Melody: I loved how when she was asked the hard-hitting questions the other night she sent everyone on a merry-go-round to get to the answers. I mean didn’t she first say that she doesn’t feel like I’m ready for the Bombshell Championship but in the next breath she stated that I might be ready for it? I mean it was so wishy washy… it was painful to watch. However not as painful as the part where she said, she doesn’t know if she likes me or not… hold up Mikah on what earth do you think that I would care if you… Yes, YOU of all people liked me? You’re not a role model, you’re not someone that I look up to and you’re not someone that carries any form of greatness in my eyes so having you like me isn’t on the top of my to do list. In fact, I couldn’t care for it. I mean, why should I?

Melody thought she had some valid points to her case, as she just continued to grin. Turning away from the camera for a moment she took her time soaking up the beautiful sunrise before she turned back to look down the lens of the camera.

Melody: You know ever since I came back to Sin City Wrestling everyone warned me about Mikah, everyone said she was the best of the best… the one to watch… the one to pay attention to and at the start I believed it I truly did but now since watching her week in and week out say the same things repeatedly I know she’s just puff and smoke. If she’s not complaining about being booked, she complaining about not being booked, if she’s not complaining about not wanting to show up, she’s hammering Simon Jones to show up and pay her attention. It seems like its different day, same old Mikah. I wonder what Drake thinks of it all? Seeing his lady flaunt over four other guys? And yet I was the one in doubt when it came to filming our movie? News flash, Drake and I have been friends for a long time… we have hung out before, he even took me to see Bruno Mars and yet now you want to keep ragging on about the movie I filmed with him? It was a movie it was make believe… It wasn’t Melody and Drake Green in that movie… it was Chloe Jordan and Jack Hammer… two completely different people sets of people. I don’t get why you people are still harping over it? Drake and I didn’t do anything wrong but we keep being punished for it. It’s annoying and childish… I mean I didn’t see you bitching when Drake used his movie money to buy that rock that sits on your ring finger… but sure keeps punishing the man that you love every time it gets brought up. That’s a real smart move.

Cue a dramatic eye roll from Melody followed by a devilish smile as she knew the action was bound to get under Mikah’s skin since that’s all the blonde could talk about when she was on Jimmy Fallon… Melody and a certain eye rolling emoji.

Melody: Also Mikah, I love how you have the balls to come at me saying that I subtweet you when you subtweet the life out of Alexis Edwards... oops Staggs. Try checking your own back yard first before you start digging up mine… because nine times out of ten the egg will end up running down your face when you get called out for it.

A simple smile was on Melody’s face as she flicked a lock of her long blonde hair over her shoulder before she continued.

Melody: The one thing that Mikah needs to know and she will know… is that this Sunday night I’m walking into Inception II with one thing and one thing on my mind winning the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. I don’t care that she was the longest reigning champion and I don’t care for her when she says that she is going to win it back from Crystal so she can stop Crystal from stealing her reign… what I care about is bringing that title back into the light and holding it with honour. So, the Sin City Wrestling fans don’t have to listen to Mikah and Crystal complain and harp on about their reigns… it shouldn’t be about who holds the belt the longest it should be about who holds the championship and carries it with pride bringing a sense of passion and love for the championship, not just the glitz and glamour of the reign.

Melody’s vision was locked on the lens showing her determination in wanting to win the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. With a few seconds pause for dramatic affect the young blonde started to speak once more deciding the wraps this up now as she had a day filled with press.  

Melody: So I’ll see you Sunday night Mikah and trust me I’m going to make you wish you never showed up to work.  

Melody waved at the camera sarcastically before she turned back to look at the sun rising, feeling the warmth of the sun hitting her face she exhaled knowing that she was just days away from her participating in the biggest match of her career – The main event at Inception II. As soon as she twirled back around the camera faded to black leaving just one last lady left on the hit list of Melody… the current Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion, Crystal Millar.


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 Thursday; Press communications.

This week had been jammed back for all the Sin City Wrestling talent with nonstop interviews and fan outings, some of the SCW staff had decided to embrace it while others have seemed to hide out at home. However, not Melody even though she lives in Beverly Hills she had taken the time out to travel back and forth to Vegas all week to ensure she was meeting all her expectations. However, Melody also had SCW matters to attend to in Los Angeles that’s why she didn’t have the luxury of staying in Vegas all week partying like some of her colleagues. It was a new and exciting aspect of her career the feeling of being in demand, where people and companies were pulling and tugging to get to see SCW’s Little Miss Sunshine.

It was now Thursday and Melody found herself in Vegas sitting on stage behind a long desk filled with several SCW stars, looking toward a room with a sea of people. There was standing room only as the press from all over the world had piled in to get the scoop from the SCW stars before their first super card of the year Inception. Melody was keeping it simple in a bright white August Getty Atelier tank top stretched dress, with a white the spider-lace duster trench coat that was up and coming in the designer’s collection her feet were covered in a pair of mossy Yeezy Boots around her neck was a single gold chain that had a cross dangling around her belly button. Her hair was up tied back in two sleek braids, while her makeup was set to natural.

Melody sat at the table waiting for the question and answer time of the press conference come into play as Mark Hot Stuff Ward continued to talk to the audience building up the super card remind people to tune in live via television or too stream the event live on Mark went through the entire card highlighting all the matches giving his personal opinions about them all giving the press a little backstory on the matches that needed it. He was working the crowd feeding the fans and press with exactly what he wanted before he opened the stage to the Q&A portion. Melody watched on as her work mates answered their questions, smiling at her friends frowning when people she didn’t like started to give of long winded cocky answers. It wasn’t too long into the Question and Answer section until Melody was asked her first question.

Press: Melody you lost your last match, how does that effect you mentally going into this match?

Melody looked down into the crowd at the young male member of the press who had asked her this question and with a smile she quickly replied.

Melody: You’re right I did lose my last match and sure, I did think that was going to be the be all and end all my chances at BECOMING THE Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion… however here I am about the headline my first super card ever with another chance… so I don’t really have time to dwell on my lose to Crystal. I need to focus on the task at hand and that’s trying my best to put on the show of the night… I mean, I’ve got a lot riding on this… I can’t cloud my judgement with the past I need to look forward to the future… and hopefully that future sees me becoming the World Bombshell Champion. Thank you for your question.

Melody waved at him and the guy waved back at her before he took his seat. More questioned were fired up towards the panel of SCW stars before another one was thrown Melody’s way.

Press: Melody this one is for you… will you change your tactics to win this Sunday night?

Melody just smiled towards the man in his mid-fifties that had asked her that question before she thought of an answer.

Melody: Well if I told you that, then Mikah, Jessie and Crystal would have an unfair advantage, wouldn’t they? I just plan on going into this match with a clear mind, I need to stay focused and I need to remember what I’m aiming for and hopefully that will all come together and hopefully Sunday night is my night. However, I will let you know, I have spent a fair bit of time with Gabriel over the past few weeks working on some new and exciting moves… so stay tuned for those. Thank you for asking, that was a tough one.

Melody waved at him and the man took his seat as he jotted down in his note book what Melody had just told him. While Alex Rush was being questioned by a group of screaming fans Melody took a sip of her water in front of her trying not to laugh at Alex’s answers. Kale Smith who was sitting beside her was just shaking his head from side to side as Alex was answering the questions with questions of his own. It wasn’t until Mark Ward stepped up and moved the question on did it stop. After a few more rounds of questions another one was fired off in Melody’s direct by a female fan wearing a Crystal Millar t-shirt.

Press: Melody, who do you see as your biggest threat in this match?

Melody looked at the fan and smiled, she knew what the fan wanted her to say but she wasn’t going to play into it.

Melody: I guess you want me to say Crystal hey? Well let me tell you I hold them all on the same platform so I don’t see any of them as a bigger threat than the other… if I started doing that I think I would let my guard down and that’s not the outcome I’m looking for. They’re all major players in SCW and they all deserve to be in the match… so I guess the biggest threat will be decided when the best lady wins.

Melody just smiles as the lady takes a seat happy with the answer Melody had given her. Thinking she would have a bit of time before her next question Melody went to take another drink of her water however the next question was aimed in her direction.

Press: Mel leading up to the biggest match of your career are you feeling nervous?

Melody quickly finished her drink before she replied she knew how speedy you had to be at these things or otherwise you just got left behind.

Melody: I always get nervous, before every match I mean wrestling is what I loved to do and the day I stop getting nervous is the day I’ve stopped caring for this sport… however I don’t see that day coming… ever so you don’t need to worry.

She smiled at the member of the press before she waved to thank them. The man sat down and jotted away at his book making sure to get the quote right so he could run the story on his online blog. The press conference was ending but before it did Melody was hit with another question. The question came from a petite red head that was looking directly towards her.

Press: Melly, what does it feel like knowing that you’re headlining the first super card of the year?

The blonde didn’t even have to think of an answer as it just rolled of her tongue with ease.

Melody: I’m excited, I’m so excited this is the moment I have dreamt of since I was a little girl and started to watch wrestling… this is what all the blood, sweat and tears have been all about and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my Melephants down. I just hope my best is good enough and Mark Ward and Christian Underwood keep me in the main event picture.

Melody smiled at the red head and waved as the female waved back at Melody, Mark Ward took to the stage and let the press and selected lucky fans know that the conference was over. As most SCW wrestlers decided to head off the stage and back to their lives, Melody, Alex and Kale headed into the sea of people to shake hands, hug fans, take pictures and get amongst the people who made Sin City Wrestling the place it is today.  


The scene opens inside the expensive Beverly Hills home of James and Melody. The challenger for the SCW World Bombshell Championship can be found sitting on a white rug in front of her fireplace inside her living room. Melody is dressed in a bright red lace dress by Balmain. Her long blonde hair is cascading around her shoulders while her right hand runs through it tossing her waves about. As soon as she notices the camera is on her Melody parts her glossed lips and starts to speak.  

Melody: Last but not least let’s talk about Crystal. Well let me talk to Crystal… I heard what she said last week, in a twisted type of way Crystal was somehow praising me yet also telling me that I don’t really stand a chance against her… however if I believed in my myself one day, just one day I could become the World Bombshell Champion. What is it with me facing two ladies this week who can’t stand behind what they are talking about? Both Mikah and Crystal have been talking in riddles the entire time it’s becoming a wee bit confusing. However, regardless of the nursery rhymes, the smoke and mirrors it just the same old same old when it comes to those two. Mikah can’t make up her mind if I’m worthy or not, while Crystal just can’t for the life of her make up her mind in relation to anything.

Melody just stares down the camera before she shrugs her shoulders unsure what’s wrong with Crystal and Mikah.  

Melody: One minute she loves the fans the next minute she couldn’t give to squats about them… it’s sickening… so why would I be surprised that her promotional video would have a straight and narrow theme to it? Nevertheless, I’m not going to allow Crystal think that she has what it takes to beat me twice… trust me I have learnt from our last match together and I will be damn sure that I will not make the same mistakes again. I’ve come too far in my quest to become the Bombshell Champion to let one loss ruin it for me. Sure, Crystal on paper holds the power but that the best thing about being the underdog, it’s the surprise of what they have to offer and what they have to do in a time of need to prove to the world that they have what it takes. Do I have what it takes to be champion? Your damn right I do and I’m going to show Crystal that on Sunday night at Inception II when I break down her walls and knock her from the pedestal she is standing on and rip the claim that she so desperately wants away from her.

With a cool smile, Melody continues.

Melody: You see Crystal couldn’t care for the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship, she only cares for one thing and one thing only and that’s beating Mikah’s reign. I find that selfish and a spit in the face to the World Bombshell Championship. The title should be held with grace and integrity but Mikah and Crystal have both managed to make it a mockery as they go back and forth about who is going to be the longest reigning Bombshell Champion in history. News flash no one cares…

Melody looks at the camera firmly taking a moment to collect her thoughts.

Melody: Well I shouldn’t say no one cares because they do. The fans love a long reigning champion I mean look at J2H however… they love him and his reign because he has worked for it he has faced the best in his division he has beaten them all… he has met each challenge and overcome it… he had created a buzz around his championship, staked its claim and built on it… what has Crystal been doing in the mean time? What has she done to make the World Bombshell Championship return to its days in the light? All she has done is flipped and flopped around with the fans toying with everyone… leaving everyone to second guess her… and now since she is drawing in on Mikah’s fame that’s the time she decided to show up and promote her championship? Yeah… that’s so respectful.

Melody rolls her eyes dramatically before she continues.

Melody: I find it funny that Crystal can barely show up all year round and snaked her way through her reign with no real feuds, with no real threats but now because she wants to be seen as the best she has decided to show up and pick things up a gear. I think it’s weak, I find it pathetic and I really hope on Sunday night the fans finally see her for what she is and they hang her out to dry.

It was rare for Melody to show this side of her but she was only saying what she believed in.

Melody: Forgive me if I sound rude or angry, it’s just I don’t take lightly to having a part time champion telling me that maybe if I put a little more work in that one day I could become something great? What gives you the right to say something like that to me? When you’re flat out putting any effort into any of your matches lately? Don’t you dare try and undermined my hard work, don’t you dare try and cover up everything I have ever done and tell me to work harder, that’s not going to fly. I’m normally one of the first at the arenas and I’m one of the last to leave and you want to stand there and tell me that I’m not doing my bit? Yeah, I’m not going to let that fly Crystal…

Shaking her head as if to say no, Melody flared up.

Melody: I’m not going to let anything that you said about me fly… you’re not going to get away with it and I’m going to show you that at Inception when I take “YOUR” Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship away from you… just days out from you becoming the longest reigning Bombshell Champion in the history of Sin City Wrestling... and I’m going to look you in the eyes after that match and I’m going to tell you that I do have what it takes and you’re going to witness it firsthand. Also, don’t think I won’t be prepared for you and your onslaught after the match, I mean how dumb do you think any of us are… Mikah, Jessie and I all know that if you lose this Sunday night you will throw a tantrum in the middle of that ring… you will probably attack the winner and then in two weeks’ time at Climax Control you will blame the fans for not believing in you and ruining your reigning… it’s obvious it sticks out like a sore thumb… I mean it’s basically classic Crystal.  

With another roll of her hazel eyes, Melody paused thinking about what to say next.

Melody: So just know that I will be ready for you to show your real colours at the end of the match so if you try to do something to ruin my moment… or Mikah’s moment… or Jessie’s moment that it will only confirm everything I have said about you and your lack of respect for the actual championship.

With a simple lick of her lips, Melody continued.

Melody: Think about that Crystal and make sure you act accordingly, because there are only so many times that the fans can and will forgive you and right now you’re hanging on by your last strand.

She nodded as if to agree with herself before she started to wrap this one up.

Melody: I will see you this Sunday at Inception II Crystal… I just hope you understand that you won’t be facing the same Melody you did two weeks back… you’ll be facing the side of me that refuses to give up or back down at super cards… you’ll be facing the Bombshell who wants to return pride to the Bombshell Championship and you’ll be facing the Bombshell with the BEST following in the world… and with those three powers combined you will find out just how unstoppable I become.

With all that said and done the scene faded on Melody’s smiling face.  


Saturday Morning; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It was early in the Carpenter – Huntington-Hawkes household but that wasn’t going to stop James from executing his plan. He had woken up at 5am and made his way down stairs to cook, yes cook Melody breakfast himself. James wasn’t much of a chef but that didn’t mean he didn’t know what he was doing in the kitchen he just preferred when Simpson organised things for him. Simpson was at the house as well however while James was busy whipping up pancakes and waffles for his girl, Simpson was lugging piles of presents from the study into the main living room. To say they had gone overboard would be an understatement as a good twenty plus gifts were piled up in the living room, near their pristine white couch in front of the fire. Simpson had pulled the curtains closed making the room dark, however he had lined the ceiling with fairy lights that were dimly lighting the room. The fire was roaring, much to James distain he didn’t find California cold enough for a fireplace but he knew that Melody had a strange obsession with flames and the smell of burning red cedar timber.

Puppy’s fish tank had been moved into the living room, so he could see the birthday celebrations unfold something James had thought of because well Melody saw her pet duck and fish as part of their family and she didn’t like to leave them out. Dexter on the other hand was fast asleep in his fluffy duck bed that looked strangely like a dog’s bed but if you said that to Melody she would debate it over the next four hours until you just agreed with her. Everything was in place and everything was going to plan. James had finished his cooking and had piled the pancakes and waffles up in a tall tower. As he brought them into the living room, he placed them on a table that already had condiments for breakfast on it. There were sprinkles, ice cream, melted chocolate, mixed fruits and berries, maple syrup, jams and spreads anything you could picture having on pancakes it was there. The only thing missing was the birthday girl.

Once James was sure everything was in place he made his way back upstairs, as he made his climb towards their bedroom he had a sense of pride flowing through his veins knowing that he was about to surprise his girl and start her birthday off on the right foot. He didn’t waste any time once he reached the top step and rushed towards their bedroom, walking through the big double doors he made his way over towards their bed. There was Melody, she wasn’t asleep but her eyes were closed as she peacefully lay still pretending to be. James could tell she wasn’t sleeping from the bright smile on her face and the fact that she had already been up to brush her hair and she changed her PJ’s into something more… well family friendly. He smiled as he bowed down and pressed his lips on her cheek; kissing her gently before he spoke softly his mouth was right next to her ear.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Happy Birthday my sweet Melody.

Melody pretended to just wake up as she faked a cute little yawn before she rolled over onto her back so she could look up at James. She was going to fake rub her eyes but James hand caught hers and he held it while taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

Melody: Is it my birthday today? I didn’t know that.

She was faking, of course she was faking Melody lived for her birthday it was the second greatest day of the year after James’ birthday. Making her way up the bed Melody wiggle dup to a seated position and with her free arm she stretched it out as she faked another yawn still playing up to the sweet and innocent side. James just shook his head from side to side at her, knowing what she was playing at but it was her special day so he figured he would play along.  

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> Yes, it’s your birthday… now why don’t you freshen up and join us downstairs for some breakfast?

He ran his thumb over the back of Melody’s hand while looking into her eyes, seeing what she was going to do or say. She just titled her head to the side and coyly licked her lips while smiling.

Melody: Or I could just come downstairs right away?

She didn’t need to freshen up, she already had but James was playing into her little illusion.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I thought you just woke up, I mean you couldn’t have just possibly woken up did your hair, makeup and changed your Pj’s and went back to bed, now could you?

His smirk said it all she was busted but Melody didn’t care she was going to milk this Disney Princess act for as long as she could this morning because well it was her birthday.

Melody: I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr… it must be my birthday glow?

She rocked forward so now she was sitting on her knees while looking down at James with the biggest smile on her face. James just let go of her hand, so he could bring his right hand up to the side of her face. His thumb brushed her cheek as his fingertips ran through her hair; all the while his gaze never leaving hers as he smiled up at her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> You’re too precious at times you know, that, right?

He was looking directly into her eyes so she knew he wasn’t lying to her, something that made her swoon. She couldn’t help bust blush as he spoke to her as he tenderly stroked the side of her face with his thumb. Melody just titled her head slightly so she could kiss his hand before she softly spoke to him.

Melody: And you’re the sweetest most caring most wonderful man I have ever known.

She was looking into his eyes not missing a beat as he looked into hers, processing what she had just said to him. He found it hard to believe and if those words came from anyone else’s’ lips he knew they would be lying. However, in Melody’s eyes he was her world and she was his and he treated each other accordingly sure it was a rough bumpy road to get to this point but now it was all worth it. James truly believed Melody when she said that because well he had turned into a sweet, caring man when it came to her and he didn’t care who saw it.  

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> I love you, you know, that, right?

His hand was back on the side of her face demanding her attention but softly asking for it. Melody just nodded as she spoke towards her YOUNGER boyfriend.

Melody: With all my heart… and I love you, you know, that, right?

James just smiled before nodding towards her.

<FONT COLOR=#FBB917>J2H:</FONT> How could I forget? The little handwritten notes I find in my pockets every day constantly remind me.

Before either of them could say another word, they glided towards one another to share a tender kiss. As the two embraced James’ wrapped his arms around her petite waist, before they slide down to her behind he wasn’t being seedy he just wanted to lift her up from the bed. He was now holding her in his hands as she showered his face with kisses. While he walked towards their bedroom door the thought of their breakfast getting cold downstairs gave him two decisions one forget about it and lock himself and Melody away in their room for a few hours or two go down stairs and celebrate her day with their little family Simpson and all. However, the sound of Simpson chasing Dexter around the living room downstairs made that decision for them. The two made their way downstairs to see what all the fuss was about.


Match focus parts to any promotional are key; in helping the wrestler get their point across and so far over this week and the last week Melody had been going over time making sure everyone knew what she was here for. She was here to claim the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship as her own this Sunday night at Inception II. She had undergone a busy week and put the fans and the event well and truly in front of her own personal life, even working on her birthday to drive the point onto everyone watching that she was now focused on a no days off attitude… well excluding Monday because well she had to have Monday off due to personal reasons.

However, the week was drawing to a close and soon the night of nights would be upon them and well that meant Melody had one last chance to tell everyone what she thought about her match coming up this Sunday. The young blonde Bombshell was seen standing in front of the Gold Coast Casino; the hotel was covered in posters promoting the SCW event. In fact, behind her was a handful of SCW staff setting up props for tomorrow night’s show hanging bright lights and making sure signs were up so people knew where they were going when they arrived for Inception. Melody was wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo peep toe black heels, Dior Black tight denim pants, a black Dior Addict T-shirt that was covered by a large puffy black jacket. On top of her head was a fluffy black beanie, while her long hair was out hanging down around her shoulders. It was Saturday night, her birthday and instead of celebrating it she was here at the arena looking up at the building in awe seeing her face on the side of it promoting her headlining match. Melody’s smile was from ear to ear before she turned to the camera and started to talk.

Melody: Welcome to end of week two, the end of the build up towards Sin City Wrestling’s first Super Card of the year Inception and in this case its Inception number two. The build up from most of the Sin City Wrestling Superstars and Bombshell has been full on, I say most because well there are a few people on the roster who really need to pull their fingers out… cough Acquin, Blight, Vargas, North, Raabit, Goth, Aphrodite, Steele, Dean and Huntington-Hawkes… yes James I’m talking to you where you at babe? I know you have been working your fingers to the bone over this match. I’m joking; I know good things only come to those who wait and well waiting is my speciality.

Melody stuffed her hands into the front pockets of her jacket, she didn’t usually get cold but tonight in Vegas it was a little chilly.

Melody: Now that’s a joke I’m the most impatient person I know and trust me I know a lot of people. Any-who getting back onto the subject of at hand and that being Inception II let’s talk about the elephant in the room. What on earth am I going to wear for my first ever Super Card main event? It’s a hard-hitting question but so I nail it you should head over to my Twitter account and place a vote on which outfit you seem is fitting for the thousands of Melephants in attendance and the tens of thousands watching at home and myself, Melody Grace Carpenter should wear when we collectively become the NEW Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion.  

She had a polite smile on her face that slowly turned into a full-blown smirk, the look in her eyes was teasing.  

Melody: Ah yes, the Twitter plug. I’d figured I’d put in my own plug this week seeing as last week that’s all my opponents could seem to come at me with, was “dirt” that I put on my Twitter page. News flash, if that’s the only dirt you have on me, what’s the point of even attempting to come at me in a promotional video? Can you not think of anything else, are you that short on creativity that you have the leech onto my social media waiting for me to slip up? Are you all just sitting at home waiting for me to post something that you see as a weakness? Here’s a heads up I stand by everything I Tweet, Retweet, Like, post… so keep it up because at the end of the day you’ll be the ones with egg on your faces when your trash talk about my Twitter popularity goes south, like your dreams of beating me this Sunday night at Inception II.

She shrugged her shoulders before she continued.

Melody: Cocky? Nah, I’m fair from cocky, I have just finally woken myself up to the reality that at the end of Inception II I could be walking out with the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship around my waist and that is a picture that I have etched in my mind. It’s my goal, it’s my ambition and it’s my purpose…

Melody twirled back around to see her picture on the side of the building, her smile returning in full force as she got Goosebumps. She turned back to the camera grinning as if she had just won the lotto.

Melody: A purpose that I refuse to have slipped through my fingers on one of the grandest stages of them all Inception II… at a Sin City Wrestling Super Card… and if you’ve been following my career you would know that Super Cards are my thing… I’m undefeated at Super Cards so what makes Jessie Salco, Mikah Green and Crystal Millar think they have what it takes to steal that claim to fame away from me? Sure, Crystal and Mikah have beaten me before but they have yet to face me, while I’m in Super Card mode… it’s like Bruce Banner’s hulk mode but you know less green and more Little Miss Sunshine.

Removing her hands from her pockets Melody brought hand arms up and did the big gun muscle pose before she dropped her hands down laughing. She had serious things to say but she was making sure she was being true to herself and still having fun while saying them.

Melody: I have been working nonstop these past two weeks making sure that I’m in the best shape of my life, because unlike Mikah, unlike Crystal and yes unlike Jessie Salco… main events aren’t just handed out to me. So, I’m doing everything in my power to maintain my position on this roster. I’m doing everything I can to show Christian Underwood and Mark Hot Stuff Ward that I should have been in the main event picture a long time ago… so what makes you think that I wouldn’t be putting my best foot forward to make sure that I’m kept under that spotlight? And if any of these other girls think that they are going to take that away from me they have another thing coming. I have had to work my whole career for this moment… I had to jump over hurdles… I’ve been laughed at I’ve been doubted and now I’m finally in the promise land… I’m finally just moments away from realising my dreams…

She turned back to look at her picture, the same picture the camera now panned out so it could get Melody and Mega Melody in the same shot. The look on Melody’s face was pure excitement but she knew she had a lot of hard work before her before she could celebrate. Her eyes and focus returned to the camera before her.

Melody: The best part about all of this is I get to walk into the promise land knowing that finally Mark Ward believes in me… I finally get to accomplish my greatest dream in my career with James by my side supporting me… and I finally get to show all my Melephants the respect that they deserve… they deserve this more than what I do. After all it’s my fandom that has been dissed, verbally spat at, mocked, made a joke of and in every dark moment of our careers of walking this path together they have stood by me. They have collected themselves they have rallied together and each and every week they get louder and louder because they believe in me, they believe in themselves and they know, oh they just know that one day we would finally be at the front door at greatness… the catch is we don’t plan on knocking on it… we plan on barging the damn thing down and crashing the damn party.

Her eyes narrowed as she drove her point home, making sure the viewers at home knew she meant business.

Melody: The sweetness is, that this party we are crashing might start off as Crystal’s dream moment that will lead her to breaking the record… but as soon as I arrive, as soon as the herd arrives… her party will be over turned and well it will become our party.

That trademark white smile was on her face, a smile that Melody was famous for.

Melody: And there aint no party, like a Melephant party.

She couldn’t help but sound song like when she said those words she was excited and was ready to party.

Melody: Now I’ll leave you this week with a simple fact, Inception II will be our night and you can bank on that… and IF we win I’ll see you all at the XS nightclub at the Wynn and well… we can celebrate my belated birthday and the beginning of our championship reign on the same night.

Melody jumped up and down the excitement of a party for her birthday and for winning the championship sounded amazing.

Melody: But in the meantime, just know that I can’t wait to see you all Sunday night… now let’s go get ready for the fight of our lives.

Melody made sure she ended her week’s work on a positive but a strong point; she didn’t want anyone to think that she was taking this moment lightly. She was seriously, deadly serious in becoming the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion. With a simple stare, down of the camera, she smiled before the footage faded to black leaving her Melephants feeling like maybe, just maybe this was their time to shine.  

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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<div style="width: 695px; margin: auto;">

<text align=right> <p align=”Right”> ”GOODBYE NEW YORK."

Mikah, Leighton, and Drake were sitting in the living room of their New York City house and Leighton had a slightly worried look on her face.  She had just gotten home from a friend’s house  and Mikah instantly told her that they needed to talk to her about something.  Mikah didn’t know how to tell her daughter that she was going ahead with the move to Oak Brook, Illinois.  And she was sure that Leighton was going to throw a fit; it’s what she would have done as a child.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Mom, what’s up?  You have this weird look on your face…”

Mikah smiles at her daughter before glancing over at her husband, who pats her leg with a supportive smile on his face.  But of course, he didn’t want to do the telling either.  Mikah had even begged and pleaded with him to do so.  But he didn’t want the wrath of an eleven year girl on him.

;;MIKAH[/B]  “Um.  Well, I--we have something that we need to tell you, Leigh.  And I’m not sure how you’re going to respond to it.”
Mikah chews on her bottom lip a bit, glancing over at Drake again.  Why was she so nervous?  She was the parent and was supposed to be able to deal with her daughter and her daughter’s potential outburst.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Okay...what is it?”
Leighton’s eyes look back and forth from her stepfather to her mom.  Mikah tried her best to force a smile on her face but she wasn’t sure that it was making much difference in how she felt or how Leighton perceived her to feel.

;;MIKAH  “We’re moving.”

Mikah grabs Drake’s hand for support, squeezing it a bit before looking at him as she tries not to overthink how her daughter is going to react.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “To a new house?  Cool.”

Mikah takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out through her lips.  She hadn’t want to be so specific at the beginning, didn’t want to overwhelm her daughter with a bunch of facts and just throw it out there.  But she didn’t understand.  Mikah shakes her head no slowly and watches the realization spread over Leighton’s face as Leighton realizes what Mikah had meant by moving.

;;MIKAH  “Well, yes to a new house but it’s not in New York City, it’s in Oak Brook, Illinois.”

The look on Leighton’s face said it all and Mikah felt instantly guilty.  She knew that she was uprooting her from her life; the life that she had grown accustomed to but there wasn’t much else Mikah could do about it.  She wanted to make her marriage work and even though it was working now, she didn’t want Drake to hate her for making them stay in NYC.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Why?!  Why do we have to leave New York City!?  I love it here; I have friends here!”

Mikah didn’t blame her daughter for being upset because she would have been upset too if she had been uprooted from her life.

;;MIKAH  “Because it’s a better choice for us as a family, Leighton.”

Leighton frowns and crosses her arms over her chest, huffing a bit.  Mikah just offers her a small smile, knowing that it wouldn’t help the situation.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “This is our home, mom!  Right here!  This is where we live and I don’t want to go!”

Mikah could imagine Leighton stomping her feet if she had been standing up and Mikah lets a smile grace her face for a moment before she looks at Leighton.  She wanted to try to make it work where Leighton would be happy.

;;MIKAH  “I know baby.  But Drake has a house in Oak Brook and it’s a nice little city.  Or town, I’m not sure what it’s really called.  You’d like it Leighton.  I wouldn’t have to worry as much about you being by yourself.”

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Then stop wrestling, mom!  Stay home and be my mother if you’re worried about that!”

She sighs and looks down at her knees, feeling all sort of emotional.

;;MIKAH  “Leighton, I know this is a shock to you.  I know that you like it here and that you have friends here but you don’t have a choice in this.  If I ever decide to have another child and with Drake, I want to be in Oak Brook.  It’s safer for a family there.”

Leighton looked a bit shocked and perplexed at the thought of having a little brother or sister.  Mikah chews on the inside of her bottom lip, watching her daughter and the emotions that settle on the young girl’s face.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “You’re thinking about having a baby?”

Mikah simply shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “I’ve thought about it before.  It’s a possibility, Leigh.”

Mikah nervously glances over at Drake, who offers her an encouraging smile.  They’d talked about having a baby before but then she got back into the wrestling scene and the talks had to stop.  Maybe she was scared to have another baby because of the two miscarriages she’d had before.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “ can’t make me move, mom!”

;;MIKAH  “I’m sorry baby, but I can.  And you have two days at school then we’re going on Wednesday.  Whether you like it or not.  Plus, we can come back in the summer and you can see your friends then.  I promise you’ll see your friends.”

Leighton glares at her mother before getting up and stomping upstairs.  Mikah saighs and collapses back against the back of her couch and peeking over at her husband.

;;MIKAH  “Well that went well.”

She runs her fingers through her messy blonde locks and looks at Drake again.  He just smiles and leans back next to her, bumping her shoulder with his.

::DRAKE  “Don’t worry, she’ll bounce back in no time.  She’s a good kid.”

Mikah gives him a look before leaning into him, finding that comfortable spot where she was halfway snuggled into him and halfway snuggled into the couch.

;;MIKAH  “I know.  And I know that this is hard on her but I didn’t expect her to react like that.  I don’t even know what I was expecting out of her.”

::DRAKE  “I expected worse.”

Mikah frowns at him and looks up at him, raising an eyebrow at him.  He looks down at her and gives her a smile before leaning down and kissing her fully on the mouth.

;;MIKAH  “You’re seriously lucky I love you.”

He scrunches up his nose and shrugs her shoulders at her and she rolls her eyes at him.  She pushes him a bit before moving right back into him.

;;MIKAH  “I think she was more upset about the fact that I said I was thinking about having a baby.  You’d think she was five years old and I told her that.”

She shakes her head a little bit before  glancing up at him again.  She chews on the inside of her bottom lip, rubbing her teeth along the inside of her lip.  He raises an eyebrow at her.

::DRAKE  “What?”

;;MIKAH  “What do you think it’d be like?  If we had a baby…”

It was his turn to shrug his shoulders, as if what Mikah was asking was such a ludicrous thing to ask.  She studies his face, her eyes moving over his features and she offers him a small smile.

::DRAKE  “Different.  I don’t know.  A baby changes things and changes relationships.  The real question is whether or not you’d be able to give up wrestling that long.  Could you do it?”

It was her turn to be silent for a moment or two, thinking about the question he had voice out loud.  She wasn’t sure.  There were moments when she felt that she could give wrestling up and not have a care in the world and just be Drake’s wife.  Or Drake’s pregnant wife.  It wouldn’t be hard now to have a baby; not with the two of them raising it.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know.  Sometimes I think that if I didn’t wrestle another match, I’d be okay.  I’d be your wife and that is okay with me some days.  And there’s other days where I’m itching to get in the ring to smash somebody’s face in.  Or at least pretend to, anyways.”

She winks at him and then looking at her knees then at her flat, toned stomach.  She raises her shirt up to look at her skin.  She tilts her head to the side before placing a hand on her stomach.  She also knew that it’d be hard on her to be pregnant and she only hoped that her eating disorder would subside and just leave her alone.  But she could almost hear those thoughts in her head right now.  She shakes them away, not wanting to think about them at the moment.

::DRAKE  “I like you being my wife.”

She grins at him before moving and straddling his waist, settling on top of him and make sure she was comfortable as she looks into his eyes, a grin on her pretty face.

;;MIKAH  “I like being your wife.”

He raises his eyebrows, his hands going to her hips.

::DRAKE  “Oh yeah?  What do you like about being my wife?”

She wrinkles her nose, a smirk playing on her face and a mischievous glint in her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Well, Melody only thinks I married you for your fame…”
She leans down and places a kiss on his neck, kissing it softly.

;;MIKAH  “But Melody doesn’t have a clue…”

She kisses on his neck a little more, taking a few moments to speak every so often.  She smirks at him.

::DRAKE  “Well, what does Mikah think then?”

;;MIKAH  “Mikah thinks you’re a gorgeous man…”

She nips his skin gently with her teeth before leaning up and full on kissing him on the mouth.  She smiles against his lips, pressing her hips against his just a bit.

;;MIKAH  “I like how sweet you are…”

She kisses his lips again, pulling back just to smile at him.

;;MIKAH  “And I love how you love me and how you…”
She glances down before smirking as she looks into his eyes before leaning down to whisper in his ear..

;;MIKAH  “Turn me on…”

She leans down and presses her lips to his once again, her hands going to cup his face.  He groans against her lips, his hands sliding around to her butt and pulling her closer to him as he gets more and more into the kiss and into her.


Mikah is standing in front of her mirror in her master bathroom, staring at her reflection.  Drake walks out of the shower and winks at her as he wraps a towel around his waist, giving her a shot of his goods.

;;MIKAH  “You know, flaunting it at me like that isn’t going to make me want it like I did a few hours ago.”

Her cheeks flushed a light pink color, giving away her lie.

::DRAKE  “You lie.  You always want it.”

She laughs before shaking her head at him and he walks over to her.  He carefully makes sure that his towel will stay around his waist on its own as he stands behind her before leaning forward and entrapping her between his body and the bathroom counter, his hands on the counter with one on each side of her.  She looks at him in the mirror, a smirk on her face again.  He leans down and places a tender kiss on her shoulder.

;;MIKAH  “You’re right, I do.  But that’s not going to change the fact that you and I are going to take Leighton out to supper because I’m a shitty mom.”

She smiles at him before leaning in to put on her liquid eyeliner, which made her butt push out against his crotch that was barely covered by the towel.  He grunts a bit and grabs onto the counter a little more firmly and a small smirk crosses Mikah’s face as she carefully applies her eyeliner but leans even closer to the mirror just to make her butt push more against him.

::DRAKE  “Don’t start something you don’t want  to finish…”

He was talking through clenched teeth and she couldn’t help but laugh at him.  She knew what she was doing but she loved to play innocent but only with him.

;;MIKAH  “I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about babe.”

He gives her a look, closing his eyes for a moment before he leans forward and kisses the back of her neck.  He moves away from her to get dressed.

::DRAKE  “Uh huh, sure you don’t.”
She smiles at him before shrugging her shoulders as she finishes with the eyeliner before grabbing her top of the line mascara and sweeping the brush across her lashes, coating them evenly in her black mascara.

;;MIKAH  “We’ve gone at it more than two times now, mister.  You should be more than satisfied.  Or at least, I would think you should be.”

She flashes him a wink as she applies a second coat of mascara to her lashes.  He watches her for a moment before he pulls on his boxer briefs, still keeping most of his attention on his wife as she finishes getting ready.  They’d showered together but it took him longer to get clean because she liked to have a entire spray of water from the shower to herself.

::DRAKE  “Too much is never enough, babe.”
He shoots her a wink before walking out of the bathroom to find some jeans and a shirt to wear for the night.  Mikah chuckles a bit as she finishes applying her hot pink lipstick to her lips.  She steps back and admires the simple pair of black leggings that were tucked into grey riding boots and a grey colored top that was tight and had a tunic like bottom to it that covered her butt.  She tilts her head, admiring herself more and making sure that there wasn’t a curl or lock of hair out of place.

;;MIKAH  “Don’t wear anything that will clash with my colors!”

She grins before turning and walking out of that bathroom and into the bedroom, to see him pulling on a pair of jeans.  He raises an eyebrow at her as she sits on the edge of the bed, biting her bottom lip, her eyes moving over his bare torso.

::DRAKE  “Like something you see?”

She grins and shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know, maybe.”

She grins even more at him, a look of lust written in her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Maybe you should give me a show…”

He raises his eyebrows at her as he pulls out a navy blue shirt and pulls it on and she watches his every moment, almost as if she was mesmerized by what she saw of him.

::DRAKE  “Maybe I will tonight...Can you wait that long?”
She fake pouts and shakes her head no as she tries her best to give him ‘puppy dog’ eyes; wanting more than anything to get her way.  She liked when he gave her what she wanted; even if it was a ridiculous request.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know.  I might expire.”

He rolls her eyes at her overly dramatic answer before going into the bathroom to finish getting ready.  She lies back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as he gets ready, doing only God knows what to get ready.  She didn’t know what his process of beauty entailed.  She sighs loudly before getting up and fixing her clothes.

;;MIKAH  “I’m going to go check on Leighton, babe.  I’ll be downstairs with her.”

::DRAKE  “Kay, babe.”

She grabs her phone before walking out of the bedroom and down the hallway.  Leighton’s room was at the other end of the house of the upstairs.  Mikah had planned it that way so in case there was any sort of noises, Leighton didn’t have to hear.  She stops in front of Leighton’s room and knocks four times on the door before going into her daughter’s room.”

;;MIKAH  “Hey baby..”

Leighton looks up at her mother and offers her a small smile.  Mikah smiles at her daughter’s choice of wardrobe: skinny jeans with her grey UGGs and a baseball style tee that was teal with grey sleeves.  Mikah walks over and sits down next to her and just smiles at her.  She knew that there was some tension between them but in her heart, she knew she was doing the right thing with moving them to Oak Brook.

;;MIKAH  “I know you’re mad at me baby and you don’t think it’s fair and I agree, it’s probably not fair  to you.  But I really think you’ll like Oak Brook…it’s a nice town and you can walk to the park if you wanted to and I wouldn’t have to worry as much about you being taken from me.”

≤≥LEIGHTON  “But mom, why now?  We didn’t move when you and Gavin were married…”

Mikah takes a deep breath and looks into her daughter’s beautiful eyes; the same eyes that were her father’s.

;;MIKAH  “I know but that’s because Gavin didn’t care.  Drake loves us both and he would stay in New York City for us but he wants to be in Oak Brook because that’s close to his home.  And I think we should give it a try, try to compromise with him.  We’ll still visit NYC as much as you want on the weekends, it’s not that far away.”

Leighton looked a little unsure about the whole situation but Mikah could tell that she was trying to understand what her mother was talking about.  And Leighton did like Drake..

≤≥LEIGHTON  “I do like Drake, a lot.  And I do want him to be happy…”

;;MIKAH  “And he likes you too, Leigh.  And he’d be happy here too but I think a smaller community would really pull us together as a family.  Don’t you want us to be more like a family?”

She looks into her daughter’s eyes, searching for any emotion that may have touched home with her.  Leighton still seemed unsure about the whole situation and Mikah couldn’t really blame her either.  It was a tough situation.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “I do want that.  And I know I kind of maybe freaked out about you talking about having a baby and I even think it’d be cool to have a little brother or sister some day.”

;;MIKAH  “And Oak Brook would be a wonderful choice to raise a baby in, Leighton.  I know I raised you here but I was young and I was still really selfish.  I wanted you to be here in New York City because I wanted to be but I know now that it’s not really the best place to have a baby and to raise it.  If I would’ve known then what I know now, I would have moved somewhere smaller so you could have had the opportunity for a normal childhood.  But I’m going to try to fix  that now.  I know you’re eleven years old and almost a teenager, but I can make your teen years go a little smoother.”

Mikah plays with a few strands of her daughter’s hair, twirling them around her fingers and then looking at Leighton.  Leighton was almost a spitting image of Christian Othniel and there wasn’t a day that Mikah didn’t miss him.  But she loved Drake and wasn’t sure that she’d leave Drake for Christian.  But she wasn’t sure about that either.  Christian knew how to work her emotions and he knew a lot about her.  Drake knew a lot too and he was still learning things which was an improvement on her side, improving their emotional bond was something Mikah had tried to work hard at because she didn’t talk to Gavin about anything that could upset either one of them.  She tried to work through those emotions with Drake.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Okay.  I think I’m ready to go and I think that this move will be okay.  But how are we going to have everything packed by Wednesday?!”
Mikah grins at her daughter and pats her head before leaning into her and hugging her.

;;MIKAH  “Oh trust me, Leighton.  I have ways and plus, I have money.  I’ll probably just hire somebody to do it.  And another good thing,ou and I will get to go pick out a whole new bedroom set for your room in Oak Brook.  So you can be thinking of all sorts of ways to do your new room.”

Mikah knew that Leighton liked to decorate and design her room and rearrange it, which made her eyes light up at the thought of getting to do it all over again.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “I’m thinking coral…and maybe gold.  But I’m not sure yet.”

;;MIKAH  “Whatever makes you happy, baby.  I’m sure Drake would let you paint your room if you wanted to.  Plus, your mom can hire people to do things.”

She winks at her daughter as they stand up and both of them fix their pants a little bit.  She grins at her daughter as they hook arms to go downstairs and wait for Drake.  Mikah felt better about the situation, knowing that her daughter was okay with the move and everything to come.  But she wasn’t looking forward to going to Leighton’s school to get transcripts and everything else that came with Leighton switching schools; that was going to be a nightmare.

They walk downstairs to see Drake sitting on the couch, his phone in hand as he scrolls through either Twitter or Facebook, neither girl was sure which one he was looking at.

;;MIKAH  “Anything interesting on Twitter?”

Drake pops his head up to look over at his wife and stepdaughter and smiles at them.  He pockets his phone and stands up and walks over to them.

::DRAKE  “All ready to go?”

Mikah nods her head and looks to her right at Leighton, who also nods her head.  How big of a lifestyle change were they going to have to make when it came to moving?  It wasn’t going to be like living in New York City when anything was just a call away or a taxi ride away either.  Mikah knew it was the right choice for her family but she herself wasn’t sure how she was going to adjust to smaller city liviing.”

;;MIKAH  “Are we ready to go?  I think we’ve been waiting on you babe.”

She winks at him before grinning at Leighton, who seemed amused at the two adults in the room.  Drake shakes his head before sliding his arm around his wife’s waist and leaning in to kiss her cheek.

::DRAKE  “Mhm.  Well, if somebody didn’t hog the shower for thirty minutes, it might not have taken so long.”

He was careful to whisper the last part in her ear so that Leighton didn’t hear.  Mikah’s cheeks flush a pink color and she pushes him away from her in a playful manner.

;;MIKAH  “Oh whatever.”

Drake grins before grabbing the keys to the car as they leave to go out to supper, ready for their last family date in the city.  Because the week to come was going to have a lot of changes in it.

<text align=right><p align=”Right”> "THE UGLY TRUTH."

She looks in the mirror in her “dressing” room and pushing the few tendrils of her blonde locks that weren’t pulled back in her updo out of her face.  They were going to annoy her the entire time she was doing this little thing for SCW.  She checks on her make up, make sure nothing was out of place before stepping back to get a shot of her dress.  It was a long, formal dress and was backless.  She’d chosen to go with a rose gold sequined style but it hung perfectly on her frame.  The top of the dress probably showed more cleavage than what one would one but she found it fitting.  She runs her hands down her torso, checking to make sure that it was snug in all the right places.  It had taken her awhile to get used to walking in the dress, the way it hugged her slender thighs then kind of loosened right above her knees and pooled around her feet, having a small train.

She slips her feet into black stiletto designer pumps and jumps as there’s a knock on the door.  She turns, narrowing her eyes a little at the door as if the person on the other side could see it.  She grabs her perfume and squirts some on her wrists, neck, and cleavage before grabbing the skirt of the dress a bit and walking to the door and pulling it open to see her husband, Drake Green standing here dressed in a suit.  She smiles at him, eyeing him up.

;;MIKAH  “Too bad we don’t have time for a quickie because fuck me you’re looking hotter than hell right about now.”

She didn’t care if she was being a bit over the top with her remarks on how her husband looked.  He just shakes his head at her and leans in, giving her a quick kiss.  She gives him a look before wrinkling her nose at him.

;;MIKAH  “Careful, you’ll smudge my lipstick.”

::DRAKE  “Of course, wouldn’t want to do that, now would we?”

He had a smirk on his face and she gave him a look before leaning in and kissing him on his lips anyways.  She pulled back and smile at him.

;;MIKAH  “One minute.  Go to where we’re going to start filming.  Please.”

He nods his head before sneaking in one last kiss before walking off, following his wife’s directions.  She turns to face the mirror, ready to put her plan into action, hoping it would come off as well as it did in her head.  She grabs her lipstick and carefully applies a touch more before deciding she was ready.

;;MIKAH  “Ready or not here I go.”

She takes a deep breath before walking out of her “dressing room” and down the hallway.  She was careful not to tip over the small train that the dress had around her feet as she focused on walking to the glass doors that would lead to the front steps of the building they were in.  She stops in front of the glass doors before opening them to look out.  Drake was standing on the sidewalk with his back to the doors and steps and she glances over him to see Rafael, the cameraman standing there.  She gives him a nod and he nods back, positioning the camera on his shoulder to prepare.

Mikah pushes the door open and steps out into the slightly chilly winter weather of New York City and smiles at her husband’s back as she steps down the first three steps and stands there before clearing her throat.  Drake turns around and looks at his wife with a grin on his face.

;;MIKAH  “Do you like what you see?”

It was a question for both her husband and the cameraman who was filming this for everybody to see.

::DRAKE  “You look gorgeous, babe.”

He leans in and kisses her cheek before offering her his arm and she smiles at him before placing her arm in his and they walk to the limo, Alphonso opening the door for them.  Mikah offers him a small smile before getting in and making herself comfortable and crossing her left leg over her left as he husband settles down on the seat next to her as Rafael climbs in carefully, making the filming process a bit harder but willing to do whatever it took.

;;MIKAH  “There’s six days until Inception II.  And I go back and forth with how I feel about it.  How I feel about there only being seven days until history is made.  Or maybe history won’t be made; maybe we’ll get stuck with Crystal Millar as the champion again if she retains.”

She presses her lips together as Drake places his hand on Mikah’s thigh, feeling the sequins of her dress under his fingertips.

;;MIKAH  “And that’s not a dig at Crystal, as many people will perceive it to be.  It’s just the truth; Crystal hasn’t been the Bombshell Champion that SCW deserves.  She hasn’t been present at a lot of the Climax Controls as of lately.  But yet she wins woman of the year.  How does she win woman of the year?  I’m not quite sure how that works.  Not saying that I deserved it either but I kind of got screwed out of both years’ awards.  I held the championship for nine months but didn’t get any recognition for doing so.  I didn’t get any award for holding it for that long and breaking every Bombshell Championship record there was to break.  Nope, it was as if my championship never even existed.”

She shrugs her shoulders before looking over at her husband, a smile growing on her face before leaning over and pecking his cheek with a kiss.

;;MIKAH  “And yes, maybe I’m a little bitter about it.  Bitter that what I did for the Bombshells as the champion didn’t get any kind of recognition.  I set the mother fucking bar for all of you to measure up to.  I was the measuring stick for nine fucking months.  NOBODY could beat me but I guess that doesn’t mean jack shit when it comes to awards.  That’s fine, keep your stupid awards and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine because I’m done with that.  I’m done trying to fit your little mold of what you all think the Bombshell Champion should be or even what a Bombshell should be…”

She leans forward and grabs the tequila from the mini fridge in the limo and a glass.  She sets the glass down on the fridge before grabbing a small bottle of grenadine and a small bottle of orange juice.  She puts some ice in the small glass before pouring some orange juice in then the grenadine and finally the tequila.  She sticks a small black straw in it before putting the things away before grabbing the scotch to get Drake his own drink.  She puts some ice in the small glass before pouring some scotch over the ice and then handing the drink to Drake and putting the other things away and grabbing her own glass.  She takes a sip of her tequila sunrise through the small straw, sitting back and looking at the camera man.

;;MIKAH  “Maybe I should be more like Melody Grace…”

A scoff escapes her lips before smirking at the camera.

;;MIKAH  “Yes, maybe I should be more like her.  More of what I’m sure Hot Stuff Mark Ward wants a Bombshell to be like.  She’s always so well liked and I’m not talking just amongst the fans.  She’s well liked among her co-workers as well.  It’s so annoying.  She even ‘lights’ up the room when she walks in; lights it up so much that I leave so I don’t have to deal with that.   Hell, even my husband likes her.”

Mikah shoots a look over to her husband, who take a drink from his Scotch.

::DRAKE  “Let’s not start that again, Miks.”

Mikah just rolls her eyes.
;;MIKAH  “If Melody wasn’t so…fake, I might like her a little better.  Oh, is that gonna hurt everybody’s feelings that I called Melody fake?  Well, get the fuck over it.  She acts too damn innocent for it to be real; nobody is that naive.  Nobody.”

She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink through the tiny black straw, her eyes still on the camera.

;;MIKAH  “And I find her to be a hypocrite.  But I’ve touched on that before; I won’t go there again.  However, I will give her credit where credit is due.  She’s very good in the ring.  One of the best and one of the funnest to work with in the ring, if I’m honest.  In fact, besides Crystal, I’m actually looking forward to stepping into the ring with Melody once again because she is easy to do a match with.

She didn’t seem to care if what she was saying was nice or not.

;;MIKAH  “What I don’t understand with Melody is that she thinks I want to fuck her man or something more sinister.  Which is far from the truth; I’m not a cradle robber, sweetheart.  I married Drake Green because I love him.  You stating otherwise makes it look as if you’re just like the other sheep that think I only married him because of his fame or for his money.  But just like the other sheep in this company, Melody, you’re just as stupid as they are.  First of, he PURSUED me before I even thought about getting with him, so as far as me…how did you put it?”

She pauses and taps her finger to her lips a few times.

;;MIKAH  “Sinking my teeth into him, that’s not how it went.  Maybe you should check your facts before you go acting like the other sheep.  And I get why you’re so obsessed with me following J2Hism, I get it.  You’re so insecure but remember, Melody.  I didn’t trick a man into thinking he was married to me, I actually married Drake legally.”

Mikah winks at the camera before taking another sip of her mixed cocktail.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know how the other people that employed by this company don’t see it.  I wonder how they don’t realize just how childish and immature you are.  Because insinuating that I want anything to do with J2H in a sexual way is ridiculous.  That just confirms it to me that you’re afraid that you’re going to lose him because of how insecure you sound when you talk about me aligning myself with him.  Every time I think about your comments about how you think I’m a slut and trust me, those words did come out of your mouth whether or not you want to believe them is up to you.  It’s called friends; the few friends that I do have are male because I don’t like idiotic sheep like you.”

She makes a waving motion with her hand before finishing off the drink and setting it down in one of the cup holders.

;;MIKAH  “You can try and discredit my previous championship all you want, Melody.  It just proves how naive and stupid you really are.  You weren’t even around when I was the champion.  Because you were too fucking ashamed to show your face around SCW after what you did to J2H.  I really don’t even know why he’s with you but I’m not that person; to try to discredit somebody else’s relationship because I’m not you, Melody.  I’m not a twenty something year old woman who acts like a teenager.  You and J2H probably have a wonderful relationship.   But banging the World Heavyweight Champion isn’t going to make you the Bombshell Champion, I hope you realize that.”

She smirks at the camera, a cold look passing through her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “You can call me a snake however you want and you can say that I am an attention whore or whatever it was that you said.  Because you’re grasping for straws.  It just proves that you’re an ignorant human being.  You think that everybody likes you and that you’re SCW’s Angel or whatever but truth is, you’re not.  You’re just as fake as most of your female friends.  I can see right through your little charade of lies.  But go on, Melody.  Parade on with your lies and statements about me and my marriage to Drake because it just makes me laugh.  Because while you’re trying and trying to get J2H to propose to you, I actually married Drake.  And before you spout on about Drake’s absence on Twitter, he and I like not to tweet each other in the same room; him and I are together almost every day because he can actually stand me.”

Mikah turns to face Drake and leans in and kisses him full on the mouth.  She licks her bottom lip slowly after pulling her lips away from his and then faces the camera, a smirk playing on her face.

;;MIKAH  “And just a reminder before you go spouting off with more incredulous lies, Drake asked me to marry him.  I didn’t force him to and it took me a long while to decide on whether that was what I wanted for me and my life.  And another thing…I didn’t marry Drake for his money or his fame because I have my own money.  I didn’t and I don’t need his to survive.  Whereas you…you will be living off of J2H’s money for a long time because you’re too pathetic to save your own.”

She frowns before narrowing her eyes at the camera and leaning forward, a cold stare in her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “I just remembered something about you, Melody.  I can’t believe that you have the fucking audacity to throw it in my face that I talk to your boyfriend and you don’t like it.  What the fuck were you doing in November of 2014 to any point in 2015?  Hmm?!  Do you remember anything at all?”

Mikah raises an eyebrow, glaring into the lens of the camera.

;;MIKAH  “I bet you’ll feign innocence because you’re a fucking wolf in sheep’s clothing and want everybody to think that you’re this innocent girl.  But who were you talking to a lot on Twitter in that timeframe?  Can you think of who I’m thinking about Melody?  Hmm?  Or are you still planning on playing stupid?”

Mikah rolls her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Let me remind you, you stupid bitch.”
She didn’t care if she was being harsh or using words that weren’t nice.

;;MIKAH  “You were flirting with my then husband at the time all the fucking time on Twitter.  So don’t you dare say that I’m talking too much to J2H when you were doing even worse than what I do a year and a half ago.  You were flirting with a married man, like you say I do with Simon.  You did the exact same with my now ex-husband.  The problem is Drake knows that Simon and I are friends.  Simon and I were friends before I even liked Drake.  So don’t you go calling me pathetic or say that I’m seeking for attention when that’s all you did in November of 2015.  Because you’re the biggest fucking hypocrite I’ve ever met.  Pot meet kettle.”

She just shrugs her shoulders, pouting out her bottom lip just a bit.

;;MIKAH  “And then there’s Jessie Salco…”

Mikah chuckles at mentioning the name of one of her other opponents.

;;MIKAH  “I’m not even sure that there’s a lot to be said about her.  She didn’t have much to say about me last week.  And I’d have to listen to it over and over again before I could even begin to decipher it.  It was that pathetic.”

A smirk once again plays on Mikah’s face and she brushes the locks of blonde hair that framed her face out of her eyes.
;;MIKAH  “Jessie, you are right about one thing; you and I haven’t had much interaction in the past.  That’s correct.  It’s almost as if we’re strangers in the ring which is funny because I’m pretty sure that you’ve been here in SCW longer than I have but yet…”

She looks up, letting the pause linger a bit.  She shakes her head.
;;MIKAH  “All I want to know is how you got this opportunity.  Because I don’t get it.  Maybe that’s me being ignorant like I just called Melody, but I just don’t get it.  But hey, at least you’re not as fake as Melody is.  You do have that going for you and you’re not trying to stomp all over my marriage as if that will get you brownie points with Hot Stuff Mark Ward.”

Mikah mock claps a few times before rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

;;MIKAH  “I will applaud you for that, Jessie.  It speaks to me beyond words that you don’t have to stoop down to what would be a teenager’s level to throw my marriage out in the public.  I’d say you’re more mature than the other blonde in this match and that’s saying something.”

She twirls a strand of her hair around her index finger, thinking for a moment or so.

;;MIKAH  “And then there’s Crystal Millar.  I don’t even know what I can say about her that I haven’t said before.  But what she had to say last week was somewhat right; her and I know each other pretty well in the ring.  I would also say that her and I work the best in the ring together.  Whether we like each other or don’t like each other, we can still put on a match that will tear down the house.”

She smiles a bit, reminiscing about the past in her head for a moment.

;;MIKAH  “Crystal is getting closer and closer to breaking my record, that’s true.  What she said last week is true; she’s pretty close to breaking it.  But records are meant to be broken but I’m sorry to say that, I’m going to be the one that is going to break my record.”

She leans back, letting her bare back lean up against the leather seats.  Drake rubs her thigh a bit, his hand sitting on top of the sequined material of her dress.

;;MIKAH  “She’s also right when she was saying that somebody should want the championship for more than just the reason that I wouldn’t want her to break my record.  I’m almost surprised that she thinks that that is the only reason I want the championship back.  Which, is a reason that’s true.  Most people don’t understand why I didn’t want it back right away and maybe I’ll explain that right now.”

She sits back a little bit more, trying to get comfortable and letting a pause linger between herself and the camera.

;;MIKAH  “Nine months is a long time.  It’s a long time to hold a belt and I currently hold the record for the longest Bombshell Championship reign in the company.  But everybody knows that; the teenager in the match likes to state that my championship reign was boring and stale but nobody minds what she thinks anyways.  She’s usually too worried about whether or not I’m talking to her boyfriend.”

She purposely put a little bit of emphasis on the term boyfriend.

;;MIKAH  “Crystal has every right to think that I only want the championship back to keep her from breaking my record.  That’s her right as a human being; to state her opinion.  Whether or not I find that opinion true is another story.  You see, I was tired of the insane amount of pressure that came with holding the championship.  The meetings and the go here and go there part that came with being the championship.  I wanted a break but apparently nobody in this company thought that I deserved a break or even thought, ‘oh hey, she’s basically ran the division for nine months, let’s give her a little slack’.  Hell, I didn’t get any slack when my fucking best friend killed himself.  I was expected to show up to work like it didn’t bother me as if I wasn’t human and didn’t have feelings.  So, you can attribute my lack of interest in getting the championship back right away however you want but there was a lot going on that didn’t have to do with my wedding to this man right here.”

She looks over to her husband and gives him a smile before leaning over and kissing his lips again.

;;MIKAH  “Crystal…you and I have been in the ring against one another multiple times.  We know each other pretty well, better than what Melody knows about Jessie I would say.  We’ve taken one another to the limit and then back.  There’s probably not one thing that we don’t know about each other in the ring.  That could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing, for either one of us.  I don’t know if there’s been a bigger rivalry recently in SCW other than you and I, Crystal.  In the Bombshell division, that is.”

Mikah leans forward to make herself another drink.  It didn’t take her long to make it before she was sitting back next to her husband.

;;MIKAH  “And we’re a lot alike, Crystal.  Think about it for a moment.  Think about our respective years.”

She smirks as she looks at the camera, twirling the straw around in the glass.

;;MIKAH  “You got married in 2015 and I got married in 2016.  Both of us in love with our husbands but mine hasn’t left me or gotten sick of me.”

Mikah glances over at her husband and winks at him before turning her attention back to the camera.

;;MIKAH  “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be like Melody and take digs at your relationship because I’m not a child and I’m not insecure in my relationship.  Drake and I are going strong and that’s all that matters in my personal life and I hope that’s the truth in your relationship.”

She nods her head before sipping on her drink, her eyes looking over at her husband once again.

;;MIKAH  “Crystal, I know you want to retain your championship because I know what that feeling is.  Walking into a match where the odds are stacked against you.  Most of my championship matches were triple threat matches with only a handful of them being one-on-one matches.    So, I know the feeling more than what you would expect me to.  I know that you’re doing the math and knowing that the chances of you walking out with the championship are lower than what it would be if it was a one-on-one match.  You don’t even have to be pinned in this match to lose that belt and I know that has to weigh heavily on your mind.  You have to be thinking about every situation that could happen in the match on Sunday.  How many times have you had a mental breakdown in the past week?  Has it happened yet?  Because I almost guarantee that it will.”

She simply shrugs her shoulders, drawing her lips into a tight line.

;;MIKAH  “I know that you’re not ready to lose the championship.  Nobody ever is ready to lose but it happens.  I didn’t think that I was going to lose to Sam Marlowe but I did.  You can lose at any given moment, just like you said.  I’m glad you know that because I honestly believed that I was invincible.  I thought that I was going to hold the belt forever but I didn’t.  And I can honestly say it was a blessing in disguise.  I hated coming into work and I hated the way my stomach turned and flipped before a match and how I’d throw up before every match because I was nervous and felt the humongous amount of pressure that was placed on my shoulders.  But I’ve learned from that now, learned that winning isn’t everything.  But it does help to know that I’m still better than you, Crystal.”

She smirks at the camera.
;;MIKAH  “You only have one win over me and I have two over you.  Maybe this will tie us up or maybe it will add another little tally on my end.  Who knows.”

Another shrug rolls easily off of her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “Sunday is a week a way and I can honestly say that it’s a week too long.  I’m ready for Sunday to be here now.  And I hope you three are ready too.  I’ll see you soon.”

She winks at the camera once more before finishing off the rest of her drink.

;;MIKAH  “Ciao.”

<text align=right> <p align=”Right”> "BRIGHT LIGHTS IN A NEW CITY."

They’d only been in Oak Brook a few hours and Mikah was already feeling antsy to get to work on Leighton’s new bedroom.  She knew that Drake just wanted to relax, but Mikah wanted to get things done for Leighton.  If there was one thing Leighton had been happy or okay with was not starting school until Monday, giving her a five day break from it.

::DRAKE  “Can’t you just sit back and relax, babe?  I’m sure that we can get everything in a few hours.  We only got here forty-five minutes ago.”

;;MIKAH  “I want to get Leighton’s things now though.  I know you had them paint her room Monday in the coral color she had picked out.  I just want to get everything else sorted.  Like her bed and the things to go with it.  Where is she going to sleep tonight if we don’t get her a bed?”
Drake looks at his wife andd shakes his head, knowing better than to argue with her but for some reason, enjoyed playing that game.

::DRAKE  “It’s called the guest room, babe.  It’s one night, I think she’d survive in the guest room.  That already has a bed.”

She narrows her eyes at her husband, feeling a bit antagonistic.

;;MIKAH  “Or since you don’t want me to go get her what she needs, she can sleep with me in our bed and you can sleep in the guest bedroom.  How does that sound, Drake?”

He gives her a look, knowing that they were in for a little argument.  Leighton wasn’t in the house, having chosen to look around their property.

::DRAKE  “Or you could stop making such a big deal about this and take a breath.  It’s not like it’d be forever.”

;;MIKAH  “I don’t think it’s fair that we made her move here from the only place she’s ever known to make her sleep in the guest bedroom, Drake.  That’s not exactly fair.”

He sighs and takes a breath, trying not to lose his cool with his wife.  She crosses her arms over her chest and gives him a look, waiting to see what he had to say next about the situation.

::DRAKE  “I know that it’s not fair and I didn’t say that you couldn’t go, babe.  All I’m asking is that you take an hour or so to relax with me and just settle in for a bit.  It’s early, not even 11 a.m. yet.  We can relax then go get some lunch and then go get whatever she wants for her bedroom.  That’s all I’m asking of you.”

;;MIKAH  “I have to go to her new school this afternoon because I have to be in Vegas on Friday!”

Drake gives her a look.  He didn’t know if he could win this part of the argument or not and he was tempted to just give up and let her win but he also wanted her to relax.

::DRAKE  “Okay, I know that.  We can go there after lunch.  It’s not going to take more than a half an hour to get everything settled for her to return to school.  Can you just chill for a few minutes?  That’s all I’m asking, Mikah.  It’s like you don’t have an off button.”

She rolls her eyes at her husband before huffing and sitting on the couch in a hmph and crossing her legs, keeping her arms crossed over her chest.  She knew on some level that she was being irrational but she felt that there was a million things to do and only a short amount of time to do them.  She didn’t know how they were going to get everything done that was required in the move.  She had to get Leighton enrolled in her new school, change her bank account to a bank in Oak Brook, switch her Driver’s license and all the registration of her two cars, and plus she had to worry about a championship match on Sunday.  She just wanted to do the easy things first and get them out of the way but her husband didn’t see that.

;;MIKAH  “Fine.  I’m relaxing.   Whatever.”

Drake sighs and sits down next to her, looking at her.  He wanted to kiss her and hug her but he knew that she would probably punch him if he tried and he wasn’t sure he wanted to feel her wrath at the moment in a physical way.

::DRAKE  “Babe…I know there must be something other than just this bugging  you…”

She just shrugs her shoulders and he gives her a look.

::DRAKE  “Don’t do that, don’t shut me out and treat me like I don’t care.  I do care and you can’t just push me away because that’s how you’re used to doing things.  I’m here and we’re going to talk whether you want to or not.”

;;MIKAH  “I---I just have a lot on my plate, Drake.  This is the easy stuff; the moving stuff and everything that comes with it is easy  preparing for a match on top of it isn’t easy.  I haven’t had time to even prepare physically for the match.   And better yet, MiKayla is coming tomorrow night so she can stay with Leighton for the weekend and so that Leighton can see her baby cousin Maddox.  It’s just a lot and this little part is something that I have control over.  Can you just let me have control over it?  Please?”

He sighs and nods his head and leans over and kisses his wife’s cheek.  He felt a little better with knowing what was on his wife’s mind.  He knew that she had a championship match on Sunday and that she was feeling all sorts of things; especially nerves that came with a match.  He hadn’t realized that she felt as if she had no control over anything.

::DRAKE  “Let’s go to Leighton’s new school, get her registered and enrolled.  Then let’s get some lunch before going shopping.”

She smiles at him, a grateful look in her eyes as she looks at him.  She appreciated what he was going to do for her and that he wasn’t going to push her to just sit around and watch the minutes tick by.

;;MIKAH  “Thank you, babe.  I love you.”

He wrinkles his nose at him.

::DRAKE  “I know.  I love you too.”  

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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They had been at the store for nearly an hour and Leighton had been good about choosing things but Mikah was being a little more difficult about delivery.  She wanted it that afternoon and not in the morning.  Leighton had picked out a light turquoise bed that was a Queen sized and had picked out a matching dresser and nightstand.  She had decided that she didn’t need a TV in her room but rather a vanity and a desk, where she could work on her homework.  And now all Mikah was trying to do was get it by that night, if not earlier.

;;MIKAH  “Look, I get it.  It’s late in the afternoon, but my daughter needs her things delivered today.  Not tomorrow or the next day, today.  And if you don’t do what I ask I will go somewhere else and spend my money there.  I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen but you will make it happen or you will lose out on a sale and I don’t think you want to do that, now do you Nick?”

She narrowed her eyes at the salesman, who looked overwhelmed.

ööSALESMAN  “Ma’am, I’m telling you that there is no way that I can make that possible for you  today.  I’ve done everything that I can that’s within my power to try to get you what you want but there’s nothing else I can do.”

;;MIKAH  “Yes, there is.  There is always another way, Nick.  I think you need to look again or speak to your manager because I’m pretty sure that your boss won’t want to lose out on a sale.”

Leighton halfway looked embarrassed and amused at the same time.  She knew that her mother was a force to be reckoned with but she hadn’t realized just how far her mother would go.

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Mom, it’s okay.  I can sleep in the guest room for tonight.  No big deal.”

Mikah looks at Leighton, narrowing her eyes a bit before sighing and huffing a bit, crossing her arms over her chest and looking at the salesman.  The salesman looked hopeful that Mikah would go with what her daughter said but it was all about willpower, and Mikah wasn’t ready to give up.

;;MIKAH  “I know you can, sweetheart but the fact is that this stupid idiot isn’t doing his job.  His job is to make sure that the customer always gets what they want and is happy.  Do I look happy right now?  No, I do not.  So Nick, I want you to type some more things into that computer of yours and find me a way to get my daughter’s things to the house tonight.”

Nick, the salesman looked uncomfortable but he knew he had to at least try to make it work.   He wasn’t sure what Mikah would do if he didn’t try another thing but he knew he had to try.

ööSALESMAN  “Okay, I will try again, ma’am.”

Mikah grins and Drake just rolls his eyes, wanting to step in but also being slightly turned on by his wife’s behavior.  She smiles at him before looking at Leighton, who was trying not to laugh because her mother won.

;;MIKAH  “There’s always a way, baby.  Remember that, it will get you through a lot of things in high school.  There is always a way.”

::DRAKE  “I don’t know if you should be telling her that, babe.  There’s always a way could lead to other things.”

Mikah narrows her eyes at her husband, giving him a slightly dirty look and he just laughs and steps back, his hands up in the air as he looks at her.

;;MIKAH  “She needs to know that she can stand up for whatever she believes in Drake.  I did that as a…”

She stops, thinking about what she was going to say and remembers that she wasn’t exactly the picture perfect high school student either.  Sure, she had gotten excellent grades but she’d partied way too much in high school and had way too much sex at such a young age.  It wasn’t something she wanted for Leighton.

;;MIKAH  “Oh…”

Drake smiles, knowing that his wife knew what he was thinking and that he was right about what he had said.  She gives him a pouty look, not liking being wrong.

;;MIKAH  “Whatever, she’ll just be a confident little girl.  It’s fine.”

She dismisses it easily, as if it didn’t phase her.  But it would be stored in the back of her mind and she would have to think about whether or not she wanted Leighton to be like she was in school.  Sure, she wanted her to have the popularity that she’d had as a teen but she didn’t really want Leighton participating in that sexual behavior she’d done.

Drake takes a step forward, closing in the space between himself and his wife.  He leans into whisper in her ear.

::DRAKE  “I know you’re thinking about it.  Just let it go, it’ll be okay.”

He places a kiss just below her ear on her neck before looking at the salesman, who was looking more and more flustered as the time went on.  Mikah however didn’t look flustered in the slightest but more amused with what was going on.  She taps her foot a little impatiently as she watches him type a few more things on his computer.

ööSALESMAN  “Ma’am, I’m sorry but…”

;;MIKAH  “No, no buts just get your shit together and get me what I want.  You don’t understand who I am and I don’t care if you don’t but you are going to do what I want you to do.  There is no question about that at all.  Understand?”

He nods uncomfortably before using his mouthpiece thing to call his manager over.  Mikah rolls her eyes in sheer annoyance and within minutes, a male in his thirties walks over.  She can’t hear what they whisper about but then watches as the manager types a few more things into the computer.

ööSALESMAN  “Okay, thanks Parker.  Okay, ma’am.  Everything will be delievered by 6 p.m. tonight and I apologize for any confusion that was caused on my end.”

Mikah smiles happily before giving Drake a smirk as she digs through her purse and grabs her card to pay for Leighton’s things.  She was happy that she was getting her way with the salesman because that’s what she was going to settle for.

;;MIKAH  “Thank you.”
There were no apologies on her end as she grabs the receipt and walks off, hooking arms with her daughter.  Drake shakes his head a bit and hands the man two twenty dollar bills for his trouble.

ööSALESMAN  “Thanks.”

::DRAKE  “Sorry about her…she’s a little much.  Thanks for everything though.”

The man nods his head and walks off and Drake hurries to catch up with Mikah and Leighton.  He wasn’t sure what they were going to next and he could only hope that she was going to be more pleasant than she had been in the furniture store.

;;MIKAH  “Let’s go to Best Buy now.  Get you a laptop and desk.”

Drake rolls his eyes but he was slightly amused at his wife’s willpower; she was determined to get Leighton whatever she wanted her to have.  He knew that he shouldn’t encourage her to spend anymore money that she had but he knew she had it to spare and would only get him a lecture if he encouraged her to stop.

::DRAKE  “To Best Buy we go.”

Mikah smiles at him and nods her head then grabs his hand, lacing her fingers with his as they walk to the vehicle.  She opens the door for Leighton to get in before she leans against the half open door of the car and looks to Drake before pulling him in against her.  She looks up into his eyes, making “flirty” eyes at him.  She leans up and kisses him on the mouth.

;;MIKAH  “I love you, you know that?”

::DRAKE  “I do and I love you too.”

He grins at her before leaning down and kissing her again before pulling away and swatting her butt before going around to the driver’s side to get in.  She giggles to herself before sliding into the passenger’s seat and putting her seatbelt on.  She shuts the door before watching her husband get in and do the same things she had done but in opposite order.  She giggles a bit before watching him start the car and the engine roars to life.

::DRAKE  “What’s so funny?”

She just smiles at him, offering him nothing more than that as she watches him look in the rearview mirror to back out of the parking space.  She loved watching him, seeing how he did things and how they were different.

;;MIKAH  “I just like watching you, babe.  That’s all.”

He just raises an eyebrow at her before shaking his head at her again before focusing on driving.  She fiddles with the radio before finding a station she likes.  She squeals as Hailee Steinfeld’s song, Starving featuring Zedd came on.  She turns it up before she starts singing with it.

;;MIKAH  “I didn’t know that I was staring till I tasted you...don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo.  By the way, by the way, you do things to my body.  I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you.”

She dances a bit in her seat and Drake laughs a little at her as the die only takes them ten minutes to get there.  He parks the car and she leans over and kisses him on the cheek.  He laughs as they all get out of the car.

;;MIKAH  “Ready for a laptop, baby?”

≤≥LEIGHTON  “Of course.”

Mikah grins at her daughter before looking over at Drake, who shakes his head ready to follow the two girls inside.  He knew that this store would be slightly easier for Mikah to deal with the people that worked there.  There wouldn’t be anything that needed to be delivered and they could take everything home themselves.  It should be remotely easy.

::DRAKE  “This should be easy.”

;;MIKAH  “We could hope so. Who knows which stupid idiots these people have employed.”

He shakes his head and chuckles a little at her before they walk over to the section where the laptops and computers are sold.  He looks around himself, letting Mikah and Leighton do their own shopping and their own talking with one another.  He didn’t understand all the female babbling that they did a lot of the time.

Mikah looks at a few laptops but wasn’t sure what Leighton would need for school or if she really needed one at all.

;;MIKAH  “Do you need a laptop or a new iPad with a keyboard thing?”
Leighton herself shrugs her shoulders, unsure of what the answer was as well.  Mikah sighs and tucks her blonde locks behind her ears, unsure of what she needed.  She looks at the laptop, seeing the price and looking over the specs.  She didn’t really know what the specs meant or what anything else meant.  She was lucky that she knew how to turn them on and off.

She sees a guy walk by and grabs him, trying to figure out what her daughter would need.  She didn’t know any other details other than that Leighton would need a laptop for her high school career.  Drake was off in the video game department before he had moved over the televisions, looking at them before he found his way back to his wife nearly thirty minutes later, watching as she signs the receipt after purchasing a desk, laptop, a desk chair, and a carrying case for the laptop.

;;MIKAH  “Okay.  Now to get her bedding and curtains for her room and then we’ll be done.  Promise.”

Drake sighs but nods his head, understanding that she wanted Leighton to feel at home in the house.  She glances at her husband and flashes him a warm smile as they grab Leighton’s things to leave the store to go to the next.  He hadn’t realized how much they had to do and could now see why she wanted to get a start on it right away.


It had taken most of the afternoon to get sheets, pillows, bedding, lamps, and everything else that Mikah had thought Leighton needed in her new room.  Drake had been a trooper and now they were relaxing in the living room.  The delivery men had been there and set everything up and then left.  Leighton was now in her bedroom, locked away and probably talking to one of her friends in New York City.  Mikah leans down, leaning her head against her husband’s shoulder, taking a deep breath and trying to relax.

;;MIKAH  “I’m sorry that I went a little crazy today.”

He smiles and slides an arm around her waist, pulling her in closer to him.  He kisses the top of her head, just enjoying their time together.

::DRAKE  “It’s okay. You’re allowed to go sort of crazy, you know that?”
She gives him a look and rolls her eyes at him before hitting him playfully with the back of her hand.  She smiles at him though, enjoying his playful teasing.

;;MIKAH  “I just...I feel bad for her, you know?  I know I shouldn’t and that she will be okay but my parents were horrible but they had never uprooted me from the life I had known in Seattle.  And a part of me is curious as to how this is going to affect her.”

::DRAKE  “Just don’t worry about it, babe.  Leighton loves you and she knows that you wouldn’t intentionally ruin her life.”

She smiles at him and nods her head at him, agreeing with the words that came out of his mouth.  She loved him more than how she knew to express and that slightly worried her.

;;MIKAH  “It’s hard.  It’s hard to just let it go and not worry about it; I don’t want to ruin her or break her.”

Drake leans down and kisses her forehead, showing her affection.  She looks up at him as they stay cuddled together on the couch.

::DRAKE  “She’ll be fine, I promise.  You’ll be fine.  And most importantly, we’ll be just fine.”

He leans down and kisses her lips firmly, not allowing her to say anything else as they sit there on the couch.


Mikah pulls her hair up into a barbie style ponytail before tugging at her long sleeved pink shirt as the doorbell rings.  Drake had gone out to get some groceries before they left for Vegas.  They were leaving later that night around 6 p.m. and Mikah had asked if he’d get some groceries so that MiKayla wouldn’t have to load Maddox and Leighton up to go do so.  Mikah sighs as the doorbell rings again and she hurries out of the master bathroom and through the bedroom to jog down the stairs to open the door to see her fraternal twin sister, MiKayla standing there with Maddox in his car seat.

;;MIKAH  “Hey, I’m glad you found it.  I would have came to get you, but Drake took the car to the grocery store and mine isn’t here yet.”

MiKayla smiles at her sister and gives her a hug.  Their bond had been mended over the past couple of months.  Mikah grabs the car seat from her sister and moves into the living room and puts it on the couch to get her nephew out.
;;MIKAH  “I cannot believe that he is two months old!  There is no way he can be that old.”

§§MIKAYLA  “I know.  It’s crazy how fast time flies.”

She watches as Mikah gets the baby out of his seat and instantly cuddles the baby to her chest.  MiKayla smiles before sitting down in the chair.  Mikah coos over the little baby, snuggling him close to her chest.  She runs her fingers gently over his hair as she snuggles the baby close to her.  It definitely didn’t help her baby fever that she had.

;;MIKAH  “He is so stinkin’ cute.  I just want to keep him for forever.”

MiKayla chuckles and Mikah looks up as Drake walks inside, carrying bags of groceries.  He smiles at his wife before mumbling a quick hello to MiKayla before he goes into the kitchen to put the bags down.

;;MIKAH  “Thank you for doing this for me, Kayla.  I really do appreciate it even though it seems like I don’t at times.”

§§MIKAYLA  “It’s not a problem, really.  Leighton’s a great kid and I’m sure she’ll be great help with Maddox.

Mikah smiles down at her nephew before walking into the kitchen with the baby still firmly in her arms.  She looks at Drake as he unloads the groceries and he raises an eyebrow at her.

;;MIKAH  “Isn’t he cute?”

::DRAKE  “Yes, he’s adorable.”

He looks at the baby for a minute before continuing to put the groceries away.  He smiles at the thought of his wife holding a baby as she watches the baby and then looks at him every now and then to watch him.

;;MIKAH  “I want one.”

Drake raises an eyebrow before looking at her.  He didn’t know how to respond to that because how could he tell her no?  But how could they have a baby and she still be in the wrestling world?  He knew that she’d have to take a leave of absence for at least a year, if not more.  And he knew that she wasn’t sure if she could do that.

::DRAKE  “I know you do…”

;;MIKAH  “I want to wrestle too…”

He nods his head as he grabs the empty plastic bags to put them in their container that he keeps them in.  He knew it was a hard decision for her and he didn’t want to push her in any direction that she may not want to go in.  He wanted the decision to be completely up to her.

;;MIKAH  “But I want a baby…”

<text align=right><p align=”Right”> "THE UGLY TRUTH."

One wrestling ring.  Four Bombshells.  One championship.  Bombshell Champion.  Mikah was sitting on the top turnbuckle, looking down at the canvas of the wrestling ring, those words were written on canvas and she was just studying them.  The camera man gets a glimpse of the words before moving to get Mikah in the shot as she continues to sit there, just sitting on the top turnbuckle.

;;MIKAH  “We’re down to just two days, girls.  Only two days till the day is here.  The day that we know the future of SCW and what’s going to happen then.”

She smiles before tucking her blonde locks behind her hair.  She was wearing her ring attire; a bra like top that tied over a jeweled bra.  She’d chosen the lower part to be purple and the jeweled part of the bra to be silver.  Her bottoms were the same as usual: cheeky boyshort like panties with a hole on the right side of her hip, showing off her skin.  On her feet were her typical wrestling boots that were covered by her faux leather leg warmer things, one was purple and silver striped and the other was all purple with a stripe of silver that looked like a ribbon that wrapped around her upper thigh.  They also covered her knee pads.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know how much longer any of us can take it.  Are we all sitting on needles now?  Or are we careless and off doing fuck all in Sin City?”

She takes a deep breath before pushing her hair away from her face and smiling at the camera as it zooms off of her face.

;;MIKAH  “I know I’ve been preparing for this match for almost two weeks now and I’m not sure what else there is to say.  We’ve all said a lot of things, things that we meant and things that were mostly opinions but the one thing that reigns true right now is that Crystal Millar is the Bombshell Champion.  There is no question about that and that is not an opinion.  It is a fact.  She’s been the Bombshell Champion for two-hundred and some days.  I don’t know the exact number but I know that she’s getting closer and closer to breaking my record.  It’s becoming harder and harder to discredit her championship reign and why should anybody?”
She gives the camera a serious look.

;;MIKAH  “I know what that feels like; what it feels like to have somebody so insignificant discredit one’s championship reign.  People did it to me all the time when I was the champion.  So, I know how it feels when somebody tries to do something to discredit your reign.  Let’s do a little talking, Crystal.  I want to start with you and work down from the top to the bottom of the women that’s in our match.”
She moves her legs, placing one on the middle rope on each side of her, leaning in to get more comfortable.  She smirks a bit.

;;MIKAH  “You and I have gone round and round more than once, haven’t we Crystal?  It’s like we’re the modern day Trish and Lita.  I know that’s a hard thing to compare ourselves to but it’s true.  We’ve been at each other’s throats every time you turn around it seems.”

She chuckles a bit.

;;MIKAH  “I know a lot of people won’t see it that way, won’t see that we are always fighting each other and going after one another’s championship belt.  But that’s how I see it.  You and I will always have that rivalry there, whether we like each other or we don’t because we are the top Bombshells in the company, no matter what anybody says.”

She looks around, the place was empty except for her and the cameraman.

;;MIKAH  “Despite what some people might think, I do respect you as a competitor, Crystal.  You’ve proven just how good you are in the ring every time that you and I step into the ring.  There’s not been one match that we had that I thought was horrible.  Maybe we just click in the ring or maybe we’re just that good that anything we do shines like a diamond.”

She stops talking, letting the silence overcome her and the area she was in.  She smiles at the camera, as she thinks in the silence.
;;MIKAH  “But no matter what I think about you, Crystal or how much I respect you, that’s not going to change the fact that I’m going to be coming for you on Sunday.  It’s not going to change the fact that you and I have some unfinished business.  It’s nothing personal, Crystal.  I just want my championship back and I feel that you’ve held it for way too long and it’s time for me to make 2017 my year.  And maybe it sucks that you’re the person that I’m going to have to knock down from the pedestal that you’re on but I’ll do it because I don’t care who I have to beat to take my championship back.  I know you think I only want it so you don’t break my record and that’s only a small part of why I want it back.  I want to be the Bombshell to beat and I want to prove to everybody that I’m not just some one time fluke of a champion.  There’s going to be more and I’m going to take it from you Crystal.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “You’ve been a decent champion, Crystal.  You’ve defended your belt very well, just like I had done a year ago.  But things do end and it’s time that yours comes to an end.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing because you do have a rematch clause, something that you should remember and should care about because I didn’t care about mine.  Not one little bit but it came back to bite me in the ass.  Why didn’t I want my rematch clause?  Why did I lose interest in wrestling?  Those are things you hinted at last week and you deduced it down to the fact that I was busy in planning my wedding.  But that would be only half right…”

She tilts her head to the side, a shrug sliding off of her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “I’ve told you before and I’ve told other people before, there was a lot going on in February of last year.  Lots of shit went down and I wasn’t emotionally ready for being the champion again.  It took a lot out of me each week to perform at my best and I’m not sure that there’s any other way that I can say it.  Other than that way.  But that was then, this is now.  I’m focused on the present right now and there’s only three individuals standing in my way of taking the championship back and starting 2017 off right.  I’m determined to make 2017 my year, whether anybody likes it or not.  And Crystal, Jessie, and Melody are just in the way of that.”
She sighs with a smirk on her face as she brings up her other opponents.

;;MIKAH  “And then on the totem pole, there’s Jessie…”

She kicks her feet back and forth for a moment, almost as if she was shaking any extra energy out through her feet.

;;MIKAH  “Jessie Salco.  SCW’s first ‘rock’ chick or that’s how she likes to portray herself.  To me, she’s just a constant in the SCW universe.  Whether it’s in high class matches like the one we’re in on Sunday or if it’s opening the show, she’s there in some format.  That’s one redeeming quality that she has; she always shows up.”

She twirls a strand of her blonde locks around her index finger.

;;MIKAH  “She does seem to have balls, too.  At least she’s not scared to go after what she wants or what she feels that she deserves.  There’s just one thing…”

Mikah moves her index finger in a circle by her ear.

;;MIKAH  “She’s a little crazy if she thinks that she can handle being the Bombshell Champion.  She’s crazy if she thinks that she has what it takes to beat the likes of me and Crystal.  She’s tried once before to beat Crystal and guess what?  She couldn’t fucking do it.  She fucking choked like a fucking choke artist.  It was almost funny to watch, if you wanted to watch it at all.”

Mikah laughs before rolling her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “I don’t know why but just thinking about Jessie being in this match sends me into fits of giggles.  I don’t know why but it’s the one thing that just makes me laugh for minutes and minutes on end.  I just don’t understand why she was booked in this match but then again, she could say the same about me.  But at least I have a record that proves why I deserve to be in this match.”

She looks down at the canvas of the ring, staring at the words that she had written there herself in different colors.
;;MIKAH  “Jessie is one of those Bombshells that they like to throw into matches just to throw the other participants off.  It’s almost as if they think they confuse us by doing this but I don’t think anybody is going to be confused on how to handle her in the match.  I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to stop any of us from trying to win.  I know that my entire goal on Sunday night is to win and bring that championship back where it belongs.  So, Jessie may think she has a chance but I’m going to tell her now; you have no chance in winning that championship.”

She narrows her eyes at the camera for a moment.

;;MIKAH  “NONE whatsoever, so after you lose you better get fucking ready to go back down to the bottom of totem pole because you won’t deserve another shot at the championship.”

She stops talking, staring at the last name the one that she had yet to talk about because it’d probably get her the most heated.

;;MIKAH  “And now it comes to the biggest hypocrite in Sin City Wrestling, Melody Grace.”

Mikah smirks a bit and shakes her head, trying not to go off into a rant about how Melody is a liar and all that.

;;MIKAH  “You know Melody, I halfway like you for a while; hell I was even supportive of the whole J2H-and-Melody-Grace-should-get-back-together thing but it just hit me the other night…”

She smirks as she narrows her eyes at the camera.

;;MIKAH  “You’re never going to grow up and be mature about anything in your entire life.  Maybe that’s why I don’t see you becoming the Bombshell Champion.  Or couldn’t see myself even respecting you as the Bombshell Champion because you’re so immature.  You may try to put on an act that you can be mature and act like the adult that you are but nobody is going to fall for it.  You’re still going to be the same stupid girl that tricked J2H into marrying her over a year ago.”

She closes her eyes for a minute or so, trying not to go off into a rant about something that didn’t pertain to the match.

;;MIKAH  “Do you think that is what SCW needs for the Bombshell Champion?  A woman who can only get a man to marry her by tricking him into believing that it was real?  I don’t think so.  At least I can say that I’ve never tricked a man into doing that.”

She winks at the camera, tucking her platinum locks behind her ears.

;;MIKAH  “You know, I didn’t want to make this personal, Melody.  I really didn’t.  I tried to be respectful towards you in my interview with Jimmy Fallon and tried to keep things civil but you just couldn’t do it.  You couldn’t keep my marriage and my personal life out of the limelight.  You say that I’m an attention whore?  You’re the one that was flaunting my marriage around last week, not me.  You took it there because you can’t handle the fact that your boyfriend and I can talk without wanting to get in each other’s pants.  That’s a little unprofessional of you to even state that.  Because trust me, if I wanted to try to get in his pants, a silly little girl like you isn’t going to be able to stop me.  But don’t worry, I’m madly in love with my husband, I don’t need your boyfriend for anything other than friendship.  Or whatever it could be called.”

She takes a moment to take a deep breath and try to relax, not wanting to get worked back up again.  She didn’t know why it made her so frustrated when she had to talk about Melody Grace.

;;MIKAH  “If it was up to me, Melody, I wouldn’t give you the time of day or even acknowledge that you seem to enjoy slamming my marriage over and over again till you’re blue in the face.  But there’s this thing that we’re in on Sunday and I just can’t let you win.  I’m going to do whatever it takes to ensure that you don’t win.  Because you’re not the better competitor or the better woman, you’re just the one that doesn’t shut up.”

She shrugs her shoulders as she looks up at the ceiling, staring up into the rafters.

;;MIKAH  “I wish that I could say that I respected you as a person, but I don’t.  Sure, I respect you as a competitor because there’s no denying that you’re a good wrestler but I don’t believe that you’re a good person.  Because there’s days where I know I’m not a good person, and I can spot a person who’s faker than shit a mile away and you just scream it.  You try to be genuine and act so pure and innocent but I am not buying the shit you’re selling.  You can act however you want, that’s your choice but just know that I don’t buy your cute and innocent act.  You called me a snake last week but I think it’s you that’s the snake.  You have the cute and innocent look down but your words and actions don’t speak the same language as your look.  You better work on that before you think about coming at me with accusations and derogatory remarks about my marriage because I am not going to stand for it.”

She leans forward again, letting the camera get a small glimpse down her top.

;;MIKAH  “You know what I really want to do on Sunday?  I really want to put you in my Cupid’s Chokehold and not let go.  I’ve said it before about my previous opponents, but I really really want to make you tap out to it and bleed through that not-so-pretty mouth of yours.  Teach you that just because you think my championship reign was boring, doesn’t mean it’s how it was.  In matter of fact, Melody.  Your opinion means jack shit when it comes to my championship reign because you weren’t here when I was the champion.  So keep on spouting off at the mouth, I’ll sit back and enjoy myself until Sunday when I can smash your face into the canvas.”

She hops down off of the turnbuckle and walks to the middle of the ring and stands there, the word Bombshell Champion in front of her.  She looks down at the words before sitting down criss-cross style in the ring.

;;MIKAH  “Sunday is fast approaching and we all know that.  We all have prepared in different ways and I’m sure that nobody is patient about the days passing by but there’s not like we have a choice in the matter.  We have to wait it out and that’s the worst part of the game, the wait.  The anticipation that crawls up your spine and eats its way into your brain, sitting there like a ticking time bomb ready to go off.”

She touches her fingers to her head a few times before placing them back down.
;;MIKAH  “We all want the same thing to happen at the end of the match; we all want to walk away with the Bombshell Champion and go home on a high note but there’s only one person can do it.  Crystal is bound and determined to retain her championship to keep going on, trying and trying to break my record.  Jessie wants to prove herself something fierce.  Melody wants to try to prove that she’s got what it takes to be the champion.  And then there’s me…”

She hesitates, thinking for a moment or so before looking down, looking at her wrestling boots.  She runs her fingers over them a few times before looking up at the camera.

;;MIKAH  “I want to win to prove a point and to prove that 2017 is going to be my year whether any of you like it or not.  You see there’s this thing inside of me, waiting for this to happen and there’s no way that it’s going to go away.  So if I don’t win on Sunday, I’m not just going to give up because that championship will be mine at some point this year but I’m going to make sure it happens Sunday.”

She tucks her hair again behind her ears, finding it frustrating that it won’t stay in place but didn’t bring a hair tie to pull it back.

;;MIKAH  “I wonder what will happen if I win on Sunday?  What will the people in the back say?  Will they say it was a fluke win like they did the last time?  And then what happens when I prove them wrong, time after time again?  I don’t think it will matter because they won’t believe that I’m a proper champion no matter how long I hold the belt or how many records I break.”
She shrugs again, it rolling off of her shoulders with ease.

;;MIKAH  "There’s not much left to be said.  Tomorrow is Saturday and I want Crystal to sit in her house or wherever she will be and think about what it means to her to be the Bombshell Champion and how these past months have been to her.  She’s been sitting at the top of the throne but hasn’t done much other than defend her championship when she’s been asked.  Has she gone to the lengths that J2H has as the World Heavyweight Champion?  No, she has not.  She has not been a good representative of the Bombshell roster, as their Bombshell Champion.”
She shakes her head no.
;;MIKAH  “She missed several Climax Controls in a row without a word about it on Twitter.  I tried my hardest to show up to them if I could.  And if I couldn’t show up, there was usually a reason.  But I did my job and I would have done more if I could’ve.  And when---if I win on Sunday, I will make it a point to show up to every Climax Control and be the Bombshell Champion that SCW deserves.  Because that’s what a champion should do.”
She smirks and nods her head at the camera, agreeing with her own words.

;;MIKAH  “It’s what every single champion in SCW should do.  They should all take J2Hism as a way of life and realize what it’s worth to them, being a champion.”

She stands up and fixes her bottoms, pulling them out of places that they shouldn’t be.

;;MIKAH  “Sunday is going to come and there’s going to be nothing else to be said about the match or my opponents and it will be time to fight, fight for what we all want and that’s Crystal’s championship.  Something she thinks that she’s going to walk out of Inception II with and take back to her California home.  But this isn’t going to be so easy for her; she doesn’t have to worry about just me.  She has to worry about Melody and Jessie as well.  There’s more things that could happen on Sunday rather than that happening.  Crystal, you don’t even have to be pinned to lose your championship and that right there should be sitting on your conscience, eating at you and weighing heavily on your mind like a brick.  I hope that it is, I hope it’s there like a little leech, sucking your will to fight.  Because it might just be the thing that happens and it would be a shame if you lost that way.”

She fake pouts a little bit before laughing at her own words.

;;MIKAH  “For you, anyways.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH  “For us, it’d be a lot more fun.  But at least you can try to say that the loss doesn’t count on your record.  I know people who do that all the time.”

She chuckles again before running her foot over the words, smearing them and revealing that they’d only been written with chalk.

;;MIKAH  “One by one the matches will go on Sunday, leading up to the main event where we all will tear the house down and each other apart, fighting and clawing for the right to be the Bombshell Champion.  But there can only be one.”

She looks down, staring at the smudged words before looking up at the camera.

;;MIKAH  “And it’s going to be me.”

She lets the serious look stay on her face before smiling at the camera and then blowing it a kiss.

;;MIKAH  “Ciao.”

She walks over to the ropes, a small strut in her step as she gets out between the top and middle rope and hops down to the ground to leave.  

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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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 Scene 1
Four Seasons Hotel
Detroit, Michigan

Crystal sat in the restaurant to the four seasons hotel. She was enjoying her brunch as Chloe walked away. Crystal could only glance into the eyes of her older sister Cherrie as the two stared at each other for a good while. There was silence between them until Crystal started to speak.

“Cherrie is there a reason why you decided to come out here to talk to me. If you didn’t notice I left mom’s house and I really didn’t want to be bothered…” Crystal says disheartened as she stares back at her sister. Cherrie can only shrug her shoulders in return as she looks back at Crystal.

“I know what happened and I don’t know why you let Ester get under your skin skin so much.”

“Why?! Because she has always done the same shiit since we were young. There’s been no change over the years. Look I get it I am technically not your sister. I am your cousin but I never asked to be placed in that situation. I never wanted to replace anyone as the baby of the family. If I could go back in time I rather be adopted by another family so she wouldn’t pull the type of shit that she did. Seems like that’s what she would want…”

Cherrie can only glance at Crystal as the Latina pours her heart out to her. Cherrie shakes her head sighing a bit as she replies back.

“Crystal it has nothing to do with that… Ester doesn’t really hate you at all…”

“Well her actions certainly speak differently than. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. She is supposed to be my big sister. All off you are and yet every time I come around the only thing she manages to do is make fun of me. A girl can only take so much. I am not going to subject myself to being picked on by my own family. It’s one thing to have suffered enough during high school but it’s another to be tormented by the people closest to me, and Ester should know better.”

Cherrie shakes her head as she looks Crystal into the eyes. “Whether you believe me or not as soon as your blow up happened Ester felt really bad about it.”

“She did?!” Crystal says befuddled.

“Yes she did… She didn’t really mean to hurt you Crystal. She just wanted to see how far you grew up. If the woman you became is real.”

“What do you mean if it’s real or not?! She still had no business calling names. Forcing me to leave in tears. That was uncalled for…”

Crystal snaps back as Cherrie just shakes her head letting out a loud sigh as she spoke some more. “Crystal… What you don’t realize is it may seem like Ester doesn’t like you or doesn’t care for you but truth be told she was the one that was the most protective of you especially when we were growing up.”


“Yes things could have been much worse than what they were. I know those cheerleading skanks made it a habit to make your life a living hell but the more they targeted you was the more that Ester had to approach them in the background. She didn’t let what you went through go unpunished. She made it hell for those girls. Especially when you decided to drop out of school because you were too embarrassed to come back to school. Those following years she wouldn’t let up. She made their lives hell as much as possible.”

Crystal raises an eyebrow as she doesn’t know what to make of this. She runs her fingers through her hair as she gives Cherrie a look. “Well if that’s the case how come she never told me about it?! I mean I could have known about it. I could have came back to school. A lot could have changed that wouldn’t make me be a failure of a story Cherrie. All I wanted is for Ester to accept me. That she wouldn’t look at me with disdain or even disgust. That’s all I ever wanted…”

Cherrie smiles as she keeps her eyes fixated on Crystal. “Christina… The truth is she couldn’t help but follow you from afar, and she was proud.”

“Of me being a high school dropout?! Putting shame to the name of Hilton?!”

“No because through everything you been through at the end of the day you started to grow up before us. You grew up before us all. You found your own way. You decided to go to wrestling and you exceeded at it. You made it a habit to find your long lost father and you really were passionate about something. You got better and you drove yourself to becoming something better. What seemed like an unfinished story with you became something really beautiful. It’s hard to deny the talent you had when you were entering wrestling company after wrestling company. Winning award after award. It’s hard not to get behind something like that and you did that all by yourself. You took the training you had and applied yourself to your wrestling fully, and for that we are proud.”

Crystal scratches her head as she doesn’t know what to make of it. She offers a very long sigh as she looks back at Cherrie.

“Well if that’s the case then why does she always act the way that she does. It’s really irritating. I just want her support, and I would do much better knowing she was right there by my side then by being my biggest adversary.”

Cherrie shakes her head again as she looks back at Crystal.

“You of all people should know that’s not what Ester is about. She believes in tough love Christina. She believes in seeing what you are going to do when the odds are stacked against you, and that’s how your life has always been. I know how hard it is to have an entire high school make fun of you because you are different. I know what it feels like to not be accepted by anything or anyone.”

“Bullshit! You went to college on a full ride because of your athletic ability, and you were top of your class as well. Nobody that has that could know what true struggle feels like. Especially when you had teachers lining up to kiss your ass questioning what you were going to do with your life. Questioning what was next for your future.”

“That may seem true but I know all about the struggle by watching you Christina. You have an amazing story to tell. The girl that wasn’t wanted by her own birth mother but despite being raised by her poor auntie she still found her own way. She found a way to be successful. That in itself is an amazing story. That’s why Ester is proud of you. Hell we all are proud of you. It took time for you to get to that point and truth be told I think Ester may have been the biggest fan out of us all. Even bigger than mom.”

Crystal shakes her head in disbelief. “There is no way in hell she’s a bigger fan than mom. Mom usually texts me after every match. Questioning if I am hurt, questioning how it felt to be in the ring. Mom really has been there for me even though I don’t show I care in return I always did appreciate it.”

Before Cherrie could reply back we could see Ester standing right behind Crystal. She walks to the table as she takes a seat next to her. There is tension as the two stare daggers into one another. Crystal gets up as she looks at Cherrie. “Thank you for this little heart to heart Cherrie but I was just leaving.”

Crystal tries to get up but she is yanked back down to her seat as Ester grabs her arm firmly.and stares at her eyes.

“Look you ain’t going nowhere until we have our little chat.”

“Why Ester so you can make fun of me again or tell this restaurant how worthless I am?! If that’s the case I was just leaving!” Ester however shakes her head as she looks back at Crystal.

“You better sit your little scrawny ass down. Yo check it Christina I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye and what not but you need to stop getting your panties in a bunch. Truth is I like you a lot girl. Hell I love you. Why wouldn’t I love my baby sister?!”

“Because you always bully and make fun of me. Why would I subject myself to going through all of that nonsense. It makes no fucking sense!”

“But truth is I always liked you. When you left Detroit it hurt me deeply because I really enjoyed your company. You know I ain’t never been one to be sentimental but I have always supported you especially in ways you couldn’t even imagine. I followed your entire wrestling career. I even watched every single one of your movies…”

Crystal’s eyes light up as Cherrie smirked in return. “Wow she must really adore you… Some of those movies were just downright terrible…”

Crystal can’t help but chuckle as she looks back at her. “Awww so why not just tell me that from the beginning. It would have been much better than just me building this hatred for this city from afar. I might visit more often.”

“Because I didn’t want to change how you thought about things. You built up this great image for yourself. An image where you won’t take any shit. Where you can fight your own battles. I have seen you at your lowest getting kicked out of a group you created to proving the critics wrong and winning the World Bombshell Championship in the same night. There really isn’t anybody like you Christina and I doubt there ever will be. I know mom just wants you to be around more. Maybe even bring Brittany around a bit more so she can see her aunties and her grandmother. That’s not too much to ask is it?!”

“No not really… Look Ester I am sorry for everything. Really sorry that I cried like a little baby and couldn’t accept what tough love was.”

Ester just sighs as she shakes her head back at Crystal. “No I am the one that needs to be sorry. I was the one that just took things too far and for that I hope you can forgive me. I never wanted to make you cry or even hurt you for that matter. You know I wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose. I love you too much to get on your nerves. So I am sorry for that…”

“Apology accepted… Next time be gentle… I might appear like this heartless bitch on television but honestly deep down behind the cameras I am still the same old Christina. The same girl with the fragile heart. I break easily…”

Ester shakes her head. “And I don’t want you to break so easily. When I brought up the high school reunion truly Christina I want you to go to it and prove it to those stuck up bitches that you aren’t the same girl that you were when you left this city. You came a really long way and should prove it to them. Get even with them and show them why being a Hilton is better than being anything else.”

“Well unless you are a married woman like myself! Being a Millar is great.”

“Bullshit I see the way you be double dipping with Matt. Don’t try to keep that shit away from me. I know you Christina. I know how you are…”

Crystal just smiles in return as she looks back at Ester. “So you really think I should do this reunion thing?!”

“Yes” Ester replies back. :”It’s a way you can regain what you lost. Finally get closure on your high school life so you can move on. Once you do that I guarantee you will find the happiness you are looking for I believe in you Christina…”

“Thank you I wasn’t going to go to be honest but if you feel I can get through this I will. It’s only a bunch of snobby bitches plus I am the one who owns a movie studio, I am the one who has the great wrestling career. Nothing to be afraid of right?!”

Ester nods her head. “Exactly… Just go  and do what you do best. If you need any help you know I will be right there for you…”

Crystal laughs as she looks back at her sister. “I know Ester but let me do this one. You have always fought my battles and I feel like I need to do this…”

“Good… I believe in you Christina… Just believe in yourself. Come on why don’t we enjoy a sibling brunch. It certainly has been a while. We need to do some serious catching up too…”

With that the trio of sisters all smile at one another as they start to laugh and giggle. We leave them on their great brunch with one another.

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Crystal Millar shaking her head in disgust. Where is she to be exactly? She is standing right in the middle of Las Vegas. She is walking down the streets as she stops at MGM Grand casino and just gazes at it as she turns her attention to the cameras that are following her.

Crystal “I am so happy that you could take a moment out of your busy day to capture me Mr. camera man. Of course it’s only natural to get some words with the champ after all I am the SILVER SCREEN QUEEN! I am the World fucking Champion, and I am here once again to be front and center at yet another SCW show. I really tried to play it nicely. Especially to Melody Grace and while there is Mikah and Jessie Salco who are both in this match, the one I really tried to talk to the most is Melody. That’s why tonight she will be the very person I address because I have so much to say to her. First and foremost Melody I just want to say I respect you a lot. More than you could ever imagine. You are the future of this business. The woman who will carry this company on its back and bring it to new heights. Yet what I don’t get is the way that you are trying to get talk shit to me in hopes of irritating me.”

Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust as she looks deeper into the camera.

Crystal: “As they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that’s why when we are standing in the spotlight for Inception under the bright lights I don’t want you to take what I am about to do to you personally. Honestly it’s strictly business and you are well deserving of this ass whooping that is coming to you. I had a chance to listen to what you had to say last week and most of what you said is full of shit. It’s a bunch of nonsense and maybe just maybe trash talk isn’t your thing. It’s as if you take the most kindest of all power puff girls in bubbles and you sit here in front of a camera and expect something magical to happen or take her seriously…. Oh wait you do pride yourself on being bubbles don’t you? The likes of you Roxi, and Misty. You have the whole power puff girl mentality? Roxi is by far the most consistent one and the leader. Misty can be the little ass kicker but you….”

Crystal points at the camera again.

Crystal: “You are the naïve one. The carefree one who is all about rainbows and butterflies. Like I told you Melody what you have going. Just please keep that up because the moment you try to change yourself with the intention to be more edgy that’s when somebody out there will bring you right back down to reality and right now it looks like I am going to be that individual. You lost a match? I get that but do you really think I was being disrespectful in what I said to you?! No I meant every single word. I want you to get back up. I want you to keep fighting, I want to see you finally getting what you deserve. Yet all I get for my general sincerity is the fact that you are telling me I did nothing for this industry. That I don’t even care about the division or the belt, and that in itself is a load of bullshit.”

Crystal points at herself as she just shares her heart for the camera.

Crystal: “I busted my entire ass last year working my way from the bottom up. Only getting what I rightfully deserved after winning a tournament. Did I ruffle some feathers?! Sure I stirred things up but I was a breath of fresh air to the entire division. Everything I said or did was with the intention to throw myself into the heart of SCW. I did everything with a purpose and at least weekly I would pose with my title and post it on social media. I promoted SCW like none other. Granted it wasn’t on the likes of Mikah who could be seen weekly on television doing everything she could to shove herself down everyone’s throats but I have been about this company nonetheless. In my eyes the champion should be around and should do some things. So what if I am not here every single week but I still promote the company, and I am there at shopping malls. At Children’s hospitals, at comic conventions promoting the hell out of this company. I did exactly what I was supposed to do my job. Because you want what I have, the more people wish to desire my championship is the more that I know I am doing exactly what is needed. You can’t see that because you are too blinded by being a sore loser that you can’t accept someone as being sincere.”

Crystal forms a serious expression as she just shakes her head again.

Crystal: “You are sitting there making fun of my movies but aren’t you a movie star also? Wouldn’t you be someone who knows the struggles of being a wrestler and a movie star as well. So in the same way that you are trying to shit on me for the stuff I do or for the movies that aren’t necessarily so good shouldn’t you be taking a glance in the mirror and saying that to your own reflection? It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, and the only one who looks stupid because of it is you. You bitched and complain about not having a true main event. About always being neglected and guess what here you are once again in the big spot. Yet the way you wish to react is to call me out like I am the bad person here. As much as I want to like you Melody you can go fuck yourself. Seriously take a dildo and go shove it. You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes, you don’t know what it is like to be me. You only make assumptions based off of what you see and that’s ridiculous.

Crystal raises her eyes as she laughs.

Crystal: “But I guess I really haven’t done all that much. After all it’s not like I did anything for this division. It’s not like I had to deal with all of this before?! It’s not like I have had a vice grip on the championship since I got it, and it’s not like I been involved in Super Card after Super Card bringing balance to the entire division or anything. Yet in Melody’s eyes none of that’s important. Chamber of Fate match?! Yeah I won that. Vargas, Marlowe, Mikah, Salco, Fisher, and even Grace… Yeah all of those title defenses meant anything. I guess the accolades of being the most improved and best woman don’t mean anything either. Melody needs to get her heads out of the clouds because she sounds absolutely dumb. What I do in the ring speaks for itself and she should know considering she felt it a few weeks ago. Honestly it really is a shame really. This could have been great yet she’s only going to be made to be my Bitch when I am done with her.”

Crystal waves her fingers.

Crystal: The worst part of it all is she is going to be celebrating a birthday the day before Inception and I am sorry I am going to be the one to ruin her birthday weekend. It could have been a great cause for a celebration among other things but just like her career. After I am done with her it will be nothing more than just an afterthought. Sorry to be the one to burst your bubble Melody but you have no one to blame but yourself. After all considering this to be your reality check. What happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas…”

With that Crystal waves to the cameras as we leave her on this image.

Scene 2  Crystal, Matt, and Chloe (Crystal get’s ready for her high school reunion)

The Four Seasons
Detroit, Michigan

After having a heart to heart with Chloe and Cherrie, Crystal had decided to go through with attending her high school reunion. Even though she really didn’t want to do it she knew she needed to do it in order to prove to the naysayers that she had finally made it. Inside Crystal’s hotel room we could see Chloe waiting anxiously on lounge chair as Matt sat down on the bed. A good half hour went by before Crystal emerged out of the bathroom. She smiled as she stood in front of both Matt and Chloe clad in a pair of heels. She wore tight black leather pants and a tight v neck blouse that showed Crystal’s cleavage. She stood in front of them making sure to put her glasses on as she smirked at both of them before offering a giggle.

“So what do you both think?! This seems to be a great look right?! I look like a great woman who is well educated, a true business woman and….” Crystal is immediately cut out as Chloe looks at her tablet before gazing up at Crystal and shaking her head in disgust.

“No just no… Aren’t you a high school dropout who never attempted to go back?! No reason to pull off the nerd look when you clearly aren’t one… Sure you might be a woman of business but you barely come to the studio as is that would be you being a fake and….”

Crystal cuts her off with a wide grin. “EXACTLY that’s what being an actress is all about… FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! You don’t really have to be what they make you out to be. You just have to act like it, and if I act like such they would be impressed. Also it’s the GEEK look not NERD… I could get into the details of the difference between the two….”

Chloe shakes her head. “No I don’t want you to go into your talks of tabletop D&D on Friday nights again. I rather you focus to the task at hand. Plus those pants could rip when you bend down just look how much your ass pops out in them. Tell her no Matt… You are like her best male friend right…”

Crystal smiles at him. “That’s right my best male friend!!! Right?! Right?!”

Matt just rolls his eyes at hearing that. “That’s like saying the parking ticket is the best friend of the car that’s been left alone for a week. Just because it happens to be there doesn’t make them friends. As for this look, it doesn’t look like it would impress people and I thought that was the whole point of going to this thing, to impress people you never wish to interact with again. All this look says is that Crystal can teach third grade. You want to dress sexy, you want to doll up. You want people’s jaws to drop when you walk into the room, not want to buy insurance from you.”

Crystal places her hands on her firm butt as she looks back at him. “So you think I come across as a teacher? Matt that may have been the nicest thing you have ever said to me.  You sure that….”

Chloe sighs. “Crystal you are a married woman… Focus look as great as you might think that outfit might be. I know there has to be something better. You want to capture everyone’s attention as soon as you walk in the room. I am sure there are others who are a teacher as well and it’s just not that exciting. You don’t want to be ordinary right? You want to be extraordinary!”

Crystal sighs as she looks at them both. “So what is it that you want from me?!”

“Well I hate to say it but I want to see something that reads I don’t give a shit about anybody in the room! I want to see something that read’s I am a bitch proud of it and better than you. Something that reads movie star and something that reads…. That says… I am a Si….”

Crystal quickly cuts her off. “SILVER SCREEN QUEEN!!!!!!!!” Crystal throws her arms up in the air.

“YES Exactly that! Plus plenty of flashes from cameras… Plenty of you showing off your arm candy or maybe promoting your movies or screaming how Chloe Martin is the best PA in all of Hollywood…”


“Hey a girl can dream right?! But you know what you need to do so go do it or else….” Chloe leans over grabbing Matt planting a passionate kiss on his cheek before she decides to sit down on his lap she wraps her arms around his neck as Crystal storms off angrily into the bathroom. Closing the door as hard as she can as a mirror shatters from the impact. “I’ll show you a bitch! Just make sure to keep your dirty Quebecian hands off of my CO-STAR!!!!!”

Chloe laughs as she whispers to Matt. “Think that got her going a bit?!” Matt doesn’t really have anything to say, he’s just looking at her with a raised eyebrow for a good fifteen seconds. “Uhh, what are you doing?” He doesn’t bother whispering, he just wants to know what’s going on.

“Ummm potentially trying out for a role… You know I am an aspiring actress too right and maybe one day I might be able to be all over a hunk like you and….” Before she could even finish that’s when the door to the bathroom opens up. Crystal walks out in a tight blue dress which shows off her cleavage again.

She smiles as she walks in front of the both of them as she takes a page out of one of her friends playbook. Hands on hips position. She twirls around as if she was a model walking a runway.

“So what do you think?!” She snickers at Chloe who slowly backs away as she stares back at Crystal. “Why do all of your dresses have to be so tight? Like does your ass just pop out in everything that you wear?!”

Crystal smiles evilly again. “Well that’s what happens when you aren’t a stick figure and actually have an ass… Besides you need to get off of Matt… He just isn’t into women who don’t have this!” She points at her butt as she is the one to sit on Matt now. As she drops her butt right onto his knee and sits on him.

“Well when she’s right, she’s right.” He says with a shrug, though not that thrilled about becoming a chair for anyone. “Anyways, where was I? Oh, right, critiquing your outfit. It’s good, I’ll say, but still not sure it’s perfect. You have nice legs, you should show them off more. Something that blondie over here can’t pull off.”

“And why can’t she pull it off Matt… I want to hear you say it…. Go on tell her the sad truth about herself… “ Chloe just looks dumbfounded as she moves back over to her chair just sighing in return. “You know what… Don’t even bother. As far as your dress it’s okay… Sure you make an effort but for the hell of it why don’t you try to go even more into detail. I bet it would be what you are comfortable with so people can call you a slut again over how you left school…”

Crystal just stares blankly as she walks over to Chloe and slaps her as hard as she can against the face. “Don’t ever call me a slut or else you will be without a job. If you want to joke around that’s one thing but you won’t be calling me out of my name… As far as my outfit goes… :Let’s take it a step further…” Crystal grins as she goes back into the bathroom and changes into something different.

She emerges back into the room with a two piece outfit. A black skirt that goes past her knees and she is sporting a black tight top that shows not only middrift but her cleavage as well. She walks into the room again as she throws her hands upwards into the air.

“So does this read movie star or is it lacking….” “Well it’s lacking the middle part…” Matt points out, though not minding it in the least. “I think that’s the best one yet. Shows off all your assets, screams star power...I think it’s great.”

“Great I am so happy you love it Matt!” She smiles as she looks at the both. “The only thing that is missing is a finishing touch of perfume. I should get some really good on me to make them really know who they are messing with. Which means PERFUME TRY OUT TIME!”

Chloe and Matt seems to be in shock as Chloe looks at Matt.

“Oh god… perfume… You know what this means right?!” Matt takes a deep breath, trying to remain calm. “Hopefully not what I’m thinking, what were you thinking?” He asks, hoping that she had something entirely different in mind.

“That if she messes with all of those perfumes well it causes her to well…”

Before she can finish speaking Crystal brings out her suitcases showcasing so many bottles of perfumes. She pulls out her coach perfume as she begins to spray. “How about this one!”

She sprays it passionately.

“So elegant… Now that’s a good scent and just imagine it on my body. You know chemicals smell differently depending on who they are applied too. This would be so great on me!”

Chloe begins to cough as it get’s to her. “You are spraying too much! And you shouldn’t be spraying that anyway don’t you have a habit of… of….” Chloe coughs as she can’t even finish her statement.

“Hey that’s only with the cheap stuff… I would hope I can handle my favorites!” Matt’s sitting pretty far back on the bed at this point, just to be on the safe side. “I think it smells fine from over here, though that might just be this mint I’m smelling on the pillow. I do agree with Chloe though on this one Crystal, you and perfume aren’t a good combination…” The worry in his voice is clearly there as he speaks.

“Hey like I said I can handle it! I mean if I can’t then it only smells bad news for all of those snobby little bitches at that reunion right?!”

Crystal thinks about it for a few before she cracks up. “Get it smells bad news! It’s a pun on your level Matt. See a bit of you is rubbing off on me friend!”

“Yes and try not to rub that stuff off on me…” Chloe grimaces at it bothers her but Crystal doesn’t stop as she pulls out some more bottles. All different scents as she begins to spray the perfume bottles about. “I love this one… And this one…. And that one… oh oh oh I really love this one!”

Crystal just goes to town as she doesn’t stop spraying just drowning the room in nothing but different smells as she giggles taking it all in.

“Uhh, Crystal?” Matt starts, trying to fan some of the mist away from his face. “How are we meant to give you advice on which perfume is best if you just spray them all at the same time? This is just crazy. Why not just pick one that doesn’t bother you and we’ll be good?” He asks, just wanting to get this all over with.

Crystal smiles wider than before as she goes right to her coach bottle and can’t help but go to town as she sprays it all over her. “Have to go with coach then. I mean coach is a great brand. It smells so wonderful and it smells perfect on me…. Definitely a coach girl.” Between spraying all of the various fumes Chloe seems to be bothered as she sneezes as loud as she can. Matt jumps back as Crystal just seems really disgusted. She crosses her arms as she walks up to Chloe and slaps her as hard as she can against her face.

“OH HELL NOO!!!! That’s disgusting… You know how rude it is to sneeze?! You didn’t even cover your mouth. Absolutely disgusting…” Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust. Normally Matt would point out the irony in what Crystal said, not liking to miss a chance to point out her mistakes, but he didn’t want to discourage this behavior from her since he was rather grateful she was doing this.

“I couldn’t agree more…” He added, getting off the bed just to be further away from Chloe.

“How dare you sneeze?!” She goes to slap her again but this time Chloe catches her hand as Crystal seems surprised. “Oh but it’s okay for you to sneeze and get away with it because you are a Hollywood queen?! That shouldn’t be how the world is Crystal!”

“I am not a Hollywood Queen I am a….”


Crystal sighs as Chloe snaps at her as she backs away as Chloe sniffles loudly. Crystal stands next to Matt smiling. “So I guess that’s how I look when you start running isn’t it?!”

Matt nods, glancing at Chloe but not wanting to look at her for too long. “Yeah, pretty much, thank you for sticking up for me like that.” He leans over and gives Crystal a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to head to my room and get ready, be back to pick you up in an hour.” He flashes her a smile and heads for the door, walking out.

As soon as Matt leaves Crystal can’t help but jump up on the bed as she bounces around excitedly. “He kissed me! He kissed me! See, see I told you he had something for me! Suck it Chloe! Just suck it!” She continues to jump around as Chloe just looks back at Crystal shaking her head.

“YOU ARE A MARRIED WOMAN! Oh… I don’t think I feel well….” Chloe stands up as she rushes to the bathroom and she can only cough loudly as we hear some unpleasant hacking from the bathroom. Crystal sits down on her bed as she looks up at the ceiling taking it all in. “He does care about me…” Is all she can say as she offers a smile.
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Crystal Vs Jessie Vs Melody Vs Mikah
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 Crystal could be seen sitting down in her hotel room. She is all smiles as she sets the camera to record and begins to speak into it.

Crystal: “So long behold Inception 2 a night where anything can happen, and it’s also a night that will be headlined by yet another major Bombshell Championship match. What more can be said than that? Well a lot really and also in this big fatal four way match is my biggest adversary that I have had in this company in the form of Mikah. Mikah has done a lot for this business. She has set the tone to what it means to be a great competitor. No one can come close to what she did with the title when she held it for 266 days… Well….”

Crystal can’t help but chuckle as she points to herself.

Crystal: “Nobody can come as close to what she did with the Bombshell Championship with the exception of one person. That being me… I know Mikah is going through some changes this year and that’s always a great thing. At one point her and I were the most vile and evil bitches that this company has ever seen. She showed up to events drunk and was trying her best to get the hell out of town and go back to New York as quick as she could. I really could get that philosophy it’s the same one I hold whenever I am on the set of filming a movie I take on the whole self absorbed stuck up bitch mentality. Trying my best to quickly get back to my camper, and refusing to really associate with anyone else who isn’t in my inner circle. There are so many similarities when it comes to Mikah and I. So many that I wish I could deny but it’s hard to when it’s right there in front of you…”

Crystal just nods her head in agreement as she continues to speak to the heart of the camera.

Crystal: “I mean for starters we both have had the long successful title reign to the point where others are getting envious of what we have accomplished. We are the ones to have set the standard for bombshell wrestling in SCW yet instead of being thanked for the amount of effort we pour into this business. We get people lashing out at us because they want a glimpse of what we have accomplished. They want what we have and when they can’t have it they go into a big mopey rage. That’s right Melody I am indeed talking about you. Truth be told I have walked in your shoes before and while my alcoholic addiction didn’t necessarily cause me to act like a fool on wrestling television. It led me to one of the most darkest times in my wrestling career. I just didn’t value life anymore. I had hit my own daughter with a car due to negligence. It was just a rough time in my life and it’s all because I let alcohol become the source of everything for me.”

Crystal offers a long sigh as she continues to speak.

Crystal: “I know I may not show it at times because we have gone to war and back so many times before but I am proud that you have managed to clean yourself up and have managed to jump back into the fray and now you are in a position where you can really pick up this championship and go to heights that you thought were unreachable. You have that ability because out of everyone else in this match you have been there before. You have had my number on so many different occasions and I know it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when you decide to take back what you left behind. The day that happens I will be ready and waiting for it. I know you are an awesome wrestler. You are an excellent technician who can make anyone tap out when you put your mind to it. I never have been one to really admire technical wrestling but I know I am going to be in trouble if you somehow get that Cupid Arrow locked tightly on me. IF that happens who knows what will happen but I will tell you this much.”

Crystal forms a serious expression as she speaks some more.

Crystal : “I have made it a habit to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. I will go above and beyond in order to take you down because I feel like I need to be defined as a wrestler. It’s one thing to beat you once, but to have the pleasure of beating you twice only makes my legacy even more legit, and being legit is what I am all about. You Mikah when you lost you walked away. You stopped caring and it took me treading on your legacy coming close to breaking what you established for you to step up but in reality you should have been fighting all along. You should have never walked away from it. Why stop now?! Why give any of that up or walk away in the first place? Was it to reinvent yourself? Was it to chase after something that was missing, or was it to find something different altogether? Whatever the reason it was you had to stay out of the spotlight for so long. I really am glad you are back because in order to be declared as the best you have to fight through the best. You need to break down the strongholds of everyone else to really move up yourself, and that’s what I am aiming to do.”

Crystal points at the camera before she points at herself.

Crystal: “We are two women cut from the same cloth. Both women who were quick to get married to our wrestling dreamboats and quick to adopt their surname as our own. I know for me Hilton really didn’t have the best turnout. Not by any means. It’s a name that I needed to get away from because it reminded me of the harsh realities of growing up in Detroit, and the way that I was ridiculed on a daily basis. When I took the Millar name  I was able to free myself from all of that and look at me now. A Champion. Hell this is the best year I have ever had as a wrestler and I am not showing any signs of slowing down. One could only imagine if it can get better than this and I really don’t know how. Hopefully the name of Green does the same for you. My biggest advice is not to fall into the temptation of being lustful for anyone else. I can relate it’s tough considering every week it’s questionable on how I view Matt Stone. Is he a friend, is he a rival, a frienemy, a nemesis, or even a lover. What the fuck is he anyway?!

One of the most hurtful times in wrestling came when Sam Marlowe threw that in my face and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I know Melody brought up the fact that you seem all over the place with a different guy every week. I don’t know what it is about you Mikah. If it’s because you feel this need to be accepted or what you are really after but what I do know is you shouldn’t pay attention to anything she says. You should just do what you feel is right. There’s nothing wrong with having male friends in the same way if my husband can mess with that stupid blonde piece of shit as a friend. Then I should be able to talk to any male I want too… Sorry I forgot we were focused on you. You do alright for yourself. You are on every single show you are always there sometimes more than I can handle but keep doing what you do, and remember you put a lot of stock into being a Green. I have no idea what is true and what is not. But if I could give you just a bit of advice. Don’t flush down the toilet what you worked so hard for.”

Crystal forms a disgusted look on her face. As she keeps her eyes locked tightly on the camera.

Crystal: “Anyway whatever the case what I want is the Mikah that I know you are. Let’s have our rivalry come to life one more time. Bring everything you have because I want to prove to you and the rest of the world that I am indeed better than you. Whatever happens you can go on Jimmy Fallon, you can go on whatever show you want but you might be going to Doctors if you don’t show up in the way I want you too. I am in this match for one purpose and one only Mikah. To emerge victorious and remain as World Bombshell Champion. You want it? Stay focused and you might just have a chance at taking it away. If not try not to get caught up in my spotlight. After all the spotlight only has room for one us and you are looking at the woman who isn’t afraid to hog all of it. Until then… Bye Felicia!”

With that Crystal waves into the camera as she hits the off button fading out on that image.

Scene 3  

Matt Stone was quite the gentlemen as he picked up Crystal on time. Of course by him being on time Crystal was fashionably late. Crystal was wearing that dress that Matt had picked out and she made sure to slowly make her way to his car. She smiled as she entered the car and couldn’t help but stare at him. Matt seemed confused as Crystal continued to smile. She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek making sure to leave a lipstick stain right on the side of his face. She slowly pulls away as she gives him that look as he just seems confused.

“So you just had to give me a kiss that last visit didn’t you? Have something to say in regards to that… A certain way you were feeling?!”

“Uhh…” He started, not knowing what she was fishing for. “Well, I mean, I was relieved that you were getting in your assistant’s face and you kept getting closer to me, so I figured that’s what you wanted, I dunno.” He shrugged, getting out of the car as they arrived. He walked over and opened the door for her. “Coming?”

Crystal sighed as she stepped out of the car. She placed her hands on her hips as she looked back at Matt just sighing. “You really can be a jerk sometimes. I am pouring my heart out to you and you don’t receive any signals. I know it was more than a kiss. Just admit it already…” She holds her arm outwards as she smiles. “Ready to go into this dump. Show them what Crystal Millar is all about?!”

“If what she’s all about is pretending to be happy to make people she never liked feel jealous about her life, then sure, let’s do that.” He says, linking his arm with hers and walking towards the entrance. Did I lock the car?” He asks, turning his head back to check out how amazing she looked in the outfit, but pretending to be looking at the car. “Yup, I did.” he says after several seconds of leering.

Crystal grins as she slowly guides him towards the high school. There it was right in front of them. Martin Luther King Jr. High School. Crystal didn’t waste any time as she just took it all in sighing before she gazed out towards the baseball field. “Whoa look over there Matt! They made improvements to the softball field! It was amazing being out there throwing that heat striking these bitches out. If I didn’t get pregnant could you have imagined how much better I would have become?1 If the SFL got off the ground like it was supposed too. You could have saw me at least air it out on a football field. My arm is so amazing…” Crystal keeps on smirking as she doesn’t let up for anything just remembering her past.

“At least that’s one great memory about this place…” “I’m sure that arm made you popular in the locker room.” He said with a chuckle, opening the door for her to enter. “So what exactly am I meant to be in this, your co-star? We didn’t really go over any details for this endeavor. Should I be more like a date? Am I allowed to try and pick up former cheerleaders? Oh! Did you guys have any cute blonde cheerleaders with a little too much junk in the trunk? Those are my favourites!”

“Well considering my former best friend Stephanie was captain of the cheerleading team you would have to ask her, but as far as this thing goes. Maybe you should be my date or act however you want depending on what the situation calls for. I just want things to go smoothly and the moment things get out of hand then you do what you need to do…”

Before Matt can say anything that’s when two girls walk past Crystal and Matt. They turn their attention to Crystal forming a disgusted expression. “Oh is that you Pissy Crissy?! I can’t believe you of all people would come to this. Isn’t this for people who ACTUALLY graduated school?!”

The other girl smiles in return as she looks at her friend. “After all of those freshman Friday swirlies I am surprised you would even come back after everything.” The two begin to laugh at Crystal as they walk inside. Crystal turns her attention to Matt. “Yeah we are done let’s just leave… I am not going to take all of this abuse all night.” She says sighing.

“We just got here, c’mon.” He insists, taking her hands and bringing her into the building. “Besides, I have to see where these swirlies took place, maybe even a demonstration. That could be fun.” He adds, chuckling. “Good PR, eh?”

“...I didn’t come here to get trolled by you. You do that enough as is and…” Before Crystal could say anything else that’s when she was greeted by some women wearing glasses. They walked up to Crystal giving her a passionate hug. “Christina is that you?!”

“Anna?! Wow you look so good!” Crystal smiled as she looked at Matt. “Matt this was the catcher on my football team. She must have amazing to be catching my pitches...Plus she had a great bat as well.” The woman that stood in front of Matt seemed professional in a business suit. She smiled in return.

“Oh sorry for being so rude… This is my well… What are you anyway?!”

“Uhh…” He replied, not sure how to put it. “I’m your co-star, silly. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Nice to meet you two, were you friends of Crystal back in the day?” He asked, though he certainly didn’t sound like he was interested.

“Friends?! Sure… We were teammates but she was a great person! Granted back then she woree the huge glasses and looked so much different than how she looks now. Just a shame that everybody made fun of her and what not, but I guess people just don’t know any better when they are young. Anyway it’s a pleasure to meet you. See you inside and don’t let these people bother you because I am sure you are much better off than any of them.”

Anna waves as she makes her way inside leaving Crystal and Matt to stare at one another. “Alright Matt thanks for coming with me. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.” She says grinning.

“Uh huh, yeah, no prob, you can make it up to me by introducing me to the hot girls, whenever we see them. Your perfume really does smell nice, by the way. I think that lesbian was smeling you.” He says with a laugh, heading into the gymnasium where the main gathering was taking place.

“Wait how do you know they are lesbian… I am bi and even I can’t tell the difference between the two but that’s not even important.” The two finally make their way to the gym as Crystal grins at Matt. She looks around giving him a passionate hug. “Hey why don’t you be a sweetie and go get me some fruit punch. That should be quite doable right?!”

“She was on a baseball team, of course she’s a lesbian. I can probably get some punch, don’t you go anywhere…” He says with a mock wink, giving her ample backside a pinch before heading off towards the table to get the, drinks. Crystal coos in return as she turns her attention to what’s going on at the reunion. For a situation that really annoyed her things seemed to be smooth sailing for now. That is until she would get encountered by the cheerleading team.

They all circled around Crystal as they glared at her. “Well, well, well look what we have here girls… If it isn’t little Christina Hilton. The girl who became another statistic. The girl who got pregnant after her freshmen year. Who left high school because she didn’t know how to keep her legs fucking closed. I am surprised you would even show your face around here. Always thought you would be too embarrassed to come back.”

In front of her was Tiffany Jones. A former cheerleader. On her hand she had the tattoo S7 as well as six other girls around her. Tiffany, Amber, Jessica, Amanda, Sarah, Dana, and Laura. All of them were the seven most ruthless cheerleaders in the entire school. They had a habit of picking on other classmates who they felt were defenseless or who couldn’t protect themselves. People who they felt were easy targets. S7 was short for the Slutty Seven and they had no issues being named as such after all if you want something go  for it right? Or bend the rules of your sexuality in your favour.

Crystal was surrounded as she sighed in return as Tiffany stepped closer. “Not much has changed has it?! I bet you are still a failure. Still can’t take responsibility to raise your own child. A terrible failure at life, and can’t even defend yourself against the likes of us. Is this where you call your sister Cherrie on the phone so she can come to your aid just like she always did? You sure you don’t need a bottle to stop you from crying pissy Crissy?!”

Crystal  sighed as she really didn’t know what to make of this. She was indeed surrounded she could only sigh in return as she crossed her arms in return. “Aren’t you girls too old to be picking on people?! I thought the point of these gatherings was to show how much you matured over the years…”

Tiffany ignores Crystal as she shakes her head. “And what are you wearing?! Is that a knockoff Alexander McQueen?! As if a halfbreed could afford so elegant like that…”

“A halfbreed?” Came the voice of Matt Stone as he stepped between two of the women, handing Crystal a cup of punch. “Someone’s been reading a little too much Harry Potter. What do we have going on here, anyway? I’m pretty sure the Duck Duck Goose tournament isn’t until after the band plays. Only makes sense, doesn’t it?” He asked, looking around S7.

“Excuse me… But you shouldn’t be here. We are picking up exactly where we left off at high school. Perhaps you should go somewhere else.” Tiffany grinned back. “Unless you are here to talk to us? I mean a hunk like you would only be here to talk to one of the beautiful cheerleaders right?! S7 is in full effect…”

Crystal just seems to be out of her comfort zone as she tries to do her best to bring out what Chloe had coached her on.

“Listen up sluts. I am the Silver Screen Q….” Amber places her hand over Crystal’s mouth as she grins in return. “Silence Tiffany was talking….”

Matt has to fight back a laugh when he sees Amber silencing Crystal like that. “Okay, you, the one with the quiet powers.” He points to Amber. “You, I like. You have to show me how to do that sometime.”

Amber smiles as she looks at Matt and let’s go of Crystal as she turns her attention over to Matt and begins to cuddle with him. “Someone is a cutie… You came to see me didn’t you?!”

Amanda however pushes her to the side as she walks up to Matt. “Stop hogging him Amber… He came for me… Didn’t you babe?!” She smiles as she hugs up on him. Meanwhile Crystal is seething as she just glares at everyone standing there.

“Actually, I came here for…” He pause, feeling her hands going up and down his arm. “It’s not important why I came here, actually, the important thing is that I’m here now. Maybe you ladies would like to give me a tour of your old school, show me all places?”

Sarah and Laura begin to tug at Matt now as everyone seems to be getting very possessive of Matt. Crystal however has had enough of that as she rises to her feet. She sees Tiffany standing there and without hesitation she sprints right for her and takes her down to the gym floor with a hard spear. Tiffany’s back hit’s the floor with a loud thud and that’s when someone else walks onto the scene. That somebody else happens to be one of Crystal’s childhood best friend Stephanie Sullivan. Stephanie looks at the situation. “What’s going on here?! Wait… Are you girls really starting trouble again… I told you all to cut this shit out during high school and…”

Her words didn’t reach anyone as Crystal was on top of Tiffany and was nailing her with constant lefts and rights. The other members of S7 tried to cheap shot Crystal but once Stephanie saw that she quickly jumped into the mix jumping to the aid of her former best friend. Crystal’s friend pulled the other members off as Crystal was just pounding away at Tiffany’s face.

“You think I am the same woman from then Bitch?! I am a Queen and you stupid idiots better address me as such!” Matt’s a little sad that all the women stopped trying to grab onto him, but at least he got a cat fight, of sorts, to look at, though it was kind of brutal truth be told and it looked like Crystal has booked herself a one-way ticket to prison with this assault. As Stephanie was keeping the other women occupied, Matt walked up behind Crystal and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her off of Tiffany and away from the brawl. “That’s enough of that, now.”

Crystal however broke free as she turned her attention to the women before she placed her hand on her hips showing her attitude in full effect. “Listen up! I don’t give a damn what you girls did to me when we were high school students but I am not afraid of any of you. I have made something of myself. Something you girls obviously haven’t learned since you are too afraid to even sit down for a moment to start adulting. But no your heads are still up your asses over high school shit. I have news for you I am not the same woman!”

Crystal looks around placing her hands on her hips. “That’s right and if any of you want to ever step up to the plate. I would flat out knock your asses out! All of you!”

“Sure you would, you could take any of let’s go Crystal…” He takes her hand and tries to drag her out of the gymnasium, feeling that she’s already proven her point and the longer they’re here the more likely the police are going to show up.

“Do we really have to go?! I still didn’t drive the point home just who she was dealing with… And each of these bitches need to get the same treatment honestly. They put my life through hell and they need to acknowledge me as their q….”

Before she could say anything else that’s when Amber got up and she speared Crystal to the ground. Shoes went flying as a brawl had started to break out in the gym. Amber however reached into her handbag and pulled out red lipstick. She spelled the word S8 on Crystal’s head as Crystal pushed her away.

“Guess you can be an honorary slut… Doesn’t it feel amazing to be accepted into something?!”

Crystal snickered as she ran after Amber and the two were tugging at each other’s hair. Purple strands and blonde strands were flying everywhere.Matt sighs, feeling he’s done the best he could do to stop this petty squabbling and just leans back against the wall to watch the commotion with the rest of the reunion, a group of people coming over to witness the two of them fighting, some pulling out their phones for pictures and videos that would likely be featured on TMZ later that evening. Matt’s one of them taking a video, though likely not for the reason of sending it to the media.

Crystal’s dress is all a fluttered as she stops what she is doing and turns her attention to Matt just growling at her. “Do something! You are supposed to have my back you dumb jerk… Don’t you like seeing this?!”

Crystal points at her butt as Amber stands next to her writing something on a piece of paper as she hands it to him. “Don’t worry about sloppy seconds. Why don’t you take this number and put it in your phone….” Crystal opens her eyes as she grabs the punch bowl and throws it all over the blonde drenching her with it. Amber opens her eyes as she tries to spear Crystal again, and the two begin fighting one another more so than before. But as they do security quickly rushes the scene as they try to pull the two women away from each other. Some of the males in attendance can’t help but yell catfight and let them go! As the two girls are just inseparable. Others are enjoying the show as both girls have various clothes adjusted in ways that shows off body parts that pop out not to mention the punch soaking the girls was a nice touch. Crystal frantically screamed as she was kicking and tussling.

“Let me go! I will fuck that bitch up!!!!”

“Let me go I will beat the snot out of pissy Crissy!”

The two girls yelled again as they pulled Amber out of the room and yanking Crystal away in the opposite direction. Matt follows after Crystal, looking down at his phone and adding the number in for the hell of it, cycling through the pictures he had taken. “Not bad, not bad.” He’s muttering to himself as Crystal is escorted out of the building.

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Crystal Millar standing behind a keyboard. She is all smiles as she begins to play something on the keys. She can’t help but crack a wicked grin as she smiles into the eyes of the camera.

Crystal: “You know I find it funny honestly. Before I got into movies I prided myself on being a pop artist and I was a great one at that. They say you can become anything you really put your mind too and I did exactly just that. I was an amazing artist. My vocals were like none other. Nobody could touch me when I let my mouth open and let the music flow from it. Everything I put together was nothing short of perfection. Yet In this match there is a woman who definitely isn’t like the others and she comes into the form of Jessie Salco. I know she is one of SCW’s mainstays. She is quite the amazing talent and is the heavy metal chick for a reason. Just like heavy metal she is really all over the place. What she might call music isn’t really that at all. It’s just a bunch of noise put together. It doesn’t make any sense, and if you want the definition of making sense just watch Jessie Salco anytime she opens her mouth.”

Crystal forms a wicked grin as she continues to speak.

Crystal: “I bet it won’t make any sense to you either. But this is a woman who can openly stand up in front of a camera and tell the entire world that she did so much in the Chamber of Fate match, and how she turned heads and that’s why she is a major threat, and in the very next breath go about telling everyone that the past doesn’t matter and we are judged by what happens today. How does that make anything close to a lick of sense?! How does that even compute with anything! The fact is it really doesn’t and Jessie just like she has always been is all over the place. She doesn’t know what direction she is going in. Did you know that on Sunday she and her Metal and Punk connection have the possibility to do the unthinkable?! Her entire stable can walk out of the Super Card as champions. All of them can go on to be something fantastic but what Kate and Amy do earlier in the night could all be for nothing if you yourself don’t get the job done Jessie. After all you yourself have been on this path for a while now and where has any of it gotten you?!”

Crystal continues to play her keyboard as she smiles some more.

Crystal: “Nowhere really. You are like a rat trapped in a maze. You keep trying to run round and round looking for a way out but in reality all you are doing is backtracking. You take a great step forward only to take two steps backwards and it really doesn’t bring you anywhere. Doesn’t that get irritating at times? Seeing you do the same old, same old expecting something new but at the end of the day you keep getting the same results over and over again? I thought you would have learned by now. Look Jessie I honestly don’t know what to think of you because you have been around so long. If I could describe you by one word it would be under the lines of being inconsistent. You have no direction and don’t show any signs of improvement. I think what you have is that of an identity crisis and you really don’t know what you want to do with yourself. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you keep on going that path so it’s time to really step up and make a serious change to yourself. Change for the better.”

Crystal shakes her head as she speaks some more.

Crystal: “Not everything in life is about mosh pits or even stage dives. Sometimes you can’t be the one getting pushed around or carried to success. Sometimes you should be the one that’s causing all of the commotion to happen and not the other way around, and I don’t think you have gotten that concept just yet. IF you did then you would have been a World Bombshell Champion a long time ago. But it’s whatever because only one person can point the blame for your shortcomings. That being you… So my question I want to pose is what are you going to do differently in this match that you haven’t done in your others. What is going to lead you to actually winning the championship belt from me and being the one to carry this company to new heights?! Out of everyone you have the most to gain from this match because you are the one that has the most riding on it. Winning this could finally make you accomplish the feat of being a Grand Slam Championship. Surely that accomplishment alone would put you at the forefront of being in the SCW Hall of Fame. It’s a lot to take in but if you focus it can be all yours. Hell even Melody has a lot riding on this.

She could win this match and find her position at the top for every show that she is on.  No more crying like a little baby asking for competition, asking for a top spot because it will all be hers she will get everything she wants in the course of one match and that will be it. As far as Mikah goes this could be her chance to become a two time champion. A chance to personally make sure I don’t walk away with my streak intact and by doing so it will protect hers. It will make her still be at the top of the food chain and I will be acknowledged as coming up short.

There is a lot riding on this match for everyone involved and honestly I like that about this match. Sure I have the most to lose. I could lose without being pinned or submitted, and that in itself is a very scary thought. But that doesn’t scare me. I can’t allow it to scare me. I have put too much investment into this company and my title reign for it to just end suddenly.  That’s why I have no choice but to step up. Do I want my reign to continue?! Of course I do but it’s more than just breaking the streak at this point! It’s about being the absolute best in the business. About showcasing why I am the best woman on the planet. You don’t get to where I am at through whining and bitching. You get there by hard work and dedication…”

Crystal shakes her head as she speaks some more.

Crystal: “I know there would be some that are quick to no sell somebody but I am here for a purpose and a reason. This is a match that calls for one to have eyes in the back of their head. For a person to see in areas where they shouldn’t see. It’s bedlam at it’s finest and Salco this match should favour you since you are used to being in these situations. But that doesn’t bother me, if this company wants me to be placed firmly in this position by all means I welcome the challenge. If it’s meant to be that I don’t walk out as the champion then I am ready to accept that as well. But through hell and high water.

At the end of the day everybody will know who exactly Crystal Millar is. I am just not a SILVER SCREEN QUEEN… Not only the MAIN EVENT! But I am women’s wrestling. Everything in this division comes through me. So bring it. Give me everything you have plus more. Sure me that you have all of the ability to take this championship away from me. You are preparing for a fight and yet I am ready to go to war. Ready to bring hell in order to keep this championship. It’s more than just a belt to me. It’s my entire life and when you threaten my life that’s when I bring the best fight that I possibly can…

So go on give me everything you got and I can assure you that when the dust settles and the smoke clears. At the end of Inception 2 everybody will be treated to the same sight that they have witnessed for the past 217 days. I will be standing tall as your SCW World Bombshell Champion with my hands raised high. That’s not wishful thinking that’s me guaranteeing it. And as I shown for the past six months I make good on my promises.




Courtesy of yours truly… The SILVER SCREEN QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

With that Crystal continues to play on her keyboard as we fade out on this image.

Scene Four

Hours later Crystal is finally let go as she exits from being detained by the police. She spots Matt Stone standing by the car and she carries her heels in one hand and her hand bag in the other. She walks barefoot towards the car as she stares at him leaning against the car. She offers a long sigh as she stops at the car. She reaches into her handbag and pulls out a little pocket mirror. Without hesitation she applies makeup to her lips before closing the mirror up and throwing it into her bag. She crosses her arms as she looks right into Matt’s eyes.

“Wow so that was quite an eventful evening… I honestly thought you would have left by now. Matt I…. I just want to say thank you for everything for coming with me and really being there for me it meant a lot. Police let us both go but it looks like I am going to be hero. School didn’t want to press charges. Apparently they had a sudden change of heart when I volunteered to have Rose Productions fund the renovations of the school. Looks like everyone will be happy campers and I get a major tax write off at the end of the year. Win win situation for everyone right?!”

He just shakes his head, opening the car door for her to get in, closing it behind her and heading over to the driver’s side, sliding in. “Yeah, win/win alright. I’ll give you this, that was better than I expected it to be.”

She smiles at him. “I meant what I said you really are a great friend and I can’t resist anymore. I am going to give you exactly what you want… Something you been dying for….”

She grins wider than before. He just has a puzzled look on his face. “Something I’ve been dying for? Oh!” He suddenly gets really excited. “You’re going to buy me a jet ski with solid gold rims? I’ve always wanted one of those!”

“No silly I am going to let you have well… You know when SEX! You and me… Look….” Crystal reaches into her handbag as she takes out her perfume bottles and she throws them far away as you could hear the bottles shattering in the background. “No set up. No form of me trapping you. No strings attached you and me. I see the way you been staring at my butt and with the way Jonathan has been talking to his so called blonde best friend Undine. It’s only right. You been wanting this for a while right?!”

She wraps her arms passionately around his neck as she goes for a kiss but stops when she hears a noise. Like a text message noise.. “Whoa what was that?!” She says confused as she looks at him. He wasn’t sure who would be texting him, but he was glad that it was there, pushing her back off him so that he can check his phone.

“You realize we’re in a police station parking lot, right? Probably not the best place for you to be crawling all over me, not that you should be doing that in the first place.” He pulls out his phone to read it, deliberately not making eye contact with her.

“But don’t you want me babe… We been going back and forth for so long now. I see the way you look at me and obviously you know I have feelings for you. You would be a fool if you didn’t know about the way I felt about you. Come on let’s just maybe go back to the hotel and do what we were meant to do. Isn’t this what you been seeking from me all along Matt? What else does a girl have to do to capture your attention?”

Crystal smiles as she tries to go for a kiss again. “Well for starters…” He says, lifting his hand up between them so her lips press against the back of it. “A girl should probably not make a complete ass of herself and get the police involved. That’d be a good start.” He says, lowering his hand and starting the car, heat from the vents coming in to warm them up on this cold January night. “And second of all, is that why you think I came with you tonight, to try and get lucky?”

“I don’t know I always felt that way. From the way you always look at my butt or make jokes about seeing my backside obviously you liked what you saw. You can’t tell me you haven’t felt things clicking between us. It’s so annoying to me too. No matter how much I want to be faithful or be the perfect wife. I always find my way back to you. You the man who put me in a hospital bed. The man who doesn’t mind embarrassing me on my own movie set. Matt fucking Stone…”

Crystal sighs as she continues to speak. “Yet as much as you might put me through. I sort of like it because you give me attention in ways I couldn’t fathom. You have to have felt something for me right? After all our rivalry on set, off the set, on Twitter anyway always causes us to make loads of money. Why not take this even further. Just imagine a sex scandal tape. The tabloids would be all over it and we would be cashing in on the results plus you yourself would be pleased.” Crystal grabs Matt’s hand as she makes him grab her butt. “Don’t you like what you feel?!”

She offers a wicked grin. “You remember our little celebrity red carpet event where things could have gotten hot in heavy in the bedroom but I backed away to get one up on you? Well there are no more games here. Just you and I in the way we were meant to be. You have to have felt something! You definitely have to be into me.” She says as she looks back at him.

“No more games?” He asked, looking down at where she had placed his hand, obviously not minding though it did make driving rather difficult. “You realize that you’re a married woman proposition me for sex like I’m some sort of male escort.” He almost sounds disgusted at the very notion. “And of course I talk about your ass, it’s the only part of you that I can tolerate. You make it a habit of using the rest of your features to annoy me. From screaming out that you’re the silver screen queen to using….that

He gives her nose a harsh poke. “To piss me off to no end, it’s really a small miracle that I’m even in the same car as you. I stayed her to pick you up as a professional courtesy and because I planned on mocking you on the way back to the hotel, not to hook up in the back seat for God’s sake!” He turns back to look out the front of the car, moving his hand to the steering wheel and starting to back out of the parking spot, though a small smile spreads across his face at his own pun at the end, there.

Crystal rolls her eyes as she looks back at him. “Whatever… You can be a jerk at times. Well aside from what you just said. Why do you even tolerate me to begin with? If it’s the whole black mailing thing like I said it’s over… I don’t know why I get like this. Maybe I am not so confident in my own relationship.” Crystal sighs.

“Truth be told sometimes I just want to do something to get Jonathan to notice me. Instead of being a tool who has to have that dumb blonde speak for him. Is it too much for a girl to be acknowledged by her own husband?!”

“Not being married, I wouldn’t know. I would imagine not because that would be the whole point of being married, though that in it of itself is a mystery to me. That’s like saying you’re only going to have one flavour of ice cream for the rest of your life, what if a new one comes along and looks really..uhh...tasty? Then you’re just kind of screwed.” His life philosophy comes out as he drives down the street, not even noticing that his phone is getting another text. “And I hang out with you because it’s good publicity, remember? Obviously you don’t remember or you wouldn’t have tried to fight half your high school.”

“Yeah… About that….” Crystal adjusts herself in her seat as she glances over at him. “Thank you for accompanying me tonight it meant the world to me, and I finally gotten over that hump. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to go into that school and overcome my past?! It’s like it was all thrown in my face, but I finally can rest at night or have amazing thoughts about this city because I put it all behind me.”

Crystal smiles over at Matt. “And I have you to thank for it. Just thank you for being there for me. You really have no idea how important to me and I meant what I been saying all week you really are my best male friend!”

“Uh huh, yeah, that’s great, you know what friends don’t do? They don’t try and have sex with their other friends, especially not without having something to drink first, so let’s just try and not have that happen again, alright?” He asks, pulling up to their hotel, glad they’re in separate rooms.

“Alright sounds like a deal… Sorry I seem so desperate. I really don’t want to do anything to come in the way of our friendship.” She sighs as she looks deeply into his eyes. “By the way you are quite the popular individual. Who in their right mind keeps on texting you? It better not be another movie company. You have a deal with me Matt! You hear me?! Me and no one else’s company. I know how sneaky Paramount can be trying to take all of the great talent.”

She giggles as she waits for Matt to open her car door since he was being a gentlemen earlier in the night. He snatches his phone and slides it in his pocket, walking out of the car and around the back to open up her door, furrowing his brows as he does so. “Remind me to clean up the car before we return it, it reeks of all that perfume you threw back here. Oh, and for the love of God, keep Chloe away from it.”

“I will, I will… Come on be the gentlemen and just walk me back to my hotel room.” With that Matt walks her to her room. Crystal puts the keycard into the door and as soon as she opens the door. She can find herself being thrown into the darkness. Matt flicks the light on to see that Chloe has mounted herself on top of Crystal and she is about to punch her in the face.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY MATT!” The Canadian screams as Crystal tries to cover up. “Get her off of me!!!!” “What the fuck?!?” It takes Matt a moment to realize what’s happening and truth be told he still isn’t quite sure, but for what seems like the tenth time tonight he has to separate some sort of fight, grabbing Chloe off of Crystal and throwing her across the room onto the bed, grabbing Crystal’s hand to pull her back to her feet. “What the fuck are you doing?” He shoots over at Chloe.

“I know what she was trying to pull. She wants you and I am not going to let that happen!” Crystal just sighs as she dusts herself off as she actually can’t help but laugh.

“Late to the party with that Chloe. Me and Matt been there done that… As desirable as he might be… I really shouldn’t I am a married woman.”

“Then why are your clothes all messed up. He didn’t lay you down in the backseat!”

Chloe asked with her hands crossed. As Crystal shakes her head. “No I got into a big fight at my reunion. You would have been proud of me. I put some bitches in their place. Was quite an awesome sight honestly but no me and Matt are just friends, and I am happy with that. Besides I shouldn’t hurt Jonathan like that…”

Chloe thinks about it as she looks at Matt. “So that means you are still a single man?! That gives hope to a fine Quebecian like myself?!” He chuckles, rolling his eyes. “Well I’m still single, so you got that part right at least, but as for hope for you, not bloody likely.” He takes out his phone that was giving off another noise for attention as he got another text message, replying to it.

Crystal places her hands on her hips as Chloe looks crushed. “For the love of God who the hell is texting you anyway?! You got somewhere to be Matt?!” Crystal says as she draws closer to him as Chloe doesn’t know what to think. “No, not for another five or so minutes anyway, then I’ve got a date. Met her at your reunion, actually, so that’ll be nice.” He says, ignoring Chloe altogether now despite her constant looks over at him.

Crystal stares daggers at Matt. “Who are you going on a date with MATT?! It better not be one of those bitches from S7! I swear to God it better not be. That would be like you stabbing me in the back.” She says with a growl.Matt just smiles at that, looking over at her. “Oh Crystal, you’re so dramatic. Not everything I do revolves around you, though your ego probably could have it’s own orbit if you keep this up. That cute blonde girl gave me her number and we’ve been texting back and forth, that’s it.” He finishes with a shrug.

“AMBER?! You are going on a date with Amber after we nearly beat the hell out of each other?! What is wrong with you!” How could you do that to me?!” Crystal crosses her arms together. “How could I? It’s your fault, really. Did you see how she looked with that punch all over her? Her dress was clinging to all of her, I’ve got pictures!” He says excitedly, showing her the photos on his phone when a new text message appears from “Red Dress Blonde”. Apparently he didn’t program her name in the phone, just a brief description.

“Matt I advise you to get the hell out of my hotel room… Seriously… You got 10 seconds to get out before I lose my shit… 10….”

Chloe sighs as she looks back at Matt. “You really should go…” “Fine, I should get ready anyway. Hell of a night, though, good luck with everything you two.” He starts replying to the text as he walks out of the room, going up the hall towards his own.

Crystal looks at Chloe. “Don’t worry about him… There are bigger fishes in the sea...and besides we now have a new target… It’s going to feel great ruining Amber’s life…”

Chloe cracks a wide grin as the two shake hands as we leave on this image.
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