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Eddie's Turn (Introduction)
« on: July 31, 2023, 04:55:42 AM »
The Lyons Den has produced it’s fair share of champions in the last few years, and has been working hard to keep it’s talent known as among the best in the business.  Those who have interacted with a Lyons Den talent in the past know they’re among the most competitive you can come across and always come for a fight.

Head trainer Keevee Kaiser, strives to create a new generation of Lyons Den talent, having been trained by the late founder Vincent Lyons, he wants the new generation of talent to be better than the ones of old.

Companies had folded in the past few months, and Kaiser soon found he had no talent currently working, that needed to change, and it didn’t take him long to find Sin City Wrestling, and he knew just which talent he would be sending to Vegas.


Five students stood in a line, listening to their trainer, who looked at and observed each of them, one by one. First was the young blonde girl and the young blonde man standing next to her with part of his face painted, the girl proudly held a championship on her shoulder.

“Vincent and Victoria..” Kaiser said, “What am I going to do with the two of you? You carry that old PWE Victory championship around like it still matters. Should I give the twins another shot? Perhaps…perhaps.”

He looks over to a darker haired man, who looks particularly angry.

“Alex..” he said  “I know you’re upset about PWS closing just after you won the United Championship, and need to let that aggression out somewhere. I could be interesting to see how you fare in Sin City.”

He moves to a dark skinned female in the line, and just nods.

“Cleo, I get it. Still want to focus on your education. I gotta respect that.” he said, before moving along to the short haired man in a denim jacket.

“Eddie..” he smiled , “I know you want a chance, a real chance to spread your wings, and show what you are all about. You have the least experience of everyone here, but that’s not a detriment to you at all.”

Kaiser takes a step back and looks at the line of students again.

“Now, I have my decision made on who gets the contract this time.” Kaiser says, “Obviously Cleo is still focusing on her education, so we have agreed to find her a new home at a later date when she feels ready. But for the other four of you, I want it to be clear this decision was made on fairness and equality.  Victoria, Vincent, Alex. You have all tasted success, have all been champions, and that’s why I feel as though it’s time for someone else to have a short at representing for the Lyons family, that's why it’s time for Eddie Lyons to make his mark on this business.”

Eddie looks surprised, as Cleo pats him on the back to congratulate him.

“THIS IS BULLSHIT.” the dark haired man, Alex bellowed. “I didn’t even get a CHANCE to be the United Champion in PWS, now you don’t even let me have another chance elsewhere?!”

“My decision has been made Alex.” Kaiser said, “Besides, Alexandra Calaway works there and after the whole ANTITHESIS thing, I think it’s best we keep you two apart. SCW doesn’t need any of that.”

“That’s crap and you know it. My Queen needs me by her side!” Alex moaned again.

“Forget it dear cousin.” The blonde girl, Victoria said. “He’s playing favorites as usual. Eddie will fail, and he’ll come begging to send one of us to clean up the mess. Vincent and I knew this would happen. I am a forever champion, just like you. He doesn’t understand that.”

Alex groaned.

“I know..I know.” Victoria said, “Let them be, come with us. We’ll talk to your dad, figure something out. ANTITHESIS is gone need us now. We’re your family. We are your blood. For The Pride.”

“...For The Pride” Alex muttered with a nod, as he took an exit with his twin cousins.

“Well I don't like the sound of that.., hopefully the three of them don’t become too much of a problem.” Kaiser said nervously, “But I’ll worry about the three of them.. This is your time Eddie, don’t let your cousins get under your skin. You’re ready for this."

“Hell yeah you are.” said Cleo, “Don’t let those three punk you either. You just call me, you know I got your back, I got people back on the streets that’ll rise up for me without question.”

“That won’t be necessary Cleo.” Eddie said with a smile, “I’m just ready to restore honor to the Lyons name, after the three of them have been sullying it for the past few years.”

“I could go with you for a while, manage you while you get your feet wet, until you feel ready to swim on your own.”
suggested Kaiser

Eddie shook his head, “No. I’m doing this right. Which means I need to do this alone. Maybe I’ll fall on my face and fail, but I’ll do it on my own, or maybe I’ll find success and I’ll do it on my own.”

Kaiser nodded, “Understood, and best of luck to you in SCW.”

The two shook hands, and Eddie shook Cleos hand as well.

“Well, you can go to SCW on your own, and I respect that.” said Cleo, “But I’m still your training partner, so how about I help you get ready for your big debut?”

“Sounds good.” agreed Eddie.

So it was the honorable Eddie Lyons who drew the lucky straw and gets to go to Sin City Wrestling to represent for The Lyons Den, much to the chagrin of his cousins. But the three of them have had their opportunities to shine, and even compete as champions. Keevee Kaiser wants all his talent to have a fair shot, so with a new company comes a new talent. Will Eddie Lyons sink or swim is yet unknown, but if he’s like any of the other Lyons Den talent that have graced various companies with their presence, he will definitely be a force to reckon with.