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Queen for the Day Ladder Match
« on: May 03, 2022, 09:15:27 AM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 7000 word limit.
Good luck!

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“The Queens and the Pauper.”
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2022, 07:55:04 PM »
(Gabriel was used with Mark’s permission)

The time had finally come to crown this year’s Queen for a Day and this year, the match was STACKED! Krystal Wolfe, Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Sam Marlowe, Bella Madison and Keira Fisher-Johnson were all competing for the chance to book one episode of Climax Control at the beginning of the next cycle, a power that has, historically, been used by the winners to grant themselves shots at the top titles whilst giving their friends and loved one’s opportunities elsewhere.

What would Krystal do with this power? It was hard to say, it was no secret that the Aussie has been chomping at the bit to get a title shot against Diamond Steele for the Bombshell Roulette Title after Diamond had a hand in the end of Krystal’s record breaking reign during the Blaze of Glory X Cycle but there were other prizes that she could set her sights on and off course, the question of how she would treat friends like Ariana Angelos, Keira Fisher-Johnson and Jessie Salco! Can Krystal win?

Backstage at Climax Control 330, Lesbos, Greece
Sunday the 1st of May 2022, 3:00am

It’s been one hell of a night!

What else do you expect me to say about tonight’s events? Ms. Jon Powerbombed Mercedes Vargas off the stage (and I’m not even getting into Mercedes’ fake retirement plan) and whilst I’ve never been a huge fan of Mercedes since I joined SCW’s Bombshell Roster, I never wanted to see that happen to her! Beyond that? Alicia continued to build momentum for the Queen for a Day Match by picking up the win over Sam Marlowe, Bella Madison secured one of the final spots in the match by getting the submission win over Candy and the match between Finn and Bill Barnhart ended in a draw.

Yeah, I was just as surprised as everyone else considering the clusterfuck they went through at the beginning of the cycle!

We at least knew a few things about the Into the Void XI card, Ms. Jon was scheduled to face Mercedes Vargas in an anything goes match (whether Mercedes would make it to the show was another question entirely), Kat vs. Diamond was set to be Diamond’s second Roulette Title Defence and I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to point out that I’ll have my eyes set on that match, the King and Queen for a Day Matches were mostly filled out with only the last spots left to be filled, Roxi Johnson was still set to defend the World Bombshell Championship against Myra Rivers and Mac Bane vs. Matthew Knox was still set to be the most controversial World Title Match in recent SCW history.

Why recent? SCW is in it’s tenth year, I’m sure Mercedes can think of a more controversial one when she wakes up.

”What the hell is going to happen at Into the Void if the Go Home Show is any indication?” I commented to myself as I watched the end of the show again, mostly to confirm what Christian had said. ”And here I thought that the Briefcase Bonanza Match would be the craziest night of my career.”

”Surely defending the Bombshell Roulette Title at Disneyworld has to be up there!” I looked up and saw Ariana walking up to me with a grin on her face. ”Then again, that was on your bucketlist.”

[font color=#00FFFF]”Yeah and guess which match is also on that list?”[/color] I asked Ari and it didn’t take her long to figure out what I was talking about. [font color=#00FFFF]”I had been booking fantasy SCW cards even before I enrolled at the Go Gym, winning the Queen for a Day Match was practically the first thing was practically the first thing on my wrestling bucket list when I started to become one of the top students for the 2017 class.”[/color]

”You realize what you can do with that power if you win the ladder match, right?” Ariana asked and it didn’t take me long to figure out what she meant. ”Practically every winner of the Queen and King for a Day Matches has used their power for their own personal gain, namely a shot at the World Titles whilst giving their friends similar opportunities, I’m not asking you to give me a Bombshell Roulette Title Shot if you win, I’m just curious.”

”Ari, to be honest? If I win the adder match that Bombshell Roulette Title Shot is going to me.” I explained as I turned to Ari. ”I’ve wanted a rematch against Diamond for the belt since she ended my reign back in March! And whilst I doubt that Kat will walk out of Into the Void XI the new Bombshell Roulette Champion, that will remain the same because I still feel like I have unfinished business in the Bombshell Roulette Division.”

”Your reign was cut just short of the three hundred day mark.” Ariana nodded as she got the idea. ”But we still don’t know who the sixth Bombshell is in that match, the most updates we got is that Agostino Romano and Bella Madison qualified for the King and Queen for a Day matches respectively.”

”I doubt the wait will be that long.” I responded with a shrug right as we got a text notification, when we checked it we confirmed that it was the Into the Void XI card. ”Remind me to play the Nevada state lottery or try my luck in the casinos when we return to Las Vegas! Shame that Adrienne left in the middle of the tour though, if I had won I would’ve thrown her a bone with an easy win.”

”Let’s hope that she’s in a better place mentally than she was when she left SCW, I did see on Twitter that she’s competing in her first post SCW match in Vegas on the 31st so we’ll see.” Ariana responded with a shrug before we went through the card, I was too busy rolling my eyes at the fact that Bombshell Roulette Division was back in the same spot it was when I won the title last year (namely opening the Supercard) to even notice the rest of the card at first, until I noticed the fire in Ariana’s eyes. ”Char Kwan, they actually gave me Char Kwan!”

”Seriously?” I asked with a slight laugh before I scrolled down to the match in question. ”Either the bosses forgot about her attack on you back in October and it’s just a coincidence or they couldn’t resist the temptation to give you this grudge match.”

”I doubt even the bosses’ memories are that good, a lot has happened since that attack after all.” Ariana pointed out and I nodded in agreement. ”Either way, I can’t wait to get my hands on her.”

”Just remind me to buy some popcorn first, or some Greek Steet Food if you have any suggestions.” I responded knowing that Ari, being a Greek-American girl and all, probably had a few that she could list off the top of her head, I went through the rest of the card before reaching the Queen for a Day Match and I had to laugh when I saw who the sixth participant was. ”Keira, off course it’s fucking Keira!”

”Keira’s the sixth woman in the Queen for a Day Match?” Ari asked once it set in and I showed her the match in question, she still scrolled down to the match on her iPhone but mostly to confirm it for herself. ”Just when I thought that the field couldn’t be more stacked! Didn’t you say that you wanted a tie breaker against Keira?”

”Yeah but what I wanted was a one on one match, a multi-person match wasn’t what I had in mind.” I nodded in response before I leaned against the wall. ”Still, I can’t let this distract me from my goals, winning the Queen for a Day Match needs to be my top priority.”

”And getting revenge on Char needs to be mine, off course my goal is a lot easier than yours because I only have one Bombshell to worry about, you have five.” Ari added and I couldn’t deny that she had a point. ”I’d better go, Francisco is waiting for me in the parking lot, your heading back to Vegas to help Keira open Hero Academy right.”

”That was the plan, but obviously that was before Keira was confirmed as my fifth opponent in the ladder match, she might end up telling me to stay in Athens and send Cassie over with Makayla to avoid any conflict of interest.” I admitted after thinking for a minute and Ari nodded in understanding. ”Either way this match has MOTY Candidate written all over it.”

”No argument there, see you tomorrow.” Ari nodded before we went our separate ways.

Me, Keira, Alicia, Amber, Sam and Bella, six of the best Bombshells the division had to offer all vying for the same prize, the power to book one episode of Climax Control! In the past, this power has been used to benefit the Queen/King and their friends with Alicia’s bias after winning the Ladder Match last year being the most blatant by a country mile! I had no doubt that the five other women in this match were entering it with their own goals for when they won the match.

Off course, all I wanted was a Bombshell Roulette Title Shot, I wasn’t aiming as high as the others probably were but it’s as I said, I have unfinished business in the Bombshell Roulette Division and I’ve waited long enough in my mind! That wasn’t going to stop me from helping my friends such as Jessie, Ari and Keira if I won off course.

Hey, what are friends for, right?

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 4th of May 2022, 15:00pm

So yeah, I think Ari had the right idea.

Greece is a beautiful country, don’t get me wrong and me, Makayla and Cassie have been loving our time there throughout SCW’s tour, but Ari was right, due to all the sightseeing we’ve been doing we have been neglecting our training and since Cassie had already returned to the US to start training at Hero Academy it was a matter of time before I decided “screw it, I’m going home for the first week on the Supercard cycle in the US”.

Like Ari, I will be returning to Greece for the second week, namely on Monday after all it’s a long flight from Athens to Las Vegas and I don’t want to enter the Queen for a Day Ladder Match jetlagged to hell and back! That and getting to see my daughter and German Shepherd Puppy for the first time in five weeks was a major plus! Garrus (the puppy) was especially happy to see me but well, he’s a puppy!

”How does that old saying go Ari?” I greeted my friend as I entered the Go Gym and she looked up before grinning. ”Great minds think alike?”

”Okay, I know you’re the one who got diagnosed as autistic a few months back, but that’s not the full quote and I have to correct you.” Ariana responded as she turned to me and I rolled my eyes. ”Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ, it’s not as good as you think it is.”

”Huh, that’s a quote I’m never using again.” I commented as I folded my arms and Ari grinned in response. ”Though now I’m curious, what’s the origin of that quote?”

”Huh, I don’t know that you mention it, gimme a sec.” Ariana responded before grabbing her iPhone and going straight to Google and googling it. ”No one seems to be sure but the earliest time that quote appears is in 1618, in a book called “The Woful History of the Unfortunate Eudoxia”, it was an autobiography so make of that what you will.”

”Sounds like he was a miserable dude to me.” I shrugged my shoulders in response before deciding to get the conversation back on topic. ”But yeah, I realized that you had the right idea hence why I’m here and not over in Athens, that and Cassie’s starting at Hero Academy and I want to make sure that’s going well.” I added and Ari nodded in response.

”Yeah, Francisco’s starting there today as well, after he burnt last night’s dinner and we had to order pizza he needed a break from it.” Ari added and I raised an eyebrow when I hard that. ”Yeah I know that’s normally a me thing to do, but he’s normally a good cook, he just misread the recipe.”

”Well, at least Carter will have a good laugh when he hears of that.” I commented with a shrug and Ari nodded in response. ”But yeah, I’m here to train for the Queen for a Day Match.”

”Well, the building isn’t big enough for a proper ladder match but you can get in the basic training and the facilities here are second to none so have at it!” Ari responded and I grinned before motioning to the ring with my head. ”You want to spar with me?”

”Yep, and I’m ready when you are!” I added and Ari grinned before we headed to the ring and started sparring.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 4th of May 2022, 17:00pm

The sparring match with Ari was good and allowed me to work out any chinks in my armour that were left over from the past several weeks of not training for my matches due to sightseeing in Greece but I felt I was ready, even so there was one thing I hadn’t done in a while, and that was my chat with Gabriel about my next match.

“It has been too long Charlotte.” Gabriel greeted me as I entered the office and I nodded before closing the door behind me. “I believe you were still the Bombshell Roulette Champion when we last talked.”

”I’m pretty sure it was after my reign ended but yeah, it’s been a while.” I responded before I sat down opposite Gabriel. ”I’m still pissed over how my reign ended to be blunt, if it had ended in a clean loss to Keira I would’ve been happy enough, disappointed that it had been cut just short of the three hundred days mark but happy that I got a chance to hold the belt that long, but we both know what actually happened that week.”

“Diamond cost you the match and your title reign, and you’ve been chasing after her ever since.” Gabriel nodded in understanding as he got the idea. “I suppose it goes without saying that you will use your Queen for a Day Powers to get that Roulette Title Shot, but that’s if you win the Queen for a Day Match.”

”And that was tough enough before the whole field was confirmed.” I nodded knowing what he was getting at. ”Before Bella qualified and Keira was announced as the sixth Bombshell, all I had to worry about was Sam Marlowe, Alicia Lukas and Amber Ryan, one Hall of Famer and two future Hall of Famers, but then you throw in Bella, she came the closest to dethroning Amber before Roxi finally ended her reign, Keira has been a persistent face in the title scene for years and is a Hall of Famer, I think she wants the same thing I do if she wins the ladder match.”

“A shot at Diamond Steele, or maybe even a match against the winner of Myra vs, Roxi, either way she’ll get a title shot.” Gabriel nodded after thinking for a minute and that idea gave me pause. “But again, this is not an easy field this year, you and Bella are the only ones competing who aren’t former World Bombshell Champions.”

”And off the field, Amber was the one who held it last, it’s safe to say that she’s eager for a match against either Myra or Roxi, Sam’s been away from the World Title scene the longest and aside from her win over Chloe at the start of the cycle, she’s been in a slump, Keira, as we said, has two options in front of her if she wins and off the four former World Bombshell Champions Alicia has the best record as of late as she’s the only one who’s gone undefeated since the cycle began.” I commented after thinking back over the past four weeks that had made up the cycle. ”I’ve yet to win a match on Climax Control throughout the cycle, Bella has some momentum from qualifying for the match at least.”

“You know as well as I do that it’s not how you start a year, it’s how you finish, compare the first few months of your SCW career in 2021 to the latter half of the year for example.” Gabriel countered and I nodded knowing what he was talking about. “You didn’t heed my warning about letting the success go to your head but aside from that, the second half of the year solidified you as a Bombshell to watch.”

”Not if you listen to certain other Bombshells, one of whom happens to be one of my opponents in the ladder match and the other happens to be the host of the event.” I commented somewhat bitterly as I rolled my eyes. ”I said it once and I’ll say it again, I worked my ass off throughout that reign, for people like Alicia and Andrea to talk down on it like it meant nothing? It just motivates me that much more.”

“Undoubtedly so but don’t let your anger cloud your mind, Alicia will likely be counting on that.” Gabriel added and I let out a deep breath before nodding. “May I ask how Cassandra is doing? I hear she’s starting at Keira’s new school.”

”She and Francisco are starting their training anew she was a natural in the ring at the PTA Gym and I have no doubt that she’ll continue that trend under Team Hero.” I commented as I leaned back in my chair. ”I was going to help Keira open Hero Academy but we made that agreement before Keira was confirmed as the sixth Bombshell in the ladder match, once she was confirmed we agreed that the potential for conflict of interest was too high and she told me to just focus on getting ready for the match.”

“A wise decision, one I hope doesn’t come back to bite you.” Gabriel nodded as I got up to head back to the main training room to resume my training. “That is all, I will try to be in attendance for Into the Void XI but running this school is a 24/7 job and I’ll be travelling to another country this time.”

”Unlike High Stakes XI where the location was still in the US, just in New York instead of the Nevada area.” I commented with a nod as I stretched a bit to get ready to train. ”I’m looking forward to the Queen for a Day Match in any case.”

“As am I, just not for the same reason as you.” Gabriel nodded before I left his office to resume sparring with Ariana/

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 4th of May 2022, 18:30pm

*promo time*

What a difference a year makes.

”The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, it’s heaven and hell! Yeah, I did just quote one of my favourite songs of all time, “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath, why? I felt that it fit given the match I’m going into in two weeks at Into the Void XI, the Queen for a Day Ladder Match is back and this year’s field is easily the most stacked it’s been in years! Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Sam Marlowe, Keira Fisher, Bella Madison and off course, yours truly “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe, the prize? The opportunity to book one episode of Climax Control at the beginning of the next cycle.”

This is big.

”Off course, we all know the story by now, the winners of the Kings and Queens for a Day Matches have used their powers to their advantage, usually but not always granting themselves a shot at the World Titles while giving their friends opportunities on a smaller scale! And if you want a good example of that, look no further than the reigning queen Alicia who, in the most blatantly transparent example of this phenomenon, teamed her Wolfslair teammate Austin James Mercer with Tempest to take on the Barnharts for the Mixed Tag Team Titles while she challenged Amber Ryan for the top title, whilst the Mixed Tag Titles are no longer a thing I still dread to think about how she’d abuse her power if she wins the ladder match for a second year in a row! But that begs the question, doesn’t it?”

I asked as I folded my arms.

”What will I do with that power? The temptation to give myself a shot at the winner of Roxi vs. Myra would be there but no, not yet at least! I have my eyes set on one thing, the Bombshell Roulette Title because my reign didn’t get the ending it deserved and quite frankly I have unfinished business it that division! Regardless of if the winner of the opener is either Diamond or Kat I know where my goals lie, as for the rest of the card? Well, I still have a mountain to get past first, by which I mean the Queen for a Day Ladder Match itself.”

I’m ready.

”I’d be fooling myself if I said that this was going to be easy, four former World Bombshell Champions and a former contender make up my opposition and as I said when I was promoting the World Title Qualifier back in Crete, I’m the only person in this field who has never challenged for the World Bombshell Title, let alone held it! I used royal symbology in that promo to get my point across and this time? It’s even more appropriate given the match type, in this case Amber, Sam, Alicia Keira and even Bella are the queens and I’m the pauper, but this pauper is on the rise so let’s start talking about these queens, shall we?”

Starting with Alicia.

”Hear ye, hear ye, the returning queen is first on the chipping block and Alicia Lukas is all set to go all “let them eat cake” on the masses, Alicia your goals couldn’t be clearer in this match, you want to be the first Bombshell to win the Queen for a Day Match two years in a row so that your reign will continue and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get your chance at that all elusive fourth World Bombshell Title reign, what’s the matter Alicia? Is your ego so bruised by the fact that Amber’s reign supposed yours in one go and hope to break her records again? Yeah, no, that’s not happening Alicia!”


”Let’s go back a year, to Into the Void X! Now when I normally go back to this date I tend to focus on my match and for good reason, it was the start of my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign, you know? The one you tend to focus on? Saying that I don’t belong this far up the card? Yeah, I’ll get to that in a second but what I’m focussing on is the Queen for a Day Match you won, for starters you only had four Bombshells to deal with and their names? Char Kwan, the Bombshell I faced at High Stakes XI for the title and the one people like you and Andrea focus on when they call my reign weak, Mercedes Vargas, a Hall of Famer so passed it that it’s not even funny and last but by no means least, Courtney Pierce, easily the most underwhelming female winner of the Blast from the Past Tournament in SCW History.”

Sensing a theme?

”Comparing the Bombshells you had to face in your first Queen for a Day match to this year’s field is like comparing dog shit to chocolate ice cream, they aren’t comparable! You had it easy during last year’s match but this year? The stakes are much higher and the field is much more stacked! And you dare to call my reign weak when that was who you dealt with to earn your crown Alicia? I think it’s about time that the reigning queen abdicated her throne!”

Next up is Amber.

”Complete honesty here? I’m addressing my opponents in the order I’ve faced them the most in going up hence why I started with the only Bombshell who I’ve never faced in an SCW Ring before, with that said let’s move on to the Bombshell who I have one match against and what do you know? That one match is the most brutal match of my career to date, Amber Ryan! Amber, I don’t think there’s any doubt as to what you’ll do with your power, your reign as World Bombshell Champion ended at the last PPV and if you’re not aiming for another shot at it via this power, I’ll eat my gaming pc!”

With salt.

”But even if you’re not aiming in that direction, there’s no denying you’re your reign was the most dominant out of everyone else’s in this match! Your one reign eclipsed Alicia’s, your one reign eclipsed Sam and Keira’s reigns, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are the favourite to win the match and get the power but there’s a certain quote that comes to mind and unlike the other quote I used, it isn’t from a song.”

But it still rings true.

”Expectation vs. reality, sure you’re the favourite to win but again, look at the field, you’re not the only former World Bombshell Champion in this match and it begs the question Amber, can you hang with the other former champions in this match? Or will your one dominant reign amount to nothing when faced with three other women who have been at the top of the pack before? Way I see it? I don’t think your reign will hold water against the pressure of the match but please, prove me wrong!”

Next up is Sam.

”If you haven’t figured out that my focus is next shifting to Sam due to our total of two encounters, then you haven’t paid attention! Sam, I addressed our first meeting when you were one of my opponents in the World Bombshell Title Qualifier so I won’t repeat that word for word, besides we know  how the Blast from the Past Tournament ended for me, don’t we Sam? Besides, I’m done focussing on the past.”

Shifting focus.

”What do I mean by that? I’m glad you asked Sam, I’m focussing on the future! Or more specifically, my future and how the Queen for a Day Ladder Match will influence it! I’ve already hinted at my plans for the title so it begs the question, what are your plans? It’s been so long since you’ve been in the title picture that it’s not as clear as the goals that me, Amber, Keira, Alicia and Bella possess, are you going to play your cards close to your chest?”

Good question.

”That does seem to be the case because when you were interviewed on Climax Control before your match against Alicia, you didn’t bring this match up at all, instead you talked about the match between you and Alicia, were you hoping to avoid jinxing yourself before the match was filled out? Or was that your way of saying “you don’t think you can win”, well if that is the case Sam then I will happily confirm that yes, you can’t win!”

Next up is Keira.

”Up next with a total of three encounters is the last woman to be announced for this match, Keira Fisher-Johnson and Keira, we’re friends but how far will that take us in this match? It’s supposed to be every woman for herself in a match like this, the match title is “Queen for a Day”, not “Co-Rulers for a Day” after all, but can we set our friendship aside for this match? We both know the answer is yes!”


”It’s ridiculous that I have to ask this, isn’t it Keira? We set aside our friendship for our Bombshell Roulette Title Matches at Inception V and at Climax Control 323, we can sure as hell set it aside for a match with stakes this high Keira but there’s another thing I need to address when it comes to those two matches, the tie breaker! In singles competition we are currently tied Keira with one win apiece and I’ve wanted a tie breaker since you beat me for the title, but does this match count?”

Good question.

”I only ask because if Amber, Sam, Bella or, god forbid, Alicia Lukas win the ladder match and become Queen for a Day, does that mean a tie in our series of matches? Now personally that’s not a question I want answered because I want to win this match and reign as queen, it just happens that this is going to be the toughest match of my young career to date but if I have to overcome that challenge to start that reign and win our tiebreaker? Then that’s exactly what I’ll do!”

And last but by no means least is Bella.

”One non-title match, three title defences, was it any question that Bella would be the last Bombshell in my order? Bella, like Keira you are a Bombshell who I consider to be a friend but like our past matches we will have to set that aside for our common goal, the Queen for a Day crown but if anything, you have the most to gain from winning this match, don’t you Bella? Out of everyone else in this match, you are the only one who’s never held singles gold!”

That’s a hell of a motivator.

”Having to prove yourself against at least two former champions is one hell of a motivator, I should know, that was most of my Roulette Title Reign if we’re being honest with ourselves, but will it be enough for you to go all the way Bella? You and I are pretty much the underdogs going into this match Bella because the rest of the field are former World Bombshell Champions and we’ve never held that title, not for lack of trying on your part because as I said earlier, you came the closest to dethroning Amber on the last Climax Control of 2021, but almost doesn’t count.”

Let’s be honest.

”Bella as much as I like you, “almost had it” has been the story of you and your attempts to win singles gold in SCW! You almost won the qualifier that would’ve let you join me in challenging Royal Purple for the Bombshell Roulette Title, you almost beat me in each of our matches for the Bombshell Roulette Title, each and every time you were always the bridesmaid and never the bride and sadly for you Bella? You’ll be dusting off that bridesmaid dress one last time!”

It's that simple.

”This is probably the most stacked Queen for a Day Match in the history of the match since its inception, four former World Bombshell Champions, the longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion of recent memory and someone who’s been plying their trade since their first day in the company and each day has been inching closer to finally winning singles gold, I’m off course talking about Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas Sam Marlowe, Keita Fisher, myself Krystal Wolfe and Bella Madison, this is one of the few times were there’s no clear winner and it’s anyone’s game but the smart money’s on one of the former World Bombshell Champions, right?”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”On paper that should be the case but in practice nothing is set in stone in this business and when the smoke clears and I’m the last Bombshell standing holding the Queen for a Day Crown, the only ones disappointed will be the ones who bet on either Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Sam Marlowe, Keira Fisher or Bella Madison winning but when I turn to the page on this chapter of my SCW Career a new reign will begin, the reign of “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe!”

I got in my car and drove off as the scene fades.

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Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
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Session 21:Find my way



She repeated the single word back to her. A litmas test to guage where Alicia was seems to have gone wrong. The question was simple. In one word describe how she feels in her personal life now. She sat in Whitlows office, the sight was so familiar to her now that Alicia would notice the smallest differences. A picture moved here, a new writing pad there. She sighed and shook her head, she knew that the good doctor would want her to elaborate. A deeo feeling of regret ran through her veins. She could of lied.

Why didn’t I lie?”

It would have been so easy. Just blurt out a word, any word. Happy,. Awkward. Sad. Anything except Empty. But it was done now, She had no choice. She sat up straight, adjusting her shirt as she cleared her throat. Electing to sit on the chair across from Whitlow instead of lay on the couch was a subliminal choice. She wanted to be viewed more as an equal having a conversation instead of a patient. Or client.

”It’s a feeling that didn’t go away. It was there from the end of it to now…it started when..” She paused and clenched her jaw, swallowing and taking a sharp inhale through her nose, holding onto the breath as a way to stop herself from crying. After a few seconds the feeling passed, her stomach released and she looked down and away before continuing. ”It started the day after he left…when I came home.” She ran her hands through her hair. Dr Whilow shuffled in her seat, uncrossing her right leg from her left and switching them.

Alicia looked up from the floor, the floor that had changed. Her mind flickering away from the empty pain that the Doctor wanted her to focus on to the fact the hardwood floors that had looked clean and pristine had now become faded and the shine had gone. They looked aged, fractured, almost like termites had gotten to them Dr  Whitlows voice broke through the haze and startled Alicia. ”Why was it so jarring to you?..what happened?” Alicia snapped out of it, she gave a small nod and released the second breath she had held in.

The entire cab ride back from the airport made her sick. When she was at work, in front of the fans, around co workers she could forget. Forget about the turmoil at home, forget about the feeling of being trapped and pushed. Forget that the man she loved had given her an ultimatum. She had dropped her sons off with her sister. Zoey had come back into their lives after running and disappearing, ashe wanted to make up time, spend it with her nephews. Alicia reluctantly agreed. It was time to get home now, to figure out what to do. But she had no idea what she’d find, and that made her feel sick to her stomach. The unknown.

As the car pulled up to the curb Alicia simply took out her card, paid for the ride and stepped out, her gear bacg in her hand as she grabbed the strap throwing it over her shoulder. She looked up at the old house, the two storey townhouse in upstate New York that she had moved into with Michael all those years before. She shook her head and moved toward the door taking out her keys. They still worked. He hadn’t changed the locks yet.

She chuckled to herself pushing the door open. Maybe he had come to his senses. Maybe he was inside waiting for her so they could reconcile. But, did she want that? Did she want him to stay? Part of her did. Love was never the proublem. She loved him with all her heart. She loved him so much that it still hurt deep down in the pit of her stomach. But, she needed to take a stand, she needed to do it for herself. Yet there was the single nagging question echoing through her head like a broken record skipping.

Was she the asshole?

He wanted a child, and truthfully so did she. But she put it off, she put it off for her career. And maybe that was her mistake. But, he had also said it was about her making rhe decision herself. And maybe, just maybe he was right. She stepped into the hallway from the door, her feet stomping against the shiny hardwood floors. Each step thudding through the house, she stopped, something was off. Something was different. Michaels jacket, an expensive black zip up canvas number was gone. So he wasn’t home. But it was more than that.

All his shoes were gone, pictures that had hung on the wall, ones of Michaels family dating back to the turn of the 20th century had been taken down. She swallowed hard moving through to the kitchen. Furniture had gone, small nick nacks  too had been taken. And a piece of paper sat on the middle of the black marble countertop with a set of keys ontop. She shook her head and reached out opicking it up, reading the words in Michaels voice.


I knew you’d be at work and I didn’t want to face you. Please don’t think of me as a coward. I just knew it would hurt as both too much. This issue has been a continued thorn in both of our sides and refuses to go away. We both want to be happy. We both want what is best for us. And from the moment I met you, you have been determined to turn your life around but you didn’t know how. I’d like to think I had some small part in that.

You are an amazing woman. Strong and powerful. You don’t need a relationship to make you happy. You don’t need someone in your life to validate you. But, as I said. We both need to be happy. And this wasn’t working for either of us.

I’m putting the house on the market in two months time. That should give you plenty of time to find somewhere.

Please take care of yourself. I love you.


And there it was, her hands started to shake, her eyes glazed over with tears. He had really done it. It wasn;’t an empty threat. It had been the end and he really left her. She placed the picture back down, she put the keys to the side. She moved across the kitchen and pushed out a chair that sat against the rund dinner table in the center of the room slowly sitting down. That was it. There were no more arguments. No more what if. It was done. And now there wasn’t any anger or happiness. No more frustration or amusement. All that was left now was the cold, sick empty feeling deep in her stomach.

She closed her eyes, her fingertips traced around the table and all she could think about was every single meal they shared. Every single laugh and every single tear. Her sons being happy and healthy in this house., The fact she was able to reconnect with them. To be the mother she always wanted to be. Rory and Ryan were here future, her past, they were her heart. But right now, she felt like she had let them down. That they now had to face more uncertainty. And that left her feeling one thing…


A feeling that hasn’t gone away since this happened.

”So, it became real?” She slowly nodded. Dr Whitlow scribbled down a few things and reached up taking off her glasses, staring across the room at Alicia who had not moved, her hands stayed clasped together, she leaned forward, her back was hunched and she looked defeated. She looked like she had already lost everything. That her entire life was now in the lowest point. Dr Whitlow tilted her head. ”Everything in life has a beginning and an end Violet.” Her voice was still quiet but had some authority added to it.

Alicia looked up through her long blond hair and shook her head. ”I know. Everyone knows that. You don’t think I don’t or that I can’t grow to accept this?”

Dr Whitlow pushed up to her feet, walking over to her desk and placing her hands on it. ”No…No I don’t think you can” The words cut Alicia deep, her jaw trembled as she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Not one word, not one noise. Instead Dr Whitlow turned around looking right at her. Her face distorted and angry. ”When you first came here we went through everything. From your father leaving, him coming back into your life only to die and leave you in the ultimate move of abandonment. We talked about Chris, Travis and Kaden. Men who used you and abused you in different ways and tried to hold you to some kind of standard to please them…”

She stepped forward and Alicia had no idea what to say, her heart raced and she started to panic. ”Stop..” For a moment the room changed, everything felt like it was closing in on her, everything felt old and like it was falling apart. It felt wrong somehow.

”Leaving Michael. It was the right thing to do but you couldn’t see it. He was holding you down and trying to control you.” She moved closer. Alicia started to hyperventilate. Looking up to the ceiling where the patches she had noticed before had grown. Black mold, cracking paint. ”It was the right thing for you both but you were to weak to pull the fucking trigger…..when will you be the woman you were meant to be?...”

Something broke. Something deep inside Alicias mind snapped like a dry twig. ”Enough!..” She looked up as spit flew from her mouth. But, there was nothing. The room was dark now. Quiet and broken down. She tilted her head. The Doctor was gone, The pictures were gone. The desk was falling apart, the light fixtures has spiderwebs on them. Alicia moved to her feet, backing toward the door, she moved out into the hallway, the nameplate on the door faded and destroyed.

It was all in your head.

The Queen is Dead.


She couldn’t help but laugh. One simple word. One word that will no doubt send tongue wagging as evetryone else in the match will stumble over themselves to disprove it. But, context is key.

”In 2022 Alicia Fucking LuKas is undefeated. And, when do we stop thinking that this is a good start to it being a fully fledged rejuvenation or resurrection? Hmm? When do we stop thinking this is just me being lucky and maybe JUST MAYBE Alicia Lukas is back hmmm? I know some of you will say that I never really went away. That a few injuries have given me a stop start kind of time but I never really went anywhere. But, the truth is much more complex than that. See, when I first came to SCW. When Honor was bought and absolved into this company, I had a chip on my shoulder. See, I dominated that company. Ask Mercedes Vargas”

“That squeaky hipped old bitch tried everything she could to stop me.”

“In the end I owned all the gold. I was the companies biggest star. Beating and destroying everyone they had put in the ring against me. Legacy champion and then Honor champion. There was nothing that could be done. So imagine my surprise when the rumblings of Honor being sold were true and my new employers and the new company seemed to give zero shits about me. So yeah, that chip on my shoulder got real fucking salty real fucking quick. So I went about verbally destroying opponents before physically destroying them. And that worked out very very well for me.”


“Somewhere along the way I lost that. I started getting the respect I felt I deserved and I became complacent. I became this competitor that talked about respect and honor and how the bo,bshells division needed to be better and that I wanted to drag everyone up with me. I wanted them all on my level. Hell I said it last climax control when I beat Sam Marlowe. I respected Roxi, where did that get me? I respected Seleana. Where did that get me? I respected Keira. And same thing again. I wont say there aren’t women that have earned that place…but…well..”

“I need to be more selective, cause most of you aren’t worth shit…”

She turns her upper lip upward curling it as she folds her arms over her chest.

”Last year I won the Queen for a day. And I promptly challenged for the Bombshells title. Something that so many took issue with. Like they wouldn’t have done it if they had won. And spoiler, if I win this, I’ll fuckin do it again. Roxi or Myra, it doesn’t matter. I’m coming for that title. And last year, Last year at Into the void 10 I walked in and beat Vargas, Pierce and Kwan. And this year. Well, this year there’s different faces but the goal remains the same. A ladder, a crown and the only way to win is to beat your opponents down to the point you can climb up there and get it. You snatch that crown down and you get to plan a future Climax control.”

“You get to hold your fate right ino your own hands. And, times past I might tease going for the Internet or Roulette titles. Something I hadn’t held before but, truth is this time, I’m straight up telling y’all. I won, I’m going for that world title. I’m going to get that damn thing back and become a four time champion. To reclaim my glory and in a moment of irony…get my crown…”

“The old Alicia Lukas is back. And may god have mercy on your souls.”

“See, somewhere along the line I lost myself. But, I can’t just sit back anymore. Everyone knows what kind of woman I am and what I asm capable of. And last year I had that golden opportunity and I failed. But this year? Well, this match is the first step. And to take another step I have to climb those rungs. And as a bonus I get to stomp three women who shouldn’t even be in this match, one kid who has alot to learn and a woman who is one of the few left I would consider to be a real rival.”

She sighs heavily, stepping forward and putting her hands in the pockets of her black jeans.

”Kiera Fisher-Johnson. You just can’t help it can you? You just can’t help but get involved in this scene despite the fact you’ve already proved yourself to be more of a joke than anyone else in this company. See, woman like Char Kwan and Bea Barnhart might be in that same level of stupidity where they say outlandish things, much like you, but while they are looked at as jokes and simply names on a page you have somehow been able to rain man your fucking way into being a former world champion. And now look at you. Here you are trying to win this Queen for a day match to…do what exactly?”

“Waste everyone elses time again? What are we going to see Keira? Are we going to see you and Roxi in a domestic violence rematch? Sign me up for that snoozefest where your wife beats your ass for another 20 minutes. We;ve seen it before. Or are you going to go for the roulette title or the internet title to try and put forth some false narrative of you being in a “power couple”? I mean you coulkd do that or simply…do nothing.”

“Either way Keira, I want to win this match as much for myself and what I want as I do to stop you.”

“I mean team hero. What a joke. And your little wrestling school? What are you going to do Keira? Hmm? Roxi can teach people how to be a champion. You? What can you do? Teach young and aspiring wrestlers how to stand in someones shadow? Just typical really You and your idiot wife go to do something I have already done bigger and better. Wolfslair is a gym of champions. Not just SCW champions but champions from all over the world. Your little training camp gym bullshit? It’s just something else you’ll fail at. Just like you fail at being a wife, a mother and any type of human being with substance.”

“Oh no..did I offend you? Will we see your alter ego Sinn that you always threaten us with when you lose your smile and realise you’re losing relevancy? Fuck off Keira….go be a manager, go home and look after your brat and let the real wrestlers fucking wrestle…”

She can’t help but sneer and shake her head. Unable or unwilling to hide her utter disappointment and disdain about Keira.

”And speaking of women who like to pretend to be wrestlers instead of thots. How you doin Sam? Recovered from the beating I gave you yet? Starting to realise everything I said about you is true? You know the problem with having nothing to prove Sam? It means that there is no heart and soul in your life. See, you have been a champion, you are a half of famer, kind of. But that doesn’t mean anything if you’tre not willing to have that heart and passion for this business. And if you dfon’t have that anymore. If you don’t have anything left to prove to me, the others in this matchm, the fans, the bosses or yourself then what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I have everything to prove. I have to prove to the fans that I’m still that fucking killer that walked in here, I have to prove to Mark and Christian that I am worthy of holding the bombshells division in my hands and on my shoulders, something you have never done.. I have to prove to each and every one of you that I should be feared and I need to prove to myself and I still that damn good…”

“See, you just don’t have that fear of me anymore. And that..well that I can’t stand..”

“Before our one on one match you ran your mouth alot about me. About me lacking relevancy or the fact I apparently leach off the other members of wolfslair. And, as always you entirely miss the point Sam. Will you give me respect for whooping your ass? Cause I doubt it. You’ll do what everyone else of your ilk does and you’ll simply…ignore it…But when I beat the hell out of you, when I place that fucking crown on my head for the SECOND year in a row and I go on to challenge Roxi or Myra for the title. Well…your words will be as hollow as the balloon sitting on your neck…”

Alicia throws her hands in the air and shakes her head.

”But, then there’s the Australian bombshells Kristal Wolfe. The only one of the three I can give the smallest amount of respect to. See Krystal broke all kinds of records. Longest Roulette title reign, most defenses. Damn Krystal. You really made the roulette title matter. Congrats, really. I mean you found out the samer thing I did that when you make a title mean something and you lose it to Keira Fisher Johnson the title instantly becomes meaningless so I can convaless with you on that. I can admit that you are a step above the usual trash that seems to loiter around the bombshells division. And I have no idea what you’ll do if given the chance to get that crown.”

“Queen Krystal…”

“It seems like you have suffered from the post title hangover. A little lost in what you want to do huh? I get it. I’ve been there Krystal. I know tbhoise feelings. And things will get alot worse before they get better. Unless you win this match. And who knows maybe you’ll surprise us all and do well. But, then again, this match is bigger than anything else you’ve done.”

“I’m sorry but beating Bea Barmhart and Maki doesn’t really inspire fear ya know?”

“But you could change all that. You could climb the ladder, get thatcrown and then call your shot. You could go back for the roulette title, go for the internet title or even the bombshells. Or, settle a score with someone. Lick say, the waste of skin who beat you for the roulette title to begin with and then lost it right away because she has the championship credentials of a mentally handicapped chipmunk?....Either way…to win this match you still have to get through me..and I won’t gfeel bad about stopping you…”

She scoffs and shakes her head before relaxing a little.

”That is something OI can’t say about Bella Madison. See, I win this match and I will have a small feeling of sadness in my heart for her. But, it’s the only way you’ll learn Bella. See, little bird, I love and respect your mother. Laura is one of the best in the ring and she hasn’t got the respect she has deserved. Not by a long shot. And you? Well, you are looking at carving your own path in SCW. In the mixed tag division next to Mal or by youtrself, you come into the company and the building each time you’re booked and leave it all on the line. That is the Wolfslair way. To put it all on the line and that is something people like Keira, Sam and Krystal do not understand. It’s something they can’t understand.”

“But you Bella. You know what it takes and the sacrifices that need to be made. And I can;’t say that if I did see you climb that ladder and become the queen I wouldn’t shed a tear of pride and want to embrace you in a hug and congratulate you.”

“Howveer…while I can admit that…I also have to tell you I don’t see it happening…”

“I love you Bella. I do. I have watched you train like a monster week in and week out., I have heard you talk about wanting to ydo your parents proud, your gym proud and yourself proud. But if you think for one second the soft spot I hve for you and your family in my heart will stop me from winning this match and doing whatever it takes to do so, well, you haven’t been paying attention. Thing is, I think you have. I think you know the lengths I’ll go to. And I don’t think the others do. I don’t think they know what I am willing to do to them when I am willing to snap your leg in half to win this….and don’t think I won’t…”

She swallows hard, adjusting her attitude and trying to get back into it. Her eyes close, she takes in a deep breath and cracks her neck, coming to the main event as it were…

”Amber Ryan. Oh man. You know, I sat there thinking about things I could say about every single woman in this match. Faults to point out, failures to bring up and throw in their faces. Mind games. But you? With you that is so damn hard. See, you are a woman that commands respect. Commands it. I can ignore what Keira, Sam and Krystal have done in their careers, I can point and laugh because I can find fault with all of them. Keira being in Roxi’s shadow, her inability to actually defend a title. Sam failing to get her former glory and being a passenger in a division and company that has passed her by. Krystal being unproven in the bigger stage…”

“And of course..Bella not living up to her parents promise,..”

“But you? You Amber Ryan are so fucking hard to find fault with aside from personal issues with your asshole husband but, are they really relevant to this situation. See, a year ago Amber I won this match and I then sat backstage and watched you dismantle Ruby Steele to keep the Bombshells title. And I cheered you on. Not because I particularly like you, not because I despise Ruby…although both of those reasons helped. Hell if I wanted the easy match I would have been disappointed you won...”

“No Amber…I cheered you on because then I knew I was going to get what I wanted.”

She laughs to herself and nods slowly letting her tongue tun over her teeth.

”I was going to get my one on one match with you. For that title. And, I failed. You beat me. And, I have tried so hard not to be petty or to let my emotions get to me. But the truth is. I can’t. I can’t hold it all back and you need to understand why. For all your success and everything you’ve been able to do for SCW and the division you need to understand something. Whether you wanted to, meant to or even were aware of it. You have taken EVERYTHING from me…”

“And I fucking hate you for it…”

“You are now the most respected and feared. You held the title longer than me, you made more defences than me. You have taken it all including being the scourge of the Zdunich family and the Johnsons. You took it all from me. And this, this Amber is the last fucking thing I have. The queen for a day. See, I want to win, not just so I can book  myself into a world title opportunity and go after whoever is the champ after into the void 11. But also to stop you from being able to claim that crown and take the LAST FUCKING THING I have over you. I think you of all people should understand how hard it is for me to admit that, to bare my soul.”

“So I’m coming for that crown. I’m coming for it to take my rightful place at the head of the division and to get that title back. And yes…I’m coming for it to stop…you…”

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Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
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The scene opens up on Monday afternoon. It was 10 minutes to go before the opening of the newest gym to hit the wrestling world, Hero Academy, the once former PTA Gym that was bought out by Jenny Tuck and given to Keira and Roxi to run. We see Keira breathing a bit heavier than usual. She was nervous about the entire thing, afraid that this new chapter in her life would be ruined. She keeps breathing til she feels a hand and turns to see Roxi beside her.

Roxi: What's the matter?

Keira: I don't know. I've fought baddies, demons, wrestlers stronger than me. Yet this has me nervous as Hell

Keira takes another deep breath at this, saying

Keira: I've been nervous before too. But this is...this feels like make or break. Like if I don't get this right, I'll fail.

Roxi: Keira, this will be fine. Look, people will show up, plus, you're already training someone, and it's not like they're saying you're a bad trainer.

Keira: Yea, I'm just bad at everything else. Bad wrestler. Bad Champion. Shadow, need I go on?

Roxi: What? Are you really about to do this?

Keira: Maybe I am just a fluke after all. Maybe I just got lucky…

Roxi: Stop.

Keira: Cassie made a joke about it and what did I do? I punished her for no reason.

Keira sighs

Keira: What kind of trainer am I if I can't lead by example?

Roxi: Keira... Do you remember who trained you?

Keira: Sin…

Roxi: I meant to wrestle. Clearly someone trained you to wrestle.

Keira gives a huge sigh over this as she ask

Keira: They did, but you cannot tell a soul. It's not a shameful thing to be honest, but...

Keira shakes her head a bit, but then continues

Keira: Given the current situation. I don't think the world should know yet.

Roxi: Okay, if this makes you uncomfortable, let me just ask this question. Was that person famous?

Keira: Yes. In fact, you know her too

Roxi: Okay, fine the name isn't that important in this example.

Roxi holds up a finger.

Roxi: My point is, not everybody gets trained by a world champion. A lot, A LOT of wrestlers get trained by other wrestlers who barely made a dent in wrestling. People who only wrestled a handful of times on TV even. People are going to come here for the name, but that only goes so far. What you did in your career, or have done in your career, isn't going to be the only thing anybody looks at.

Roxi puts a hand on Keira's shoulder.

Roxi: I know I make you watch football, but you know enough to know that a player can be a great player, but a lousy coach. Some people are not cut out to be coaches and trainers. And the best trainers and coaches weren't necessarily great players of whatever they are coaching. Some of them were lousy too.

Keira: Very lousy. So lousy that you legit cuss them out when your college team loses

Roxi: Exactly. But they are coaches. That's what I'm getting at. You don't have to be this crazy multi-time world champion, even though you are. That's just going to go about this far

Roxi holds her fingers a tiny distance apart

Roxi: After that, it's about what you can teach them.

Keira gives a tiny sigh over this. She nods and looks back at Roxi.

Keira: You're right, babe. I guess the last few weeks have been getting in my head after Diamond and all that crap

Roxi: You gave it your best shot. You still walk out of it a Roulette champion, you ended a very long reign by Krystal. You have things to be proud of. Now, you can take the time to regroup. Think about things with a clear head.

Keira: Too bad I can't be in charge. Diamond would be fired. But at least I can put a ban on her coming here.

Keira quickly says to Roxi

Keira: Don't talk me out of that, Roxi.

Roxi: You technically don't have to allow anybody to be here.

Keira: I know. But for now, just Diamond. For now, I just want to focus on the gym and nothing else

Keira quickly says again

Keira: Besides our family, of course

Roxi: Are you sure you just want to do the gym?

Keira: What do you mean, babe?

Roxi: Well, I mean, you got named in this Queen For A Day match.

Keira: I got what?

Roxi: They want to put you in this Queen for a Day match. Winner gets to decide whatever they want for a show.

Keira: Thanks, but no thanks

Roxi: Are you sure?

Keira: I have to focus on Hero Academy now. I don't have time for that.

Roxi: So... you're saying... you're done?

Keira: In a way, yea. I have responsibilities to deal with here.

Roxi: I... Okay then.

Keira: Besides, who would want me around SCW anyway?

Roxi: They thought enough of you to hold off and give you a chance in the match. But if you don't want it, then that's entirely up to you. I'm not going to hold it against you.

Keira goes to answer, but she begins to hear the crowd outside gathering. She sighs at this as she says

Keira: We'll talk about it later, Roxi.

Roxi: If you don't want to, it's fine.

Keira: Again, we'll talk about it later. We got to focus on getting through the opening and the grand tour

Keira then looks at Roxi again, saying

Keira: You first. You're better at speeches than I am, Red

Roxi: This is your baby. I'm just here to help. But I'll try, I guess.

Keira: It's as much your baby as it is mine. At least open it up a bit. For me.

Roxi: Fine.

Roxi stepped forward a smile on her face as she began to speak

Roxi: We are very proud to announce the opening of the Team Hero Academy wrestling school. Here, we hope to train and condition the future of pro wrestling, as it is our goal, and the goal of those who came before us, to leave the wrestling profession, better than we found it. We will instill a lot of training to all attendees, but we will also work on the skills needed to succeed outside the ring as well. Here we have a world-class level training facility, complete with medical staff, and other highly skilled trainers. We very much look forward to show those who wish to learn the ropes when it comes to professional wrestling.

Keira smiles a bit as she lets Roxi continue to speak, waiting for her chance to come up

Roxi: This training is only for the serious and unfortunately, not everyone trained her will make it, that's just the truth of the matter. However, every applicant that is accepted and is trained here, will indeed receive a chance to enhance not only their career, but their lives. With that, I will turn it over to my wife, Keira.

Keira sighs heavily as she heads up to the stage. She goes over and says

Keira: Hero Academy is a chance for you to hone your skills. Skills you didn't think you could do or were able to do. Maybe you're thinking you want to do one style, but your curiosity kicks in and want to do another. It's your choice. All we ask of you is to put in your time. Your blood, your sweat and your tears will be shed in our rings. Like my wife said, not everyone trained here will make it. But if you at least learn a fraction of what is taught here and use it to hone your skills in whatever you want to do. Then we know we did our job.

Keira gives a smile as she continues

Keira: If you're serious about wanting to be the best in wrestling. Then we'll take you seriously. But if you half ass it? We'll know. We have the best trainers, the best medical staff like my wife mentioned and time. Time is normally a blessing and a curse. But here, time is all you need to learn what you need. If you're serious after the grand tour today, then come sign up at the front desk. For this first week, it's open enrollment. After, we'll see. With that said. Hero Academy!

The crowd cheers as a few trainers begin to get the crowd to line up for the grand tour. Keira comes back to Roxi, saying

Keira: Well, that went well

Roxi: I knew you could do it.

Keira: Yea, I still got it.

Keira: I didn't think I would make a speech like that

Roxi: You never know unless you try.

Keira: Yea. Never know until...

Keira stops and thinks for a moment. She then turns back to Roxi, asking

Keira: Did you still want to know who trained me, still?

Roxi: Sure.

Keira: Well, it was a guy named Renegade. He was the one who trained me. You see Roxi...

Keira takes a deep breath as she admits

Keira: ....I was a student at HellsGates. Renegade was my teacher. But he had paired me up with a training partner. Me and this training partner worked very well together.

Roxi: Okay, but my point still stands.

Keira: Yea, but you don't know who my training partner is....

Keira takes another deep breath and says the name

Keira: ....Whisper

Keira keeps looking at Roxi as she says

Keira: Whisper was my training partner. She was the one who taught me most of what I know, especially on how I train. Remember who Whisper trained years down the road...

Roxi: Yes, I know.

Keira: Your point still stands. But if people found out where I was trained and with all Kat has said...

Roxi: It’s fine.

Keira: Is it?

Roxi: Well... you're not going to be around so... you don't have to worry about it.

Keira: What do you mean by that?

Roxi: It's not going to be a big deal, since you'll be here, and Kat will be elsewhere.

Keira: ...Ohhh no. I know what you're doing.

Roxi: I'm not doing anything. You said you want to be here.

Keira: But I know you. I'll say something else. You'll try to sweet talk me or however you do your Roxi Mind Trick. It won't work this time. Nope!

Roxi: I'm not doing a mind trick. What are you talking about? You're making a big deal out of who trained you, but you don't have to worry about Kat or anyone else. You can keep your mind on the students you train.

Keira begins to fume a little. She then says

Keira: I swear, you're evil sometimes! You're still doing it!

Roxi: I'm not doing anything! You want to run this place, right? Then... there you go.

Keira screams out from this. She then says

Keira: FINE! I'll wrestle again! I'll do Queen for a Day and I'll beat whoever is in front of me. HAPPY!?

Roxi arches an eyebrow and shrugs.

Roxi: Okay then. I'm not sure where that came from...

Keira: ....I just talked myself into wrestling again, didn't I?

Roxi: I think so.

Keira: I seriously hate myself

Roxi: Well, you shouldn’t

Keira: Why not?

Roxi: Because you're my wife and I love you and I don't want you to hate yourself?

Keira: That's a good reason. Care to give me one more?

Keira gives a sly wink to Roxi

Roxi: Knock it off, there's people here taking tours.

Keira: I mean later tonight, silly. Plus, we got to make sure the receptionist isn't getting hammered

Roxi: Good idea.

Keira and Roxi goes and rushes to the front as the scene fades

The new scene begins on a new day with Roxi and Keira both heading into the gym, with a smaller crowd of people waiting outside. They head inside, waving at fans before meeting up with Keri, standing and waiting for them, making a big deal of ensuring they see her checking her watch to show they were late.

Keri: You're late.

Keira: You're fired.

Roxi: Sorry, sometimes a little boy can be a bit stubborn when it comes to eating.

Keira: Yea. Very. Why can't he be more like me?

Roxi just shakes her head, not wanting to state the obvious.

Roxi: ANYWAY, we'll just do a quick look around and ensure everything looks in order.

Keira: Yea, cause I want to make sure any future trainees see a running, working and clean school

Keira looks at Keri, smirking

Keira: Also, you're not fired.

Keri: I know, sis. You got me as one of the head trainers for a reason

Roxi: Come on, we'll be back in a few minutes, and we'll start the tour.

Keira: Lead the way

Roxi and Keira head around the gym, checking the locker rooms to ensure the locker doors all were functional and could hold gear and actually be used with a combination lock. They turned on the water to ensure there was hot water in the building. They checked supply closets for proper cleaning materials and that they were stored properly. And that the wrestling storage facility had plenty of extra cables, turnbuckles, pads, and everything else. Finally, a check of the space with the ring to be set up, proper workout equipment that was all usable, and enough space to run several classes simultaneously. Once everything passed inspection, they returned to the front with Keri.

Keri: Everything okay?

Roxi: Looks good to me.

Keira: Besides dust. It's looking good

Roxi: Well, if you want to spend the rest of today dusting the gym, be my guest.

Keira: Not really.

Roxi: Then I guess everything is good.

Keira: Then let them in, Keri

Keira and Roxi goes to the side, trying to not get in the way as Keri opens the door.

Keira: Just been a few days and I'm still nervous

Keri brings in a small group of would-be trainees and just some fans to bring them on a tour.

Keri: Okay, everyone, please no cell phone recordings, in fact, please turn them off for the tour, as we all want you to get all the information out to you.

Keira: A few days and already a natural. Glad we made her and Angelica our lead trainers

Roxi: We just don't want you all to miss anything. At the end, we will have an application set up, which will take some time to review, and we will be contacting you if you meet the requirements for medical and mental health assessments. And then we can get into payment and all that good stuff down the line, but for now, this is just a tour.

Roxi begins to get a head count and stops when it's done.

Roxi: Okay, 10 of you, that's good for now.

One last person comes through the door, just as Keri goes to close it.

Keri: Can I help you?

Person: The tour?

Keri: Roxi?

Keri turns to Roxi and Keira and nods at the last person, a male with his hoodie pulled up over his head.

Roxi: Fine, 11.

The guy joins the group and Roxi takes up the rear, leaving Keira at the front of the group.

Keira: Are we ready?

Keri nods as Keira says

Keira: Ok, Welcome to Hero Academy. I'm Keira Fisher-Johnson, one of the co-owners of this school, former SCW World Bombshell Champion and ego booster. Trust me, I'd be here all day.

The crowd laughs a bit at this as Keira resumes

Keira: Beside me is one of our head trainers and my sister, Keri Fisher. She will be the one leading the tour today. I ask that you treat her with honor and respect while you're on the tour.

Keri: Hello

Keira: Behind you is the other co-owner of this beautiful school. My beautiful wife, Roxi Johnson.

Keira points over to Roxi and smiles

Keira: Say Hi, beautiful

Roxi: Hello, everyone, you guys know me.

Keira: Just a few rules. Like Keri said, no phones out for pictures. We'll give out all the info during the tour. No touching the memorabilia. No offense on that, it's one of a kind and impossible to replace.

Keira nods to Keri as Keira says

Keira: With that. Enjoy the tour as Keri will be guiding you.

Keira goes over and joins Roxi at the back to make sure the tour doesn't get out of hand. She then speaks with Roxi

Keira: How was my speech?

Roxi: It was fine, I thought you'd be giving the tour though.

Keira: I've been doing a few the last few days. Keri's good enough to do it on her own.

Keira leans in to whisper to Roxi

Keira: Plus...I got a weird feeling

Roxi: Weird? Why?

Keira: I don't know. Gut feeling came when that one guy came in.

Roxi: Hmmm... let's take a look.

Keira and Roxi follow the group as Keri is speaking

Keri: And here are the locker rooms. We do have seperate ones for men and women, obviously, and there are working showers.

The crowd is watching as Keira keeps an eye on that one guy. Keri continues to speak

Keri: Through this door is the therapy rooms. Some rooms to do some yoga, stretching, and just a place to cool down after the day is done.

Keira: Rox, headcount real quick

Roxi: There's all 11. But... yeah the hoodie guy is just... standing there

The man in the hoodie sees Keira and nods, acting surprised and nervous.

Man: Sorry, sorry, so sorry.

The man extends his hand for a handshake, Keira just gives him a funny look before patting him on the shoulder and pointing for him to keep up. Keira goes back to Roxi after that, saying

Keira: See? Weird…

Roxi: Just a little starstruck maybe. But yeah... a little awkward.

Keira: Keep an eye on the dude. We may have to throw him out.

Roxi: He's really not doing anything wrong. He's a little weird, but that's not a crime.

Keira: Still. It's still the gut feeling

Roxi: Well, keep an eye on him.

Keira nods a bit as the two follow the group, letting Keri speak

Keri: And here is the ring area. Obviously the ring is not set up, because we don't have any classes going, but there is obviously ample room to train and this is where the magic will happen, once you have earned it.

The man begins to giggle over that line as Keira raises a eyebrow

Keira: And this is getting more awkward…

Roxi: Okay, calm down, he's just laughing. He can't laugh?

Keira: I mean, he can. Just the way he laughed. Look, I'm not going crazy, Roxi.

Keira keeps an eye on the guy still as the group moves. Keri then says

Keri: And that pretty much concludes the tours, if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer them. If not, we can head to the front where you can fill out your applications.

Keira: Or if you want to get one to send to a friend who's interested in training here, we can do that too

The tour group goes over to the front as Keira notices the group again, asking Roxi

Keira: Headcount again, please?

Roxi quickly counts.

Roxi: 10... hoodie is missing. One second.

Keira: Damn. Where did he go? Get Keri over here, quick!

Roxi: No, Keri, it's fine. Take any applications. We'll be right back.

Keira and Roxi quickly rush to find him. They go near the ring area as Keira looks around

Keira: Where is he!?

Roxi and Keira continue to search, until finding the guy inside the men's locker room.

Roxi: HEY! The tour is over, you are not allowed to leave the group. Let's go.

The man is startled, nodding and putting his hands up.

Man: Sorry! Sorry! I'm just a big fan! This place is amazing! I'm so happy for you two!

Roxi: That's fine, but it's time for you to leave.

The man hurriedly leaves, and Roxi and Keira follow him, making sure he leaves. He doesn't sign up or fill out the application, he just leaves.

Keira: Told you!

Keira looks back at the door as she shrugs

Keira: Total weirdo...

Roxi: Well, he's gone now. Keri, from now on, we'll need to ID people when they come in. If we need someone at the door here to do that, I'm sure Jenny can arrange it.
Keri: Sure, what happened?

Roxi: The guy in the hoodie was just lingering and tried to hide in the locker rooms.

Keri: Got it

Keira: We can try one of those IDs that after you sign up, pay, etc. They would have their own card made to just scan to see who came in

Roxi: Something so we don't have people like that guy coming in again, without being identified.

Keri nods as she goes to put that down for the front desk. Keira sighs

Keira: Is this what I signed up for?

Roxi: Call it an isolated incident.

Keira: I guess the gift shop is out of the question

Roxi: Maybe later.

Keira: Way later. I think we can go home now after this. I'm tired.

Roxi: Fine.

The two begin to turn and leave for the day as the scene fades

Before I begin. I want to apologize to everyone.

I apologize for vanishing like I did. I mean, I was around, but it was more to get Hero Academy ready. I've spent more time on that, I think I let time slip away from me. I'm sorry for that. Hell, I actually considered just stepping away for a good while just to focus on that. This school is very important to me, so I am taking it seriously. It’s something near and dear to my heart, as I know in my heart that I have a limited amount of time left to wrestle, because there’s a lot of things I want to do outside the ring, and really, very few I really, really want to do inside the ring.

But then I talked myself into doing Queen for a Day! Yea, why? Cause strangely enough. Despite wanting to just step away. Despite wanting to just focus on one thing. That thrill always calls me back. That thrill of the next big fight. That next challenge and now that I think about it more and more. It’s just something that I can never fully get rid of. The itch is always there to get some things accomplished inside the ring and cement my own legacy.

The one chance to finally get the one thing I wanted and complete a goal. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone or I guess in this case. More than two birds.

I mean, I face more than one person in this, of course. Two that I know too well. One I remember fighting, but it's been ages since I have. One I wanted in the ring for a very long time for a great match and one...

One I wanted to erase from SCW for a very, VERY long time. For almost two years I wanted one person gone and...

Sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself

But yea. Since I'm going for Queen for a Day. I have to try to make sure I make the most of it. It is slowly, but surely becoming the main drive I have. I may have talked myself into it, but damn, the more I thought about it, the more I absolutely wanted to be part of it, and I will do everything in my power to win it.

To become the Queen is a pretty powerful reward. To have the power over the whole roster for an episode of Climax Control. And I have been chosen to be part of the potential Queens. I am honored, and with a reward like that? There’s a lot I can do, and a lot of fun I can have.

So, let’s get down to business. Five opponents stand between me, and Queen for a Day.

Krystal, you are one of the people in this match I love and respect. Our last match was nothing more than spectacular. I won't sit here and lie, I got the better of you and your mind became more clear than before. But now it seems like you want to get back to the promised land. I don't blame you one bit. But you know since I'm now in it. Your chances are getting a little slimmer.

Krystal, you had a great run as Roulette champion, no one can deny that, and you came very close to becoming number one contender a couple of weeks ago, while I also came up short. So, both of us have something to prove. There is no question that you have all the talent and skill to get there, I’ve seen it first hand. We had wars, and I had to up my game to beat you. And to be honest, it took a lot out of me to beat you. You are a true warrior, but it is your lack of focus that has always been the reason you don’t get the job done. I can feel that, and I felt it when we wrestled. The first time, you got the better of me, and the reason you did, was because you wanted to retain the title, and you were enjoying yourself as champion. You were a lot more focused the first time.

The second time however? It was a different story.

You were looking at me, and thinking you did it once, and you loosened your grip on the Roulette championship. You weren’t entirely focused on me. In fact, you may have actually underestimated me when it came down to it. And boom, you lost to me, and I was the Roulette champion for a second time.

And the same issue has plagued you since you lost to me. You’ve been thrown into a couple of chances, but then you lost focus and came up short. You are now here trying to make up for the fact that you lost to me, and trying to get back that mojo you had as Roulette champion. Sadly for you, I plan on making your string of missed chances just a little longer. I know you can be great, Krystal, that’s what our matches were truly about. But while you seem to be stuck in this rut, I plan on pulling myself out of mine. When you think about it, you have much more time than pretty much anybody in this match to rise to the top and get better. I don’t have that luxury. I have to do what I have to do, and that includes beating you. Again.

I know I'm talking a lot of trash right now. But I can't help it. Like I said, I'm coming off of a little bit of a slump and this is what I need. Really, it’s what I have to have. If I have to go through you to get what I need, so be it. I will always look forward to wrestling you, no matter the time or place, but at Into the Void, I’m rising above you. Again.

Moving on to Samantha. Dear, sweet Samantha. This is finally our first meeting, isn't it? I've been WAITING for this moment, but it seems like the SCW Brass didn't give us a chance to go one on one. I so wanted that so bad! But maybe one day down the road. For now, I can take this as a warm up for us. Yes, this may not be a one on one match, but I will never underestimate a legend like you. Yes, I call you a legend, because that’s what you are. A lot of the people in SCW may not see it that way, but I sure as hell do. You have done it all, and you are capable of winning any match, at any time, and even if you don’t, your positive attitude has kept you going and I am glad to see that the feeling is pretty much mutual. Roxi talks a lot about you and how great you are, and how great you were. But I don’t see this as a past tense. It’s not like I’m facing some former legend who is past her prime, I see it as stepping into the ring with someone who is still at the top of their game. I will be studying you more and more as the time draws near, because I will have to in order to achieve the heights you have.

I know you want to win this as well, but in all honesty. You may have to wait for another day. Much like a singles match, it’s just not going to be Into the Void where all that happens. Maybe we’ll have a moment where we lock up, and I am thrilled to have that chance. 100% thrilled about it. You are one of the reasons I wanted to be in this match. To stand across from you in any capacity, is an honor. But, all the personal friendship stuff aside, there’s not much more for you to accomplish, and not much time left for me to do this. I just need you to understand that.

Samantha, I need this win. I know you want to be Queen, but it won't be this year. I need this more than you can dream of! And you will find out just how much I need this, if you stand between me, and being Queen.

Now, Bella. I think I have fought you before. But in all the years of facing off against many powerful wrestlers. To be honest, I may have forgotten. If I have. I do apologize for it. For you see, your a name that I wanted to fight as well. This might be the only chance I get to. Like I said, if I forgot you. Forgive me. Though, I really don’t think we have.

But that does not mean I’m taking you lightly. Of course I’m not. That would be foolish, because to me, you are one of the bigger threats, because you have the element of surprise on your side. The people who are the most dangerous in matches like this, are those with nothing to lose. You have been in situations like this before. You always seem to find yourself in the thick of things, and it’s because you don’t stop trying to get better, you always try your damndest to get yourself in the mix. I admire that about you. You are like a pit bull, you don’t care how big, or how small the opponent is, you don’t care about how many people are there. You still come straight forward and into the fight. If I didn’t know any better, you remind me of… well, me. I have never really cared about the size or quantity of opponents either. Just ring the bell, and we’ll see who walks away from it the winner at the end. Just give me the fight. I see that in you and it’s really cool to see it.

You earned your way here, and that’s awesome. And nobody should be able to tell you that you don’t belong here in a match like this. You deserve it. But there’s a major difference between deserving to be here, and actually coming through and winning it. That is where you and I differ a little bit.

We’ve had our ups and downs, maybe because we’re both hard-headed and stubborn. I know that I am, and I can see that you are. So, I look forward to seeing exactly what facing someone so similar to myself is like. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in my entire career, is looking back and seeing my own mistakes, and realizing there is nobody to blame, but me.

Like I have told Krystal, for you, this is about doing this now, before I don’t get a chance like this anymore. This is about making the most of an opportunity that may not come ever again. You, Bella, you will have those chances. You will, because of your will to succeed. Because you have kept your head down and you grind every single day. I admire that, and I would very much like to wrestle you one on one. But for now, it’s this Queen for a Day match, and Bella, I’m sorry to say, that it will not be your day. Because it HAS to be mine.

But, I have to say that I have been WAITING to get my hands on the last two people I have to talk about in this match.

Let me start with Alicia Lukas. Because I’ve listened to this bullshit for way too long about what I am, in her eyes, and she seems to want to make that clear.

If you didn’t know, Alicia Lukas doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me for many reasons. My wife, my last name, probably my hair,  the list goes on and one. Alicia, you list off any reason you want to explain why you hate me, but the truth of the matter is the simple fact that I beat you. I beat you, Alicia Lukas for the Bombshell’s championship, just when you were starting to feel good about yourself again. Just when you washed away that pain of losing the Bombshell’s championship to Roxi, and then BAM! I come along and I beat you. That’s what really put the sand in your vagina. You are still not over the fact that I beat you. And you have made it your mission to try and bring me down ever since.

Every little thing you can think of, that I’ve already heard 100 times before. I’m Roxi’s shadow, I’ll never be as good as her, I lost the championship on my second defense. I’ve ruined the Bombshell’s division! And even though it’s a bunch of bullshit, the truth is, it could all be 100% true, but it will never change the fact that I beat you.

I beat you, while you were at your best. I did that, and you can’t stand it. You told me then, that I was getting the BEST Alicia Lukas, and I beat her. So, in reality, I have nothing to prove to you. Who in the fuck made you the end all be all of the Bombshell’s division? You know, I held the Bombshell’s championship more recently than you did. Maybe I should start talking about who should be part of anything. You don’t have any authority. The more time that goes on, the more you look like a one year wonder.

Yes, you beat Candy. Yes, you beat Sam Marlowe. Impressive. I guess we should all just bow out of this match now, right? Just give Alicia the crown, so she can book herself another Bombshell’s championship match, and lose. Because we both know Alicia, if you faced off with Myra Rivers, she’d beat you, and I know first hand Roxi is DYING to have another match with you. I almost want to think about seeing what happens if you win and try and face her.

But, I think we can both just save everybody the trouble of yet another Alicia Lukas failure, and I’ll just make it easier for you to realize that the little run of dominance you had, it’s in the past. You can say whatever you want about me, but you know what that says to me?

I live in your head, rent free.

And I’ve been thinking it’s a little cramped in there, so I’ll add even MORE space, when I win Queen For A Day, and you have to live with the fact that you had the chance to stop me, and you failed.


Now, for one more. The one I have been waiting to fight, for a long, long time.

Amber. Fucking. Ryan.

I should take some solace in the fact that you are no longer Bombshell’s champion, and that Roxi is the one who beat you. But really, my enjoyment can only go so far, because the fact is you are still the person who did the most damage to me, without even touching me. I have waited to get one chance to fight you. I don’t care about wrestling you. I want to FIGHT you. I know that you and Roxi, you have this… thing. You both know how each other works. And as much as it pains me to say it, I understand it.

But that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE it.

In fact, I HATE IT.

Yea, like I really forgot what happened. Your sneak attack with Roxi. I don't know if you remember or not. But I do. I still see that in my nightmares. The woman who almost destroyed everything I loved. You threw fire in my wife’s face. How she ever got to the point of shaking your hand is something that I will never understand. You did all of these horrible things to my wife, and I had to grit my teeth, because she asked me to. She needed me to stand by, and I did. Because that’s our level of respect.

But you? That’s not a word I’d use with you.

You have caused me more pain than I ever thought possible.

By setting free the last sin that Sin needed!

You would think I would forget that!? Never. You nearly ruined everything I had in my life that was good. You caused all this and I have been patiently waiting for the day, to get my hands on you.

I know, I know. I know my mistake right here and now, I just said that I lived rent free in Alicia’s head, and Amber can say the same thing about her living in my head. But there’s a big difference between winning a match against somebody, and trying to ruin their life. I have to get this out of my system once and for all. This may be the only chance I get, and I’m going to make the most of it.

I told you that one day, somehow, someway. I would get my revenge against you, Amber. I thought I would be satisfied when you lost the World Bombshell Championship. No, I wasn't. I'm not going to be satisfied til you feel the pain that I have carried inside for the past two years. I want you to feel every last bit of the pain you caused me. Nothing that you have gone through in your life will feel worse than what I do to you. Because it’s what you truly deserve for all you have done to me. I will be pretty cut and dry with you Amber.

I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you very badly. Roxi may have that compassion for you, but I don’t. I really, really FUCKING DON’T. I’m going to use everything I can, to ensure you remember all the pain from this match, and I want you to wake up every morning for the rest of you life in pain, from this match, and from me. That is how much I have to give you. That’s how badly I want you beat you, hurt you, and leave you broken. I will make sure that you remember me.

You called me a sidekick before. You will learn that while I’m not the same kind of hero that Roxi plays, I can kick people’s asses just the same.

I'm going to enjoy delivering you the pain you gave me!

But enough talk for now. Soon, we’re going to fight in Athens. And all of you, better be ready to fight, because I’m coming to fight, and to become Queen.

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... The Fool For A Day ...
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“Mug your destiny in an alley and punch it until it gives you what you want”
― Catherynne M. Valente, Radiance

Undisclosed Construction Site
Atlantic City, NJ

There were certain life lessons that could only be learned in the deluge of rain.

For Amber, among the sickening stench of hydraulic oils and wet metal- a cocktail borne upon the smog of traffic fumes- she wasn’t quite sure what that was yet. Perhaps it had something to do with the way her throat tightened and nose ached with every breath, the weight in her pocket infinitely out of proportion to the fragile necklace laced around her knuckles.
Miserable night. Miserable city.

Miserable redhead.

Ahead in the rain slicked gloom, Amber could make out a male figure slipping through the chain links into one of the many Parkwood Construction Ltd sites dotted across the cityscape- perhaps it would have been far easier to simply ignore such happenings. A regularity in a place that bred desperation as easily as it did vice. However with fedora tipped low and shoe leather sinking deeper into the mud- Amber found herself intrigued as he circled the virulently yellow excavator parked mere feet beyond the threshold.
Valuable? Probably. Subtle? Hardly. A bit too cumbersome for her stickier fingered tastes.

“If you don’t mind me saying… Might be aiming a little high. Can’t say theres a huge market for bright yellow excavators out this way.”

A token effort was made to conceal a cardboard tube, Amber dismissed it idly. Something about the mans demeanor had her far more invested than what banal secrets were here to hold.

“Was never much for speculating,”

Glancing back towards Amber, he began with a thoughtful nod.

“ …Seems to me that something so powerful must be worth a little to someone, even if it’s seen a touch of action. Heavily involved in aftersales for industrial machinery? Or is it more of a passing interest? Could sure use your advice either way …”

Amber sucked down a caustic breath.

“Colour me more curious of a man seeking solace in the cold embrace of industry. If you’re looking for advice I’d have suggested an umbrella, but we both seem a little beyond that point.”

Smiling, he slipped the sodden fedora free from slicked back hair to match before turning it upside down to sag in the rain. Pushing his cheek out, he blinked away some of the rain that trickled across his features.

“Real sucker for a hard-luck story. Knew a guy who once said nothing easy was ever worth having; and nothing in this miserable city ever came easy unless it arrived at the point of a gun or the tip of a needle.”

Amber scoffed quietly.

“Was that too dark?”

He mused, as Amber weighed it up until that same stink of oil, churned mud, rusted metal and nitrogen dioxide settled in an all-too-familiar craw nestled right in the back of her throat.

“A little. Only considering I’m out of hard luck stories as well. Perhaps you’d settle for meaningful conversation- cause I’ll admit I’ve never taken on a canary quite so ‘imposing’.”

As he ground his toe cap further into the mud, splashing a little water made iridescent by the streak of hydrocarbons, the realization washed over that Amber wasn’t simply going to let this go. Relentless, determinedly curious- somehow these things always seemed to end with a very long walk off a very miserable-looking pier.

“Never been a fan of places underneath where I plant my feet. Mines, oceans … Not a huge fan of those big tops circuses bring to town either.”

Wringing out the fedora, the grimace crossed as it squelched between clasped fingers.

“Conversation? I’ve been known to dabble. Name’s Terryl.”

Reaching out with a straight palm, the gesture was short lived as fingers curled away instinctively.

“Don’t even know why I made that gesture.”

Amber couldn't restrain the smirk of her own, worn like plate armor on an apathetic facade.

“For a man who has a depreciation for oceans of clowns, you certainly picked a curious place to plant your feet.”

A further biting stab in the dark, as Amber's narrowed gaze drifted towards where a handshake might have taken place.

“Congratulations though, that might have been the first sensible thing you’ve done in the last… ever since this conversation started.”

“Stick around. Conversation’s not over just yet … Not unless you’ve got someplace better to be?”

Amber made no effort to move as Terryl’s smirk mirrored her own.

“Guess not.”

Both of them looked out over the silver-steel skeleton of the high-rise taking shape nearby, bathed in painful-white spotlights,  scored with orange corrosion as the city’s financial slowdown accelerated the rot it usually kept at bay.

“What’re they building here anyway?  … Interested from an investor perspective, of course,”

God loves a tryer, indeed. Amber chuckled internally while allowing the hasty comment to slide by for it's sheer audacity.

“Take a guess. Exactly the same as everything else- originality died a long and painful death before it ever got here.”

Amber’s expression softened reflexively as her stance shifted into something more neutral.

“Investment wise- pretty sure I saw an old apartment building on my way looking for some love, a not-brothel looking for ‘financial support’ and about 15 high rises to be completed 4 years ago.
One might argue that you’re spoiled for choice, Terryl. Me personally though, I’d like to see them razed to the fucking ground.”

“Was hoping you might know more about the proprietor, actually … I guess I could investigate, analyse, evaluate, do some good old-fashioned soft-stepping, see what the streets are saying behind well-to-do backs, but it’d probably save a whole bunch of time if you had some major scoop that saved me a few hours. Then I could get back to all the messages Madeline hasn’t bothered taking on my behalf.
Don’t know why I keep her around,”

He sighed, then chuckled.

“Can’t lie straight. I absolutely do.”

“Could do alot of things. Most of those would see you at the end of someone else's tether if you played your cards right… or wrong… doesn't make much difference with those types.
Another heir with too much money, not nearly enough sense and an inflated sense of self-worth that would make God himself blush- seems almost criminal that the Parkwood name has escaped your grasp for so long. Might wanna get your ears checked in that case, otherwise the streets aren’t nearly as talkative as you thought.”

Only now the smile dissipated from Terryl’s face. Glancing up at the floodlights illuminating a sickly-overcast inky sky.

“Know exactly who Parkwood is. Just didn’t know where to necessarily find his interests …” 

Another knowing look back at the redhead landed flush.

“ … Until now.”

Amber opened her mouth to respond but found her words choked by the thick smog swallowing them whole. Defensively, her fingers curled into a clench and jaw set a little tighter.

“Seems like such a struggle for such a simple request. If you told me you were planning on taking him out at the knees, I might have drawn you a map.”

Terryl mused quietly as Amber tried to fore her instincts out of the unmistakable tension they had taken on.

“Not so much looking for the man, but someone close to him. Or someone he’d prefer close to him perpendicular and six feet down. Don’t suppose you know any flower girls named after stars?”

A shrug, A vague rhetoric set out into the universe- one that landed with a little more precision than Amber felt comfortable expressing immediately.

“Cassiopeia is quite the curious constellation choice. A little esoteric for my tastes…”

“Can’t do much stargazing on a night like this, but I’m in the neighborhood for a cartographer. Over on Apollo Square. Third floor, Point Prometheus Building. It might take a while to answer because Madeline never does her job. Would be something special if you decided to swing by …”

Terryl, without missing a beat, eyed Amber as though she herself were perhaps made of stars.

“ … Unless I’m aiming too high.”

“Turned out fine for Icarus. Besides, I’ve found looking up too much is an easy way to get put down. Drawing skills aren’t much, but I like to think I get around compass points well enough. I find myself far better equipped around a lock than a pen on most days. Besides,  the most interesting things happen in doorways after all.”

A nod, as he chewed on his lip perhaps giving further food to his thoughts.

“Make yourself at home – except the desk. And the chair. Those belong to the proprietor of Fexxfield Investigations, Incorporated.”

Flickers of amusement danced across Amber’s features as she took a look into the vicinity of lights.

“I’ll have to remember that when I finally make his acquaintance.”

Overwhelming sarcasm landed heavily between them with a wet thud before she continued.

“Might have to leave a word of advice about heavy machinery and concrete gardens, while I’m there.”

“Well, while you’re there dispensing that sage council …”

He ventured, examining a noticeable paint chip on the brilliantly yellow mudded surface.

“Know anything about ceiling fans?”

“Can’t say I’ve had the time to watch them thoroughly enough to form an opinion.”

Something contemplative washed over Terryl's face, chasing alongside the rain tracing across his brow.

“Shame. You’d be surprised what you think about when you let the mind wander for a spell …”

Amber shrugged thoughtfully, interest dissipating as the mud on her sneakers seemed to cake and crack at the edges in spite of the rain. Stepping back, Amber allowed herself three deep breaths before turning her back on the sodden Fexxfield.

“Good night Terryl. Try not to get caught up in too many hard luck tales…”

“Real curious to know your name …”

He began, before shaking his head knowingly.

“Get the feeling you probably wouldn’t give it to me straight anyway. As for hard luck tales, always been a sucker for happy endings. Think if I keep stumbling through the bad ones, bound to find the one that ends in a yellow-brick road.”

“Most people know me as ‘Red’...”

“Never thought I’d wind up meeting a Red Lady on some stormy night. Funny how things work out.”

Looking back over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow, Amber contemplated briefly. Venom and virulence soaked through the tip of her tongue- however she swallowed and allowed the bile to settle back before responding in an equally vague tone.

“... but you, well, you can call me Amber.”

As her footsteps padded wetly back through the mud, meeting pavement with a scrape and leaving the remnants like a poorly concealed breadcrumb trail to nowhere pleasant- Terryl Fexxfield lowered the fedora back onto his head with a cool smirk, tugging the brim down against the advances of the wind.

“That’s one beautiful name. Real shame about the weather …”


“You know, I used to be fascinated by people who played chess when I was younger.

I don’t mean everyone who owned a novelty set and immediately crowned themselves grandmaster cause they cheated against their 10 year old sibling, created house rules for their friends and absolutely cracked it when they lost to someone who could *actually* play.
No- I’m referring to those who savor every moment of the tactical war crimes they are committing, those who’s carefully thought out  maneuvers cut through unguarded defenses like surgical strikes against a stagnant enemy.

I like to think there's a certain level of mental trickery that comes from a game with absolutely no hidden information. No subterfuge beyond what you allow your opponent to believe and the implied slights that might come with assumptions made recklessly.
It's astounding that wrestling has any real tangible connection- and yet it seems delirium induced by everything being laid out plain as day holds a firm grasp around the throat of what we do.

That is how you end up with six women walking into a match thinking that they are all somehow entitled to royal status, beginning of a worse joke when you realize the outcome is entirely inevitable before a pawn has even moved.
Hell, the awful reality of the situation here is that half of the women in this match have already booked themselves into a World Bombshells title match before they’ve spoken a sideways word. Bell hasn’t even rung and they’ve coronated themselves emotionally.
Meanwhile the other half of the equation are trying to prove that their name isn’t a typo by loudly proclaiming that they ‘deserve’ to be here. If you think this refers to you, then it probably does and the truth is you are actually only deserve to be here cause you managed to barely convince the powers that be that you suck just a little less than the absolute nobody standing next to you.

Not that it's ever stopped anyone believing with such fearsome whole-heartedness that they belong.

Krystal Wolfe, prime fucking example… A woman with a mouth too big for her brain and her talent level. Overdue for a fucking reality check that doesn’t simply involve someone being remotely better- I mean honestly, it must be really nice to have something to say all the time- even if a majority is garbled bullshit that deserves a mute button planted squarely between your eyes.
Wild challenges thrown out cause you wanna be better… You wanna prove yourself… Face better opponents and lose

Honey, you had your chance to prove yourself plenty. You held that Roulette title and flaunted that trinket like it was worth half of what you claimed, you went and told everyone that if they wanted a piece they could stop on by- determined that you were on a level that you weren’t even scraping on your best day.

You spent a lot of time comparing yourself to me and I get it, you were a proud champion. So was I… but you continually put yourself on a pedestal you hadn’t earned. You needed that title to make you important and the moment you lost it- you may as well have shuffled off this mortal coil and no one would have even noticed. I was someone before I was champion, and I still am now.
Now you're telling us that you’ve got something left to prove- yet instead of doing anything about it, you’ve skulked and scrapped waiting for someone to remember that you might deserve a second look.

You’re tenacious and hungry Krystal?

Well, I suppose this should be common knowledge to you already but catering is over yonder, and perhaps you really should start getting used to seat warming instead of shit talking cause you’ll no doubt be spending more time doing it after I’m done with this match.

Hell, talking about cluttering up catering…

Sam Marlowe… welcome back.

Said basically no one. Another underwhelming legend of the division still trying to remind everyone that she was good at some point- can’t remember when that was really, but it happened, right?
Seriously though, I should put a little more respect on your name- considering what you’ve done. Former champion, SCW Hall Of Famer looking to revitalize her career cause that sickly sweet southern belle former star thing only has so many legs.

I mean, you must be a little out of touch- right?

You claimed Alicia Lukas was the ‘centre of the bombshells division’, if I recall correctly. No offense to a woman after my own heart, of course, but Alicia Lukas hasn’t been a threat since the last time she claimed to give a fuck. You know, right before her crippling choke artist compulsion drove the World Bombshells title into the arms of a woman that no one thought should have even got that match.
Maybe at one point she was Sam, maybe when you were still kicking it towards the top of the marquee Alicia Lukas still cared about being the best, that Evie Jordan was setting the bar and Mikah didn’t have an obsessive failure avoidance disorder.

Maybe you need a little refresher. Reintroduction to Bombshells division 101.
I’ll be your guide through the utter fucking shambles- on your left you’ll see the washed up and the wannabes scrapping it out for matches against opponents who can throw a decent punch On your right, the delusionals… We ignore them where possible cause it's not yet proven whether it's contagious or not. Ahead, a level that you are predestined to never achieve cause the bar has been so decisively raised that trying to compare the current crop to the foundationals is like comparing apples to, well… trash.

Guess it's time for Miss Marlowe to resume her career whack-a-mole and finally pull her head out of the sand, so I can claim hers to mount on my fucking wall as well…

… and that brings me to you, Bella.

A former challenger full of bright sparks and brilliant potential- you were one of the few that I truly believed might have been competition back in December.
Not because you were *better* but because you actually wanted it… you wanted to be there, you wanted to be champion and you know what- I fucking belieevd it.
Shame on me, I suppose.
You fought hard and honour- you still get your kudos for that. However… everything since?

You took that loss and you used it to self sabotage every opportunity since. You went against the best and lost Bella, now you’re content slumming it with the curtain jerkers cause you didn’t live up to ‘expectations’?
What fucking expectations do you think there were outside of maybe surviving… It's not to say you can’t beat me- which you can’t - but you fought the best at their best. Now it's all excuses, it's bratty attitudes and self-serving self-loathing to a degree that would make any therapists wallet blush.
Everything you worked for, you threw in the bin cause you went out and did what everyone thought you would…

Hell, I’m more disappointed now in your lack of concentration and ability to pull your fucking shit together for two seconds than finding out Satan wears My Little Pony pyjamas. You have been there, you were there and you earned your way there- now you’re scrapping with fucking Candy of all people for the ‘right’ to be in this match.
5 months since you challenged for the World Title Bella, and now you’re clawing for relevance against someone who can’t decide if they actually wanna compete or if they wanna commit animal abuse by giving their puppy a pink glitter mani-pedi. Honestly- the fact that you have fallen to that level of consideration, against an opponent literally distracted by their own reflection, should be lighting an inferno under your ass.

Instead, it's woe is me. It's ‘I can’t do anything right’..

Wanna know why- cause you aren’t fucking doing anything at all. You went from surprise contender to literal afterthought in a multi-man clusterfuck.
Wake the fuck up Bella- you aren’t nearly as entitled as you’re making out to be, as cowardly and meek as you claim. This is Queen for a day and you’re an excess pawn complaining you nearly didn’t make the board.

Reach out, take this match by the throat and prove you wanna be here- cause otherwise I’ll go out there and I’ll show you what it truly means to be able to do absolutely nothing.

See, the truth is… I don’t need to win this match as badly as the rest of you. I don’t need a crown and cape to prove that I’m still the Queenpin ripping throats out for every sideways glance. I don’t need to be told I’m special and put up on a pedestal while I book a card, I don’t need to give myself every advantage possible to skewer my own title intentions with claims of rolling crooked dice.

I don’t need it like the rest of you- but know this…

I said it while I was champion, I’ll say it until I have no breath left to speak with.

I will ALWAYS want this more than any of you.”


Bane Household
Las Vegas, ND

“Hold up. Let's just rewind a second.”

Through narrowed eyes, Amber casted a serious gaze over the young blonde seated across the breakfast bar from her, with hand still firmly planted on a mug of coffee that gently steamed between them. Perhaps it was the mixed signals and misgiving in the redheads tone that sent a small chill through Cassiopeia Mearns spine, although she tried to pass it off as simply readjusting the gathered sleeve that cuffed delicately at her wrist.

“What do you mean ‘asking questions’?”

Almost squinting now, Amber leaned forward scrutinizingly as though searching for anything in Cassie’s demeanor that might ease her quick firing nerves. Paranoia crept up quickly, as though it never left- and hell, maybe it didn’t- crawling through every raw nerve that Amber had worked hard to bury beneath a layer of emotional concrete.
She wasn’t supposed to get rattled this easily, and yet her knuckles were turning a brighter shade of white with every passing second. Cassie straightened up properly, taking on further posture as though she ever really slouched.

“Just as I said. He said he was just enquiring about whether there was anything that might be of interest to, how did he phrase it? ‘The greater informational wrestling community at large’.”

“So, dirt sheets.”

Amber replied bluntly, taking a sledgehammer to the notion of subtlety and professionalism. Fidgeting, the proverbial hackles were raising down her spine at the thought of yet another parasite trying to profit off of the drama and misery that seemed so prevalent in their industry. Another nameless face on the interwebs determined to make his mark at the detriment of someone who had worked hard enough for long enough to create scandal.

For Amber, this bit particularly deep. It wasn’t as though she were any stranger to disaster or drama- there were enough skeletons rattling around in her closest to populate a cemetery comfortably, however that didn’t mean she wanted said bones to be paraded on a public forum for critique of how to be a slightly less shitty person.
Between her past misdealings with people who knew better, her own continued self-sabotages, deals made with the devil in all faces and forms and the consequences of irrational decision making… Hell, the tumultuous states of her romantic life alone would have sent the sheets into a frenzy. Between her intensely private relationship and subsequent marriage to Mac and their recent… issues.

With a brief shake of her head, trying to refocus, Amber silently mused that there were innumerable sources for the dirt sheets to dig and comfortably bury themselves amongst the skeletons she held too tightly on.

“How did he get onto you then?”

Amber started, quietly knowing the answer but forced a sip of coffee past her lips in hopes of hiding the very visible twitch flicking beneath her left eye.

“Well, I’d like to think my work speaks for itself, so it must be a relatively well-known fact that I’m in Talent Relations---”

“--- and that you have strong affiliations with me specifically.”

Amber cut in matter-of-factly, perhaps briefly causing Cassie to flinch noticeably.

“Seems reasonable, however …”

Amber didn’t hear the rest of the sentence as the blood rushed up into her ears, the deafening pounding of her pulse overwhelming as a flush rose into her cheeks. Even coffee couldn’t disguise the physical change as her jaw clenched tighter. Bone on bone to the point they might crumble to dust without intervention.
Did she bite her tongue, was that why everything tasted fiercely metallic?

Maybe that wasn’t important.

“I do have to ask, if only for professionalism's sake, Miss Ryan. What has you so concerned, so worried?
I’d hoped by this stage I’ve demonstrated  enough … Experience … with your background and having spent significant time in your company to understand that you have a certain,”

Cassie paused, searching for the word.

Legitimacy… that you’d perhaps prefer not to be prodded, but I have to presume that---”

The smirk at the edge of Amber’s lips had become almost as disingenuous as the venom that dripped from the syllables that followed.

“Cassie, sweetheart. Let me ask you this… How many peoples back do you think you’ve had to stand on to get where you are? How many people hold a grudge against you for your successes cause you managed something they didn’t?
Unsolicited calls from private numbers asking for distinct details about your personal life to try and fuel the rumor mill another day or random journalists lingering by your car waiting to ask you about how many days late you might be for your fucking period.”

Bluntly, Amber placed the mug back on the benchtop with an audible clink.

“I didn’t get where I am being a good person Cassie. We aren’t here cause I’m a fucking upstanding citizen- as much as you might try to see the ‘good’ in me, no one finds true success in this industry without hurting people along the way.
Into The Void is legitimately just around the corner and I’m not in the world title match- that alone is enough to send the rumor mill into overdrive.”

Still clenching the handle, Amber’s jaw shifted as she tried to pick through the quagmire of words building at the back of her throat.

“I’ve made enough fucking sacrificies in my career to believe that I’m afforded a certain level of respect. Yet none of those dirt sheets really care about who we are or what we can do- just in the same way that no one in the Queen For The Day match gives a damn about what some nobody wants to dredge from my personal life.
I care though Cassie… I care cause I made my name as a professional. I continually put my body on the line as a professional and for my efforts- I get absolute nobodies trying to trounce my name through the mud for their own gains and fallen stars trying to use my back to springboard them back to a level that they aren’t capable of maintaining anymore.”

Planting her free hand on the cool benchtop, Amber leaned in with a sincere look. Something behind the inferno almost pleading for understanding, the girl behind the curtain of fire trying to relate to what lay beyond ash and cinder.

“In the end, WE have worked too fucking hard to get where we are and stay there. I refuse to have MY opportunity to pull on everyone's strings and upset the status quo, be demoralized and degraded by someone elses break.
I’m not interesting to any of those parasites- in and out of the ring beyond becoming a martyr for the successes and a target for their frustrations. Whether we like it or not- you and I both know that WE need this match to go off without a hitch. WE need where this takes us next.”

Clearing her throat, Amber pauses with a furrowed brow and faint flare of the nostrils.

“What WE don’t need is someone tugging at threads better off left to fray. Frankly- if this situation goes ass up what do you think happens to you… let alone what it means for me in this goddamn nightmare clusterfuck.
Frankly, WE need for the world title to return home, otherwise I feel as though your place in this whole charade becomes a whole lot less secure.”

Silently Cassie’s fingers curled beneath the hem of her summer dress, playing with discrete ribbons of scar running up and out of sight.

“I think you’ve forgotten what it’s like out here in the regular world with normal people like me, Miss Ryan. We don’t come and go like you do …We don’t burn brightly then flare out.”

A small shrug and pursed lips from the blonde echoed loudly.

“Just sort of pulse for a long time. Glimmer, really. Consistency is the name of the game. I’ve got longevity, security – assuredness. Probably more so than any of our talents. Yourself included, to be honest. I don’t stand to lose if you choose to make this something … But I think you might.”

An expectant glance was met by apathy and silence before she continued.

“I think the best thing to do would be just letting this whole thing lie. He isn’t the first reporter looking for nothing to turn into something, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. I’ll do my job, and you can focus on doing… Whatever your job is now”

Amber felt as though she moved in slow motion as her hand gently wrapped around the rounded edge, a rippling wave of calm radiating off her as she stared down into the swirling void. With little indication and less notice, the mug found itself violently flung across the room- shattering it and splattering it's contents explosively in a brief rain of caffeine and ceramic.
Immediately the redhead flushed with regret and, to a lesser degree, confusion. Momentarily startled by her own outburst.

Whatever my job is… Sounds as though you’re clearly more invested in the state of your own skin rather than what earned you the right to speak so candidly.
Personally I like to think that my position isn’t as fucking disposable as you make out, that everything I’ve done to elevate this place doesn’t purely come down to the fickle whims of paper pushers. Cassie, maybe you forget this sometimes- but it's my bones that break out there, it's my skin getting bruised and torn. My sacrifices are what add zeros to your cozy little paycheck.”

Sucking down the deepest breath she could manage, Amber shifted her grip to the edge of the counter in hopes Cassie couldn't see the way the blood seemed to drain further from her knuckles.

“I might be the one out there killing myself- but this is supposed to be a partnership. An understanding. Maybe I’m a little on the edgy side- but can you blame me… Fate and fortune is sitting 15 feet off the ground and standing on my tiptoes isn’t fucking helping anymore.
I need my World title back Cassie, more than you know, and I need you to help me get there… but I can’t fucking do that if theres some jumped up asshole trying to pull at Supermans proverbial cape.
Hell, maybe I’m wrong…”

Amber locked her blue-green stare onto Cassie’s softer gaze. Desperation like that of a wounded animal caught in a vicious whirlwind of it's own design.

“... but what if I’m right. Everything WE have built. Worked for. Sacrificed for. I can’t just let this be like more sand through broken fingers. Another chance going begging for nothing more than a gut feeling.
In the beginning, it was you reaching out to me. You wanted an understanding…”

Throwing her hands up as though in mock surrender. An effort to dissipate the heaviness lingering between them as Cassie looked on with a nervous resignation.

“Well, here it is… Maybe I am disposable, a dime store angel of death seeking penance and retribution for acts against the righteous- but perhaps you can at least allow me the honor of finding out.”

Swallowing hard, Amber made little effort to recover the shards as they scattered limply across the wooden floor. Dark stains reminiscent of something more visceral spreading in the absence of containment- Cassie meanwhile, having been verbally turned her inside out tried to speak, but there was no way to leverage a silence wide enough to insert her piece.
Hands wrung together similarly to how every synapse had been left desiccated in Amber's destructive wake, only passive acceptance remained.

“ … Miss Ryan, how are you going to make this go away, exactly?"

As the serenity of calm uneasy calm washed back over between them, Amber’s hardened smirk faded into something resembling a genuine smile saturated with malice.

“I’m sure I’ll figure out something.”


Have you ever considered the difference between truth and fiction?

Many would have far more complex associations and analogies dissecting both concepts down to their core elements, picking them apart at the seams. There's a certain poetry to it, a mythos surrounding the mythical barrier that purposely lies in between, a beauty in the negative spaces between fantasy and cold hard canon. Some romanticize it, honor it with dedication and loyalty while others scoff that the divide isn’t so great to be crossed by mortal hearts.

No, fiction has to make sense.

Fiction requires a logical progression otherwise the mind will devastatingly eat itself in search of the line from A to B, it requires a suspension of disbelief and a willingness to accept that fairytales exist beyond the realm of the everyday for a very fucking good reason.

Truth though, truth is a far more cruel mistress. She’ll gladly take you by the hand and lead you down the garden path, whispering affirmations of sweet nothings before walking you straight into the loving arms of a slaughterhouse cause you had the fucking audacity to believe them.

Somehow the truth is supposed to set you free though… That's how it goes, you speak honestly and are granted all of the rewards that come with it. No one ever speaks about the fact that the truth is ugly and takes its pound of flesh while it's still attached to your skeleton. No one likes to admit that the truth is that black sheep family member that everyone claims they didn’t invite to the family reunion, but shows up for the sake of starting a riot.

Truth is glorified and reality is treated as though a preferable state of living. Promising you everything you ever wanted, while managing to take everything you care about- as though the sacrifice is somehow worthwhile in the end. Truth feeds the delusions of competency with a silver spoon, those self-aggrandizing minimal successes blown out of proportion and supplemented by the occasional affirmation that someone, somewhere is still just a little worse than you.

I mean, that's the entirety of your career summarily nut-shelled really, right Keira?

Let's be blunt shall we, cause if I’m honest I legitimately don’t have the time nor number of breaths left to try and quantify the level to which your parasitic career has been a mish-mash of lucky breaks nd unfortunate circumstances leading to ill-gotten gains never intended to be yours.
That's the thing though, isn’t it?
You don’t even have your own definitive identity- you’re Roxi’s wife. You’re the malevolent sex pest of the Bombshells division swooning after any woman that dares flutter their eyelashes in your wifes general direction, or willing to enable your garish flirting techniques. Everything you’ve achieved, everything of worth that you’ve ever been known for- is off someone else's back.

It's not just Roxi though, it's every poor and morally bankrupt soul that has had the utter misfortune of having to co-exist with you and your brand of utter fucking bullshit that you try to pass off as a mediocre career. It’s every single person that has had to sacrifice their morality to not just deck you on the spot- friend and foe alike.
Imagine, the sum total of your whole career being based on someone else's limelight spilling over the edge of your toes and then having the sheer nerve to claim it as your own.
Honestly, it's on the same level as Christina Rose's obsession with being amidst everyone else's 15 minutes- minus the rainbow of personalities that just poorly parody legitimate mental illnesses, but in screaming nightmarish technicolor.

It makes it all the more astonishing that you’re so intensely opinionated for someone who chokes so easily when presented with a legitimate challenge- by all means though, you keep practicing those justifications in the mirror and hope no one remembers that you’ve recycled them before.

Keira, you legitimately intimidate me less than a poorly baked banana bread. I have more doubts in my abilities when I’m comparing Jessie Salco to the equivalent of vanilla ice-cream than I do in any given match against you.
Not because you aren’t ‘good’. Everyone in SCW is ‘good’, but you’ve gone and taken that distinction and used it to replace any semblance of personality you might have once had. Taken the idea and substituted it into the void where your talent is supposed to reside- I mean to call your title reigns embarrassing is a further insult to those who you ‘beat’ for them.
Hell, h about we consider this your yearly foray into the big time- and allow me to be the one to plant my boot between your shoulder blades and kick you straight back down the fucking mountain where you belong.

Perhaps then you’ll do us all a favor and wash your mouth out with buckshot before I’m forced to do it manually.

Speaking of modifying someones smile- welcome back Alicia Lukas, nice to see you have stopped giving a fuck again… Shall we mark that on the tally or are we waiting to see how long you last before the smile falls off your face again?

You’ve always meant to be the one though- the fabled Alicia Lukas, legend of the industry. A pioneer on her best days, and a startlingly frequent choke artist on your worst- how is it that you manage to so effectively disappoint everyone the moment that you get them to believe you’ve really changed this time is beyond me.
Watch out though cause the big bad Alicia Lukas has found her mean streak again, she remembers who the fuck she was and is gonna… do absolutely nothing with it. Honestly I’d take a threat from fucking Candy more seriously than anything coming out of your face right now- cause at least she’s not repeating herself like a child scared that their fart joke will be forgotten.

You’re walking into this with your head held high like your name means half of what it used to- reputation can only carry you so far before the memories of former failings seep through the poorly repaired cracks in your ‘dominant’ facade.
Lets be real here, the moment things aren’t going well, you will legitimately fall to pieces. Crumbling under the weight of self-imposed expectations. You chose to build your legacy out of sand Alicia, and now you’re wondering why you can’t get rid of it from your shoes.

Good for you though, cause while everyone stopped giving a fuck about you a long while back- you’re still flying that ‘dominant bitch’ flag like it's still yours to wave. See, while you were off ‘soul searching’, I stayed on top sending every challenger down the River Styx for their impudence and audacity to square up.
Hell, you were one of them after winning this exact same match last year…

Yeah, look how that turned out for you.

Queen For The Day and you squandered it, Wolfslair takeover? Good fucking luck, I’ve seen mewling sheep with a more intimidating presence than whatwalked through the curtain that night.
By all means though, you milk that achievement for whatever it's worth to you- cause it was the last one you actually had…
Seriously though, in the time it took for you to lose and regain your identity- I took your records, I rebuilt your division and I beat you when you had nothing left to lose.
If I’m honest- I’m still waiting for the Alicia Lukas that I’ve heard so much about before to show up and give me the match we always wanted. You know, the one we deserved instead of the husk of a defeated woman who showed up hopped up on Ritalin and three hours of sleep.

Maybe that's now. Maybe it's never.

Maybe you have your confidence back, the smile of a woman who hasn’t lost before she entered the ring- and that would be great if I thought you had the slightest chance of backing it up. By now, you’re little more than a proven shadow puppet, a peep show without substance, a talking head without a decent punch left to throw, smoke without a flame and a pride junkie with no good vein left to tap.

When it comes down to it- at Into the Void, you best believe that I’m back on my bullshit kiddies. I’m still the one to beat, that hasn’t changed nor will the addition of hardware happen to change that. I’m still the motherfucking Queenpin of this division and I sure as fuck don’t need a crown and robe to tell everyone precisely the number of routes to hell they can take.

Whether you like it or not, this is my match to lose… My World title to regain.

Unlike chess though, strategy has no place left here, there's no hidden agenda or secrets left on the board to find. Everything you ever needed to know is painstakingly laid out in front of you- I’ve given you all the opportunity to do your worst, and instead you chose to stay your hands. Chances and tools to stop me in my tracks… still nothing.
War isn’t for the passive, chess isn’t for the fools. Stupid games win stupid prizes, but we’re all out of participation trophies this time. Planning ahead only means something when your first move isn’t guaranteed to inevitably fucking suck.

In the end, you won’t need to bow down. I won’t ask you to prostrate for my ego. I’m a benevolent sort of Queenpin, righteous and true.
When it really comes down to it though- I’m here to earn my fucking World Title back…

… and for it, I’ll gladly send all of you Into The Void.”


SCW: 15 - 4 - 1
Uprising: 8 - 2 - 0
Life: 0 - 1 - 0</span>

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Sunday May 1st, 2022

She felt so beyond determined to make it a point to show that the little girl had indeed grown up and what better way to do that than against Candy. It took everything she had, turning herself into a practical anaconda and squeezing herself to get Candy to tap out in the Bella Notte.

What a way to end her 23rd year on the planet! A win over Candy, who she had struggled with in the past, was exactly what she needed to get herself into the Queen of the Day match.

It was the hyper-fixation of getting through the match and beating Candy, that despite the fact she heard her name spoken by Kystal Wolfe before her match didn’t really register.

When she got to the back, she was greeted by Candy who had made it back before she did. It was always their thing to make sure the other was ok following the match. She didn’t realize it at the time but Bella had gotten caught solid with something during the match. It was all a blur to her and honestly it was probably a good thing that it took her as long as it did to realize that it had happened. She was so high strung at that point she wasn’t sure what her reaction would have been. Either way, Candy congratulated her, wished her luck and went about the rest of the night.

She really was too sweet for her own good sometimes.

Next, came Malachi to greet her with his usual praise along with that hug she always needed. He was the one that pointed out that the side of her left eye looked a little red.

She catch ya?” he asked with a little concern in his voice, moving her hair away from it, trying to get a better look in a hallway that wasn’t exactly well lit.

Did she?” Bella couldn’t help but reach up and touch it and winced the moment she touched it, “Huh, she must have.

He rolled his blue eyes at her. Of course she had to confirm and poke at it like a child. He had to keep her from making it worse and pulled her hand away from her own face, “Did she at least apologize?

Considering that I didn’t even know about it til right now? No.” Mal goes to say something snarky, and Bella just covers his mouth with her hand, “Don’t worry, I know damn well if she knew or saw it, she would have apologized over and over, in a heartbeat. If it bruises up, I’ll take a picture, post it on Twitter....

Not gonna be all that photogenic for your birthday.

Like I really care, hun.” Bella just shrugs as she grabs a bottle of water from one of the backstage coolers, “If anything, it gives me a little class. Proof positive that I’m willing to do whatever the hell it takes to prove that I fucking belong.

Bella finishes that statement with a grin, cracking the bottle and flick spinning the cap off, sending it off like she’s completely frustrated with the fact that she’s in a spot where she knows people are talking like she’s not living up to her potential. Mal knows she’s trying like hell to not go off on him, so he just nods and sighs, “Well if anyone can say anything about you, you’re committed to making a big point.

Like I have a choice.” she grumbles. “I’m trying like hell to not listen to a lot of the naysayers. Krystal was already starting with the whole ‘Well I’ve already beaten her’, and if ANYTHING I just proved tonight that against a woman that I have had a hell of a time against in that ring, can be beaten. I’m just over people acting like my past is this big damn indicator as to how things are just going to pan out for them. I don’t give a flying rat's ass if they have beaten me in the past. I’m going to come out fucking swinging in that Queen for a Day match and if I gotta take a few out with me in the process.

Mal steps back and looks at her for a moment.

What?” she asks with a smirk.

He shakes his head, “You are still wound up after that match....I haven’t seen you like this since your New York match.

Oh this is something different. Back when I fell short of that title shot, I felt so God damn lost. I had no idea what would possibly be next for me and now...the potential exists for me to make lives a whole lot more interesting.

Well before we get there we have some celebrating to do.

OH YEAH! Your big birthday surprise for me! You mean to tell me you’re not actually waiting for a whole 4 days?? because there is no point going allllll the way home just to turn around and go alllllllll the way back.

What are you up to?” Bella said, squinting her eyes at her mischievous looking husband, “You’re looking like how I felt trying to keep that Roadster a secret.

He points at her, giving her that all knowing ‘Nice try’ look, “Which, you snuck a whole car from Ireland to the states for almost a whole ass you’re going to let me have this moment.

Bella smiles and tries the big eyes sweet look that occasionally lets her get away with murder, “Are you going to at least tell me?

Let’s just say the fates smiled down on me for this one.” Bella puts her hands on her hips waiting for him to stop torturing her, “You know, maybe you should go get your shower first before...

Bella stomps and throws her arms to her side, “MAL!

He pulls her stubborn ass closer and leans in, “A whole week, just you and me....a private villa for 2 in Crete.

The look on Bella’s face goes from stubborn to practical swoon and she turns and wraps her arms around his neck, “Just you and me?

He looks down at her, placing her hands on her hips with that smile that he reserves only for her, “Luka is with your ma and dad and we have nowhere to be. We won’t have to leave if we don’t want to, but we actually get to enjoy Greece instead of racing back to the states.

I do love the sound of that.” she says, bunching his shirt in her hands like she’s ready to thank him on the spot.

I knew you would.” he leans in to give her a kiss before she pulls back with a question in her eyes. “When do we leave?

First thing in the morning.” she pouts a bit, before he kisses it away, “Trust me, I would rather we leave tonight but we’re at the mercy of the transportation system.

She sighs in partial defeat but more like the pressure of everything for a little while coming off her, “Fiiiiiiine, I guess I can take my time on that shower and I guess we’ll celebrate my win.

He nods, pulling away and motioning her to do so, “That’s my girl. I’ll be in catering when you’re ready.

She gives him that look that tells you the fun is only just beginning for them.

Get Treated Like One
Crete, Greece

It has been 5 days since they found their way to that private villa. Bella’s birthday week had gone off without a hitch.

A whole lot better than last year, that was for sure.

But she couldn’t help herself.....she knew what was ahead of her. She already said it, this was her Mount Olympus to climb and ahead of her were 5 Goddesses that made her want to work only harder.

Kiera, Amber, Krystal, Samantha and Alicia.

If there were ever challenges for women in Greek mythology, this would have been it. The lone mortal woman that knew her destiny lay just beyond them.

Would I ever be considered worthy enough?

She sat poolside, watching the sun just beginning to set over the horizon. Her left eye had begun to heal with the bruise that she had received but it didn’t bug her, she doesn’t bother to cover it up with makeup. In fact she wore it like a badge of honor.

If there were ever 5 women that would even be considered as the pillars that the Bombshell division was built on it would be the five women that I will be facing in Queen for a Day. And how apropo that this is a ladder match....but out of the 6 of us, it almost feels like I’m the lonely little mortal that has been only dreaming that one day perhaps my name will be synonymous with these Goddesses that are my true trials.

She takes a deep breath.

Look ladies, my respect for you is legit. But my respect is only going to get me so far. So pardon me if I don’t kiss all of your asses. In fact I KNOW damn well that if I even tried that with Alicia, she would have my ass. She has been the one to truly take me under her wing and now I have to show just how much the student has learned. Can I surpass that challenge? ...I’d like to think that I can.

Krystal too, in a way. There were some serious battles there for a while, and I’d like to think that I have come so damn close a few times but she had to go and remind me that she indeed has beaten me. But newsflash Krys, I’m not the same little girl. I have had no choice but to grow because if I don’t...I’ve realized that I will be eaten the fuck alive.

Speaking of getting eaten alive, Sam Marlowe, where the fuck have you been? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention like I should because honestly it felt like you fell off the face of the planet there for a little bit. I mean, don’t get me wrong...I’m glad you are in this match.

And then Kiera...and even Amber. In comparison to these TITANS, I feel TINY in this match. I feel like I just do not belong in this match. Like you have these women that have been there and done that ...and then there is lonely little Bella who, bless her young heart, just hasn’t quite lived up to her potential.” Holding up her finger, she glares, “....but....I do belong. I know in my heart of hearts that when it comes to the SCW Bombshell’s roster that I am more than my past, I am more than my training. I am more than the one giving respect.

Why? Because I will not give up. I am not Mercy Vargas, who takes her ball and goes the fuck home when she doesn’t get her fucking way. I will wear my bruises PROUDLY! AND I will keep doing what I have to, to make you all wonder if I really am on a suicide mission.” Bella shrugs with a laugh on her lips, “I’m not. But I am on a mission to make sure that you ladies understand that this little girl isn’t going to go away or coware away in fear. I’m going to be fighting for everything because, well I’ll just say it, I have nothing to lose.

She sits back for a moment, tapping her fingers on the arm of the if almost in deep thought of how she wants to say what she needs to. She mumbles ‘Ah fuck it’ before taking a breath and continuing on.

If I want to be treated like a Goddess...or in the case of this match, a Queen I’m going to start having to act like I am just as big as the rest of you. No longer is the little girl going to not live up to her potential. I’m not going to make you bend the knee...

She leans forward, her blue eyes almost gray in the sunlight. A wicked little smile forms on her face.

But I will make sure you all will respect me.

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“Always the Bridesmaid.”
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It was the week of Into the Void XI and the first Supershow to take place outside the US in over two years! Krystal was one of the six women competing for a chance at booking a Climax Control during the following cycle in the Queen for a Day Match against Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Sam Marlowe, Bella Madison and Keira Fisher-Johnson and the competition this year was fierce with several women who had won the World Bombshell Championship before were fighting for the opportunity but Krystal and Bella were the only wrestlers in the field who hadn’t had that distinct honour, can Krystal win?

Athens International Airport, Athens, Greece
Sunday the 8th of May 2022, 18:00pm

I’d say it was a wild week but honestly? I’d be lying.

The past week didn’t see me get up too much aside from the normal stuff like training at the Go Gym and working on my Twitch Channel, Cass meanwhile started training at the Hero Academy school alongside Francisco and others and that was what concerned me the most about the return trip, bunch of new people, relatively confined space? Me and Makayla were worried that she was going to test positive for Covid and whilst Cass was vaccinated (she had to be so she could start at the PTA Gym and the same applied to Hero Academy) that didn’t stop her from potentially catching the virus and considering that we were in contact with her? Yeah, it would suck to have to miss the show due to having too self-isolate.

Especially considering how important Into the Void X was to my wrestling career! Thankfully, Cass tested negative this morning and so did me and Makayla when we tested, we’ll be testing again once we’re at the hotel but we’re confident that we’ll pass.

And speaking of Into the Void, I may have spent the past week back home in Las Vegas to get some last minute training in but in between that and my Twitch Channel, I had been keeping a close eye on the SCW promos, mostly to see who showed up and who was MIA! The biggest surprise was that Sam Marlowe was the only participant in the Queen for a Day Match who never made her voice heard throughout the first week, I’d almost be reminded of the situation with Royal Purple from last year’s Into the Void except for a few key differences.

One: That was a Triple Threat Bombshell Roulette Title Match, sure there was briefcases involved but that was a different thing to a ladder match, two: competing against Royal Purple and Violet Amelia Holt at the same time is one thing, competing against Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Keira Fisher Johnson, the aforementioned Sam Marlowe, and Bella Madison was another and hell! Bella was this close to competing in that Triple Threat Match but forgot to isolate Violet in her qualifier and she capitalized to get the pin on Mercedes Vargas.

If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that Mercedes Vargas does not have the best time around the Into the Void XI Cycles!

[font color=#00FFFF]”Back in Greece one last time.”[/color] I commented after we went through the final security checks, we were expecting Cassie’s naval piercing to get picked up by the scanner like it did when we travelled up to Florida to train with Team Hero for my last match against Amber but luckily it didn’t get picked up by the metal detector and my eighteen year old cousin joined us in no time. [font color=#00FFFF]”Probably a stupid question but are you excited Makayla?”[/color] I asked as I turned to my wife who grinned in response.

”I think the only person more excited for this trip was Cassie when she learned that we were going back to the states for a week so you could train at the Go Gym.” Makayla responded with a grin as she glanced over at Cassie. ”Either that or as excited as Garrus was to see us in person again, though I don’t think anything can top your excitement to get back into the weed!”

”Did you have to say that in public? So, what if I went straight for my weed stash as soon as I was at my parent’s place that doesn’t……..” Cassie trailed off as she replayed the sentence in her head. ”Never mind, if anything I just proved your argument! Anything we need to do before we head to the hotel?”

”We’ve got the bags so it’s just the matter of getting a cab to the hotel SCW’s using.” I responded before we made our way through the airport. ”Me and Ari told the bosses to leave rooms for us and you Cass so it shouldn’t be a problem once we get there.”

”Maybe don’t jinx that? Just in case?” Cassie suggested with a shrug and I shook my head while rolling my eyes at my cousin’s superstition. ”Come to think of it, I was expecting to see Ari and Francisco on the flight.”

”They managed to catch an earlier flight they had touched down in Athens just as we were boarding our plane.” Makayla explained and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”They sent Krystal a SFW picture of them admiring the view from their hotel room, I think it’s safe to say that they didn’t run into any problems.”

”I’m pretty sure Ari was too tired from the flight for anything that WASN’T SFW anyway.” I commented as I shook my head before showing Cassie the picture in question, it was of the young couple out on the balcony admiring the view, Francisco had his hair tried up in a ponytail and was wearing sunglasses whilst it couldn’t have been more obvious that Ari had taken the selfie and she had her hair loose and brushed so that it fell on her left shoulder. ”Ari said that the restaurant should still be serving food.”

”I hope so! I’m starving!” Cassie responded as we finally left the airport. ”So cous? Quick question, do you think the week training at the Go Gym was enough?”

”Honestly? I don’t know, ideally I would’ve liked to have gone home the moment my participation in the Queen for a Day Match was confirmed at Climax Control 329 but without confirmation that I was in action or not at the Go Home show> it wouldn’t have been responsible of me given how many things can go wrong on an international flight.” I admitted as I turned to my cousin and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”As it stands? I have wins over two of my opponents, Keira, and Bella, never faced Alicia before and Amber and Sam both have wins over me.”

”And in a clusterfuck like that, who knows what will happen when that bell rings?” Makayla added with a shrug before she waved down a cab, she conversed with the driver in Greek before he opened the boot to let us load our bags in. ”But let’s worry about that when we get back to the hotel, okay?”

”Agreed.” I nodded before we entered the cab and he drove off.

Krystal’s hotel room, Athens, Greece
Monday the 9th of May 2022, 15:00pm

Turns out that I was right in my assumption that everything would go smoothly once we got to the hotel.

Once we were shown to our rooms it didn’t take me or Makayla long to set up our laptops and plan to head out to the Parthenon later in the week, both because it was an important cultural site (and not a dance club as Twitter’s favourite moron Hayley Halsey called it when SCW announced the Greek Tour and yes, Makayla would’ve called her every word for “idiot” under the sun if she had a twitter account) and because I had planned to do my second Queen for a Day promo from that area.

Knowing how high up that place is, it’s probably the highest I’ll ever be for an SCW promo! And yes, you can feel free to make all the jokes about Ari you want.

”Okay, I’m connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you know, after about an hour of trying to decipher the Greek Language.” I commented with a sigh of relief and Makayla chuckled as she glanced over at me. ”Babe, have I ever told you that your home country’s written language is confusing as fuck?”

”Every year, whenever I have to write Christmas Cards to my relatives who still live in Greece.” Makayla responded with a laugh and I shook my head, Christmas was still a touchy subject for me and I doubted that that fact would ever change but that didn’t stop me from sending Christmas cards and the same went for my friends and family. ”Have you given it any more thought?”

”Christmas? For fuck’s sake Makayla, we’ve just barely entered the double digits of May!” I pointed out and Makayla let out a hearty laugh in response. ”I’m pretty sure Santa is planning his summer holidays! Anyway, I’m guessing you meant the Queen for a Day Match?”

”Okay, that was on me for not being clearer to the Autistic woman with a dry sense of humour.” Makayla admitted as she shook her head and I grinned in response. ”But yeah, I meant the Queen for a Day Match! Or more specifically, what you plan to do with your powers if you win.”

”I know it’s a cliché that’s been around almost as long as the Queen for a Day Match itself, but I’d be a fool to not use my powers to give myself a title shot, just not the World Bombshell Title.” I responded after thinking for a minute and Makayla nodded as she got the idea. ”I said it a few times but I have unfinished business with the Bombshell Roulette Title and that’s how I’ll use the power on myself, the rest of the card will basically be me invoking my inner fangirl by booking my dream SCW Card, using the modern roster off course.”

”Yeah I’ll let you know if we find a necromancer so you can book Misty vs. Amber Ryan.” Makayla responded with a dry laugh as she shook her head. ”Not that I wouldn’t put it past Mark and Christian to try to bring Misty back for that one last match against Amber if Misty were still alive.”

”Yeah, that’s a PPV Main Event level match that we’ll never get to see for obvious reasons.” I nodded in response and Makayla sighed before nodding. ”I haven’t ironed out the details yet, for one thing I need to win the match first, but my goal will be to put on the best Climax Control card of the year I can.”

”If you do win and need someone to bounce ideas off, I’m your girl! I may like Ari and Jessie but we both know what they’ll request.” Makayla added and I frowned once I got where she was coming from. ”Just saying, being friends with the Queen or King for a Day has had its advantages in the past.”

”Just ask Austin James Mercer and, to a lesser extent, Tempest! The whole reason their Mixed Tag Team Title reign was a thing last year was because Alicia won Queen for a Day!” I responded with a frown and Makayla nodded in agreement as she checked her laptop. ”The Mixed Titles may have been deactivated but there’s several other titles Alicia could grant her friends shots at across both divisions, one of my goals will be to stop Alicia from getting that power again.”

”And aside from you, the rest of the field are keeping their cards close to their chests, or not saying anything in the case of Sam Marlowe.” Makayla added and I frowned because I did find that odd to say the least. ”What do you make of that?”

”Still wrapping my head around it, I thought the trip back from Las Vegas would do the trick but nope! Still have it at the back of my mind, Alexander Raven didn’t make his voice heard for the King for a Day Match until earlier today but there’s still no sign of Sam.” I responded with a sigh as I turned to face my wife. ”My biggest worry about Sam is that this will be a repeat of Blaze of Glory X and my match against Evie Jordan, you know, only without us getting married.”

”We could always stage a fake wedding at Into the Void XI to bring it full circle if Sam stays silent!” Makayla joked and I shook my head with a chuckle. ”Anyway, you want to get some room service? I’m getting hungry.”

”I was about to say the same thing, I’ll leave the ordering to you since you’ll know the dishes best.” I responded with a grin and Makayla nodded before she placed our orders.

The Parthenon, Athenian Acropolis Athens, Greece
Tuesday the 10th of May 2022, 18:00pm

It’s almost time.

I’m off course talking about this Sunday’s Into the Void PPV and the Queen for a Day Match between me, Amber, Alicia, Keira, Bella, and the strangely quiet Sam! Whilst we are only two days into the week of the show there is one thing that’s often held true on shows like this.

Namely? That weeks like this always fly by.

Granted, the same can be said for the regular Climax Controls and even the post Supercard break weeks but there’s something about the two weeks that start to just blend together and yes, this week’s show is no different.

Well, aside from the fact that I’m in for the toughest match of my career.

”What a view.” I commented as we looked over the view from the Pantheon, and I’m not going to lie, it was a spectacular view and I can see why Makayla suggested it for the location for my second Queen for a Day promo! Hey, it’s more striking than the Go Gym’s Parking Lot! ”Good thing none of us are afraid of heights, am I right?” I asked as I turned to Makayla and Cassie and the other two women shook their heads.

”Krystal, I don’t think we’d be this far up if you, me, or Cassie was afraid of heights!” Makayla pointed out and I had to admit that she had a point. ”It’s a stunning view but there isn’t much up here aside from the Parthenon itself and that’s only interesting to you if you have an interest in Greek Mythology, or recently watched Disney’s Hercules for the first time.” Makayla added as she glanced over at Cassie with an amused look on her face.

”All I asked was how much of the movie was accurate to the myth, you didn’t have to dump a bunch of Greek Mythology books onto my hotel room desk!” Cassie protested and we had a good laugh at her expense. ”Even if the books did teach me that Zeus was not only an unfaithful husband but a colossal douchebag and that Hades was a cool guy for the ruler of the underworld!” Cassie added before casting a wary eye to the sky. ”And now I’m suddenly worried about getting struck by lightning!”

”Cass, if you do get struck by lightning, at least give me and Makayla enough time to get the hell out of the way first.” I teased Cassie and her only response was to stick her tongue out playfully at me whilst rolling her eyes. ”Besides, isn’t that temple supposed to be to Athena?”

”Yeah, the whole city is basically dedicated to her, how do you think Athens got its name?” Makayla added before shaking her head. ”It was later converted into a Christian temple and partially destroyed during a war in the 1800s but it still stands strong! Kinda like you in a way Krystal.”

”I’m going to assume you mean metaphorically, for all the shit I’ve been through in my life, because I’m pretty sure I’d remember being partially destroyed by an invading army!” I point out and Makayla chuckled before nodding to confirm that that was what she meant. ”I guess so, after everything I’ve been through as a teenager and into my mid to late twenties? I’ve only come out stronger for it, maybe that same determination will play a part in the Queen for a Day Match?”

”If you were competing in last year’s match instead of Alicia maybe, but you said it yourself, this year’s Queen for a Day Match is the toughest field it’s seen in years.” Cassie pointed out before frowning as she thought of something. ”Then again, if you didn’t qualify for the Roulette Title Match then who knows how the rest of 2021 would’ve worked out for you?”

”I think my losing streak would’ve ended by that point anyway, especially if my next match was still against Mercedes Vargas.” I added and the other two women nodded in agreement before I gave my arms a big stretch. ”Either way, the rest of 2021 would’ve seen a reversal of my fortunes anyway, I had that fire lit under me by being left off last year’s Blaze of Glory Card and it still hasn’t gone out! Same goes for that chip on my shoulder that kept me motivated!”

”And who knows if we would’ve ever met up under the same circumstances.” Cassie nodded in agreement before she felt her stomach rumble. ”I knew I should’ve eaten before we came up here, who knew climbing all those steps would be such hungry work!”

”It is past our usual dinner time to be fair.” Makayla commented after checking the time on her iPhone. ”So, quick selfie whilst we’re up here then we head back down to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant?”

”Sounds good but I think it’s only fair that we take those selfies on each of our phones rather than just yours.” I commented and the other two women nodded in agreement before we took the selfies and headed down the steps of the Parthenon, off course I knew I’d be back up there for my promo but a girl’s got to eat first! Luckily, Makayla knew where to find the best restaurants in Athens thanks to her family being from the city.

The Parthenon, Athenian Acropolis Athens, Greece
Tuesday the 10th of May 2022, 20:00pm

*promo time*

Here we go.

”Athens, capital city of Greece, one of the oldest cities in the world, birthplace of what the Ancient Greeks called democracy rather than how we understand the term today, the patron city of the Greek Goddess Athena, this city is a lot of things to many people so in a way, it’s a fitting place to end the Greece Lightning Tour that SCW has been on for the past five weeks and this Sunday the annual Queen and King for a Day matches are taking place! You should know the line-up for the Queen Match by now but just in case you’ve forgotten, it’s me, Amber Ryan, Alicia Lukas, Sam Marlowe, Keira Fisher-Johnson, and Bella Madison who are competing for the crown this year.”

Six women, one ladder match, one prize.

”The ability to book one episode of Climax Control to your hearts content is not a prize that should be understated, and we’ve all seen how the power can be abused by those who wield it! As I said last week, one need only look to last year’s winner Alicia Lukas for the most transparent example of this abuse of power and if she wins and doesn’t use her power for an equally transparent power grab, then I’ll half expect Fenris to start running through the building in an Easter Bunny suit!”

Those in glass houses and what not.

”But along those same lines, I’ve been open about what I’d do with the power when I win the ladder match! My goal is the same as it’s been since I lost the title to Keira two months ago, u want to pick up the Bombshell Roulette Title Reign where I left off and if I have to go through some of the best and toughest Bombshells in the division to do it then that’s exactly what I’ll do! Last week I addressed my opponents in the order of the number of times I’ve faced them over the course of my SCW career and I was planning to leave that unchanged, however a certain person’s absence made me change those plans.”

You know who it is!

”To be honest, when the full line-up for this match was announced, I didn’t think anyone would keep their silence during week one, but alas that’s exactly what happened with Sam Marlowe, the woman who, as of this date, was my most recent opponent having been one of the other three women in the Fatal Four Way World Bombshell Championship Qualifier match back in Crete, between that and our encounter in the Blast from the Past Tournament I expected Sam to be the most vocal of my opponents, but no.

What happened?

”I don’t know why Sam’s suddenly grown so silent but if I can borrow a quote from my good friend and fellow Go Gym Graduate Ariana Angelos from the first show of the cycle, actions speak louder than words, but unless you can back up those actions with words, they are meaningless! And no, I’m not about to say that quote in Greek, I may be married to a Greek woman but I can’t speak or read a word of the language! But even so, the meaning behind that quote is clear, isn’t it Sam?”

If you do speak up.

”If Sam does remain silent for this match’s promo cycle then we might have yet another Holy Shit/WTF Moment nomination from this tour on our hands though considering how crazy this tour has been? I’m half expecting the bosses to just nominate the whole cycle! I hope to god that I’m proven wrong by you Sam and that you do make your voice heard but there’s only one way we’ll know that for certain and that’s to wait until Sunday!”

Until then……..

”I’d say that I’m keeping this brief but this will probably be almost as long as my promos against the rest of the field but Sam, unless you speak up soon you’ll find yourself lost in the shuffle and considering the calibre of talent that’ll be sharing a ring with us on Sunday at Into the Void XI? It’ll be easier to get lost in the shuffle than it’d be to not get lost in the shuffle, but I don’t plan on letting that happen to me! Especially when there’s a queen for needs to be forcibly removed from her throne in this match! That’s right, you’re on the chopping block Alicia!”

God save the queen? Please!

”God Save the Queen? How about you save us from the queen having another tyrannical rule over a Climax Control! Alicia, to be honest with you, if it weren’t for Sam’s silence I would’ve addressed you first like I did last week but I had to get the unspoken princess out of the way first! And as for the returning Queen Alicia? After this match, your only chance of ever being a queen of ANYTHING again is if after you retire you buy yourself a Dairy Queen location in your native Georgia!”

I’d apologize but……..

”And that is a fitting end for someone who’s been so fucking disrespectful to the Bombshell Division just because not everyone on the roster lives up to her lofty standards! I alluded to your hypocrisy last week Alicia when I pointed out that you were criticising me for having week challengers when you had to beat Char Kwan, Courtney Pierce, and Mercedes fucking Vargas, but let’s dive a little deeper into that, shall we?”

Dive right in!

”You want to mould the Bombshell division into the form of women like Amber, Andrea, and off course, yourself, form it into a place where so called weaker Bombshells couldn’t even get their foot in the door before you slammed it shut on them! That would be all well good if you could back that up with your actions in the ring and it’s been pointed out by me, Ari, and others that you can’t compete with the other women in your so called Mt. Rushmore of the Bombshell Division hell you accuse me of having an over inflated ego and high opinion of myself because of my title reign when you haven’t done jack shit since your third World Bombshell Title reign ended so tell me Alicia, who has the unearned ego?”

I’ll answer that for you.

”Who is the weak link of the Bombshell Division? It’s not an up and coming Australian Bombshell who came back from the worst losing streak anyone’s ever seen in the Bombshell Division to have a record setting reign and still has the fire inside her months later, it’s the washed up former World Bombshell Champion with delusions of grandeur who’s blind to her own weakness, a weakness that will be on full display in the Queen for a Day Match when you are forced off the throne by a coup!”

Next up is Amber.

”Amber, the woman who did us all a favour and denied Queen Alicia the chance to add a fourth World Bombshell Title reign to er name, with one hand I shake yours for doing the Bombshell Division a favour by denying that egomaniac her reign, but with the other hand I strike you because quite frankly? It’s high time that you got brought back down to earth and if you win this match Amber then you pose a risk of being even worse than Alicia.”

You heard me!

”How is that possible? The way I see it, you’ll gain Alicia’s ego but with the talent and fire to back it up tenfold, I know you’ll be my toughest competition in this match Amber because the numbers don’t lie and your one World Bombshell Title Reign speaks for itself, it’s a reign that most of the women in this match have had a hand in trying to end! I already mentioned Alicia’s failed attempt after she won the Queen for a Day Match last year but Bella challenged you on the last Climax Control of 2021, and you conquered them both.”

Which begs the question.

”Will you conquer everyone else in this match or will you fall by the wayside? That’s  the question on everyone’s lips Amber and it’s easy to see why because to call you a proven talent is putting it mildly in fact some might say that you are feared and respected in equal measure by most of the Bombshells on the roster but as queen? Who knows what you’ve got planned for everyone on this match? There’s only one way to see what would happen with the fewest casualties and that’s too lay out the red carpet and watch on as you climb the ladder, however, you and I both know one thing.”

One simple thing.

”That there’s no way in hell that me or the other women in this match will let that happen! Hell with her overinflated ego of herself letting you win will be the last thing on Alicia’s mind, if there is a red carpet in this match, it’ll be red from the blood that was spilt by five women for the same goal, to stop you from becoming Queen for a Day Amber and those five women might just be enough to stop you!”

Next up is Keira!

”There’s no way around this Keira, you helped me when I was at my darkest and in the process you gained a friend for life but friendship doesn’t get you far in a Ladder Match like this, you’ve been around the business and SCW in particular to know that for a fact and I’m expecting you to not hold anything back from me when we do meet up in this ladder match, why? Because I won’t hold anything back from you.”

But you know this,

”Frankly that should go without saying Keira, we’ve fought each other twice in singles competition and once in a tag team match between me and Jessie and Team Hero, those matches were wars but as far as singles competition goes, we’re one apiece Keira, I retained the Bombshell Roulette Title title over you at Inception V, you won the title from me during the Blaze of Glory X Cycle which set me on my current path, but can you set aside our friendship?”

That question again.

”I know I asked you this last week in the Go Gym Parking Lot but it’s a question that bears repeating Keira, there can only be one winner of this match after all and if it comes down to me or you with everyone else down for the count, you can’t stand aside and let me climb the ladder and win the match, we respect each other too much for an outcome like that to occur and make no mistake, I will slap you if it becomes obvious that that’s your intention?”

Why would I do that?

”Someone needs to bring you back to reality, I know that was your motivation heading into our rematch for the Bombshell Roulette Title but if that scenario comes to pass then the roles will be reversed, it’ll be my job to snap you back! And I know that’s unlikely as all hell because you’ve faced your wife for the World Bombshell Title before Keira, if you can set love aside for the goal of winning a match, then you can set aside our friendship, but that won’t be enough to stop me!”

Last up is Bella.

”Bella, you and me are wildcard in this match, not only do you share the status of the only former World Bombshell Title Holder with me but you challenged Amber for the title whilst for me? That’s something that I’ve yet to check off the bucket list and I know that I’ll get there someday, much like Keira the respect between us is there Bella and it has been there since you became one of my regular Bombshell Roulette Title challengers but something needs to be addressed.”

Let’s get this out of the way.

”Yes, I mentioned the fact that you’ve never beaten me, I heard it through the grapevine that you mentioned that in your promo, but here’s the thing Bella, you’ve had four attempts to beat me and unlike Keira, you’ve failed to beat me once! Granted our first match ended by DQ thanks to your feud with Mercedes Vargas at the time but the point stands, as far as singles action goes Bella? It’s been proven that you can’t me!”

”I’m not blind to the fact that a lot has changed since you were one of my four challengers in that Graveyard Match on the Halloween Special Bella, you’ve come leaps and bounds since then and I commend you for it but will it be enough? I haven’t slacked off either Bella, sure there was that time I let two has-beens try to guide my wrestling career but even when that was going on I worked my ass off to get better at every waking moment, when I was champion it was to prepare for whoever they’d throw at me next to try to end my reign, but now?”

Different story.

”Now I train because I know that I established myself as a Bombshell to watch with that reign and this match was no different, there’s a reason why I spent the first week of the promo cycle for Into the Void at the Go Gym back in Las Vegas because I knew how stiff the competition was and that goes double for you Bella, after all we’re the Bombshells with the most to prove in this match but the way I see it, the fire that burns inside me will carry me to my throne!”

It's that simple.

”For the first six months of my SCW career, it seemed like I was always the bridesmaid and never the bride, even after my record setting Bombshell Roulette Title Reign ended that seemed especially true but now that I find myself in the same ladder match as Amber Ryan, Sam Marlowe, Alicia Lukas, Keira Fisher-Johnson and Bella Madison it’s time I proved myself at an Into the Void all over again!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Into the Void X was the day that I started the Bombshell Roulette Title Reign that would redefine my SCW Career and make people stop and realize that I wasn’t some young Bombshell in way over her head, that I was a Bombshell to watch! This year I get to do that all over again as I seek to prove the critics wrong by dethroning Queen Alicia, denying Amber her crown, putting the silent Sam out to pasture, and setting aside my friendships with Keira and Bella to set my own destiny in motion! And as I turn the page on this chapter of my SCW Career “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe will set her sights on the Queen for a Day Throne, see you ladies In the ring!”

I started my descent down the Parthenon steps as the scene fades.

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Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
« Reply #7 on: May 13, 2022, 03:28:08 AM »

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes when you have those quiet moments and get lost in your own thoughts you remember that quiet reflection is rarely quiet at all. The voices and thoughts go from a small whisper, drowned out by the chaos around you to being screaming, uninterrupted mental terrorists. How are you ever meant to truly heal and move on from anything in life if your own mind is your own worst enemy? How can you face your past and your barriers in life when being alone to contemplate it all is the issue?

Fear can be the ultimate motivator.

When you are afraid you can do things that otherwise would be impossible. A parents fear of losing their child can push them to extremes. Either as a savior or a villain. Fear of losing anything you covet as yours can also do the same. We as a species are capable of great strength as well as great horrors based on the need and want of self preservation and fear of loss. But, what happens when the mind breaks and fractures?

What happens when you are forced to hopld a mirror up to yourself and see your faults. Your faults in everything, As a human being? As a wife? As a mother? As a professional in whatever path you chose? And what happens when you try to better yourself. Try to work through your issues and think you are making progress only to find out it was a lie? Your own mind protecting itself through illusion and delusion?

And more importantly. What happens when the walls come crashing down?

How can you move on from that? Go on with life and ignore what happened? Alicia thought she had all the answers. For months, at her now ex husbands behest she tried to work out her issues. Her past, her greatest fears and faults. And for a while she thought she was making progress. Not letting her husband control her like so many others had, learning to live her dreams and be stronger. Dealing with her abandonment issues from her father as well as her mothers shortcomings and learning to not repeat her mistakes.

But, it was all a lie.

It was in her head. The Doctor, the advice, the resolutions. It was a mirage and a mental room forged inside her need to be understood. And in the last week she had sat at home, not even going to the gym to prepare. Not seeing her friends and family. Going through the motions with her young sons. Smiling and nodding as her sister Zoey talked about getting back into the wrestling business. Smiling and promising to help her without any idea how. This was Alicia's life over the last seven days since her painful revelation.

Every single therapy session, every barrier she broke through and everything she thought she resolved…it was all a lie. And nothing had changed.

Or so she thought.

Some people can’t see the forrest through the trees. And this was one of those situations. Alicia stood in her kitchen, or what was her kitchen. The house up for sale and she hadn’t even looked for a new place. Not that it was an issue. Working at SCW, working at Wolfslair as a senior trainer. It had all been lucrative and she was not hurting for money. She and her sons were going to be just fine. But only if Alicia put it all together and looked for a place.

But here she stood. A coffee cup sitting in front of her, full to the top as she shook her head. She had got her boys on the bus to school. And now she wrestled inside her own mind with a question that needed answering. What was the point?

What was the point in any of this? Going to the gym. Training. Going to work. She wanted it, she said she did. She gave up her marriage for it, she gave up everything for her dream. But what if it was the wrong choice? What if she was being influenced the wrong way? What if-

”Oh Violet..I’m so disappointed in you…” Her head snapped sideways. Doctor Whtlow sat across the kitchen, at the table. Her legs crossed over and her hands on her knee, interlaced fingers as she shook her head and let out a sigh. ”You missed your session, we still have so much to work through.” Alicia closed her eyes tight and shook her head swallowing hard as she refused to believe this. ”When you didn’t come to my office I got worried. You have never missed a session. So…I broke my rules for you to make a house call.”

This isn’t real. This isn’t real. This isn’t real She repeated it in her head over and over. Taking a few deep breaths and opening her eyes. Dr Whitlow was still there, but she looked different. There was some color in her grey hair, a few golden strands, the wrinkles on her face had faded out and her cheeks became fuller. Alicia shook her head and looked away before throwing her hands in the air. ”What is this? Why can’t I get rid of you?

Dr Whitlow stepped forward, she tilted her head with a heavy sigh as she studied Alicia, looking right through her, to her very soul. ”You just haven’t accepted it. And I think you know why. You can’t get rid of something, someone that is a part of you.

”It was all a lie. Everything you told me, everything we talked about, Michael left because of you.” She closed her eyes again, placing her hands on the black marble.

Dr Whitlow’s voice was soft and calming, her accent shining through and for the first time Alcia realizing it was like hers. ”In a way, yes he did. But it’s on you Violet.” Alicia opened her eyes again and agan Dr Whitlow looked younger, almost familiar. ”You can’t even see it can you? Everything we talked about helped you. It was all things that you needed to see, that you needed to feel. All things that will help you take control of your life back.”

Alicia slammed her fist on the black marble and looked down at it, her eyes burning as her jaw clenched and she felt the tears welling up in her eyes. ”Stop it…”

Dr Whitlow just laughed. A small chuckle. Almost arrogant and telling. ”Stop what Violet? Telling the truth? Your entire life you have changed your life to fit others. Your father, every relationship you had, your mother. Even your siblings and friends. Isn’t it tim,e you fully invested in YOURSELF? In YOUR dreams?” Alicias hands started to shake as she kept her eyes shut. ”Isn’t it time you stopped being weak and making excuses? your fucking eyes…”


She refused. She didn’t want to. Her heart heart, her body shook. And the tears started to fall. ”Is it because you know the truth? You know what you’ll see and you’re just too scared to face this?” Her voice continued to get younger, to get more defined. Alicia shook her head. ”You don’t need to answer that. I can hear everything, see everything…so now…”

”Open your eyes

They stood across from each other. Identical. Identical in everything. Hair, eyes, clothing. Alicia took a deep breath and shook her head, her anger growing, her frustration to breaking point. She knew what it was. What it all meant. As much as she hated to admit it, she needed it. Needed the honesty. And she needed to be honest with herself. True to herself. She knew it now. She knew it was all her.

Everything she wanted. Everything she needed. And now, well now everything was going to be better.

Alicia was Golden

Long live the queen

”Heavy is the head that wears the crown”

Alicia laughs to herself, reaching up and tilting the crown she got at last years Queen for a day to the side. She turns and sits down on the edge of an old wooden chair. Not quite a throne. But close enough.

”And oh how heavy my head was for the longest time. Heavy with everything, heavy with the pressure of being the leader of this division and this company. Heavy with thoughts of grandeur and lifting everyone up with me. Heavy with concern for all of you. But, the truth is, I don’t need all that anymore. I don’t need to worry about the division as a whole. I don’t have to worry about rewatching down and dragging the rest of you up with me anymore. Cause, after four years in this company I finally know the universal truth of it all.”

“None of you deserve saving. None of you deserve my help or my gracious presence. A queen does not concern herself with the worries of the common folk. And most of you are PAINFULLY common.”

“Some would say…peasants…”

“In four years I have gone from a name that Mark and Christian wanted in the company to being someone who will be in the SCW hall of fame. I have gone from someone dominating every other company I was in to dominating this one and then wanting to GIVE BACK to wrestling. And I did. I really did. See, when I first came back to the US I was confused as to what I would find.”

She pauses for a moment and crosses her legs over one another placing her hands ontop of her knee while clasping her hands together and interlacing her fingers, keeping her posture straight and almost regal.

”I thought coming home from Japan I would find great athletes ready to embrace the culture like I did. Embrace the grind of being a professional wrestler. And even though there were patches of that, even though I saw some bright sparks. Like Kat Jones. For the most part I found vapid airheads like Crystal Hilton, Keira Fisher-Johnson and Sam Marlowe. And to think, when I came back to my home country I thought I needed to start from the bottom and work my way up.”

“I thought I needed to learn what American wrestling was all about. I joined Honor wrestling and instead of going right for the top I lowered myself to be in Legacy, their development brand. I was humble and respectful. I paid my dues there and built my reputation expecting to find women who were ready to work hard and be the best.”

“You know what I really found? Entitled succubus’ ready to suck a dick to get title shots and sleep their way to the top instead of bust their asses the correct way.”

“And that is when I made a vow and a promise to myself that I was going to do everything I could in the ring to prove my way was right. And that didn’t mean I was a saint in my personal life. I dated guys in the business, but I did it because of personal reasons not to get a head in business. I mean fuck, I sure as shit got a huge title rub from dating Travis Blake didn’t I?”

She sneered and rolled her eyes before straightening her shoulders again.

”But I made my way through company after company. WWH, dominated, back to Honor, Dominated, Liberty, Before it closed I was racking up wins. And then here. Sin City Wrestling. Dominated. And that is something people tend to forget. Just how dominant I was in the three major companies I was in. WWH, Honor and here. And at the height of my powers I wanted to make it all better. I wanted to help everyone. But now?..well now it’s different.”

“Y’all can get fucked…”

“Now I’m in tbhis for myself. For my future, for my legacy. I’m not here for the good of wrestling or womens wrestling. I’m here for myself. For Alicia fucking Lukas. The strong style southern belle. The lioness. The queen wolf. All the names and monikers. And that means doing what no one else had been able to do. Winning the queen for a day a second time and doing it consecutively. Taking that crown, taking that opportunity and ye…giving myself a title shot…”

“And to do that? Well I have to get through everyone else in the match. And, to say I’m disappointed in the rampant stupidity of this place is an understatement. I handed Krystal Wolfe ammunition against me, I handed her so much she could say and she could have really dug in to try and make herself seem like a bigger star. But when push came to shove..well that isn’t what she did is it?”

Alicia pushes to her feet still wearing her crown from last year.

”Instead Krystal chose to focus on last year and the Queen for a day match I won. Pointing out the competitors I had to deal with and called them weak. While then chastising me for calling her weak due to the competition she faced as Roulette champion. Pot meet kettle. And the truth is Krystal that while you did face weaker opposition than most you did prove yourself to be a step above them. And now here you are waiting to get a shot at the queen for a day and book a show for everyone to watch. A golden ticket to give yourself a shot at anything. And based on the fact you had that chance as Roulette champion to call out the elite of the division to defend your title against and make it mean something…and inherently failed…”


“I question your resolve in using the queen for a day right to face the best in SCW. Or, will you take the easy way out hmm? Cause that’s is the difference between us, I openly acknowledge if my opponents have been lackluster, I openly tell them they need to do better as well as make sure they all know I can appreciate their positives. But, everyone in this business just focuses on the negative. Much like you did Krystal.”

“I did say you faced weak challengers most of the time, but I also said your reign was impressive and I said you had a chance to move on up. I guess that all escaped your scope when glossing over my comments about you and who you are. As a champion I called out the best of the best. In the company as well as outside it…cause let me fucking remind you…I brought Roxi Johnson back to this company. Without my challenge she would have stayed away to play neglectful mommy with Keira…”

“So, get ready to get in that ring and do your best Krystal, and maybe with a little luck you’ll get to wear the crown. But if you don’t..I hope you realize…I won’t shut up about your failure…and I might just break you to prove a point…”

She turns her top lip up and shakes her head stepping back.

”Just like I have with others in the past. And you know, I was going to try not to destroy Keira verbally too much. I wouldn’t want her to run crying to her wife or management about how mean I am. After all, that is the narrative both Keira and Candy have about me. I’m so mean and such a bitch right? Because I dare to tell the truth. And trust me on this, all I have ever done is tell the fucking truth. And I have been hated and vilified for that. And instead of LISTENING to me all I have had is push back.”

“But, just when I think maybe Keira is ready to listen, just when I think she is ready to be the respectfed veteran she apparently thinks herself to be she opens her mouth and shit spews out all over the place.”

“You think I dislike you because of your wife? No, I dislike Roxi because she’s a fake bi9tch who likes to pretend she’s a good person instead of just admitting she’s a jealous raging backstabbing piece of shit. But you? I dislike you for your own seperate reasons. I don’t care about your last name, your hair, your stupid smile. I do hate you because you BELIEVE you’re better than me. You believe your win over me makes you better when everything else, every single other piece of proof their is says you’re nothing compared to me…”

“I wanted you to succeed Keira. I wanted you to succeed so goddamn badly. I wanted you to beat me and live up to that potential and step out of your wife’s shadow. I said it so many times yet just like with Krystal all you do is believe the nagatives. I say I don’t like you because you don’t live up to your potential and you have failed. All you hear is I don’t like you because you beat me…”

“Thing is YOUR DID beat me. You beat me, you took the Bombshells title and I stepped back away from the scene. I let you take the ball and run with it and you fucking failed. You dropped that ball and ruined the goddamn championship. You ruined the gift that you got HANDED by not just having the title but by saying you are one of the few women in this company who beat me on a stag that goddamn big.”

“I criticize you because women and little girls look up to you and you set a horrible example. You whine and bitch about title shots, you get handed opportunities and promise to succeed only to fail and never live up to it and own your mistakes. And when someone holds a mirror up to yo0ur face and shows you gthose failures you stick your head in the sand and ignore it…”

“Shit atleast Roxi came back stronger from her defeats…”

“You even said it yourself. You chose to come back to the Queen for a day after walking out. After disappearing. You should of stayed gone Keira. You should of stepped back and away because when I look at you I can see that you just don’t have the heart anymore. You’re like Mercedes Vargas, Crystal Hilton and….Samantha Marlowe…”

Alicia can’t help but sneer and fold her arms over her chest.

”What’s wrong Sammie? Cat got your tongue? Hmm? I sat back and talked alot of shit about you. And I did it because you, much like Keira, decide to run your mouths in a way that is so hard to back up. You put yourselves into a corner. And then find it hard to get out. And that’s what you did Sam. You came at me and when we faced off one o0n one I embarrassed you, I exposed you. And now here we are, less than a few days from Into the void and the Queen for a day and all we have heard or seen from you is…”




“And I have to ask anyone and everyone if they are really surprised. It’s your go to Sam. You run your mouth, try to get the upper hand, fail and then instead of face adversity and show us all you deserve to be a champion and you are someone relevent, you quit. You disappear. Maybe it’s time you walk off into the sunset, and take Keira with you. But then again, atleast Keira showed her face and made her goals known…”

“Yes Keira I am giving you props for something, not that you’ll pay attention, you negative bitch…”

Alicia throws her hands in the air and paces back and forth.

”And this might shock some people, but I need to talk directly to my kitten right now. Miss Bella Madison. I love you kid, you know I do. You’re someone with so much potential and someone that has so much to live up to. Now, I appreciate your kind words to me, I do. But watching you sit back and give so much respect to the others? You do yourself a disservice and give then too much credit.”

“Pillars of the bombshells division?”

“If Krystal, Keira and Sam are pillars then the bombshells division would have come crashing down years ago.”

“I’m going to give you advice. You are good enough to be a power player in SCW. Good enough to rise up and be great. But, to be a legend. To step up and tear down everyone in front of you and walk the path you need to take and leave broken, bloody bodies piled up behind you, then you need to grow a mean streak. You need to call out people when they are not being who they believe themselves to be and destroy them. And kid…”

“That includes me.”

“You need to look deeper. I’m not perfect, far from it. And you know me well enough now. And this match Bella, in this match, we aren’t teacher and student, we aren’t apprentice and mentor, we aren’t friends…we’re opponents and you need to come at me with everything and try to stop me and win. Not just earn your place, not just to try and be better…be the me…and like Amber Ryan…”

The mood changed. From the anger she had about Krystal and Keira, the mild amusement of Sam and the frustration with Bella. This was different with Amber. Could it be…fear?

”You know, the second I finished recording my first promo to get people interested in this match I had this feeling of regret. A feeling of fear and anger. All of it swirling around and the biggest thing was…I wanted to make sure the comments didn’t get o0ut. See, everything I said, everything I blamed you for. I knew it made me look weak. It made me look human. And I didn’t want that. I didn’t need that. But, when I saw what you had to say, I felt better abou it…”

“I know, weird right?”

“See, you exposed me Amber. You exposed me. You’re right, I have talked about the old Alicia being back and I have apparently done nothing with it. Now, alot of that isn’t my problem or my fault. I have been busy with that idiot Candy and I tried to move past her, I tried to get it all going. I needed to take time off and finish making sure my life didn’t fall apart but sure, call me out for that Amber.”

“You’re such a gracious championship human being right?”

“Even as you threw a tantrum all over twitter due to something your husband said. Great show of feminism there. A goddamn world conquering champion, a woman who, as she said, sent all her opponents down the river styx, letting her confidence crumble and having a public meltdown due to her husband disrespecting her. Wow. You know for someone who talks about egos and how fragile they can be you really have a fragile ego…”

Alicia tuts and shakes her head.

”I know how that can be. See, it’s taken me a while but it dawned on me that giving you respect and vocalizing it was a bad idea. See, it played into your idea that you’re better than me. That little comment about sending your opponents down the river styx really stuck in my craw. Cause, I did it before you. Everything you did, I did it before you did.”

“And I finally see what Micah has meant talking about how quick people forget.”

“And you have forgotten…”

“You have forgotten that in this company I am the giant whose shoulders you have stood on. I am the one who opened the goddamn door that you walked through and I will have my goddamn respect. I’ll either get it by winning the match, or by beating it out of you…”

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Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
« Reply #8 on: May 13, 2022, 10:30:39 AM »
The scene opens up a week before the Supercard as we see the inside of Hero Academy. Keira and Roxi are seen training as Keira throws a few hard rights to Roxi. Roxi would counter one and try to hit a DDT. But Keira would counter and raise up her foot, hitting her Seven Sins attack. She goes down and pins Roxi, hitting her hand for the three. She gets up, standing over Roxi, saying

Keira: Yea! You know that freight train that hit you!? THAT WAS ME!

Keira smirks as she extends a hand, helping Roxi up. Keira helps Roxi fully stand as Keira asks

Keira: Trash talk too much?

Roxi: A little.

Keira: In my defense. I was playing Def Jam a few nights back

Roxi: Yes, I know.

Keira: After I kicked your ass. Which I did just now! OHHH, SON!

Keira throws her hand up and then down like it was a diss. Roxi shakes her head at this

Roxi: This is why you come up short a lot, you know. You take the easy wins as more than they are.

Keira: I know. I know. But I've been trying a lot better.

Keira breathes a bit as she says

Keira: But I know I'm going to make Amber pay.

Keira clenches her fist, saying

Keira: Amber, Alicia. I know I'll have a great fight from the others. But those two...

Roxi: You don't need to focus on one person, if you do that, you're definitely not going to win.

Keira: I know. I just wish it was one on one....least with one of them.

Roxi: Well, it's not.

Keira: I know. It's against others in a match I was in before but it's changed since I was last in it in terms of how I become Queen. Am I right?

Roxi: Your opponents really shouldn't matter to you outside of being in the match with you. If you focus on Amber, or Alicia and you forget about any other person, you're not going to get the job done. You can have your day against them some other time.

Keira: I know. But I don't know when. Anyway, Want a water break? We've been going hard for an hour and a half without a break.

Roxi: Sure

The two turn and exit the ring. They go over to the office and grab a cold water from the fridge each. She tosses a bottle to Roxi and smirks.

Keira: We're making good progress though. I just need to clear my mind and just go for the prize.

Keira sighs a bit from it. She then says

Keira: Why did I talk myself into this again?

Roxi: I can't answer that, really.

Keira: I wanted to slowly step away and take care of the school. Nope, I talked myself into wanting to try once more at going for the one belt I wanted for ages.

Keira sighs a bit. She takes a swig of her water and then says

Keira: I guess no matter what. No stop til I get what I want.

Roxi: Are you sure?

Keira: I'm sure now. I'm done being pushed around. If I become Queen. Oh, I know what I'm going to do. So yea, I'm one hundred and TEN percent sure!

Roxi: So far as you're sure. This is entirely up to you.

Keira: Again, Rox. I'm sure. Otherwise, I wouldn't be training as hard.

?: Oh, I can tell the results from both. Especially those asses.

Roxi: Um... what?

Keira: I didn't say anything

?: I did. Two of the best hot bods in wrestling today!
Both Keira and Roxi turn to see a woman in her training gear. Keira raises an eyebrow at this as she asks

Keira: Ok? That isn't grounds for an ass kicking. But I'll let it slide. Who are you?

?: I apologize for that. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cammy. Cammy Brooks but most call me Cam. I apologize for my comments. I'm a huge fan of Team Hero and--

Keira quickly jumps out of her sear hearing that, screaming

Keira: SECURITY!!!!

Roxi: Keira, calm down! I apologize for that. Continue.

Cam: Sorry. I was saying. I'm a huge fan of Team Hero. You two are the reasons I got into this business. Watching my weight, training my body and when I heard you two were opening up a school. I couldn't pass up this chance. I wanted to be trained by the best of the best. The two legendary champions of not only SCW but of wrestling today.

Keira: Oh. I'm sorry. I got a little jumpy.

Cam: I'm not mad. You're good. But dare I ask what happened?

Roxi: Just... some trouble, it's not important.

Cam: I apologize. I came moments ago. But I think one of your trainers told me to wait cause you two were training for Keira's match?

Keira: Yea, Queen for a Day.

Cam: Cool! Hope you kick ass!

Keira: Thank you. Now, I assume from all of this. You didn't come for the tour.

Cam: No, I sent in my application a week or two ago. I was hoping there was any word on it, if I was approved or not.

Roxi: Hmmm... I don't remember. It's gonna be a while, there's a lot of applications.

Keira: Actually, I did go through some last night before we went home. I may have put her name in there if you want to check, babe.

Roxi: Fine, but... yeah, there's a lot of applications.

Keira: Yea, but I got the completed ones in alphabetical order on the second filing cabinet

Roxi: Okay.

Keira: Care to step outside for a moment Cammy while we check?

Cam nods as she turns and steps outside. Keira goes over and opens the first drawer and looks into it.

Keira: Let's see. C. Ca. Here we go. Jeez, must have been doing all C's last night.

Keira sees the file and pulls it out. She opens it and goes through it slowly to make sure she didn't mess up on it. She gives a smile as she says

Keira: Yes, we did accept her. Funny, I was going to send her an email and regular mail with her approval later today. Oh well, it makes it easier.

Roxi: Alright then.

Keira: So, Co-Owner. You get to tell her the good news!

Roxi: No, you do. This is your baby.

Keira: But I hate telling people news! You're the nice one! The poster child of Team Hero. I'm the evil shadow troll of the group for some reason

But before Roxi could say anything, Cammy was seen at the door again. She asks

Cam: Sorry to barge in again. But I couldn't help but overhear. Did I get accepted?

Both Keira and Roxi look at each other for a second and then back to Cammy as Keira says

Keira: Yes, you did. Welcome to Hero Academy. You will begin your training on the Monday after SCW's Supercard.

Roxi: Welcome aboard.

Cam: Thank you. I will do my best and I will not disappoint my new masters!

Keira looks confused at being called that. Cammy quickly raises her hands up as she says

Cam: I'm sorry. I mean masters as my trainers.

Keira: We get it. You're good, Rookie.

Cam: Thank you again. I was going to wait to ask this. But on the first day, is there a way to start training in yours and Roxi's style? I want to do two styles at once!

Roxi: We'll get there.

Keira: Yea, I want to at least learn the basics first before you go into at least your first style. Since this is your first school and all.

Cam: Yes, Ma'am.

Keira: Now, you can go see Keri and Angelica and they'll give you a tour of the place and give you a locker number and key. We will see you on Monday morning

Cammy smiles as she turns and goes to find Keri and Angelica. Keira turns back to Roxi and smiles

Keira: Well...that wasn't as bad as I thought.

Roxi: It could have been worse, obviously.

Keira: Please don't say that. After all we went through lately. I don't think we can handle another one like that

Roxi: I hope not either.

Keira: Well, after all that. Do you want to get some more training in or are you hungry? Cause I'm starving! I'm craving some tacos!

Roxi: Tacos? You really want to train with a stomach full of tacos?

Keira: Good point. What about steak?

Roxi: I think you need to train, Keira. This is about the Queen For A Day, remember?

Keira: So you want me to starve. Considering we haven't eaten anything all day.

Keira folds her arms at Roxi

Keira: We've been training for almost two hours as well. Once we ate, I was going to come back for training. Without proper protein, we'll lack the energy and you know it, Roxi!

Roxi: Fine.

Keira: I'm taking this seriously, Roxi Johnson. As serious as I took it when I went after Alicia Lukas for the World Bombshell Championship. I'm just taking your advice and not pushing too far without rest and food.

Roxi: You're learning.

Keira: I told you. All those lessons you gave me over the years never went to waste. It's always been me rushing, wanting to become the next big thing, it clouds my judgment

Keira looks at Roxi

Keira: It can't happen again, Roxi. You know it and I know it.

Keira gets closer to Roxi, placing her hands on Roxi's shoulders and says to her

Keira: This is why I talked myself into it. Cause if I don't do this. I will regret it for the rest of my life. When we get back. We step into that ring and we don't stop til one of us drops. Deal?

Roxi: Deal.

Keira: Now, let's go and get something to eat. I'll buy this time and you choose the place.

Roxi nods to Keira as the two turn and exit the office, the scene fading

The scene opens up at Hero Academy once again. It had been a few days, especially with intense training and rest. As they have to fly out soon, Keira and Roxi are seen coming out of the shower room. They were dried off and in new clothes, looking like they're ready to head on home. Keira then asks.

Keira: Did you turn off the lights to the office?

Roxi: Yes.

Keira: Is the gym bar shut down for the night?

Roxi: Babe, it won't be ready til Monday, remember?

Keira shakes her head a bit, saying

Keira: Yea...why did I forget?

Roxi: Because you are taking this seriously.

Keira: Yea. I must have been focused on our match. Sorry

Roxi: It's growth.

Keira begins to grab her head a bit. The intensity of the training was getting to her a bit. She sits down for a moment

Keira: I know. But I felt like it was obsession

Roxi: Let's not talk about obsession.

Keira: Sorry. I legit could not think of a better word for it. As much training as I did lately. I'm pooped.

Roxi: But that's good.

Keira: Well, I don't think I can get in anymore training. Unless we skip the flight and transmit to our destination.

Roxi: No, it's fine to travel the way we're supposed to.

Keira begins to stretch out a bit. Once she does, she stands up and looks at Roxi. She then says

Keira: Then I believe we're good to go, my love. You got a title to defend and I got a crown to get from the ladder. Is it a crown or is it just like a contract thing?

Roxi: There's not a crown. Unless... you want a crown, I guess they can give you a crown if you want one.

Keira: Ooooh No. Remember the last time I was Queen for a bit. When I got it last, it was a contract to cash in on any championship I wanted.

Roxi: Well... that was a briefcase

Keira: Ok, so what is it like this time? It's been so long since I did one like this.

Keira clears her throat

Keira: I should have studied the last few years, but I've been wrapped up in so much crap...

Roxi: You get to pick the matches for the show.

Once Keira hears that, she gets an evil grin on her face. She then begins to list out a few ideas

Keira: A Gauntlet Match for the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Diamond Steele vs the ENTIRE Bombshell Roster. Amber Ryan vs Alicia Lukas, Loser gets Fired. OOO! OOO! Me vs the Bombshell Internet Champion....for the Title....

Keira then snaps her fingers and says

Keira: You vs Candy for the World Bombshell Championship! I wanted to see you two wrestle for ages!

Roxi: You... could make those matches if you won, but you have to win first. Also, I don't think they're going to let you fire anybody.

Keira: That's why I want to make it Alicia Lukas vs Amber Ryan, loser gets fired. Both get double DQ'd, BOTH ARE FIRED! It's a Win-Win!

Roxi: That's... not going to work.

Keira: How so? Name one reason why that won't work?

Roxi: Because they aren't going to let you have a stipulation of "loser gets fired"

Keira: But you just said. "I get to pick the matches for the show" If I win. That's kinda false advertising!

Keira then gets a stern look at Roxi as she says

Keira: I want to speak to the manager about this!

Roxi: That's... I'm pretty sure they're going to tell you the same thing. You get to make matches, but you can't fire anybody. And besides, this is where you're getting off-track again.

Keira: Damn it. You're right.

Roxi: Queen for a day is not about your revenge fantasies for being saying things about you.

Keira: But again, any match I want to make on the card. In a way, it sounds like false advertising. I'm training for false advertising in a way.

Keira then quickly raises her hands up before Roxi could say anything. She says

Keira: But for now. I got to try to win the match before I sit down and think of anything. I'm getting too far ahead and thinking like a business owner. Not a wrestler

Roxi: It's okay.

Keira: Are you sure? Cause It feels like I'm becoming obsess--I mean. Ok, I can't think of another word to think about this match, babe.

Roxi: The important part is that you recognize it. That's growth.

Keira: I have. I guess for now. I'm tired from all the training. Wait, did you bring takeout here or do we need to make food at home?

Roxi: We can make food at home. We don't always need takeout.

Keira: I know, but with it being so late and all. Wait, what time is it? How long have we been training anyway?

Roxi: All day.

Keira: We never went this long for training. Have I went too soft? Has everything else made me lose track of who I am?

Roxi: That's up to you to figure out.

Keira: Has...has being a mom and a Gym Owner.....

Keira begins to break down a bit

Keira: But I'm a good mom. I'm a good mom to Nate. I'm a good mom!!!!!!!

Roxi quickly goes to her, holding Keira deeply from that

Roxi: You're not THAT Soft. You're a good mom. The best. I mean, you lost focus on wanting to become Bombshell Internet Champion and being the best. You've tried to shield yourself from wanting to try again. This is why you talked yourself into being in the Queen for a Day Match. To prove that you can focus. You can keep the task at hand, just like you did five years ago. I'm not telling you to give up the school either. I just don't want you to lose the focus you just gained.

Keira looks up at Roxi.

Keira: You mean that?

Roxi: Of course I do.
Keira gives a smile at Roxi and holds her. She then says

Keira: I haven't lost the focus. But I'm not weak. I'm strong. I'm Keira Fucking Johnson! I'm a former World Bombshell Champion. The best of the best!

Roxi: Now you have to go and prove it.

Keira: You're right. I will prove it. I did back in 2015 when I won it back then. I will again. Sure, different stakes. But the same thing. You WILL be looking at Queen Keira again and you will bow to me...

Keira giggles a bit at the last part, but was more serious than before

Roxi: Yeah, that's not happening.

Keira: Didn't years back. Still won't now. You're no fun, babe.

Roxi: Please. I can be fun and you know it.

Keira: Name one.

Roxi: Name one what?

Keira: Name one time you can be fun after training. Cause we did enough for now. Name one.

Keira stops Roxi from answering at the moment. She then says

Keira: Never mind. I'm getting too stressed out. All we talked about just now. I don't want to lose all that focus

Roxi: Yea. You don't need to be worked up. We've done enough for now. All we can do is rest and be ready for Sunday.

Roxi smile as she says to Keira

Roxi: Now I believe you and I got a son to take care of and food to make at home.

Keira: Agreed.

Keira and Roxi begin to get their bags, shut the main lights off so the backup lights can stay on in the building. They head to the front desk as Keira gets her keys. Roxi exits first and then Keira second as she locks the door behind them. The scene finally fades on a now quiet Hero Academy, hopefully with Keira becoming Queen by Sunday.

You ever got to stop and just look at life?

I mean it. During the training and running almost everything you can. Do you ever get to stop and smell the roses? I do sometimes. Especially if those roses smell wonderful. There are a few that smell wonderful and you just want to take your time. But there are some that have withered and die. When you go to pull them out, you still get the thorns on them. Cause sometimes, you don't think and forget to try to get around them.

That's usually my life. I don't focus most of the time. But when I do, wow. I get a lot done.

I remember my first year in SCW. Got done showing one of the Mean Girls who's boss. Got a chance to have the golden briefcase. But back then, it was just a shot at any Bombshell Championship at any time you desired. Just ask Crystal Hilton that. That night, I won my first championship in SCW and never looked back after that.

People have said I am in the shadow of my wife, in fact, they continue to say it. Let me just bring up the truth, I’m a two-time Roulette champion, I won the golden briefcase, I won the Bombshell’s championship, and literally none of those things were done with Roxi. I have carved out my own legacy as a singles wrestler. Do I always win? No. But I never claimed to be perfect, and my career is marked by being able to continue and fight all the time.

In fact, I have TWO legacies, one with all I have done, and one with Team Hero and my wife. And I am proud of both. I have many things I can be proud of after all this time.

Now so many years later, I compete to become Queen for a Day. But now, I get to book the show. Which means

I can do anything I want if I win…

Just think. One card, the entire SCW Roster. I can book whoever is available. Hell, I could make the champion defend their title if I wanted to.

Can you imagine what I could do with that kind of power? To some people who hate me, that’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Knowing I have your fate in the palm of my hands. To do whatever I want. I could be really…. Really petty about this, you know?

I could even....yea. But that's if I win. I still got a lot of people to face off in that ladder match first before I can think of anything. Especially two of them. Even if I want to get my hands on them the most. I must not lose focus at all.

I must focus on the task at hand. I must focus on the prize itself and go through my opponents to do it. The hard work that I’m putting in now, means I can reap the rewards later. That’s what this is about for me. With… a little revenge mixed in.

Samantha, now I can tell you're fired up. Like I said before. I wish this was a one on one. Maybe down the road we can. But not now. You want to be queen so bad, maybe even get you a shot at my wife. Who knows? But you know that I need this more than you think. You've been given chance after chance. But you earned yours. When I earn mine, it's semi rare. I'm sorry, Samantha.

As much as I respect you. This is not your year.

I am going to relish being able to stand in the ring with not only a hall of fame wrestler, but a hall of fame person. You are really great, Samantha. Truly, I respect you just as much, if not more than anyone else in this match. You’ve done it all, and you’ve done it with a smile on your face and never lost who you are. I wish I could say that about myself. I wish I could sit here and tell you that I didn’t change, but I know I have changed. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs and most of those were my own damn fault. I rushed into fights, I fought blindly and never gave a second thought as to what I was doing, or who I could potentially hurt, and I regret that to this day. If my wife wasn’t here with me, I’d want to pattern my career after someone like you. You have always been a great example of how a true champion carries herself.

I’ve seen so much watching you in the ring that I admire. I could fill a notebook with all the things you have given SCW and it probably wouldn’t be enough.

But, while you have earned the right and privilege of wrestling with the care-free attitude you have, I don’t have that luxury. I don’t have that ability and it sucks. You have that, and I don’t. I have to bite, scratch and claw to get every single ounce of respect I can, because people are waiting for me to fail. They are waiting for me not to accomplish a goal, so they can look back and say that I’m not my wife, I’m not as good as her.

Maybe, that’s because not a lot of people are?

The thought have occurred to me before, but I mean, really, it’s the truth. I hope that one day that Roxi and I have one final match, just as much as I hope you and I have that chance Samantha. You are a legend and I respect the hell out of you, but I’m going to beat you, and maybe, prove that I am as good as my wife.

But I’m getting off-track, this isn’t about my wife, this is about me, and becoming the Queen, and as amazing as you are Samantha, You’re just going to be one of the women, I overcome to become the Queen. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully, we meet down the road in the ring one on one, truly. It would be my honor.

So, as it goes for Krystal... I feel like this is my fault. Ever since you lost the Bombshell Roulette Championship. It's been somewhat downhill for you. I'm the one who caused it. We knew going into that match that we had to give it our all. We did. It's the same thing here with other competitors. I hate to be the bad guy on this one. But I'm still going to be the one that stops you from advancing further. You can talk about Athens, and Greece and try and relate all of this to Greece if you really want, but at the end of the day, this is more like gladiators, and I know, that’s Rome, but they did fight Greece, and at the end of that, Rome conquered Greece. I know you probably are aware of that, but… oh god I’m turning into Krystal a little bit aren’t I?

Okay, forget I said anything about that, this is not about that. This is about you and I and the pretty friendly rivalry we have. Much like I have with Jessie, much like I have with some other people, the ability to be able to wrestle someone you enjoy wrestling and at the end of the day, you make each other better. Iron sharpens iron. You know? We strive to make each other better than the last day, every single day of our lives. That’s what the best thing about you and I has been Krystal. We don’t have to try and beat each other’s brains out, we don’t have to try and hurt each other, we simply give each other those battle scars that we can sit down and talk about 10-15 years from now.

We can be old and gray and sitting on a porch somewhere talking about that time we gave each other a black eye or a knot on the head. It’s something I am looking forward to when it’s all said and done. Having people like you, Jessie, Amy Marshall, hell, even my own wife to talk about things like that.

And this match, this is just another moment where when we are old, we can sit there and take that shot at the other one and say “I got you” in that match. It is a ladder match, there’s going to be bumps and bruises along the way. I know that, and so do you. But I must warn you, as a superhero in my own right, I have fought a lot of battles and come out on top in things that are as dangerous as this. And much like all those times, I’m going to fight to the end, and yeah, I know you’re going to be right there, but in the end, it will be me, when we’re old and gray, laughing and telling you how I got you.

You'll have other chances down the road. But not this time. This is not your year either. Forgive me for this Krystal. But you know I gotta do what I got to do.

May 15th, 2022. Into the Void. Queen For A Day. I got you that time, Krystal.

Bella, you're showing a lot for this. I must admit. But even you know that I have to do this as well. While I see you as one of the greats. Right now, your time isn't here either. I don't mean to keep raining on your parade either. But this is one year you should have stayed home. But I promise to give you a fight you'll never forget.

You don’t have to feel small coming into this match. You don’t have to feel like you had no shot at this. Because you have a shot, and you earned your place here. Pretty much everybody else in the match was just thrown in here, maybe for reasons of past success or name recognition. But you, no, you earned this, and nobody can take that away from you. Are you an underdog? Yes, you know that, but hell, if you listen to everybody else in this match, I am too, and Sam is, and Alicia is. Hell, even Amber is getting doubted. It’s anybody’s match, and anybody includes you. Nobody can tell you you don’t belong. That’s what matches like this are for in the first place. Anybody, a long shot, a dark horse, they can all wield the power of the Queen for a day. Anybody can make a name for themselves in matches like this. I did it myself as I explained. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be proud or you should feel intimidated, we’re all in the same boat as far as I’m concerned.

I just know the feeling all too well that you are going through right now. To be given, or earn a chance and no matter what, it seems like you can’t get the job done. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve seen the chances come and go and it has felt so many times like this has passed me by. But you know what, you have to suck it up, and keep going. I’m surprised that the people in Wolfslair haven’t explained this to you. Actually, I can believe it. You have Alicia Lukas as a mentor or trainer or whatever. She’s only going to take you so far, and then you’re going to have to stand on your own, And if I can do it, so can you.

It just won’t be in this match in particular.

I know, you may be thinking to yourself that you fought so long and hard and yet, here I am, trying to be another person to deny you. I’m not trying to win this match so you don’t, that’s saved for someone else. Beating you, is proving that you are a threat. I consider you a threat, Bella. It’s why I’m taking the time to address you, study you and do everything I can to beat you. Because I know, that sooner or later, you will put all this together and you will get to where you want to go.

I just have to stop you this time.

Let me once again talk with the woman who's head I'm living in rent free at this point. By the way, I'm bored in your head and I've played the crap out of Minesweeper. Yes, you have minesweeper in there. I was shocked too! You need more stuff in there. Considering you yet again, just simply have the same things to say about me all the time. I’m beginning to think you might be a robot or android. I am Roxi’s shadow. I live in her shadow. I can say it myself because well, I know it’s not true. I wonder if you think that’s how that works, Alicia. If you say things enough times that it makes them true.

Well, why don’t we put that to the test?


I think I’ll just start saying that every time I see you and then soon enough everybody will know it’s the truth. This is really fun! I guess I should thank you, Alicia! I guess I should say we all learned something new today about Alicia Lukas! It’s some kind of miracle! I can’t wait until everybody just repeats it forever and ever.

But then again, I’m not fucking 8 and I can speak for myself and more than defend myself. But I get it, you’re hung up on the loss and you want something, ANYTHING to stick, because you want to make up for it. You’ve been agonizing over it because you thought that reign was the start of some kind of dominant run, and it wasn’t. In fact, it may have KILLED your dominance.

And that’s what really kills you.

It bugs you so bad that every time you win a couple of matches, you have to announce that you’re back. Who exactly are you trying to convince? And now that I’m in this match, I can see that not only are you not convinced, you’re really mad that I’m here too.

So much so now that you’re here talking about Team Hero Academy, a school that hasn’t even opened, as if I can’t train people. I’m not allowed to train people. I can’t do what you do with your Wolfslair thing? And why not? Who died and made you boss?! The thing is Alicia, I can do whatever I want. I know what I am, and I am comfortable with who I am and what I’ve done. You just expected all this success to always be there and now, it’s not and you’re all butt hurt. I’m going to train people to wrestle, I’m going to train people to be better than people like you, and then they will come along and beat you, like I did.

Now, I know, you’re really mad at me right now and I can already see your index finger headed towards your nose so you can mine for gold and pick a winner and stuff, but you just have to get over it. It’ll be a lot easier for you to just let it go.

You don’t have to like me. I’ve made PLENTY of enemies in my career. But the sooner you get over losing the Bombshell’s title to me, the better. Because I really am tired of playing around in your head with that. I want something new.

And no, you can’t get me out of your head by picking your nose, so stop trying!

No, I don’t want you to think about that title loss anymore. It’s in the past, water under the bridge.

We can make a whole new spot in your head when I win this match at your expense! I’ll always be on your mind Alicia. Get used to it.

As for something that is on my mind, however.

Amber, Amber, Amber. I have to say that I… actually expected better from you. For a mind as devious and cold and calculating as yours, for a brain that dreams up wicked thoughts and evil intentions… you just… said I am Roxi’s shadow like everyone else. You had all this time and that’s what you give me? I’ve slammed you time and time again! I’ve been itching to fight you and cursing your name since the day I pretty much met you. I have to say that it just… it kind of caught me off guard. Are you really trying Amber? Do you really think that I have been doing this for my health? Because I haven’t. I just wanted this epic thing to go down, some amazingly epic thing that nobody has ever thought of coming from your chaotic thoughts. And… I got that.  I am Roxi’s shadow. I owe my career to her.

Let me again state the fact that Team Hero changed the game. Basically made a tag team championship go away because it was that hard to beat us. But it wasn’t just Roxi that made it work, it was me, just as much. But fine, tell everyone the same thing, I haven’t done as much as my wife.

I don’t think anybody else has either, but hey that’s not the point here is it?

I mean, if you and Mac won the Mixed tag titles, could we just say that you carried Mac, or that Mac carried you? No, because it’s a team effort and you would only be the tag champions for a short time if one of the team members was a weak link.

Team Hero shattered the record and it still stands to this day. I like to think I had something to do with that. But sure, You can fall in line with Alicia Lukas and be just like her. I have no idea why you would want to do that, but you did anyway. I almost want to ask what happened to you, Amber? But then I remember all the shit you put me through, and I suddenly care A LOT less.

I just expected more, and it’s almost like… you don’t respect me enough to actually say anything of value. So, I think I will extend you the same as you have done to me.

I had all week to think about what I wanted to do to you. Every little thing that popped into my head was thought of! But all of them was too easy. No, I needed something to really hurt you. Something I know that will sting you for a long time, just like it did when you almost took away everything I ever loved.

I'm going to take away your only chance.

Sure, you could use a rematch on Roxi to do it. But you didn't. Instead, you want to earn it to not only make others miserable. But to make damn sure you get that rematch with my wife. No. I'm going to take that away from you. When you're on the mat, I'll hold up that contract. I'll look down on you and smile. I'll smile knowing that I took away your only chance and at the same time. Your fate. Your fate for one in MY HANDS.

That to me, will be the best revenge I can give you, Amber Ryan. And some day, some other day, I will finish what starts here.

Time's up ladies. For some of you, this is the part where it gets exciting, and I know, Amber is groaning and brooding, and Alicia is probably picking her nose again, but this? this is it. Time to show you that with Focus, anyone can be a Queen. Even someone who's been there before. And even someone standing in the shadows, amirite? 


Bow Queen Keira!

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― Raymond Chandler, Trouble Is My Business

Oblivion Garage
Las Vegas, ND

Progress was a relative term.

An insinuation, Amber told herself pensively as she tried to ignore the non-existent, acrid sting of smoke in her throat. Just as there was no longer any fire, the smoke had long since dissipated and yet she knew the moment she came within 10 yards of the building that she’d feel the heat as though blisters could surface angrily simply from the precognitive memory. At 20 yards of the building her eyes would start to water from an illusionary fumes that seemed to dance and frolic around her, urging her to fall into their sordid grasp. Even at 30 yards away, where she was now, she could taste the smoke as though it were solid and tangible like a stone wedged in her windpipe.

No longer a burned out husk of her marital future. No longer a near distant memory of how far she had been willing to go for a title that couldn’t possibly love or reciprocate her determination and passion. A title that would never allow her to be acknowledged without drawing allusion to what had been. A title that had become so ingrained with her, she’d have happily given up breathing to ensure that it was still rightfully hers.

Only it wasn’t anymore.

Maybe that's why everything tasted like smoke.

No, progress was showing up and pretending like it didn’t constantly leave her feeling empty. As though everything the garage had stood for wasn’t broken down into varying stages of ‘happily ever after’. Progress in this case was watching the painfully slow headway being made to return the site into something that didn’t hurt to look at. Pretending to stare towards the sun, behind an oversized pair of sunglasses, Amber acted as though she couldn’t see Mac making small talk and being affable in a way that she could never manage.
Even just the way he leaned in the doorway suggested an easy-goingness that had been like a rush of cold water through her veins when they’d first started dating. Never the one to raise his voice or speak out of line- no, never truly angry. Just disappointed.

Progress would continue being slow- there were talks of the rebuild continuing into next year despite the fact it had barely ticked enough into May to even make the suggestion. Dancing on a dangerous precipice like anyone was supervising. While they were both preoccupied with the everpresent notion of being the best, while business continued to stay business… feet would drag, decisions would be drawn out and their combined stubbornness would never allow for anything to go ahead without their discerning approval.
Gasoline tickled at the back of her throat, that chemical aftertaste lingering long since the worst of it had burned away as the familiar crunch of leather laden footsteps slowed to a stop beside her.

“I must admit, Mrs Bane. I’m almost painfully disappointed that you haven’t managed to attend a sermon yet… Might I suggest a visit by the confessional, I have no doubt the weight on your everlasting soul must be long overdue for some spring cleaning.”

Reverend Alistair McCrae loosely waved a hand in Mac’s direction as a greeting, returned in kind with an amicable but clenched smile. Amber chuckled softly at the suggestion, the idea that there was any kind of absolution available for the depths to which she’d wrought professionally and personally was borderline comical.

“As humbled as I am by your offer, I find there are far worse things to consider than eternal damnation…”

“I find it hard to believe- and yet you never cease to amaze me…As a man of God and a hard-working shepherd for all his lost children, by all means enlighten me.”

Amber lifted her sunglasses, finally training her gaze back on the garage while trying to swallow the synthetic bitterness lingering on her tongue.

“Death isn’t the end of anything. Living forever though, now that's a terrifying prospect.”

Of course, that's what legacy was supposed to be. A manifestation of immortality built on the broken spines of everyone who’d tried to defy, a remembrance of what was rather than what it would become. Amber had created hers a thousand times over, each attempt just another opportunity to go too far… to create something worth immortalising only to tear it to pieces, raze it to a cinder, dismantle and devastate out of stubborn pride and spite.
As ever, as though scripted into her DNA… Amber motherfuckign Ryan just never knew when to stop.

Being one of the best wasn’t enough. Being a record breaking, dominant world champion wasn’t enough. Losing the title at the end of her proverbial tether wasn’t enough… No, now she needed to be the Queenpin she’d been proclaimed as.

“Interesting perspective although one I tend to disagree with.”

Fidgeting, a set of slender fingers parted the salt and pepper of his hairline, as McCrae readjusted his stance accordingly. Professionalism warped out of a sense of duty.

“I’ll admit, I was hoping you’d give more notice if you wanted to meet so suddenly.”

Amber shrugged noncommittally.

“I didn’t have any.”

Partially true, Amber needed to leave McCrae just a little off kilter. If only to match her own sense of chemical imbalance that had plagued her recently. There was the rumour mill swirling about her interpersonal relationships, fires requiring extinguishing and accelerating accordingly- there was no reprieve from the rapid fire of every mistake made in the last 5 years; it seemed culminating in a sudden clarity in her decision making process.
Matt Knox couldn’t help himself being a spiteful motherfucker determined to leave the status quo as crumpled as the bed sheets he’d absconded from as another poorly made decision. Mac had taken his message of absolution to a point that Amber had no place left to pull back on the reins- determined to splatter the gold with as much avian blood and bile as one might manage while telling the baying masses that they too could achieve such a fate if they tried. Masque had

Well, Masque had been the only real stability. In spite of the definitive confirmation of Amber’s younger predictability, Masque had been the only one to ever really listen to what Amber had … really… wanted all along. Only now, she’d managed to equip the redhead with a tactical nuke that seemed hardwired to the unsteady rhythm of her pulse as it seemed to get further and further away. Weaker, more erratic by the day…

God, maybe she’d just finally mentally snapped- straws and camels after all.

"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will ---"

“As much as I appreciate your fervour…”

Amber abruptly cut in as McCrae found himself with the rest of a proverb trailing without sound automatically, jaw set and irritation spiked, the redhead very obviously uninterested in dragging things out longer than required.

“I didn’t ask you here for absolution. I wanted to speak to you cause I’m accepting your offer…”

A small smile piqued at the edge of Alistair McCrae’s lips, followed by something more akin to curiosity and concern than delight at a deal being struck.

“As wonderful as that might be- I’ll be honest, Mrs Bane, I wasn’t expecting you to be so… decisive. Especially given that you have no frame of reference for what I might ask in return.”

He wasn’t wrong, however Amber didn’t flinch as her gaze remained fixed on the scarcely made progress of their garage rebuild.

“I’ve come to realise recently, Alistair, that if I continue to wait until ‘opportune times’ to be decisive- then I’ll likely never choose to act. Lets just say that I’m a little tired of my better natures being picked apart as flaws when truthfully it's the only mercy I have to give.
If I pass up this opportunity, who is there to say that there will be another- while I have no doubt that our goal would be eventually completed, my patience is growing much thinner than either of us would care to admit.
I’ve shown my willingness to sacrifice for what I desire, Alistair. I’ve proven myself willing to burn and bleed time and time again for the whims and perceived slights of others- perhaps it's about time I get to make the decision of my own fate for myself.”

Neither say anything for a moment as Mac starts his approach from the garage, steely look barely masked by a facade of polite welcoming perhaps knowing that no-one in the conversation would be willing to call out the blatant veneer for fear of exposing their own gratuitously.

“Between you and me, maybe I’m just a little tired of my motives being questioned and picked at as though my recklessness and impulsivity isn’t the only reason I’ve managed to live this long. As though my successes haven’t been built on snap decision making and a desperate ignorance towards anyone elses wellbeing. People are allowed to change and grow, it doesn’t require a running commentary of all the ways the world sees it as ‘wrong’ or ‘unethical’ to start really understanding that your decisions don’t necessarily have to be sugar coated for anyone else's sake.”

Pulling down her sunglasses and allowing the saccharine smile to start to flicker at the edge of her lips as Mac strode within an almost earshot, Amber whispered barely loud enough to hear without straining for effect, a hiss of something far more genuine than anything a man of god could have been prepared for.

“Mostly though, I’d like- just for once- for my consequences to solely be my own.”


“Must be nice to not have an understanding of consequences.

To have the naivety and willingness to come knocking on the devils door, claiming that you know full well what you’re doing and still being fucking surprised when you’re confronted with pointed horns and a billowing cape.
For someone without much experience of anything outside mediocrity- you sure do ask alot of fucking questions of me, Krystal.

Hell, I should applaud you for having the gall to let the words fall so stupidly from your face- if anything though I’m surprised that the walking peanut gallery hasn’t gone running for the fucking hills knowing that you’ve essentially walked up to a tornado and asked whether it feels like tearing your house apart.
I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen functional retardation on this kind of level since… well, the last time Keira thought it safe to open her fucking whore mouth to talk whatever nonsensical shit she thinks I’m not listening to.

At what point did you think it was a good idea to wonder whether I could still hang with the best? I mean honestly, at what point did you stop and think… shit, Amber has really started to lose her touch… You know, because I’ve lost as many matches as Bea Barnhart has won in the past two years.
Was it the lead up to the match with Roxi, my desperate clawing and scratching to keep a grasp on a title that was obviously starting to slip from my grasp cause I had no fingertips left to hold it with… Was it when I lost the title, MY TITLE, and decided that instead of chasing like a rabid animal that I would give Roxi every opportunity to disappoint me before I claimed MY WORLD TITLE back?

Or was it… never. Assumption in hopes that you might just rattle my cage enough to make me miss a step, like there's anything you could say in any form of originality that would cause me to stagger and stumble in the face of your mental superiority.
Honey, I’ve been doing this almost as long as you’ve been alive- try to keep up.
When it comes down to it- everything I’ve done, everything I have earned in this company isn't up for discussion. MY WORTH isn't up for discussion- especially given the fact you’d so openly disrespect everyone with half a brain cell in this company in choosing to forfeit an opportunity for a guaranteed World Title for the sake of ‘unfinished business’, to blatantly talk down to every single woman who wouldn't do the same as you like we are somehow wrong for choosing to aim for the greatest prize in this industry.

If you wanna fucking pigeonhole yourself into being an evergreen Roulette nobody, that's your business. However the rest of us, we actually have ambition- so why don’t you just fuck right back off to entertaining the brain dead fuck arounds that follow you cause their mental capacity only allows their aspirations to reach so high and let the women who ACTUALLY wanna win this match go ahead and compete.
See, contrary to your belief- we aren’t the problem here- we aren’t the ones out here not taking the opportunity seriously Krystal. We aren’t taking the piss with the suggestion that the Roulette title *means more* than the World title.
I didn’t go out there 12 times and defend that title to be told it didn’t mean enough for you to want, I didn’t spend 357 days as World Champion so you could look me in the eye and question whether I still had enough left in me to force feed you those same words via ladder. I sure as fuck didn’t agree to this match to be told that the validity of my reign is dependant on whether I can climb a ladder stained in the blood and viscera of 5 other women who dared question the same.

Just know Krystal… If you do decide to go after that Roulette title, if you do continue to try and force feed that narrative- I will have no hesitation nor guilt about relieving you of your precious belt before it's ever warmed by your skin… Not cause I want it though, but because  it's the only singles title left for my Grand Slam…and because I just fucking can.

You aren’t some revolutionary thinker in this scenario, you aren’t some undiscovered genius finding a loophole- you’re young, immature and have the mental originality of a slice of wonderbread.
I can only begin to wonder just how shallow your gene pool really runs with the levels of oversight you manage, splish splashing away while failing to wonder if it's warm cause of the peanut gallery desperately aiming to piss in your pockets.

You have one thing right though- this match is all about pressure. Pressure to perform, to exceed. Most importantly though… It's the pressure to beat me.
See bitch, I AM THE FUCKING PRESSURE in this match- I took all of the bullshit reigns before mine, the scraps of effort fed to me and I fashioned a blanket of dominance that this company hasn’t seen in years. I threw my shade across this division and forced it to grow in the darkness of my shadow.
Bombshells are made and broken by matches with me Krystal- you don’t get anywhere without going walking through a hurricane, you have to go THROUGH me to stand a chance and everyone has failed at every opportunity to step into my path.

Alicia has. Bella has. You have.

There's a damn good reason why I’m the favourite and you’re crawling on your knees in anticipation of picking up your teeth.

Five other women stand to oppose me- and you are right… it will take every single one of them to stop me. Even then, it won’t be enough. It can’t be, cause it never is.

What I will say though- is a red carpet of blood and bodies might just be the exact coronation that the ‘Queenpin’ truly deserves…

How very generous of you to volunteer everyone else as tributes.

I suppose at least you care about this match enough to make mention of being in it… As per usual though, the non-entity forgets her place and herself. Literally.
Sam Marlowe, where are you at girl?
I hope you aren’t trying to be a dark horse cause that too involves actually showing up and putting in an effort. I mean if we wanted just another body to make up the numbers we could have called half in half a dozen plebs from Krystals peanut gallery or the Team Hero school of flirtatious suck holes.

There's plenty enough bodies between those that a few dozen surely won’t be missed.

Honestly though, maybe I’m just a little tired of former champions coming in like they’re owed something, giving the rest of us a bad name. Showing up half mast is one thing, not showing up at all is just a discourtesy to every other woman throwing themselves at my feet like a red carpet made of disappointment and disembowelled bodies.
Really, when it comes down to it Sammy- you’re little more than  a half effort and a whole lot of ‘get the fuck out of my division’ and I’ve got enough of those to last me a lifetime.

Speaking of the mounting ‘get the fuck out of my divisions’, did you miss me Bella?

Let’s just pretend for a moment shall we, pretend that you didn’t just go out there and say that you’ll ‘do your best’ and that ‘you’re going to be better than before’ like you didn't just watch every 90’s sport movie ever made and found the most fucking generic response you could possibly memorize.

I gave you a lot of credit, I went out there and I told the world that I thought you had something special. I said that you gave me a challenge when I desperately needed one to stem the flow, I spoke about the fire in your belly and it just needing to be stoked.
Instead of nurturing it, you realized the smoke smell would stain your clothes and you doused it with cold water before it could well and truly ignite.

Let me ask an honest question, and I would ask Sam Marlowe the same thing if she actually cared enough to respond, but do you *really* wanna be in this match Bella. See, from what I gather, you’re to the point where your self deprecation is actively damaging your reputation cause you haven’t built up enough good will to convince anyone it's just a ‘bad day’.
Where the fuck is that Bella Madison who made me work to keep my title, the one who sparkled bright enough and showed loud enough that she wasn't immediately written off as cannon fodder. Where the fuck is that girl, that's who I wanna face…

Not the snivelling, petty ass little sparkle gremlin who is too busy whining that the world isn't fair cause she stopped trying the moment she got stomped. Darling, I’ve been stomping girls longer than you’ve been doing your nails- being splattered across my sneakers isn’t nearly the achievement you think it is cause theres a shorter list of people who haven’t lost to me.

To think ladies, that I’ve spent so much time trying to justify my involvement in this match- trying to convince the world that I NEED this to get back to MY world title picture . That it was up to me to make the argument that they already know to be true…

It's not changed ladies, I’m still the one to beat. Winning this match means nothing unless you go through me to do it, there is no achievement of skirting around the edges in hopes that the flames won’t catch on your gear.
This is my fucking match to lose… Not because there's a whole Climax Control to be booked, not because we all know what I’d do with the power presented and how willingly I’d abuse it for my personal gains. Not because this is essentially a glorified hardcore match with a heights based clause to keep things interesting- and we all know I have a reputation when the toys come out.
Not even because it will take all 5 of you, and whatever shenanigans you might try to enforce… but because I’ve come to realise that there is more to life than just living.

I’ve come to realise how much of your personal stakes are invested in being the one to stop me winning, regardless of the outcome. You don’t want this for the opportunity- I lost the gold and it's immediately fucking irrelevant again… cause you care far more about me.

… and at Into The Void?

It's not going to change a fucking thing.”


Undisclosed Sin City Wrestling Offices
Las Vegas, ND

Young and hopeful.

That was the first impression Amber got. Like a boy seeing his first pair of tits- amazed, but without a fucking clue what to do with them. Leaning back in the chair as it creaked in protest of being pushed onto it's back legs, Amber gauged the uncomfortable fidgeting of the journalist as he clearly held back a deluge of questions and comments.

It was no secret among most that Amber had a reputation, she'd rarely ever seen it in action- let alone this up close and personal. Hell, even down to the way the bottom edge of his glasses fogged lightly from staggered breaths, or the rustle of shaggy hair falling across his forehead like he’d only managed time to throw on some clothes after rolling out of bed.
Nervous. Amber mused, clasping her fingers together, yeah… he fucking should be.

Beside the redhead, Cassiopeia Mearns shuffled a series of papers in her own anxious way. A tremble in her hands that she couldn’t hide, a wariness in her smile as she’d formally introduced herself and then Amber while the dirt sheet writer stammered out some syllables in return.
Jared, maybe?
It was difficult to say. Mostly for the fact that the redhead hadn’t necessarily been listening.

“... As you can imagine, this whole scenario is quite a conundrum for us in a professional aspect. As much as you’re eager to progress your own career, we have to first look out for our own---”

“Yeah, but you are the ones who asked me here. I didn’t request- whatever this is supposed to be…”

Abruptly, the journalist found his backbone somewhere between his couch cushions and reinserted it in the middle of Cassie’s sentence, causing the blonde woman to roll her eyes subtly as she returned to her papers. Clearly annoyed at the insertion of what was otherwise a non-sequitur.

“It's fine Cassie. He’s got a point… *I* asked him here. You just, you know… take a deep breath.”

Rising from her seat like some great leviathan breaking the waters surface, Amber planted her hands firmly against the tabletop as she loomed across the space. Cassie, standing beside her didn't openly react- perhaps still quietly seething at the mindless interruption.

“Not because theres some grandiose deliverance I can give you… if anything it's quite the opposite. What I have for you, professional to professional, is a warning.”

“A warning? I---”

“I see your mother didn’t teach you that it's rude to interrupt. Listen, and maybe you’ll get somewhere.”

With a hiss, the journalist shirked back into his seat, crossing his arms defensively as the momentum shifted like a tidal change under a full moon.

“See, I’m just… If I want the world to know my business, I’ll be the first person to come out and tell people what I think they need to know. My personal life isn't my professional life. Being on screen, being under a spotlight doesn’t grant automatic access to things… or people…”

Amber gave Cassie a sideways glance as she straightened further.

“Actions have consequences- words, regardless how easily you might throw them away, still mean something. You don't just get to show up, asking questions and then wonder why there might be resistance, notepad and pen in hand in hopes your career might be made off a soundbyte.
I don’t fucking go out there and kill myself night after night so someone like you can go poking around in my personal business- what I do in that ring is what matters, and it's your job to convey that. Wanna play in the dirt- go outside… Wanna gossip about things you aren’t qualified to speak on- theres a water cooler somewhere nearby waiting to be bored into submission.”

“With all due respect---”

Amber threw a finger up dismissively, forcing the interruption precisely back where it came.

“When it comes down to it, sweetheart. I don’t have enough hours in my day to entertain the notion of making or breaking your career aspirations with my skeletons. There's a million others just like you… which is a real shame cause there's no doubt soon to be more shuffling into your open spot.”

Rolling her shoulders back, Amber cracked her neck slightly as the journalist looked at her curiously, as though expecting an explanation or meaning to what otherwise felt like an inside joke he hadn't been privy to.

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to imply…”

Raising an eyebrow inquisitively, Amber leaned across the table- closing the distance between them with a venomous smile.

“I’m sorry, did you think this was going to just be some civil discussion… Call this an example for anyone trying to follow your path. I said it before, darling. Actions have consequences, and even words have their own form of repercussions.
Did you honestly believe that I’d simply allow you to come snooping into our business…”

Another sideways glance towards Cassie seemed to miss the mark, but did little to deter Amber’s derisive confidence.

“Oh, no honey. You are set to be an example for every one else who thinks they can just show up and demand their career be made for them based on my personal shittiness.
What I do in my life and my career isn't up for debate or discussion- whether it's my relationship with Mac, whether it's Matt and his everlasting bullshit, whether it's MY World title or whether it's even my dealings with the Internet Champion, Masque.. It's absolutely fucking nothing to do with you.
So heres the advice you didn’t ask for- go scrambling back down the dark hole you crawled out of and tell every other wanna be fucking internet keyboard warrior not to step into these crosshairs cause I’m done being someone elses career stepping stone.”

A small chuckle echoed between them, Cassie distractedly tried to avoid the journalist's now frantic gaze as though trying to piece together a puzzle made of a hodgepodge of board game pieces, unaware he’d already lost by showing up.

“Besides, do you honestly believe they’ll let you keep your job after the assault?”

“Assault? What do you mean assault!?”

Panicked, glancing around for evidence that he wasn’t going mad, the journalist ran his fingers through his hair with almost a hysterical pitch to his tone. Confusion rampant, only amplified by Amber’s cerebral coolness as she rolled her wrists idly, watching him fall to pieces at the drop of a hat.
No one had done anything, everyone seemed fine- after all no one would ever believe that a guy like him could take on someone like Amber… and she wasn’t exactly making a move towards violence despite the threat of her tone.

“Oh, that's right…”

Without warning, effortless and cool to the point of glacial, Amber reared back a left hand and slammed it through Cassie’s jaw- sending the young blonde sprawling to the carpeted floor as a thick stream of blood started to pour from between her lips.

“... this one.”

Deathly apathetic, expression as glacial as her demeanour, Amber turned her attention immediately back to the journalist as his shock left him frozen in horror. Not at the violence, but at how easily it was committed- and soon, how easily it would and could be pinned on his chest.

Everyone knew that no one would ever believe...

“Now, if you wouldn't mind… Back the fuck off, and leave us alone.”


“Did you know that your wife thinks about me more often than she thinks about you, Keira?

It shouldn’t be that hard to believe really. See, Roxi and I have a special connection- joking we used to call each other ‘good twin/evil twin’ as though morality were so easily discerned- however over time, the obsession has grown. Fulfilling every waking moment cause the title carries a certain weight that can't be quantified, it feels heavier than it should and I bet you’ve seen that familiar facial expression on her face, a horrified realisation as the waves of clarity finally bury her in a sea of her own tearful making.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times- that Bombshells World title… MY world title, is the heart that beats in my chest, it is the soul that pilots this shambling pile of splintered bones and terrible intentions. It is everything of my being- and she wears that with a sickening sense of pride upon her shoulder.
My very essence is seeping through her skin and into her blood- and yet she insists, doesn't she, that she’s ‘fine’. Roxi motherfucking Johnson is always fine cause anything less means that I’ll come for her throat, if she doesn’t believe it then I’ll seize back my title faster than she can sneeze out another ten excuses before the inevitable win train comes back around to her.

I wonder if, when you look into Roxi’s eyes, whether it's me you can see…

I’m far closer with your wife than you could ever know, you could ever experience- and yet you still stand by like the crass, walking glory hole talking shit like you don’t just savour your wife's achievements as your own. Is that jealousy blinding you yet, Keira? I’d hope so cause your usual ignorance is far from bliss…
I know the day I come calling for my shot, that she won't deny me. Maybe she’d tell you a platitude, that she’s trying to keep you safe or that she doesn’t want to fight you cause love- as though her fucking professionalism hinges on a bias, invariably warped value of someone elses worth. Maybe she’d encourage you to get better, but never offer you the chance to do so…

Roxi might easily deny the challenge of any other Bombshell on this roster.

Not me though Keira, not me.

Hell, I already have your family's number with the amount of wins I’ve broken away from your golden train. Maybe I should come calling sometime and see young Mr Nate in his childish glory.
Do you think he’d remember me in the same way you do- filled with a vitriolic disgust to mask the fact that you are intimately aware that everything that's gone wrong in the past year or two can be centred back to you not getting your fucking way.

I mean honestly, even now you are still the fundamental reason why everything rots and decays at such a rate. Piling shit upon a heaping pile of shit and expecting everyone to just ‘be cool’ with it.
No, this isn’t the part where you get to start shifting blame and waxing poetic just within earshot of the experts as though they care how stupid and overdrawn your face looks- the stench of failure lingers too heavily on your hands, as though they don’t already reek of disappointment and allude to dramatic overconfidence in the underwhelming state of your God given abilities.

If we can be blunt Keira, you epitomise one particular mindset better than anyone else I have the unfortunate circumstance not to be able to legally murder. See, you have this odd belief that you’re a couple of notches higher on the totem pole than what you actually are- always have been, always will be cause you’ll never acknowledge that it's a problem.
That's the thing, this success proximity model doesn’t work in the upper echelon cayse none of us up here actually give a fuck about who you are and who you are trying to fuck- which always seems to be way more than what would be considered respectful to the sanctity of your marriage.

Respectful, huh.

One of your favourite words to preach- and yet you still kiss your son with that mouth…

You say a lot, but you’ll do absolutely fuck all, cause you always do. Shell shocked in a moment of action cause being a talentless wordy cunt doesn't do much to block a well deserved punch in the mouth- and frankly you have too many teeth left in your head for the amount of crap you spill.
Truth is, the moment you get into the ring at Into The Void? You’ll be so far over your head, you won’t even be able to tell which way is up- which really tends to be an issue in a ladder match.

Maybe just stay on your back. You look far more comfortable there.

By all means though, you keep trying to threaten me like I don’t already own that shit, like that's not precisely what i’m fucking known for. Try and tell me about pain like it hasn’t been my longest and most intimate relationship, the one with me inside your wife's head comes a close second for longevity though.
See, whats going to happen is that you’ll talk some more shit that you are woefully under qualified to discuss- probably make some idle threats that don’t sound nearly as good outside the echo chamber of your head- and then you’ll see me. I’ll give you a smile, and you’ll freeze.
I could legitimately keep my hands down, and your best shot would do little more than glance off me cause I’ve been rent free in your head for so long that you’ve had to take out another mortgage on your body just to stay in the picture.

Lets be honest though, calling you a sidekick isn’t even an insult. It implies that Roxi would have to care enough that she’d be willing to save you- but by allowing you to step in the ring with me, with weapons involved, with a shot at *MY* title potentially at stake… Well, even you should know it's not rocket surgery to see what she really cares about more.
More concerned for the gold on her shoulder, more concerned that she’s going to be just… like… me.
Don’t you stress your pretty little STI riddled head though cause I’m nothing, if not a problem solver and soon I shall relieve her of all those burdens… the ones she tried to carry with grace and humility, and the title as well. The one that was the most self-sabotaging, self-centred, self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing bullshit plothole that has tried to present itself in the form of ‘love and respect’.

Really though Keira, I’m not even sure you’ve ever known what those words meant outside your own personal bubble.

Still, you chose to take a vow of ‘till death do you part’ and, well…

I wonder just how sincerely Roxi really took those words.

Of course, you’d know all about vows… Right Alicia?

Oaths of vengeance and reckoning brought down upon those who dare speak your name a little too loudly into a mirror on a stormy night. Right? That's how that fantasy plays out in your head.
Undefeated in 2022? I’m sorry, do you want a fucking cookie? A pat on the back and a ‘good job, pal’ before everyone rolls their eyes in unison and returns to things far more important like posting their latest thirst trap tweets proclaiming they aren’t like ‘other girls’.
I almost thought your name was Andrea Hernandez for a second there where you thought anyone gave a fuck what your record currently looked at, it's nice to see you’re just completely ignoring all those loses you accumulated in favour of the couple softball wins you’ve managed in the last 5 months.

All the fucking posturing and parading that you’re suddenly back on top makes me wanna cry, cause I know that you’re about to get booted straight back down the fucking mountain and it pains me… It physically hurts to see someone who meant so much to *MY* title floundering and failing to live up to an expectation unreachable.

Even here and now, you’re standing there proclaiming that this time is *different* like every go around before was just a practice, was just cause you weren't stretched enough or that you stood up a little too quickly and got dizzy.
You have one thing absolutely right though- I did take everything from you, everything that made you special down to your reputation of being the most feared and respected woman in this fucking company. Except I didn’t just take them… I EARNED them. Every accolade, every record fallen, every moment where people compared us before realising the harsher truth of your failures to hold up your end of the deal.

I savoured every fucking moment Alicia, cause you cared.

You cared so much back then, it made me want to suck every one of your achievements dry- only instead of finding myself satiated with the successes, it tasted like ash and mud. It tasted like everyone else before you- there was so little satisfaction in the end that I wondered if it was ever really worthwhile.
Imagine that- everything you’d worked for… Hollow. Empty. Devoid of what made it worth fighting for.

You saw someone coming for what you’d done and you orated as loudly as you could that you’d stand firm against the usurper… But as I got closer, you took a step back. For my one, you’d take two.
We both knew it was inevitable Alicia- it was inevitable and you couldn't do a fucking thing to stop me, that's what really hurt the most, wasn’t it?
It wasn’t that you didn’t. It was that you couldn’t.

You hated yourself for it, even more than you claim to hate me.

I want you to hate me though, please for the love of god… I LIVE for this shit Alicia, the blood and the bones, the visceral tearing of flesh and warmth of trickling blood. I have waited over a year for someone to show me more than a yellowed belly full of excuses and backs missing their spines as they tried to run from the consequences they so willfully wrought.
I did everything you say I did, and I did it without every having the threat of a wolf at my throat- despite the fact I begged for it all along.

So I guess we’re supposed to consider this your famed retribution, huh?

I’ll be honest… Queen For The Day, it was never really my thing.

I never knew how much I wanted it, until you decided that you weren’t just going to let me. Now, I’m fucking consumed by it, the idea of the power it might wield- that direct line like the pulse line to my still beating heart. See now, now I fucking need it… more than I need your *validation* that I’m still as good as I ever was, more than I need your idle threats of violent nothings.
I need this cause I’m a creature fuelled purely by spite- hell, I’d go on to live another thousand years if I thought it would shit you no end  from beyond the fucking grave.

I need it, cause you made the mistake of saying that you cared.

Don’t get me wrong, I crave that power like anyone else. I won’t sit here and try to act mysteriously about what I’d do with the opportunity presented- I’m not so fucking transparaent to try and decieve anyone into thinking that I’m not immediately gunning for *MY* world title at the first chance I get,
However you, Alicia. You don’t want the gaudy crown or poorly weighted sceptre. There's not a cloak grand enough to sway you or a red carpet rolled long enough for you to offer time to change your mind.

You’ve said it loud and proud Alicia- you don't wanna win this for the right reasons, or really any reasons. You wanna beat me- join the fucking club - not because you’ve somehow earned it or cause you deserve it, but because you think your legacy entitles you to it.
You want to beat me cause you think you need it to prove yourself worthy of another chance, to show everyone that this time really is a ‘new year, new me’ that last 12 days before you’re back on your bullshit dropping L’s to fucking Candy.

You think you need this more than you need your next breath Alicia, and while I admire your determination- it's about time I let you in on a little secret… All those reasons you think you need this, are precisely the same reasons that you will never beat me.
Rebuild your legacy, tell the world that you’re still the best. Set some more records, cause I’m running out of sandcastles to flatten…

Come Into The Void… Know that I’ll take your beloved proverbial crown, your last vestige of hope and legacy in this division, the very reason that you woke up and chose violence. I’ll take it with a smile and a casual wave.

Of course, I won’t pretend like that crown would look better on me though, so perhaps in the aftermath of inevitability- I might even let you wear it… mostly cause I plan on taking your head with it.

Who knows, maybe now you’ll finally have earned the acknowledgement you so desperately crave…”

SCW: 15 - 4 - 1
Uprising: 8 - 2 - 0
Life: 0 - 1 - 0</span>

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Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2022, 11:57:22 PM »
So much Potential.

Paraphrasing of course but that’s pretty much the words that came around from every single one of their mouths.

And honestly...they are right.

Every single fucking one of them is right! I haven’t been living up to the potential that has been laid out for me. I’m walked in with the whole “Second Gen Not to be Fucked With”.

And what have I got to show for it? A mixed tag title run and falling short at every single chance I have had at a singles championship, I have tripped at that finish line. Yup, congratulations to every single one of you pointing out that I am a complete and total fuck up.

Then why in the hell are you all so afraid of lil ole me?

O’Connell Home
New York, NY

They didn’t need to say it but it was all pretty damn evident. Respect from the majority and all but one but Amber Ryan doesn’t like anyone but herself.

At least that’s how it seemed.

After a whole week in Crete to just enjoy some actual vacation and her birthday, it was back to reality for Malachi and Bella. It was almost an interesting situation because even though she just wanted to get back to running her ass through the gym and tape study, she still had her mother to spend time with for not only Mother’s Day but to also celebrate her birthday.

Luka had taken to pouting around the house, out to make her humans feel bad for leaving her behind. Not like she wasn’t spoiled while they were gone, spending time with Laura, Nick and Aaron but the fact that she got left behind was enough to make her extra sassy and a full on hellhound which would lead to Luka being banished to an area where she knew she had to stay when she was being disciplined.

The reason this was even being explained was while Bella sat and combed over every piece of video she could get her hands on to even remotely pin down and study, Luka was not by her side like always. She took to laying completely on the other side of the room and occasionally gruffing and barking at whatever caught her attention outside the window. Including the closest pissant that her ears satellite tuned in on, which would send her into convulsions.

Which would piss off Bella.

LUKA! QUIT!!” Bella turned and glared at her, which would only elicit a slight gruff and Luka dropping her head, “You’ll get over it soon enough.

Bella would turn back and hit play on her video which would start the whole process with her crazy husky again. Bella slammed the remote down and walked over to her and looked down the street, “Girl, there is nothing down there. You’re imagining things or your hearing dad down in the garage.” Bella looked at Luka, “Either way, please stop. I’m trying to focus.

Luka whined when Bella went to walk away which caught her attention, “What’s up?” she would ask before Luka would reach out her paw. “Oh you gonna try and make up with me now?” which would get a response of Luka’s dual colored eyes just staring.

Ok, come on you.

Luka excitedly hopped up to her feet and trotted over and waited patiently for Bella to join her back on the couch. She would plop down and Luka would jump up and do the same as Bella reluctantly pressed play and continued her little watch party and gave Luka and occasional scratch on her head.

This didn’t last too long though before Bella would just shut the TV off and sit in the silence and through her head she would let it all stew. She wasn’t going to let them bring her down, she knew that she did belong but each one of them brought up some excellent points. She wasn’t just named to the match, she had to earn her spot.

After everything she had done, she still had to kick that damn door down.

No matter what, she was smaller than every single one of them. But she is also human.

So why the fuck did their opinions matter?

They don’t.” she barked out. This revelation would inspire her to get off her ass, grab her phone and motion Luka to follow her. She threw a quick text to Mal to let her know where she would be as she ascended the stairs to the roof, throwing the switch on her way out the door and walking out and just letting go of something she was holding in.


It was New York...who was really going to say anything about this?

After that release, she just paced the length of the roof, running her hands through her hair, sometimes frustrating pulling it from the front of her face that the wind put there.

You know what is absolutely and positively amazing about each and every woman in this Queen for a Day match? You all fed compliments but in such a backhanded way that I begin to really understand how every single one of you are so amazingly bitter!

She stops for a moment and turns her attention to the fire pit that is set up but not lit up. “Yeah, even you Alicia. I get now why you walked away from it for a while because, oh my gawd. Look, I know how you respect my mom and have these wild dreams that I am somehow her, wrapped up in an even tinier package. Look, I’ve come to grips of the fact that it’s going to take me just a little bit longer to finally take this spot that is supposedly waiting for me.” Looking down for a moment, she finds what she’s looking for and picks up a long lighter and clicks it on. She stares at the flame, before she puts it down and lights the pit, “Look, at this particular moment, fuck that spot. I came to Wolfslair because I felt like I still had so much more to learn. I hope to the Gods that I never STOP learning but the fact remains that I really need ya’ll to stop comparing me to Laura Fuckin’ Phoenix and realize that I am Bella Fuckin’ Madison. I have had to keep taking it on the chin over and over and over again, barely at times being remembered as to if they have actually faced me.

Her eyes glance up with a smart ass look in her blue eyes, “Ain’t that right Kiera?! And to answer your question, no we haven’t actually had the chance to stand in the same ring together. You out of everyone was actually not completely backhanded in your words because you are so sweet and kind but I know damn well that the kindness is going to stop the minute that that bell rings.

Krystal Wolfe, you ran so much roughshod over me that sometimes I wonder if my whole psychosis of not really truly believing that I have earned this spot. Even though I have fought like fucking hell, I cannot seem to grasp that I am actually good enough for the good things in my life! And I know you didn’t mean for me to feel this way and maybe after Athens I should seek professional help to get me the fuck over this strange idiosyncratic belief that I am fighting.” she turns and sits carefully next to Luka and looks almost sad as she gives her pups head a quick scratch, “The feeling that I can’t get there. Existential Dread of looking at you all, all these amazing Goddesses and I am not feeling like I’m good enough to climb Olympus.

She holds up her hand and that smartass look shows back up in a big way, eyes glimmering and the smirk even wider, “I felt that way....until I heard Amber fucking Ryan coming in hot to remind me that I am indeed lesser. You know, despite the fact that NO ONE likes you, you brought up an excellent point. I have humanized myself. WEIRD I KNOW! But I loved the whole part about how you wanted me to reach out and take the match by the throat, that was adorable. Considering I had to battle my ASS off to get in this match to begin with!

She looks down at the fire that is now going full bore, “You know, it’s so fucking amazing that I’m not allowed to struggle. Apparently even though you are down here in the Queen For a Day match with little ole me, instead of...Oh I don’t know, taking on Roxi? Slummin’ it? Down here in the lower card with the meger peasants that are just ACHING for a little bit of a fucking chance.

She stands up and screams out to the universe, “AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE HELL IS SAM MARLOW?!? I know she has just returned and welcome back but seriously you have walked into one hell of shit storm and we’re going to have a really really bad time if you try and get in my way.

She looks down one more time at the fire, almost taking in its strength, “Look ladies, do not get me wrong. I wanna climb this mountain more than ANYONE in the entire Bombshell division. I wanna be Roulette, Internet and who knows eventually Bombshell World Champ. But I am on my own fucking path and no matter how it bugs you how I do it, it’s on me. I am a very colorful, moving to the beat of my own damn drum kind of girl.

I am Alice in a world full of Queens that are attempting to cut off the other’s head. I am the one with the sword drawn and ready to defend the realm. I have come to a realization that if I have to deal with all this, I don’t know if I want a throne but I want to be a champion. My time will come, whether it’s at Into the Void or somewhere in the future. My time is coming. I told you all once already, I want the Goddess status, I want to finally make you realize that all the positive praise is honestly right. I also am going to make you realize that I am an honest threat.” she leans forward and stares through the fire, “And if that means that I gotta take that Queen from all of be it.