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A Home Transformed

So if anyone wonders how long of a trip it is from Las Vegas to Reno and back? Provided you have no stops, the answer is almost 8 hours.

In the case of this particular day, as the renovations to the condo continued and at this point felt like it was never going to come to an end, Carter BEGGED Miles to drive to Reno. The reasons are not even really clear and honestly it could have, more than likely, been shipped cheaper for the price that it would have cost wasting the fuel. Even if Carter insisted that it couldn’t.

The day in itself was a 12 hour affair and at least he was able to stop at one of his favourite places in Reno in the process. He even found a couple of Christmas presents while he was there. Made it worth it on both counts.

It was weird, he hadn’t made a trip like this by himself for a long time, so the time was filled with phone calls with his mum and sister, confirming that in little over a month, that they would be there for Christmas.

This year seemed like the year of firsts.

Miles had returned home after a long day, expecting to find their condo as it was when he left it. However, when he opens the door, he's greeted by a completely transformed living space. The once familiar surroundings are now different, almost unrecognizable.

Miles even double checked himself after crossing the threshold because what used to be bare white walls, wooden floors (that was a big selling point for Miles when he bought the place) and minimal lighting was now a warm feeling. Between the lighting changes, the new color on the walls, some artwork that they had both been looking at and even a stylish colourful rug outlined the entryway and drew him in the rest of the way.

Babe?” Miles had called out as he made his way down the hall and into the living room area.

There he found Carter, with a mischievous grin, standing in the middle of the room. "Surprise!" he exclaims, reveling in the shock on Miles' face.

Confused and amazed, Miles looks around. ALL of the walls had a fresh coat of paint, the furniture, besides the one recliner that Miles insisted on keeping, had all been replaced along with stools along the counter that cut off the kitchen from the rest of the area, and there are subtle touches of decor that reflect both of their personalities.

You- You’ve been busy, I see?” Miles said still getting used to their home’s new look. He stepped back and had seen the one room that was designated the gaming area even redone, “Really busy.

Carter, with a playful glint in his eye, “I know and I’m sorry, I felt like I needed to surprise you. We started the moment you left this morning.” he explains that he spent the entire day working with a team of renovators to give their home a new look. He orchestrated the whole operation to keep Miles out of the house, and, judging by Miles' reaction, the surprise was a success.

I know you said that you really wanted to help when it came time to put it all together but...I don’t know, you did so much for me and mom and grams when my dad died that I really wanted to give you SOMETHING and well I figured that this would be perfect.

As Miles takes in the changes, Carter shares the thought process behind each modification. The living room has been opened up to create a more spacious feel, and the colors were chosen to create a calming atmosphere. Carter even managed to incorporate some wrestling memorabilia into the decor, showcasing both of their achievements in a tasteful way. Including their ‘Couple of the Year’ award that somehow managed to be the centerpiece of the whole spot.

You know, I’m not even mad for the 12 hour wild goose chase you set me on. This is spectacular, love.” Miles said as he turns towards the master bedroom and stops, and smirks, “Is that-?

Carter settles next to him with that same smirk, “That bedroom set that you really liked that I found and fell in love with?

Miles can’t help but find himself seriously impressed and wraps him up in his arms and places a kiss on his boyfriend’s forehead, “I swear, if you got the closet rearranged too...

Carter clicks his tongue and shakes his head, “
Ran out of time unfortunately.

Well damn, I guess I still have some work to do after all.” Miles keeps looking around before a scent catches his attention, “And that glorious smell?

Zeppola’s.” Carter says as he points over to the new dinner table and chairs with dinner waiting for them.

Ooo, Italian is a nice touch. Look at you thinking of everything.” Miles smiles.

“It happens every now and again. So you really like it?”

Amidst the astonishment, Miles can't help but appreciate the effort Carter put into making their home a more comfortable and personalized space. The kitchen table is set for dinner, complete with Miles' favorite dishes from the restaurant.

Feels like home even more now.” Miles pulls out a seat for Carter, “Let’s eat.


Miles finds himself in a rare moment of quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's a lazy Tuesday afternoon, the sun casting a warm glow across the living room of their newly renovated condo. Carter is out running some errands, leaving Miles alone with his thoughts.

Miles, with the SCW Internet Title proudly displayed on the shelf, reflects on his journey. He recalls the challenges, the victories, and the sacrifices that led him to this moment. As he looks at the championship, he thinks about what it represents to him—more than just a title, it's a symbol of growth, determination, and the unwavering support he has from those who believe in him.

The atmosphere is serene, with a gentle breeze coming through the open window. Miles decides to revisit his old wrestling journal in some of the boxes that he had brought with him on the last trip from New York, flipping through the pages that document his early struggles, dreams, and the goals he set for himself. The journal is a testament to how far he's come.

In this introspective moment, Miles thinks about the responsibility that comes with being a champion. It's not just about defending the title in the ring; it's about being a role model, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, and carrying the weight of expectations. He contemplates the balance between his personal life, his responsibilities as a champion, and the relationships he values.

As he flips through the journal, he stumbles upon a passage he wrote long ago about the kind of champion he aspires to be. His chicken scratch faded after years upon years of just sitting on the page.

He recently took to doing things more digitally but he felt a yearning to add to it. He walks into the area that has been dubbed the ‘Entertainment’ area and opens a draw up, taking a pen and finds a seat on the recliner. He decides that he is going to add a new entry, acknowledging the growth he's experienced and the lessons he's learned. But in typical fashion of anything Miles does, he does it in his own fashion.

I’m not the kind of guy that gives a shit about statistics. I don’t keep track of how many days I have been the SCW Internet Champion or how many days I was Roulette Champion because we have guys that work in the office that I’ve never met that keeps track of that kind of thing. And if they don’t we have Mercedes Vargas to do it for us, which no one trusts because there are times she’s lucky to count to 20 with her shoes on.

In fact I don’t give a rat's ass about the chances of Ally and I even winning the SCW Mixed Tag Titles because well like Han Solo, I never want to know the odds. I would rather stick my head in a blender and hit frappe to knock my brain cells looser than they already are!

With that being said, coming out of High Stakes with my Internet Championship reign still intact feels like this accomplishment that a lot of people thought wasn’t even possible a year ago. And you know what, they would have been right. ‘Never Stop Learning’ was something that was drilled into my head from the moment I began training years ago. From the time I did stupid shit with Mack back home, from the time I crossed the pond and began training with the Russows’, especially to that time I was welcomed in to Wolfslair by Alex Jones and even the little time I spend sparing with Fenris and the crew at the Go Gym, I have never stopped picking things up as I go along.

I can feel Finn Whelan, the man that helped out a poor sap a little over a year ago, get the fuck out of a rough spot and shove my ass into focusing and growing, breathing down my neck. But it’s gotten to a point where it feels more like a gentle breeze, rather than a gust from an incoming storm. I used to get a tingle of unwilling dread facing people like Finn and eventually the inevitable happened. I would get my ass kicked, come out with a black eye, busted up ribs and was told to take my ass back to the drawing board.

And throw Kayla into the mix as his know, if anyone would have told me back at High Stakes that they didn’t think those two were gonna NOT become the SCW Mixed Tag Champs, I would have gladly taken that sucker's bet. But the whole ass locked room knows what a duo those two are. Whether they are at each other’s throats, bitching at one another or burying the hatchet that Kayla wanted to place firmly between my eyes back when we were all under the same roof, and pulling off one of the best wins for not only the number one contenders match but the championship match, those two have a real honest chance of ruling the Mixed Tag Division with a Iron Fist around everyone’s throats.

But when it comes to Alexandra and I, we may have only teamed up just a handful of times, but there is something special there. A mutual respect for what the other can do. I know Ally is going to be out there attempting to play ‘Who’s the bigger bitch’ between her and Kayla, and I hope like hell she doesn’t forget that Kayla is about as sly as they come and will slice her throat without even thinking twice.

As far as Finn and I go? That is a whole other beast. I know Finn is out for retribution, especially after what I did following the whole King for a Day match that Austin set him on against me. I know he’s probably out to stomp my head into the mat for just doing business. But he’s going to find out real quick that this is not about just him and I. This is not about the Internet Championship. This is about those titles that have now put a direct label on him as a the Mixed Tag Champion and I’m not above putting the moves bar a whole lot higher than before.

Win, lose or draw. Whatever the table says....don’t count Ally and I out. Not until we say to.