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Andrea Hernandez

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Bonus SCU Footage (last week)
« on: June 11, 2022, 06:14:27 PM »
Cordelia Clark finds herself in the medical room. She’s alert and awake after the events from earlier. However, considering the events of earlier, she’s definitely downtrodden. She slides off the trainer’s table and tries to catch her breath. More than anything, she’s just trying to keep herself upright. She’s got a discouraged look in her eyes as she exits the room. She doesn’t get very far when Andrea Hernandez blindsides her from behind. After knocking her down with an axe handle, Andrea grabs Cordelia and throws her through the door and back into the medical room.

Andrea: You think I’m done with you?

Andrea enters the medical room and grabs a chair nearby. She picks it up and slams Cordelia in the spine with it.

Andrea: I’ll give you something to cry about, BITCH!

Andrea nails her with another chair shot.

Andrea: You think being Chelsea’s little friend makes you something? HUH? You think you can challenge me? You think you can USE ME to make a bigger name for yourself? FUCK YOU!

Andrea slams the chair one last time over her lower back before she gets her up and slams her face into the chair with a curb stomp.

Andrea: You want me at SuperNova that damn bad? Well, if I can’t have that GRIME World title shot, then I’m going to have to settle for YOU! You want to be an ungrateful BITCH over SCU? You think you’re feeling irrelevant NOW? Well, when I HUMILIATE YOU at SuperNova, you’re going to feel like the FAILURE you’ve been in SCU since you lost your precious world title!

Andrea finishes off her assault by dragging Cordelia up to her feet and giving her an Irish whip that sends her face first into a mirror, breaking it.

Andrea: Hell, maybe you’ll learn your lesson and not show up for SuperNova at all… because if you do? I AM making an example out of you!

Andrea spits down at Cordelia’s direction before she exits the scene.