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Behind The Cape w/ Calvin Harris [Episode One]
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BEHIND THE CAPE w/ GUY [ Episode 1 ]

The lights are barely lit inside of a studio. Some clapping could be heard before a very familiar song began to play through the speakers inside the studio. Gaining the attention of the live audience.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke
Your love life's DOA
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but...

I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're there for me too) 🎵🎵

By that time the studio lights came on. Revealing a suit and tied dressed up GUY. Sipping from a coffee mug with the logo “Behind the Cape w/ GUY” placed on it. For great advertisement purposes. Of course there were some more claps and some cheers from the studio audience. The music started to fade out leading to the cameras zoom in on GUY sitting at the desk.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Huzzah! Welcome to Episode One of Behind the Cape w/ GUY!

A big flashing sign pointing towards the crowd was directing them to cheer and make some noise. Doing just as they were encouraged. GUY beaming still with a bright smile.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Before I continue. I was told that I must inform networks and the band The Rembrandts. Sin City Wrestling was in no way shape or form involved with choosing or airing that song. All lawsuits that may come from it. Should have my name and my name on them only.

He turned to the right of him. Looking at someone that was off camera.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Happy?!

His expression twisted up like he was making fun of someone. Leading to some laughter from the audience. GUY allowed himself to come back to the cameras to address the people there live.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Being the creative genius that I am. I’ve come up with such a brilliant idea to get my face on SCW programming more a week. By coming up with this concept. My goal is to discuss what is going on in the SCW world. Each week while attempting to bring on a SCW Superstar or Bombshell on the show. Peel back the curtain to their lives. Get to know them. I just might end up being the smartest man alive!

His grin was growing a little more on his face. Sure enough there were more cheers coming from the live audience. Showing their support for the man and his concept.

thecapecrusader; GUY: We’re coming off Violent Conduct ... where I would like to point out I was screwed out of my chance to be King and no. I will never let that go Christian!

GUY found himself spitting his tongue out in shape. Before picking up some of the papers that were sitting in front of him. Looking over them.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Violent Conduct ended up with fourteen incredible -- well most of the matches were incredible matches. And it’s going to be almost impossible to cover all fourteen of them. Or, better yet... I’m just lazy and don’t have enough water up here to keep me from getting cotton mouth covering all of that. So we’re going to discuss some of the more important matters. Starting with the SCW Heavyweight Championship match.

The live audience found themselves booing right away. Didn’t seem like that match was interesting to the people sitting there before him.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Sheesh! What a rough crowd! That being said in that match. We saw Michael Harris challenge Popstar J... J2H. Well, dude looks like a popstar. Do they let anyone wrestle nowadays?

He peered to the right of him once again to someone off camera. Nodding his head a second later.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Apparently, that’s a thing. They let anyone wrestle. But this match took place in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match. We all saw violence from both sides. J2H more shockingly violent than I would have inspected. You’d assume he wouldn’t want to ruin his man makeup or do any damage to his vocal chords. In the end the singlest biggest piece of [beep] won... Hey! Wait a minute! I am funding all of this. You can’t let me say [beep]?!

Throwing his hands up in the air some. Looking off in the distance, some small laughter coming from the live audience.

thecapecrusader; GUY: This is some bull[beep]! Whatev... point is we all have to sit through another boring run of Michael Harris as champion. With his monotone voice, his empty threats, and those sanderson witch sisters hanging around here. I apologize in advance folks. The main event isn’t going to be watchable for a good little bit.

There was a shrug of his shoulders. All of the sudden someone could be seen walking across the stage to GUY with a quecard in hand. Handing it over to him.

thecapecrusader; GUY: What the frick is this?!

Briefly reading over the card. Shaking his head.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Nope! Nope! Nope! That’s a negative!

GUY peering off to the right once again while continuing to shake his head.

thecapecrusader; GUY: First you make me take on any potential lawsuit from the greatest TV show song ever written. Then you won’t allow me to cuss on my own show that I’m funding. And now you’re getting stuff from the office telling me to talk about that abomination of a match?!

His eyes were a little narrow.

thecapecrusader; GUY: That’s where I’ll be putting my foot down and letting my cape fly high. We will not be endorsing anything, Krystal Wolfe on this show. Giving no clout to her or that match whatsoever. If I had brought a ticket to see that. I’d be asking for a refund for the entire supercard. For that garbage! Only one allowed to be oofy around here is me!

Following that comment GUY proceeded to toss the card that had been handed to him. Continuing onward with how he wanted to do things.

thecapecrusader; GUY: One match we can talk about is the Bombshell World Championship. SCW’s biggest crybaby, Ariana Aneglos taking on the champ Courtney Pierce. I can say I’m not surprised by the fact it ended in some [beep]ery! It’s like everyone from Jet City is the same. Can’t win on their own. Gotta bend the rules. Gotta cheat. No honor. No dignity. But then again how could any of you believe in Ariana when she’s done nothing but cry for months?! Cries about not being featured. Cries about losing the matches. Cries about being named an opponent for a match. Cries when she loses again. At this point, she’s got to go out and get herself a sponsorship with Kleenex. While Courtney is meant to be hated. It’s the deal. It’s the gimmick. She’s more lovable than Ariana. We don’t need a crybaby for a champion!

His comments had the live audience split down the middle. Some were cheering as if they agreed with him. The others were groaning a little bit at his take. Showing that they didn’t agree with him.

thecapecrusader; GUY: And then there was a great match for the SCW Internet Championship. My bestest friend in the whole wide world Calvin Harris defended his shiny toy against what I am pretty sure was a giant garbage disposal. No other way to describe Braddock other than being illiterate and surviving somehow with just a third grade education. That dude is one big motherlover though. Tossed the champ around quite a bit. Made me feel for my bestie. But of course Calvin does what Calvin does. Digs deep. Pulls it out. Hits like five moves of doom. Never Back Down, Never Quit... I think I’ve seen that somewhere before.

A little smirk crossed the lips of GUY while he gave a little wink. Getting a great reaction out of the crowd when it came to laughing.

thecapecrusader; GUY: In the end Calvin walked out with the Internet Championship just like I knew he would. And because of that, I couldn’t think of a better guest for the first ever episode. So ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. Put your hands together for the BA Double Crooked Letter, CALVIN HARRIS

Following the words of GUY, the studio began to play “Save Yourself” by One Ok Rock. The live audience began to cheer and clap. A sharp dressed Calvin came walking out onto the stage. It didn’t take long for him to take a seat next to GUY’s desk as he waved out to all the fans in attendance. Calvin briefly waved to the audience as his music faded out.

thecapecrusader; GUY: My man! Thanks for being the first guest tonight!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: ... I didn’t have much of a choice did I? You left me sixty seven voicemails. Forty two text messages. You even sent a pigeon with a message. And then when that didn’t work. You got my wife involved.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Calvin! Sidebar!

GUY attempted to cover up the microphone as he leaned in towards Calvin. The Internet Champion doing the same and leaning in some himself.

thecapecrusader; GUY: We talked about this. I gave you a script!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: I wasn’t going to say anything you wrote for me. Are you out of your mind? I’m not even sure any of that was english. And this is behind the cape right? You want to be authentic. Not scripts!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Dude, you’re busting my balls here!

GUY shaking his head from side to side a bit. Taking his hand off the microphone, but every single one in the audience heard everything he had to say. Snickering could be heard.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Well although, you had quite the match at Violent Conduct. Here at Behind the Cape w/ Guy. We sway away from the wrestling aspect a bit. Try to figure out who you are. Find out more about the person instead of the wrestler. You made mention to your wife, who is very pretty by the way.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Stop while you’re ahead. I don’t want to have to break your face on your own show.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Hey! The violence was last Sunday! Point is, you made mention of your wife. Why don’t you give us insight on your marriage?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Oh god. That’s putting me on the spot. My wife is pretty much out of the limelight of professional wrestling now. You may see some banter with us on twitter every now and then, but our life is pretty private for the most part. Uh, I’m not even sure where to start. I met Alessandra in late two thousand and ten into early two thousand and eleven. We worked for the same company. We kind of just clicked. We had a lot of the same likes as far as alternative music goes. We were both smartasses. We had a very dark sense of humor. We started dating quickly, but we know now. That was probably a bad idea. We split up towards the the middle of two thousand and twelve.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Oooh splitup? It’s about to get real juicy y’all!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Not as juicy as you think.

Sitting there shaking his head a bit. Calvin wasn’t going to give in too much.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: There’s just some things I won’t talk about. The reason we split up isn’t really anyone’s business other than our own. But I will say we were both young and we both made some mistakes. Fast forward to the spring of two thousand and sixteen. We crossed paths again. At the time I was dealing with the death of my girlfriend at the time. I had a very troubling and concerning cocaine addiction. Something I don’t talk too much about but Alessandra came into my life as a friend. Someone that knew what addiction was like. Set out to help me, get me right, and things just happened man. I became a big part of our daughter’s life. VP, she was so little then. Not so little anymore. Over the time, our relationship grew. I adopted VP, we found out we were pregnant with Oliver, and eventually we got married. Been married over six years now. Time has flown by but that woman is everything to me. Literally everything. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I’d be here today. That’s the God’s honest truth.

thecapecrusader; GUY: What a sweetheart. Wouldn’t everyone agree?!

There was some clapping from the live audience. Calvin kind of just rolled his eyes a little bit. Clearly catching on to what GUY was attempting to do.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Ain’t sentimental about a whole lot in life. My wife and kids though, that’s a different story.

thecapecrusader; GUY: All I’m hearing is that you’re letting the world know that you’re a big soft teddy bear. BUT HUZZAH, we must move onto the next question. What’s it like being a dad? Is that something you ever envisioned for yourself?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Well to answer the last little bit. Is it something I had ever envisioned for myself? No, not at all. I had grown up in a pretty toxic family environment. As a young child, my mother walked out on me. God rest her soul now, but it’s the truth. She walked out on me. Drugs and alcohol were way more important to her than I was. That’s hard to understand a child ya know? And then my father, he was always on the road with my uncle.

I saw him one day a week for a really long time. Also something that is hard to understand as a child. So the other I got. I didn’t really feel that love from my parents that I should have and it made me feel some type of way. Made me feel like I never wanted to be a father myself. As I didn’t think I’d have that love to give. Since, I didn’t experience myself. That and I was so wrapped up in wrestling. I didn’t want to be an absent father myself.

Nodding his head just a little bit.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: However when Alessandra and I reconnected again. She had Vanellope or as she called VP at home. I already said that, but yeah. That little girl was just turning three when I met her. Her father wasn’t in her life. Alessandra was doing an amazing job as a single mother, but there’s something about a child having a connection with a male father figure. I was the first one that Vanellope ever had or could remember. I was just as much attached to her as she was to me. Teaching her things, taking her to her first day of school, seeing how much she grows each year, and everything in between. It’s a second to none feeling. I love that little girl.

I was so honored to get a chance to adopt her and for her to call me dad. Our bond at times is tighter than the one she has with her mom. I get a lot of heat for that, but it blows my mind she’s about to turn ten. And she’s got the attitude like her mom. It’s rough some days in the house. Haha, can’t deny it. But then Oliver or Ollie as we call him came along. My actual first born. You know when you find out you’re having a boy. I think all men go through this mindset of how much their son is going to be like them. Seeing big things for them like being a football star or even taking after me as a pro wrestler. Not that it was something I would’ve ever pushed on him. But it’s things we think about. Only for Ollie to turn out to be the exact opposite of me. It isn’t a bad thing at all, but we are very different.

He’s so intune with his emotions at six. He knows how to communicate what he wants. Without having a tantrum. Hell, even when he was a baby. He was so peaceful. Rarely ever cried. Was very much happy as long as he was fed and changed. As he’s getting older, it’s cool to see the interests he’s starting to develop. At the age he is right now. He’s such a fantastic artist. The things he draws, the things he paints, and even the things he comes up with in his head. So creative. So original. He like VP makes me so honor for them to call me dad. I can’t wait to see what those two end up doing with their lives. Whatever it is. I’ll be there every step of the way. Helping out wherever I can. Making sure they achieve their dreams and their goals. Being a Dad is right up there with being a Husband. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Screw the wrestling stuff. That’s what matters to me.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Oooh I’m going to start calling you Papa Calvin from here on out.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Ew for the love of God. Don’t start doing that.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Oh it’s a thing... ANYWAY as the great Rick James once said. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Gotta give us the dirty deets on that addiction!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: I was a junkie man. It was bad. But I guess if you want the story of how it came to be. I have to go all the way back to the year two thousand and twelve. It was maybe three or four months after Alessandra went out separate ways. I was involved in a very-very bad car accident. We’re talking so badly that I was given a ten percent chance at living. I was super messed up for a long time. After getting out of the hospital. I was reliant on painkillers just to get me through the day. But I knew I wanted to get back into wrestling.

However being drugged up on painkillers to mask the pain wasn’t ideal. It did its job, it made living manageable. But it wasn’t going to make me feel motivated to wrestle or in the early stages get back and want to train to get back at it. So, a friend of mine - who I will not name. Suggested trying cocaine. Now I know that it sounds stupid now. But he sold me on the fact, it was a stimulant. It would make me hyperfocus. It would make me feel alive again. And it would help with pain. So, I could do the things I wanted to do. The goal was of course just to get me back into training, but as people know. It’s considered a hard drug for a reason. It continued, and it continued, and it continued.

Even though it sounds silly when I say it outloud. At first I had a handle on it. I could do a little each week. Then I’d get through all the training. I finally made it back to wrestling some almost a year later, but being on the road and beating my body up again. It led to me taking more and more. To the point I craved it more than food and water. But I was very good at hiding it. Especially considering now that I was back in wrestling. I didn’t want to get fired. However, it was when I lost Chasity or better known to the wrestling world as Shady Layne. That I just went off the rails. The company I worked for was shutting down. She was no longer with me. I became a heavy-heavy user.

Something, I couldn’t hide very well when Alessandra made her way back into my life. After all they do say at times it takes an addict to see an addict. She had her own hardships and things she went through. It’s not my business to talk about her life like that. But she had gotten herself clean and she saw all the signs in me. After a lot of screaming, a lot of yelling, and at one point even threatening to walk out of my life again. She let me stay with her for a weekend. So I could detox. I felt like it was better that way than going to a rehab facility and letting it be all over the wrestling world headlines. That was the toughest weekend of my life but I made it through. I battled those windrawls and those demons. I made it through the other side and never looked back.

Letting a little more of himself shine through than what people get to see on weekly programming. It was well received by the live audience. Lots of them clapping and cheering for him for his progress. Calvin simply waved to the crowd as if it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to him.

thecapecrusader; GUY: That’s right. This is a true American hero! You clap for this man!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Hero? Not even close bro. I am no different than anyone else. We all have our issues. We all have our problems. I’m just someone that learned how to deal with mine.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Huzzah! Like I said, a hero, but this brings me to my next question. It takes a hero to be so brave as to wear some of the things you do. Looking like you've been shopping inside HBCarter’s closet! Tell us where do you get these ... er outfits?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Well first of all. Nothing against Carter. He’s got some great taste. But, I highly doubt there is anything in that man’s closet that is going to be in my size. And secondly as far as some of the outfits go... You know there’s just some things in life that certain people do that no one can control or contribute to, and because of that. You just have to roll with the punches even if it seems ... totally not you or your character!

As soon as those words came out of Calvin’s mouth. He and GUY both looked right at the cameras, really staring at them with sarcastic grins on their faces. Letting the camera get a close up. Before GUY continued on.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Shifting gears just a little bit towards wrestling. Out of all the promotions that exist out there. Some are big. Some are small. And some are just in between. The moment you decided to come back to wrestling in Sin City Wrestling was the choice you made. Care to tell us why? It’s been alluded to. But I feel like you are hiding something.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Brother, you’re just trying to get me fired huh? There’s a small chuckle. Mark, Christian. If you hear this. My apologies. But to make a very long story short. From the time I started to make it big in this business. I had constantly worked for promotions that I truly felt were set out to hold me back. World Elite Wrestling. Carnage Wrestling. Pure Amusement Wrestling. Although, there I was finding my footing... but suddenly, I’m in the main event and they close doors out of nowhere. Felt like it was more than a coincidence. And then I came here to Sin City Wrestling, the first time. I really tried to give this place a chance. I tried to leave the past in the past. It was just harder and I was paranoid if we are being honest with each other.

Yes, I won the SCW Heavyweight Championship. Like three or four months into being here. I had done it twice. Then the shift takes place where I’m being put up against someone I hate to name but it was Tommy Crimson. He almost felt like the shiny new toy. Felt like he was the one everyone was backing. It felt like I was old news real quick. Despite me giving my best efforts. And look, I get it. It was all a me thing. It was all something I had cooked up in my head. However, it was clear what Tommy was doing with some of the things he was saying. Some of the lines he was crossing. Yet, no one batted an eye. I started doing it and I was being singled out for it. To the point I just snapped. I broke every rule you could think of. I was the most unprofessional person ever. I mean I really crossed the big no-no line in this business and didn’t care. I was like what are they going to do? At the time SCW was closing up. They couldn’t punish me for it.

Needless to say Crimson ends up being me at Full Circle. Like I had expected, I said it was shady at the time. However, he beat me because I beat myself. I had truly gone off the rails. I was mentally unstable and it led to me losing. However, when Kristopher Ryans came in directly after the match and beat Crimson for the championship. Someone that wasn’t even part of the active roster at that point. Least, I don’t think he was. That really set off some emotions. It all looked fishy as hell to me. And I felt like I was constantly living in a business that was set out to make sure I didn’t succeed. And I didn’t understand, I’ve never been a bad wrestler. But again that comes back to the paranoia thing and just being mentally unstable. At the time I left the business. I really and I mean really hated wrestling. Wanted nothing to do with it and never thought I’d ever come back.

But they do say that time heals all wounds. Over time I fell back in love with wrestling, but that had a lot to do with the fact I was training this new generation. Seeing how eager they were. How much they wanted to learn. How much they care about the business. It made me feel something again after talking with my family. I decided that one last run wouldn’t be that bad. It’s a lot harder now at nearly thirty five after having five years off. But the reason I came back to SCW specifically is. I didn’t want that to be the last image of me. Even if I came here and ended up being nothing more than a job guy. I did not want people to remember me in wrestling and remember me in this company as someone that was the most unprofessional human being possible. I’ve had conversations with Mr. Ward, and I’ve apologized for my actions. Same thing with Mr. Underwood, but words don’t speak nearly as loud as actions. I can only hope that after seven months of being back. I’ve gotten a little credibility back.

thecapecrusader; GUY: They’re better men than me. I’d brought your back just to tell you... YOUUUURRRREEE FIIIIIIREEEEEDDD!

His voice had picked up extra heavy and raspy. As it was followed up with a cheeky little grin from GUY. All while Calvin just sat there rolling his eyes a bit more.

thecapecrusader; GUY: I know you’ve likely been asked a lot since the concept has come about and I’m sure you’ve discussed the match a few times. However, I’m curious to hear it for myself. How did this Internet Championship come about? And how did you feel the match with Braddock went back at Violent Conduct?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: I am assuming you’re talking about the concept of the stipulations and opponents being decided by the Internet aka the Fans? Well, it’s simple. Because the wrestling world is an ever-revolving door. We see all kinds of things happen. Multiple times but with a new twist. I remember when the concept of the Television Championship was created many years ago. The entire concept was that it was the one championship you’d be seeing defended all the time on a weekly program. Since the World Champion was all over the world doing their thing. Couldn’t always be there and constantly having that championship defended was going to make it feel cheap. And then you look at SCW. They’ve got the SCW Roulette and Bombshell Roulette Championship. It has an entire idea, gimmick, and concept behind it.

Then there was the Internet and Bombshell Internet Championship. They were just there. How can we name them the Internet Championship and then have it have nothing to do with the Internet? It seemed a little silly to me. And to top it all off. I was wanting to see more people stand up and show out. I wanted to see people start bringing their best. No more just random title matches because people were too lazy to actually do anything more than the bare minimum. So, I sat down with Mark and Christian. Pitched the idea to them. They thought it was a little out there at first. A little strange, but they were down to try it out. And here we are. So far it’s worked. After all the fans let their voices be heard when they voted for Braddock to be the man my first title defense was against.

From the sounds of it. There were a couple of BRADDOCK fans in the live audience. Cheering pretty loudly for the mention of the man’s name.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: It’s no secret. I’ve talked about it before. I was very thrilled that Braddock got his shot. I like taking on the new talent and being the measuring stick as far as seeing what they’re capable of. I think the fella is a little misunderstood at times. And I can say that because I feel like I misunderstood him. Heading into the match, I didn’t think he was as focused as he could have been. I felt like he wasn’t truly understanding of the situation he was in. But man as soon as the bell rang. He blind sided me with that sheer power and made me realize very quickly. The man was focused and that he did understand the situation he was in. Made me have to dig deep in myself to turn things around.

I know it’s been a bit of a viral moment following that match where I told Scott Oliver. The man hit me so hard I hit myself. It sounds funny, but man. I was not joking. That first time he hit me in the gut. I immediately regretted not wrestling on an empty stomach, haha. Dude is just a powerhouse, but on that night. It wasn’t his night. That’s not a shot at him. I just feel like right now. I’m starting to hit my stride. Getting into the groove now that I’ve been back in the ring now going on seven months. I’m sure there’s going to come a time and a situation where Braddock and I will meet again in the ring. I look forward to it, but for the time being. I’m focused on the future. Had a banger of a match at Violent Conduct, but now it’s time to look forward to what’s right around the corner.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Braddock don’t want none of me. That’s for sure. Ya don’t get to toss my friend around like that and not deal with me. I was so close to coming out there that night.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: And that man would’ve eaten you alive!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Psht, that’s all cap! But... we’re starting to get to the finishing part of our show here today. However, I do have one last question before we transition into that.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Go ahead and shoot. What’s on your mind?

thecapecrusader; GUY: We all know that no one truly ever retires. I mean look at you. You did it once and already came back. We’ve seen some Old Timer get a big send off. Just to show up in another promotion like three weeks later... WOOOOOO! Once again a cheeky grin crossed his lips. But, if you were to have a retirement match. Truly, it was the end of the line. That’s it for you. No more. Who would it be and why?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Unlike some people GUY... I don’t want my entire legacy ruined. So, I damn sure wouldn’t be showing up in a dump like Orlando three weeks later. If I had a retirement match. His grin was shining through as well. However, this question is a difficult one. Because there are so many variables involved. Is it a situation where I’m working with a company that would allow me to choose anyone? Would they want me to face one of their guys? Is that retirement here in SCW? Like I said, there are so many variables.

But if anything was on the table. It would be two situations for me. I am a firm believer that when you retire. You should go out on your back. It’s the ultimate sign of respect. So, I wouldn’t mind putting over a young guy. Someone that needed that extra push. Someone that would do something with beating me. Or, as crazy as it seems. Facing Michael one last time. We’ve done it twice in our careers. As much as he’s an old prick. He’s good at what he does. He’s had a hand in training me and helping me become who I am. So if his ticker was still beating at the time I call it quits. I could see that being a retirement match.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Woooow! Just Woooooooooooow!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: What? You asked the question. I gave the answer.

thecapecrusader; GUY: It’s just crazy that’s the person you’d name. It’s not like you don’t have your best friend in the whole wide world right here before you. Who would no doubt give you the best match ever!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: First of all. I don’t even know where you get off on calling us best friends. Have you ever heard me say that ever? No. And secondly, you claim to be a wrestler. Yet, there’s like zero footage of you anywhere when I look you up!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Most people have never seen Batman, but he exists.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Batman is a fictional character!

Calvin was about ready to tear his hair out of his head. The live audience getting a quick out of what they were seeing right before their very eyes.

thecapecrusader; GUY: And now this is the final segment of the show. We’re going to play a little game.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: I’ve seen those movies and they all suck. Certainly not good enough to be having a tenth installment of their shitty franchise coming out.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Silence! This is the game... I am going to name off a couple things. It could be a place, a person, a thing, so on and so forth. I want you to just say the first thing comes to mind. Like a word association game. Ready?!

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Ready as I’ll ever be I guess.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Alright first up: Professional Wrestling.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Complicated Action Packed Love Story.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Favorite snack of all time?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Sour Patch Kids!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Butt Plug?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: What the actual [beep]?!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Internet Championship?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Workhorse Championship!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Favorite Gaming Console?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Nintendo Sixty Four.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Favorite Video Game?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Of all time? Uh... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Favorite non-wrestling sport?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Hands down, Football. American Football to be exact. I know I’m going to have someone on me but it’s football alright people?!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Favorite sports team?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Oh man. Chicago Bears! Bear down!

thecapecrusader; GUY: Your favorite nickname to be called?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Dad!

thecapecrusader; GUY: What would be your ideal life after retirement?

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Man... once, I’m done with this stuff again. Taking my family. Moving to the middle of nowhere. Living off the grid. Away from people, all the traffic, and the other nuisances of life would be amazing. The wife and kids would probably hate it, but that’s my idea. Just off the grid and enjoying what I have around me.

There was some clapping from the live audience once again. It had appeared that they were loving the answers and the more of a behind the scenes look to the Highlight of the Night’s life. GUY restoring order as he spoke up.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Well, even though you were sippin’ on that hatred earlier. I totally would like to thank you once again for appearing on the show. Very Good, Very Informative interview if you ask me.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: You’re just asking to be sued for gimmick infringement at this point.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Huzzah! Different wording no one can do anything about it.

thehighlightofthenight; CALVIN HARRIS: Alright, don’t be surprised when you get hit with that Cease and Desist letter. Nevertheless though, man it was fun. Thanks for having me.

He reached across the table to extend a handshake. GUY promptly leaned over and grabbed his friend for a tight hug. Calvin didn’t look exactly thrilled, but once the embrace was broken up. The Highlight of the Night stood up from where he had taken a seat and began to walk off the set. Of course the live audience cheered for him as he did so. Cameras then found themselves zooming back in on the host.

thecapecrusader; GUY: If you ask me. This was quite the episode one huh?!

More of the live audience’s cheering could be heard.

thecapecrusader; GUY: Huzzah! Well folks, I also want to thank you for joining me here today. I am looking forward to this new role I am taking on... as my quest to be SCW King continues in the background. Cannot wait to have more guests on the show. Peel back the cape and let you see what’s behind it. Until the next time a big purple dinosaur once said: I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family!

Following his send off message. The lights dimmed down in the studio as the theme song began to play once again. The live audience let it all out. Cheering and clapping as loud as they could. The cameras turned to show everyone in attendance while the credits rolled across the screen putting an end to the very first episode of Behind the Cape.