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Roleplay First-Aid Kit
« on: March 19, 2012, 07:51:15 AM »
 As promised, here are some tips that can help you become better roleplayers.

If you think you need help with your RPs, please look this guide over and use a few tips, or all of them. You never know! It just might turn your character into a champion!


1. Be very descriptive. You want to be able to imagine a scene where the person is at or how he talks, what he or she is wearing, what their manager-if any-is wearing, what they are doing, how they are acting, etc.

2. Have an Introduction. Start when your entering the arena, a bar, alley, etc...

3. Have a body of a RP. (a storyline, a interview, ask questions, state your purpose, etc...) This is the most important part of the RP's! We can't emphasize this enough! Try to make it that your story is going somewhere with an angle of yours or a self-created story for your character.

Staff can be of help as well when it comes to creating storylines for your characters in regards to feuds and such. If you think you need help, please feel free to contact us.

4. Be creative. Use your imagination to it's fullest potential!

5. Grammar and Spelling. This hits a lot of wrestlers hard. Use spell checking on Microsoft Word for your Grammar and Spelling. Trust me it helps.

6. Be original.

7. Use HTML for emphasis! Or the BBC codes that are provided on the boards. Either works!

8. This is important. Look at the RP's done by others. You'll get a general idea of what to do. Especially the ones that are winning the majority of their matches.

9. Try writing out your RP's in a notebook before you type them up to be printed. This is what I do. It helps you so you can go back and edit and change stuff that you'd want to. It's a great way to plot out RP's ahead of time.

You can also use Wordpad on your computer to this same purpose.

10. Above all else, try to remember that it's just a game. Have fun!

You follow most of this guide and you will improve your roleplays. Length isn't always a must, but quality is!

If you believe you need any further help, please feel free to contact me through a PM or AIM (gambitpride) and let's talk!

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