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 Please post Roleplays here.

The first RP period has started.  

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 ((OOC: Sorry for the lack of coding...Got lazy..Anyway ENJOY!))

Friday July 26th- Chicago, Illinois

The sky is clouded over, and several areas are a dark shade of navy blue as rain could come pouring down at any moment.  For now, however, light sprinkles trickle their way down from the sky, barely saturating the ground.  It all makes for somber atmosphere to match the somber mood for this day.  Today is the day that Misty has been dreading since she was a little girl.  She knew she would eventually have to go through it, but that didn't make it any easier.  You see today is the day that Misty's family have gathered to say their final goodbyes to her beloved Grandmother and lay her in her final resting place.

Funerals are not meant to be an easy task to deal with.  How can they be, when you say goodbye to your loved ones?  How can one not shed tears during such a difficult time?  

Misty can answer that rather simply, because she has been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions the entire week leading up until today.  After Climax Control on the 21st, she had gotten a phone call informing her that her Grandmother had passed away, and while she had been expecting it for the past five weeks, ultimately, she was never fully prepared for it to happen.  She had seen her Grandmother just a few days before, but she had to head back to California to compete.  She didn't want to, but something told her she had to, and it was the way she left that has her feeling more guilt and regret than she ever has in her life.

It is just before 10 a.m.  Family and friends have gathered at the funeral home where the visitation was held for Misty's grandmother.  The funeral procession is to begin shortly, and those in attendance have been asked to make their way to the casket at the front of the room and say their final farewells.  Misty sits in the front row next to her sister, Desiree, and their mother, Colleen.  She has her head bowed slightly and her gaze turned away from the casket, as she hasn't been able to get herself to look at her grandmother for more than a few moments.  

She watches as members of her family, some of whom she hasn't seen in years, file their way towards the casket and say a teary-eyed goodbye to the matriarch of their family.  Yes, Misty watches, but she remains very still, and almost emotionless.  

That is, until it is time for her to make her way up to the casket.  She doesn't move at first, because she can't.  She is absolutely frozen, but it is not out of fear.  It is because she simply is not ready.  She is not ready to look at her grandmother's face one final time.  Even though her grandmother's spirit had left her body earlier this week, and some might even say weeks before, given the condition she had been in, Misty knew this would be the very last time she would ever see her face ever again, because once everyone makes their way to their vehicles for the funeral procession, the casket would be closed, sealing her grandmother inside her eternal bed.  She just couldn't do it.

Desiree turns her head and looks at her, but Misty's eyes are now glued on their grandmother's casket.  She breaths slowly, and looks almost afraid to blink.  Desiree tries to get her attention, by quietly whispering something to her, but Misty doesn't respond.  Desiree finally has no choice but to elbow her, and that momentarily snaps Misty back to reality.

Desiree: have to go up there.

Misty just shakes her head, unable to speak a single word.  Their sister, Jackie and their nephew Luke, decide to head up their before her.

Desiree: Why don't you go up there with me then?  If you can't do this by yourself...

Misty shakes her head again and takes in a deep breath.

Misty: No...No, I can do it.  I...I just wish everyone would have went a little slower.  It's all going so fast...

Desiree: We have to leave for the church soon.  As difficult as this is, we have to do this...We have to say goodbye.

Jackie and Luke step away from the casket.  Jackie looks at Misty from the corner of her eye, exchanging an awkward glance to her younger sister, but Misty doesn't acknowledge her.  A few chairs down, Misty's mother is sobbing, as the time draws near.  Her two brothers, Misty's uncles Roy and Leo, comfort her as best they can, though each of them are feeling the same heartache as the other.  

Desiree finally takes it upon herself to head up to the casket to say goodbye.  She is up there for several seconds, quietly saying her last words to her grandmother, before she turns and walks away, signaling for Misty that she needs to do the same.  Misty takes in an deep and unsteady breath, as she gets to her feet.  Her knees feel as though they are going to buckle right underneath her, and she takes slow steps towards the casket, going over in her mind what she could possibly say, if anything, as her final words to her beloved grandmother.  As she finally stops in front of the casket, looking down at her grandmother, she closes her eyes, and for the first time in days, she can't hold back the tears that form in her eyes.  

Misty kneels down in front of the casket, trying desperately to say something...anything...but she can't find the words.  She can't get the words she desperately needs to say to come out, and she sobs.

Misty: I...I...I'm s-s-sorry. I'm sorry....

She can only repeat those two words, as behind her, she can hear her mother's increasing sobs.  Desiree walks up behind her, placing her hands on her shoulders.  Misty nearly jumps out of her skin, startled by her sister's comforting touch.  She struggles to get back to her feet, but in an unusual move, Desiree walks beside her, as they walk away from the casket, and out of the parlor, leaving their mother and their uncles alone to for a few moments.  Once they are outside the funeral home, where everyone's cars are lined up and waiting.  Desiree had handed Misty a tissue, and Misty is wiping her eyes, trying to calm herself down.

Desiree: Are you okay?

Misty: Does it look like I'm okay, Des?  

Desiree: Please don't give me attitude, Misty.  Now isn't the time.  

Misty: I know that.  I'm sorry.  I just can't believe this is happening.  I want to wake up from this nightmare.

Desiree looks at Misty with a raised eyebrow, appearing confused about something.  Misty wipes her eyes once again and looks at Desiree.

Misty: What?  What is that look for?

Desiree: You.  You just apologized to me.  

Misty gives her younger sister an awkward glance.  Desiree manages to crack a smile, attempting to get Misty to do the same, but Misty doesn't.

Desiree: You're putting up a good fight Misty, but I'm not stupid.  I've spent too much time being angry at you, but the past couple of times I've talked to you, I've seen the truth.

Misty: Oh really?  And what truth is that?

Desiree shrugs and shakes her head.

Desiree: It's not my job to tell you the answer.  You need to figure it out for yourself, because if I bring it up here, it's only going to cause an argument and that is not what today is about.  I'd just like to get this day over with.

Misty: I'm glad to see you're in such a hurry to bury our grandmother, Des.  

Desiree is about to respond, but she is quickly cut off as their mother and uncles walk out of the funeral parlor, their eyes blotchy and red from the tears.  Their uncles head to their vehicles, while their mother approaches them.

Colleen: Time to head to the church, girls.  We can come back later for all of the poster boards we made.

Desiree nods and places her hand on her mother's back.  Like Misty, their relationship has never been the greatest, but it is times like these that can truly change a person.  Misty gets into the backseat of Colleen's vehicle, while Colleen gets into the passenger seat, as Desiree had offered to drive.  A few minutes later, the hurse carrying their grandmother's casket appears from the opposite side of the building, and the funeral procession begins.


Fast forward less than an hour later to the cemetery.  Misty's family are beginning to filter their way out of the cemetery as they head over to a local reception hall for a luncheon.  A few family members stay behind for a few moments, several feet away as they visit the grave where Misty's aunt was buried six years ago.  Misty, however, remains by her grandmother's casket, having a hard time walking away.  She places a hand on the light blue casket, closing her eyes as she thinks to herself.  A few seconds later, she nearly jumps out of her skin as a child's hand grabs a hold of the bottom of her shirt, lightly yanking on it.  Misty opens her eyes and looks down, shocked at who she sees.

Misty: Eden?  Sweetie what are you doing here?!

Misty kneels down, getting eye level with her five year old daughter as she hugs her gently.  Her question is soon answered as behind Eden, Misty spots Eden's father and Misty's ex-fiancee, Spike Staggs.  Spike stays where he is, only offering Misty a nod.  Misty nods back, and looks back to Eden.

Eden: Daddy brought me.  He told me about great-grandma.

Misty: I guess he did, sweetie.  Are you okay?  This must be kind of scary for you, huh?

Eden shakes her head quickly, but she doesn't smile.

Eden: No.  I'm a big girl.  I'm not scared.  Daddy just told me that great-grandma was sick for a while, but that she's not anymore.  He told me she's in Heaven.

A hint of a smile forms on Misty's face as she chokes back tears.  She holds her daughter's hand and nods.

Misty: Daddy is right, sweetie.  

Eden: Mommy, are you going to Heaven soon, too?

Misty's eyes widen as Eden's question takes her by surprise.  Misty turns her head slightly to the side, but she never takes her gaze away from her daughter's eyes.

Misty: Eden, sweetie, why would you think that?  

Eden: I don't want to say.  I might get in trouble...

Misty: Honey, you can tell me anything, okay?  I promise you won't get in trouble.  

Eden bites her bottom lip and looks down to the ground, not sure she should answer.  Misty places a finger under Eden's chin, lifting her face so she can look her in the eyes.

Misty: Come on, sweetie.  Tell me why you think that.

Eden: Well...I heard Daddy and Timmy and Auntie Desiree and Auntie Dixie and Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jamie and everyone else say a few times before that you were sick.  And that was a long time ago, so I thought that because great-grandma was sick but she's not anymore and in Heaven, that you were going to Heaven soon too.  But Timmy says you're going to h-e-double hockey sticks...

Misty closes her eyes, holding herself back from glaring at Spike.  She gathers her thoughts for a few moments before she looks at Eden again, hoping she explains this in a way that Eden will understand.

Misty: No, honey, I am not going to hell.  I'm not going to Heaven either.  At least, not anytime soon.  

Eden: But you're sick?  Maybe the doctor can fix you.  Why couldn't they fix great-grandma?

Misty: Eden, sweetie, great-grandma wasn't just sick.  She was an old lady.  She lived a very long, but very happy life.  I know she none of us were ready for her to go, but her body wasn't strong enough to keep going.  And I'm not sick, sweetie.

Eden: Then why would everyone say that you are?  

Misty takes in a deep breath.  She glances behind Eden to Spike, but he is not paying attention as Desiree has walked up to him and the two are talking about something.  Misty scowls for just a moment, but shakes it off quickly.

Misty: I don't know sweetie, but I promise you I'm not sick.  I'm just a little confused at the moment, but you don't need to worry about that okay?

Eden: Is that why you left us?  

Misty looks to the ground as she is finding it harder and harder to answer her daughter's questions.

Misty: It's hard to explain, sweetie, but we'll talk about that later okay?  Right now, I need to talk to Daddy for a few minutes, so why don't you go over by Auntie Desiree and she can take you to see Grandma okay?  

Eden seems a bit disappointed as she looks to the ground with a frown on her face.  Misty takes it upon herself to grab a flower from one of the floral arrangements and she hands it to Eden.  Eden takes it and smiles.

Misty: I thought you'd like that.  Come on, let's head over to Auntie Desiree.

Eden: Okay!  

Eden skips off towards Spike and Desiree.  She runs up to the two, showing off the pink carnation Misty had given her.

Eden: Daddy!  Auntie Desiree!  Mommy gave me one of the flowers!

Spike: That's great, baby girl.  Are you ready to go?

Eden: Not yet!  Mommy said she wants to talk to you so she said Auntie Desiree can take me to talk to Grandma.

Spike and Desiree glance at Misty, as if asking her what this is about.  Misty shakes her head, but looks to Desiree, silently asking her for a moment alone with Spike.  Desiree looks to Spike and he nods.

Desiree: Alright then.  We'll be right back.  Come on Eden.

Once again Eden quickly skips away, this time running over to Misty's mother, her grandmother.  When the two are a safe distance away, Misty looks at Spike, folding her arms across her chest.  Spike looks at her slightly confused.

Spike: What is this all about?  

Misty: A few things actually.  First, why didn't you tell me you were coming?  

Spike: It was a last minute decision honestly.  We would have been at the wake last night, but she hasn't been through this before so I just decided to come to the cemetery only instead.  

Misty: Thank you for that.  I guess we can both agree that she's not ready for an open casket situation just yet.  But would you like to know what she just asked me?

Spike: Color me curious now...

Misty glances over to Eden, who is now in her grandmother's arms in a tight embrace, and she looks back to Spike, taking in a deep breath.

Misty: Our five year old daughter just asked me if I was going to Heaven or Hell soon.  Care to explain why you guys would allow a thought like that to be in her head?

Spike: I don't know what you're talking about.  I had no idea she was even thinking anything like that.

Misty: Oh really? So you mean to tell me that Eden was lying when she said that she heard you, Desiree, Dixie and pretty much everyone else saying I was sick?  I'm fairly sure you didn't mean sick in the physical sense either.

Desiree quickly glances over to the two, keeping a watchful eye on the situation, knowing the tense feelings shared between the former couple.  Misty pretends she doesn't notice from the corner of her eye, as she glares at Spike, waiting for him to answer.  He shakes his head with a sigh.

Spike: Do you really want to get into this shit here, Misty?  

Misty: Apparently I do, because I'd like to know why Eden said that!  You guys may hate me, and that is fine, but if you're going to talk shit about me, can you at least make sure it is when Eden isn't around where she might be listening to you guys from around a corner?  

Spike: You know you brought this shit all on yourself, Misty.  YOU are the one who walked out on not only me, but Eden also.  She was bound to form an opinion of you herself eventually anyway, and suddenly you care?  Suddenly you want to actually be a mother to her after a year and a half?  I'm not buying it, and I'm sure as shit not going to stand here and argue with you in a cemetery after your grandmother's funeral.  You're still nothing but a selfish cold-hearted bitch.

Before Misty even has a chance to get another word out in her defense, Spike turns and walks away, heading over to Desiree, Eden and Colleen.  Desiree is staring at the two, having heard their raised voices, but Colleen kept Eden distracted enough so she couldn't hear it.  Spike walks up to Colleen and Eden, looking down at his daughter.

Spike: Eden it's time to go.  Say goodbye to Grandma and Desiree, okay?

Eden: Awww, but I don't wanna go yet!  Can't we stay?!

Spike: Sorry, baby girl, but we can't.  We have to get back to Las Vegas.  We'll plan a trip back to visit Grandma soon, okay?  Or maybe Grandma will come out to our house to visit soon?  

Eden looks up to Colleen excitedly as Misty approaches the group, looking very disgruntled now.

Eden: Yeah!  Grandma can come visit us!  Right Grandma?!  

Colleen: Of course, sweetie.  I'd love to come visit you in Las Vegas.  Maybe me, you and your Mommy can spend a day together then?  How does that sound?

Eden's smile fades quickly as she turns and lifts her head to slowly glance at Misty.  As exciting as that idea sounds to her, she knows she doesn't see Misty very often.

Eden: Mommy is always busy, but maybe we can go out with Mommy Vixen?!

And just like that, the mood quickly changes.  All eyes fall on Misty, who now has her eyes closed and is clearly taking in calming breaths.  Everyone is left speechless, and ultimately, Misty turns and storms away, heading back to the car.  Eden looks confused and disappointed as she looks at Spike.  Desiree nods towards him before she walks away after Misty, leaving Spike to talk to Misty's mother.

Misty gets into the car, slamming the door closed.  She sits in the backseat and buries her head in her hands, holding back the tears that are desperately begging to be set free.  Desiree soon gets into the car, sitting in the front passenger seat for the moment.  She turns and looks at Misty, but Misty doesn't acknowledge her.

Desiree: Look, I know you're upset Misty, but can we not focus on this shit right now?  Everyone is under so much stress right now and I'm tired of dealing with it.

Misty: Tell me something I don't already know, Des.  Not only did I just say goodbye to our grandmother, but my daughter once again proves that she hates me!  Fuck.  Can we just get the hell out of here?

Desiree: Quit worrying about it.  If you really want to make things up to Eden, focus on that later, not now.  Not this weekend.  Focus on spending time with your family for once, okay?  WE need to get through this luncheon, and then Sunday, Jason is having a cookout at his house.  It will give you a chance to catch up with everyone.

Misty shakes her head and leans back in her seat, taking in a deep breath.

Misty: I'm not going to be here on Sunday.  I'm heading back to California on Sunday for Sunday Night Seduction.

Desiree's eyes widen and she stares at Misty.

Desiree: You're joking, right?  I thought they postponed your match against Odette?

Misty: They did, but I need to be there.  

Desiree: No, you don't.  You need to be here.  You need to be with your family!  

Misty: Why?  So I can be around people who hate me for everything that I've done?  I'll spare us all the trouble and just leave.  

Desiree: Misty...would you cut the bullshit already?

Misty glares at Desiree and then their mother knocks on the window soon after.  Desiree looks at her, holding up a finger, before she looks back to Misty.

Desiree: We're not done here, Misty.  We'll talk about this later, but I'm not going to let you hightail it back to California when you don't need to.  

Misty: As if you can stop me?

Desiree lets out a laugh and smiles confidently.  She just nods before she gets out of the passenger side, allowing their mother that seat once again, and she walks around the car to the driver's side.  Spike and Eden had left a couple minutes earlier.  Desiree starts the car shortly after and the group leaves the cemetery to head to the reception hall.

It has been two weeks since Misty and her family said goodbye to her grandmother, and it hasn't gotten any easier, not really.  Misty has been putting up a brave front almost the entire time since returning to the Las Vegas area just days after her Grandmother's funeral, but the fact remains that she still thinks about her often, no matter how hard she tries to keep distracted.

After the stress and exhaustion from the day of the funeral had passed, Misty had planned to return to California for Sunday Night Seduction, even though her match against Odette had been postponed.  When all was said and done, and an argument or two with her sister Desiree had passed, Misty had ultimately stayed in Chicago a few extra days, shocking everyone to stay with her family instead.  She had returned to Climax Control the following week, ready to get back to normal, and she apparently had as she demanded her match against Odette be rescheduled for Summer XXXTreme II.  But things didn't go as she had planned, did they?

No, Christian Underwood had other plans, and it all came as a shock to Misty when he threw out her demands for her final match against Odette, instead choosing to team them together, and to top it off for a shot at the Bombshell Tag Team Titles against The Fallen!  Misty couldn't believe it, but what is more surprising to her, is the fact that Odette Ryder is walking around, all smiles as always.  Needless to say, her mind is now focused on the Summer XXXTreme cruise and how she plans to deal with this match that she did NOT ask for.

With just two days to go before they are set to board the cruise ship, Misty is going through her things, making sure she has everything packed.  She is tossing all of her clothes into her suitcases on her bed, when she begins looking around for something, but she can't find it.  She searches through her suitcase, thinking she packed it already.  She shakes her head, realizing she didn't.  A minute or so later she snaps her fingers, realizing where it could be and she walks out of her room, nearly knocking Ruby over in the process.

Misty: Jesus!  I'm sorry, Ruby.  

Ruby: No need to apologize my Queen.  I am just fine.  Where are you going?

Misty: I think I forgot some of my wrestling stuff down in the training room downstairs.  I need to make sure I have it before we leave.

Ruby: Of course.  I can go get it for you if you like?

Misty shakes her head with a smile.

Misty: That's okay, Ruby.  I can get it myself.  Just make sure you're stuff is packed and check on the guys and see how they are doing, okay?

Ruby: Absolutely.  

Ruby bows obediently before she turns and walks away, disappearing into her room next door to Misty's.  Misty makes her way downstairs to her training facility to search for her wrestling gear.  She walks through the double doors and switches on the lights, illuminating the entire room.  She is relieved to see her duffel bag placed on a bench by some of the exercise equipment.  As she heads over to the bench, she nearly jumps out of her skin as a voice she hasn't heard in quite a while comes from behind her.

Man: Please tell me you're not actually going to go through with this match.

Misty slowly reaches down and takes a hold of her duffel bag.  She throws the strap over her shoulder and slowly turns around, rolling her eyes as she sees her as yet unidentified visitor.

Misty: What business is it of yours if I am?

He takes a few steps towards her with a wicked smile on his face and his hands placed in his pockets.  Misty folds her arms across her chest, standing her ground as she remains un intimidated by him.

Man: It is my business because it has been months since you were given a job to do, and you have yet to do it.  You are waiting for those imbecile bosses of yours to make a legal match so you can get the job done, when we both know you can do it regardless.  You don't need a match to handle Odette Ryder, yet you seem to think you do.  

Misty: I don't think I do.  I know I do, because if I attack her all the time, my imbecile bosses as you like to call them, can easily suspend or fire me on the spot.  I told you, I'm doing things my way, so back the fuck off.

Man: I'm sorry, that is no longer an option, Misty.  You are no longer in charge of this situation, so I am going to tell you how things are going to go on this little cruise.

Misty lets out a laugh and shakes her head.  She walks past him, refusing to listen to him, but he grabs a hold of her arm and stops her.  Misty lifts her head and glares at him, dropping her duffel bag to the floor.

Misty: Let go of my arm, right now.

Man: You are done ordering me around, your highness.  I am the one who orders you around, and you are going to listen.  Do you understand me?

Misty: Is that so?  And what if I don't?  

Man: I don't think you want to know the answer to that question.  This tag team match with Odette Ryder is not going to happen, do you hear me?  

Misty laughs and yanks her arm from out of his grasp.  She glares at him with fire in her eyes.

Misty: Newsflash, dipshit, it is going to happen, because the damn match has already been made!  Whether I like it or not, I have to team with Odette to face The Fallen.  You act like I actually want to go through with this match!  Lighten up!

Man: From the looks of it, you're not completely against it.  If you were, you wouldn't even be considering going through with it.  You can lie to everyone else, and you can put up a decent front, but I can read through your lies.  You don't have a problem with teaming with her.  You don't care that your last match against her is all but canceled.  Well, missy, I don't care if you have a legal match with her or not.  You will finish your business with her.  

Misty: I'm not lying about shit!  And how do you expect me to finish my business with her, huh?  What exactly do you expect me to do?!  I don't know if you've noticed, but she's not budging!  Have you ever thought that maybe she doesn't have this darkness inside of her that you think she does?!

He smiles a devilish smile at her.

Man: Oh I can assure you that she does.  If you're so set on going into this tag match with her as a partner, you will do so under your terms.  You will be the leader.  She will do as you tell her to.  There will be no working together.  And after all is said and finish her.

Misty's head turns slightly to the side, looking highly confused.

Misty: Excuse me?  Are you telling me to do what I think you're telling me to do?

He nods.

Man: Absolutely.  If those bosses of yours are so set on you becoming the tag team champions with Odette Ryder, then do just that, but then take care of the little brat afterwards.  If you can't get her release the darkness inside of her, then destroy her.  It's really that simple.  Defeat her once and for all.  Prove yourself to me.

Misty closes her eyes and shakes her head.  She runs her hands through her hair, completely speechless for the moment.  She takes a step past him, thinking things over.

Misty: You can't be serious?!  Why the hell would I win the tag team championships with Odette only to destroy her after the match?  What is the fucking point in that?

Man: To send a message.  

Misty:  And what message might that be?

Man: That they don't make the decisions for you.  That you run the show and not them.

Misty thinks for a second and then looks at him and laughs.  He stares at her, confused.

Man: I'm sorry, what is so funny about that?

Misty: You!  You're trying to get me to send a message to everyone else, but you need to receive that same damn message.  You're trying to bully me into doing shit for you, but let me remind you that when it comes down to it, I make my own decisions.  I'll handle this situation with Odette Ryder how I see fit.

Man: For your sake, I hope it is the right way.  I'll be watching you very carefully that night, Misty. Keep that in mind.

He leaves Misty with that final warning and a few seconds later, as he has done several times before, he disappears.  Misty looks around, shaking her head.  She reaches down and picks up her duffel bag and heads out of the training room.  When she walks back upstairs, she is about to turn down the hall in the direction of her room, when she hears a noise down the other direction.  She'd never been down this way before, as the rooms belonging to the Brothers were down here and she had never had a reason to be here.  But, she had a strange feeling all of a sudden.  

She could hear Damien and Dante's hushed voices coming from one of the rooms, but she couldn't tell what they were talking about.  Misty sets her duffel bag down on the floor just outside the door, which is cracked open just enough that Misty can hear inside.  She puts her ear up to the door and eavesdrops.

Dante: I am telling you, Damien, she won't agree to this.  I know we've talked about it, and been planning for her arrival, but our Queen will want it to happen on her terms.

Damien: I know that Dante, but you see how she's been acting lately.  If we don't do this for her, she won't do it for herself.  Everything is all set for her arrival, and once we are back from the cruise, and the tour following, we'll do what needs to be done to get her here.

Dante: You know what will have to be done to make it happen, and if we do that, the girl's father will--

Before Dante has a chance to finish, the door swings open and Misty bursts inside, looking at them.  She had a sinking feeling she knew what the conversation was about, and as she looks around the room, her suspicions are all but confirmed.  The room is set up as a young girl's room would, though this one is made for a princess it seems.  Misty's jaw drops a little and Damien and Dante look at her, figuring out a way to explain themselves.

Misty: When were you planning to tell me about this?

Damien looks to Dante, but Dante shakes his head and shrugs, all but placing the blame on Damien.

Misty: Damien!  When the fuck were you planning on telling me about this room?!  

Damien: Soon, my Queen.  We only recently finished everything and we wanted to surprise you with it.  Please, don't be upset.  

Misty: Don't be upset?  DON'T BE UPSET?! How the hell do you want me to react after hearing what you two were just talking about?  You were suggesting on kidnapping my daughter, weren't you?!

Neither Damien or Dante can muster up the courage to confess to their plans.  Misty's yelling has obviously caught the attention of the others, as Sebastian and Zane have now walked up behind her, followed shortly after by Ruby.  They all look around, curious as to what is going on, but Ruby is the only one who speaks up.

Ruby: What is going on?  Why are you shouting my Queen?

Misty: Why am I shouting?  I'll tell you why I'm fucking shouting!  The five of you are making plans to kidnap Eden and bring her here!  What the fuck are you thinking?!

Ruby looks confused and just as surprised as Misty does.  She looks around the room, then her gaze falls on Damien, looking at him with a concerned expression.

Ruby: Damien, what is she talking about?  I thought you were just preparing this room for when young Eden comes to live here?

Misty holds up her hand, taking control of the situation and not giving Damien the chance to defend himself.

Misty: That's not going to happen.  EVER!  I may want my daughter to live with me, but after hearing what I just heard, I'll be damned if I'm going to allow her to live around any of you!  I'll be damned if I am going to continue living here myself!  You all can go to hell!

Misty then storms her way out of the room, heading off to her own room to pack her things.  Ruby stands there for a moment, staring at Damien.

Ruby: Damien, what the hell is going on?  Please tell me she is mistaken?  You weren't actually considering taking Eden without Misty's knowledge were you?

Damien: She had no plans of doing it for herself, Ruby.  If young Eden is to follow in our Queen's footsteps...

Ruby: I've heard enough!  For your sake, I hope I can do damage control on this, because you just made the worst mistake...

Ruby then turns and heads down to Misty's room, hoping she can get through to her Queen, though she is not holding her breath.  She walks into Misty's room without knocking and finds Misty furiously packing all of her clothes into several suitcases.  She glances up and glares at Ruby.

Misty: Get the fuck away from me, Ruby!

Ruby: My Queen..

Misty: Quit fucking calling me your Queen!  I'm not your Queen!  Not anymore you crazy bitch!

Ruby: Please...listen to me!  I knew nothing about what Damien was planning!  You have to believe me!

Misty: Why?  Why should I?  My Grandmother was right.  You people are poison to me!  Well fuck if I am going to allow you to poison my daughter as well!

Misty quickly zips one suitcase closed, then moves on to another.  Behind Ruby, Sebastian walks in, obviously being the voice of reason as he normally is.  

Sebastian: My Queen...

Misty glares at him with a burning hatred, but she says nothing to him.  Ruby looks at Sebastian, shaking her head.  He clears his throat and continues.

Sebastian: Okay...Misty...please try to calm down for a moment, and talk to me.

Misty: No, Sebastian.  FUCK NO!

Sebastian: Please see things from Damien's perspective.  Your attitude has slowly been changing lately, and we are concerned.  Before you had talked about bringing young Eden here to live with us, but that seems to have been put on the backburner for several months now.  Perhaps Damien's suggestion wasn't the greatest, but after we get back from the cruise and the tour following--

Misty quickly interrupts him once again.

Misty: You are delusional if you think that I'm going to allow any of you to join me on the cruise now.  I am done with you people...Do you hear me?  DONE!  

Ruby takes in a deep breath and turns toward Sebastian.

Ruby: Sebastian, please leave.  Let me take care of this.

Sebastian: Try to get her to understand...

Ruby: I don't think that is the best idea.  Go!

Sebastian nods and turns and walks out.  Ruby closes the door behind him, then turns to face Misty once again.  She walks towards her, but stops when Misty glares at her.

Ruby: M...Misty...If I had known that Damien was considering doing that, I would have shot that down right on the spot.  I had no knowledge.  You have to believe me.  If you will let me, I'd still like to join you on the cruise...

Misty stops packing for a moment and stares at Ruby.  She studies her expression, trying to see any sign that she is lying, but Ruby looks to be genuine and sincere with her plea.  Misty closes her eyes and sits on the bed, now completely lost on what to do.

Misty: I'd like to believe you, Ruby, but I still barely know anything about you guys!  I mean...the way you guys came into my life was just strange, and I've never really understood why you guys chose me to be this Queen you apparently need.

Ruby: I understand you're feelings, but I'd really like you to believe me.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I am here to serve you, and to do whatever it is that you want me to do.  You were born to be a leader.  It has shown greatly in your career thus far.

Misty: really need to get a life of your own.  Have you even met with Max yet?  He clearly likes you...

Ruby suddenly blushes, and Misty smiles as she notices.

Ruby: I am sure he does, but...

Misty: No buts about it, Ruby.  Give him a chance.  Look, I'll let you go with me on the cruise if and ONLY IF, you promise to meet up with Max at some point while we are on the ship.  Start doing something for yourself, because I can take care of myself sometimes.

Ruby: What about Damien and the others?

Misty shakes her head, adamantly refusing to budge on that.

Misty: I'm done with them, Ruby.  I don't need four body guards.  I'm packing all of my clothes, and when we get back, I'll find some place else to live, but they are not coming with, and I am not changing my mind.

Ruby nods, though it is clear she is disappointed.  

Misty: You can live with me if you like, but I want nothing more to do with them.  So, what is it going to be?

Ruby thinks for a long while, torn on what to do.  She had been with the Brothers obviously since before Misty even knew her, and Misty never knew how she came to be with them, but it was also clear that Ruby cared a great deal for Misty as well.  Ruby looks at Misty, then smiles briefly.

Ruby: Of course I will follow you.  I will help you in any way that I can.

Misty: You also need to help yourself, Ruby...Remember that.

Ruby: I will try...

Misty: Great.  Now, go get packed.  We are getting out of this place tonight.  You can go tell them if you like, but they are NOT to try and get me to change my mind.

Ruby nods.

Ruby: I will tell them.  Thank you, my Queen.

Misty: No more calling me your Queen...

Ruby: I apologize.  It is a habit, of course.  Thank you...Misty.

Ruby then turns and walks out of the room, to go speak to the Brothers and start packing her things.  Misty shakes her head and sighs, before she stands up and works on finishing packing her clothes.

From The Mind Of...
Who Exactly?
Journal Entry #??

Well, things just keep getting more and more interesting it seems.  The past few weeks have been full of stress and surprises left and right.  I've been dealing with my grandmother's death, and being unable to take part in Sunday Night Seduction like I had hoped.  I was supposed to face Odette Ryder at Sunday Night Seduction, but shortly after the card was announced, I got the call that Grandma had passed away.  Naturally I had to let Mark and Christian know before I flew back to Chicago, and they had post-poned the match...Or so I thought.

I don't get it.  Why tell me they would postpone the match if Christian was just going to go and do what he did by canceling it?!  Not only did he cancel it, but he decided it was a great idea to team us together, knowing the hatred we've had for one another for nearly a year now!  How is that a good idea?  He says I need to learn to work with her if I want to win the tag team championships from the Fallen, but he forgot to think about one thing...

When have I ever shown an ounce of interest in the tag team championships?  When have I ever shown an ounce of interest in being part of a tag team division at all?!  I'm not sure if he had noticed at all, but I don't work well with others, and given how everyone hates me, how can he expect anyone else to work well with me?  I don't trust anyone, and I'm fairly sure no one trusts me either...Just find Thatcher Rex and ask him that question.  He'd laugh in your face, I bet.

There is no question that myself and Odette Ryder have been two of the top Bombshells in the division.  Between the two of us, there are four reigns as Bombshell Champion, and Odette is a former tag team champion herself, but regardless...teaming us together is just a recipe for disaster!  

How can you have a tag team, without trust?  I can easily win this match by myself.  I don't need a tag team partner.  I don't need anyone's help to win a championship.  I just...don't...get it!  Why couldn't they just give me my match against Odette?  We're bound to beat the hell out of each other again anyway, and they are giving us a title shot now?  What happens when we win?  Yes, I said when and not if.

I'm not going to sacrifice a loss over The Fallen over this.  I'll do what I didn't do when I was teamed with Thatcher Rex earlier this year...I'll show them that I can win this shit on my own.  I can win the tag team championships by myself, because my feelings towards Odette Ryder will not change...She is everything I despise...And I'll be damned if I am going to be happy about this tag team.  So, I will go through with this match, but I REFUSE to accept it and be happy about it, and I REFUSE to ever get along with the future Mrs. Gabriel.  

Raynin and Gothika will surely take advantage of that, and they can try, but the fact is, I can beat them.  I have beaten them both in the past, although it was on separate occasions, but this time will be no different.  They may have the advantage of working well as a team over Odette and I, but I will prove to them that I can single handedly destroy that pathetic tag team of theirs.

You hear that ladies?  Take advantage of whatever weaknesses you may see in this little pairing going up against you two, but I'm not going to let my hatred for Odette prevent me from taking the both of you down.  I'm going to beat you, and I'm going to take your titles, and there is nothing you can do about it.  Your time as tag team Champions is coming to an end, and deep down, you know it.  All the other teams you've faced are nothing compared to me.  They were a piece of cake compared to me.

Enjoy those titles while you can ladies.  Polish them up real nice, because in just over a week, they won't be yours anymore.  The Fallen will no longer be the tag team champions.  Dish out whatever insults you want to me...use whatever you want against me, but when it is all said and done...You won't beat me.  It's just a simple fact.

As for you Odette...Try not to do anything to piss me off, because I won't hesitate to destroy you after I've won the tag team championships for us...Okay sweetie?  See you soon!


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 Event: Summer XXXtreme II Pay Per View     DATE: Sunday, 08/18/2013

Place: On the Open Seas   Venue: Royal Monarch Cruiseliner


Opponent: With Gothika vs Odette Ryder and The Queen of the Damned, Misty  

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Once again, the Powers that Be try to stick it to the Angels of the Fallen.  Or maybe they are trying to stick it to their opponents, that all remains to be seen.  At the Summer XXXTreme II Pay Per View, Christian Underwood has booked the Vampyric Angel and the Rebellious One against two former Bombshell Champions who are no strangers to our trio of beauties… None other than Odette Ryder, and the woman who handed Gothika her first loss since her return almost five months ago, Misty.  And to make matters more interesting, it's for their coveted Sin City Wrestling's Bombshell Tag Team Championships!!  Raynin's mind has been extremely quiet as of late, which has benefitted our Champions…  But will old rivalries bring back memories that will shake her psyche to it's core?  Or will the Rebel Angel be able to keep her cool and stay calm and collected enough to remain the Champions with her friend and partner, Gothika?  As the non-stop action is about to continue, I'm on the edge of my seat!!  Are you?...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>  "Nightcore, Monsters"

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  


_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

**********  WARNING!!  **********

The following scenes contain content which is extremely graphic in nature.  If you are squeamish, have a weak stomach, are faint of heart, or are eating, I'd suggest waiting until you have something to settle your stomach before continuing.  If you're easily frightened, then... well, you're a punk ass sissy and shouldn't be going any further.  \'tongue.gif\'  Parental discretion is advised.

**********  END ADVISORY!!  **********


Time: August 6, 2013…  3:30 AM

Place:  Las Vegas, Nevada…  In Raynin's Bedroom...

The nights have been hot, and steamy in Las Vegas this past week, and the days have been hotter still.  The mercury has been rising constantly this entire summer, and people have been feeling the burn.  With temperatures cresting over the hundreds, even while in the shade, only those crazy people or people with death wishes have dared to try and venture out during unless absolutely necessary.  The outside pools remain empty during the day as the water is so warm, it's more like taking a bath than going swimming.  The HVAC companies have been making a killing, repairing central air units, and air conditioners, and people try their best to stay as cool as possible under the grindingly oppressive heat of the summer.  

The Sin City Wrestling has been heating up as well.  As the temperatures rise, so to do the tempers.  Everyone's blood is bubbling and the excitement of the up coming pay per view and it's promises of being one of the most explosive shows of the season has folks nervous, elated, aggravated, stressed, tingly all over with goose bumps, and some just down right agitated.  The upcoming Pay Per View and tour has everyone on edge as preparations are being double and triple checked to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.   Superstars are hitting the tanning booths to ensure they're that perfectly crispy golden color, and Bombshells are going shopping for that last minute bikini that will show off just enough flesh to entice.  Some are even going down right risqué, showing off more skin than a little bit.  Unlike others, you know that Parand is off trying to find more clothes to put on that are as cool as possible, but still cover up all of her flesh.  Others, like the Angels of the Fallen, are out there, training their minds and bodies to try to get ready for their upcoming matches.  They knew that it didn't matter what they wore, or how tan they were, or even how oiled their bodies were... it was what they did in the ring that mattered most.  It was what kind of skills they portrayed against their opponents that counted… And it was how well they performed that would make or break them… possibly changing their lives forever...

It's only been two days since they announced the upcoming matches for the Summer XXXtreme II pay per view, and it's put everyone in an uproar…  Especially the Angels of the Fallen, who have been going through their own trials and tribulations outside of dealing with this upcoming matchup.  The announcement shocked everyone, least of all the Bombshell Tag Team Champions.  Raynin had been on edge since Gothika had to face the one Bombshell that she could truly deem her 'Arch-Nemesis', Misty, and she'd done everything that she could to quell the mounting emotions that were building deep within her… but once she'd found out that she'd have to face the one woman who had made it her business to undermine all of Raynin's success…  And not just that, but for the titles that she'd fought so hard to obtain… those emotions…  they just started to bubble up inside of her.  The built up and built up like a cauldron over a roaring fire with a lid clamped down tightly shut over it…. meaning by the amount of pressure building inside of it, you just knew it was due to explode any moment.  

She was tucked in her bed, safely behind the walls of her apartment, where nothing physical could hurt her… But for the Rebellious One, it's not only physical attacks that she worried about.  Her mind happened to contain one of her greatest enemies…  That other force that threatened her way of life and her sanity… That being of pure, unadulterated evil that wanted nothing more than to take over every inch of her and send her down a path of hatred, isolation, and destruction…  the being she's come to know as just 'The Other Raynin'…  The soul of the foul demonspawn child that Mama Louvelle had stuck inside of her as a baby, which had become the bane of her existence…  seconded only by Misty, who even when teaming with the Angels had found a way to make that team up as jacked up as possible.  And it was knowing that she'd have to face Misty and Odette at the Pay Per View that had allowed The Other Raynin, that little toe hold that was needed to start to send the Rebel Angel back down that path of insanity…

Her mind simply couldn't rest.  Even though she was in bed and asleep, she kept turning over and over in her mind the events that had taken place the previous day…  

{ As their extreme training sessions started, Raynin threw herself into them with gusto…  Enduring each and every strange technique and obstacle that Darknyss had put into their path with reckless abandon and yet was still quiet as a church mouse.  She'd dealt with spending time out in the scorching heat as the trio of women had donned their gear for a run, slipping on weighted backpacks with water pouches because to ensure they were properly hydrated through their ordeals.  Gothika had slathered her body in sunblock, then put on a full body spandex running suit done in black and silver, wrapping her hair in a black bandana and putting on a black cap with a black tank top underneath the top, her black and silver nike high tops making her look sleek as a gazelle.  Darknyss had worn a pair of spandex pants and a heather grey halter top, also sporting a bandana and a cap, her hair hanging down her back in a tight frenchbraid below the bandana.  Her all black Reeboks which were a pair of her favorites were well broken in, but showed the care of good upkeep.  Raynin had decided that she'd needed a little bit more color on her legs, and had worn a pair of black spandex shorts that went so far up her legs that they looked more like panties, and the swells of her butt cheeks peeked out of the back as she moved.   She'd also worn a black and white sports bra and a matching cap with a white bandana underneath it, and her black And 1 high tops were well worn, and broken in but comfortable.  She'd also tied a white bandana around her wrists so if she needed to wipe her face, she could simply untie it and mop her brow.  And as hot as it was outside, she knew she'd need it.  

She'd stashed a pair of track pants and a jacket in her backpack before they'd all pulled on their sunglasses and she sighed heavily as she looked at her friends.  They started to stretch and Gothika looks up at her friend with an upraised eyebrow.

"Are you sure you want to go out in this?  It's like one hundred and ten in the shade right now…"

Darknyss had nodded and double-checked the hair tie on the back of her head.

"You know what Sensei says…  'To succeed in the ring, you must push your body to it's limits…  both inside of the ring and out… there is no better training than that which life puts in our way naturally.'…  Training in this heat will push our bodies to exhaustion and past it…  and it is in those exhausted moments that we must dig down into our deepest cores to pull out that will… that desire… that need to keep on going and push ourselves just a little bit further to obtain our goals.  We can't find that unless we are put into extreme situations, much like what we will find ourselves in when we step into the ring.  And this next match is going to be one of our toughest yet.  So the harder we train, the better."

Gothika nods and takes a deep breath.

"I better not tan too much…  I prefer to look the way I do.  Besides… I can't wait to sink my teeth into our opponents.  Literally and figuratively…"

Gothika starts to growl softly and a thin line of drool starts to slip from the corner of her mouth as she thinks about what will happen at the Pay Per view, and she wipes it away with a thumb as Darknyss slaps Gothika's shoulder gently with the back of her hand.

"Hey…  keep your mind on our objective today… don't let anything break your concentration.  Not during this training, and not in the ring!  We've got a lot riding on this, and two of the most intense opponents we could possibly have will be standing opposite us in that ring once we're on that boat!  Odette is not one to be looked at as anything other than a threat!  She's worked her way into the Sins for a reason… and you can be quite assured that Gabirel will be in her corner, along with Misty's entire entourage.  And that's alot of distractions around the ring.  One slip up… one stray look, one step out of place, and they will swoop down on us and everything we've worked so hard to achieve… everything we've fought so hard to accomplish… everything we've given our blood, sweat, and tears for will be taken away form us in the blink of an eye!"

Gothika grumbles under her breath.

"I know… but Misty tasted so good…"

Darknyss snaps her head around to her friend and frowns.

"I heard that…  now you can't let your hunger get the better of you!  Keep your mind on the task at hand, or you and Raynin will end up the former Bombshell Tag Team Champions!"

Raynin rolled her neck and wiggled her arms and legs to make sure they were nice and warmed up, then did a few high kicks, and pulled her knees up to her chest, one at a time, bouncing on her toes.  

"Alright…  clear my mind… I'm ready… let's do this…"

They all pulled out pairs of gloves with traction along the palms and fingers and Darknyss took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.  She tosses them each a cochlear mic and slips one over her ear.

"Parcour is always seventy-five percent physical, and seventy-five percent mental…  Stay focused as we make our way round.  If you get separated, let us know where you are, and we will all meet up somewhere in between before we continue on… "

Gothika rolled her eyes and shakes her head.

"Hang on… Seventy-five and Seventy-five… that's one hundred-fifty percent!"

Darknyss nods and turns back to her friends.

"Yeah… seventy-five percent mental, seventy-five percent physical, and one hundred fifty percent heart.   Just like wrestling, it's something you can't only go for one hundred percent… you have to put more than just that into it… you don't' want to be like one of those dabblers who just try it, and end up breaking their nose, or tearing a rotator cuff, or ripping cartilage in a knee because you make a rookie mistake.  No!!  You have to put more than your all into it!  You have to dig deep and pull out everything you have… and everything you didn't know you had!!  Now, no more procrastinating…  Let's get to it…"

Darknyss put her hand on the handle of the door, and the trio headed out into the oppressive heat, starting at a jog.  They covered a fair bit of ground, even at the slow jog, then Darknyss started using hand signs to signal the changes in their trajectory.  They picked up their pace as they started to jump obstacles put in their path…  benches… fire hydrants… railings of stairs…  they snaked their way around the city, walking on their hands around fountains that bubbled quietly, no one really wanting to touch the water as they knew it would be hot, not cool as one would think.  Not even mailboxes were safe from their leaping bodies.  The weighted backpacks made each move they did that much harder…  and the heat was so thick, it made running feel like they were fighting against a physical force.  They'd made it two miles when Darknyss signaled for them to enter a park where everything became something for them to move their bodies over, under, and through.  Raynin was deep in her mind, letting her body almost move on instinct as she tried her best to keep her concentration.  She did a handstand and walked up the slide, clinging onto the sides as she tried her hardest not to touch the steaming hot metal with her flesh.  When she made it to the top, she bent her legs back until she was in a crab position, then held herself there for a bit, trying to figure out a way out of the predicament she'd just put herself into.  She couldn't lower her butt because she was in the shorts, and the metal of the slide was so hot from being out in the heat and sun that she could have fried an egg on it.  She was so deep into her own head that she almost fell from the shock of hearing that inner voice of hers singing softly in her mental ear

'Tick... Tock... goesssss the clock...  and what now ssssshall we play?...
Tick... tock... goesssss the clock...  All time hasssss gone away….

Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock…  for what you cannot know…  
Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock… The sssssandsssss will ssssstop their flow…

She shook her head, trying to ignore the song as she tried to keep her concentration.

Tick… tock… goesssss the clock… esssssscape is on your mind…
Tick… tock… goessssss the clock… no way out ssssssshall you find...

Tick... Tock... goessssss the clock...  and assess the hoursssss they fly...
Tick...  tock... and all too ssssssoon...  your hopesssss… sssssshall sssssurely…  DIE!

Her limbs had started trembling as she held that pose, her body bent almost in two as she tried to keep her mind clear enough to find a way out of the predicament in which she'd found herself.  She swore softly under her breath as she knew this predicament was one that she could so easily solve, but she was so distracted by that thing within her that she simply couldn't clear her mind enough to see the solution.  

"FUCK ME!!  Leave me alone!!"

In her mind she heard that evil chuckle that she's come to loathe, because she knew at that point, something she didn't want to have happen was going to take place.  In her mind's eye, she saw her inner landscape… She was standing in front of a large mirror which reflected not herself but a dense cloud of fog.  The fog was her protection… as long as she kept her mind shielded, and The Other encased in it's own little bubble, she was safe.  But it had been scratching at the walls of it's prison.  Every time she shored up her defenses, it found a pinhole, or a minute tear and it's wickedness would seep out.  And now was not the point in time to deal with seepage.  As she kept holding the position, she could feel the heat from the slide starting to emanate upwards to her… feeling her skin redden from the proximity of the hot metal.  She knew that if she made a mistake at this point, she'd suffer because of it… Suffer a nasty burn that could possibly keep her from being in the match at the Pay Per View, and she couldn't put her friends in that predicament.  With the mindset of the bosses these days, they may end up making Gothika face Misty and Odette on her own…  Or force her to compete even though she's injured… There's no way she was going to let that happen…  But she had to think and think fast…  But the more her mind whirled trying to find a way out of where she'd put herself, the louder the evil laughter had become.  In her mind, she heard the sibilant voice, almost like it was getting closer and closer to her.

'Awww, did I sssstop you from doing sssssomething important little girl?'  [/b]

Raynin growled softly to herself and shook her head, trying to clear it.  She started to chant softly to herself as she tried to regain her concentration.

"Not there, not there, not there… I will not let you in.  You will not win… Not there, not there, not there… I will not let you in.  You will not win."

The evil laughter rang out again, and in her mind's eye, the fog started to swirl and a form appeared in the mirror.  It looked exactly like her, except for the eyes were almost glowing red, and were snake like.  The pupils were slitted, and in-between the laughs, the soft hissing sound would escape from the lips, along with a long forked red tongue that would flit in the air.  The Other Raynin was dressed exactly like her…  her skin was even drenched in sweat from exertion like Raynin's own skin was…  To say it was freaky to see your evil twin in a fogged mirror in your mind was an understatement.  But to hear your own voice resounding in your own head, sounding warbled, almost like it was coming from a voice box that was not completely human was even freakier still.  The Other Raynin crossed her arms and looked at her, eyes not moving, not blinking, yet winking like lit with an inner fire.

'Oh, but I am here ssssweetheart.  Your little chanting and feeble attemptssss  to ssssubdue me have failed.  You have tried to banish me over and over again… And yet, sssstill I remain.  When will you get it through your thick ssssskull that you can't get rid of me.  I'm here to ssssstay.  It'ssss about time you just accsssssepted that fact and just gave in.  It would be sssssoooooo much sssssweeter if we worked together.  Come on little Rayniña…  Just once for old times ssssssake...'[/b]

The Other Raynin tried to smile sweetly, but her tongue slipped out from between her lips to flutter as she tasted the air.  Her hand reached up to stroke the inside of the mirror gently, her fingertips pressing against it, and Raynin watched as the fingers of her doppelgänger seemed to cause the mirror to dimple and bubble outward…  Making it look almost like something elastic…  like a piece of bubblegum being blown up slowly.  Raynin's face was frowned in concentration, the sweat starting to stream from her pores and drip down onto the hot metal of the sliding board, where it hit with a soft hiss and bubbled and steam came up off of the griddle hot board  like it was rising off of a skillet.  She shook her head and growled out in frustration.

"Not a chance you filthy piece of demon spawned crap!  I've kept a handle on you this far, and there's no way I'm about to let you get your crummy mitts on me again!!"

The Other Raynin threw her head back and laughed again evilly, then looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

'Oh, issssss that ssssso?  And jusssst how do you plan on ssssssstopping me from doing jusssssst that?  I've already got my clawssssss in you…  You jussssst haven't realissssed it yet.  Besssssides…  I alwayssss  did like a challenge.  Thisssss isssss the most fun I've had sssssssince my mother transssssplanted my sssssoul into it's firsssssst host.'[/b]

What she just heard caught her attention once again, and she quirked her eyebrow back at the demon spawn in the mirror.  

"And just how many unfortunate people have played host to your foul essence?"

Raynin is looking right into the eyes of her doppelgänger…  concentrating so hard that she doesn't realize that she's been mesmerized by those eyes.  She doesn't notice when The Other Raynin's nails start to extend slowly into claws, nor that the bubble of the mirror is stretching further and further out…  The Other Raynin's arm is extending farther out than the normal reach of her arm, looking almost like some fetid, flesh colored snake.  The claws are slowly making circles along the inner bubble of the mirror as if it's searching for a weak spot.  All the while, that horrid sibilant voice is speaking calmly so as not to break the mesmerization of it's captor.

'Hmmm, let me think… how many poor helplesssssss ssssssaps have had the fortunate opportunity of sharing their body with moi?  I don't know if I can remember that…  do you have any idea jusssst how old my mother truly is?'  

Raynin shrugs and shakes her head slowly, almost as if she's been put into a trance.  Her words start to slur a bit as she speaks.

"I…  I dun know…  She looks like a rusted piece of shoe leather that's been dragged through the mud and muck and dropped kicked into a garbage dump where a junkyard dog used her for a chew toy before dropping her into the sewer."

The Other Raynin stops her movements and cocks her head to the side with a curious look on her face.

'Wow…  that's an image the likes of which I don't think I hope I never truly have to see…'  

Raynin chuckles and rolls her eyes slowly.

"Your mom has to see it every time she looks in the mirror.  Just like I know when Odette Ryder looks in the mirror she sees the vapid, parasitic slug she truly is inside… riding Gabriel's coat tails like she has been… And Misty's too!  I can't stand Misty… no one teeny, tiny… minute speck of a bit!  but that woman can go in the ring!  And I don't mean drop her pants and take a piss kind of go… but what I DO mean she is good…  She can wrestle… but above and beyond that, she pushes her opponents in the ring to want to do and be better than what they are just so that they can beat her…  And the fact of the matter is… I HAVE beaten her!!  I have beaten the self proclaimed Queen of the Damned, and I relished doing so!!  But to do it, I had to dig down so deep within myself that I did something I thought I would never do…"

The other Raynin chuckled and brings a fingertip to her lip, trying to look innocent.

"Awww, do you mean letting little old me out to play is something you would never ever do?  Well let's face it sweetie…  The fact of the matter is…  In the end, I will come out and play… And try as much as you want…  You just simply won't be able to stop me."[/b]

As soon as she said that, The Other Raynin pushed hard on the inside of the mirror and her finger popped through to the outside of the bubble.  With a yelp of triumph, she wiggled her finger, and Raynin's body suddenly dropped it's hips, and her lower body twisted at an angle that it looked almost like her lower half was pointing completely opposite of her upper half.  Her hands pushed off of the slide, and her upper body rose and twisted until it was pointed the right way and then stood slowly.  Raynin screamed a single word so loud, she felt like she was going to go hoarse form the intensity of it.


 In her mind, Raynin sealed the bubble surrounding the Other Raynin shut, slicing off that finger in the process.  The Other yelped and pulled her hand back as dark black blood sprayed to coat the inside of the bubble.  But she didn't move to stop the bleeding.  She just let it continue to spurt off onto the floor.  Raynin walked forward and tapped the face of the mirror, feeling it's strength once more and sighed softly.

"I don't care how much you knock at the door… I will not let you in."

The other walked forward and ran her tongue along the inside of the mirror slowly, lapping at it's own blood, coating it's face with the icky black viscous fluid and smiled evilly.

"You can try… try and try some more to stop me… but you can't.  You see..  I'm already in you.  Don't worry…  We'll be seeing more of each other very soon…"

With that, The Other Raynin slipped back into the fog, leaving Raynin alone in her own mind… or so she thought…  It's only looking back now that she remembered seeing a flash of something move as she was leaving her own mental landscape…  As the finger that was cut from the Other crooked it's fingertip at her as if saying goodbye.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Now, it's late… in the middle of the night, and her dreams are being plagued by the Other.  Everything she'd done that day, she'd heard the song ringing out in her mind...

'Tick... Tock... goesssss the clock...  and what now ssssshall we play?...
Tick... tock... goesssss the clock...  All time hasssss gone away….

Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock…  for what you cannot know…  
Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock… The sssssandsssss will ssssstop their flow…

She heard it when she was in the shower… She heard it when she was washing the dishes… She heard it when she was sitting on the couch watching Pokemon, and especially now in her dreams, she hears it.  It's getting so loud, it actually wakes her from her sleep, and she hears it still...

Tick… tock… goesssss the clock… esssssscape is on your mind…
Tick… tock… goessssss the clock… no way out ssssssshall you find...

Tick... Tock... goessssss the clock...  and assess the hoursssss they fly...
Tick...  tock... and all too ssssssoon...  your hopesssss… sssssshall sssssurely…  DIE!

With a gasp she realizes that the singing is actually coming from her own lips.  She reaches up a hand and touches her mouth gently, as the song keeps repeating from her own mouth.

'Tick... Tock... goesssss the clock...  and what now ssssshall we play?...
Tick... tock... goesssss the clock...  All time hasssss gone away….

Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock…  for what you cannot know…  
Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock… The sssssandsssss will ssssstop their flow…

She pulls the covers from herself and stands and goes to the mirror, watching as her mouth works on it's own, singing and singing.  She tries to stop herself from singing, but she can't stop.  She finally yells at the mirror.


In the mirror, the Other cocks it's head to the side… and she feels her own head move.

"Who, me?  I want to come out and play.  What do you ssssay?"

As soon as it's done speaking, it goes right back to singing.

Tick… tock… goesssss the clock… esssssscape is on your mind…
Tick… tock… goessssss the clock… no way out ssssssshall you find...

Tick... Tock... goessssss the clock...  and assess the hoursssss they fly...
Tick...  tock... and all too ssssssoon...  your hopesssss… sssssshall sssssurely…  DIE!

Raynin shakes her head and still the singing continues.  She finally is able to speak again.

"I can't!!  I can't let you out!!  You will not take me over!!  I have to defend my titles with Gothika!!  I have to beat Misty and Odette!!  I refuse to let either of them take my title away from me!!  I can't lose!!  I won't lose!!  Not again!!  We've worked too hard… we've come so far…  Don't you get it?"

The singing starts to get louder, the words being yelled out at her.

'Tick... Tock... goesssss the clock...  and what now ssssshall we play?...
Tick... tock... goesssss the clock...  All time hasssss gone away….

Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock…  for what you cannot know…  
Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock… The sssssandsssss will ssssstop their flow…


Raynin hears the sibilant sound in her voice and tears start to roll down her face.  She whispers as loud as she can as she feels her body start to dance against her will to the tune of the music… doing pirouettes, and round du jambs… even though she'd never studied ballet.  When she speaks, her voice trembles with effort.

"I can't!!  I will not let you own me!!  This is MY body!!  I am Raynin!!"

The voice takes over and chuckles evilly.

"Oohh, little misssss, 'I'm nobody, who are you?  Are you nobody too?' finally getssss her voice and a name, and she thinksssss that changes thingssss?  What about me?  What isssss my name?"

Raynin tries to shrug, but can't as her body keeps dancing all on it's own accord.  It starts to spin in circles… faster and faster and faster.

Tick… tock… goesssss the clock… esssssscape is on your mind…
Tick… tock… goessssss the clock… no way out ssssssshall you find...

Tick... Tock... goessssss the clock...  and assess the hoursssss they fly...
Tick...  tock... and all too ssssssoon...  your hopesssss… sssssshall sssssurely…  DIE!

"I don't know what your name is!  You won't tell me!!"

Her body suddenly stops and stares at the mirror.  The other brings a finger to it's lips and giggles.

"Shhh… it'ssss a sssssecret… But I can tell you now… My name isssss…  My name iss… My name issss"

Raynin leans forward and puts a hand on the mirror.  She's breathing heavily and blinks slowly.  When she opens her eyes, the Other's hand on the inside of the mirror suddenly comes through and grabs hers, holding her tightly  The other shrieks in her face.


Raynin screams and yanks her hand back from the mirror and falls against the side of the bed, hitting her head.  The Other in the mirror is still standing though.  She looks down at the Angel of the Fallen that has literally fallen and chuckles softly.

"A compromissssse maybe… What do you ssssay…  We work together… I promisssse I won't take you over… I just want to play with the MIssssty girl and the Ryder bitch.  You don't have to essay anything righ tnow… I already know your ansssswer...."

Raynin can feel her brain slowly shutting down from the blow to the back of her head and the world starts to spin.  The song continues to play on in her mind as she sinks into the darkness of unconsciousness.

'Tick... Tock... goesssss the clock...  and what now ssssshall we play?...
Tick... tock... goesssss the clock...  All time hasssss gone away….

Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock…  for what you cannot know…  
Tick… Tock…  goesssss the clock… The sssssandsssss will ssssstop their flow…

Tick… tock… goesssss the clock… esssssscape is on your mind…
Tick… tock… goessssss the clock… no way out ssssssshall you find...

Tick... Tock... goessssss the clock...  and assess the hoursssss they fly...
Tick...  tock... and all too ssssssoon...  your hopesssss… sssssshall sssssurely…  DIE!

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

<img src=>

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>
<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

 …  END OF FEED  ...  

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

***  Word count…  5516  ***

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 Event: Summer XXXtreme II Pay Per View     DATE: Sunday, 08/18/2013

Place: On the Open Seas   Venue: Royal Monarch Cruiseliner


Opponent: With Raynin vs Odette Ryder and The Queen of the Damned, Misty  

<hr size=1 color=darkred><hr size=1 color=darkred>

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

At Sunday Night Seduction, the Angellic Beauties were able to get down and dirty in the mud, and come out with their hands held high in victory.  And with all of the mudslinging that's been going on these past few weeks, these three Ladies have tried to remain in the shadows… no stir the pot so to speak.  But with the huge bombshell…  no pun intended…  that the boss, Christian Underwood has laid in their laps, the Angels of the Fallen have been left with no place to duck and cover before it explodes into awesomeness!!  That's right!!  The big Sin City Wrestling summer Pay Per View, Summer XXXTreme II is on the horizon, and the card has been set!!  The Vampyric Angel will get a chance to sink her fangs… and boots into the female that handed her the first loss she's received since she returned to action so many months ago!  That's right!  The Angels of the Fallen will be stepping into the ring against none other than the former SCW Bombshell Champion, and self proclaimed 'Queen of the Damned', Misty!  And she will be teamed with someone who's no stranger to ticking off the Angels… Odette Ryder!  With their Bombshell Tag Team Championships on the line, and Gothika's price to boot, will Gothika be able to put her bloodlust into check long enough for her to retain her titles?  Or will this be the end of the Age of Angels?  Let's find out…

<img src=  width=300>

<hr size=1 color=darkred><hr size=1 color=darkred>

<img src=>

 …  NOM NOM NOM!! ...  

<img src=>

<hr size=1 color=darkred><hr size=1 color=darkred>

**********  WARNING!!  **********

The following are unaired scenes from the Sin City Wrestling's Sunday Night Seduction event, not shown due to time constraints.  They were not intended for the younger viewers of our audience.  They contain content which is extremely graphic in nature.  So graphic, they've even given me nightmares which make me hide under the bed and use a night light if I watch them for too long.  If you are squeamish, have a weak stomach, are faint of heart, or are eating, I'd suggest waiting until you have something to settle your stomach before continuing.  If you're easily frightened, then... well, you're a punk ass sissy and shouldn't be going any further.  If you do go further, be prepared to wet and soil yourselves.  You have to provide your own diapers and wet wipes.  \'tongue.gif\'  Parental discretion is advised.

**********  END ADVISORY!!  **********


Time: July 28, 2013…  9:30 PM…  Just after the beginning of SCW's Sunday Night Seduction...

Place:  Las vegas, Nevada… Club Rain… In the Fallen's Dressing Room...

The night had been going awesomely.  The turn out for the show was better than expected.  The place was packed with wall to wall bodies, men and women alike as they came to watch the best of the best of the Sin City Wrestling come out and put on an amazing show, and the Bombshells did not disappoint.   Things were moving right along at a break neck pace… Announcements had been made…  matches had been won and lost… And everyone was waiting to see just what would happen next…

Back in the Fallen's dressing room, everyone is on edge, especially Gothika.  She's pacing back and forth while gnawing on her bottom lip.  Darknyss is sitting on the edge of the couch, watching her two friends as they try to get ready for their upcoming match.  Raynin has two chairs set up with a foot in each, and is doing the chinese splits while stretching out her arms, breathing deeply with her eyes closed.  She feels Gothika walk past her for about the hundredth time and turn around in her pacing, and she sighs, dropping her her hands down to her hips and frowns at her friend.

Raynin:  "Damn it... would you please just stop moving around?!!  I can't even concentrate on what I'm doing with you wearing a patch in the floorboards with all of this constant pacing!!"

Gothika takes a deep breath and shakes her head slowly.

Gothika:  "I'm sorry... I don't mean to be like this, but... It's just... I'm so fuckin' hungry!!!  I ate like two  sixteen ounce steaks, both so rare they were still mooing!!  I've had a four egg meatlover's omlette, orange juice...  hell, I've even had four bags of the red, and I'm still hungry!!"

Gothika throws her head back and almost howls in frustration, her fangs almost fully extended from her jaw and looking dangerously sharp and tinged slightly pink as they catch the fluorescent lighting in their dressing room from forcing their way through her gums.  Darknyss moves to try to talk to her, but backs away quickly as Gothika throws a punch at one of the locker doors, putting a large dent in the front of the metal structure.  She puts her hands up and shakes her head slowly.

Darknyss:  "Look D…  I know you're frustrated and worried about your match and all, but you gotta calm down…"

Gothika turns to her friend, and squints her eyes, frowning at her.

Gothika:  "Calm down?!  Calm Down??!!  Do you truly think it's as easy as that?!!  'Oh, let me just go and flip a switch and laaa dee flipping' freakin' day, everything will be back to normal'…  Is that how you think it is?"

Darknyss takes a deep breath and holds her hands out to her friend, speaking slowly.

Darknyss:  "Hey!  Look at me…  It's me…  I've been with you from like day one of your wrestling career…  I'm one of your closest friends…  You know that I KNOW how hard this is for you…  I was with you when you went through your first transformation, remember?"

Gothika looks at her friend and sighs heavily, nodding slowly.   She stops pacing and crosses one arm over her chest, and brings her other hand up, nibbling on her thumb gently.  Darknyss takes another deep breath and reaches out to put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

Darknyss:  "So tell me D…  How bad is it?"

Gothika swallows and nods slowly, a look of concern on her face.  She finally takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before she speaks.

Gothika:  "It's bad Lady.  It's really… really really really bad.  Normal food calms the normal hunger, but it does nothing for the thirst.  The cold stuff ain't doin' it anymore…  It's like my body is rebelling against me again."

Darknyss rubs her friend's upper arm gently, trying to keep her calm.

Darknyss:  "Okay…  We've been through this once before… we can deal with it again.  So then tell me what you need."

Gothika throws her arms up in the air, sighing exasperatedly.

Gothika:  "I need live Lady…  I hate to say it, but I need live… lots of it…  I feel like I'm starving to death unless i have it live.  The food I eat is what's keeping me going, but I'm eating like a sugar starved kid in a candy store!  The cold stuff barely takes the edge off so I'm not like not snatching people from off of the street… But even that, I've gone through what would normally be a two week supply in like three days!  I have to do something, or when we go out there tonight… I'm afraid I might do something bad..."

Darknyss frowns and pushes a stray lock of Gothika's hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear.

Darknyss:  "You mean like what you did to Misty during your one on one matchup?"

Gothika turns her eyes to her friend, and Darknyss sees the hint of red starting to encircle the ice blue and her frown deepens as she hears her friend speaking.

Gothika:  "I mean worse…  I mean, like Kansas City, AWO 2004 bad…"

Raynin's eyes go very big and she starts to point at Gothika.  

Raynin:  "Oooohh!!  Ooohhh!!  Oooohh!!  No way!!!!"

She puts her hands down on the floor and rolls forward off of the chairs and pops up into a standing position, excitedly dancing from foot to foot, waving her hands in the air.

Raynin:  "Wait wait wait….  I was such a fangirl of you two back then!!  I know what you're talking about!!!  Let's see if I remember this right…  Kansas City…. Alliance Wrestling Order… 2004…  House show… untelevised… I was there in the stands!!  That was the night you attacked your opponents in the middle of an eight person battle royal!  You took all of them out by biting their necks, then as the official tried to raise your hand in victory, you attacked him too!!  Fifteen security guards, four trainers, and six police officers all came down to the ring to try and stop you, but you took them all out too… You jumped out of the ring and was about to start attacking the crowd, when you suddenly stopped…  Your opponents had locked Darknyss and Morganna in their dressing room and they hadn't been able to get out to you in time to stop you…  But you stopped yourself…  After that, the cops swarmed you and it took only one of them to cuff you and take you out the back…  Darknyss and Morganna had come down to try and reason with the cops, but you'd just shook your head and asked them to stop and let them take you away…  You spent four days in jail, but your case was dismissed because the cops didn't read your miranda rights before they took you away…  and all charges dropped, your record expunged…  It was crazy!!  I never could find out why you stopped though…"

As Raynin's talking, Gothika grimaces as she remembers what she did.  She starts gnawing on her finger intently, her fangs flashing in the light as she does.  Darknyss suddenly stops Raynin mid sentence with a hand up and Raynin closes her mouth abruptly as Darknyss speaks.

Darknyss:  "She stopped because of a little girl in the front row.  The child was terrified…  Literally shrieking in fear….  she wouldn't move… couldn't move is a better way to describe it… She just stood there screaming at the top of her lungs, pissing and shitting herself…  Gothika had literally scared the shit out of this child."

Gothika wraps her arms around herself and sank down onto the nearby couch and starts to rock herself slowly back and forth.  She swallows heavily and looks up at her friends.

Gothika:  "It was the smell that stopped me… more than anything else, it was the smell…  BY GOD it stank so badly!  Normally the scent and taste of fear heightens the flavor of blood… but this smell…  Her fear was so intense that it permeated EVERYTHING around her…  the smell was acrid…  rancid… it was… it was horrible!!  But more than that was the look in her eyes…  To her, I wasn't a creepy wrestler, or some lady with big teeth like everyone normally thinks about me.  I was what I had always said I was… I was a monster…  I was a monster that was coming to snatch her up and rip her throat out and drink her essence and leave her lying there in a pool of her own life essence…. And that was exactly what I was going to do.  That was exactly what I was thinking.  I was thinking about the red!  All I saw was the red!!  There WERE no faces!!  There WERE no identities!!  All they were, was just a network of veins filled with something that I craved… that I NEEDED MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!!  BY GOD!  I CAN'T LET IT GET BACK TO THAT AGAIN!!!"

Darknyss sighs heavily and runs a hand through her friend's hair.  Gothika flinches from the touch and her whole body trembles.  When she speaks, her voice is barely more than a whisper...

Gothika:  "I don't want to be a monster."

Darknyss frowns and suddenly slaps Gothika hard across the face.  Raynin's eyes go wide and she steps back, looking at her friend in shock.  Darknyss's face is cold as ice as she looks down at her friend and partner.

Darknyss:  "Enough of the fuckin' pity party.  I've had it!!"

Raynin's eyebrows go up sharply and she looks from Darknyss to Gothika, then back to Darknyss who crosses her arms over her chest as she looks back down at her friend.

Darknyss:  "Since you've started drinking live again, you've become soft… soft and weak!!  I thought this stuff was supposed to strengthen you!  Turn you into the big bad monster that you used to be before you grew a flipping' conscience again!!"

Gothika moves to speak again, but Darknyss slaps her across the other cheek again, just as hard.

Darknyss:  "Shut up!!  I'm not done talking!!"

Gothika goes quiet and sits there, looking up at her friend as Darknyss continues speaking.

Darknyss:  "For years, I've worked with you.  For YEARS I've listened to you bitch and whine and complain about you not wanting to be a monster… About how your life is so freakin' shit because you're a vampire… SO THE FUCK WHAT??!!!  I've have worked tirelessly and endlessly since you turned to get you to accept what you've become!  To use it to your best advantage… And I thought we'd been making progress!!  We came back to the SCW, and it was like you were the old you again!  But then…  maybe it's not the red that's making you weak… maybe it's Argento!  Huh?  Is that it?  Is having a man paying attention to you causing you to re-evaluate your worth as a human being all cause you have fangs and like to give folks a little nibble every now and then?"

Gothika starts to growl and balls her fists up in her lap.

Gothika: "Stop it Lady…  Argento has nothing to do with this…  You leave Michael out of this."

Darknyss throws her hands up in the air.

Darknyss:  "Or what?  You're gonna sit there and bitch and whine some more about how tortured a soul you are?  About how you've been through hell and back?  WAKE UP CHICA!!  LOOK AROUND YOU!!  YOU'RE ON THE ISLAND OF FLIPPIN' MISFIT TOYS HERE!!  YOU'RE TEAMED UP WITH A COUPLE OF FREAKS WITH THEIR OWN PROBLEMS…  SHE'S FREAK ONE, I'M FREAK TWO!!  DEMON POSSESSED FREAK, MULTIPLE PERSONALITY FREAK… WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT??!!  TO BE FUCKIN' NORMAL FOR CHRIST'S SAKE??!!  JEEZ!!"

Gothika doesn't say anything, just sits there, her fists balled up tightly as she shakes her head slowly.  Darknyss doesn't stop her tirade though.

Darknyss:  "Day in, and day out, you sit up and you put down who and what you are, when you should just embrace it!!  We all have!!  We all love you regardless!  Your fans love you…  And why?  Because you're that damned good at being badass!!  Don't you see?  Argento loves you… ALL of you… He doesn't look at you and go, 'oh, well, she's got a pretty face and a hot body… but those teeth… there's just something about those teeth…'  NO!!  He's accepted you and your vampirism when no one else would!  You are so freakin' lucky and you just don't even see it!!  I am just too flippin' THROUGH with you and your fatalistic BULLSHIT!!  YOU ARE A VAMPYRE WHO WRESTLES!!  GET OVER YOURSELF, MOVE ON AND GET YOUR MIND INTO THE JOB!!"

Gothika growls under her breath and suddenly jumps up to a standing position and gets right in Darknyss's face hissing evilly.  Darknyss doesn't back down, though and the two stand nose to nose as Gothika starts to speak, gesticulating slowly.

Gothika:  "This is NOT fatalistic bullshit!!  These are my emotions!!  You have no idea how it feels to have all of this… this CHAOS running through your mind and trying to keep it under control!!  I WANT TO HURT PEOPLE!!  DON'T YOU GET IT??!!  I'M NOT SAFE!!"

Darknyss chuckles and shakes her head, then starts to yell at her friend tapping her on the temple.


Darknyss lifts her finger and starts to poke Gothika roughly in the chest, pushing her back step by step as she does.


With the last poke, Gothika falls back onto the couch, sitting there and looking up at her friend who is now so agitated, her face is bright red in anger.

Darknyss:  "I just can't believe it that THAT ONE FACT DIDN'T REGISTER IN YOUR BRAIN!  Gothika… my friend, you are a wrestler AND a vampyre… Your freakin' JOB is to hurt people!!  It's to make people feel pain… it's to knock people out and pin them to the mat so that they simply can't get up or push you off, or lock them in a hold so they have to tap out!!  Don't you get it yet?  EVERYTHING YOU DO IS ABOUT HURTING PEOPLE!!  AND BY DENYING YOUR VAMPYRIC SIDE, YOU ARE CUTTING OFF ONE OF THE BEST WEAPONS YOU HAVE!!"

Gothika speaks quietly, but her voice conveys all of the rage that's bubbling inside of her.

Gothika:  "What do you expect me to do then?  Hmmm?  Do you expect me to just forget the fact that I have the potential to be a cold blooded murder like Bruno if I accept it?  Do I just…  not care anymore and just go out there and slaughter innocent people?"

Darknyss sighs heavily again and her expression softens a bit.

Darknyss:  "No… of course not.  You will do like what I have done, and what Raynin is to this day still doing…  You do what you need to do to control it.  By hook or crook, you do whatever is necessary to turn this negative into a positive.  You channel all of that hunger… that pain… that anger… that aggression… that animal instinct to rend and rip and tear something limb from limb and you put it into your wrestling.  You do not… DO NOT let it control you!!"

Darknyss grabs the back of Gothika's head in her hands and pulls her forehead against hers, holding it there so she must look her right in the eyes.  

Darknyss:  "Listen…  Listen…  Listen to me!"

Gothika tries to fight it at first, but then stops fighting it and looks her in the eye.

Darknyss:  "You must embrace your inner monster!!  Don't fight against it…  You master it!!!  You DO NOT let it incapacitate you!!  You use it!  You understand me??!!!  YOU USE IT!!  USE IT!!"

Gothika nods slowly and Darknyss pulls Raynin in so all three of them have their heads pressed together in a huddle.

Darknyss:  "We are the Angels of the Fallen!!!  We are domination personified!!  We are the ones that all of these cookie cutter Bombshells fear because we stand out there unafraid!!!  We are unafraid of anyone or any damned thing!!  ESPECIALLY not our inner selves!!  We are strong… independent… skilled and dangerous as FUCK!!  We are the alpha females of this company!!  And how do we prove that?!!"

Raynin suddenly yells out enthusiastically...

Raynin:  "By whoopin' bitches asses like they stole something'!!"

Darknyss smirks and nods slowly, letting her friends go so they all stand there in a circle.

Darknyss:  "That's right Lil' Ray Ray…  We stomp mud holes in bitches and we leave them cryin' for their parents!  We're not bullies… far from it… We are vengeance… We are retribution!!  We are what they fear and wish they could be all at the same freakin' time!!  We are the things that go bump in the night that sends these bitches running for their covers to hide under and tremble, too scared to peek out to make sure we're even really there…  All the while hoping that some day, they could be as amazing as we are!!  We are the sin City Wrestling's Bombshell Tag Team Champions… and there is nothing and no one… NOTHING AND NO ONE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH that we will let take them from us!!  They will have to pry them from our broken, beaten, bloodied, mutilated bodies, and even then, if we have a way to bounce back, we will come back to defeat them and still come out the Champions!!  Do you get it?"

Raynin nods, then looks at Darknyss for a moment.

Raynin:  "Look, I know your'e all for embracing your inner demons and stuff… but… My inner demon is just that… a freakin' demon…  I know you don't want ME to let THAT thing loose…"

Darknyss chuckles and shakes her head.

Darknyss:  "No… I think you can keep Mama Louvelle's little pride and joy under wraps… but if you can find a way to tap into it's… I don't know what you would call it… power… aura… whatever the hell it is…  And use it to our advantage without letting it rampage and possibly kill everyone… then yeah… do it."

Darknyss holds her hand out to Raynin and they bump fists.  Darknyss then turns to Gothika holding her fist out.

Darknyss:  "So my sister from another mister…  what do you say?  Are we all going to be monsters together?  Or are you going to hold out for some ideal that you know deep in your heart you shouldn't hold onto?"

Gothika looks down at her friend's fist and smiles evilly, letting a low growl rumble from her throat.

Gothika:  "Well, you know how the old saying goes.. "If you can't beat 'em…  Cheat.  And if you can beat 'em…  Beat 'em like they stole somthing"…  So yeah, I'm in like Flynn."

Gothika bumps Darknyss's fist with her own, then bumps Raynin's who's grinning like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar.  Darknyss nods slowly and pats her friend on the back.

Darknyss:  "In it to win it…. So, I'm guessing that when situations like the one you're in arise, there's some kind of protocol to… I don't know what you fang freaks call it…"

Gothika reaches into the pocket of her trench coat and pulls out a card, handing it to her friend.

Gothika:  "We call it, 'ordering in'…  they call themselves live voluntary donors…  others who know of the process call them fang chasers.  Anyways…  That's the number.  I've already got an account set up."

Darknyss nods slowly as she starts to turn to pick up her cell phone and Gothika grabs her arm, spinning her back around, licking her lips slowly.

Gothika:  "Um… You will want to make sure that this order is placed properly…  If you don't order enough… I don't know what will happen in our match…"

Darknyss frowns as she looks down at the card in her hand.

Darknyss:  "Hey… it's like ordering take out, right?…   How hard could it be?"

Raynin looks from Darknyss to Gothika and back again and sighs heavily, making the sign of the cross over her chest.

Raynin:  "Madre de dios… Nos ayuda por favor…"

Darknyss raises her eyebrow at Raynin and smirks.

Darknyss:  "You know, I'm starting to get a handle on some of your Spanglish… but that one eluded me… What in the nine levels of hell did you just say?"

Raynin chuckles and shrugs.

Raynin:  "Well, I have been subjected to your horrible ordering skills before and ended up with a plate of squid instead of fried shrimp when we ordered from the fish place last time… So I said, 'Mother of God, please help us'…  Because if you can't even order popcorn shrimp… how are you about to place an order for her… special requests?"

Darknyss shrugs and then nods slowly, exhaling deeply.

Darknyss:  "You're right…  Maybe you should place the order, D…"

Gothika nods and picks up her phone, pressing a number she's got on speed dial.  She brings the phone to her ear and waits for the phone to pick up, and starts to sing along with the ringback tone.  Raynin and Darknyss both look at her in shock as she starts to sing 'The Girl from Eponema' and she stops singing and shrugs looking back at them.

Gothika:  "What?  My mom used to sing it to me as a kid."

Darknyss and Raynin chuckle and Gothika gives them the finger and sticks out her tongue at them.

Gothika:  "Oh bite me!"

Gothika suddenly gasps and shakes her head, putting her attention back on the phone.

Gothika:  "Oh, no no no!!  I didn't mean you… I mean… I was just… You see my friends…  I'm sorry, let me start over… I need to place an order to go….  Club Rain….  Yeah… It's going to be a rather large order…"

The shot pulls out the locker room door and the door shuts slowly before the scene fades out…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The scene comes back in about a half hour later, outside of the Fallen's locker room door again.  A beautiful woman wearing a flower print halter top and a miniskirt and six inch clear hooker heels comes strolling up to the door. She knocks on it three times quickly, then starts to adjust her top.  When the door opens slowly, she sees Raynin standing there behind the door.  The woman smiles and is about to speak when just holds up her hand and shakes her head, and steps aside, gesturing for her to come in.

Raynin:  "Shhh…  Don't say a word…  It's easier for my friend if she doesn't know your name.  The service has already paid the fee.  Just come in and step up into the line, and wait your turn…"

The girl nods slowly and makes a zipping motion across her lips, then steps into the locker room.  Raynin closes the door behind her and moves further into the room to stand beside Darknyss who is watching the line of girls that are standing in front of the bathroom door.  Around the room, there are an array of young women, all with bandages over some part of their upper bodies… Either their necks, their wrists, some even have bandages on their cleavage.  They all look pale and a bit haggard as they lounge around the room, sipping orange juice and water, and nibbling on peanut butter cookies.  Raynin frowns as she starts to count the girls spread out around the room.  

Raynin:  "Seven… Eight… Nine…  Dear God in Heaven!!  Just how hungry is she?!!  That makes the one she's on now…"

Darknyss interrupts her with a sigh and a nod of her head.

Darknyss:  "Number ten… I know…  And she's got six more in line for her to keep on going.  I would have thought she'd have been full by now… Apparently all of the holding back she's done has made her ravenous."

The line moves up a bit and a short red head comes stumbling out of the bathroom door, a hand to her throat, moaning softly.  She is holding onto the wall and tries to steady herself.  She takes takes a deep breath, then takes a step away from the wall and looks fine for a moment, then Raynin watches as her eyes roll back in her head and she starts to go down to the ground in a faint.  Raynin yelps out in shock and surprise.

Raynin:  "Oh my God!!  Hey!!  Are you okay?"

Raynin rushes forward and catches the girl before she can hit the ground and sets her carefully in a nearby chair.  Darknyss comes over with the first aid kit and Raynin starts to bandage the bite marks on the girl's throat.  The marks are barely bleeding, and the woman looks extremely pale.  Raynin frowns as she tapes the bandage on tightly.

Raynin:  "This is not good…  I think she took too much from this one…"

Darknyss leans forward and starts to pat the girl's face with her hand to try and stir her from the faint.

Darknyss:  "Hey!  Hey you!!  Wake up!!  Are you alright?"

The girl's eyes flutter open and she smiles hugely, nodding slowly.

Gothika's Food:  "Yeah…  I'm more than fine…  That was simply… AMAZING!!  I'm still tingling all over from it!!"

Raynin frowns and looks at the girl confused.

Raynin:  "Well, if it feels so good, why did you pass out like that?"

The girl sits up and Raynin hands her a cookie to nibble on and a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of water.  The girl bites the cookie and sighs heavily.

Gothika's Food:  "Oh, that was totally my fault…  I'd been dieting, and didn't know I was going to be called in for this… but it was such a big order, they needed all hands on deck.  Normally, I do a carb load before I come for one of these things, and I eat a pretty big meals of fish and fruit for three days before.  I'm told the fatty acids in the fish help the blood taste more robust, and I don't end up with as bad fall out.  but I've been on a low carb, low fat diet for the past four months.  I've been trying to fit back into this bikini I had four years ago…  It was one of my favorites… silver lame…  barely covered my… well, you can guess.  Anyways…  She was great!!  It hurt so good…"

The girl reaches in her pocket and pulls out a card and writes something on the back of it before she hands it to Raynin.

Gothika's Food:  "Here… here's my personal info…  Give it to her so if she wants another drink… Mmmm, tell her she can reach me anytime."

The girl moves to stand but sinks back into the chair in a swoon.  Raynin grumbles under her breath and starts patting her face again, trying to wake her.

Raynin:  "Shit!  This is getting ri-donkulous!!  Go and talk to her…  there's no way we can get all of these girls out before we have to go down to the ring!"

Darknyss looks over at the line and shrugs as there are only two girls left waiting.  She walks over to the bathroom door and stops short as she hears soft moans and the sounds of slurping and sucking sounds.  She rubs her upper arms for a moment, then she knocks on the bathroom door and clears her throat.

Darknyss:  "We're short on time…  I'd say about ten minutes…  You almost done?"

The slurping sound stops, and you can hear the sound of clothing being adjusted.  There's a soft groan, and the sound of protests, and Darknyss peeks into the bathroom door.  The shower curtain is pulled, and you can see feet underneath it, along with a small pool of red.  The curtain is pulled back and another girl stumbles out, blocking the sight of what was behind the curtain for a moment.  When the girl walks out of the shot, we see Gothika standing in the shower, wearing only a black lace demi bra and a matching thong.  Her mouth and chin are covered in red, and you can see where it was hastily attempted to be rubbed off.  Going down her chest, between her cleavage is a long trail of red fluid, which goes all the way down her body, along her stomach and further down.  She runs a fingertip along her cleavage and brings a huge drop of the red to her lips, sucking her finger slowly and almost seductively.  She closes her eyes in ecstasy and moans softly.  She looks up to Darknyss and licks her lips, sucking on the bottom one for a moment as she tries to regain her composure before she speaks.

Gothika:  "Um…  yeah… I'm almost topped off… I think just these two more and I won't rip our opponents' heads off.  Mmmm, that last one… she was simply divine!!  AB positive I think… I'll have to ask her what she had for dinner cause there was an added hint of sweetness to it, akin to some kind of fruit…  melon I'm guessing…  just scrumptious…"

Gothika has closed her eyes and is running her hands over her body slowly and Darknyss clears her throat, bringing her back from her reverie.

Gothika:  "Oh, I'm sorry… yeah, ten minutes should be fine… I can then rinse off and get dressed again…  I'll try to hurry…"

Darknyss nods and backs out of door, but stays a moment as she watches her friend hold out her hand to the next girl.  The young woman adds a little extra swing to her hips as she moves forward and steps over the lip of the shower.  She unzips her dress and slides it off of her body slowly, then hangs it up on the back of the shower, lifting her hair up from one side of her neck and tilting it to the side.  She watches as Gothika leans in and sniffs along the girl's neck and growls softly.

Gothika:  "Mmmm, peaches…  you're simply delectable…"

Gothika slides her hand up the back of the girl's neck and gets a firm grip on her then pulls her into her chest roughly and slides her tongue along the girl's neck slowly.

Gothika:  "How sweet… this is your first time… I can tell…  I do so love fresh meat…"

Gothika leans her head back, letting an evil laugh bubble up from her throat.  The girl starts to struggle a bit, clearly frightened, but Gothika's grip on her body only lets her barely shake in her grip.  Her eyes go wide as she watches Gothika's fangs slowly extend to their full length, glinting sharply in the light and the girl starts to whimper.   When she sees Gothika's eyes, she is finally able to find her voice and lets out an frightened squeak, just before Gothika's fangs strike.  A small splash of red jets out against the wall of the shower and Gothika wraps her lips over the girls flesh.  The sucking sound reverberates through the bathroom and the girls whimpering turns to soft moans and her whole body trembles with fear as Gothka's moans of pleasure increase.  She wraps an arm around the girl's waist and pulls her closer, then reaches out with the other hand and throws the curtain closed.  Darknyss backs up out of the bathroom slowly and she trembles visibly, shaking her head slightly.  She literally jumps  in the air when Raynin taps her on the shoulder, and shrieks a bit.  She puts her hand over her heart when she sees her friend, then wipes her forehead slowly.

Darknyss:  "Don't DO that!!!"

Raynin's eyebrows go up in surprise and she looks around.

Raynin:  "What?  I thought you'd like to know that the first girls are feeling better and are headed out.  So, I'm popping into the other side of the bathroom to get ready."

Darknyss puts a hand out and stops her before she can step to the bathroom door.

Darknyss:  "Um… you may want to just wait until she's through…"

Raynin swallows audibly and nods slowly.

Raynin:  "Um… ok…  well, I guess it's a good thing I'd already done most of the getting ready… I really just have to change my clothes."

Darknyss nods and reaches over to beside the couch and hands Raynin her bag.

Darknyss:  "Yeah… I'm not going back into that bathroom for a while… even if I have to go… I think I'll hold it."

Raynin shrugs and pulls her shirt off, tossing it onto the couch, then kicks off her shoes and pulls down her pants, displaying her dark blue lace bra and boy shorts.  She unzips her bag and starts pulling out her gear, pulling on her knee pads as the cameraman takes a step back to get a clear view of every move she makes until Darknyss steps up between them and points to the door.  You can hear the cameraman starting to protest as she backs him up and out of the door, slamming it shut.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Later that night…

A stagehand walks up and knocks on the door to the Fallen's dressing room.  Gothika opens it with a more up beat look on her face.  The stagehand hold up 5 fingers as a call comes in on his radio and he walks away.  Gothika opens the door and beckons into the room to her friends.  The trio of Angels come out of the room and shut the door.  They stand in a circle and Darknyss nods slowly to her friends.

Darknyss:  "This is it… Go time… Time to put up or shut up…  Now.. let's go out there and show these chicks why we're the Sin City Wrestling's Bombshell Champions."

She puts her hand out and Raynin and Gothika both pile their hand on top.   Darknyss looks at Gothika and smirks.

Darknyss:  "Time to unleash the monsters…"

Raynin grins evilly and nods slowly.

Raynin:  "Hoorah!!"

The Angels of the Fallen all turn and start to head down the hallway towards the ring as the scene fades out...

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<img src= width=300>

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Time: August 7, 2013…  11:30 PM…  

Place:  Las vegas, Nevada… On Raynin's training floor...

She knew it was late, but she didn’t care.  She’d needed just a little bit of time alone to herself so she could think about things, and this was the best place to do it.

She’d come to her friend’s training floor to spend some time in the steam room by herself.  She knew no one would be around, so she didn’t bother with wrapping the towel around herself.  The steam hid all of the parts that it needed to hide as she laid on the warm stone on her stomach.  The womanly swells and curves of her body held just enough mystery within the fog for what was deemed acceptable at the SCW for viewing.  She’d soaked and relaxed herself to the point where she could now say what was on her mind.

“MIsty, Misty, Misty…  I have to say I’m thoroughly anticipating our meeting in the ring at the Pay Per View.  Summer Xxxtreme will be that moment in time where you will look into my eyes and see your destruction staring you in the face.  For so long, you’ve held yourself as being better than everyone else… So much so that when you actually lose to someone, you get unnerved… you come unhinged… And let’s face it… I’m intrigued to see just how unhinged you will become once Raynin and I wipe the floor with you and your partner to retain our titles.  You see…  the one thing you lack is that which is fueling my rage these last few weeks… It’s what kept me from having someone I’ve come to care about at my side… And that’s hunger.  You don’t’ hunger for these titles. . They’r just something to catch your eye.  They’re not the prize you truly seek, and you’re partnered with someone you know in the ring as well as Adam’s cat while I…  I am partnered with my friend.  Someone I’ve worked with and trained with for well over a year now.  Someone who knows me extremely well.  Someone who has just as much of a reason to see your downfall as I do.  So as you can see, the odds are stacked against you pretty heavily.”

She runs a finger through her hair and stretches catlike, raising her hips into the air as she brings her head down between her shoulders and stretches her back.  Her body is all muscle and sinew but softly curved in just the right places.  And with the thickness of the steam, you get just the shape of her body… the fluff of the fog just thick enough to obscure the necessary bits.  She lowers herself back down to the stone shelf and sighs softly.

"Odette, Odette, Odette… And you my dear… you’re so hell bent on doing anything to have gold again it’s rather pathetic.  You’re as bad as Jessie Salco and Amy Marshall are… just doing anything and everything you can to try to have gold around your waist.  Even teaming with someone you can’t stand, just so you can be a Champion again… But you picked the wrong Champions to target my dear…  The Bombshell Tag Team Championships are not going to end up your newest trophy, and all you are going to end up with is my and my partner’s boots so far down your throat you’ll be crapping the gunk off the soles of our boots for weeks.”

She lifts a bottle of water to her lips, taking a few swallows slowly, then sighs licking her lips gently.

“Mmmm…  Truth be told… I’ve been keeping myself completely sated these past few weeks.  I’ve been feeding and feeding and feeding and the fact of the matter is… I just still keep wanting more.  And I just don’t know why I am still hungry, even though I’m full.  But the more I think about it… The more I come to the realization of this… My hunger didn’t start to build until I tasted you in the ring Misty.  Mmmm…  Your essence… your life force… That red you’ve got flowing through your veins is so delicious… and made all the more intensely delectable when laced with your fear.  I cant’ wait to taste you again Misty… And I will be tasting you very soon.  I will relish your fear.  I will feast upon your fear and drink down your very life essence before either I or my partner finally pin your shoulders to the mat for the one, the two and the three.  And I will enjoy each and every moment of it.  Oh and don’t think you won’t come out of this match unscathed Odette. You will feel my fangs as well.”

She runs a hand through her hair again and laughs wickedly.

“Be prepared my dears.  Both of you will come to FEED MY NEED!!”

She blows a kiss at the camera and the steam swirls up to cover the shot once more, then it fades out…

<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>
<hr size=1 color=silver><hr size=1 color=silver>

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

 …  END OF FEED  ...  

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______

***  Word Count, 7082  ***

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 The first RP deadline has passed. All roleplays posted after this will count towards the second RP period.

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 You have got to be kidding me? Teaming with Misty? Oh hell no! In what universe did Mark Hot Stuff Ward and Christian Underwood think that this would work? That this would equal ratings? I know one thing is for sure if they were looking for fireworks, they have just lit all the fuses. Firstly Odette doesn’t trust Misty, nor will she ever… isn’t that the base for every solid tag team? Trust! Secondly, how many times does Miss Ryder have to say that she’s not interested in any title reigns, now she has been forced to tag with Misty to recapture the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championships? Thirdly, they’re facing the well gelled team of Raynin and Gothika aka the Fallen aka the current Champs aka the “best” tag team in SCW today. I think someone is trying to screw them over. I don’t think Christian or Mark want to see Misty and Odette shine as a team, I think they want to see the top bombshells in SCW trip, stumble and fall. I think this is all just a big scheme to show Misty and Odette that they’re both disposable and that they’re both beatable that they can and will be knocked from the top perch in the ranks. It’s funny how mind games get played out, it’s funny how people try and create doubt.

Doubt; the very seed of failure. If you wanted to see Misty and Odette Ryder fail, you picked the wrong way of going about it. You see as much as they hate each other, as much as they would rather be teaming with other people or hell not even teaming at all… you forgot one thing. One very BIG thing that Misty and Odette share, they both don’t like to lose, they both hate the thought of being defeated. When Christian and Mark booked this match, I don’t think they truly sat down and thought that hey, maybe just maybe they could pull it off. You see as much as Misty and Odette hate each other, their hate of losing will be greater, why do you think there is so much hype around that “one last match” when it comes to that duo? Because everyone wants to know who the supreme is, everyone wants to know who the last woman standing?  Unfortunately for you a spanner has been thrown into the mix and now, it’s not about who is the best between Misty and Odette it’s about the myth that they can’t get along. It’s a test.

A sick and twisted test. A test that the unlikely duo is willing to ace. You see deep down both Misty and Odette know that they would rather get along for the duration of a match then let the Fallen Gothika and Raynin walk off the cruise ship with the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell tag team Championships. Why? it’s simple it’s because their greedy, because they have been given the ultimate challenge and now it’s just a race against time to prove that they’re ready to stand up and fight against it. And fight they will isn’t if obvious from their past that Misty and Odette will do anything to prove that they’re the best at what they do? Hasn’t it been shown off and highlighted enough? Obviously not because Christian and Mark have put forward the test of a life time, Odette’s just praying that like high school she gets past this test with straight a’s.

When it comes to Misty and Odette failure isn’t an option, failure isn’t even in their sights they know what they can do they know what each other can do hell they know what each other are capable of. In a weird and wonderful way they might just be the best tag team the Bombshell roster has ever seen, in a crazy messed up way they might just be the breath of fresh air that the roster needs to be shaken to its core. They say that everything happens for a reason so maybe just maybe Christian Underwood and Mark Ward might know exactly what they’re doing after all?

Regardless of that fact, the chances of Odette and Misty making it out of this match without choking each other or without turning on each other is yet to be seen to be believed. The lack of team work and the lack of wanting to join together has been evident on twitter, it has been spoken about in Misty’s promo… I guess it’s just a matter of seeing that the mountain that needs to be climbed just gotten that inch taller. I think we all know by now that regardless of what Sin City Wrestling throws in front of these two they’re always looking at ways of destroying it, so there is no way that Summer XXXTreme II will be any different.

You wanted a main event to rival all main events? I think you just received it. Gothika and Raynin have no idea what they have got themselves in for. The Fallen have no idea how hard Misty and Odette will push to make sure that their arms get raised in victory and that their names get called out as the NEW Bombshell Tag Team Champions. Why am I so sure of this? Because what better way to spite your worst enemy, then by having them so close to you? Odette knows that she can’t trust Misty personally, but she knows she can trust her greediness for Gold more. Miss Ryder knows that Misty will never have her back, but the Aussie also knows that Misty wouldn’t do anything to allow the Fallen to walk away with this victory under their belts. The world’s worst tag team might just be after all the biggest blessing in disguise.

Hold onto your belts Gothika and Raynin and hold on tight, because to keep them you’re going to have to use every inch of your darkness to stop the foreseeable light. Misty might not know it now, but this little alliance that she has with Odette is the release the Bombshell division has been looking for, but in saying that I don’t believe it’s going to be smooth sailing.


Sunday Night, after Climax Control –

Opening up backstage we find Odette Ryder, looking at the black stage curtain waiting patiently for her fiancé to walk through them after his main event referee appearance. As the winning team of Simon and Kevin Carter walk past her she flashes them a quick smile and a small wave, but ultimately her eyes stay on the curtain waiting for Gabriel. She notices a hand pull back the curtains and her eyes grow wide with excitement as her future husband steps through the black velvet and walks towards her.

Odette: GABRIEL!!!

Smacking straight into him with a massive hug Odette wraps her legs around Gabriel’s waist. Catching her a little surprised Gabriel looks up at her and kisses her softly on the lips before putting her back down on her feet.

Gabriel: Did someone miss me?

His cheeky grin said it all, Gabriel knew that Odette had missed him he was playing the sweet and innocent card. Smacking his arm playfully Odette bit down on her bottom lip sucking it into her mouth.

Odette: You could say that? But I think its best we get out of here?

Bringing her right index finger up to her long brown hair Odette twirled a strand of it, while Gabriel looked down at her with a raised eyebrow.

Gabriel: Why the rush baby?

Dropping the sweet and innocent act Odette took a step up towards him running her hands up and down his chest.

Odette: I just, just shhh stop talking and come with me.

A wicked smirk was plastered on Gabriel’s face he knew exactly what she was up to, he just liked to see how far he could push her before she snapped and blurted out her secrets. Grabbing onto his right hand Odette took a step in the opposite direction hoping that Gabriel would follow but a loud booming voice caught them both by surprise.

Jordan: Oi Gabes, what the hell was that out their?

Jordan flung back the black curtain in anger as he made a bee line towards Gabriel.

Gabriel: Just business.

Odette wasn’t even facing Gabriel but she could just tell he was smiling like a spoilt cat.

Jordan: Next time you want to… oh hey O, I didn’t see you there how are you?

Turning to face Jordan her former tag team partner, Odette offered a polite smile and a wave from her free hand.

Odette: Splendid Jordan, how about yourself?

The Aussie wasn’t being a smart arse, she just well she had plans that were slowly being taken over by Jordan and Gabriel’s loose conversation.

Jordan: I can’t complain, although what your boy did out there was…

Before Jordan could finish he was cut off by the bubbly Australian.

Odette: Exhilarating?

Looking up at Gabriel with a spark in her emerald eyes Odette once again sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, while Gabriel looked her up and down trying to read her body language.

Jordan: ugh, I was going to say more of a dog act…

Taking her eyes away from Gabriel for a second Odette put her left hand up to stop Jordan from talking.

Odette: Are you kidding me?

Before she could go on an outburst Gabriel pulled her into his side protecting her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

Gabriel: Now, now O.

Looking down at his future wife Gabriel pressed his lips against the top of her head kissing her.

Jordan: Let’s just forget about it… but hey… congratulations of your engagement by the way. hopefully it lasts longer then Gabriel’s three count.

Jordan let out a monstrous laugh a sign that he was just joking, to be honest considering what the three of them had been through they were still able to somewhat get along.

Odette: Oh Jordy, that’s what you say now, but I know your secretly over the moon for us.

Smiling over ta her Team OJ partner Odette flicked a long lock of her brown hair out of her line of sight, letting it rest on her shoulder blade.

Jordan: I just hope he treats your right O, you deserve to be happy.

Taking a step closer to Gabriel, Jordan wasn’t directing that comment at the young Aussie he was basically drilling it at Gabriel.

Gabriel: And happy she will be.

Without even blinking Gabriel was happy to defeat the point that Jordan was making.  

Jordan: She better, because you and I both know if you screw up their will be a line up for Ms Ryder.

Jordan Williams laughed once more and walked off, but before he left he made sure to tap Gabriel on the shoulder. Watching Jordan walk off Odette could tell that Gabriel was holding back all sorts of offensive remarks by the pained look on his face. Stepping in front of him to steal his attention away Odette brought her glossed lips up to his to gently kiss him.

Odette: Hey, ignore him okay, he’s just trying to get inside your mind.

Pulling back slowly Odette gave Gabriel’s hand a tight squeeze for reassurance.

Gabriel: I ought to smack the smug off his face.

Sensing that he wasn’t going to drop this without being distracted Odette was quick to think of a way to change the mood back to her original plan.

Odette: and you will at Summer XXXTreme but as of right now we have bigger issues.

Tugging on her hand in hers Odette was showing her impatience, she just wanted to get out of this arena and go home, well back to the hotel.

Gabriel: Wedding plans tonight? O, can’t we just go back to the hotel, shower and pop straight into bed?

Gabriel looked down at Odette in disbelief as she smiled wickedly up at him.

Odette: We could… but I have other plans.

It was like her words were already lost in Gabriel’s mind as he started to rattle off a list of things for the wedding.

Gabriel: Look, I don’t mind what colour you pick for the wedding or what flowers… the day is completely up to you to decide and choose whatever you want.

Scrunching her nose up at him Odette used her free hand to forcefully yet playfully guide his face down to hers.

Odette: I know I know, but I don’t want to plan the wedding tonight…

A hint of excitement took over her voice as Gabriel smiled at her curiosity taking over him.

Gabriel: Then what do you want to do?

That trademark smile was shining on her face as she licked her lips slowly.

Odette: Well…

Stepping up on her tippy toes she whispered deep into Gabriel’s ear so no one else could hear what she was saying.


Mocking a fake shock Gabriel brought his hands up to cup either side of her face kissing her on the tip of her nose. Pulling back he looked deep into her eyes searching them for answers.

Gabriel: What’s gotten into you?

Running her tongue over her teeth Odette looked down at the ground almost too embarrassed to talk.

Odette: Let’s just say… I’ve always wanted a bad boy.

Looking back up from the ground Gabriel couldn’t help but smile pulling her in for a tight hug.

Gabriel: Well to be honest I’ve never really been good, I was a con artist remember?

Running his right hand through her hair Gabriel watched as Odette turned her head to look up at him from her position that she felt right at home in.

Odette: I know, but that was a long time ago before I even knew you… I knew you could be edgy, in fact I’ve been waiting for that day since I first met you…

There it was, the little fan girl was still busting out moves for her future husband.

Gabriel: so you’re telling me, all I had to do was fast count to three and you would have suggested to…

Just as Gabriel was going to blurt out what Odette had earlier suggested she stopped him dead in his tracks buy covering his mouth with her open right palm.

Odette: Shhh…

Yanking his head away Gabriel squeezed her body into his tighter.

Gabriel: You’re unbelievable.

His lips found hers and the two started to share a passionate kiss, but Odette quickly broke it off.

Odette: Why thank you… now let’s get out of here.

Looking around at the almost empty arena Odette started to pull away from Gabriel hoping that he could take the hint and start following along. Pulling her back Gabriel took a few seconds to look into her eyes, instantly finding peace there.

Gabriel: I really did hit the jackpot when I found you, didn’t I?

Smiling up at him proudly Odette could feel that her cheek were glowing a nice shade of pink, even after almost one year together he could still make her feel like most important person in the world. Leaning up she pressed her lips against his stealing a light peck before backing away shyly.

Odette: Lucky you did, because our wedding is going to cost an arm and a leg.

Taking with a spring in her step Odette started to pull on Gabriel’s arm once more, this time he obliged and started to walk with her.  Hooking her underneath his arm Gabriel made sure that she was right beside him at all times.

Gabriel: I can tell…

As the two shared a laugh Odette snuggled into her future husband as he now lead the way to his locker room to collect his belongings so they could finally leave for their hotel.


Tuesday night, when families collide –

Opening up inside Odette and Gabriel’s mansion the happy couple can be seen looking out from their kitchen window to the outside entertainment area. Odette who is normally tanned has a faint paleness about her as Gabriel senses her restlessness and stands behind her, resting his jaw on her shoulder while hugging his arms around her waist. The Young Aussie looks down at her future husband with a slight nervous smile, he face painted with worry.

Odette: I don’t like this; I don’t like this idea at all.

Gabriel kisses the bare skin of Odette’s shoulder before tightening the grip around her waist trying to calm her nerves

Gabriel: Everything will be fine Odette, just look at them… they’re all talking and getting along.

Looking down at out the window the pair both had the same look on their face that look that mixed with wishful thinking and doubt. Odette looks on intently as the Sins are seen sitting around their large rectangle table with Odette’s parents all chatting away deep in conversation.

Odette: For now.

Gabriel who is the more optimistic one of the two pulls away from Odette. Standing beside her Gabriel rests his back up against the kitchen bench and guides Odette’s attention away from the window over to him by pulling lightly on her hand.

Gabriel: Hey, don’t worry about it okay. I told Synn, Despy, Shane and Rage to be on their best behaviour, plus it’s your parents they know how much this meeting means to us I doubt none of them will step out of line.

Flashing Odette a reassuring smile Gabriel lowered his head, while cupping the back of Odette’s with her right hand bringing her attention up to his eagerly awaiting lips. Just as Gabriel was going to bring his lips to her Odette pulls back with a new set of doubt fresh in her mind.

Odette: Then why do I feel sick in the stomach?

Sighing loudly the Aussie frowns, a sight that Gabriel isn’t used to seeing quickly shuffling over closer to her Gabriel wraps his arms around her.

Gabriel: You’re stressed baby… you have so much on your plate right now the wedding, the zoo, the cruise, teaming with Misty and fulfilling your appearance requirements with the Lax night club at the Luxor…

He went to continue on but Odette’s harsh accent cut him off.

Odette: I can handle it.

Tucking a fly away of Odette’s hair behind her ear Gabriel just calmly smiled.

Gabriel: I never said you couldn’t, but I think it’s about time you slowed down, just a little.

Pressing his lips against the bridge of Odette’s nose Gabriel broke away smiling, hoping that he had said the right words to calm his future wife.
Odette: Why because I’m getting old, is that what you think?

She was being unreasonable a common tell-tale sign that Gabriel knew he could connect with her being stressed. Sighing Gabriel brought himself closer to Odette tucking her into his chest.  

Gabriel: O, baby… stop it.

Stroking her long brunette hair Gabriel let Odette’s head rest against his chest. Closing her eyes for a quick moment Odette sucked down a deep breath of air trying to regain control of her thoughts.

Odette: I’m sorry, I’m just worried that your family isn’t going to like my family… or even worse… Joshua and my father get into it about owing funds to the swear jar.

Forcing out a laugh Odette opened her eyes and looked up to Gabriel’s, Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh with her as he left her go from his tight grasp.

Gabriel: I already paid Angel and Despy up front for your father and told him not to mention it.

Winking at Odette Gabriel tapped her playfully on the behind, trying to spark some fight in the normally bubbly Australian.

Odette: God your good to me, what did I ever do to deserve you?

Licking her lips Odette pulled herself into Gabriel using the hem of his shirt, letting her lips crush against his in desperation as if she needed that kiss to survive. Pulling back Gabriel ruffled up his hair while voicing his reply.

Gabriel: You got me by just being yourself, now speaking of that woman I fell in love with… do you think she could stop stressing tonight and just enjoy this?

Pointing to the window once more the duo looked down at their families interacting with conversation and laughter. Turning to Gabriel Odette smile and just nodded her head.

Odette: I don’t know, I might need some encouragement.

Pulling on the hem of his shirt once more Odette lifted her right bare foot off the wooden floor boards falling into him as innocently as she could.

Gabriel: Oh yeah? What sort of encouragement?

Raising his right eyebrow Gabriel grabbed hold of Odette as she spoke softly.

Odette: I think you know what I’m hinting at.

Falling to a deep embrace Odette and Gabriel seemingly forgot that they had company for a few moments as they took time out to instil confidence in one another.  Ah yes that’s what will call it. a confidence boosting kiss, with a hint of touching and grabbing.

Meanwhile down stairs

John Ryder: So let me get this straight, you’re all Gabriel’s family yet none of you are related?

As the thick male Australian accent left Odette’s father mouth the Sins all looked at him. They were all sitting at the table waiting for dinner to be served as Odette and Gabriel prepared it all in the kitchen. Synn was sitting at the head of the table next to Mr Ryder, while Joshua and Angel were sitting directly across from him.

Synn: Our family bond is formed by respect.

A slight hmm left Mr Ryder’s lips as he looked around the table to over sea the group that most people referred to as “misfits” looking at each and everyone one of them John’s eyes finally rested on the soft plush bear that sat on the table in front of him. Raising an eyebrow John turned to his wife and smirked

John Ryder: Right.

Mr Ryder was a man of few words tonight instead he was taking a lot in just by observing. Sucking his tongue off his teeth a popping sound was heard as the loud booming voice of Shane was heard coming from the other end of the table.

Shane: We have all known each other a long time, there’s not a single thing we don’t know about each other.

Shane squeezed Fantasia’s hand that was in his as he proudly showed off his woman.

John Ryder: Interesting, so what can you tell me about my future son in law?

Crossing his arms in front of him John rested them on the table, looking around the group once more his eyes once again falling on to the bear.

Leanne Ryder: John, knock it off.

Odette’s soft spoken mother lightly hit her husband on the arm, before whispering into his ear embarrassed by his behaviour.

John Ryder: Why Lee, I think it’s more than okay for me to ask Gabriel’s friends about him. I mean the man is marrying our daughter for Christ sakes and we barely know anything about him.

Looking around the table again Mr Ryder was looking for volunteers to stand up and spill some dark secrets of Gabriel’s to him.

Leanne Ryder: Please forgive him, Odette is just his well his favourite so John’s a little reluctant to let his little girl go.

Leanne forced a smile as she tried to clean up her husband’s mess; her smile was met with a sympathy laugh from Fantasia who was just trying to be friendly.

Synn: It’s quiet alright. I would be the same if Joshua was in the same predicament.

Rage almost chocked on his beer as the words left Synn’s mouth about Despy. Shane patted him on the back to help “save” him but Rage just sunk back down into his chair. Synn turned to Leanne and then looked at Joshua backing up his statement, while everyone was waiting for a typical Despy remark the loveable fella remained silent, while clutching on to Angel.

Leanne Ryder: Trust me Synn, the stress of having your son get married is innocent compared to the hell we predict that Odette will put Gabriel through… hell my little girl changes her favourite colour every day.

Shane, Synn, Fantasia and Leanne Ryder shared a laugh as Rage tapped Mr Ryder on the shoulder with a rare smile on his face.

Rage: If you wanting secrets about Gabriel, I’d be more than happy to share.

Lowering the akubra hat on his head Mr Ryder looked directly at Rage with a smug smile.

John Ryder: Well you better start spilling your guts baldy.

One Hour Later

An hour had pasted and everyone was finishing up their dinner Joshua was still being a picture perfect dinner guest using his manners and being extra quiet. Shane and Fantasia had managed not to undress each other at the table and had kept their hands above the table at all times. Rage had even stopped being so cranky and was actually enjoying Mr Ryder’s jokes. Synn and Gabriel were sharing stories but kept a close eye on Despayre as he sat their proudly with Angel in hand. Odette sat beside her mum as was leaning on her shoulder. She missed being away from her mother. If you asked Odette the part she hated most about living away from home was being away from her family, but in the same boat of you asked her the best thing about living away from home it would be getting away from her crazy family. Leanne stroked her daughter’s hair and hugged into her tightly showing the table how proud she was of her.  

Leanne Ryder: So have you and Gabriel thought about where you want to get married? How about that nice church back home?

Odette took her head away from her mother’s shoulder a bit down hard on her bottom lip, the word church had managed to stop all the other conversations at the table.

Odette: Umm, no churches Mum.

Flashing her mother the brightest smile in the world Odette closed her eyes waiting for an onslaught of words but she was surprised by a calm reaction.

Leanne Ryder: Oh, why’s that sweetie?

Leanne reached over and grabbed Odette’s left hand looking down at the massive rock that laced her ring finger, playing with the band between her fingers Mrs Ryder looked over to Gabriel with approval written all over her features.

Odette: Gabriel and I were thinking something a little less traditional… something a little bit more low key and personal.

Trying to keep their plans as hush, hush as she could Odette was spilling out a random story.

Leanne Ryder: I’m sorry dear but you have lost me.

Placing her daughter’s hand back down the table, Leanne looked at Gabriel and then towards Odette.  

Odette: We were thinking of just eloping… you know get it over and done with.

Letting out a laugh Odette gently pushed her mum’s shoulder showing that she was joking around, while the Sin’s all glared towards Gabriel shocked.

Leanne Ryder: Over my dead body you are.

The normally quiet Mrs Ryder shook her head back and forth.

Gabriel: Odette was just joking.

Clearing up the joke Gabriel even glared over at Odette who was smiling, while the rest of the Sins had started to laugh.

John Ryder: You can bet your balls she was just joking.

Mr Ryder glared over at his daughter shaking his head.

Odette: Dad.

Narrowing her eyes at her father Odette was trying to warn him about his term of “balls” in front of Angel and Joshua.

Leanne Ryder: No daughter of mine is running off and getting married without her mother right there with her.

A hint of sadness was in Leanne’s voice as she looked at Gabriel with pleading eyes, as if to tell him that the idea can’t even be thought about. Gabriel nodded his head and silently agreed while Odette wrapped her arms around her mother’s shoulders.

Odette: I was joking, relax.

Two Hours Later

The group had moved away from the table and were now all sitting by the pool, all bar Odette and Gabriel the two were still cleaning up the table. Leaning across the table Odette whispered into Gabriel’s ear.

Odette: What’s Joshua up to?

Looking across and over towards Despy who was innocently sitting beside Synn with Angel tight in his hands, Gabriel let out a gruff laugh.

Gabriel: He’s on his best behaviour, this is a blessing.

Turning back to look at his future wife, Odette narrowed her eyes at Joshua before turning to look at Gabe.

Odette: I don’t like it… he’s up to something I can feel it.

Odette wasn’t used to seeing Joshua so quiet so everything he was doing was being judged.

Gabriel: O, Despy is showing great self-control here tonight…

Sighing Odette felt a bit stupid for questioning Gabriel’s little brother, flashing him an apologetic smile Odette shrugged her shoulders.

Odette: Maybe my father has scared him?

The concern in her voice was at an all-time high, Gabriel heard the concern and was quick to dismiss it.

Gabriel: I doubt that.

Smiling at his future bride he reached over and grabbed her free hand to hold it, rubbing his thumb over her soft skin.

Odette: Then why is he being so quiet and so unlike himself?

Looking back over towards Joshua Odette’s heart sank.

Gabriel: I’m not sure but I’m sure he is okay.

Gabriel followed Odette’s line of sight before returning back to her face. Pulling her closer to him he kissed her lips.

Odette: Should I go check on him?

Letting go of Gabriel’s hand Odette went to walk away but Gabriel’s voice stopped her.

Gabriel: No, no. You stay here and I’ll go see what’s up.

Looking over to the man she would one day soon marry Odette smiled.

Odette: Gabriel.

Turning back to face her Gabriel raised his right eyebrow.

Gabriel: Yes?

Smirking wildly the Aussie blew him a kiss that Gabriel playfully caught.

Odette: I love you!

Looking up at his dark brown eyes Odette continued to clean up the plates and cutlery from dinner.

Gabriel: I love you too.

Turning quickly on his feet Gabriel jogged off towards Despayre to find out exactly what was up with him. Leaving Odette to clean up on her own, giving her a small window of time to stop breathe and take in that tonight hadn’t been a complete mess like she thought it would be.

Around Midnight

The night was coming to an end the Mrs and Mr Ryder were about to say their farewells. Standing at the front door Odette was hugging her mother while Gabriel was shaking John’s hand just as they go to turn to leave a sound of Despayre’s voice is finally heard.

Despayre: Angel says that Mrs Ryder is a really classy lady for someone who has a rip in her draws.

Synn is quick to remove Joshua and Angel from the sight of Mr and Mrs Ryder as Odette is looking livid in his direction

Odette: JOSH---

Gabriel gently pinches Odette on the back to stop her from yelling at his brother while Odette’s Mother and Father just nod and leave the house. Gabriel closes the door and Odette storms off leaving the Sins to chuckle while Gabriel turns to Synn and shrugs his shoulders.

Gabriel: So who do you want to go after?

Synn smirks and pats Gabriel on the shoulder as he takes off in the direction that he pushed Joshua off into to.

Synn: Happy wife, happy life Gabriel.

Mumbling under his breath Gabriel takes a step off in the direction that Odette stormed off to try his luck at settling her down.


Friday Night, Saving the Ta-tas.

Master of Ceremonies: Today we are joined by two hugely successful ladies in their own fields, both of these girls have come a long way from home but have still managed to find their way in the world. Please put your hands together for a former Motocross Star but a current model and Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Miss Odette Ryder!

Blood in my eyes hits over the speakers as Odette walks out onto the stage at the Lax nightclub at the Luxor on the World famous Vegas strip. For tonight only the night club has been decked out in a press conference type environment. A chorus of welcoming cheers bellows out by the fans and fellow Sin City Wrestling superstars and Bombshells that have come out for the occasion. Odette walks across the front of the stage leaning out to slap some of the fans hands that are in the front row, looking out into the sea of people she finds Gabriel and waves at him. Walking up to the MC Odette shakes his hand but he lifts it up in the air prompting Odette to do a spin for the audience. Odette is wearing a very tight pair of faded blue jeans with a tight black tank top that shows off her well rounded cleavage. Her feet are covered by a hot pink pair of Christian Louboutins that match the bright pink Swarovski Necklace that’s around her neck. After being spun around a few time the Aussie kisses the Master of Ceremonies on the cheek before making her way over to her seat behind the desk. Dimestone Hoods gets cut from the personal address system as the Aussie takes her time adjusting her shirt and waving to the crowd.

Master of Ceremonies: And keep the applause going for the former playboy cyber girl but current Atlantic Championship Wrestling Women’s wrestler Emma Rose.

Able to love by Benny Benassi starts to play and out walks the increasingly popular Kiwi, Emma Rose follows the same path that Odette did making sure she waves and blows kisses out to the fans. Looking over to the right of the room she sees that’s some of her ACW work mates have made the trip in support of her. Walking up to the MC, Emma shakes his hand but gets prompted to twirl around as well. Emma Rose is wearing a bright yellow sundress that is matched with a pair of ankle tied Gucci peep toe heels. Her long Red hair is out and dead straight, but is cascading down around her well-produced natural cleavage. Blowing the Master of Ceremonies a kiss The New Zealander takes her leave from his side and takes a seat beside Odette, giving her a sincere smile.

Master of Ceremonies: Thank you for joining us here tonight girls, please let me start by saying it an honor to have you both right here before my eyes.

Pointing over to both of the girls Emma and Odette smile brightly, looking up at him from the table.

Odette: The pleasure is all ours.

Odette turns to Emma who just nods her head in agreement.

Master of Ceremonies: Tonight we’re promoting the need for more vital research into one of the most common cancers known to women and men all around the world Breast Cancer.

A loud cheer belts out from the crowd as the lights lift showing a sea of pink and white. Emma waves out to the fans as she can now seem them better.

Master of Ceremonies: Now Odette you work for Sin City Wrestling and recently they had an all ladies show and all the profits that were made from that show were going to be donated, is this correct?

Turning to aim his question towards Odette, The Aussie leans forward in her chair before answering.

Odette: This is one hundred per-cent correct.

A SCW Chant breaks out that Odette encourages by fist pumping to each letter.

Master of Ceremonies: Would you like to share how much your company raised?

The chant dies down as Odette flicks a long lock of her curly hair out of her face, licking her lips she comes forward to the microphone.

Odette: Sin City Wrestling was able to raise Twenty Thousand dollars, from ticket sales and merchandise sold on the night alone.

Another loud pop is heard followed by the SCW chant, that no doubt Christian and Mark loved hearing.

Master of Ceremonies: For an Indy company that’s an extremely awesome effort. Now Emma, we heard on the grapevine that you decided to auction off one of your never seen before pictures to help raise money. Could you please let us all know who won the auction and how much did it fetch for?

Looking over towards the red head, Odette tapped her on the shoulder as if to say that she was proud of her. Emma rocked forward in her chair and spoke softly into the microphone.

Emma: I was able to raise Ten Grand and the winner was Trevor Elwood who lives in London England. I was able to personally deliver it and I must admit it couldn’t have gone to a better home.

Laughing the Kiwi was a little bit nervous, but Odette was trying to help her out of it by starting an “Emma” chant.

Master of Ceremonies: Are we allowed to ask what type of picture it was?

The man was almost yelling to get over the chants from the crowd as Emma spoke into the microphone once more.

Emma: Let’s just say it left very little to the imagination.

A loud male based cheer exploded from the crowd as the Kiwi’s cheeks started to flush red from embarrassment.

Odette: I’ve seen the photo and holy fucking hell, Trevor would not be disappointed.

Nudging Emma with her elbow Odette wrapped her arm around her trying to cheer her up from her shyness.

Master of Ceremonies: well that Trevor guy is one lucky bastard, by helping save the breasts he ended up with his own personally signed Ta-Tas.

A laugh left the Master of Ceremonies’ lips as more claps came from the crowd.

Odette: So together with the money raised from Sin City Wrestling and Emma’s photo we collected thirty thousand dollars… but…. Gabriel and I said we would match it so we have… so tonight I’m pleased to announce that we have donated sixty thousand dollars to BCF.

A solid round of applauses came from the crowd after Odette’s announcement was made. A spotlight beamed into the room finding Mark and Christian who just politely waved, not wanting to make a fuss. As the cheers died down the Master of Ceremonies took over once more.

Master of Ceremonies: So now that we have you for the next half an hour girls, we’ll still be collecting donations for Breast Cancer Research, with every fan question that gets ask our sponsors the Luxor hotel will chuck in five thousand dollars into the kitty… okay let’s roll.

The fans in the audience were all calling out questions but Odette and Emma could only hear the ones that were being called out with help of a staff member and a microphone. Looking down into the conference Odette turned to Emma to see if she was okay before taking a sip from the cold glass of water that was in front of her.

Fan:  This one is for Odette, is it true that you and Gabriel are getting married in Kenya?

Odette almost choked on the water in her mouth as she rocked forward in her chair, lowering down to talk into the microphone she answered with a smile.

Odette: No that I’m aware of.

The fan sat back down as the staff member quickly ran over to the next one for their question.

Fan:  Emma, why did you decide to do playboy?

A Smile was plastered on Emma’s face as she wasted no time in replying.

Emma: Well, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do… the human body is a beautiful thing and when displayed right it can be perfectly highlighted. I did it for a lot of reasons, one because I wanted too, two because I won’t lie it was a quick way to make a few dollars and three because I was honored that the selecting team from Playboy even noticed me… so it was a win, win situation.

The fan nodded as if he agreed with what Emma had just said before sitting down, before either of the girls could blink there was another question coming their way.

Fan:  Do you two really not like each other because ones Aussie and the other is Kiwi?

Emma turned to Odette and laughed in a friendly matter.

Emma: Oh Odette’s just mad that Australia can’t win at any professional sports against us.

Fobbing off the red head Odette just spoke into the microphone.

Odette: Yes, yes I do hate her.

Smirking wildly Odette turned to Emma ad shrugged her shoulder but followed it up with a laugh. Turning back to face the front a new fan was standing up with a question.

Fan:  Odette what are your thoughts about facing The Fallen at Summer XXXTreme?

Looking out into the sea of people Odette was looking for The Fallen and laughed when she couldn’t find them.

Odette: It’s another week in paradise for me, am I phased? No… I’ve beaten The Fallen before and I’ll do it again.

Turning over to the side of the room Gabriel was sitting on she winked at him, letting him know that her confidence was building.

Fan:  Are you nervous about teaming with Misty?

Odette rolled her eyes but smiled at the young fan.

Odette: Nervous, no… but she better pray to God that she doesn’t cross me of piss me off.

Flashing her bright white teeth Odette turned to look at Emma who was laughing.

Fan:  Emma, will you marry me?

Looking down at the twenty year old male, Emma blew him a kiss and smiled.

Emma: Umm… Sorry my heart is taken by training right now.

Hearing Odette gasp in her ear Emma waved her hand trying to shoo the Aussie away.

Fan:  Can we go on a date at least?

Emma looked at Odette hoping that the Aussie would save her, but Odette was looking at her amused seeing how she would try and weasel out of this one.

Emma: Well this is awkward.

Clicking her tongue off her teeth Emma rocked forward in her chair as she crossed her legs under the table.

Emma: Hit me up in like two years then we can talk.

Confidence oozed from the Kiwi’s vocal cords as she tossed a strand of her red hair over her shoulder. Before the fan boy could return the comment another fan was asking a question.

Fan:  Odette, what’s Gabriel like in bed?

Adjusting her Guess watch on her left wrist Odette looked out towards the fan and then to Gabriel.

Odette: He’s a pain, he steals all the blankets.

The female fan laughed but quickly barked back at Odette.

Fan:  That’s not what I was hinting at.

Rolling her emerald eyes, Odette spotted Gabriel who was shrugging his shoulders acting innocent as if he doesn’t steal the blankets.

Odette: Well you should have worded the question differently.

Smirking the Aussie blew Gabriel a kiss across the room as he gave her the thumbs up. She hated when people would ask about their sex life, let’s just say if it was anything less than great they wouldn’t be having nightly encounters would they?

Fan:  Emma, we heard you’re on your V plates is this true or false?

The blood ran up into Emma’s cheeks as she just nodded her head to say yes. In the crowd Derek Throne was seen slapping Ben Jordan on the leg as if he was disappointed in his stable mate. Before Emma could say anything the microphone had moved on and a new question was asked.

Fan:  Do you both find it hard to break out in a world that people from Australia and New Zealand are barely known for?

Odette looked at Emma and motioned for her to answer this one as she took a drink of water.

Emma: It’s extremely hard for anyone to get into this sport regardless of where you’re from, but you just have to put your head down, bum up and fight for it.

Odette clapped Emma’s response as if she was approving it before she heard her name being called out.

Fan:  Odette what was your famous bike trick?

Looking at the motocross fan Odette smiled before proudly answering.

Odette: Back flip.

The fan was quick to ask another question.

Fan:  Honda vs. Yamaha vs. Suzuki… go?

Rolling her emerald eyes the Aussie didn’t waste any time answering.

Odette: Honda all the way!

The motocross fan clapped her answer as now the microphone moved on once more.

Fan:  Emma, how is Derek treating you as his trainee?

Emma looked directly at Derek as she thought about her response.

Emma: Derek is a very tough but fair trainer, I’m glad I found him.

Derek nodded at Emma’s answer while trying to fight back a smile. Turns out the monster could in fact show signs of humanity.  

Fan:  Odette is it true that Summer XXXTreme is going to be your last super card?

The room went silent as Odette put her glass of water back down on the table in front of her, her eyes were scanning between Gabriel and her bosses.

Odette: At this stage no, but you never know…

She could feel Mark narrowing his eyes at her while looking at Gabriel she mouthed “eeeep” but before Mark or Christian could speak out a male voice was heard booming through the speakers.  

Fan:  I will donate Ten Thousand dollars right here right now to see you two kiss.

A loud cheer erupted in the night club as Odette looked at Emma and laughed.

Odette: No deal, sorry.

The male fan didn’t give up as his voice was heard booming over the personal address system once more.

Fan:  Fifteen Thousand.

The unknown male’s voice was followed by the familiar accent of Derek Thorne, who was out of his seat and waving his wallet.

Derek: I’ll even throw in Ten K myself.

Ben Jordan who was sitting beside Derek jumped up to his feet also waving his wallet around.

Ben: Yeah, me too.

Odette was looking at Gabriel as he was glaring at both men grinding his teeth at this situation. Emma turned to Odette and nervous frowned, before looking out at Ben and Derek disgusted.

Emma: Well?

Odette silenced Emma by holding her index finger up as if to say she had heard enough. A slight Gabriel chant had broken out, as Odette’s eyes were focused on his.

Fan:  So that’s thirty-five K for a kiss ladies, what’s it going to be?

“Gabe, Gabe, Gabe” The fans were chanting for his permission, the hardened look on Gabriel’s face lightened as he flashed Odette a smile. Giving her the thumbs up he mouthed “I love you” to her. Odette turned to Emma and looked horrified.

Fan:  Come on O, come on Em!

A loud Irish voice was heard as now Mickey was up on his feet jumping up and down.

Mickey: Do it for ye Ta-Tas!

Emma looked at Odette, Odette looked at Emma and the two leaned into each other and without even saying a word they quickly shut their eyes and pecked each other on the lips. The reaction from the crowd was one of displeased males and females.

Synn: Well I’m out of here… this is gross.

Synn got up and walked away as Odette and Emma were looking out into the crowd.

Fan:  Oh I don’t think so ladies, do it right…

Emma got up from her seat and walked over towards Odette’s pulling the Aussie up from her chair. the Kiwi moved a lock of hair out of Odette’s face and slightly leant forward, stopping inches away from her lips, directing her mouth to the side of Odette’s face she whispered into her ear.

Emma: In the name of charity?

Odette closed her eyes and shook her head she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Odette: Keep it clean that means no tongue.

Shaking her head Emma laughed.

Emma: God no, but thirty five K Odette…

Odette opened her eyes at looked at the New Zealander in front of her and smiled.

Odette: Stop talking about it..

And with those words leaving her lips the red head’s hands came up to cup the side of Odette’s face, embracing the Aussie in a deep kiss. Odette wasn’t sure what to do with her hands at first but they soon found Emma’s arms as the two shared a brief passionate kiss; that felt like forever in Odette’s mind. Emma pulled back and playfully licked her lips looking as if she “enjoyed” it while Odette just ran her right hand through her hair, before looking out into the sea of people searching for Gabriel.  

Master of Ceremonies: Oh my goodness, so that’s what Australia and New Zealand would look like combined?

Ben Jordan and Derek started to open their wallets while Gabriel was seen making  a bee line for the stage, no doubt there was going to be a fun conversation between those two later.

Master of Ceremonies: Well ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us here tonight, together with Sin City Wrestling, Emma Rose, Gabriel and Odette and our sponsors at the Luxor we have raised a total of one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars to put towards Breast Cancer Research

A Loud bang rang out in the room as streamers and glitter fell from the roof as the fans and SCW superstars started to head towards the stage for a meet and greet session. Odette turned to Emma once more and the two just shrugged their shoulders.

Odette: Never do that again.

The sternness was in Odette’s eyes but a slight smug smile was on her face, turning away from Emma the Aussie took off in search of Gabriel.

Emma: I don’t plan too.

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In the early hours of Saturday morning,

Opening up inside the master bedroom of Odette and Gabriel’s mansion, Gabriel is seen lying underneath the covers of their king size bed, while Odette is standing in their adjoining bathroom.  

Gabriel: Well someone looked like they had fun tonight?

Looking over at Gabriel with her tooth brush hanging out of the side of her mouth Odette shakes her head at him as if to disagree. Taking the tooth brush out of her mouth Odette quietly responded to

Gabriel but she was doing it softly hoping her wouldn’t hear her.

<span style='color:green'>Odette:
I’m exhausted; I just want to sleep and forget tonight ever happened.

A smug smirk crossed Gabriel face as he turned to lie on his side so he could watch her from a distance, holding back a laugh his British accent cut through the silence like a knife.

Gabriel: Sure, sure…

Turning to look at the mirror Odette sighed as she continued to brush her teeth, pulling it from her mouth once more she replied.

Odette: What? I do.

Just as she was about to put the toothbrush back in her mouth Gabriel cleared his throat, stopping her dead in her tracks.

Gabriel: Odette Honey, just come to bed you have brushed your teeth like five times now.

She quickly turned on the tap on letting the cold water run for a few seconds until it started to heat up. Finishing up her tooth brushing duties Odette rinsed her tooth brush and her mouth before shutting the water off. Reaching over she grabbed onto the white bath towel and dabbed it delicately at her mouth, drying up any moister.

Odette: You’re not the boss of me, plus I think I can still taste Emma’s lip gloss.

Looking over at Gabriel with a disgusted look in her eye, not at him but for what she had done tonight the Aussie turned back to look in the mirror shaking her head. Dropping her tooth brush down into its holder, she ran her free left hand through her long chocolate mane.

Gabriel: I think you’re over reacting darling, just come to bed it’s late…

His deep brown eyes were tempting her from a far.  In fact Odette knew that if she was to look into them she would give into him. He was her weakness, her one and only weakness.

Odette: I can’t believe you’re even looking at me right now.

Turning her body around to look at him, as he waited patiently for her to come to bed Odette couldn’t help but smile. The smile didn’t last long as she was still horrified by her actions.

Gabriel: Why am I’m meant to be disgusted in you?

Tapping the bed he was motioning for her to come join him, propping his head up with his left hand Gabriel watched on as Odette started to walk towards him.

Odette: Oh so the kiss was a turn on for you?

Her Australian accent was mischievous as if she was baiting him for a trap.  

Gabriel: I didn’t say I was turned on by it…

She was now standing next to the bed, leaning down her hands fell onto the mattress as she slowly crawled across it. Now sitting beside Gabriel Odette raised her eyebrow, while looking directly into his eyes.

Odette: Yet you haven’t denied it either?

He knew what she was doing, every man in the world knew what she was doing. The old one two step into one admitting something then two getting in trouble for admitting it. Sucking her bottom lip into her mouth Odette placed her right hand on Gabriel’s chest.

Gabriel: Stop putting words in my mouth and get underneath the covers.

His words sounded almost like a demand, a demand that Odette wasn’t going to let him win straight away.

Odette: Give me a few moment seconds.

Flicking her hair up out of the way with her left hand Odette couldn’t help but watch Gabriel as he watched her, trying to read his mind. Adjusting her silk night gown she ran her left hand across her chest playing with the lace at the top of her glorious chest. Scooping the covers up with her right hand she slowly tucked herself underneath them, scooting across so she was a close to Gabriel as she could be. Gabriel was still perched up on his left hand looking down at his future bride who was nestling into bed trying to get comfortable.  

Gabriel: So my little charity queen, where’s my kiss goodnight?

Looking up at him with her big innocent emerald eyes Odette smirked.

Odette: You’ll have to come looking for it.

Ducking his head down Gabriel was quick to steal a kiss from Odette, if this was a game of hide and seek she was clearly playing it wrong.  Pulling away from her lips gradually Gabriel licked his lips letting out a slight gruff.

Gabriel: Hmmm that’s odd you taste like Cadbury chocolate.

Odette’s mouth flung open in shock as she grabbed on to the silk bed sheets in horror, while Gabriel was watching on with a smile the screamed victory.

Odette: Do I?

Before he could even answer Odette was about to swing her legs out of the bed and run towards the bathroom, his mind games had worked. Reaching out to grab her gently Gabriel tugged on her arm telling her to stay.

Gabriel: O I was kidding, get back in bed.

Turning to look back at him Odette had the weight of the world on her shoulders as now she doubted her tooth brushing skills.

Odette: I need to brush my teeth again.

She went to take another lunge to get out of bed but Gabriel pulled her back down, pushing his hands away Odette scooted over to the edge of the bed.

Gabriel: Don’t make me have to come get you.

His words so commanding brought Odette to a holt as she looked back at him, a massive sigh leaving her lungs as she huffed. Folding the bed sheets back Odette slipped back underneath them and covered her head with her hands.

Odette: Fine.

Rolling over to be beside her again Gabriel scooped her arm up and spooned into her side, his chin resting on her shoulder. Kissing her tenderly under her ear lobe Gabriel whispered into her ear.

Gabriel: I’m proud of you, even if you did make out with another woman.

Turning to look at him the two adjusted their positions once more as Odette screwed her nose up at him.

Odette: Stop it, I don’t even want to talk about it or think about it I feel terrible. I feel like I’ve betrayed you and you think this is funny?

The look in her eyes was enough to let Gabriel know what she wasn’t playing around anymore, scrunching up the covers she tucked them into her chest.

Gabriel: I’m just teasing you, stop being so up-tight about it.

Hoping his smile would settle her nerves Gabriel ducked down to kiss her forehead.

Odette: Goodnight Gabriel.

Turning away from him Odette sighed as she attempted to stay angry at him.

Gabriel: Goodnight Odette.

Playing by her rules Gabriel flopped onto his back and brought the blankets up underneath his chin, tugging on them from Odette’s direction seeing if she would fight against him to keep them on her. Looking up at the roof Gabriel licked his lips as he brought his hands up and rested them underneath his head.

Gabriel: You know what did get my heart racing tonight?

Without even a second of silence Odette’s thick harsh accent cut him off.

Odette: I said goodnight.

Tugging on the blankets Odette stole her share of them back as Gabriel turned to stare at her back. He was playing her like she was trying to play him before.  

Gabriel: Those skin tight jeans…

Removing his right hand from behind his head Gabriel rested it on the curve of where Odette’s arse would be underneath the sheet. Giving it a big squeeze he slid over towards her tucking his head into her neck, feeling her breathing intensify.

Odette: Oh is that so, maybe I should wear them more often?

That mocking tone was evident as she knew what he was up to, but like all future brides she was giving him enough rope, to think that he was in control.

Gabriel: and maybe, just maybe

Turning around she smacked his arm away from her behind, before shoving him away playfully.

Odette: GABRIEL!

His mouth flung open from fake shock as Odette rolled her eyes at him.

Gabriel: What you can’t blame me?

A devilish smile was on his face as he tried to snuggled back up to his future wife. Odette was quick to reply by closing her eyes.

Odette: I’m going to bed.

Looking down at Odette Gabriel smiled as he brushed a strand of her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear.

Gabriel: I love you baby.

His words were sincere. Kissing the top of her nose she couldn’t help but bite back.  

Odette: Yeah, yeah.

Odette couldn’t see it but Gabriel was still smirking wildly as he wrapped his arm around her getting himself comfortable.

Gabriel: aren’t you forgetting something?

Letting out a laugh Odette tried to hold back a smile.

Odette: No, I don’t think I am.

Sucking her bottom lip into her mouth she was trying extra hard to hide her smile.

Gabriel: Nothing at all?

Without even a word of warning Odette’s eyes flung open as she turned look at Gabriel, as if a new life had just been breathed into her.

Odette: Oh… yeah… that show Emma and I just gave you, that’s your buck’s night entertainment so I hoped you enjoyed it.

Kissing him on the cheek she ran her right thumb across his jaw smiling brightly.

Gabriel: Poppy cock

Her right eyebrow was arched as she looked up at him confused.

Odette: I have no idea what you just said to me, but yes, yes it was… so you better tell Shane to cancel the strippers…

A smile of victory crossed her face as Odette laughed proudly, while Gabriel looked on amused.

Gabriel: Good luck with that.

Tapping her jaw with his right index finger Gabriel joined in the laughter as Odette’s happy face quickly changed to something more focused and serious.

Odette: You mean you’re going to see strippers?

Her green eyes grew wide like she was challenging a cute little puppy dog, she was dreading the conversation but at the end of the day she trusted him.

Gabriel: I’m not sure, but if Shane’s planning it you’ll have to ask him.

Growling as Gabriel said the name Shane Odette instantly knew that he would be planning the more horrendous bachelor party ideas with beer, boobs, boobs and more boobs.

Odette: Fucking Shane.

Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh as he looked down at Odette smugly.

Gabriel: Oh then there’s Rage.

His voice was taunting her, grabbing the bed sheets she tucked them up underneath her chin as if to protect herself from this invisible feeling of jealously that was slowly boiling over her body.

Odette: oh great.

Sighing as she rolled her eyes Odette licked her bottom lip trying to replace the moisture there that had been sighed away.

Gabriel: and only the lord knows what Synn has in store for me.

Narrowing her eyes up at him Odette had heard enough.

Odette: Stop it.

That sulky look crossed her face, that one that Gabriel had rarely seen but he knew that she was on the border line of being upset and being concerned for him.

Gabriel: O, behave you know I only have eyes for you, plus it’s not like you won’t be having your own stripper session… I mean you did leave Brandi in charge of your hen’s night… I can’t say I agree with that.

Smiling just slightly Odette felt some comfort in knowing that even Gabriel had his doubts about Odette’s hen’s party planner. That and she secretly felt at ease knowing that he too would be worried about her safety on the night.

Odette: Please, Brandi will just organise a piss up that’s all… nothing to worry about.

Trying to reassure him Odette cupped the side of his face and brought her lips up to his to steal a kiss.

Gabriel: Right.

Looking down at her, Odette couldn’t exactly read his mind but she knew that he was now thinking of a million things. What if she got hurt? What if she got cold feet? What if she decided that she preferred the party life then the married life? Trying to calm his nerves Odette wiggled over so her body was firmly pressed against his under the covers, grabbing each side of his face she guided him to look deep into her eyes.

Odette: I love you Gabriel and only you.

She didn’t follow it up with a kiss because she wanted him to see the one hundred and fifty million per-cent of god honest truth that was backing those words. Smiling up at him she waited for him to show her a sign that he believed her.

Gabriel: I know you do.

His body loosened up from being so stiff from concern that was a good enough sign to her that he was semi okay with it. Pressing her lips against his she kissed him, letting it deepen so Gabriel would fall on top of her. Gripping onto his hair she never wanted this moment to end, but in true Aussie style she needed it to so she could continue to light-heartedly taunt him.

Odette: So you’re really not mad at me for well umm from tonight?

Looking down at her confused at first Gabriel jerked his head back shaking his head from side to side.

Gabriel: Mad? No! I gave you the thumbs up after all.

Winking at her, he kissed her quickly on the cheek but pulled back so he could look into her eyes.

Odette: Are you sure this isn’t going to come back to bite me?

Thinking about his answer Gabriel was a sucker for playing games, he was just as bad as Odette when it came to their twisted verbal war games.

Gabriel: What can I do to show you it won’t?

Odette had that look in her eyes, that look that said take me and Gabriel knew what she was after, in fact he was practically waiting for her to say it.

Odette: Oh I have something in mind…

Smirking proudly the Brit rolled across and moved himself so he was laying on top of her, his thumb and index finger tips were already playing with the strap of her night gown.

Gabriel: Odette Nicole, I thought you were tired?

The desire in his voice was almost too much for her to fight against but she wasn’t going to give in that easy.

Odette: I am, I was going to ask you to rub my head until I fall asleep.

Gabriel’s fingers stopped playing with the silky strap as he looked down at Odette in confusion.

Gabriel: Really?

Nodding her head up and down Odette was biting the inside of her mouth holding back a cheeky smile.

Odette: Really!

Ducking his head down Gabriel started to whisper into her ear, while his left hand moved below the sheets.

Gabriel: Nothing else?

His right hand came up and his fingers carefully gripped the side of her neck, holding her commandingly but gently.  A slight moan of anticipation was quick to leave her lips as Gabriel lowered his body into hers.  

Odette: Should there be?

Her words were muffled with quick breaths as Gabriel looked down at his future wife, Odette’s legs came up and wrapped around his waist as he thrust towards her. The gentle grip around her neck deepened as he compelled her to look up into his eyes. Not that she would have resisted him, after all she was madly in love with him.

Gabriel: No, not at all.

Winking at her he released the hold of her neck and brought his lips down to the right side of it sucking in her supple skin. While Odette’s hands found their way around his back, finding their home upon his shoulders. This where I’ll leave you and your imagination to go wild, while Odette is left wailing in exhilaration  and while Gabriel’s left with two new rows of nail marks down his back. If anything this should leave you with two new fun facts, 1 Gabriel sleeps naked and 2 Odette doesn’t wear any panties. You’re welcome world.


Week Two, Day One – I’m on a boat!

Opening up in the back hallways of the cruise liner Odette is seen walking behind Gabriel, her hands firmly stuck to his hips as she guides him down the hall. Gabriel on the other hand is dragging his feet and not being all that cooperative while his future Aussie bride is trying to hurry him up. The two are both wearing jeans, while Odette is sporting an NXT shirt Gabriel is wearing his own “Believe that” shirt, coming up to Gabriel’s face we find that he has been blind folded. The Aussie continues to shove Gabriel lightly in the right direction while Gabriel.

Gabriel: O, do I really have to be blind folded?

You could almost hear the groaning of annoyance in his voice as Odette just smiled brightly behind him.

Odette: Yes, yes you do now just cooperate and move it.

Sinking her manicured nails into his side Odette pushed him forward, Gabriel had slightly picked up the pace but he was still resisting.

Gabriel: Last time you did this, we took me to dinner. Is that what you’re doing? Taking me for dinner?

Shaking her head Odette playfully swatted him with her right hand.

Odette: It’s like two am Gabriel, plus we have already eaten… just be quiet and enjoy the surprise.

Laughing while she guided him down the empty hall of the cruise liner, Odette held onto her future husband.

Gabriel: You know I don’t like surprises.

Rolling her piercing green eyes Odette knew that he hated “surprises” but then in the other hand he also loved them. Gabriel was the old fashioned type the type of guy who liked surprising his partner, he was a bit hesitant when it was the other way round.

Odette: Oh really? So I should stop surprising you in bed then?

Snorting back a laugh Gabriel raised his right finger in protest.

Gabriel: There not surprises, there more like delights.

Looking up at him while he licked his lips mischievously Odette hugged into his back giving him a big squeeze.

Odette: Smart arse.

Gabriel didn’t say anything he just shrugged his shoulders as the two continued on their journey down the hallway. There was not another soul insight, it was almost like everyone was either sleeping or partying the night away. Looking around at the quietness of the hallway Odette smiled, thinking that she had timed this event perfectly. Looking forward she gritted her teeth in excitement holding back a scream of delight.

Odette: Keep walking were almost there.

Gabriel could feel that Odette’s hands were starting to fidget a sign that she was growing even more excited.

Gabriel: And where exactly is there?

Clicking her tongue off her white teeth Odette shook her head, even tho Gabriel couldn’t see her she was still so animated while in conversation with him.

Odette: it’s somewhere in the middle of stop asking and just do what you’re told for once.

Gabriel rolled his eyes underneath the blind fold, but his puffing sighs was enough to let Odette know what he was doing.

Gabriel: So demanding.

Grabbing onto her arms that were wrapped around him Gabriel was putting all of his trust in her not to lead him into anything.

Odette: Stop rolling your eyes at me

Kissing his back Odette tried to give Gabriel some positive reinforcement behind their little trip.

Gabriel: How do you know I’m rolling my eyes at you? My eyes are covered.

Shaking her flowing hair away from her neck Odette just laughed lightly, not wanting to be to loud in case she woke the sleeping travellers up.

Odette: Call me a mind reader.

Gabriel spat out a loud laugh, causing Odette to close her eyes in fear of his noise waking someone up.

Gabriel: I should really stop teaching you my magic skills.

He continued to laugh, but now it was Odette’s time to roll her eyes at him.

Odette: yeah, that’s it… now be quiet

Gabriel finally cracked a smile as he brought his right hand up to his forehead and saluted her demand and walked forward hoping that this would come to an end soon.

Gabriel: Hey O?

He said just above a whisper that of course leads Odette to roll her eyes again.

Odette: Yes Gabriel?

He licked his lips confidently before smugly replying.

Gabriel: Stop rolling your eyes at me.

Sucking in her bottom lip she giggled, he knew her too well.  

Odette: and how did you know I rolled them?

Odette Knew exactly what he would say in reply and it was if on cue her lips mouthed the same word at the same time.

Gabriel: Magic.

Taking a few more steps Odette let’s go of Gabriel and walks around him, reaching out she holds his hands and pulls him towards where she is standing

Odette: Okay two more steps and I think we’re just about there.

Looking out at her surroundings in the bare hallway Odette can barely keep a lid on her excitement.

Gabriel: You’re not making me walk the plank are you?

Sighing her mood darkens as she picks up that Gabriel isn’t exactly a fan of what she is putting him through.

Odette: Oh a pirate joke, how hilarious.

The Australian Bombshell rolls her eyes at her English partner, while taking a step towards him.

Gabriel: I’ll be here all week for autographs and kisses.

Raising her arms up and wrapping them around the back of his head. Her finger tips find the firm knot in the blind fold and she slowly starts to untie it.

Odette: okay…are you ready?

Gabriel leans forward and lowers his head as if he’s trying to help Odette take the blind fold off him, by bringing it down to more her level.

Gabriel: Yes, yes I am.

Pulling her hands away from the material of the blind fold Odette laughs, even before she speaks she knows that what she’s about to say is going to make him angry.

Odette: No, because you might be ready but I’m not…

Running her right hand through her hair Odette giggles but Gabriel’s annoyance bellows out in his voice.

Gabriel: Can you hurry up a little my eyes are starting to hurt.

Bringing his hands up to the blind fold Gabriel tries to take it off himself but Odette slaps his hands away, not forcefully but just enough to get him to pull away and stop what he is doing.

Odette: You poor baby.

Laughing at him Odette brings her fingers back up to the material and starts to tug a little harder at the knot.

Odette: Okay, ready, one, two…

Feeling the material give she quickly takes it away from Gabriel’s eyes.

Odette: Three.

Taking a moment to adjust to the light Gabriel blinks several times before looking around the empty hallway of the ship. The blank on his face says it all, he isn’t amused.

Gabriel: Where are we O?

Odette stuffs the blind fold into her back pocket and turns away from Gabriel twirling around with her arms out to her side like the lady from the sound of music. Odette’s hair fly’s around her as she soaks in the memories from the location.

Odette: Isn’t it magical?

Gabriel’s eyes lock on to Odette as he stands there confused, Odette stops spinning and turns back to Gabriel looking at him like a kid in a candy store.

Gabriel: It’s a hallway.

Walking up to him she brings her hands together and lifts them up above her chest, pressing them against Gabriel’s beating heart.

Odette: It’s more than just a hallway look at the numbers on the door.

Pointing at the numbers to her left Odette’s big green eyes are gleaming with excitement as she waits for Gabriel to make the connection. The connection that she is lost in.

Gabriel: thirteen and fourteen, what’s the big deal?

Her bottom lip drops as she turns back to look at him. Could he have already forgotten? Talking another step up towards him Odette looks deep into his eyes to see if she can read what he’s thinking.

Odette: You don’t remember?

Her eyes lower as she looks up at him, their almost begging him to say yes.

Gabriel: Should I?

Feeling the wind get knocked right out of her Odette drops her head and looks at the carpeted floor in front of her feeling stupid and defeated.

Odette: Oh…

Sighing Odette quickly stuffs her hand into the front pocket of her jeans, while Gabriel is busy trying to reclaim his memory of this area.

Odette: Maybe this will refresh your memory?

Holding up their white suite key Odette waves it in front of his face, watching it go back and forth Gabriel just shrugs his shoulders

Odette: Do you remember now?

The hopeful look in her eyes is shortly lived as Gabriel just frowns down at his Aussie.

Gabriel: I have no idea what you’re doing Odette.

Dropping the key card out of her hand she watches as it falls to the ground.

Odette: What about now?

Gabriel’s eyes lock on Odette’s body as she slowly bends down to pick it up.

Gabriel: The memory you’re trying to bring up seems to have escaped me.

Snapping the card up in her right hand and jumping back to her feet Odette waves it in front of Gabriel’s nose almost furious at him.

Odette: Are you shitting me?

A smug smile creeps onto his face as he could tell that Odette’s patience was being tested.

Gabriel: No, and what on earth does that saying even mean?

Ignoring his question Odette shoves the card back into her pocket, running out of ideas she sighs.

Odette: You really don’t remember this spot?

Gabriel shakes his head, but the naughty look in his eye leads Odette to believe that he is just playing her.

Odette: How about now?

Without warning she presses her body up against his and quickly pulls his face down to mirror hers. Odette looks deep into Gabriel’s eyes for a few seconds before her lips finally embrace his, kissing him devotedly in the middle of the empty hallway. Pulling away Odette smiles brightly, that smile is match by Gabriel’s arrogant yet gracious grin.

Gabriel: Of course I remember the spot baby.

The smile on Odette’s face says it all as she jumps into Gabriel’s arms hugging him, twirling her around Gabriel puts her down on her feet laughing at her happiness.

Odette: This is where in my eyes it all began.

His hand came up to cup the side of his face, his thumb running over her soft skin.

Gabriel: What about the bar?

The bar had and will always be the spot that Gabriel believes that the magic happened, no pun intended but for Odette it had been this very spot they were standing in now.

Odette: I know we had that moment up there but you didn’t know what I wanted, hell I never thought I would work up the courage to talk to you again let alone kiss you.

The look of glee was smothering her as she gleamed up at Gabriel who was taken back by her fondness of this spot in the empty hallway.  

Gabriel: Well you were a little… tipsy.

Narrowing her eyes up at him Odette squeezed into the hug tighter, feeling him pressed his open palms into her back she sighed.

Odette: That doesn’t change a thing Gabriel, I’d relive that night over and over again if it meant that I got to be with you.

Looking deep into his eyes so he knew she was speaking from the heart Gabriel just smiled down upon her.

Gabriel: as would I, but lucky we don’t Odette, because as much as our past shaped us we have the future to build now.

He was talking about, the wedding, the zoo and babies, the future life they would build together.

Odette: I know, but I just wanted to bring you to the place where I knew. I knew that I was uncontrollably in love with you.

She knew that she most likely sounded like one of those hopeless romance novels but it was the truth, she knew then and there that she wanted him and she knew then and there that it was more than just a fan girl crush.

Gabriel: You fell in love with me at 6 am in the morning?

Her cheeks were plump and full of life as she was smiling and blushing at the same time.

Odette: Does it matter? Love never sleeps Gabriel… well at least not ours.

Looking up at him she smiled before quickly stealing a kiss from his lips, as she pulled away she looked around at the spot they were standing in.

Odette: I love this ship, I love everything it stands for… it’s my modern day love boat, it’s our love boat… in fact it’s our boat.

The excitement was overpowering in her voice as Gabriel gave her a squeeze, the reality check that she needed to remember that they weren’t in some fantasy dream land but that this was in fact real.

Gabriel: We brought it?

Snorting back a laugh Odette shook her head up at him, Gabriel was always making her laugh. If she didn’t know any better it was as if Gabriel made a pack with himself to make her laugh as much as he could and as often as her could. Laughter was a very big part of Odette’s personality, so it only seems fitting.

Odette: No silly, this is the boat we will make memories on for the rest of our wrestling days. Our first experience we found each other and I captured the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championship, you walked out with a stunning victory over the Surf Boys.

Her eyes returned back to his as she looked at him, looking at her. They say that one of the best feelings in life is when you look at him and he is already staring Odette lives this moment every day of her life.

Odette: And this year, we return engaged, this year you will walk out as the Heavyweight Champion and I will walk out as one half of the Bombshell Tag Team Champions… this is our cruise Gabriel… this is our event, this is our history in the making.

Looking back at the empty hallway Odette wrapped her arms around the back of Gabriel’s neck.  He could feel the excitement pulsate from her body emitting from her heart beat as her chest was pushed up against his.

Odette: In years to come we will reminiscing on this old boat and be forever thankful for what it has given us.

Gabriel couldn’t help but get caught up in Odette’s passion of the boat as his eyes finally left her to look around at the blue and white hallway.

Gabriel: Who would have thought that an Aussie and an Englishman could do so well at sea huh?

Turning back to her Gabriel smirked trying to shred some comedy on the situation.

Odette: I know you think this is crazy but I truly believe it.

Resting her head now against his chest Odette sighed feeling at home in his clasp.

Gabriel: I don’t think you’re crazy Odette, I think you’re very passionate about Summer XXXTreme and this boat…

Running his right hand through her hair Gabriel looked down at her proudly.

Odette: and about our memories on here…

Nodding his head in agreement Gabriel took a deep breath before replying.

Gabriel: If making this our cruise is what you want to do, then we’ll make that dream come true.

His left arm came across her back and pulled her into him more, he was hugging her tightly never wanting to let go.

Odette: Gabriel, my dreams came true the day I found out that you liked me... everything good that has come to me after that day has just been like another trophy for the case. You’re my main prize baby, always have and forever will.

Looking up at him with genuineness in her emerald eyes she could tell that he was happy.

Odette: I love you.

Licking his lips Gabriel lowered his head down to kiss her lips, pulling away slowly he spoke.

Gabriel: I love you too.

Letting go of the grip she had around his body Odette latched on to his hands and started to pull him towards her.

Odette: Now let’s get out of here; we have a big week this week.

Gabriel nodded to Odette and the two started to make their way back up the hallway, both stealing glances back at the spot that forgive me, that all of this magic started to happen. Well at least in Odette Nicole Ryder’s eyes, if you ask Gabriel he might have a different story.


Thursday, She makes my blood boil.

Opening up we find Odette standing beside Gabriel inside their suite, their eyes are looking up at the wall in front of them that has been plastered in Marty pictures. Turning to Gabriel Odette narrows her eyes and shakes her head in anger.

Odette: I’m going to kill that fucking wrench of a whore.

Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh at his future bride as she spat out that line, he hated Misty as much as she did.

Odette: If she thinks for one moment that I won’t hesitate to lay my hands on her in our match up she has another thing coming.

Looking back up at the pictures Gabriel shakes his head before turning back to Odette.

Gabriel: Odette why did she put pictures of Marty up in our room?

Odette: Because I said to her this morning that I would rather tag with this sick and twisted prick then put up with her and her two year old shit.

Wooo keep going O I think we have almost said every swear word.

Gabriel: And she thinks this is funny?

Looking at Gabriel and then at the pictures Odette shakes her head.

Odette: Our new born niece could think of a practical joke that’s more hilarious then this.

Waving her hands up to emphasise the pictures Gabriel doesn’t look at them he just continues to stare at Odette.

Odette: She’s bat shit crazy Gabriel, how the hell am I meant to trust her?

Gabriel shrugged his shoulders before pulling Odette into his side trying to calm her down.

Odette: I don’t even care about the belts, you know that I know that… but I don’t want to lose and I’ll be damned to be one that gets pinned if we do.

Gabriel still didn’t reply, but it’s not like Odette was giving him a chance to.

Odette: I’ve worked too hard and come too far to let that conniving, back stabbing, attention loving C---

Gabriel: Whoa, Odette… clam down…

Odette: Calm down? Calm down? How would you like it if Christian told you to team with Goth? Hmmmmm

Gabriel was about to answer but he was cut off once more.

Odette: Apples are apples Gabriel they can’t be pears, you would be just as pissed as I am. I swear he wants one of us to quit…

Gabriel: I don’t think that’s what Mark or Christian want honey.

Odette: No? Do they want one of us to go on mental health leave? Why her? Why Misty? The one bombshell I can’t and refuse to get along with and I have to put up with her. After everything she did to me, to Mel… hell to us?

Gabriel: Odette baby I know you have what It takes to suck it up for the match, if you win you win and that’s awesome but don’t get so beat up about it if you lose.

Running her hands over her face furiously Odette felt like she was fighting a losing battle, sighing out loud she turned to Gabriel and hid in his chest.

Odette: I just want her to go away, she’s ruining our cruise.

Gabriel narrowed his eyes at Odette’s words, he wanted nothing to ruin their anniversary cruise. He wanted nothing to hurt, or make Odette this angry so he instantly got protective.

Gabriel: I’ll speak to management and see if they can move our room, would that make you feel better?

Odette: There’s nothing free, I’ve already asked… I don’t even understand why she would want the room beside us Gabriel? It’s like she gets off on punishing me.

Gabriel: Maybe she gets off on something else we do.

Laughing Gabriel tried to soften the mood but Odette was fair to angry to be making sex jokes.

Odette: She’s a sicko and I don’t want to work with her and I don’t care how childish that sounds or how bad it makes me look… I’d rather this was handicap match… it would be far less punishment then what Christian and Mark are making me do at Summer XXXTreme.

Gabriel: You’d beat the fallen on your own baby, you know it.

Odette: They would kill me, but at least I wouldn’t have to put up with her. I’d rather spend the next week in hospital if it meant that I didn’t have to tag with the wicked witch of the west.

Gabriel: Hey don’t talk like that please. No one is going to hospital… not on my watch.

Odette sighed as she looked up at Gabriel’s worried infused eyes, reaching out he held onto her tightly wishing he knew what to say or do to take her mind off the anger she was feeling. Odette looked back at the pictures of Marty on their wall and closed her eyes, the next few days were going to be very long and painful.

Gabriel: Speaking of you match, Mark and Christian have both left messages wondering when you’re going to air your promo this week?

Odette: Worried I’m not going to show one?

Gabriel: I guess you could say that, you’re one of SCW biggest draws without you a lot of the male fans wouldn’t be on this boat.

Saying that last thing biting his tongue of what her really wanted to call them Gabriel hugs Odette tightly.  

Odette: don’t reply to them, let them sweat it out.

Gabriel: That’s a little unprofessional don’t you think?

Glaring up at Gabriel Odette smirks.

Odette: Teaming me with Misty is unprofessional, think of the liability… just think of the bloodshed that might arise when Misty and I finally realise we have had enough of each other. This tag match might as well be a four corners match…

Gabriel: I don’t think it will come down to that O, now let’s just forget about it for now… let’s go hit the pool or mingle with our fans?

Odette: and what about all of this?

Gabriel: I’ll call housekeeping and get them to deal with it.

Odette: I don’t know what makes me feel worse… the Marty pictures or the fact that Misty was in our room.

Shuddering in Gabriel’s arms Odette snickers in disgust as Gabriel grabs onto Odette’s right hand and drags her out of their suite leaving the mess behind them.


Friday, Matters of the heart…

Odette: What are you looking at Benno?

Walking up behind her fellow NXT stable-mate Odette wraps her right hand over his shoulders bringing him in for a side hug, while her eyes wondered down to the deck below.

Ben: Oh just the water sweets.

Scanning her eyes across the deck they stumble across Emma Rose standing in her bikini talking to her new trainer Derek Thorne.

Odette: Oh I’m sure you’re just looking at the water.

Rolling her eyes the Aussie taps Ben on the shoulder and laughs.

Ben: Well we’re on a cruise and there is lots of it around us…  

Sensing a bit of resentment in his normally happy tone Odette takes her arm off his shoulders and holds onto the balcony in front of them.

Odette: Now, now don’t take that tone with me Cockney…

Turning to look at Odette, Ben Jordan shakes his head, he already knows what she’s up to.

Ben: I can tell this isn’t a social visit Dundee…

Licking her lips, she innocently ran her fingers through her wind swept hair.

Odette: Can’t a girl check in with her NXT stable-mate without being accused of being up to something?

Tilting her head to the right Ben couldn’t help but laugh at her obvious attempts of buttering him over before the final roasting.

Ben: What do you want?

Holding her hands up in front of her chest Odette faked an innocence as she turned back to look at Ben.

Odette: Okay you got me.

Ben just rolled his eyes and shook his head, before giving Odette the wind up signal.

Ben: Like a window, your pretty see through when it comes to fishing for information.

Tapping the Aussie’s shoulder Ben laughed as they both looked down at the deck below them.

Odette: I’m choosing to ignore the window comment, but I do think we need to have a little bit of a chat?

Ben: What about?

Both of their eyes found Emma Rose again as she made her way towards the pool.

Odette: Oh I think you know what it’s about.

Ben: I’d rather not sweets, water under the bridge.

Laughing at his water joke Odette sighed and choose to ignore his request.

Odette: I get that I don’t know the history but Benno is it worth beating yourself up over it?

She was talking about the past, not something else you sick minded freaks might be thinking of.

Ben: I’m not beating myself up over anything.

Turning to look at him once more Odette felt a bit bad for talking to Ben about this, but it was in her nature to try and fix things.

Odette: Then why are you up here staring at her? When you should be down there talking to her?

Ben: Who the hot blonde?

Ha ha.

Odette: Very funny Ben, just think about it Benny Boy, not saying Derek’s a bad catch or anything but how long do you think it will take Miss Emma to fall under his charm?

Pointing down at Derek, Odette made sure she brought Ben’s attention down to him also.

Odette: Even without him pursuing her, which he insistent he wouldn’t because he believes that she’s entrusted to you… Emma is young, hot and single, ripe for the taking… and you know Derek, he’s always up for a good time, but forget Derek for a moment.

Pointing back over to Emma who was now sun bathing by the pool, Odette turned to look at Ben’s pained look in his eyes.

Odette: Do you really want to stand back and watch the one time love of your life; well that’s what I assume she was? The same girl who has done nothing but go out of her way to be around you since walking back into your life, find someone else? You can fool a fool Benno but I’m no fool. Do something before your pride fucks up your chances.

Turning to look at Odette his Cockney accent cut her off.

Ben: You don’t know the full story, you don’t know what really happened. This is the woman who walked out on me, this was the woman who made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for her.

Looking back down at “her” Ben continued to reply to Odette.

Ben: Bumping into me again and playing all sweet and innocent doesn’t mean she’s changed. I knew her back then, all sunshine and lollypops, but she still walked away from me. Once bitten, twice shy Dundee. She had that sweet innocent smile back then, she’s got the same now, she can do the same again.

Turning back to Odette he shook his head showing a rare sign of anger before looking back down at the bootylicious redhead.

Ben: She didn’t even fight for us, didn’t even come up with any options, just walked. Pride might put me on the losing side with her, but pride will stop me getting close enough for her to do this again. The things most worth it in life are the things you have to fight for constantly. I guess I wasn’t worth it back then, so why should that change now?

Taking in every word that he just said Odette let it sink in before turning to face her Cockney friend.

Odette: How do you know she didn’t fight for you? Hmm… and forgive me for stepping on your toes here, but from where I’m standing… it’s easy for you to say that she never fought for you, yet when did you fight to keep her from leaving? It takes two to tango Benno, nothing stopped you from getting on a plane to Hell I mean New Zealand, now did it?

Raising her right eyebrow Odette looked down at the girl they were talking about and she shook her head.

Odette: You know I love you like a brother, but I don’t want to hear your excuses… you were hurt I get that but do you honestly think she wasn’t hurting? Do you honestly think that she wasn’t tearing herself up on the inside waiting for you to fight for her? All I’m saying is to think about it Ben… it’s the least you can do for both of your sakes.

Odette didn’t even let Ben reply in fact she did what most females do when they get their way, she turned and walked off. Leaving the ACW Mega star to think about what the Aussie had just said.


Saturday night, no more calm waters.

Odette: Never in a million years did I think that I would have to do something so belittling in teaming with Misty, let alone for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Championships. It’s funny how things come full circle it’s funny how some things just click. This weekend at Summer XXXTreme two I get the opportunity to go for and potentially take back one of the belts, that Carly Athens and I were crowned with. I get the chance to take back what in my eyes is rightfully mine. You see you need to take a walk down memory lane and remember that the only reason why I lost that championship belt in the first place was because jealous Carly Athens couldn’t control her selfish impulses, so she decided to deck me… then Cookie and Brandi had their way with me. I still believe that this very day if that little twat didn’t walk out on me, that Bombshell Tag Team Championship belt would still be wrapped firmly around my waste.

Opening up on the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruise liner Odette Ryder can be seen standing at the very top, looking out into the ocean listening to the sound of the boat cut through the oncoming waves with ease. Looking over her right shoulder she looks into the lens of the camera giving it a playful wink.

Odette: Why so dark Odette? Why so angry? Let’s face it if you were in my shoes would you jumping for joy? Sure I get to face two of the biggest Bombshells in Sin City Wrestling, sure I have a golden chance sitting right in front of me… they would be the positives let’s look at the negatives. A I’m teaming with an unreliable hack, or as we all known her as the “Queen” Misty… B I’m teaming with Misty oh and C, I’m fucking tagging with Misty… trust me when I say this I’d rather have hot coals poured down my pants then be forced to get along with her.

Folding her arms across her chest Odette turns around and rests her back up against the hand rail, her attention fully locked on the camera as she continues with ease.

Odette: All week long I have heard how Misty might just be my greatest tag team partner, Misty might be my greatest chance in winning back my belts. Correction, in case you weren’t watching the first time I won these belts, I did it practically by myself… so what makes you think I can’t and won’t do it again? I have no doubt in my mind that Misty will either stab me in the back, or walk away mid match why? Because she’s a flake. She’s a flake for a mother, a flake as a lover and a flake as a tag team wrestler. Hell Misty would walk away from her own shadow if the sun ever allowed it. That woman has no sense of ownership, no sense of partnership in fact I think the only thing that has stuck by her and in her for the last several years has been her index and middle fingers. I guess you could say her right hand wasn’t just used to shake hands with the devil.

Winking Odette takes a step forward wrapping the pink and white towel blanket around her body, protecting it from the wind that has picked up. Her hair is blowing around her face, that all attempts to tuck it behind her ears is rendered hopeless.  

Odette: Now I get that you all watching this at home will be staring at your television sets or your computer screens scratching your heads, saying what the fuck O? You’re not meant to be verbally attacking your tag team partner… and well yes you’re right. I just wanted to get this out of the way early because the less I have to think about it, the less angry I’ll get about the situation that Christian and Mark have put me in. Am I happy to be tagging with Misty? No… but I guess if I can spin any type of light on this situation it will be that the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closure will be nothing short of the truth. Misty this Sunday night will be in my view the whole time, Misty will be right there beside me, so there will be no doubts running through my mind that the revenged filled cry baby won’t have the time to inflict any pain or try and cause trouble so she can get this treasured last draw match up with me. The down side is, the closure she is to me… the less secure I feel going into this match, not knowing what her intentions are.

Reaching up to grab her hair Odette ties it up in a loose pony tail getting it out of her face, scrunching it up at the base of her pony she adds some volume while she continues to talk, not losing focus for a second.

Odette: But if we all know our “Queen” Misty we all know that she more driven then a gold digger when it comes to championship reigns, in fact I believe she thinks the term golden showers is related to the satisfaction she gets when she gets crowned as a new one.

Another bold laugh leaves the Aussie’s lips as she takes another step towards the camera, the camera man takes a step backwards trying to get the sun that has just started to rise in the background.

Odette: But in all fairness to Her Royal Pain In My Arse, maybe teaming with her buttercream face won’t be the exactly the worst thing in the world. I know one thing, Misty knows how to fight, she knows how to win and she knows how to tap out… oh wait… what? My bad that one was for you Benny Boy!  

Winking again she waves towards the camera, knowing that Ben Jordan will eat that line up for breakfast she smirks.

Odette: Basically what I’m trying to say, without actually saying it... is maybe just maybe Christian and Mark knew what they were doing that day when they were clearly smoking the green stuff and decided to put us together as a team. They wanted excitement, they wanted action, and they wanted to pair a set of Bombshells up together that would get the whole roster talking. Well Christickles and ReMarkable, you got your wish I just hope you’re ready for the aftermath because if either of us steps on the others toes, I’m fairly sure the types of tags that get counted in the opponent exchange might now include face plants, bitch slaps and elbows square in the jaw… but that’s what you want to see isn’t it? That’s what the Sin City Wrestling fans are crying for… they don’t want to see Misty and I walk away as champions, they want to see us turn on each other and rip each other to shreds. That’s why our match has been made the main event for the Bombshells at Summer XXXTreme because the chance of this match blowing up into something ten times what it should be is too high, the chance of this match becoming a war zone is practically a given… smart move boss men, smart move.

It was true the fact that Misty and Odette didn’t like each other couldn’t be ignored but it couldn’t be fixed by forcing them into a tag match either. Odette softly sighed as she continued her way across the deck.

Odette: Last but not least Misty, I’ve said it over and over again… don’t cross me, just go out there and do what you do best, be a gold hungry milfy BUT remember you overoptimistic mole, that you in fact DO have a tag team partner and that you DON’T have try and win this match by yourself… and that I can be tagged in at ANY time. I know you, you will want to win but you would like to be the one to get the pin fall over the Fallen and why do I know this? Because you want the bragging rights, you want to be the girl who where’s the big girl pants in this little tag team we’re got going on. Regardless of who gets the win, when we win Misty know this… you NEEDED me to help get that win and as much as it pains me to say I need you to pull your head out of your arse and work together with me so we can take back what is rightfully mine… my first ever wrestling championship title belt. I know you have it in you somewhere deep within your black smoke infested lung, you have the strength to want these belts more than I do, that’s why I believe we’re going to walk out of Summer XXXTreme at the NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions.

Motioning around her waist where the tag team belt will since once they dethrone the current champions Odette smiles brightly.

Odette: Now moving on to our opponents, the most feared Bombshell Tag team the Sin City Wrestling has ever seen, blah, blah, blah… The team of Raynin and Gothika, two of the darkest soulless bitches to ever step foot into out six sided ring… forgive me for sounding disinterested, but where have I heard all of this bullshit from before? Oh that’s right, from every damn Bombshell that walks in the front door of SCW. It’s like were in an epidemic plague of mindless zombies when it comes to our bombshells, we have them all… we have a superhero, we have twenty different variations of a “Queen” it’s like the Greek Gods threw up in our rankings, we have the Queen of hearts, the Queen of the dead, the Queen of the Damned and the Queen Pillow biter… originality really is a dead horse, that was lead to water but never got to drink.

Shaking her head in dismay Odette makes her way to the closes chair and takes a seat looking over her shoulder to steal a glimpse at the burnt orange sun stained horizon. Turning back to the camera man Odette licks her lips and continues.

Odette: What does this have to do about you Raynin and Gothika? Well it’s simple you two claim to be something that’s original but really when I look at you it’s obvious to see that one of your grew a tad bit obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, while the other one jumped on Edward fever and woke up thinking she was a blood sucking vampire. Well shock horror girls, Pirates that look like you Raynin are whores and Vampires that look like you Gothika are middle aged teenagers that have seemed to have developed a skin allergy to the sun. Just like your gimmicks and your personas your hold on the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championships is irrelevant… You can spit out your best cheap shots, you can taunt Misty and I all you please but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you are, or who you think you are because it’s simple. Misty aka Tits McGee and I are still better then you, sure Misty can be passed off as your distance cousin by an appearance alone but when it comes to ring skills, hell even I’m delighted to say that she runs rings around you both.

Shrugging her shoulder Odette knew that Misty would jump on that and be all over it, relaxing into the lounging chair she turns to face the camera, as her towel rides up her long slender leg.

Odette: I’m sick and tired at listening to the bullshit hype that surrounds you both, you’re the best female tag team, you’re unstoppable, you’re unbeatable… correction Raynin and Gothika but don’t forget who was one of the members in the tag team that wiped you clear out of the water in the first ever tag team tournament for women was held… but in case you forgot, it was this bitch… it was this girl who you have basically spoken down about, saying that I’m not threat? Raynin and Gothika, your delusion amazes me. I’m not a threat? I’m THE threat in this match because I know what it takes to beat you, I know what it takes to topple the “best” female tag team… not to forget Gothika I’m that mole that took your undefeated streak and broke it in two… consider me like the stake to your heart, consider me Gothika as your buffy the vampire slayer in fact Gothika just consider as your fucking down fall… you can’t and won’t get past me, it doesn’t matter what fancy “trick” you might have up your vampire alley way… you can try and glamour me, you can try and read my thoughts but you’ll never control me, you’ll never know what I have in store for you… hell you can try and sink your teeth into this neck but trust me when I say this…I will kick then so far down your throat that they’ll be shredding up your insides for weeks.

Adjusting her engagement ring unfazed that she’s cutting her promo, smiling down at it proudly the bubbly Australian continues.

Odette: As for being a feared vampire, how am I meant to take you seriously when you have you have you “bad girl” t shirt on how am I meant to fear the infamous “heart breaker” trust me you sun rejecting ferret, you’re no heart breaker, but if we want to call someone a heart breaking in this match… I’m happy to be it. I’m more than happy to take your hopes and dreams and turn them into a pained reality for you that pained reality is this… you might be walking in with the gold but I can assure you, you won’t be walking out with it. You’ll have the belts stripped from your fingers before you even know what has happened. Why? Because Misty and I won’t want to
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 Odette: Gothika, Gothika, Gothika… it appears that you like to pour fuel on fires that haven’t been lit. Loan me ears for a few minutes let me re-educate on how this match originated. Did I ask for it? No, did Misty ask for it No… did we team up and ask for it together? Hell no, Christian God love him booked this match, so for you stand there and call me title hungry is just a plain insult, you clearly haven’t done your research you clearly haven’t witnessed any of my work as of late… I have said for months on end know that I don’t need a championship belt to prove my stand in the Bombshell division, it is what it is… I’m at the top… I’m not saying I am the top but I’m saying that I’m pretty damn close. At first I wasn’t interested in this match I wasn’t even going to give it a look in but you just kept opening your mouth in between add breaks for cotton candy and life insurance I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Shrugging her shoulder the bubbly Aussie laughs before breaking out with another trademark white smile.

Odette: That’s why I have decided that I’m coming to take the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Championships away from you and Raynin, because you pissed me off with your lack of respect. You have the hide to compare me to other bombshells but you know nothing about what I have been saying over the last few months let alone what I’m like. Foot in mouth disease, you both sure do have it.

Nodding as if to agree with herself, Odette takes a moment to look back over her shoulder looking at the gobsmacking sunrise. Turning back to face the camera Odette looks past it and waves, cause the camera to swing around and find Gabriel standing there. Swinging back to Odette, the Aussie wastes very little time now knowing that he is watching and waiting for her.

Odette: Now moving on to Raynin, the other half of the Fallen… but first a word from our sponsors…

Biting down on her bottom lip Odette tries her hardest not to burst out in laughter, shaking it off she continues.

Odette: Fuck that, there ain’t no commercial breaks in my promos to seem like the time ticks by, there’s no fillers, no song break downs, no free fucking steak knives, no if you gotta door you’ve gotta gym hype, no weather forecasts. There’s just me… my work and my words.

The sound of Gabriel’s rough laugh can be heard off the scene that brings a instant smile to Odette’s face.

Odette: Raynin bringing up Gabriel’s name to try and get under my skin, was a rookie mistake. I don’t like it when people make the judgement call that I’m only where I am today because of the love I have for Gabriel… I don’t like it when people imply that I slept my way to the top, let’s face it in this company I’ve never been far from the top not since I made my debut, I have taken it upon myself to climb the ranks and I don’t stop and won’t stop until I have defeated them all… I like to set myself challenges and yes, you were once one of those challenges I set for myself but I defeated you, I took away your championship dreams… so what makes you think this round is going to be any different? Sleeping with Gabriel or not sleeping with Gabriel isn’t the reason why I’m better then you, the simple answer to that question is just plainly… because I am. I don’t live in a fantasy land where I believe in creatures that don’t live or breathe, I don’t walk around telling everyone that I’m a spunky hard-core bad arse… I put up and I shut up and I get results. So instead of talking the talk Raynin, instead of worrying about whose bed my boots have been under, worry about that fact that you have twenty four hours left with your Tag Team Championship Belt. Worry about the pain you’re going to feel when you’re forcefully made to say goodbye.

Laughing again but this time a little more playfully the camera turns back to look at Gabriel who’s giving Odette the wrap it up sign with one hand while tugging at the hem of his shirt with the other. Obviously he wasn’t the only one that likes it when his partner was a little more edgy.  The camera flung back around to show Odette who was wrapping the towel around her body tighter, underneath the towel was a strappy little bikini, after all the plan was to go for a morning swim. Looking back towards the camera the Aussie smirked as she took a deep breath in.

Odette: Goodbye seems to be one of the hardest words to say but after this Sunday you and Gothika are going to make it look easy. Misty and I are coming for your belts, were coming to take your pride all because you two couldn’t keep your mouths closed, you couldn’t be bothered to stay on top of this, so taking the belts will be like taking candy from a baby. Just like your Tag Team name your reign over the Tag Team division will be fallen, broken and destroyed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already knew what was coming towards you, if you both knew what was bound to happen… Raynin it true when people say it hard to keep your head up when you’re already fallen, and you my dear as well as Gothika, have tripped and tumbled into your worst nightmare. The era of terror of those belts have come to an end… and it couldn’t have come at a better time because we’re not just on any cruise Gothika and Raynin, we’re on my boat. This is my cruise, this is my playground… this is the ship that has created all of my hopes and dreams and I’ll be damned if I let you both put a stop to them.  

Stepping up and walking away from the chair Odette walked over to join Gabriel tucking into the side of his body with ease, showing the viewers at home what she meant by this was “her” cruise. Correction “their” cruise. Gabriel wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on top of her head, looking away from the camera he was distracted by the sun that was slowly creeping up the morning sky.

Odette: It doesn’t matter that I’m tagging with my worst enemy because the reality is, even in Misty and my darkest hour we together can be and will be better then you two on the night. The fear of not getting along is numb compared to the fear of walking out of Summer XXXTreme empty handed and it’s from this fear alone we will make the most devastatingly beautiful tag team that Sin City Wrestling is yet to encounter in the Bombshell division… bank on it.

Looking at the camera confidently Odette smiled brightly as she licked her lips getting ready to wrap this one up.

Odette: Live it and love it ladies because come Sunday Night Misty and I were born out of hate to destroy your chances of keeping those championship belts, you might not fear us now, but you should because we’re coming for them and it’s a very rare occurrence for us to be disappointed. I just hope you’re both ready, I just hope you both know what you’re getting yourself into… this won’t be easy for you both… I just hope you’re ready to ride and ready to give the fans what they deserve and that’s the match of a lifetime.  

Smiling brightly the Australian Bombshell tucks into Gabriel’s body more as she now wraps her arms around his waist.

Odette: Sunday night will be a golden night for the power couple of Sin City Wrestling.

Leaning up she kisses Gabriel on his cheek, who returns her gesture with a smile.  

Odette: Come Sunday Gothika and Raynin prepare for the worst, because then you won’t have to suffer leaving the cruise ship disappointed.

Winking Odette laughs as the scene fades to black leaving Odette and Gabriel to run off into the new dawn and well I’m not sure what they will be doing.

Word Count: 20'041

#OOC and I'm done BOOOOOM!!! Will have errors but meh it's 5am in the morning wooot  

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A Week of Change

Day 1- Sunday

Amazing.  Simply amazing.  I missed out on this opportunity last year, as I was bed ridden and recuperating from serious injuries suffered at the hands of Roxanne.  Neither one of us could make the inaugural Summer XXXTreme Cruise last year, but no doubt had I been able to, I would have walked out with the Bombshell Title back in my possession.  Sadly, that didn't go as planned as I was out of commission another three months, and my own tag team partner this year, walked away as the new Bombshell Champion.  Hmmm...interesting.  I think I am going to need to go back and watch last year's show again to get a better grip on what I just realized.  But I will get to that later, yes?  

As for right now, well, Ruby and I are currently on our way to the Royal Monarch Cruise liner.  It sets out to sea today, and I'd like to get checked in early, as I have a bit of a mischievous plan up my sleeve.  I haven't told Ruby, yet, but there is a reason for that.  If I had decided to tell her what I am planning, she would do everything to try and talk me out of it, but that is not going to happen.  

Ruby and I stayed at a hotel after we left the home that we shared with the Brothers.  Damien didn't seem to particularly care that I was leaving, surprisingly, but I heard him and Ruby arguing down the hall as I was finishing packing my clothes.  I wasn't worried about all of the "belongings", as they had been purchased by the Brothers over the past year, and I wanted nothing to do with them.  I know it was difficult for Ruby to leave, as it was clear by the argument she and Damien were having, but what I didn't expect to hear, was the real reason Damien did not want her to leave.

The two had been romantically involved months before I came into the picture.  

To say that I was floored was a bit of an understatement.  Damien had somehow managed to get Ruby under his spell, but something apparently went wrong eventually.  I didn't hear what, but it was clear by his begging and pleading for her not to leave...his non-stop apologizing...that he had been the one at fault for their relationship ending.

"She doesn't love you, Ruby." I had heard him say, at which point Ruby let out an angry laugh. "And you don't love her.  You just think you do.  She is a lost cause.  I see that now, but can be what she never will be.  You can be the our Queen..."

I remember my eyes widening as I listened to their conversation.  My jaw had dropped open for a moment, but it was all beginning to make sense.  I had expected Ruby to fall weak at the knees and not only accept his pathetic apology, but that she would stay with them and stay with the Brothers.

"You know nothing about love, Damien." She spat back at him, the hatred now shining through her tone.  She quickly turned on her heels to storm out of his room, but he had grabbed a hold of her hand and held her back.

"You are wrong, Ruby.  Let me prove it to you." I almost felt sorry for him, even if it was for a fleeting moment.  Sadly for him, he made the mistake of allowing me to overhear his ridiculous plans to kidnap my daughter.  So I felt no pity for him as Ruby crushed his ice-cold heart.

"Let go of me!" She yelled at him.  I couldn't see what was happening, but I imagine at that point she had yanked her arm away from him. "I am not going to let you try and prove a thing to me anymore, Damien.  You will crush me as you did before, and I would be a fool to let it happen again!  What I am going to do, however, is follow my Queen...Follow Misty...and serve her as I promised, and it is not because you think I love her.  I care for her, yes, but my feelings do not go beyond that."

She was not lying.  I was sure of it.

"You've changed, dear Ruby." Damien had said, sounding quite sure of himself. "You told me before you were developing feelings for her!"

That came as no surprise.  There were several times I saw it in her eyes when she looked at me.

"Yes, well things change, Damien.  People change."

"Tell me this has nothing to do with that Max Burke fellow?  He is not suited for you--"

"ENOUGH DAMIEN!" Ruby had shouted loud enough so the whole city of Las Vegas probably heard her.  I had a sick smile of satisfaction on my face as I continued to listen with quiet pride.

"My life is none of your business any longer, Damien.  Go out and find some other naive woman to be your Queen, because it sure as hell will not be either of us."

At that point, I heard the sound of Damien stepping forward, followed by a bit of a struggle.  I was about to storm into the room when I heard Ruby's muffled crying, but the sound of Damien doubling over held me back for a moment.  I stepped into the room to see what was going on, to see Damien hunched over, holding his groin with Ruby's petite figure standing over him, fuming.

"You will never touch me again, Damien!  If you do, I won't hesitate to castrate you where you stand."

My jaw dropped open in shocked amusement as Ruby turned her head to look at me.  I couldn't help but laugh as I just watched what was happening.  Before she walked away, she looked down at Damien one last time.

"But if you ask me, Damien...You wouldn't be suffering much of a loss, and probably wouldn't even realize it was gone."

I couldn't contain my laughter at that point, and as Ruby stepped over Damien and headed towards me, Dante, Sebastian and Zane appeared behind me.  We said nothing to them as we headed down the hall to gather our things, and left shortly after, not looking back.

Over the past couple of days since then, I have wanted to ask Ruby about what happened, but I just couldn't.  I didn't want to pry, no matter how curious I was, and knew that in time, she would hopefully open up to me and confide in me.  Who knows how long that might be?  

She is sitting beside me in the backseat of the town car that is bringing us to the Royal Monarch Cruise liner.  I look at her, somewhat concerned, as she stares out the window, appearing in deep thought over something.  I finally decide to break the awful silence that is between us.

"I don't know about you, Ruby, but I am really looking forward to this cruise.  A week out on the open sea sounds fantastic, don't you think?" I look at her, waiting for an answer, but all I get in response is a short glance back, followed by an awkward forced smile.  She turns her attention back outside as we make our way through the streets of San Diego.  I take in a deep breath, ready to nip this situation in the bud while I have the chance.

"Alright Ruby, you need to talk to me." I say, finally grabbing her attention for more than a second.  She looks at me blankly. "You've barely spoken a word the last two days, and if this is how you are going to act the next week we are on the cruise, and throughout the tour that follows, I'm going to lose my mind.  You could have stayed if that is what you wanted."

Ruby quickly shakes her head.

"It is not what I wanted...Misty." She still hesitates before she addresses me by my name.  I know in time she'll get used to it though. "It is just going to take some time in getting used to life without them, but I must admit it feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

I nod and offer her a smile, trying to ease some of the tension she is giving off.  Just then, I look out the window as I see the Cruise liner not too far in the distance.  It distracts me from starting the conversation that I would rather have.

"We're almost there." I say as I point out the window.  Ruby looks and smiles, showing just a hint of excitement herself. "Once we board that ship, Ruby, we have the whole week to relax and be stress free.  I'm fairly sure we'll run into Max at least once before the show next Sunday."

Ruby glances at me from the corner of her eye, trying to hide the fact that she is blushing as I bring Max into the conversation.  I nudge her just a bit, trying to get her to lighten up and I believe it starts to work.

"Yes, no doubt he will try and find some way to accidentally bump into me yet again." She replies, trying to sound like she has no interest in him.  Unfortunately for her, I know she does, whether she wants to admit it or not.

"You're a good actor, Ruby." I say with a laugh, and Ruby looks at me, shocked and confused. "You don't need to deny that you like Max.  Not anymore.  I know now that you did that just to hide it from Damien."

Her eyes widen even more, clearly surprised that I know more than I have led on.

"Look, Ruby, I am not going to pressure you to talk about your past with Damien, but I heard enough the other night." Ruby turns her head away as I confess to listening to their argument.  I should change the subject now, but I don't. "Just forget about Damien, okay?  Try and have a good time on this cruise this week.  Get to know Max a little better and give him a chance.  Enjoy a little alone time, because I hate to break it to you, but that is what I plan to do."

Ruby looks at me, confused yet again.  I really need to stop confusing the poor girl now.

"What are you talking about?" She asks curiously.

"I don't know about the rest of the week, but tonight at least, I will be preoccupied.  I need to meet up with Giani and discuss a few things."

Ruby rolls her eyes as I mention my plans to meet with Giani, but her reaction is rather tame compared to how she usually reacts.  I have been so used to seeing her snarl around him and even at the mention of him, but she doesn't do that this time.  Nor does she try to talk me about of meeting him.

"I've never understood what you see in that man." She replies. "He's never struck me as much of your type."

I laugh and shake my head. "Well, opposites DO seem to attract, Ruby.  I think you and Max can vouch for that, don't you think?"

She glares at me with a look that says to not go any further.  I hold my hands up in defeat, and look out the window as we pull up to the harbor, just outside the Royal Monarch Cruise liner.  There are crowds of people, passengers, SCW superstars and the like, in and around the ship.  The fans who were unfortunate enough to not get tickets aboard the ship and to the show, make due with standing outside the Cruise liner, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite SCW superstars before it leaves the harbor.  The driver parks the car outside the designated entrance for us, and walks around the vehicle to get our luggage from the trunk.  I look at Ruby with an enthusiastic and excited smile.

"I hope you don't get sea sick." I say with a laugh.  Ruby also lets out a laugh and shakes her head.

"Not that I am aware of."

"Good.  Let's go get checked in." I say as we both open our doors, stepping out of the car.  A few fans around us cheer, though given their feelings towards me, it is not man.  Regardless, they all take pictures, excited to see me.  Some of the male fans even go so far as to taunt Ruby, and she glares at them with a disgusted snarl.

"Ignore them, Ruby." I tell her as the driver brings our luggage to us.  I nudge Ruby, stealing her attention away from the hecklers. "They're just jealous because they can't be on the ship with us.  Come on."

I pull her with me towards the check in point, and I pull out tickets out my bag.  One of the crew members takes my tickets and looks at me, prepared to tell me our room assignments for the week, but I stop him before he can say a word.  This is where my mischievous plan is revealed.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but can you tell me if our rooms are near Odette Ryder's by chance?"

He looks through his papers at the various room assignments, looking for Odette's name. "You said Odette Ryder?"

"Yes.  I imagine she is sharing a room with her new fiancee, Gabriel." I reply.  Ruby looks at me, wondering what I am up to, but I hold a finger up, as if telling her all will be revealed shortly, while I keep a wicked smile on my face.

The man scans the room assignments until he finally finds Odette and Gabriel's names.
"Here they are, but I'm sorry, ma'am your room is not near theirs.  They are on the suite deck, as they upgraded.  Your room is two decks above theirs."

I frown, disappointed. "Damn.  That is unfortunate.  I was hoping to have a room near Odette.  You see, we're teaming together on the show next week, and I thought it would be easier if our rooms were closer together."

"You still have time upgrade your room, ma'am." He tells me, and my eyes light up.

"Really?  That is possible?" I fake surprise, as I was fully expecting this answer.  Now, lets just hope the rest goes according to my plan.

"Absolutely." He nods, and scans the available rooms. "And you're in luck.  The suite next to theirs is available.  You will have to pay the difference, however."

Bingo!  Odette is in store for a big surprise. "Of course.  You can cancel her room by the way.  She can share the room with me, as I'm sure it will be big enough to accommodate us both."

I point to Ruby standing next to me, and look at her.  She is staring at me, clearly displeased by my decision to upgrade my room so I will be right next to Odette.  I shrug my shoulders, and try to look innocent, but she shakes her head.

"It is." The man replies. "It only has one bed, but there is a very comfortable sleeper sofa.  Is there anything else we can accommodate you with?"

I shake my head, unable to think of anything at the moment. "No, I think that is all for now.  You have been very helpful."

"It has been my pleasure, ma'am.  If you are all set, here is your room assignment and your keys, as well as a map of the ship just in case you need it.  If you think of anything else you need, please don't hesitate to let one of us know."

"I will, thank you." I smile politely and take our room keys from him.

"You are very welcome.  And welcome aboard the Royal Monarch Cruise line.  Enjoy your stay and good luck on the show next week."

I nod and smile again as Ruby and I make our way up the ramp and onto the ship.  I can feel her staring at me from the corner of my eye, and I look at her to find my suspicions true.

"What?" I ask, trying not to laugh.

"So much for a relaxing week..." She replies.

"Well," I begin. "I never said anything about not having a little fun torturing Odette the whole week in the process.  You can always go your own way and spend the week with Max, anyway."

She glares at me again, and I wink at her, trying to get her to lighten up.  Somehow she manages to laugh, but keeps her thoughts to herself, as we board the ship and head off in search of our room.  With any luck, Odette and Gabriel will be checked in already and the real fun can begin.

A little while later...

Ruby and I managed to find our room rather easily.  We did a bit of exploring beforehand, though, just to get a feel for the ship, and I must admit, it is rather impressive.  I'm sure I would have reacted the same way last year, had I been on the cruise, but there is nothing like experiencing something like this for the first time.  

After we wandered our way through the corridors on several decks, we finally found the deck where all the higher class suites were...were our upgrade suite next to Odette and Gabriel's suite is.  I can't help but laugh as I imagine the lovely Aussie's reaction when she finds out.

"What is so funny?" Ruby asks me as she catches me laughing out loud.  We have just reached our room.

"What?" I ask, not realizing that my laughing wasn't in my head.

"You laughed.  What were you laughing about?"

I look at her briefly before I unlock the door, allowing her to walk in before me.  She steps through the door and into the room, looking around, almost in awe of the beauty of the room.

"I was just thinking about how Miss Ryder is going to react when she finds out I upgraded my room to be right next to hers.  She's probably going to flip out." I say, laughing once again.  

Ruby continues to look around the room, and she is too amazed that she just drops her bags on the floor right next to her.  She spins around and faces me, a bright smile on her face I've never really witnessed before.

"This is amazing!  I can only imagine what the regular cabins must look like compared to this." She says, finally moving her eyes to look at me. "Hopefully it will be worth the dreadful week we have to spend next to that pest of a tag team partner of yours this week.  I can't believe you're going to go through with it!"

I don't say it, but neither can I.  Under normal circumstances, I'd currently be planning to walk out of the match and let Odette worry about it herself, but for some odd reason, I have no desire to do that.

"I hate to admit it, Ruby, but I have to go through with this match.  I've cost myself and a tag team partner matches a few times before, so everyone is expecting me to do it this time.  I think this time, I need to prove them wrong." I say as I walk over to the bed and place one of my bags on it. "Besides, do you know how fun it will be to make Odette's life hell during that match?"

"Maybe so," Ruby begins. "But that doesn't erase the fact that you hate her...We hate her.  If you guys win the tag team titles..."

"There is no if about it, Ruby." I say interrupting her.

"Okay, fine." She lets out a sigh. "When you two win the tag team titles, what will you do then?  You'll be expected to defend those titles and play nice with her as long as you hold them!"

I respond with a simple shrug of my shoulders, not really showing much concern over that thought. "I'm not thinking about that right now, Ruby.  I'll deal with that when the time comes, but right now, I'd like to relax for a while before I have to get ready."

"Get ready for what?" She asks, arching an eyebrow at me curiously.

"Giani is hosting a party later tonight, and I am going.  You can join me if you like?" I say, trying to sound excited.

Ruby lets out a laugh and shakes her head.
"Thank you for the invitation, but I think I will stay in the room tonight.  You and Mr. Di Luca will want some time alone I imagine."

Wow.  Being away from Damien and the Brothers really has done her some good it seems.  Maybe being around Max will break her even more.  Only time will tell, but I will not ease up and I will encourage her to spend more time with Max.

"You know, tonight would be the perfect night to get to know Max a little better...maybe have a drink or two?" I say, smiling at her with excited encouragement.  She looks down to the floor, almost embarrassed.

"I appreciate the encouragement, but I think I will wait a day or two." She says, and I frown disappointedly.

"Suit yourself." I reply, shrugging my shoulders once again. "But don't wait too long, okay?  I've been playing the same game with Giani the past couple of months, and I think it has only pissed him off.  Don't do the same to Max, okay?"

"I will try not to, my Qu.." She quickly stops herself and looks at me apologetically. "Misty."

I smile and nod. "Okay, good.  Now, let's get settled in."

Ruby nods in agreement and she walks over to her luggage on the floor, taking one in each hand.  She walks it over to the sofa as I set the rest of my luggage against the wall by the bed.  We spend the next hour or so getting our things organized and looking forward to the week ahead.


Day 2-Monday

It is early in the morning, sometime just after seven a.m.  I'm walking down the corridor leading to the suite I'm sharing with Ruby, but I'm not in the mood I expected to be in this morning.  It was a wild night with Giani to say the least, and I'm sure Ruby will be full of questions when I get back to the room.  I honestly have no idea how, or even if I am going to answer them, because I don't feel right.  Or, should I say something doesn't feel right.

Don't get me wrong, the night with Giani was everything I knew it would be.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I didn't expect to feel this way after it finally happened.  I didn't expect to feel...different.  So different in fact, that I just did something I've never done before in my life...I snuck out of Giani's room while he was in the bathroom.  I did what most guys would have normally done in a situation like that when I left.  Why?  Why did I do that?

I will not deny that for months now there has been this obvious chemistry and attraction between Giani and I.  We both flirted to no end, but I was holding back...teasing him if you will.  I was letting him wait, because let's face it, Giani is what I like to call a man-whore.  He just doesn't get paid for it.  He has a new woman pretty much every night, so in a sense, by toying with him these past couple of months, I was testing him and trying to find out for sure if he wanted to be with me, or just finally get in my pants and kick me aside.

I never thought I would be the one to kick him aside, because that is exactly what I am doing.

I don't know what is happening to me this week.  I'm starting to feel like a different person, and I have to stop before it is too late.  I think I just need some time to myself...time to think...time to clear my head.  I hope Ruby...

"Shit!" I blurt out loudly as I reach into my pocket, searching for my room key.  It's not there!  I never even grabbed it when I left the room last night.  I hope Ruby is awake.

I walk up to the door to our suite and I quietly begin to knock, waiting for Ruby to come to the door.  There is no answer, and not even a sound coming from in the room signaling that Ruby is headed towards the door, so I knock again, this time a little louder.

"Ruby?  Ruby it's me...I forgot my key last night." I say loud enough where Ruby can hear me, but hopefully quiet enough so I don't wake anyone else around me.  Though I'm sure the future Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel are awake and probably have been for quite some time.

"Ruby...Come open the door for me!" I don't care this time, I begin pounding on the door, trying to get Ruby's attention.  Where the hell is she? She should be here.  Unless...

"How could I be so stupid.?" I say, smacking the side of my head. "She took my advice and went to see Max."

I smile proudly, thinking my match making skills worked, but the voice that comes from beside me nearly startles me out of my skin.

"You're going to make my week complete hell, aren't you?" Odette says, sounding very frustrated.  I turn to look at her and laugh with a shake of my head.

"What gave you that idea, Miss Ryder?  You had a great night I see." I say, pointing out the messy hair and silk robe she is sporting.  I fold my arms across my chest and lean against the wall.

"The same can be said for you, your highness." She replies, pointing to my hair. "You look thoroughly...sexed up."

Damn it...I was in such a rush to get out of Giani's room this morning that I forgot to at least brush my damn hair!  I struggle to straighten out my hair, but Odette just laughs.

"At least learn how to do the walk of shame with some dignity, your grace."

"Oh shut the hell up, Odette." I snap at her.  Her eyes widen, but she keeps an amused smile on her face.

"Ooh, temper temper!" She replies. "What's the matter?  Did G. I Joe use you and abuse you?  You'll have to forgive my lack of concern for this one."

I laugh out loud and glare at her, pushing myself away from the wall.

"Not that it is any of your business, but no, he didn't." I don't even know why I told her that.  Like she cares?  Odette stares at me for a while, and it begins to make me uncomfortable.  Especially when her eyes light up, as if a light bulb had just gone off in her head.

"Wait a minute!  I know what happened!" She says with too much excitement for my liking. "YOU used and abused him!  I mean, it is the only other possible explanation for that crazy sex-do you have going on."

"You have the most interesting ways of describing things, Odette." I reply with a roll of my eyes. "Why don't you do us both a favor and just stop talking?  Don't you have babies to make with Gabriel?"

"Oh, we have plenty of time for that." She replies with a wink.  Somehow, I might just regret getting this room next to hers. "I would be in there with my fiancee right now if you were making so much damn noise out here this early in the morning."

I close my eyes and let out a frustrated growl. "Not that it is any of your concern, but I left my key in my room last night, and Ruby is obviously with Max, otherwise she'd have answered the damn door and we wouldn't be talking right now!  I never thought I'd be pissed at her for being with Max right now..."

Odette shakes her head. "She's not with Max."

"What?  She's not in the room, so where else would she be?" I reply, sounding confused.

"It's a cruise ship." She replies, pointing out the obvious. "There are plenty of other places she could be.  Unless someone threw her arse overboard."

I take a menacing step towards her, but she doesn't seem at all intimidated.  Not that I'd expect her to be. "Careful what you say, Odette sweetie, or I might just be tempted to toss YOU overboard."

"And put yourself in the awful predicament of having to face The Fallen alone?  You're stupid, but I'd hope not THAT stupid." She replies.

"I stand a better chance of winning alone then being forced to team with you!" I roll my eyes and snap back.  I turn around and take the few steps back towards my door, sitting down on the floor against the wall just beside it.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, your highness." [/i]I really wish I had ear plugs to drown out the sound of her voice.  Why is she still talking to me?![/i]

"Would you just please go away, Odette?" I growl, leaning my head back against the wall. "You're starting to give me a headache, and the day has barely started."

"Awww, I'm sorry." She replies very sarcastically. "Did you expect this week to be all sunshine and daisies?!  You wanted the suite next to Gabriel and me...You have to deal with it now."

"Oh for Christ's sake, Odette, do you ever shut up?!"  I yell at her, but she continues to smile.  "Trust me, I can make your week a hell of a lot worse.  Now...kindly walk your bubbly Australian ass back into your own room and leave me here in peace while I wait for Ruby to get back."  

And she can't return soon enough, it seems.  Odette takes a few steps towards me, stops and stands directly in front of me with her arms folded.  She is doing this crap on purpose, and if she doesn't stop, she's going to pay a steep price.

"But I want to keep my amazing tag team partner company!" Once again, the sarcasm is harshly evident as she cracks a smile and laughs.

I only move my eyes to look up at her and I glare at her with a look that could kill.  Just then, a thought pops into my head.  You know what...two can play at this game, oh wonderful tag team partner of mine!

"Do you mean that?" I say, my tone changing from angry and annoyed, to a perfectly faked sadness.  I make matters worse, or in my case better, by frowning like a child would. "I guess I could use the company and have a little girl talk.  Gabriel won't mind, right?"

Odette raises an eyebrow as she is completely taken by surprise from my sudden mood change.  She scratches her head, and is at a loss for words for a few moments, but I keep up the act and never once crack a smile.

"Oh please.  You really expect me to believe this sudden pity act?" She asks, clearly not wanting to believe me.  It's okay though, I know how to play this game and play it well.

"Why should you believe me?" I say, sounding as sincere as I possibly can. "I've done everything I possibly can to make you're life hell for almost a year now.  But, we have to learn to get along somehow, right?  After all, we're going to be the tag team champions after Sunday."

"I'm not buying it, so cut the act already!"

I shake my head and let out a long sigh as I gently hit my head against the wall behind me, just for added emphasis. "This is exactly why we won't work as tag team partners.  Because when I actually try and work together and be nice, you won't believe any of it."

"You're really going to sit there and say that I am going to be the problem?" She lets out a loud laugh. "That's so typical!  I know what you're trying to do.  You're trying to make me fall for this crap and then BAM!, you'll stab me in the back!  Does the name Thatcher Rex ring a bell?"

I don't know why, but all of a sudden, I'm struck with an unfamiliar feeling.  I quickly shake it off, and get back to the situation at hand.

"That was a different situation." I lie.  It may have been a mixed tag team tournament, with a lot on the line for the winners, but it was no different. "We didn't have any titles on the line with that tournament."

"So you cost yourself a match just because a title wasn't on the line?" Odette rolls her eyes. "And Gothika thinks that I am the one who would do anything for gold?  She apparently hasn't met you."

This time I roll my eyes. "Really?  So you think that I really want those tag team titles, but more importantly, that I even want to win them with you of all people?"

"No." She replies very simply. "If there is one thing we agree on, it is that this partnership doesn't work for either of us.  Like I said before, I'd rather team with that skeevy pervert Marty McFarge than you."

I laugh, and an idea suddenly pops into my brain, causing me to laugh even more.  Odette looks at me like I'm crazy, and truth be told, I probably am.

"That really wasn't meant to be funny." She tells me with an arched eyebrow. "I'm dead serious."

"Oh, I know you are." I reply. "It just occurred to me how much you're going to regret that statement.  You do realize what Marty is going to do when he finds that out, don't you?"

Or what I am going to do.  I keep that thought in my head, however, because I really can't wait to see the look on Odette's face with what I just decided to do.  I'm even going to enjoy the look on Gabriel's face.

Odette rolls her eyes again and is about to respond back, when Ruby appears down the corridor, heading back towards our room.  She sees me sitting on the floor against the wall, and Odette standing in front of me, and she immediately gets on the defensive.

"What is going on here?" She practically spits venom as she glares at Odette before she looks down at me curiously. "Why are you sitting outside the room?"

"Your highness forgot her key and she just took the walk of shame after a wild night with Gi Joe." Odette takes it upon herself to answer for me, though with a different explanation of course.  I grow at her, and Ruby turns and glares at her again, doing her best not to attack her.

"No one asked you!" She snarls. "I suggest if you don't want to get hurt, you go back to your own room."

Odette laughs again and does the "oooh I'm sooo scared" mocking look.  Ruby takes a step forward, but Odette doesn't even flinch.

"Enough...both of you!" I say, get involved before this turns into a fight right here in the hall.  I stand up and step in between the two of them, somehow being neutral in this whole situation. "Odette, we're done here.  You can go back to Gabriel now.  Ruby, I'll explain when we get back into the room.  It is too early for any of us to be fighting right now."

Behind Odette, the door to her and Gabriel's suite opens, and Magic Man himself appears.  He clears his throat, getting Odette's attention.  I smile and wave to the Sin of Greed, but he doesn't acknowledge me back, clearly more concerned with his future bride.

"Remember what I said, Misty.  Don't cross me." She says in a warning tone, but I pay no mind to it.  Odette turns around and disappears back into her own suite without another word, and I take in a deep breath, turning my attention to Ruby.

"I'll explain everything later.  Can we please just get inside?  I'd like to take a shower." And not because I feel filthy...No far from it.  I need to relax and clear my head, but after the night I had last night, and the confrontation with Odette just now, I doubt that will be possible.

"You stayed in Mr. Di Luca's suite all night?" She asks as she unlocks the door.  I take it upon myself to quickly open the door myself.

"I don't want to talk about it right now." I snap back before I quickly walk past her and into the room. "You have no room to judge anyway, as you were clearly with Max all night..."

"No I wasn't.  I just got back from getting breakfast." She replies, following behind me and closing the door. "You seem to be in an awful mood.  What happened?"

I don't answer her right away as I quickly pull clean clothes from out of my suitcase and head towards the bathroom. "I said I don't want to talk about it."

I don't give Ruby the chance to respond as I disappear into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it before quickly turning on the shower.  Ruby stands in the room, completely baffled, but she shrugs it off before heading over to the sofa and taking a seat.


Day 3- Tuesday

My phone will not stop beeping...or ringing...or just generally alerting me of something.  Giani has been trying to get a hold of me non-stop since yesterday, but I've been avoiding him.  I can't face him.  What happened between us was meant to happen, yes, but what I did afterwards was not part of the plan at all, and I don't know how to explain myself to him, because I haven't figured out why I did what I did.  I've been trying to figure it out since yesterday, but the answer hasn't quite hit me yet.

I'm looking out the window to the sea below us and I sigh.  Ruby is seated on the bed, reading a book, and I wish she wasn't.  For Christ's sake, Max Burke is somewhere on this ship, wanting and waiting to see her, but she's avoiding him...She's avoiding him like I'm avoiding Giani and I don't understand why.  I've finally had enough of the deafening silence and boredom, and I stand up from the sofa and grab my sunglasses from off the desk.  Ruby stops reading for a moment and looks at me.

"Where are you going?" She asks, placing her book down.

"I need some fresh air." I reply, grabbing my room key next. "I'm going to go up to the deck and walk around for a bit."

"I'll join you." She says, but I stop her before she stands from the bed.

"No." I say, holding up my hand and looking at her. "I need some time to myself I think.  I need to clear my head and figure some things out.  I won't be long."

"Are you sure?" She asks.

I nod.
"Yes, I'm sure.  Why don't you go look for Max?"

I don't care what she says, I'm going to urge her to see Max until she gives in.  I don't understand why she won't go see him.

"I think I will just stay here and read some more of my book." She says, shooting down the idea of seeing Max.

I shake my head disappointedly and fold my arms.
"You know, Ruby, if you keep avoiding him, I will just invite him here myself and there will be no running away.  Why don't you want to talk to him?"

"It's not that I don't want to talk to him." She replies turning away from me. "I would just rather not spend time alone with him just yet.  I haven't quite formed an opinion on him."

It amazes me how similar Ruby and I are at the moment.  I think my situation with Giani may have affected Ruby somehow, though I don't admit it.

"You are lying to yourself then.  Quit wasting time already and just get it over with.  I'm not telling you to jump his bones right off the bat." The filter between my brain and mouth clearly stopped working momentarily, and Ruby stares at me in shock.  I look at her apologetically before heading towards the door.

" know what I meant." I say and I reach for the door knob. "Anyway, I'll be back in a little while.  Do whatever you feel like doing, I suppose.  I just wish you wouldn't spend so much time in this room."

"I may go for a walk myself.  I just haven't decided yet." She says, taking a seat on the bed once again.  She grabs her book, but she doesn't open it right away. "Well, enjoy your walk."

"I'll try." I reply as I open the door and walk out.

Once I am out in the hallway, I shake my head and sigh, trying to decide which way I want to go.  I decide to go towards the front of the ship and head to the right, and I find my way to the stairs leading up to the deck.  I'm not paying attention to where I am walking, and as I open the door to the deck outside, I bump into another woman, nearly knocking her down in the process, but it doesn't dawn on me right away who it is.  Not until I hear another familiar voice scream excitedly.

"Mommy!!" I'm stunned as I hear Eden's voice, and sure enough when I look down, she's jumping up and down excitedly.  I look at who I bumped into, even more shocked to see that it was mother.

"Eden!" As stressed out and frustrated as I have been the past couple of days, I am overjoyed and relieved to see my daughter standing in front of me, and all my worries get put on the backburner for now.  I kneel down and hug her tightly, before I turn my attention to my mother.

"What are you two doing here?  Where is Spike?" I ask, as I get back to my feet.

"He's spending time with Mommy Vixen!" There it is again.  I try not to let it affect me this time, though judging by the look on my mother's face, I've had some sort of reaction to it.

"We wanted to surprise you.  Eden didn't want to stay home while Spike and Vixen went on the cruise, so I thought it would be a nice idea to come along and spend some time with her myself." My mother says as she looks down at Eden with a loving smile.  Eden nods her head in agreement.

"What about Timmy?  Where is he?" I ask, bringing up my...err, Spike's son, and Eden's teenage brother.

Eden frowns disappointedly.[/i] "He stayed home with Auntie Desiree and Uncle Tommy.  He said he didn't want to sink like the Ti...Titan...That big boat did!"

I can't help but laugh as Eden tries to pronounce the word Titanic, but ultimately gives up.  I nod and we have to step away from the door, as other passengers make their way in and out of the stair case.

"Well, Timmy doesn't know what he is missing, does he?" I reply, and Eden shakes her head. "So where were you two headed?"

"We were actually going in search of your room." My mother replies, taking me slightly by surprise. "Eden knew you were on board, and she wanted to see you so I did some asking around and found out you upgraded your room to one of the suites.  Where were you headed?"

My face quickly changes, as the thoughts consume my head once again.  I try and shake it off just as quick, so she doesn't notice, but I fail, as she frowns and waits for my answer. "Me?  I was just going to walk around the deck a bit and enjoy some fresh air."

"Mommy looks sad." Eden says, noticing the lack of a smile on my face. "Why do you look sad?"

"Everything okay?" My mother asks, looking just as concerned as Eden.  I look at my mother and mouth the words "not in front of her" to her.  She nods, and doesn't press the issue further just yet.  I am thankful for that, because I would really rather not discuss the situation with Giani with her.

"I'll be fine." I reassure them. "Eden I see you have your swimming suit on.  How about we go find the pool and you can go swimming?"

"Yeah!!" She says excitedly. "Will you go swimming too?!"

I scratch my head, looking down at my clothes for today.  A pair of black shorts and a blue tank top is hardly swimming attire, so I have to decline.

"I'm not wearing my suit, sweetie.  Maybe tomorrow, okay?" I tell her, and she frowns once again.

"Ooookay." She says disappointedly, looking towards the ground.

"Come on.  Let's go." I say, taking her hand as the three of us slowly walk around the deck in search of the pool area.  We walk in silence for a while before I spot the pool ahead and point to it.

"There's the pool.  Why don't you go ahead and jump in." I release her hand and she darts for the pool, but I shout out to her. "Stay in the shallow end!"

I hear her shout "OKAY!" as I keep my eyes on her.  She obeys me and sticks to the shallow end, and my mother and I sit at a table a few feet away.  My mother looks at me as she leans back in her chair, ready to have a conversation.  But I'm not quite ready to talk.

"Alright, let it out.  What's wrong?" She asks me, immediately asking for answers I don't know if I have just yet.  I look at her, shaking my head a bit as I am not sure what to say.

"I told you I'd be okay." I say, knowing that it is partially a lie, because I don't know for sure if I will be okay.  "I'm better now that Eden is here."

"But you're not happy to see me?  Can't you see I'm trying to make an effort here." She leans forward, but I keep my eyes on Eden as she splashes around in the pool.  She has apparently made a new friend with another child on board, and they are having a blast.

"This has nothing to do with you and me, Colleen." I reply, causing her to frown as I address her by her first name instead of Mom. "Don't look at me like that."

"Can you blame me?  I'm your mother and you just called me by my first name, and you still refuse to open up to me." A group of women walk past us, and they make it a point to look at me and snicker.  No doubt they recognize who I am, but I do not acknowledge them as they go on their way.

"What do you expect me to say?  What would you like to hear?  Oh, how about the fact that I'm trying to figure out how to get along with my tag team partner this week, who I happen to despise, and she despises me also." I snap, turning my head to glare at her. "Or how about the fact that I had to leave the four men who helped save my life, because one of them was secretly plotting to kidnap my daughter.  Or, maybe you want to hear about the fact that I had an incredibly steamy night with Giani Di Luca, only to sneak out the next morning and I haven't spoken to him since and I feel horrible about it?"

I think I have left her speechless, as she stares at me and just blinks.  I think she is trying to process everything I just blurted out, and at the same time figuring out the right way to respond.

"So tell me, Mom, what would you like me to talk about?"

"Whatever you want to talk about, sweetie.  I'm not going to force you to talk about every single thing that is bothering you, though I wish you would talk to me." [/i]She replies.  I turn my attention back to Eden, who has gotten out of the pool, only to jump in with a "cannonball".  No doubt Timmy taught her that one.[/i]

"I don't want to talk about any of it, okay?  I came up here to clear my head, but how is talking to you about any of my problems going to accomplish that?" I look at her, waiting for her to answer, but she doesn't. "Exactly.  It doesn't.  Talking about it isn't going to fix anything."

"I don't know where you got that idea, Misty, but talking always helps.  It's not good to bottle things up inside." She says, gently pressuring me to talk.  I hate to admit it, but it starts to work. "That seems to be just a fraction of the things bothering you."

"Yeah, well none of it matters.  I'm still the same horrible person I've been all my life, and nothing is going to change that apparently."

It relaxes me just a bit as I watch Eden having a good time in the pool, and it warms my heart knowing she's not afraid of me anymore.  I am so distracted keeping an eye on her, that I completely tune out the sound of my mother's voice, until she snaps her fingers in front of my eyes.

"What?" I say, shaking my head and looking at her.

"You're not even listening to me." She replies.

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm too busy watching my five year old daughter making sure she doesn't drown." I snap at her angrily.

"She's fine.  Apparently the pool at Spike's in Las Vegas is deeper than that, and Timmy taught her how to swim." She glances past me to check on Eden, and she smiles.  Eden and another little girl her age are having a blast tossing a beach ball back and forth, and I have to admit, Eden is quite the little swimmer.

"Yeah, I'm starting to figure that out I guess." I finally manage to turn my attention away to look at my mother. "I just have a lot going on right now, and honestly, the reason I can't talk about it is because I don't know how to talk about it.  I don't have this shit figured out."

"You're not this horrible person you seem to think you are.  Not anymore, anyway." She tries to reassure me, but I don't believe her.  I can't believe her.

"Other people would beg to differ, mother.  I've done horrible things over the last year and a half, and I can't take any of it back."

"But you would if you could?" She asks, looking at me seriously.  

I look her in the eyes, seeing the genuine concern she feels.  I can see how much the fact that I'm stressed out is affected her.

"I don't know how to answer that.  I really don't." I reply, sounding more lost than ever.  My mother thinks for a minute, before she hits the table as a thought pops into her head and she stands up from her chair. "Where are you going?"

"You, my dear daughter, need a strong drink." She places a hand on my shoulder and I raise an eyebrow. "I'm going to walk over to the bar and grab us a couple of drinks, and we are going to see if we can't figure some things out."

"That's really not--"

"There will be no arguing with me on this.  I'm your mother, and you are going through a tough time right now, and I want to help.  So you are going to let me." I try to protest, but she immediately stops me and makes her way over to the bar.  

Eden calls out to me, pointing out that she has made a new friend, and I smile proudly at her.  My mother returns a few minutes later with our drinks, and I don't understand why, but it is not long before I am pouring my heart out to her, speaking about everything that is bothering me.  It is the first time in over fifteen years that I have spoken to her like this, but once I start talking...I don't stop.  

And I don't mind.


Day 4- Wednesday

Today is the day.  What day, you ask?  The day that I set my little plan into motion.  The day that I play my little prank on Odette Ryder.  I've been debating actually going through with it, especially after my heart to heart with my mother yesterday, and spending quality time with Eden, but I just can't pass up this opportunity.  That, and I need to have a little bit of fun this week, and this is the perfect way to accomplish it.

This isn't an easy prank to pull, however.  I not only needed to find my way to a computer and a printer, but the hardest part will be somehow getting into Odette and Gabriel's suite to set this all up.  I've had to enlist Ruby's help with this one, and she gladly accepted, though she wishes I chose to do something a bit more...harmful.  What I've chosen to do is just harmless fun in an attempt to get under Odette's skin.  But I won't need to worry about that, because I know this plan is fool proof.

After doing some digging, I was told where I could find a computer, as well as a printer to put my devious plan into motion.  I stumble my way around photoshop, laughing almost the entire time, and once my artwork is complete, I print out several copies and close out the program.  Ruby looks at me with a shake of her head, though she is definately amused.

"I still think you could have done something far worse than this.  These petty games are beyond you." She says as she takes a step back, allowing me to push my chair away from the computer.  I grab the copies from the printer and stand up, smiling mischievously.

"We all have to have fun sometime, Ruby." I reply as I head towards the door and Ruby follows behind me. "Besides...I have an ulterior motive for doing this, but we'll find out a little later, won't we?"

"I suppose so."

"Relax.  This is all in good fun, but it will work out to my advantage in the end." I reassure her.  I let her walk out of the room before me, and I close the door behind us as we make our way back to our own deck.

She turns her head around to look at me as she continues walking. "I don't understand how.  This will just make Odette want to hurt you even more."


I nearly run into Ruby as she stops dead in her tracks, and looks at me, highly confused.

"Excuse me?" She says, looking at me in disbelief. "You want her to hurt you?"

"No." I say matter-of-factly. "I want her to want to hurt me.  She won't touch me before our match.  She's too proud to cost herself a match, and she knows that going into this one...she needs me.  I just want her to get angry."

Ruby doesn't seem to understand and she just blinks and stares.  I roll my eyes and grab her by the arm, leading her with me as we continue on our way.  We wind our way through the corridors and down a deck to the hallway leading to our suite, as well as Odette and Gabriel's.  Ruby stops in front of our room, just in case, while I stand in front of Odette's.  I knock on the door.

"Odette?  Odette are you in there?"

There is no response.  I knock again, just to be safe, but again neither Odette nor Gabriel answers the door.  Which means they aren't in their suite.  Perfect!

"Perfect!" I repeat out loud. "Ruby help me open this door."

Ruby obeys and she walks over next to me as we fidget with the door.  It takes several minutes, but we finally manage to get the door open, with no damage to the lock, and I slowly push the door open, just in case.  I peek my head inside.

"Odette...Gabriel...Anyone in here?"

Obviously not.  If either of them were, they would have been at the door the minute the heard me messing with the lock.  Ruby and I make our way inside, closing the door behind us.  I turn to look at Ruby with a wicked smile on my face.

"You remember the tape?" She pulls out two rolls of tape from her pocket.

"Where exactly do you want to hang these?" She asks, handing me a roll of tape.

I look around the room, thinking for a moment.  I have to be quick, as I don't know how long the two lovebirds have been gone, nor when they plan to return.

"Everywhere and anywhere.  And hurry.  We might not have much time." I hand her some of the copies.  

I take my own copies and head into the bathroom, not leaving that important room out of my plan.  We quickly tape up the photoshopped pictures all around the room and hightail it out of there before Odette and Gabriel get back.  We make it into our own suite with just minutes to spare, as not long after, we hear Odette and Gabriel laughing in the hallway, before they walk into their room to find my little surprise.

I hear Odette scream and yell profanities I have never heard her shout before, followed by Gabriel's own shock, and I can't help but laugh.  She continues to shout and even hits the wall for good measure a few times, only making me laugh even more.  A minute or so later, Odette is outside my room, furiously pounding on my door.

"You decrepit little mole!  Get your arse out here or I swear I will break my way in!!" I can't help but be amused.  I continue laughing as I head over to the door, but Ruby grabs a hold of my arm, trying to stop me.

"Perhaps that is not a good idea..." She points out as Odette continues to pound on my door.

"Oh, it's the best idea, Ruby.  My plan is working out perfectly."

I pull my arm away from Ruby and head over to the door, but I don't open it right away.  I look out the peephole at a fuming Odette and I smile from ear to ear, enjoying this way too much.

"Whatever are you talking about, Miss Ryder?" I say innocently through the door.  Odette goes apeshit, screaming and kicking the door.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about!  Open up the damn door and face me you two faced--" I don't give her the chance to finish that sentence as I open the door to face her, taking notice of her beat red face.  She holds up one of the photoshopped pictures, and I smile at it.

"Wow," I say. "When was that photo taken?"

Odette finds no amusement in my little joke what-so-ever.  The artwork...pays homage to her desire to be a tag team with Marty McFarge.  A photoshopped picture of the two together...Odette smiling brightly like she does so often, with Marty McFarge right next to her, the drool almost dripping from his mouth.

Odette crumples up the photo and throws it at my face, and her face gets redder by the second.

"YOU did this!"

I fake innocence for a short while later, until I just can't do it any longer.

"Yeah.  You caught me." I confess, though a confession was not needed. "I'm really disappointed that you don't like my artwork though.  I went through a lot of trouble to---"

Before I can finish that thought, Odette's hand comes crashing across my face.  My head jolts to the side, and Ruby is at my side quickly, ready to defend me, but I turn my head and look at her.  I shake my head, telling her I have a handle of this, and I slowly turn my head to look at Odette, but I keep calm.

"Is that the best you got?" I dare her to go further.  She takes a step towards me, glaring at me with a fire in her eyes.

"You and I both know that is just a taste of what I can do." She says very slowly and menacingly. "You think you're so funny, don't you?"

"I don't think I'm funny, Odette.  I know I'm funny.  You don't realize how well you're playing into my plan, do you?" I tell her.  Ruby backs off, but she stays on guard, ready to strike at a moments notice.

"If your plan is for me to kick your lousy arse before our match on Sunday, then I'd agree its working rather well!" She shouts back, getting more angry as I continue to laugh.  I lean against the wall with a proud smirk on my face.

"That isn't exactly part of my plan, but the fact that you are pissed off enough to want to kick my ass...Well, that is exactly what I was hoping for."

"I'm done with the damn games, Misty!  If you pull something like this again, I won't hesitate to feed you to the sharks!" She turns on her heels and is about to head back to Gabriel, but I have to get the last word in.

"I like you when you're angry, Miss Ryder.  You perform better in the ring." She growls in frustration as I wink at her, but she doesn't speak another word.  She turns and storms off back into her own room, slamming the door behind her.

I close my own door and turn to face Ruby, who is looking at me, completely at a loss for words.  I shrug my shoulders innocently, but with a proud smile still on my face.

"What?" I say innocently. "I told you...My plan worked perfectly."

I head over to the bed and take a seat, leaning back and placing my hands behind my head.  I quietly think to myself that everything will be worth it in just a few short days.  Summer XXXTreme II is approaching fast, and tomorrow is the last chance I have to relax and have a stress free day.


Day 5- Thursday

The weather couldn't be any more perfect right now.  The cruise is well out to sea now, and the sky is the perfect shade of blue, with the sun shining down on us, and not a cloud in the sky.  A light breeze is in the air, making the temperature even better than it already was.  Many of the ships passengers are taking advantage of this gorgeous day as they are out exploring the deck, looking over into the ocean and hoping to catch site of a dolphin or two, or perhaps a whale.  Others are in the pool, or surrounding it, as is my case.  I wouldn't mind going for a dip in the pool, but I decided to do something a bit different today.

Ruby is sitting on the edge of the pool with just her feet and legs emerged in the cool water.  I am surprised she is evening doing that, but I think she is more surprised at my choice of activity for today.  Since we will only be on board just a few more days, and tomorrow begins a busy weekend filled with many different special events planned for the fans, I'm taking my last opportunity to relax and using it to the best of my ability.  

Ruby is sporting a pair of sunglasses today, as am I, and she turns her head to glance at me.  She shakes her head in disbelief as I am laying back in the lounge chair with my eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun beating down on me.  I don't wear it often, if ever, but I brought my black bikini with me, knowing I just might need it.  Ruby, however, is more casually dressed in just a pair of black shorts and a light red tank top.  She turns back around towards the pool, gently moving her feet through the water.

"I still can't believe you even own a bikini." She says, taking note of my black and purple bikini.  I hear a splash just a few feet away as someone jumps into the pool.

"I almost forgot I had it." I reply, moving slightly to get a bit more comfortable in the chair. "I have to admit though, I don't like wearing one piece suits anymore.  They make me look old."

"I highly doubt that." Ruby replies with a laugh.  

I hear another splash, followed by Ruby growling, and I open my eyes to look at the situation.  Two friends having fun splashing each other in the pool made the mistake of accidentally splashing Ruby as well.  They quickly apologize, and as Ruby is about to voice her agitation, I clear my throat, getting her attention.  The two friends move farther away from Ruby, so as not to make the same mistake.

"Ruby, you should have told me you didn't have a swimming suit." I say, leaning my head back and closing my eyes again. "I would have helped you pick one out.  Though I'm sure Max would enjoy seeing you in just about anything."

I smile, and I hear her turn towards me again.

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 "Must you bring him into every conversation?" She's clearly annoyed now.  Maybe I need to lighten up a little, but she's been avoiding him for too long. "I don't understand why you are so adamant on my spending time with Max Burke."

"Because," I say as I pull my sunglasses away from my eyes for just a moment to look her in the eyes. "Max is showing a clear interest in you, and whether you admit it or not, you are interested in him.  So I'm trying to help you out.  You've done so much for me over the last year, I'm just trying to return the favor, and I'm trying to show you that I approve."

"So because Max shows an interest in me, and I in him, that means we should be together?" She shakes her head. "Tell me how that worked out for you and Mr. Di Luca again?"

Hearing his name stings just a bit.  I lower my sunglasses and go silent, not wanting to talk about Giani, as I still can't find the right words.

"You still haven't spoken to him, have you?"

I don't respond.  I take in a deep breath and try to ignore her, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to squash this conversation soon.

"While I may not like Mr. Di Luca, I do think you need to call him back.  Sooner rather than later." She says, and I am quietly surprised. "You seem to be very troubled by this whole situation, so maybe it is better for both of you if you just talk to him."

I shake my head. "That would not be a good idea, Ruby.  Please don't push the issue further, because I'd really rather not talk about it."

"I don't understand why, though." She says, sounding as though she is trying to make sense of it. "What changed?  I thought you liked least that is how you made it sound."

I can't tell Ruby that I don't want to talk about it anymore, because I already had the conversation with my mother just two days ago.  I haven't even told her that my mother is on this cruise, with Eden, and it still amazes me that the two haven't run into each other yet.

"I did...I mean, I do like Giani, and I still care a great deal about him.  It's just..." My words trail off, as I lose my train of thought.  I really don't know how to talk to Ruby about this. "It's complicated, Ruby.  Please, just leave it at that."

I move my head to send her a warning glance, but of course she isn't looking.  I am about to say something else, when a shadow moves over my head.  I open my eyes to look at who is blocking my view, and I shake my head with an amused smile.  Max Burke is standing over me, holding a finger over his mouth, telling me to be quiet.  I nod my head, and silently watch what is about to happen.  Ruby is too lost in her own world, that she has no idea Max is sneaking up behind her.  I am not sure what he is planning, and for his sake I hope he does not be so brave as to toss Ruby into the pool, but I watch regardless.

"If that is what you want.  Just know that---AHHH!" Ruby screams as she is taken completely by surprise as Max bends down and wraps his arms around her waist.  He lifts her up, dangling her ever so close to the edge of the pool, as Ruby kicks and screams.  She has no idea who has a hold of her.

"Let go of me!" She yells, and several people around us now turn and stare at the situation.  

I put my sunglasses on the top of my head, watching on with an amused smile and I let out a laugh.  Max is brave, indeed, but he is smart enough not to drop her into the pool.

"Relax!  It's just me!"  Max says with a laugh.  He sets her down next to him, and she spins around with a furious look on her face.  She is in full attack mode, but when she sees Max, she backs off slightly.

"Max Burke!  You are not funny!" She yells at him before reaching down to grab her flip flops and her towel.  She looks at me and I am trying my best not to smile.  Ruby quickly storms off, rushing past me, away from the pool and Max all together.  Max scratches his head, lost on his next move, but I motion my head behind me telling him to follow her.

"It's a great sign that she didn't hit you," I say with a slight laugh. "Now is your chance to get her alone, so you better go after her."

Max gives me a thumbs up and smirks as he quickly chases after Ruby, leaving me alone and giving me time to clear my head.  The truth is that I wanted this week to be relaxing and stress free, but it has been anything but that if I am honest.  I rest my head back again, and pull my sunglasses back over my eyes, getting comfortable yet again.  I lay there for a while, soaking up the sun.  I'm lucky that I remembered to put sunscreen on earlier, otherwise my color would have gone from ghostly white to tomato red in a matter of minutes.  If there is one thing I would like people to understand about my pale skin, is that it is very difficult if not impossible for me to tan, as my skin likes to burn instead.  That is why I shy away from this relaxing past time.

I am completely unaware of everything going on around me as I keep my eyes closed and feel myself pulling farther away from reality.  Even when I hear two familiar voices from a distance, I keep my eyes closed, choosing to stay in this relaxed state as long as I possibly can before Ruby or Max return.  After several minutes, the commotion around me starts to be too much, so I look up and my heart sinks.  I stand up from my chair and that is when our eyes meet for the first time in days.  

Giani is heading towards me.  It is hard to read the expression on his face, but I can tell he is desperately trying to get over to me...desperate to talk to me, but what could I possibly say to him right now that could even make things right?  He trips over something, giving me my opportunity to reach down and gather my things, and that is when I hear the splash as Giani falls into the pool.  Other people giggle at his clumsiness, but I shake my head, feeling absolutely horrible.  He stays under water for a while, and a part of me wants to stick around to make sure he is not hurt, but as I notice he is coming back to the surface, I quickly bolt away from the pool and away from Giani.  I just can't find it in me to speak to him right now, but that doesn't erase the guilt I feel over what I am clearly doing to him...or the surprise that it is bothering him so much.

I don't wait around for Max or Ruby to come back, and I immediately head back to my suite to change out of this ridiculous bikini and into some real clothes, but the image of Giani's face won't escape from my mind.  So much so that as I reach the door to my suite, I struggle through my bag for my key, then struggle just as much, if not more, to unlock the door.  Once inside I close the door behind me, leaning against it.  I close my eyes and take in a deep breath and I feel tears forming in my eyes.  In a rage, I throw the sunscreen and my bag across the room, followed by the towel(which doesn't go very far by the way), and push myself away from the door.

I feel my face getting warmer, no doubt it has turned a nice shade of red in my frustration, but not with Giani...with myself.

"Jesus, lighten up Misty." I say to myself as I walk over to the bed and sit on the edge. "I didn't react this way when I left Spike, and that was worse.  Damn it...Spike."

Just like that, I start to feel even worse than I already did as the memory of how I left Spike floods my brain.  Why is this happening to me?  Why, after a year and a half, am I suddenly beginning to feel this way?

"What the fuck is wrong with me?!" I pull at my hair, growing more and more frustrated with myself by the second. "Why the hell do I even care about what Giani is going through right now?  He's getting a taste of his own fucking medicine for once..."

I look over to the dresser where I left my phone.  I didn't take it on deck with me earlier, and left it here instead.  I walk over and grab it, unlocking the screen and opening up the several text messages Giani had sent me since Monday morning.  They don't start out angry, but more confused and hurt.  But the later text messages tell a different story as his hurt turns to bitter hate.  For some reason I read each one, and to my surprise, I finally begin to type a message in response.

"I don't expect you to believe me, but I am truly sorry.  I have had time to think, and I feel it is time to face up to what I did, and talk to you...face to face.  Meet me at the show Sunday?"

I read over my message, struggling to hit send, and ultimately decide to save it for later.  I toss my phone to the side, and I walk over to my suitcase taking out some clothes before I head into the bathroom to change.  The rest of the day is a complete toss up now, but it is safe to say that it won't finish on a high note at all.


My Final Thoughts

I've had a lot of time to think this week, and I think I've come to realize that I'm going about things the wrong way.  A lot has happened this week...the week I was hoping to relax before the train wreck of a tag team match this will be on Sunday, but as I sit here, ready to go to this fan convention on board this ship, a thought occurred me.

I've been so busy focusing on my tag team partner, Odette Ryder, that I have spent little to no time focusing on the other important aspect of this match.  Our opponents...Raynin and Gothika.

The Fallen.

When this match was announced, all I could think was how the hell am I going to go into this tag team match, with Odette as my partner, and be expected to play nice?  Why, when Christian and Mark know damn well how Odette and I feel towards each other, would they team us together and not expect us to beat the hell out of each other, and somehow cost ourselves the match?  Christian said that The Fallen has beaten every other team they have been put against thus far, and I can't deny that is the truth, but teaming two arch enemies together in hopes that The Fallen will finally be beaten?  I don't quite understand that.

I've done everything I could this week to make Odette's week a living hell, and for the most part, I think I've succeeded. is time to change courses a little bit.  It is time to switch over to the ones that I need to focus on beating in this match, and not teaming with.  Raynin and Gothika, it is time I address the both of you, as well as your beloved manager, Darknyss.  Oh, yes, Darknyss, I can't forget about you can I?

You have put together one hell of a team, Darknyss.  You've molded them into a well oiled machine.  You must be so proud of Raynin and Gothika, as they've taken down every single opponent placed before them...until now.

Yes, Darknyss, you heard me right.  Your whole world is about to change, because the amazing team that you have built up and made into this unstoppable force, they are going to be brought down to their knees and destroyed right before your eyes.  Everything you have worked so hard for...everything you have accomplished...will be taken away from you in an instant, and I know it's eating you up inside knowing that it will all be at mine and Odette's hands.  As great as Raynin and Gothika are...we're just that much better on our own, but when you put the two of us together, hate or not, we WILL defeat them.

You know it.  I know it.  Odette even knows it.  The Fallen will simply be no more after Summer XXXTreme II.  If you want someone to blame...perhaps you should first look at your beloved Raynin.  She's not doing so well, is she Darknyss?

Raynin...Raynin...Raynin...How ya doing, sweetie?  Going a little batshit crazy these days, I see?  How is that working out for you?  No need to answer that one, because I can answer it for you.  It's not.  You are crumbling right in front of everyone's eyes, and we can all see it. We can see that you are putting up a good fight, yes, but ultimately, you are failing miserably.  As I've observed you recently, and your deteriorating mental health, I've realized something.  Do you want the truth, Raynin?  Do you want to know exactly what I've seen when I've watched you lately?

I have seen a troubled little girl, trying to prove to the herself...that she can be just like another mentally troubled SCW Bombshell...the lovely Kittie...but she's doing a horrible job at it.  Yes, you heard me right.  You are acting an awful lot like Kittie, and her many personalities, but there is one major difference...Kittie is, and always will be, better than you.  Everyone is better than you, sweetie.  Even at her most unstable, Kittie was a hell of a lot stronger than you in the ring, and you can't deny that.

Now, just think about how it will be once we meet face to face in the ring...again.  You don't like me, Raynin, I'm sure of that.  When you held the SCW Bombshell Championship earlier last year, who was the one who finally took it from you?  Do you remember, Raynin?  If not, let me refresh your memory.

I did.  It wasn't a one on one encounter, no,but I still walked away from that tripe threat match with the Bombshell Championship back in my possession, after you failed to protect keep it in your possession.  How does it feel, Raynin?  How does it feel knowing that come Sunday night, the same thing is going to happen, only this time, with your precious tag team titles?  I bet it stings.  I hope it does, because I am going to take so much pride in once again taking a title you've worked so hard for, right out from under your nose.  You'll have nothing after Summer XXXTreme II, Raynin, and I'm going to sit back and watch you crash and burn...because it is only a matter of time until that happens.

Now I've saved the best...or perhaps the worst for last.  I'm now speaking to you, Gothika.

**chuckles** Gothika, what kind of fool do you think I am?  Do you honestly think I am intimidated by you, or your **air quotes** hunger?  Lady, you don't scare me, and you never EVER will.  You talk a good game.  You brought up some valid points, but let me point out one thing, Gothika.

All you did, with your little speech, is open my eyes to the bigger picture.  You may be partnered with your friend, and the only other person who knows you as well as you know yourself, but none of that will matter come Summer XXXTreme II.  It won't matter because, as much as I don't like Odette Ryder...I like her just a bit better than you, Gothika.  I've never admitted this before, Gothika, but I can deal with losing to Odette...I can deal with losing to other people...but are the one person I will NOT allow myself to lose to.  I've proved it once before, and this Sunday I will prove it again.

It may not be one-on-one...You may have the advantage with a friend as your tag team partner, but I've got something much better than that...Desire and determination.  Oh, and I can't forget that when it comes to Summer XXXTreme...the odds are stacked against YOU lady, because if memory serves me correctly, you lost in your match last year, did you not?  You walked away empty handed, but my own tag team partner...she didn't.  She won her match...She won the gold she was seeking, but you and your tag team failed.  When it comes to Summer XXXTreme, Odette and I...WE have the advantage.

You words and threats against me and Odette were nothing but pathetic and absolutely useless.  Sweetie, if you want to taste my blood, all you have to do is ask...I'd gladly spill it myself for you, but let me give you one major warning, okay?  If you so much as THINK about sinking your disgusting Twilight wanna-be teeth into me, we are going to have a major problem.  You'll be needing major reconstructive dental surgery after I am finished with you if you try it.  

If it is blood you seek, like I said, I'll gladly give it to you.  Just give me a razor or a sharp object, and I'll slice my arm open and let the blood flow all over that damn ring if you're so thirsty for my blood.  Even the blood loss will not stop me from doing what I do best...winning.  You can bank on that, sweetie.

If there is one thing you've made the mistake in assuming, Gothika, it is that I'm not hungry for these titles...that they don't matter to me.  Sure I will admit that I've never held Tag Team gold in my career, nor have I ever given it much thought, but things change don't they?  People change, and sweetie, I've just gotten an appetite for something new and exciting and you better watch out because something tells me that once I get the taste of those tag team championships, I'm going to like it...even if my partner is Odette Ryder.

So, Darkynss...Raynin...Gothika...Prepare yourselves with the harsh reality that is upon you.  Shine those belts up real nice and say your goodbyes, because at Summer XXXTreme, they will no longer belong to you.  They will belong to Misty and Odette Ryder.

Because when Darkness and Light join forces...The whole world changes!  

See ya soon ladies!


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Event: Summer XXXtreme II Pay Per View     DATE: Sunday, 08/18/2013

Place: On the Open Seas   Venue: Royal Monarch Cruiseliner


Opponent: With Raynin vs Odette Ryder and The Queen of the Damned, Misty  

<hr size=1 color=darkred><hr size=1 color=darkred>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Well what do you know…  The Sin City Wrestling's Summer XXXtreme Pay Per View is shaping up to be one of those monumental shows that will make or break people's careers as well as their hearts…  And in some cases, probably shatter someone's minds and sensibilities as well.   The Angels of the Fallen are trying hard to keep their cool as they get ready to face not only two of the most influential Bombshells in the company, but to face down their inner monsters as well.  Raynin and Gothika will step through the ropes to face none other than two of the Bombshells that caused them to leave the company and go on a training binge almost a year ago to the day…  Misty and Odette Ryder.   To make matters even more interesting, their coveted Bombshell Tag Team Championships are on the line.  And to top it off…  Raynin is battling the demonspawn that's inhabiting her body, and Gothika is trying not to eat her opponents when she steps into the ring with them.  But their friend, Darknyss has not given up on this tag team, and I don't think we should either.  Will Darknyss's words of guidance and extreme training sessions be enough to get The Rebel Angel and the Blood Sucking One back on track, and with their eyes on the prize so they can retain their titles?  Or will everything come crashing down like a house of cards built on quicksand?  I'm on the edge of my seat, bouncing with anticipation to see just what's about to happen, aren't you?

Time: August 10, 2013…  11:30 AM…  

Place:  Las vegas, Nevada… Just off the Strip…  Clawson's Deli...

The restaurant is full of the hustle and bustle of the morning as she sits there, enjoying a spot by the window so she can people watch.  She's got her sunglasses on her face to cover the fact that all of this surround humanity has made her hungry and her eyes are proof of that fact.  Their normal ice blue tint is surrounded by a thin ring of red, and she knows that means that she's barely holding onto the hunger which she's been trying so hard to control.  But she knew that if she could just harness the power of her hunger, she could take her wrestling to a whole new level… So she fought for control… She has been holding on for so long, and she knew all she had to do was hold out just a little bit longer and she'd have everything that she wanted…

At that moment, something she'd been working so hard to keep from hurting came strolling through the door.  She couldn't help but smile at the sight of Argento as he walked through the door.  She'd thought he was so handsome form the day she'd met him.  And now, she wanted nothing more than to tell him so.  He spotted her and sauntered over to the table where she was sitting.  She could finally admit to herself that even the sight of him made her want to drop full fang and just pounce him.  But she was trying to control every aspect of herself.  Besides, after everything she'd put him through, she still didn't know if he'd still want to even be around her.  

She stood up as he came over and he held up a hand, smirking sexily and chuckled softly.

"Hey… it's a gentleman's job to stand for a beautiful lady, not the other way around…  Please, sit back down."

She blushes and shakes her head slowly.

"Um… I just… well… um…"

She can't believe she's stammering like a little kid and she blushes even brighter.  He leans over and kisses her cheek gently before holding her chair for her.

"Please…  I can't sit until your'e seated… that's just gentlemen code."

She sits back down and slides a menu over to him, a soft smile on her lips.

"Thank you Michael.  Please, order something.  I've already put my order in with the waitress.  She said that she'd wait and put our orders in together."

She motions for the waitress to come back over, and Argento doesn't even look at the menu.  When the waitress comes over, he just hands her the menu with a smirk.

"Hey Angela… I'll have my usual."

The waitress smiles and nods.

"Sure thing Michael…  A reuben, extra mustard on the side, garlic pickle and an apple juice… I'll get that out to you shortly."

As the waitress walks away, Gothika can't help but chuckle and shakes her head.

"I take it you've been here before."

Argento smiles and shrugs.

"A few times…  But this is one of the best places for a reuben in the city.  So, what made you finally reach back out to me?  I thought I'd done something, or said something to upset you."

Gothika takes a deep breath and brings a glass of water to her lips, drinking it slowly.  She then clears her throat and takes a deep breath.

"No… It wasn't you… I promise you, it wasn't you.  It was all me.  I felt that you being around me wasn't safe.  I was dangerous…  You hadn't seen me when I didn't have full control of my feeding..  What I did to Misty in the ring… that was just the tip of the iceberg.  And with you being as… well, to put it bluntly, as tasty as you are…  I simply couldn't trust myself around you."

Argento nodded slowly and took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Fair enough…  But all you and to do was tell me, you know that."

She swallowed another sip of water and sighed heavily.

"I… I couldn't admit to myself that I was exactly what you were saying I was… I'm a monster.  Plain and simple…  And I'd always been taught that monsters didn't deserve love… They didn't deserve happiness… But I'm seeing more and more that even monsters can have hearts.  And truth be told, it was Darknyss who slapped that truth into my brain… quite literally actually."

Argento chuckles and lifts an eyebrow.

"Then I think I need to send Darknyss a bouquet of flowers as a thank you."

Gothika chuckles and shakes her head slowly.  She reaches out and takes his hand in hers.

"I'm here to apologize for being an idiot… You accepted me even when I couldn't accept myself.  And for that, I thank you whole heartedly.  Would you give me another chance?"

She reaches into her jacket pocket with her free hand and pulls out a box and places it in his hands.

He looks down at it curiously and starts to unwrap it.

"What's this?"

She shrugs and leans back as he places the wrapping paper on the table.  At that moment, the waitress brings their orders and places it on the table.  Gothika thanks her as Argento opens the box to reveal a stirling silver Bulova Precisionist watch.  His eyebrows go hop high as she smiles and shrugs with a blush.

"It's just an… 'I'm stupid and I truly do appreciate you' gift.  Just a token of how i feel about you.  Do you like it?"

Argento grins from ear to ear and slips the watch onto his wrist.

"Like it?!!  I LOVE IT!!  Thank you!!"

He leans in and Gothika grabs his collar and kisses him deeply, her mouth claiming his hungrily as her tongue dips between his lips greedily.  Argento's eyes are so wide at the intensity of the kiss that when she finally lets him go, sucking gently at his bottom lip before she releases him, he just sits back with his eyebrows high and doesn't move.  He lifts his hand to his forehead and wipes his brow slowly.


She grins and licks her lips gently.

"Mmmm… Whoa indeed…"

Argento cant' even talk as he looks at her and instead just starts eating his food with gusto.  He'd barely gotten through a quarter of his sandwich when he feels someone tap his shoulder.  He looks behind him and sees a large man in a pair of scrubs standing behind him and frowns slightly.

"I'm sorry… no autographs right now… I'm having lunch…"

Just then, the man grabs his wrist and puts Argento in a hammer lock.  He looks confused as the man levers him up into a standing position.

"What the hell??!!"

Gothika jumps up and punches the man in the face.

"Don't touch him!!"

A second man comes up behind Gothika and grabs her around her chest, locking his hands so she can't move her arms.  She wiggles for a moment, then brings her head back in a head but against his nose, and the guy shrieks as his nose practically explodes in a wash of red.  The scent of it is too much, and she spins slowly and starts to stalk him like he's a rabbit and she's a bobcat on the prowl.  Just as she's about to pounce him, she feels four pinpricks going up her side.  She yelps, and looks down at the tranquilizer darts that are sticking out of her side.  She looks over her shoulder, and there's a dart in Argento who is already out for the count.  Standing in the doorway is Mark Ward and Argento's little sister, Lilly who is holding a dart gun to the sky.  Mark smirks and takes a deep breath.

"So, you think that you can get away from your required sessions with the psychiatrist?  Not likely…  Take them away boys…  Dr. Hugh Enquiss is waiting for them at headquarters."

Gothika turns and takes a few steps towards Mark when the tranquilizer starts to kick in.  She leans on a table and Lilly chuckles.

"I told you that I'd pay you back bitch… It was just a matter of time…  I just wish I could have you committed so you couldn't mess with my brother anymore…  But all Mark would agree to was two hours at the headquarters.  But I'll get you back in full soon enough… just you wait…"

Gothika feels oblivion swirling up around her but she's able to grab a glass of water and launch it at Lilly, dousing her completely as she howls a single word.


As oblivion covers her senses, she feels her body go crashing through the table.  She then feels two men pick her up and carry her off as everything fades to black.

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Time:  August 15, 2013, 12:30 AM...  

Place:  Las Vegas, Nevada… Location, Unkonwn…  


The night was hot and intense, as most nights in the middle of August in this town are.  Sin City is one of the hottest towns in the country, and during these nights, it doesn't hesitate to supply the heat.  He knew it the moment he walked into the club and saw her.  She was at the bar, and her look just screamed that a good time was meant to be had.  He sidled up to the bar and ordered a drink…  He didn't even remember what it was…  The music was loud, and the flashing of the strobe lights just made her seem to move in slow motion as she flipped her bright red hair over her shoulder.  He just had to know her…  So he'd gone up to her and started with a classic pickup line…

"Heaven must be full of sad eyes right now, because an Angel left the pearly gates to be down here on Earth."

She'd just lifted an eyebrow and chuckled before she'd turned back to twirl the swizzle stick in her barely touched drink.  She pulled out a piece of ice and glided it seductively along her lips before she leaned in and whispered in his ear, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the music.

"You're cute.  This place is a drag though… Let's go somewhere that's a lot more happening."

She licked his ear, and the touch of her flesh was cold…  more than likely from the ice she'd just had against her lips and mouth, and the sensation of it just made him tremble.  He didn't know what to say, so he just nodded, and downed his drink, setting the empty glass back on the bar, just as she'd smirked, then grabbed his hand and practically drug him out of the club.  

She was moving so fast, he could barely keep up with her.  He almost had to jog beside her to not be left behind.  He marveled at how well she moved in the five inch spiked heels, dipping through the people in the lines and then out into the streets.  He didn't even pay attention to where he was going…  All he knew was he had to keep up with her… He had to follow her to where ever it was she was going.  He just had to be with her tonight… There was not going to be anything that was going to stop him from that goal…

She took him to this restaurant, and she held up her hand when she got to the door.  The maitre d held up a black light and ran it over the back of her hand, revealing what looked like one of the invisible ink stamps that the clubs have been using these days.  It was shaped like one of those old timey cups…  a chalice is the word he was looking for… The chalice had a dragon wrapped around it, and he marveled at the sight of it under the black light.  The maitre d looked at him, but the girl had held up a hand and spoke to him in what he thought was Russian, or German, but was actually Romanian before she continued on through the restaurant…

"Nu-ti face griji Klaude, el e cu mine.  [Don't worry Klaude, he's with me.]"

All he got from what she said was the name, Klaude.  Other than that, he inferred from what she said and pointed at her.

"Um… I think she just said she got me…"

The maitre d didn't say anything, just chuckled evilly and bowed with mock grace and gestured for the pair to enter.  When he turned around, the girl was already gone, walking through a door at the far end of the entranceway.  He ran to catch up with her and ended up missing what the maitre d said as he walked away.

"Sper ca ea salvează unele pentru mine.   El arată gustoase.  [I hope she saves some for me.  He looks delicious.]"

As he steps through the door, he suddenly notices the drop in temperature.  He looks around and realizes that it's a huge walk in freezer.  He steps through, dodging large slabs of meat hanging from hooks in the ceiling, until he finally catches a glimpse of her, standing by the far wall.  He walks up to her and she slips her arms around him.  Her flesh is so cold and he looks around.

"I didn't think you were standing in here that long… You're freezing.  And what's so happening about a restaurant's walk in?"

She throws her head back and laughs, then brings a finger to his lips, tapping them gently with her fingertip.

"This isn't the happening place… It's just the entrance.  It's an underground club… quite literally.  It's for members only… Hence the little thing on the back of my hand.  Tattoo actually…  Permanent invisible ink…  We have to hide it from the cops cause some of the things we do are a bit…  different."

She turns to the wall where there are stacks of different frozen foods, then puts her hand on the one thing that looks out of place….  A tv dinner.  A scanner light comes from under the package and scans her hand.  A minute later, he hears the sound of a bunch of locks coming unlocking, and the entire section of the wall moves.  It swings open and a staircase is revealed behind the wall.  She leans up and kisses him, her lips freezing cold against his hot flesh and she purrs, rubbing herself against him as she does.  He grins hugely as he kisses her, then yelps as she nips his bottom lip a bit too hard.  He pulls back and brings his hand up to his lip to reveal a little bubble of blood.  He frowns, but she looks at him innocently.

"Oh, I'm sorry…  I was hoping maybe you were into a bit of pain.  I told you we do things a bit differently down here…"

She licks her lips slowly, then takes his hand and pulls him down the stars.  He shrugs as he moves step by step down into the earth, noticing that as he keeps going down, it's getting colder and colder instead of warmer, his breath starting to billow out from him as he moves.

"It's cool…  I'm not one hundred percent new…  I can bite too, just don't forget that."

She throws her head back and laughs as she moves down into the corridor.  The sound of music is pumping out through the far opening where he can see lights strobing and pulsing.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As the pair step through the opening of the far end of the corridor, all he can see is a crush of bodies, all moving in their own ways to the beat of the music.  People are gyrating, pumping their fists into the air, basically just enjoying themselves as the music takes them over.  She was right… this place was happening…

He stopped in the doorway, but she kept on going, dropping his hand as she spots a blonde haired girl in a crush of bodies, dancing to the music and walks over towards her.  There were glowsticks and glow necklaces everywhere in the low light and black lights hung all over.  They illuminated the fact that the bodies were covered in various splashes of color…  All in a different style… like almost everyone had invisible ink tattoos in one form or another, decorating their bodies, because when the strobe lights flashed the clear white light, the colors disappeared.  The red haired girl grabs onto the blonde, starting to move with her and kisses her deeply as he watches.  They're speaking as they're dancing, but the music is so loud, he can't hear what she's saying.  The pair of women turn to look at him, and they both grin wicked grins as they keep bouncing to the music.  He starts trying to dance his way through the crowd towards them, but the bodies around them are so thick.  He gets jostled over and over again as he moves through the flesh, frowning as he brushes against person after person and feeling how cold they are.  When he finally reaches the girl he came with, he tries to dance with her.

"Hey, I'm always down for a little girl on girl…  We can make this a threesome"

He tries to get closer to the red haired girl he came with, but the blonde pushes him away roughly.  He frowns.


He tries to blow it off and starts trying to dance with the girl he came with again, but then the red haired girl pushes him away too, and the pair of women start to laugh at him.  Their eyes are cold as ice.  The blonde grabs the red haired girl and kiss her again, their tongues moving against each other's lewdly as he watches.  They start to laugh and keep gyrating against each other as he starts to back away from them.   He turns around, giving up on the girl he came with and tries to dance with other females in the group or just put himself in time with the group, but everyone pushes him away.  The crowd starts to thin, and he notices he's jostled and bounced his way to the center of the crush of bodies…  That's when he sees her.

She's standing by herself in the center of a circle where there are no other bodies but her.  She's clad in a pair of black patent leather booty shorts which barely cover anything but the most important parts, and a matching corset.  Her hair is loose, hanging around her face.  She's got her black rosary beads hanging around her neck to dangle between the swells of her breasts, but instead of a cross on the end, there's a dragon hanging from the end of the chain of beads.  She's also got a black leather rhine stone covered collar around her throat with matching wrist cuffs.  The black patent leather boots she's wearing come up to just below the knee, and they just seem to complete the outfit.  As she's moving to the beat of the music, there's only one thing he has in his mind, and he whispers it softly…

"Oh my God!!  She looks like sex incarnate!!  I have to know who she is!!"

He watches her body moving and everything about her and himself seems to slow down as the world around them speeds up.  He feels as if he knows her from somewhere, but he can't seem to think of where it is, because his mind is so focuses on the sight of her.  He watches her hair flinging from side to side in slow motion as he moves towards her.  He doesn't even feel the other people around him bumping him and jostling him… nor does he see the change in the crowd.  All he sees… All he wants to see… All he can think about at that moment is getting to her and molding his body against hers.  She smiles, and that's when he recognizes who she is…  He gasps and whispers in her ear.

"Wow!!  I know who you are!!  You're… You're…"

It's the Sin City Wrestling's Gothika.  He can't even say it, but she just nods to let him know that he's right.  He's in shock at seeing her here, and he just sidles up to her and starts to move with her.  She puts her arms around his neck and they start to dance.  As they move, we hear a voice over of her thoughts.

{  "I have been working so hard to do what Darknyss wants me to do… to embrace my hunger and my inner monster.   To let that hunger translate to a hunger for victory in the ring, and culminate in a win for The Fallen… Especially at Summer XXXTreme when we have to face Odette Ryder and Misty.  And truth be told… I am starting to enjoy doing what I'm doing.  But this hunger… this longing for that which drives me…  It's so hard to control.  I've tried and I've tried, but it keeps building and building inside of me.  It's like a gnawing, aching hole in the pit of my very being, and no matter how much I give it, it keeps wanting more and more and more…"  }

The throb of the music and the strobing of the lights pushes their bodies into a rhythm that's almost like the beat of a heart.  He lets his hands trace along her flesh slowly, and she can tell he wants his hands to go to more places than they should.  As they're moving, she uses her body movements to keep his roving hands to respectable places, but keeps the movements as sexy as possible.  She's all grace and lithe beauty, the tight clothing moving with her as she moves to enhance her beauty.  She's sexy, but not trashy.  She's sensuous, not slutty, and it's making him want her more and more.  He can feel something inside of her, reaching for him.  She can feel the pull on his senses, even though he doesn't know what it is.  Even as they're dancing, she doesn't say a word, but he mental voice over continues.

{  "Odette fears what we're capable of.  A part of her knows that when it comes to being the top bitch in the company, people aren't looking to her or Misty for direction.  Hell, they're not even looking at the current Champion, Roxi.  Everyone is fractured… Factions against factions… stables against stables… everyone's just out for number one…  Even within the tag teams that are being formed to try and bring the our reign as Bombshell Tag Team Champs to an end, everyone's still out for number one.  The tag teams that could have even stood a chance against us have disbanded as in-fighting has run rampant through the Bombshell's Tag Team Division.  All of this because no matter what, we have stood as the most Dominant force within the Bombshells.  And why shouldn't we be so dominant?  We're intelligent, strong, and resourceful…  We're skillful, tenacious, and not afraid to put our bodies on the line for a win.  Hell, we've EARNED these titles so many times over…  People wonder why we're so successful as a tag team, and it's because of one simple creed we have as a group…  It was the creedo of the Musketeers back in the days of the French Rebellion…  It's one that's very well known and we stand by it one hundred and seventy-five percent…  'All for one, and One for all' is more than just a motto for us.  It's a way of life.  It means, to put it in a quote that I've augmented from one that Will Smith's character, Mike Lowrey made famous in the movie, Bad Boys II…  'We ride together, we die together… We rise together, we fly together…  We Fall together…  The Fallen Forever'…  I mean, isn't just like some poetic shit or what?"  }

The music is still pumping the same song… It's one of her favorites, and the DJ is playing the extended remix of the track.  She's not even really thinking about the dancing she's doing, just letting her body move by instinct as she looks around the club at the crush of bodies that are surrounding them.  In the crowd, she notices some are starting to lose control as the music pushes them into a frenzy.  She sees a flash of fang here, and a wink of an eye that looks almost feral.  She's noticed that along some of the walls, in the booths, the mood has already changed, and the fun has already started, and some are going for the sweet spot.  She knew he wasn't the only one that they brought. This was just one of those kinds of clubs…  

The normals were brought in as cattle…  toyed with to get the emotions going until just the right moment.  They just didn't know that was what they were here for.  At least not all of them.  Some were loving pets and blood dolls, already hip to the scene and ready to give freely… Others were brought in, knowing what they were in for but still against their will…  They were bound around the room, painted gold and made to look like statues…  their bodies wrapped in gold dipped ace wraps and bound so tightly, they could barely breathe… gags in their mouths so they couldn't speak, and with speakers around them so that their screams were drowned out by the music.  Yeah, the people that devised these kinds of clubs certainly knew what they were doing… They'd thought of just about everything.  They made sure that there was a type for every type of flavor you were going for… from the wicked, to the faithful… from those who were guilty to those who were innocent...

And he was one of the innocents…  One of the unwitting and ignorant ones who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.   He was chosen for his innocence… His open and kind eyes that were at this moment filled with lust.  She knew that he was brought here for her.  She knew it because that's what Natasha did…  She was a procurer…  And she knew that this one was going to be sweet.  She could scent his emotions already as they danced…  They surrounded her like a heady perfume, and were building higher and higher.  Some thought that fear elicited the sweetest flavor in the red… But for her, it all depended on the prey.  She knew when she stepped into the ring against Misty and Odette Ryder, it would be arrogance and pride which would be the most dominant of the emotions coating the pair…  At least in the beginning…  But once the adrenaline started flowing, and they realized that she and Raynin were not about to back down for a moment, she knew that the fear would take over.  She knew that there would be no stopping it… especially once she dropped a full set of hunting fang and latched onto one of them.  Just as she knew the taste of all of the mixed emotions would take her to a place she'd been dreaming of since her match against Misty and she'd gotten to taste Misty and Ruby.  Mmm… Ruby was just as sweet as Misty was…  And in her heart, she was also hoping that Gabrielle would try to interfere so she could have a taste of him as well…  Little did he know, that not all of what he did was just slight of hand… there was a true hint of magic flowing through him…  Morganna sensed it the last time she'd visited, and Gothika had wondered what it would taste like… Magic mixed with adrenaline and fear…  She just knew that it would be so sweet.    

But that would be for later… Right now, her mind was on this young thing in front of her…   He couldn't have been anything over twenty three, his youth adding to the hunger that was gnawing away inside of her.  She'd tried to start a weening process, so she could control the hunger, and she'd gone about three days without a drink.  She'd gone as long as she could, and when she couldn't take any more, she'd called Natasha who had told her about this place…  This was almost like a stable rave…  The place had been around for decades, and she knew that this was always a happening place.  She'd hated what she'd had to do earlier though.

{  "I knew that Argento had wanted to come with me, but I'd had to tell him not to come.  It simply wasn't safe for him to be here… Not with what this place is known for.  But they were always discreet…  I don't know what happens to them afterward, but then, by that time, I normally just don't care… the hunger has been sated, and the euphoria that washes over me afterward is harder than any drug I've ever heard about to come down from.  This hunger… It's so intense… and yes, I'm changing it… molding it to become something which I can use in the ring, but still use safely.  I want to control it… not let it take control of me, ever again…  And yet, I know that all it takes is one slip… one little mess up and it all goes down like a house of cards… And I turn into the slobbering, hissing, ravenous beast that I was after my first transformation…  That is what I fear happening more than most… That I lose control, and someone I love… someone I care for gets hurt… which is why I must learn control.   Darknyss was right…  Ignoring it isn't' the answer… Embracing the inner monster is the only way to learn control.  And using it to unleash pain and suffering upon my opponents in the ring is most definitely one of the best ways of using it to my advantage."  }

The beat of the music is picking up and the people moving around them are going into a frenzied pace.  She can start to feel the fear rising around him as he looks around, almost confused.  He's starting to see glimpses of what's truly hiding behind the mask of those surround him.  HIs adrenaline is pumping, mixing with the lust and the hint of fear to become a bouquet so tantalizing and teasing of the treat to come.  She can barely contain herself as she keeps moving against him, holding him tightly, trying to stop him from looking around.

{  "Argento says that he accepts me for who and what I am… He says that he understands me…  But there are some aspects of me and my nature I just don't want to bring him into.  I don't want to corrupt him with this world… I want to keep him separate… I want to keep him normal… or as normal as he can be.  I want to keep him that special bit of normalcy that I get to have in this crazy mixed up life that I've thrown myself into.  And I can do it…  He's agreeable, and understanding, unlike the men I've had in the past…  He simply… gets me…  which is something I've wanted for so long…  I can do this…  I can be the monster…  I can enjoy the fruits of my monster status and I can use it to become exactly what Darknyss wants me to be… and what I want to become deep inside… I AM THE VAMPYRIC ANGEL OF THE FALLEN!!  I EMBRACE THE BEAST WITHIN!!  I AM HUNGER MADE FLESH, AND I WILL STEP INTO THE RING AGAINST ANY WHO STAND AGAINST ME AND I WILL DEVOUR THEM!!  ALL WHO STAND AGAINST ME WILL FEED MY NEED!!!"  }

He leans in and tries to kiss her to quell the rising tension within him, and she stops him with a finger to her lips, which she kisses, then spins around and taps his lips with her fingertips.  He chuckles nervously as he leans in and kisses her neck instead.  She inhales his scent and her eyes change to that eerie ice blue as she moans softly at the taste of his aura in the back of her throat.  He thinks she's moaning about him, and his lust flares again, as he kisses her neck more.  She doesn't stop him as she tries to control the hunger building within her.  The ice blue of her eyes is starting to be taken over by the ring of red at the edges of her irises.  She closes her eyes as she tries to fight the rising hunger… she's trying to wait until the right moment.

{  "None shall be safe from my need… Not Odette Ryder who believes that she stands above everyone, when she's just another low life who worked her way up the ranks of the ladder by being another cookie cutter and accepting the shit that was tossed her way from kissing up to the folks in power.  People wondered why we went to Team Erik…  It was because of bombshells like her who try to act all goodie goodie, but in truth are as evil to the core as evil can get.  But in the end, she will go the way of the dodo bird…  She'll be snuffed out of my existence and be just another win in my victory column, and be noted as another meal for me to enjoy.  Certainly not Misty…  Another arrogant  bitch with delusions of grandeur.  Yes, she is a good wrestler…  But as a human being, she's lacking quite a bit… and not because of her insanity… But because she lacks the ability to respect her peers, and the skills to be a true Champion…  She's no leader…  neither of them are…  A leader proves by example that they have the capabilities to lift as they climb… They prove that they can inspire those around them to become better than what they are…  the true leaders in this Division, are Raynin and myself…  We push each and every Bombshell to want to do and be more than what they are…  We make them work harder… give more in their matches, and fight that much more when they step into the ring against us…  We make them want to be us… not through pride or arrogance… But by us not backing down from any challenge afforded us and making them prove their worth in the ring!!  We have always been hungry…  in life, as monsters… in the ring… even as Champions… we're not satisfied unless we are able to prove to anyone and everyone that we DESERVE to be the Champions!!  We earned these titles every time we step into the ring…  and we will continue to do so once we retain out titles and stay the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions!"  }

The DJ blares a horn, and the music slowly starts to turn down a bit.  She looks up and whispers softly to herself.

"It's time…"

Everyone lifts their arms to the air except for Gothika and the boy who is looking around confused.

"What's happening to the music?  What's going on?"

She leans in and whispers in his ear.

"Don't worry…  Don't fight it… The less you struggle, the easier things will be.  Trust me… I'll protect you in the end…"

He looks at her confused and frowns.


The crowd surround them starts to close tighter around them, jostling them to the very center of the room where there's a small open circle of space.  The bodies are crushed together, moving in time to the faintly heard music, and everyone starts to chant over and over again…  The lights start to strobe in time with the chanting of the word...  A single word which filled the room with a cadence that made the pit of his stomach quiver in fear and anticipation of something bad...

"SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!  SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!"  

The chant intensifies, almost becoming a roar from the crowd… the chant is in time with the beating of the music which is timed almost to his racing heart.  Somewhere in his head, he knows what the word should mean, but he just can't seem to wrap his brain around it's meaning.  The crowd continues to chant over and over again, fists pumping in the air to the beat of the word….

"SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!  SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!   SANGE!!"  

He looks around confused and centers on her as she starts to back up from him.

"What's going on?  What are they saying?"

Her eyes go from ice blue to almost completely blood red, with just the barest hint of blue in the center of the irises and she points up.  He suddenly feels something liquid drop onto his face.  He lifts his finger to his cheek and wipes it off.  When he looks at his finger, he sees the dark red liquid and immediately knows what it is and what they're chanting.  He gasps…

"Oh my God!!  It's…"

Just then, the dj blares off a horn, and the crowd starts to scream to the heavens.


The sprinklers go off, and instead of water, a shower of red comes pouring out to cover the crowd.  Behind the DJ, a sign drops down that reads 'Blood Rain' and the music picks back up again.  The man shrieks in horror as he's bathed in a wash of hot red fluid.  The cool air in the room is making steam rise from the heat of the red that is covering him.  That's when he notices that the people surrounding him are not exactly people.  Faces that were once normal and beautiful are now monstrous… covered in blood and with long fangs extending from their upper jaws.  

"Oh my God!!  Help me!!  Somebody!!  Please!!  Help me!!"

He shrieks over and over again as he tries to get away, but he's in the center of the crowd.  He tries to fight his way through them, but they push him back into the center circle.  He tries over and over again, and eventually slips on the blood drenched floor and starts trying to crawl away, but they drag him back to the center.  the monstrous faces keep hissing, and as he looks around the crowd, he sees that he wasn't the only non monster in the group, but as of now, he's the only one who doesn't have at least one set of fangs sunk deep into his flesh.  His mind can't take it anymore, and he simply curls up like a fetus and lays there, trembling in the shower of red fluid as it keeps coming down.  Just then, a foot brushes his and he screams and looks up…  And she's there, looking down at him…  Looking like an angel… drenched in red, but with a soft look to her face.  He leans over and takes his hand, and pulls him to his feet, the red still showering down upon them.  He looks into her eyes, tears flooding down, washing away pink lines even as the red runs down to fill them back in.

"Please…  I don't wanna die!!  Please help me!!"

She puts her arms around his neck, putting his head on her chest, and he wraps his arms around her waist and sinks into her arms, sobbing against her chest.  He's trembling in fear, and the bodies around her seem to pulse still to the beat of the music.   She closes her eyes, leaning her head back and just drinks in the scent of him all around her.  She strokes his hair gently and feels it plastered against his scalp by the red that's coated him.  She lifts a finger to her mouth and sucks at the red covering him softly and moans at the taste of it coupled with his scent.  She then whispers in his ear.

"Shhhh… .don't worry…  I told you, I'd protect you… This will only hurt for a moment, but then, you'll forget everything in the end…"

She pulls out a little capsule from her pocket and holds it tightly in her fist.  She puts her finger under his chin and lifts his eyes up to hers.  His bottom lip is trembling as he looks at her.

"Please don't hurt me!!…  I… I don't wanna die!!"

She leans in and kisses his forehead gently.

"You won't die…  I promise."

Suddenly she hisses and her fangs rip through her gums to their full length.  He gasps in shock at the sight of it.

"But you will feed my need… just like everyone else…"

He shrieks, and she strikes quickly, sinking her fangs into his throat.  The soft sucking sound  is almost drowned out by the music and his shriek that is continuing on and on.  She keeps drinking and drinking until he suddenly passes out from the fear of what's going on and is hanging limply from her arms.  She licks the wound she's just made, then holds onto him with one arm,  and breaks the capsule with her free hand under his nose.  She watches the powder in the capsule slip up his nostrils as he inhales in his passed out state and she smiles softly.

"All you will remember is just a dream…  You'll think you've had an awesome time at the bar and met me all in a dream…  But I will never forget you…  Even though I don't know your name, I will never forget you…"

The bodies around her all cheer and the party picks up as the red rain continues to shower down upon them.  The shot lifts up towards the ceiling where the red is flowing out.  It continues to zoom in until everything is nothing but red, then it suddenly cuts out.

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_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

 …  END OF FEED  ...  

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***  Word Count, (after coding) 12,417  ***

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 Event:  Summer XXXtreme II Pay Per View     DATE: Sunday, 08/18/2013 

Place: On the Open Seas   Venue: Royal Monarch Cruiseliner


Opponent: With Gothika vs Odette Ryder and The Queen of the Damned, Misty  

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Summer XXXtreme is on it's way and the Superstars and Bombshells of the Sin City Wretling are anxious to find out what the night will hold for their futures.  They know it will be a night full of chills and thrills, as well as a few life changing events, but above all else, they know it will be a night to remember.  As they prepare themselves for the fun in the sun and setting off of a cruise through the tropics, the Angels also are preparing themselves for one of the most difficult challenges they have yet to face since winning the SCW's Bombshell Tag Team Championships.  The Rebellious One and the Vampyric Angel have to step in the ring against two former holders of the Bombshell Championship…  They have to stand toe to toe with the Aussie, and self proclaimed Mrs. Gabriel, Odette Ryder, and the Queen of the Damned, Misty.  Though it seems there may actually be a vacancy in that title if what the rumors hold true.  Will the two enemies forced into partnership be able to make a dent in the psychic and emotional armor that the Tag Team Champions have wrapped around themselves?  Have they got the where-with-all to try and overcome the expected onslaught that the Angels are planning for two females that have been thorns in their sides since they'd stepped into the SCW rings?  Raynin and Gothika are planning on taking the fight right to these two fellow Bombshells in a manner which they've not done in a long time.  Will the Angels be able to keep their mindset in a winning state, or will their inner turmoils get the better of them and bring everything crashing down around them?  The Nay-Sayers feel that the Time of the Angels has ended…  But we feel that it's only just begun… and will be continuing on for quite a while to come… But let's see what happens, shall we? 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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**********  WARNING!!  **********

The following scenes contain content which is extremely graphic in nature.  If you are squeamish, have a weak stomach, are faint of heart, or are eating, I'd suggest waiting until you have something to settle your stomach before continuing.  If you're easily frightened, then... well, you're a punk ass sissy and shouldn't be going any further.  \'tongue.gif\'  Parental discretion is advised.

**********  END ADVISORY!!  **********

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Time:  August 16, 2013, 10:30 PM...  

Place:  On the road to the Seaside...


The road was still covered in cars as people were going to and returning from trips to the seaside.  Everyone was thinking the same thing as they moved along the roads...  'If we travel at night, there will be fewer people cause it's so much later in the evening, and people don't like driving in the dark'... Or at least that's what they thought what was going to happen.  It couldn't have been further from the truth.  The roads were packed, and couple that with the road construction that's always going on in the evening because the construction crews' higher ups thought like every other person in the world, it meant that the roads around the little podunk town they were riding through were almost stop and go.  

The trio had piled in Darknyss's SUV and had been driving for a few hours now as they headed towards California so they could catch the cruise liner that would be the destination for the Summer XXXTreme Pay Per View, and one of them was just a bit agitated.  Raynin was flounced in the back seat of the truck, her title belt on her lap and her head resting on a pillow as she glared at the front seat where her friends were sitting.  She had on a pair of black running shorts with white piping and a white wife beater with a black hoodie on.  A pair of black reebok mules were resting on the floorboard as she wiggled her toes in her socks.  Darknyss was in the front passenger seat, wrapped up in a blanket, with the seat leaned back and was sporting a pair of purple flannel pajama shorts with a matching top.  Her fuzzy slippers were propped up on the dashboard as she stretched her feet out in only her socks for a bit.  Gothika was driving, and she was wearing a pair of dark blue sweat pants and a black ribbed tank top.  Her feet were covered in a pair of black fuzzy slippers with kitty faces on them.  As she stepped on the gas, you could hear the slippers meowing.  They all looked like they were supposed to be in bed, not driving along the road.  

Raynin was ticked off and didn't even attempt to hide it from her friends.

"Why in the world didn't we just fly there instead of drive?  We could have taken a plane first thing in the morning, and simply walked over to the dock to board from a  cab, but no...  Here we are, driving in the middle of the night!  By the time we make it through all of this traffic, we're all gonna be spent, and we won't get to enjoy our first night on the ship!"

Darknyss rolls her eyes and looks over her shoulder at her friend.

"Well, we're driving instead of flying because with all of the junk you packed up to bring along with you, it's cheaper just to do it that way.  Besides, I called the airport to book our flights, and because we have to make the stop over in LA for a last minute photo shoot before we head down to the docks, we wouldn't have been able to make it.  This way, we can get to the shoot, do our pictures, then head off to get on the boat.  Now sit back, stop whining, and just suck it up and deal."

Raynin crosses her arms over her chest and sulks petulantly.

"We wouldn't even have been in this predicament if we'd been able to leave out earlier in the week like we'd been planning.  But no...  Gothika here just had to have one last nibble before she left."

Gothika looks up in the rearview mirror and growls softly under her breath, her eyes almost glowing in the low light of the night.

"Look, stop your bitchin' back there.  Be happy that I was able to take that last minute nibble, or I might have ended up nibbling on YOU!  Now you KNOW I had to go and do what I did... I had to set up my meals for the trip, or there would end up being a lot of unhappy passengers on that boat as I would have needed to creep from room to room and have late night snacks with everyone...  So it was either this, or i use YOU as a donor!"

Raynin sighs heavily and frowns, her bottom lip poking out.  Darknyss turns around in her seat to look at her friend and frowns right back at her.

"Look, I know you're worried and you just don't know how to express what's going on in your mind.  This is one trippy situation we find ourselves in.  You have to step into the ring with two of the females who made your life miserable before we left and returned.  They'd basically made it their business to try and lock you out of everything that you did...  Anyone would be nervous."

Raynin shrugs and pouts.

"I'm not nervous... I'm not even upset... I'm just not in a good mood right now."

Gothika looks up in the rearview mirror again, looking at her friend curiously.

"Why?  What's wrong?"

Raynin shrugs and toys with her title belt.

"Because... I want to play... I want to go out there and play with Misty and Odette.  I want to punch them and kick them, and lock them in a headlock.  I want to throw them into the turnbuckle and bash their faces into the corner post over and over again.  I want to see what the underside of their faces look like after I bust them open...  But I can't do that until I get to the boat... and even THEN I have to wait until Sunday when the Pay Per View starts..."

Raynin shakes her head and frowns, looking around the interior of the truck, then looks over at her friends.

"What happened?  It's night time?  We left already?  What time is it?"

Darknyss frowns and looks at Gothika, then back at Raynin.

"Yeah... we left a couple of hours ago Raynin.  It's ten thirty in the evening.   Don't you remember?  We packed up the car and headed out about seven thirty..."

Raynin rubs her forehead gently and shakes her head.

"Oh... Yeah... That's right... I'm sorry.  I forgot."

Dakrnyss looks to Gothika again, then back at Raynin curiously.

"Hey...  did you do what I think you did?"

Raynin shrugs and lifts an eyebrow.

"That depends... What do you think I did?"

Darknyss takes a deep breath and clears her throat.

"Did you accept that demonic bastard that's living inside of you?"

Raynin chews on her bottom lip and shrugs.

"Um... well... not exactly accept it... But it was driving me nuts!!  So we made a bargain… “

Darknyss raises her eyebrows in surprise and shakes her head.

“Wait a minute… What??!!  You made a bargain with that thing?  What kind of bargain would you or could you possibly make with that… atrocity living inside of your mind?”

Raynin shrugs again and toys with her belt.

“Well, it said that it could help me and Gothika with keeping our titles if I let it…  Well… The way it put it was ‘come out and play with our opponents.’…  What it means exactly, I truly don’t know.  I think it wants to help.  It likes the fact that we’re the Bombshell Tag Team Champions.  It likes the look of the title belt around my waist, and let’s face it… so do I.  Besides which, Gothika and I have worked way too hard for it to do what it was threatening to do and come out in the middle of the match and distract me at the wrong time.”

Raynin takes a deep breath and sighs heavily.

“Misty and Odette have been our biggest threats… Always have been, and always will be…  And deep down, we both know it.  And part of me thinks that one of the reasons that is, is because this thing inside of me kept coming out when it was the most ill opportune time.  Listen, I know that we have the skills it takes to beat these two.  I know that we can do it… IF… If we stay focused.  We need to stay focused!!  And to do that, I need to have this thing inside of me in check.  Besides which… it actually wants to help… I think it can…  It can make my body do some pretty weird things, but things that could be useful.  Also, I’ve noticed when it’s in control, I don’t feel pain…"

Darknyss sighs and shakes her head.

“Yeah, but when it lets you go, you feel everything… Do you really and truly want to take that chance?  What if it has you do something that you can’t recover from?”

Raynin’s face suddenly changes it’s expression, and Darknyss knows it’s not Raynin she’s talking to but the Other…

“Don’t worry Lady…  I still have to inhabit this body until the day she dies…  I will not do anything to wreck or destroy it… If I destroy it while I’m still inside, then I will end up as nothing.  But she’s right… I do want to keep these titles just as much as you all do.  I think it goes with my eyes so nicely, don’t you think?”

The Other holds up the title to Raynin’s face and bats her eyelashes before it starts to chuckle wickedly.  She then sits back and places the title belt on her lap.

“Don’t worry dear Lady…  I’m really not so bad once you get to know me.  And once the Pay Per View is all over, you and everyone will enjoy the outcome as we all walk away as still the Tag Team Champions.  You will see… Everyone will see..."

Gothika rolls her eyes and looks at Dakrnyss with a smirk.

“Hey, you told us to embrace our inner monsters… now you, and our opponents have to deal with the consequences.  So, what do you want us to do?”

Darknyss shrugs her shoulders and sits back in the seat.

“The same thing I’ve always wanted you to do.  Destroy them.  Destroy them all and don’t look back.  Prove that you’re the best there is in this company, and stay champions.  That’s all.”

The Other Raynin sits up an salutes Darknyss with a stern look on her face.

“Aye Aye Captain!!…  No wait… that’s the Navy… it’s, ‘Sir, yes Sir!!’… At least I think it is…  And what else is it?  Oh yeah… Hoorah!!!”

Darknyss and Gothika both roll their eyes and sigh and yell at the Other at the same time.

“Just Shut up!!”

The Other dissolves into maniacal laughter as the car finally gets out of stop and go traffic and moves into the open road once more.

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_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

 …  END OF FEED  ...  

_______  >>>>>  *******  <<<<< _______  

***  Word Count, 2276   ***
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