Author Topic: Graduation Day, a Krystal and Cassie RP guest starring Keira  (Read 2296 times)

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It was a busy day at Hero Academy, even more so than usual as it was about to have it’s first graduate, who also happened to be the youngest and arguably best student of the initial class.

Cassie Wolfe arrived with her older cousin Krystal at the main hall to see Keira waiting patiently for the nineteen year old to get in the ring with her, Cassie lets out a deep breath before rolling into the ring having gotten changed into her wrestling gear at Krystal’s house.

Cassie: So, this is it? Survive five minutes against my teacher?

Cassie asks as she tries desperately to hide her nervousness. Keira smirks a bit as she just looks at Cassie. No words coming from Keira as she knew that Cassie was about to be put through the worst five minutes of her life. She turns and motions for the bell to ring. Once it does, before Cassie could get ready, Keira gives Cassie a hard knee to her stomach.

Keira: Welcome to Hell…

Krystal winces a bit in sympathy for Cassie.

Krystal: And I thought my Go Gym graduation was rough!

Keira hooks Cassie up for a Suplex but Cassie slips out the back before catching Keira with a high standing dropkick sending Keira to the outside, almost on autopilot Cassie plays to the crowd (of a handful of people) before going for a Tope Suicida. Keira looks up at Cassie doing this and dodges, making Cassie land hard onto the floor. Keira smirks as she wastes no time. She grabs Cassie and gets in front of her. She rams Cassie against the side of the ring a few times to weaken her back. She then grabs Cassie by the hair and throws her back into the ring. She rolls back in and stands, looking at Cassie.

Keira: You showboat too much! GET UP!

Cassie slowly does so, only to be knocked down hard by Keira via a Lariat Clothesline, almost looking like she took Cassie’s head off. Krystal pounds the matt hard from the ringside area before glancing up at the clock above the ring.

Krystal: Just under a minute in, come on Cass you’ve trained too hard to fail now!

Krystal calls out to her cousin and Cassie balls her fists before willing herself back to her feet! Keira goes for a second lariat but Cassie catches her arm and reverses it into a arm drag which she then reverses into a hurricanrana, Keira lands near Krystal and this exchange happens.

Keira: Whose side are you on again?

Krystal: Professionally? Yours, personally? I want to see Cassie succeed.

Keira nods before spotting Cassie going for a running dropkick. Keira dodges it quickly, sending Cassie to the floor, but Cassie lands on her feet, right into a hard right punch by Keira. Cassie’s head twists a bit before falling to the floor below. Keira lowers down and grabs Cassie by her hair and throws her back in. As Keira enters, she sees Cassie slowly trying to stand. Keira doesn’t give Cassie a chance to stand as she runs and hits a huge dropkick, hitting Cassie square in the face. Cassie rolls and holds her face as Keira stands, but more on guard. Cassie gets the idea to try to bide some time but she gets to one minute fifty second mark before Keira catches on to her ploy and picks the rookie up,

Keira: Trying to bide time? I wasn’t born yesterday Cass……

However Cass catches Keira with a roll-up! But as there is no ref there’s no one to count the potential three count so Cassie rolls through before hitting Keira with a Shining Wizard catching her square on the nose, a little too hard however as Keira starts bleeding from her nose.

Cassie: Oh my god, I spilled blood! Oh crap, it’s Keira’s blood!

Keira slowly begins to stand, a minute left to go in this. She checks her nose and notices the blood on her fingertips. She looks at Cassie for a second, before grinning wickedly over this. Krystal’s eyes widen from it as Keira continues to grin

Keira: Oh. You’re done now…

Keira rushes and kicks Cassie in the stomach. She throws a few lefts and rights to Cassie’s face, catching her off guard enough for Keira to catch Cassie with her Seven Sins kick, square against Cassie’s nose, hard. She sees Cassie fall and notices her nose was bleeding as well. Keira looks down at her

Keira: 30 seconds…Want to give up?

Cassie: Give……up?

Cassie groans as she somehow uses the ring ropes to pull herself to her feet using the ring ropes, Keira senses the rookie isn’t done and sets her up for the Deadly Sin but Cassie holds on to the ropes causing Keira to crash and burn! Cassie waits for Keira to get up before nailing her with a Superkick to the jaw!

Krystal: Ten seconds, you’ve got this Cass!

Cassie notices that Keira landed near a corner and wastes little time in climbing to the top rope, with an eye on the clock Cassie nails Keira with a Corkscrew 630 Splash and goes for the pin, conveniently right as the last three seconds of the timer countdown. Keira kicked out as soon as the bell rang. The two slowly stand up from this as Keira looks at Cassie. She goes over, looking like she isn’t done. But in the moment, she extends her hand, smiling.

Keira: Good job, Rookie. You passed your final exam.

Cassie takes several deep breaths as it dawns on her, the teenager looking like she was ready to collapse at any moment but she grins before taking Keira’s hand.

Cassie: Sorry about the nose!

Cassie ads with an awkward laugh before Krystal rolls into the ring to give her younger cousin a celebratory hug with a massive, proud grin on her face, once things settle down some the two Aussie women turn to Keira.

Cassie: So, is there a graduation ceremony or something?

Keira: There is. In a few days time. For right now, you can go home and rest. You earned it, Cassie. If you need to use the workout gear before then. You can come back here and work out. Yes, you graduated. Doesn’t mean you’re not allowed back here. This is your home now, anytime you need further, advanced training or just to work out. You’re family. Remember that.

Krystal: Yeah, Gabriel and Odette have a similar setup over at the Go Gym, I think I get the idea.

Krystal nods as she gets the idea and Cassie is positively beaming with excitement as it starts to set it.

Krystal: We should probably get your noses looked at, I take it you guys have a medical team here?

Cassie: Oh, right, good point!

Keira: We do. Take Cassie to Room Two. I got Room One on standby, just in case something like this happened.