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Curses and Bad luck
« on: November 09, 2012, 10:49:32 PM »
Act 1: Curses

"Hail to you, gods of the caverns which are in the West! Hail to you, door-keepers of the Netherworld who guard this god and who bring news to the presence of Osiris! May you be alert, may you have power, may you destroy the enemies of Re, may you make brightness, may you dispel your darkness, may you see the holiest of the Great Ones, may you live as he lives, may you give praise to Him who is in his sun-disc, may you guide him to your doors. May his soul pass by your hidden things, for he is one of you."
Spell 127 - Book of the Dead


The scene opens on the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar in Cario Egypt. The city streets were crowded and full of people in search of strange objects, or souvenirs to take home to prove they had visited at least something in Egypt. There were merchants of all types trying to sell their wares to make enough money to keep their families alive for another day. We soon see a strange looking figure moving through the bazaar almost in search of something that was unseen. The camera soon focuses on the robed figure and we see that it is Necra. She is alone, and seems comfortable even under the full robes, and veil. the veil kept the sand out of her face, and the robes absorbed the heat of the afternoon sun. She stops at one stand and then continues on. The season for fresh fruit was just starting and she couldn't pass up fresh dates, and pomegranates, that lined one stand. She picks up a deep red pomegranate and starts speaking in a language that seems strange to the human ear. Necra drops a few coins in the older woman's hand and continues on through the bazaar, with her mind racing with thoughts of her up coming match.

Necra: Amanda when you will learn that you will never escape me? I will always be there, watching you, and you will never be alone. In the dark I will be there, and in the light I will be there. No matter where you go, no matter where you try to hide, I will always be watching you. When his match is over you will still not be free of me. For I will terrorize you in every waking minute, and when you sleep I will haunt your dreams. I will destroy you, mind, body, and soul. By the time I am done with you, you will beg me to end your suffering, but I will not let it end. No, you will become part of my collective, of my personal servants, and love every minute of it. Sunday night will just be the beginning Amanda. We are far from over, and what a time you will have to take me down. I am not afraid of someone like you, and never have. I fear nothing in the mortal realm, and I never will. Bring everything you have to the ring Amanda, and show me that you can stand against the Goddess of Death, and prove to the world that you are actually worth something. But I know you will not be able to do it. When you looked at me when we were in that graveyard I could see the fear in your eyes, and that will never change. Mortals fear what they don't understand, and always will.

Necra continues to move through the crowded bazaar, and stops as she passes an alley way. She looks down it, and feels almost drawn to something as she continues down through the darkness. Her eyes seem to shift into dark vision as she moves through the alleyway.

Necra: Odette, there is a reason you still walk among the living. I want to beat you for that title, and humiliate you not only in front of the fans of the SCW but your beloved. To bring you down, and show him that there is nothing that he can do to stop me, just makes it that much sweeter. Don't you understand Odette? I love to use pain and suffering against people like you, and show them that I can do anything that I please and use everything that I can to break them, not only in body, but in mind and spirit. That is why I do this Odette, but tell me why do you stand in the ring each and every week? Is it to prove a point, or to show mommy and daddy just how good and important their lovely little girl truly is? Or is the fact you are only out for the gold that we are all trying to get around our waist Odette? Is that all you see when you look at your opponents? Just someone standing in your way to get what is rightfully yours? That's where you're wrong, the title will be mine by the time I am done with the three of you. I am not backing down from this match, and I will not walk away without the title. You can bring everything you have against me, and try to stop me but it will never be enough Odette, and Sunday night you will see why you cannot stop me.

She continues to move through the darkness and comes to a small stand out of the way. She could feel that something was wrong, and looked over each piece that sat on the table. These pieces were from the long, lost tombs of the Pharaoh's on the Western side of the Nile. Necra looks at the older man and picks up one of the pieces. She looks to her left and she sees the ba of a young woman dressed in a long white dress dressed with gold and blue. Necra knew she was a servant of a Pharaoh and she was trapped within. She sets it back down, and picks up an amulet that was shimmering brightly in the afternoon sun. She picks it up, and looks at the man.

Necra: Where did you get these?

Man: I found them.

Necra: Was that before or after your daughter died from a snake bite?

Man: How did you know that?

Necra looks at him, and picks up another piece and turns it upside down.

Necra: The junk that you find in the Bazaar all have one thing in common... They all have made in China on the bottom... This doesn't. Where did you find them?

Man: I don't know... Wherever they found them... I pay people to find things for me, so I can make a living for my...

Necra: For your family? You should say what's left of it? And it's not much is it? Your daughter is dead, your wife is on her death bed, and your business went under, that's why you are selling this stuff isn't it?

The man hangs his head, as Necra continues to stare at him. Her dark eyes seem to go through him as she stands there before him.

Man: I didn't know what else to do. Someone came up to me one day and asked me to sell this stuff. I didn't know it was cursed!

Necra sighs and shakes her head. But grabs the man behind the stand, as her eyes turn into the cloudy looking eyes. He tries to squirm out of her grasp, but she holds onto him tightly.

Necra: You truly are a fool. When your daughter died of a snake bit that should have been an indication of what had happened to you. The symbol of the great Pharaoh's was the snake, and they protected us, and yet you say you didn't know where this came from or that it was cursed?

The man continues to stare at her as her eyes shift to red, and back again as the man is taken back by what he saw.

Man: What are you?

Necra: I am something that shouldn't be. If I were you, I would take everything back to whoever gave you those or take them back to whatever tomb they got them from, unless you want something else to befall what is left of your family. But I have to ask... How many tourists were stupid enough to come and find you? How many other lives have you've ruined by selling these precious little trinkets?

Man: I don't know... I sold a few, but I don't know where they went. Please don't kill me.

Necra lets go of him, and picks up a brooch and looks at it. It was the figure of Isis. Necra sets down a bit of strange looking money and walks off back through the dark alley.

Necra: Jaya I don't know if there is anything else I can say to you. You haven't even said anything to anyone. Did you learn your lesson from the last time that you stood before me? I guess you have. You haven't opened your mouth and maybe that is for the best. Odette, and Amanda are the really problems anyway. You just got thrown into this match for the sake of it. Sunday night will be a night that you will never forget Jaya. You will be the first to fall and what a glorious death you will have. I will save Odette to the end, and perhaps keep Amanda alive just long enough to let her watch all those she loved around her fall at my hands. Sunday night will be my night to shine, and I don't plan on losing. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, the Black Lady, the Grim Reaper,and the child of Darkness and light. When you look upon me you will know that I am death, and your time is nigh. See you soon.

Necra turns the corner and back into the main part of the bazaar. She wanders through the crowd once again, and then disappears into nothingness, as the scene fades to black.
I am the Goddess of Death, the Queen of the Dead, the Grim reaper... and your soul belongs to me.

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