Author Topic: Blood of the Innocent, a Harper and Jessie RP  (Read 6072 times)

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Blood of the Innocent, a Harper and Jessie RP
« on: November 28, 2022, 12:22:12 PM »
Ow, my fucking head!

Jessie was probably going to blame herself for what happened at Climax Control last night, she had told me to keep my guard up in case Melissa tried anything and with my taekwondo background? I could’ve held my own against Melissa, at least for a little while.

Instead? My damn sweet tooth got to me and I went to the nearest vending machine to get a snack, and before I knew what was happened Melissa blindsided me ramming my head face first into the vending machine’s glass to knock me loopy before beating me up and dragging me off! By the time I had regained my senses, I was tied up to a chair and gagged whilst Melissa had a camera crew on hand to record her cou de gras.

Now I’m awake again and at a hospital in Los Angeles, pounding headache and all! The first thing I heard when I came too? My parents, and they weren’t happy.

“We trusted you Jessie!” My dad shouted angrily from the other side of my hospital room and I groaned as I sat up, my parents had been against the idea of following in Jessie’s footsteps from the very start but I had assured them that I was in good hands with Jessie, why wouldn’t I think that? She’s been a wrestler since I was three years old! “Last night’s show was supposed to be the best moment of Leanne’s life and instead she’s in the hospital!”

I groaned to myself as I leaned back in my bed, in case that didn’t give it away? Harper was my middle name, my birthname was Leanne but as I grew older, I just flat out hated my first name so I started insisting that everyone called me Harper! My parents did come around to the idea eventually, even IF it took me refusing to answer to the name Leanne, but they usually used my real first name when a situation was serious.

I guess it doesn’t get much more serious than their eighteen-year-old daughter being hospitalized at a wrestling show, right? ”I’m sorry but I can’t be everywhere! I told Harper to keep an eye out in case Melissa tried anything but clearly, she waited until the right moment to strike!” Jessie’s voice rang out and I sighed, at least she wasn’t backing down from my parents.  ”And besides that, I had no reason to suspect that Melissa would even stoop that low! Attacking a non-wrestler is usually grounds for suspension without pay in SCW!”

“Well, clearly you were wrong.” My mom responded and I just shook my head wondering if it was going to fall to me to alert them that I had woken up, aside from the fact that I had woken up late last night and put out a tweet asking about the number of that size 7 boot that hit me! Luckily, I didn’t have to due anything because a nurse came in to check on me after brushing past Jessie and my parents.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” The nurse sighed with relief as I messaged my forehead, at which point Jessie and my parents looked up to see that what the nurse way saying was true. “We’re going to keep you for observation overnight Harper, that was a nasty kick you took, but you should be free to leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Good, the boredom’s already killing me!” I responded with a groan and as soon as the nurse left Jessie and my parents walked into my hospital room and Jessie closed the door behind them. “Hey guys, I know a lot happened last night but………”

“Leanne, we told you that wrestling was too dangerous and you didn’t listen! Now you’ve been hospitalized after attending a show as Jessie’s guest.” My mom interrupted me and I didn’t even get a chance to groan about my real first name being used before mom continued. “Wrestling is no place for a young lady like yourself! We want you to pull out of Hero Academy!”

I just stared at my mom in shock when she said that second part and a quick glance up at Jessie told me that she had been blindsided by this as well. “Let me get this straight.” I started as I ran a hand down my face. “I got hurt several times when I was on the amateur wrestling team, I got hurt several more times when I was practicing taekwondo but the one time that I get hurt after I start my wrestling training and you go into panic mode?!”

“Leanne please, just listen to reason.” My dad chimed in and I turned to him with a frown on my face. “Those prior accidents were no one’s fault but your own, you got attacked by another woman last night.”

”Melissa attacked Harper, Leanne, whatever her name as, to get to me, when I offered Harper a chance to attend last night’s show as my guest I had no reason to believe that she’d be attacked because my bosses at SCW take attacks on non-wrestlers seriously.” Jessie responded as she walked up to us with her arms crossed. ”Or to put it another way? Wrestlers have been indefinitely suspended for attacking non-wrestlers, without pay! The only reason Melissa wasn’t slapped with a suspension is because I insisted on it!”

Okay, I was definitely going to ask Jessie about that, but I needed to put this matter to rest. “Mom, dad, I know your just trying to look out for my best interests but I’m not giving up my wrestling dream! I’m eighteen years old, I’m not a kid anymore! Just because I still live with you guys doesn’t mean you can still dictate what I do in my day to day!”

The looks I gave my parents as I said that made one thing clear, not only was dropping out of Hero Academy out of the question but I wasn’t about to let this incident get to me , after another hour they left my hotel room for a bit and Jessie took the bedside chair that my mom was occupying. ”Kid, I just want to apologize for what happened last night, I knew Melissa would try anything she could to get under my skin………” Jessie trailed off before shaking her head. ”I can’t even say that I couldn’t have seen that coming, I’m a veteran of this sport, I’ve seen similar tactics be used over the years!”

“There’s only one person I blame and that’s Melissa, and frankly I just want to get discharged ASAP so I can train.” I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair and Jessie could only give me a sympathetic look for that. “I want to attend the year end show but I’ll probably give this week’s show a miss.”

”I’ll see what I can do, but the bosses might decline on the off chance that she tries that again.” Jessie responded as she shook her head and she was right off course. ”Just try to take it easy, if anyone needs some excitement right now it’s Cassie because she won her first title last night.”

“Holy shit! Really?!” I asked before I went straight to Cassie’s twitter feed on my phone and sure enough, there were Cassie’s tweets about being a tag team champion with someone called Blaze Darling. “At the rate we’re going? Hero Academy might be a serious challenger to the Go Gym in terms of producing champions! Remind me to congratulate Cassie in person when I see her.”

”Think Krystal will beat you to the punch there but I’ll pass the message along.” Jessie responded as she shifted her weight. ”I know the nurse said that you’ll be discharged tomorrow so I’ll try to get us back to Vegas ASAP, Keira will pay a visit later as well. But try to relax.”

“I’ll try.” I sighed as I shifted my weight. “And if you find any sweets? Send them my way.”

”Will do.” Jessie responded before she stood up and left my hospital room.