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Unaired Ariana Angelos seg
« on: November 05, 2023, 06:19:09 PM »
The opening guitar riff to "In the Middle of the Night" by Within Temptation hits the speakers and the crowd comes unglued as Ariana emerges from the back her street clothes and carrying her newly won title in one hand.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new Bombshell Internet Champion Ariana Angelos!

Ariana spins around right as the song kicks into high gear with the opening lyrics with the Bombshell Internet Championship held high above her head, she poses for the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring before rolling into the ring.

BS: It’s been a long and difficult road for that young lady this past year but at High Stakes XII Ariana finally ended her losing streak and won the Bombshell Internet Title in the process.

JA: The question is who will Ariana’s first challenger be?

Ariana takes a mic from a stage hand and rests the title over her shoulder.

Ariana: Too think, so many people thought we’d never see this sight again but here I am! Holding my second ever singles title and proud of it!

Ariana says as she gives the title a pat.

Ariana: I’ve only wrestled Luna three times but our match at High Stakes was our first time facing off in singles competition, and honestly? I wouldn’t mind going for round two with her, albeit with the roles reversed.

BS: I’d love to see that match!

JA: Ariana and Luna tore the house down at High Stakes XII, a rematch between them would be epic!

Ariana: And the bosses have all but confirmed that there will be a rematch between me and Luna down the line! But that won’t be my first match as champion, because that match is tonight!

Ariana brushes some hair over her shoulder with her free hand.

Ariana: Me and Carter have practically been inseparable since we graduated from the Go Gym and tonight we get another chance to shine as Team Go taking on the former Mixed Tag Team Champions Eiley and Oliver Zahn, now let’s not beat around the bush, my problems with the graduates of Jet City and their cheating ways are well documented, just look at Queen Hypocrite herself Courtney Pierce as a prime example off this! But make no mistake, just because this is a non-title match doesn’t mean I’m taking this lightly and Team Go will go the distance!

Ariana says before leaning on the ropes.

Ariana: And Luna? Good luck against Kat tonight, I’ll be watching!

“In the Middle of the Night” hits the speakers again and Ariana holds up her title proudly before heading to the back.