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(Whisper was used with permission from Kat)

I didn’t think Blaze of Glory XI could get more dramatic than the week leading up to the event, boy was I wrong.

Between Krystal turning her back on her friends and joining The Saviours (effectively being banned from the Go Gym in the process) and Teddy Warren costing Jess the match against Devona it was definitely an interesting show that made me wonder what the next cycle had in store for the Bombshell Roster.

Then again, if there was one thing I could take away from the lead up to Blaze of Glory, it’s the murder of my parents.

But alas, their funeral is set for the first week of April and I’ll be doing an eulogy for the event, I guess if nothing else it’ll be good practice for cutting promos in front of crowds for when I graduate from Hero Academy which is why me and Jess have been spending the past week here at Hell’s Gate in Colorado, I knew I needed to be prepared for the gauntlet against Jessie, Roxi and Keira but I also knew that training with the same girls wouldn’t truly prepare me for the challenge ahead of me in two weeks’ time.

But I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the only benefit my time at Hell’s Gate had on me.

”Okay, another day, another training session.” I commented as I got out of Jessie’s rent car and turned to her, the Hell’s Gate parking lot was pretty big and it didn’t look like the rest of the students were here yet, Saviours members or not. ”And hopefully a day that’ll be a lot less painful than sparring against Whisper.”

”Again, I did warn you that agreeing to that sparring match was going to end painfully.” Jessie reminded me and I rolled my eyes before I adjusted the beanie hat that I was wearing today, I’ll worry about any hat hair later. ”Actually? I wanted to ask you something Harp.” Jessie added and I turned to her, ”It’s been three weeks, how have you been doing?”

I should’ve seen this coming really, I’ve been trying to persevere since my parents were murdered but I’d be lying if I said that it was easy, I let out a sigh as I leaned against the car’s bonnet. ”I’m definitely past the “five stages of grief” phase but it’s been hard, there’s no real point in denying that! But training here has helped me in one way.” I added and Jessie motioned for me to elaborate. ”It’s helped me get my confidence back.”

”Your confidence?” Jessie asked with a confused look on her face before it hit her. ”Your talking about the fact that you were training at Hero Academy when it happened, aren’t you?”

”I don’t know if I would’ve made any difference if I had stayed home that day, but my confidence took a massive hit in the days that followed their deaths.” I elaborated with a sad sigh as I folded my arms. ”Signing myself up for Suplex Island II was part me betting on myself and part me trying to get that confidence in my abilities back, but whilst that helped? Training here over the past week helped me the most.”

“And I’m glad to hear it.” We glanced up upon realizing that Whisper had just showed up for the day and it didn’t take me long to realize that she had heard everything. “As tragic as their deaths were, you have to move past it sometime.”

”I know, just didn’t think it’d take me coming down to Colorado for it to happen.” I nodded in responded with a nod as I turned to the retired wrestler. ”Truth is? I was hoping that my parents would be present for my first ever match, they had finally come around to the idea of me as a wrestler on the day they were killed which just makes it all the more tragic.” I added before I wiped a tear from my eyes at which point Whisper put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Never forget that your parents can see you. Hear you. They are always with you.” Whisper assured me and I glanced up at the much older woman. “They are proud of the woman you are becoming little one. And here you have family that will be there for you and it extends to beyond those you have seen so far.” Whisper added and I let a small smile creep onto my face as I heard her comforting words.

”You really do see something in Harp, don’t you?” Jessie chimed in with a grin and we turned to her. ”That explains how we didn’t have to pay anything to train here at least.”

“I see something in both of you, otherwise I never would’ve invited you and Harper up to Colorado.” Whisper explained and that did seem to make sense now that I thought back over the past week. “Harper is showing that Keira and Roxi were right when they saw something in her and whilst you have been wrestling for over a decade Jessie, you have shown that you are still willing to learn new tricks.”

”As long as those tricks aren’t “roll over” I’m not complaining.” I joked getting a chuckle out of the two older women. ”But thanks for the kind words Whisper, I feel more ready than ever to jump into the wrestling world now.”

“You will make a great champion one day Harper and don’t you forget it.” Whisper nodded in agreement before motioning to the Hell’s Gate building. “So then, shall we get started?”

”Never thought you’d ask!” I responded before we followed Whisper into the building.