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Shine Bright (Diamond RP)
« on: July 29, 2022, 11:58:41 PM »
Bloody fucking hell… That is honestly the only phrase that immediately comes to my mind right away. It had been three years since I had stepped into the ring with Alicia Lukas. Three years ago I carried a briefcase with the golden contract. I could have had a title shot whenever I saw fit but I chose to go for broke right in front of my crowd at Wembley. I was heartbroken because things didn’t go in the way that I had hoped for them to go. Despite receiving all of the training I possibly could from London Underground, and giving it my all…It just wasn’t enough…

It was never enough… I walked away with my head held down in shame and despite me giving Alicia Lukas everything I had she just didn’t seem to respect me. She felt like I was beneath her and she was free to continue with her reign of terror with the SCW World Bombshell Championship…

I held onto that lost for three long brutal years. Since that time I had gone on to tie the record for the Internet Championship, I had picked up a Mixed Tag Team Championship, and I even won the Roulette Championship. Even though all of those were amazing achievements I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I wanted more…

I wanted to be looked upon as a contender although the company only ever acknowledged me as a pretender. It was hard to break out of that mindset but I finally overcame Alicia Lukas. I beat her straight up at Summer XXXtreme and I can’t help but smile about the entire thing. I will admit giving Alicia her receipt was absolutely thrilling but more important than that it felt really good. I am in awestruck because I know that the win over a three time World Champion put me one step closer to what I am really after.

It put me on the path towards getting a shot at the World Bombshell Championship and lord knows that is the ONLY thing that I want right now. What I didn’t expect however was the fact that this title opportunity would come as soon as it did. Now I am standing face to face with what I wanted all along.

I get to fight for the World Bombshell Championship and I get to do so against a woman that I know so well. I get to wrestle Roxi Johnson and if I can beat her now only will I become World Champion but I will also become a Grand Slam Champion in the process. I will be etched into history and nobody can tell me differently.

There are so many feelings about me getting this title opportunity but the main thing I am feeling right now is confidence. You want to know why I am confident?!

It’s not because I am willing to pull out some cheap stunts or what have you. It’s not because I got something in my back pocket, but the reason is very simple.

It’s the simple fact that every single time I have been in the ring with Roxi Johnson I have always owned her soul. I have beat her in every single singles outing. When she was trying to chase for the Roulette Championship after she was OVER qualified for it I made sure to deny her from being a Grand Slam Champion, she had to take it from Veronica Taylor but it wasn’t from me…

Roxi had also gained a chance to challenge for my Internet Championship when I was champion. If she beat me she would have gotten off on having this wet dream of a match with her wife for MY TITLE but guess what?! I beat her ass in that match too so that match didn’t happen at my expense!

Hell the same could be said for her stupid ass wife as well. I had denied her from winning the Internet Title from me. I took Keira’s Roulette Championship away from her. The only time that either of them really beat me was when I was playing the role of my husband’s mistress, and I wore a mask to hide my identity. That was the creation of Diamond and even then I was doing everything in my power to make sure you didn’t know it was Kate Steele under the mask.

At the end of the day I own the fucking Johnsons and if that wasn’t enough it’s not like Roxi was any better than my baby cousin Ruby. After all I trained her and she Cradle DDT’d her ass out of last year’s Blast From The Past Tournament so it makes me question if Roxi is really ready for me or my family.

The answer is no…

That red haired Bitch will probably try to stand up as this almighty hero but deep down she is not going to be acting all heroic about this match. She is looking for vengeance because she can’t beat me. I just know she has me in the same category with people like Vargas who she wants to shut up, or Andrea who took her ball and went home. I know she has something in the tank for me and she’s been sitting on it for months hell years to finally get over on Kate Steele.

What exactly are you going to say Roxi?! Is it your big plan to tell the world that I am a woman who just goes through many different phases and I really don’t know anything?! How I idolize a cartoon that was around six years before I was even born?!

Year… That’s Ruby’s favorite as it was her idea to base the entire band on her love for the Holograms so if me supporting my cousin’s dream is bad I guess playing make pretend to be a hero is just as bad.

Maybe you are going to bring how I love Chelsea FC despite being born in Berkshire, and can’t really name anybody on the team but then you would be saying that spending my summers with my nan in London didn’t mean anything, and I have no right in cheering for her team.

Maybe just maybe I am a fool for supporting New York sports teams despite really picking up on America teams when my father moved our family to Greenwich Village New York City when I 12.

Here’s the real kicker though because it might come up. I have only ever been a World Champion once in my career and that’s ONLY because I was the only one left in a tournament for a new company when everybody left but I can’t dictate what others do.

How could I miss the obvious the “KATE STEELE NEVER REALLY LIKED SUBMISSIONS UNTIL SHE WATCHED UFC ONE DAY!” comment but obviously somebody hasn’t been paying attention of the time I spent in Manchester training with Paul Riley on perfecting the art of catch wrestling.

I am not going to stand here and take the obvious cheap shots directed at me. I don’t care if you think I went through best friend after best friend ranging from Melody Grace, Misty Whitmore, Violet Ripley or any other name you want to yell at me.

I know I am a chameleon hell that’s common knowledge that you can find on my biography on the SCW website, even the fans know that. None of that is important though because the main fact that you should be focused on is the fact that you CAN’T BEAT ME.

That’s the only stat means worth a damn. It’s not my job to prove if you can beat me because I have already showcased that over and over again but it’s up for you to actually beat me something you have NEVER DONE. What is going to make this match any different than our previous ones?!

Nothing… I am feeling like I can’t be stopped and I am going to go to prove that I want that title bad. It’s all I have ever wanted and I want everything that comes with it. If I can beat you I know that a spot in the Hall of the Fame might be on the horizon along with other things. Besides last time I checked the last time you had a World Champion and had to defend your championship on a Climax Control you dropped the ball to Crystal Zdunich.

If she can manage to do the unthinkable I damn sure KNOW that I can as well. You better come at me with everything you got because I will make sure you weigh less. This is my match and I will be champion whether you think so or not. This is my match and I will be champion. Mark my words on that…

See you soon chump, just make sure you don’t disappoint…

Jet City South
Present Day

It had been a long few months for Diamond Steele. This was supposed to be one of her happiest years in wrestling for Kate Steele. Despite returning as a full time competitor for SCW and losing in Melody Grace’s final match. Things had definitely had picked up for her. She has been on an absolute tear only dropping one match to Kat Jones but beside that everything had gotten better. She was now in sole custody of her daughter Juliet despite the actions of Teddy. She had a Roulette Championship reign to her name. When all hope seemed lost she even found love again as she met another wrestler Dawn Lohan and the two got married. Now she was in prime position. She was one step away from completing her dream. If she could get past Roxi Johnson she would be the World Champion…

That should have been the thing that was on her mind; however other thoughts were going through her head as she stood inside of the Jet City South gym. She looked at the wrestling hopefuls who were all giving their all so that they could become the next batch of biggest stars in the industry. The reality finally set on her that she had some serious growing up to do especially for all of the students.

Kate stood inside of the training facility; she had a whistle in her hand as she watched the wrestlers in front of her. The sparring sessions always seemed to get really intense. She saw everything that a coach could wish to see from her students, she saw determination, passion, and heart. As she stood there it wasn’t that long before Courtney Pierce-Steele walked into the room. She made her way over to where Kate was standing and glanced into her eyes.

“Is everything okay Kate?! To be honest I would have expected my cousin in law to be in India somewhere. This is a big tour for all of you in SCW and more specifically you are just one match away from accomplishing all of your dreams. You don’t want to really waste it away by being here…”

Kate nods her head as she gazes right into Courtney’s eyes. She runs her hands through her long blonde hair as she replies back to her.

“I get what you are saying but to be honest I don’t think I had time to properly mourn Kris like I should have. Everything just seemed to happen so fast. I was all caught up in trying to figure out a way to get custody back of Juliet. Plus at the same time we were preparing for Ruby and your wedding. I didn’t know that would turn into all of the Gem Stones wishing to get married to their significant others. I didn’t expect for everything to happen so quickly…”

Courtney nods her head as she keeps her eyes locked on Kate.

“Kate… It’s natural to feel how you do. It definitely is a lot to take in but nobody could predict when death is going to call any of us. All you can do is live life and move forward. Don’t forget those who have made an impact on your life while they were here…Just be happy that you got to know Kris…”

Kate lets the tears steadily stream down her face as she leans over into the shoulder of Courtney. She sobs even more but her cousin in law is there to comfort her. Kate looks back at the students as answers back.

“Kris had so much to do with my life though. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have reunited with my good friend Violet Ripley. I don’t think I would have been able to be an amazing Godmother to her daughter Lavender. Not only was he able to help the two of us work things out with one another but he also found a place for me here. He told me I could help by being a trainer here and on top of that he took on all of the Gem Stones as students. You do realize that there was a time where nobody wanted anything to do with me and my girls, especially after being used by Teddy to make him look ridiculous…”

Kate wipes her tears as she begins to pour her heart out some more.

“He didn’t see that though… He took me in… I felt like I actually belonged here. Sure I might have been endorsed by Rose Productions and they bought us this oversized mansion that all of the Gem Stones could live in but leaving Tampa to move all of the way to San Diego was definitely an adjustment. I just can’t believe he is gone… It really didn’t set into my soul until I realized that while we were there getting married on Greece during that last tour that he never got to see me in my wedding dress… I don’t have a good relationship with my father but I wanted Kris to be the one to walk me down…I… I just don’t know how to feel about it…”

Courtney nods her head as she keeps her eyes locked on Kate as she shakes her head in return.

“I fully understand and I wanted him to be there as well. Ruby and I met at this very school. This was a relationship that had developed under his nose. He was the one that initiated us working together after we couldn’t stand the sight of each other. At first Ruby and I didn’t like it but I didn’t have any idea that it would blossom into us falling in love with one another. Now look at us, I am a proud Mrs. Courtney Pierce-Steele and she is definitely happy to be Mrs. Prudence Steele-Pierce… Was it sad that he couldn’t be there to witness it?! I definitely would agree since it was a relationship that had been established for well over a year. What I can say however is that I have a feeling that he was looking down from the skies on our wedding day and he is a very proud person…”

Kate nods her head as the smile escapes her lips. It’s the first time that she had been smiling on this day.

“Yeah… I guess you do have a point. Kristopher definitely was an amazing individual but I guess the real issue now is looking at Jet City South and where does this place go now. I don’t really see Mikah coming in and out of here that much anymore. I don’t see any of the people mainly attending this place. I would just hate for everything to eventually come crashing down because somebody that have the time to pour into these students like they should…That is what scares me the most…”

Courtney raises her eyes in return.

“And why exactly does it scare you?! As far as I am concerned this place is definitely in good hands. As a matter of fact I already know of a person who could be the successor. Somebody who would make sure that the legacy of this place lasts as long as it possibly can. Sure that person might be rough around the edges but when motivated this person can do anything she puts her mind on…”

Kate is a little taken back as she seems befuddled.

“Oh you know somebody?! Who are you referring too because I would like to introduce myself to that person…”

Courtney point’s right at Kate as a smile escapes her lips.

“Kate I am talking about you… You are the one who can carry on this legacy. You know you were meant to be the one…”

“I don’t know… I mean I was never really good at leading. A long time ago I got my start in All Star Wrestling Gym training under Lyn and Caroline Dallins. I was kicked out because I chose getting drunk over being a great student. They had their favorite in Misty Whitmore and I was left to try to find my own way…”

Courtney smirks.

“That may be true but you ended up having the better career than that of Misty correct?! Sometimes you learn from the mistakes that you make in life and they are there to shape where you plan to go in your future. You getting kicked out only prepared you to take wrestling school more seriously. I would say that you have definitely matured. The woman that you were at 21 years old when you first started is not the same woman that you are at 31. These ten years have been instrumental in your development…”

Kate quickly shakes her head.

“You might say that and hell you could potentially see it but all people can ever see is the woman who likes to parade around as Diamond Steele. The Chameleon who really doesn’t have her own personality to hang onto, a woman who has latched onto things such as the Holograms, the Pink Ladies, and hell loving submission based wrestling because I thought the women fighters in UFC was awesome. There’s no depth beneath that…”

Courtney places her arms firmly on Diamonds shoulders as she gazes right into her eyes.

“And that is where you are wrong… There is something unique about you. I am not saying that “Diamond” is an amazing woman nor did I claim her to be, but I am talking about Kate Steele being a super woman. Kate is a woman that has put everything into anything she does, even when people think that you are being completely ridiculous you find a way to make things work for you. That’s what you are and who you have always been…”

Kate just takes it all in before she shrugs her shoulders a bit.

“I still don’t know… I never saw myself in the teaching role. After what I put all of my previous teachers through do you think I am fit to really take charge of this school?!”

Courtney looks around before she gazes right at Kate.

“Of course you have what it takes. You are damn near less than one week from competing in the biggest match of your life. This is your opportunity to compete for something you always wanted, and yet instead of being in India. Instead of taking the time to prepare or take it easy your heart is right here in this school. That is commitment. That shows that you want this and you deserve it. There’s no better option than you Kate and you just have to acknowledge that…”

Kate shrugs her shoulders as she turns her attention back to the students.

“Maybe you do have a point but what about people like Coby, or even Mikah…”

“What about them, Mikah is too busy trying to live her best life in Hawaii, and I can’t speak for Coby. The only thing that is important is that you are here right now and that is all that matters. I know it might be a bit much for you but I have nothing but confidence in you. On top of that I know you can’t always be here but that’s why I will have your back. I am more than just an alumnus from here. With this marriage to Ruby the two of us are cousins and I will support you in the way that only family should.  Steeles to the end right?!”

Kate thinks about it before cracking a wide grin.

“To the very end… Thank you for having my back. You honestly don’t realize how much that means to me…”

“I bet it means a lot. What is more important to me is the same thing that Kris would tell you. It’s appreciative that you are pouring out into the students but right now you need to focus on you. This is your big match and you need to go out there and show the world that you deserve that World Bombshell Championship. Wrestle like your life depended on it and just win baby… That’s all you need to do…”

Kate smiles widely.

“You think he is watching?!”

“Of course he is… Just like Tim Tebow… All you do is win… Go beat Roxi Johnson… Do what you do and let everything else fall into place. Go for broke and if it doesn’t work you can always pick yourself up and go after it again… On top of that what do you think Paul Riley would say if he saw you competing in this huge match?!”

Kate giggles.

“On paper I would say that he would say flying is for the birds but I think he would tell me to just keep my cool and wrestle the match I know I was destined to wrestle. As long as I keep things in the way that I want them nothing can stop me… Nothing will ever stop me… I just need to focus…”


Courtney nods her head as she continues pouring into Kate.

“Last year was a bad year for me. I was injured at the hands of Alicia Lukas, and you ended up rectifying that by beating her in the center of the ring. If you were able to beat a woman who at one point was the end all be all of the entire division. I know for a fact that you can do anything. Go out there and make the world respect you. Make the world respect you for what you do in the ring. Try not to get caught up in whole Christian embarrassed you with the entire Heart stuff but just remember that the greatest thing to happen at Summer XXXtreme was what took place inside that cell…”

Courtney smiles wider than before.

“You beat Alicia… You are on a different and thus you have earned your spot to be in this position. If people doubt you then you just need to keep on proving the critics to be wrong. I believe in you. I know for a fact that this entire school believes in you but you should believe in you. Do this for Juliet. Do this for Kris Ryan, for Paul Riley, but more important do this because you want it… If you really want it go out there and take it…”

Kate is confident as she stands there smirking.

“I will do this… This is my match. This is my championship and I am hell bent on walking out as the best of the best. Roxi might have a score to settle but I am the one who won’t allow her to gain any ground on overcoming the hump of facing me. I am Kate Steele and she is going to have to fight like hell to deny me of my rightful place. With this being my first match in representing myself as this school’s official new head trainer I won’t let them down… I won’t let myself down. It’s all or nothing and I plan to come out ahead…”

“Good… Now get your ass into gear. Get yourself on a plane to India and you get ready for it like your life depended on it…”

Kate slowly nodded her head as she smiled at Courtney. She slowly looks up into the sky as she speaks out to herself.

“I hope you are watching but this one is for you Kris…”

With that she turns her attention back over to the students as we leave on this image of her.

So this is finally it isn’t it?! After all of this time it looks like I am going to get exactly what I want. The little engine that could is going to get her shot at the World Bombshell Championship. I am not going to lie. As exciting as this match is for me I can’t help but feel to be a bit disrespected. There have been so many people that have come in and out of this company. Quite often I have seen World Championship matches be handed out as if it was a Christmas Card or like Cars on an Oprah show. I have been in this company for about six years now.

Six long years of being in this bloody company and I have only competed in three… Count them THREE World Bombshell Championship matches. If I didn’t know any better I would say that it is definitely bollocks and a bunch of poppycock. Two of them matches have been random ass matches on a Climax Control, and the other one was in the main event of a Super Card but that’s ONLY because I decided to cash in a briefcase for that right.

Other than that this company has not given me the opportunities I know I deserved and you would have thought that after setting records with two different championships in different divisions that I would have gained the respect but sadly I hadn’t…

Hell even to this very day it’s not like SCW values me as a competitor either. I have busted my ass to be a name in this fucking industry. I had made it all the way to the finals of the BFTP tourney and it’s like that wasn’t good enough. Yet I guess the rules for getting title shots can apply to others like a Melanie Gabrielle when she fell short in the semi’s of a BFTP tourney and the very next card she is competing for the World Championship.

She fucking LOST and yet she gets a title opportunity but a woman like me who has always been a workhorse and pours everything into every match doesn’t get a chance. It’s bullshit… It’s even disrespectful but my shot comes on a random Climax Control and it’s like I am not even worthy of being a main event player on a Super Card.

It’s whatever because on this Climax Control I get to change the entire narrative and I get to expose that Roxi Johnson despite being as good as she is. Hell I will even go as far to say she is great, she’s a legend, she’s a bloody Hall of Famer in this company. She has won title after title and accomplished everything.

As wonderful as all of that sounds the fact is that she hasn’t beaten Kate Steele, and she has never been good enough to do so. So if she could never overcome me when I was new to this company with my Roulette Championship or even picking up steam when I was beating everybody with the Internet Championship. What in her right mind thinks she has what it takes to beat me when my eyes are focused on the World Championship?!

She’s not ready to get this smoke. Obviously whoever is writing these little write ups for these shows hasn’t been paying attention. Every single week it becomes the story that the Gem Stones are banned from the ring. I won’t have them backing me up, what will little Diamond do without them?!

Bitch please… You really think I NEED them to beat sorry ass Roxi?! I been beating her ass long before they were even a thing in SCW and on top of that I have been giving EVERYBODY that work when they are consistently banned from match after match. So that just shows that they were never really an impact to begin with.

I don’t know who came up with this notion that the Gem Stones made me. In musical terms if you are picturing me as part of a group I guess you could say I am the Michael Jackson, I am Diana Ross, Beyonce, Justin Timberlakeor even Stevie Nicks.

Granted being a part of the group is a special thing no doubt but I am and will always be a great solo act and there is nothing to stop this Diamond from shining bright. Roxi certainly can’t stop this shine. When I see Roxi I just know in my heart she might think I am this chameleon that tries to do her best to be whatever she wants to be but when I see Roxi I see a woman who is desperately trying her best to be me…

She’s a woman who is supposed to be a super hero but lately she is out there trying to “DRUM” every chance she gets. She is out there trying to hang out with my bandmate from Devilition in Griffin Hawkins and every day she gets on Twitter saying #NOWPLAYING over and over again. So now she’s playing with my band mate, she is out there trying to portray what she is always playing like she is this almighty musician.

Damn girl why do you have to be riding my shit so much?! I fully understand that you were wishing for Diamond to give you a little of her shine from a couple of years ago. I remember when you begged for me to jam out with you at a Summer XXXtreme and you were so happy to be a little groupie for Griffin and I because it was such a dream come true to be a wannabe member of Devilition for a night…

Roxi hanging out with me isn’t going to get what you wanted. I mean I fully understand that you were salty as fuck that I was the new girl in the town of Tampa when I lived there. I was taken over your city and making it my own. On top of that I was tapping people out with my Triangle Choke Shipwrecked submission, and nobody even paid attention that you do the same move….

Hey though I will applaud your efforts though because I guess one like you would have to do anything to stay relevant. I mean I could get behind miss Super Hero who had to decide if she wanted to be an active member of this roster again, and when you do sign up to be in this company again after a long break. You are INSTANTLY handed a World Bombshell match against Alicia despite being that righteous Bitch who constantly tries to preach about fighting those who deserve a shot and creating a true pecking order to those who work their way up.

It’s full of shit when you are actually part of the problem because your return came on the basis of immediately being shoved into the main event picture. You are such full of shit and I cannot get behind a woman who sees things one way and does the exact opposite. Now as far as being this super hero I am not one to sit there and put on a cape. I am not one to wear a costume or do something so ridiculous as that.

Hell I really don’t know much comics or anything like that. What I do know however is just what I watched from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and obviously when the two of us fight I will be walking into this match as if I am Thanos.

When he finally brings out the fight in the almighty Infinity War he spends time trying to play with his stones then actually trying to showcase how much he can wrestle. Guess what?! What you are going to get from me is the version that you see in End Game. You are going to get the version that was ready to showcase what he could do without the stones. The version that put up a fight and was willing to give everybody that work.

Point being made I don’t need my “STONES” to beat you. Whoever thought that was sadly mistaken and I have always been a threat people just need to start putting a little respect on my name. Despite how super you might think you are that won’t stop me from snapping your hopes and dreams of beating me right out of existence. You just never stood a chance.

No matter how hard you try to fix the past this is not a movie where you think you can take a walk into the past to try to change a present day situation. It just doesn’t work like that. I am going to wreck you again and I am going to take great pride in taking the title and making it my own. I am not going to sit here and be a victim of people you wished to pay back like I am on some Kill Bill list of people who wronged you, and you want payback.

Not a fucking chance hon… This is my destiny and as long as you are holding that championship I am going to come at you with everything I got. This match is about me making history and to erase what you have done with the title. Don’t worry though because after I take the title away from you, you can always pick yourself back up and try to chase after being a five time champion like Crystal is.

It sickens me how fake you are… You always try to portray yourself at being so friendly with your constant women you love so much every Wednesday. I know there are people in this company who have think they have multiple wives and believe in polygamy and shit like that, but how can you have like 80 million women that you have crushes on?!

That’s a lot of women to be idolizing and I would have thought that your stupid ass wife would have really called you out on that shit, but sadly she’s the stupid Bitch who is just as hungry to try to get off on food and fucking… That seems to be an awful combination, but then again we are talking about a woman who is all super close with the Tuck family so I guess that explains everything.

The truth in all of this is I can’t allow you to walk away with that World Bombshell Championship. If for some reason Keira wins the Internet Championship we all would have to sit there and listen to her being over excited that she is a grand slam champion but more importantly than that that she is sooooo happy to be champion alongside her wife.

Plus we would have to see the Johnsons rule the roost and see you both control the division which means another couple of the year award and so much more bullshit…

No I am going to be the hero in this situation because I am personally going to save the world from having to witness any of that. Besides the last time the two of you were champion together you both held the Tag Team Titles and that’s where you played a Houdini with the titles and were arsed with appearing on shows and what have you.

People can stroke your ego like you were the end all be all but you single handedly killed an entire division, not because you were good but because you were nonexistent. I refuse to have to deal with that ever again.

Congratulations Roxi with this reign you actually look like you give a fuck but it’s too late to try to change things around. I plan to wreck you with everything that I have. I won’t you stand up and take me down because I have a lot that I am fighting for. Things were rough for me. Overcoming a cheating former husband and a man that tried to take away my livelihood in my daughter was emotionally draining…

Guess what… I overcame it…

Seeing one of the most important people in my life pass away was also tough to deal with but you know what, it has only made me stronger. I might be a fool when it comes to being there for my band and going through various changes of what’s the current flavor of the month if it’s the Holograms or even loving the Pink Ladies.

However the main constant is all of this is the fact that when it comes to wrestling I am good at one I do. I am better than you at it and that’s not me being cocky, that’s me pointing facts as you haven’t beaten me. I have never been the most respected in the room but I have made people respect what I can do by beating them, and the story will be the same when I face you.

True heroes aren’t those who try to be nice and plead how much they crush on the world. The real ones are those who would go to Canada and adopt a girl from an orphanage and bring her into a loving home such as mine.

There are so many things I can say but the most important is that with everything inside of me I will win. I have Kris looking down at me and I can’t let him down. I will beat you, and by the end of the night I will make my dream come true.

I have waited too long to become World Champion and for the first time in my life I can actually earn it in the way that I want to earn it. I am not going to wish you best of luck because honestly I wouldn’t mean it…

All I can say is tap or snap… It’s your choice but through hell or high water I will be champion and you need to deal with it.

This is to making history. I am Diamond Steele and I will be the only thing shining bright at Climax Control… See you soon.

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