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Connor interview
« on: November 13, 2015, 11:53:25 PM »
 The deep throbbing beat of a salsa rhythm competes with the low murmurs of a mixture of Spanish and Spanglish that could only belong to the natives and tourists filling this small little bar.  Above the bar, a neon light blinks and sizzles with the words La Rosa Negra in a bright pink with the rose under the words blinking in and out.

At a table in the corner, his head wreathed in the light blue smoke of a rather large and fragrant cigar sits Connor Murphy.  He leans back, the cigar resting in his fingers as he allows the smoke of one drag of the cigar to curl from his barely opened mouth.  A smile crosses his face as his eyes close.  Across from him, a cameraman is resting, a small hand held camera focused on Connor.

“I bet you think that I am here to talk about the fact that I am the underdog in the match this week.  You know what I think…I think that you are going to be waiting a long time for that,” says Connor before taking another drag from the stogie.

The cameraman shakes his head negatively as he films.  â€œI ain’t here for that senor,” he says in a very heavily accented English.  â€œI am here to get interview with you about Climax Control match you are in.”

Connor nods slowly as he exhales then picks up the short glass with a clear liquid inside of it.  Sipping at the drink, he winces at the burn then sets the glass on the littered tabletop.  â€œWell if that is the case, let’s get this interview on the road because I have some people to do and things to deal with.  So Fidel, what is your first question?”

The cameraman focuses closer to Connor as he relaxes, his arms draping over the back of the banquet seat at the table.  â€œWell senor, the first question is what are you planning to do in this match as you are definitely the smallest in the match and could very well suffer painfully against Wyatt and Casey.”  The fact that the cameraman would ask that of Connor is not lost on the man himself.

“Like I said, I am not worried too much about facing the pair of big men in the ring.  I am not going to sit here and quote people who believe that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog that is going to determine the winner,” begins Connor as he leans back.  â€œI am at a disadvantage some would say because the two bigger men are going to be able to wipe the floor with me because I am not able to take the punishment.  Well I have something to say to that.  Bring it on!”

The cameraman smirks at that comment as he again focuses the camera on the face of Connor who puffs at the cigar with no clear worry evident.  â€œIf you don’t think you have to worry about the two men you are facing, maybe you worry about the type of match you are in.”

“A hardcore match?  That is almost like MY match!  You are probably sitting there sure that I would be like ‘oh no, whatever will I do?’ about being in that kind of match.  Might I remind you that it was ME that took Goth to the limit in the roulette title matches,” boasts Connor.  â€œThat is more than Casey could do.  I mean I was the closest to beating Goth and then he gets the shot at the Supercard and fails miserably.  If you ask me, Casey Williams is nothing more than someone that is tossed at people as a warmup.  And that is exactly how I am going to treat him on Climax Control.”

“But what about Wyatt Peterson, he is going to be one hell of a fight since he is probably out to prove that he still has it,” comments the cameraman only to hear Connor scoff in disbelief.  The look on the cameraman is comically as he doesn’t seem to realize that Connor isn’t impressed with the threat.

Connor looks down at the drink in his hand on the cigar that is resting on the ashtray smoldering away.  â€œDon’t get me wrong, this hardcore match is going to be a challenge,” offers Murphy.  â€œBut to actually sit there and count me out because this match is one small man against two giants.  Well, start calling me Jack because Sunday I am going to be a giant killer and there is nothing that those two will be able to do to stop me from chopping them down to size.”

“Is you crazy,” demands the cameraman.

“More than bat shit cray cray,” taunts Connor.  â€œYou have to be when you are in this position. “

“What position is that?” asks the cameraman as the focus of the camera tightens on Connor’s face.

“The winning position muchacho,” teases Connor as he shoots the last of the clear liquid, wincing again as it singes down his throat.  Before the cameraman can make another comment, Connor pushes up from the table and heads towards the bar, ignoring the cough of the cameraman as he tries to get his attention.  Once at the bar, Connor is approached by a senorita in a tight dress who leans into the man and whispers something into the ear of the young Irishman who smiles and with a nod is lead away.