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The Talk, a Cassie and Keira RP
« on: October 25, 2022, 05:49:01 PM »
It’s been a crazy couple of months since I graduated from Hero Academy.

Between joining my first fed as a wrestler and said fed never airing my second ever match forcing me to look for another home fed, I’ve had a lot on my mind since the graduation match against Keira, and that’s not even getting into my personal life.

Right now I was in a sparring match with a newbie called Harper, apparently she was related to Jessie Salco. I wasn't sure how but she was damn good at the one thing I was bad at, namely submissions.

Keira: That’s it. Don’t hold back when it comes to a submission. Think of it as MMA.

Keira was outside of it, watching the two tussle as she watches them

Harper: Like MMA? Okay.

I tried to keep up with Harper but apparently she was an ameateur wrestling standout before she met Jessie, and anyone who’s seen me wrestle knows that submissions aren’t my strongest point and before I knew it? Harper had my leg in an elevated knee bar that had her pulling down on my foot for extra pressure, throw in the fact that that was my bad leg from my days as a soccer player in High School? Yeah, I was tapping in no time.

Keira: Let her go Harper, we want that leg in one piece for her match against Randy Ramon.

Harper nodded before letting go of my leg and helped me to my feet, I was limping a bit but nothing. I couldn't sleep off later and once Harper confirmed that I was okay she went over to Keira.

Harper: Just like you said, that leg gave her trouble all match!

Cassie:: Wait, WHAT?!

I hobbled over to the pair and Harper winced when she saw the look on my face.

Keira: Like I told you. Every wrestler has a weakness. Even me. Always try to exploit it, but do NOT ever injure them. That’s a huge No-No in wrestling. Take a breather, both of you.

Keira begins to go to her office, but stops for the moment. She turns to see Cassie, asking

Keira: Actually, Cass. My office. We need to talk.

Harper gave me a sympathetic look before she held down the middle rope for me so I could get out of the ring easier, Zoey was nearby and offered to help me into Keira’s office but whether it was stubbornness or me being focussed on Keira i ignored her, good thing too because as I entered Keira’s office I heard Zoey and Mei being called by Keri for a sparring match.

Keira: Close the door Cass.

I nodded before shutting it behind me.

Cassie: What’s up? Did Jenny attempt to buy the Go Gym again?

I asked maybe a bit too harshly, it was meant as another one of my dumb jokes but my frustration made it sound a lot harsher than I wanted.

Keira: No, don’t shoot the messenger on that one. Look, I can tell by your tone that you’re frustrated with me. More so since I’ve been using you more often to train the students here. Cass, you’re the first graduate of Hero Academy. I want you to set an example to the others. Not going around getting banned from diners! You know how much I’m trying to get you to see a SCW show LIVE!?

Keira’s tone was more serious than before

Keira: You wanna know why I’m so harsh on you!? Cause you remind me of myself when I was younger, before my parents were MURDERED!

I was about to retort on that first point about the diners, all that was was me standing up to a homophobic prick who had seen me getting a little affectionate with Zoey and Becky (not kissing mind you but it was obvious that we had the hots for each other) and yet we were the ones kicked out.

Cassie: Don’t you think I’ve had it rough myself? My aunt was murdered when I was nine, I didn’t find out until two years later when Krystal escaped her homelife!

Keira: You didn’t see her get murdered in front of your eyes because of Two robbers like I did. You didn’t try to get help for what happened, only for people to do nothing. YOU, YOU DIDN’T GO TO A CHURCH, SEEKING ANSWERS. ONLY FOR SOME PRIEST TO GIVE YOU A DEMON TO POSSESS YOU!

Keira slowly sits back down, saying

Keira: S-Sorry.

I ran a hand through my hair as i just stood there speechless, I usually had a reply for this but Keira’s outburst had left me stunned.

Cassie: Forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything! It’s just been on me and Char……..Krystal’s minds a lot lately because the tenth year anniversary of Krystal’s escape is this Christmas.

I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed just under my breasts, looking down at the floor as I thought back to that terrible day.

Cassie: I don’t even have that many memories of my aunt, by the time I was old enough to form memories, her shithole of a husband had already cut her from her friends and family! I admire Krystal for the strength she showed the day she escaped but I can’t say it hasn’t been tough.

I let out a deep breath before I glanced up at Keira.

Cassie: What do you want from me Keira? I’ve been kicking ass since I graduated, so what if I make the occasional dumb joke on Twitter? I’m just trying to bring some light to that dumb platform!

Keira: I know you’ve been kicking ass. I’m proud of you for that. But the things you say and do now, will come back to haunt you in the future. I’m also proud of you for standing up for yourself and I’ll take care of the diner thing. One call and Jenny’s lawyers will have that placed sued for sexual discrimination. I just don’t want you making mistakes that will hurt you in the long run. SCW is that example. If anything, I’m trying to get you back in for at least High Stakes.

Keira sighs a bit

Keira: Cassie, when you’re older. You’ll understand. Before you say it, trust me on this. I got the same speech you did, more so from Roxi. If she was in here, she’d say the same thing I’m telling you now.

I remained silent for a minute as I looked over at my trainer, my leg was still aching from the sparring match with Harper so I started standing on one leg, leaning the bad leg across my good one for support.

Cassie: Zoey told you the context behind that diner incident, right?

Keira: She did, I don’t think I would’ve been as politte as you, but she did.

Cassie: Point still stands, right?

Keira nodded before I let out a deep breath, I blew a stray strand of hair away from my eyes before glancing over at Keira again.

Cassie: Only reason I got banned from SCW was because I argued with Carter, an argument he started.

Keira: It still wasn’t a good look, on you or my Academy.

I sighed as I brushed some hair over my shoulder.

Cassie: I’m just trying to find my voice as a wrestler, I don’t want to just be known as Krystal’s high flying cousin, I want to forge my own path!

Keira: I know you do. You will, you graduated for a reason. Give it time. Your path isn’t forged within a day.

I let out a deep breath as I thought over the past few months, from my debut against Lisa too my upcoming match against Randy, not to mention my outside the ring stuff.

Cassie: Still haven’t talked to mom about that incident in New Delhi.

I sighed to myself as I looked at the ceiling.

Cassie: So what? You want me to tone down the dumb jokes on Twitter or just watch what I say in public? Because that hipster in Starbucks was asking to be owned!

Keira: At least a little bit. Cause one day, you’ll be in the same position I’m in. Once you’re in the position I’m in, you’ll see the same thing and the words will come back.

Cassie: Feels like we’ve been in here forever.

Keira: Something like that, just one last thing Cass, you almost called Krystal Charlotte didn’t you?

Cassie: Err, yeah, that’s her birth name, she had it legally changed before she moved to the status……..

Keira: And it’s usually a sign that she feels she can trust you, right?

I blinked a couple of times as Keira walked up to me.

Cass: When?

Keira: During that week you, Krystal and Makayla spent at the Team Hero compound, after she lost the Bombshell Roulette Title to me? Rachel called her Charlotte and she told us the whole story.

Cassie: How did I miss that?

Keira: I think you were playing video games at the time, some of the more explicit ones.

Cassie: Err, yeah…….

I looked at the floor again but Keira picked up my head via my chin and lifted it.

Keira: Cass, you’re one of the best students of the game I’ve ever seen and your potential is limitless, don’t squander it for the sake of a dumb joke, promise?

Cassie: I promise.

Without another word I followed Keira out into the gym, Harper was back wrestling again, this time against Zoey but I had a lot on my mind as I watched the two trainees go at it.