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Birthday Girl, a Cassie and Krystal RP
« on: July 11, 2022, 08:03:07 AM »
What a night it was.

I mean granted, last night was one of those nights where I wish I had been born a day earlier because getting to celebrate my nineteenth birthday during the Summer XXXTreme event would’ve been amazing but the pre-birthday party in the ship’s nightclub was more than worth it, throw in the fact that SCW was going to be touring India for the next two months and Krystal was already planning to take me and, well, things couldn’t be better.

We’re not set to depart from the ship for a couple of hours yet so I still had some time to sleep in! it definitely helped that Krystal shilled out for me to get one of the few balcony rooms after the champs took the rest and whilst I did wonder if the now former champions (Kat Jones, Jack Washington, Matthew Knox, and Masque) would have to give up their balcony rooms

As for my plans for a sleep in? Yeah, no, that got interrupted by a knock at the door.

”Ugh, please just five more minutes!” I groaned as I used my pillow to cover my ears, unfortunately whoever was at the door wasn’t cooperating with that idea as they knocked again. ”Can’t you at least give me some time to get dressed and fix my hair?!” I called out to the knocker after glancing at myself in the mirror, I wasn’t sleeping naked before you ask but the only thing I had on was a nightgown and my long black hair was a mess to put it nicely.

”Sorry Cass, you may be the birthday girl but you’ve already missed breakfast.” Krystal called back and I groaned, off course it was my older cousin and probably her wife Makayla, I doubt anyone else in the ship even knew where my cabin was! ”You can get dressed and fix your hair afterwards!”

”I am totally making you pay for this during the India tour Charlotte!” I grunted in response before I finally got out of bed and answered the door.

And off course, how else would they greet me but with the Happy Birthday song! Frankly, I’m just glad that they didn’t sing it to me through the door! ”See? Was that so hard?” Krystal asked once the song finished and I shook my head, though my mood did lighten when I saw the massive stack of birthday presents that Makayla and Krystal had brought with them. ”We did consider getting you these gifts during the pre-birthday party last night but with how hectic Summer XXXTreme was we figured opening them this morning made more sense.”

”Not counting Kat’s present I take it?” I asked as I glanced over at the leather jacket that was hanging over the back of the chair that was in front of my laptop, I had tried it on and it fit perfectly but it was way to hot for me to wear it and, well, I’ve never been to India but I’ve heard that it can get pretty fucking hot so I was probably going to leave that at home for the two month tour if I didn’t bring it with me. ”Sorry, I appreciate it, but you know I’m not a morning person! Now can I please get dressed and fix my hair before I open my presents?”

”Go ahead but there is one thing.” Krystal told me and I glanced over at her. ”I know it’s the last day of the cruise and all, but I managed to snag us a lunch reservation at the fancy restaurant on the upper deck.”

”Krystal said that you’ve always wanted to try lobster.” Makayla added and my grin grew wider. ”And guess what? They serve it in the restaurant! Once you’ve gotten dressed and straightened your hair out, thought from what I can see, it doesn’t look that bad by bed hair standards, we’ll take you up there.”

”Now you’re speaking my language!” I responded with a grin before we moved my presents into my cabin and I started getting dressed. ”Fancy restaurant, I should probably avoid my typical “teen girl rebel with tattoos in a crop top designed to show off my pierced navel” look.” I commented to myself before I picked out my outfit.

*an hour later*

Part of me doesn’t want this cruise to end but my parents would probably get worried sick if I stayed here and they probably have their own presents for me waiting back home anyway! As for the meal at the restaurant? Best birthday meal EVER! I’m not kidding, that surf and turf dish (a ribeye steak with a lobster head compound butter and lobster medallions with a fries) was to die for and it was almost worth missing out on my weed for a week for!

Speaking off, I had better google weed laws in India, because SCW’s about to go on a two month cruise of that subcontinent and that would be even more painful than the five weeks in Greece!

”Great! Yet another country were weed is illegal for some fucking reason!” I grunted in annoyance after doing a quick google search on weed legality in India, the more I go overseas, the more it becomes clear that I’m probably going to have to give up Weed because once I graduate from Hero Academy and become a full time wrestler? Yeah, there was no way I’d be able to keep my weed habit up once I started going international.

I let out an annoyed huff before I kicked off the wall I was leaning against and grabbed my suitcase, I had gotten changed out of the dress I wore to the restaurant and into a crop top and jean shorts before packing away the rest of my stuff knowing that Krystal would be waiting for me, I just had to stop and do my research for India! However, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I bumped into someone, a fan from the look of things because I didn’t recognize her from the SCW roster. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going!” She apologized as we regained our footing.

”Don’t worry about it, I wasn’t looking either.” I admitted before I got a good look at the woman, she looked to be the same age as me and had long dark brown hair, and now that I had time to process it, I realized that she was Australian too, albeit from a different part of the country from me and Krystal. ”So, you’re from Darwin, right?” I guessed and the other woman nodded.

“Yeah, well my family is, they moved to Las Vegas when I was still a baby.” She admitted before she got a good look at me and realized who she was talking too. “Wait, you’re Cassie aren’t you? Krystal Wolfe’s little sister?”

”Not quite, I’m her cousin but we are practically sisters.” I corrected her before I helped her up and holy crap, she was gorgeous! But since I didn’t know if she was straight or not, I didn’t blurt that out, at first because I was getting flustered as all hell. ”But yeah, I think you’re hot! Wait, no, I meant gorgeous! Oh god damn it! I’m Cassie!” I blurted out and the other woman laughed in response.

“You’re really hot yourself! Makes me glad to be a lesbian I guess!” Oh god damn it! If I wasn’t flustered before I was now! “My name’s Rebecca, maybe we can meet up for something back in Vegas?”

”What? You mean like a date?” I blurted out whilst blushing like a madwoman and Rebecca laughed.

“I guess you could call it that, can I have your number?” Rebecca responded with a grin before we exchanged numbers, Rebecca took the time to check the time on her phone and nodded. “I had better get going but great meeting you Cassie!”

”Yeah, same!” I responded with a nervous laugh as I watched her leave.

”Cassie’s got a girlfriend! Cassie’s got a girlfriend!” If I wasn’t blushing before, I was now because I realized that my older cousin had been watching that exchange from down the hallway. ”Cassie and Becky sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!”
”Charlotte, I swear to god, I will throw you overboard if you don’t stop teasing me!” I warned my cousin as I glanced over at her and Krystal laughed in response. ”And she’s not my girlfriend!”

”Oh please Cass, if you were blushing any harder I’d think you had gotten sunburnt!” Krystal responded with a good natured grin and I just shook my head. ”But seriously, you’ve wanted a soulmate for how long and you got someone that good looking? You’ve just won the lottery ten times over and I’m happy for you!”

”Just please stop with the childish teasing! I know I’m the birthday girl but I thought you were the oldest!” I grunted in annoyance and Krystal laughed before patting me on the head. ”I’m guessing you came to get me?”

”Pretty much but I had to sit back and watch young love bloom! Only thing missing was popcorn!” Krystal admitted and I grinned before we headed off to depart the ship.

Celebrated my nineteenth birthday on a cruise ship and got a potential girlfriend in the process? Yeah, things were looking up.