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Fenris v Senor Vinnie
« on: May 03, 2022, 09:13:42 AM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 7000 word limit.
Good luck!

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Re: Fenris v Senor Vinnie
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2022, 02:58:13 PM »
Get your act back on track Pete!

Athens, Greece

We are outside the spa where Vinnie had intervened between Iris the English Bulldog and his companion Pete the cactus. Vinnie is pacing around as Pete is standing there in his swimming trunks and has a small towel draped across his shoulders while staring at Vinnie. The former world champion is clearly not happy as he is talking to his friend.

“I seriously cannot believe what just happened inside Pete, that was uncalled for and quite frankly? It has pissed my good friend Senor Bill and his wife Senora Bea off big time. How do you constantly get yourself into these situations?? Don’t you know that this upsets them???”

The camera turns its attention towards the cactus, whom isn’t responding as he is trying to push some water outside of his ears by pushing his cactus paws against the side of his head. We see water pour out of his head after he had pushed his head sideways to the ground, Vinnie stares bewildered to the scene that is transpiring in front of him.

“Good grief!! How much water do you soak up???”

He scratches his head before suddenly realizing that he is being distracted from the question he had asked him a few moments prior, this causes him to once again look upset at Pete while stomping his foot on the ground.

“Well Pete? Do you have any explanation for yourself??”

We see his potted plant friend turn his attention towards Vinnie, but he does not respond to him. This causes to anger Vinnie even more as he does not like to be kept waiting.

“Do I need to ask the question again Pete??”

This causes his cactus friend to look down upon the ground and we see him scratch his head for a few moments before looking up and takes a pose as if he is considering an answer to Vinnie’s question. Vinnie is puzzled by this as he thinks back to the actual question that he had asked Pete, wondering whether he had said something that was too difficult for the peanut sized brain of Pete. But ultimately remembers that he has had many upon many of discussions with the same potted plant about the Theory of Relativity as well as who the better Star Wars captain is…. Kirk or Picard?? This causes him to become fully aware that Pete was perhaps stalling himself to gain some time to come up with an answer that he could take all the blame away from himself and direct it to someone else. This was something that Pete has had done several times in the past months since hooking back up with Iris once more, a situation that has caused to bring lots of headache to Bill and Bea. Ultimately causing the headache to be directed to Vinnie as well, as Bill and Bea has asked him several times to keep an watchful eye upon his friend.

Vinnie had tried to console with his friend several times, constantly getting the promise from his potted plant that he would not overstep his boundaries. But every single time it seemed that things got worse, ultimately leading up to Pete and Iris being caught without his swimming trunks and her dog collar. This has caused Vinnie to get so angry that he had promised that he would take action upon his and their behalf and made sure that whatever they had been doing ended right away.

“You disappoint me Pete, I understand that being in love drives a man to do crazy things. Trust me I know!! I have been married myself you know!!! But what you are doing is simply taking advantage of the trust of not only Iris The Bulldog, but also that of Bill and Bea. And you know something Pete, that constant breaking of their trust in you, ultimately causes me to look bad in the eyes of MY AMIGO’s!!! Do you have any remorse you’re your actions as of late??!!!”

Pete lowers his head, this causes him to look at the cracks of the pave walk where they are standing on but still no answer. This obviously angers Vinnie as he lifts his hands up high in the air with pure desperation. He walks away from Pete for just a few moments before stepping back into view while pointing at Pete.

“You should praise yourself very lucky that I have managed to talk Bill and Bea out of them finding a chaperone for during your dates with Iris.!!!”

This causes to all of the sudden snap his head upwards and aims it towards Vinnie as the camera catches him to swallow, or at least something that looks quite similar to it. Vinnie notices the reaction from Pete and smiles as he realizes that he has got broken through his act of not caring. This causes Pete to jump up and down, waving his arms around as we see Vinnie shake his head no.

“No Pete, I have defended you as long as possible, but this time I am siding with Bill and Bea. This time you have to prove to not only them but me as well that you can behave!!!”

Pete can be seen jumping up and down more violently, clearly not happy with the decision made by Vinnie, but Vinnie shakes his head and is clearly not changing his mind.

“You have become a very lazy cactus since getting back together with Iris Pete. So I have decided that I am going to find you plenty of things to do to find distraction from Iris. There’s more in life than to have cam sessions with her or share a Spa!!!”

The violent jumping has stopped, apparently Pete is considering what Vinnie has said to him. Only to have Pete shake his head violently in disagreement that causes Vinnie to roll his eyes in disbelief.

“It’s not like we are going to keep you from her for eternity Pete, but if this continues in the pace that it has been for the past month or so then I expect problems to ensue between us and the Barnharts.

Pete places his cactus paws upon his hips and stands defiantly, this causes Vinnie to raise his hands in the air with a sigh of disbelief.

“Oh sure!! Continue sticking it at whomever it is that is telling you two that you can’t be together, don’t you get it?? We want you two to be together!!!”

This startles Pete for a little, raising his arms in the air questionably. This causes Vinnie to sigh and shake his head.

“Then what’s the problem you ask?? I will tell you what the problem is Pete. You two are just confusing love with hormonic behaviour. At first you two did romantic things like going out on a dinner, granted it was with the Barnharts chaperoning you two. But at least you did something sweet and loving that made them believe you two were serious this time.”

Pete’s right paw lifts towards his head, thinks a moment and starts to nod his head in agreement.

“Glad you agree for once Pete, you see you two went from romantic all the way to Viagra crazy.”

“Now I do not tolerate any dispute from you young man.”

Vinnie had cut Pete off, who was once again starting to upset by the words Vinnie had used to describe him. But Vinnie knew that he was on the right track and ignores the futile attempt of his friend to change his mind.

“I am going to get you into shape, I am also going to place you into relationship counselling, so you will treat Iris properly!!!”

The last part really got Pete, causing him to jump up and down while holding his paws up on his head. Vinnie doesn’t take any of his “screaming” lightly as he shakes his head before motioning Pete to be silent by placing his finger up against his lips.

“It’s settled Pete, I already booked you for a counselling session later today, this gives us plenty of time to get into shape. I already got your running shoes packed, I expect to see you outside in five minutes.”

With that Vinnie walks off as the camera ultimately turns its direction towards Pete who has its paws upon its head in what we all can imagine to be utter shock.

Later that day

We see Vinnie doing some stretching as he is getting ready to do some running, he is wearing a light blue sleeveless shirt from Adidas, matching shorts and socks. His running ger are dark blue with white stripes.

“Ahh, that should do it.”

Vinnie turns his attention to Pete, who is wearing the same outfit as Vinnie, merely to a smaller size to fit the potted plant. The only difference is that Pete is also wearing a sweatband across its head as well as two across each of his arms. The potted plant is doing some final jumping jacks before turning his attention to Vinnie as liquid is already pouring from his body.

“Don’t tell me that you are out of breath already Pete?? Because we haven’t even started yet.”

We see Pete look up at him, the sweatband is slowly lowering across its head. This causes him to lift it upwards again using his paws as it lowered in front of its eyes. He jumps up and down in clear annoyance, only to make Vinnie smile in appreciation.

“Ahh that’s the spirit, just don’t do too many jumping jacks Pete, I don’t want that to cause you to pull an achilles ”

Pete continues to jump and down, this causes the sweatband across his head to slip off, it falls in front of the pot he is in. Because of his wild movement during his jumps the pot slowly moves forward until it comes in contact with the sweatband, this causes Pete to fall backwards and hit his head on a mini towel that reads the name Pete on it. Vinnie gets to knees right away and assists his potted friend back to his feet as we see Pete’s head swirl from left to right as if he is dizzy.

“Pete?? Are you alright??”

We see a look of concern on the face of Vinnie, grabbing a mini sized bottle of water that he had placed next to the mini towel, the artifect also has Pete’s name written all over it so neither of them would make the mistake of grabbing the others bottle. He unscrews the bottle and gently puts it to the spot we assume Pete’s mouth is. Pete’s paws are swaying around from the moment that it comes in contact with the cold water, trying to swat it out of the hand of Vinnie who immediately pulls his hand away in shock.

“What’s the matter Pete?? Was it too cold?? I purposely kept the water at room temperature, just the way you like it most. I….”

But doesn’t want any of it, wiping the water off of his face, only to ball its paw into a fist after cleaning himself. We see Vinnie’s eyes widen, not liking the reaction that Pete had given him.

”Since when are you the type prefers expensive bottled water over the ordinary tap water?? You could have told me!!!!”

Pete stomps around in his pot while putting its paws upon the shirt he is wearing, trying to wring out his shirt as the water pours down his pot. Pete face palms himself for a moment until he suddenly lowers it with a huge smile on his face as if a lightbulb had emerged above his head.

“Luckily I always pack a spare shirt Pete!!!”

We see Pete’s head snap upwards with such a force as this causes him to nearly fall backwards in shock, Vinnie can be seen grabbing something in his sportsbag, he pulls out a smaller version of his sportsbag and unzips it. There he pulls out a tiny replica shirt for Pete. He turns to his friend to pull off the other shirt, but Pete backs off and sways his paws in the air as if he is telling Vinnie that he is ready for a fight. This causes Vinnie to roll his eyes and sighs.

“Come on Pete, it will only take a minute. Besides, I don’t want you to catch anything while running in a wet shirt while perspire with sweat. Now take it off!!!”

Pete refuses as he shakes his head violently, causing Vinnie to get even more annoyed by his potted plant.

“Don’t start this nonsense that Iris likes you all wet!!! You are out of shape and look more like Old Man Willow from The Lord Of The Rings instead of a healthy cactus!!!”

Pete reacts with even more jumping around until the words sink in, causing him to suddenly stand still and look up to Vinnie.

“Yup, that’s the old tree that tried to pull some Hobbits under his roots because he was cranky, now obviously the only comparison I can make is that you are cranky also and that you can’t even move your roots like that damn tree did!!! So I suggest that you put on your shirt, we do a few more stretches and then we go off for a run.”

Pete finally decides that it is probably for the best that he takes off the shirt, he tosses it on a small bench that was specially made for him before putting on the new shirt. He does some more stretching and then sighs when he hears Vinnie blow on his whistle.

“It’s time to run Pete!!!!”

We see Vinnie turn around and run away before the camera turns towards Pete, shaking his head and sighs before hobbling after Vinnie in an attempt to keep up with him.


Later that same day we see Vinnie seated in the lobby of the hotel, next to him we see Pete seated on a chair next to him inside a bucket of ice water. The two are chit chatting while seemingly waiting for something.

“I know what you must be thinking, how can we possibly trust someone that just started councelling just at the same moment that we landed in Athens, Greece.”

We see Pete shake its head a little bit as he is arguing with Vinnie, who rolls his eyes after hearing the complaint from his friend.

“Okay, I get it. I know it is even weirder that she will also stop councelling the day after Into The Void XI has ended. But you got to see it from my point of view Pete, it’s cheap because this person is willing to do it for free. Secondly, who knows?? Maybe you will be cured after one session? It has happened before!!!”

Pete reacts once again, this causes Vinnie to look up from his chair and rubs his chin while overthinking the apparently intelligent question that Pete had asked him.

“One second Pete, let me try if I could remember the name of the counsellor…..”

Vinnie continues to think before suddenly looking into his phone for received emails and reads the reply that he had received from the councelor.

“Let me see, I believe it was something with a C…. hmmmm yadda, yadda, yadda… ahh yess… there it is. C. Andy… I bet that this guy is one hell of a counsellor Pete.”

We see Pete swallow hard as he hears the name C. Andy, clearly realizing that it is former Bombshell Roulette champion…

“Hellooo!!! It’s me Candy, your counsellor!! Or in proper Greek… I’m Giannis Candylopulous…. Your Counselossios!!!”

Vinnie and Pete turn their attention to where the sound came from as the camera turns towards candy who is wearing a pink skirt with a white blouse combined with a pink tie and high heels as she has her hair tied up in a knot. For the occasion she is wearing fake glasses in an attempt  to look very smart.

“Wait…, what??”

Candy looks back at Vinnie with a puzzled look on her face.

“Woohoo, I got this Greek language mastered after just a few days!! I have to remind myself not to talk Greek in front of Vinnie though. He may get confused.”

Candy giggles as she extends her hand towards him.

“Hi!! I am Candy, the counseller for… ehm, lets see….”

She readjusts her “glasses” and reads out loud the name of Pete.

“Ah yes, Pete. He seemed to have some cyber problems right???”

Vinnie is still puzzled, but quickly snaps out of it.

“Yes.., wait NO!! I mean, he is actually in love with the Barnharts Bulldog.”

“Oh how cute!!!! Did you know that I am also an expert in creating the perfect romantic evening? Did I tell you how I helped Goth and Melissa to their perfect romantic evening, before he asked the question??”

Vinnie scratches his head while staring at Candy who gives him subtle winks, but he is obviously oblivious to recognize the hint.

“The question??”

This caused her to raise her notebook to hide her giggles before collects her thoughts and act all professional and stuff.

“He proposed to her silly bear. I can tell you could use some extra help understanding women, I…”

This causes Vinnie to snap out of it, wildly shaking his head and lifting up his hands to stop her.

“Wait!! I have been married once and that’s quite enough thank you!! We are here for him though!!”

He points at Pete, whose head was turning from left to right in attempt to fully understand what was going on between Vinnie and Candy.

“Right.., do please come in.”

She turns around into her “office” as Vinnie and Pete look at each other, Vinnie shrugs his shoulders and nods his head towards the office.

“We came so far Pete, at least give it a chance? I mean, the sooner we are done with this the sooner you may get back to see Iris again.”

Pete lowers his head and hobbles into the office with Vinnie following him.

Once inside the office we see Candy sit on a folded chair behind a wobbling table. She has a folded chair on the opposite side of the table as well as a Children’s chair, clearly suitable for Pete’s use. Vinnie looks at the scene in front of him before shaking his head before placing Pete into the children’s seat and sits down next to him. He hears the folded chair that drops a few inches underneath his weight. This causes Vinnie to jump upwards right away, only to realize that the seat of the folded chair is now fully attached to his backside because the size of his backside is larger than the seat itself.

“What the??”

Candy stifles a laugh as she sees Vinnie struggle with the folding chair.

“If I had known that my furniture that I have borrowed was too small, I would have gone to the IKEA.”

Vinnie turns around and stares at her wide eyed, forgetting that the chair is still stuck across his backside. He finally decides to sit down on the chair and decides to focus upon why he and Pete had come here.

“Senora Candy, I need you to help my amigo Pete. He and Iris are madly in love with each other.”

“Aww, so cute!! Do you got pictures???”

Pete raises his head proudly, immediately grabbing his cell phone and starts to search through his saved pictures. Only to have Vinnie put his hand on the cell phone and turns his attention back to Candy.

“Look, we can do the picture sharing later. He had been caught with her in the jacuzzi without their swimming gear.”


Candy suddenly stares at Pete with a different look on her face.

“I see, I guess I can see the problem. Perhaps you need to buy swimming gear that does not slip off Pete’s body.”

She says to Vinnie with a serious look on her face, who returns her stare with one that is puzzled.

“I thought you said you understood??”

Candy stares at Vinnie, before turning her attention to Pete and looks him up and down before looking back at Vinnie.

“I understand the fact that Pete needs specially handmade swimming gear. But I don’t see what big problem is that cannot be solved???”

Vinnie scratches his head, overthinking how he could give a better explanation without being too graphic. He suddenly thinks of something, he pulls out a small headset out of his pocket and places it on the head of Pete before turning back towards Candy.

“Look, they went skinny dipping on purpose. Only to be caught by Iris pet owners who got very upset that they did that. They called me asking me to take measure in my own hands to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Once again Candy looks at Pete, this time wide eyed before placing her hand in front of her face before turning slightly red faced.

“Oh my, that’s… different…”

Vinnie nods his head and gestures to Pete.

“See? This is what I have to content with every single day. I recently started to train him, you know running laps and stuff like that.”

Candy quickly recovers from her shock, readjusts her fake glasses that had slipped a little. She writes something down in her note book and then looks back at Pete.

“Interesting, have you ever tried to use manure on him??”

Vinnie raises an eyebrow at the suggestion that Candy had made, he looks at Pete who looks back at him before turning his attention back to Candy.

“Err…, no. should I??”

“NO of course not, big potted poppa bear. That would only extract flies. This plant is obviously lacking enough sunshine. I suggest you start working outside with him.”

She writes some more down on her note book and then turns back her gaze to Vinnie with a huge smile.

“Anything else I can help you with???”

Vinnie stares at Pete, who is jumping up and down after hearing the fact that she agreed with Vinnie’s earlier statement. Pete does not like to take part of physical training, because he is a lazy cactus.

“Wait.., what??”

Candy looks puzzled

“You explained what the problem was and I gave you a possible solution you need to try for the coming weeks.”

Vinnie scratches his head, wondering if he had imagined telling her that they recently started running.

“But I already told you that we started running, that was before you came with your solution.”

She nods her head, looks down on her note book and smiles. She turns her head towards Vinnie again with a satisfied smile.

“True, but you didn’t said that you did it outside. Why don’t you try that for a for a month or so and then contact me again.”


“Also, if I could make a suggestion? I can tell that Pete’s relationship with Iris is getting into a very serious phase. I think it is wise that Pete had a one on one conversation of the owner of Iris.”

Vinnie stares at Pete, who suddenly stopped jumping and starts to sweat like crazy as if he is swallowing his breath. This causes Vinnie to suddenly start to smile.

“That is a brilliant idea Candy!!! Why didn’t I think of this???”

“Well that’s why I am Giannis Candylopulous and you are not”

Pete’s worried head switches from left to right, staring at Vinnie and then back at Candy. Realizing the predicament he has unwillingly gotten himself into. He places both of his paws together, as in begging for both of them to reconsider their idea. Only to realize that it is totally futile, ultimately accepting fate that he has a date ahead of him with his possible future inlaws. The shot ends with Pete reaching into his pot and grabs a white flag and starts to wave it in front of the camera in a sign of surrender.

Vinnie vs. Fenris

We are at a Greek bar, where we see Vinnie seated along with Pete. Vinnie is drinking a glass of Tequila while Pete is sipping from a glass of milk. They are seated at the end of the bar as Vinnie taps his feet on the bottom end of the bar stool, while Pete is on a miniature bar stool in front of a mini bar that was made for his own size. The two are listening to some Greek songs while having a discussion.

“I am sorry Pete, but you have to understand that if you want to keep seeing Iris that you got to make friends with Bill and Bea. Or at lest try not to get yourself into trouble.”

The words from Vinnie troubles Pete, lowering his head and stares at the little glass that obviously seems to be a huge glass for him and his stomach. The cactus looks up again at Vinnie, wearing the same Hawaiian shirt and white knee high shorts. Although the shorts are too long for him as it is hanging slightly over the edge of his pot. Vinnie takes a sip from his glass of Tequila before rolling his eyes.

“Oh come on Pete, don’t start to play the little kid all of the sudden. You were mature enough to make the wrong decisions, now you need to man up…. Errr I mean cactus up and confront your responsiblities. Besides, Bill and Bea aren’t that bad of a couple. Besides, if you manage to smooth talk Bea, you are half the way to secure Bill as well.”

Pete lifts his arms in the air, swinging his paws wildly before grabbing the glass of milk and takes a sip from it after finishing his “rant”. Causing Vinnie to choke on his Tequila.

“Well, you got yourself into this situation Pete…. Now you need to be a big cactus and get yourself out of it!! I am not going to hold my hand above your head all the time okay!!!! And if I know Iris, she likes a strong man that does take charge instead of a coward that hides behind me.”

Pete throws his glass of milk towards Vinnie in anger, placing his paws upon his hips as we see the little glass of milk drip off his forehead before falling on the bar. Leaving a small red dot upon his forehead that is covered with an even smaller amount of milk. Vinnie sighs as he grabs a napkin and wipes his head clean before ordering another “glass” of milk for his friend.

“Like I said Pete, the Barnharts aren’t that bad of a couple. They just don’t like to see you force Iris to do things that no parent or owner likes to see their children or in this case pets into. You do understand don’t you??”

Pete stares at the newly filled glass of milk and starts to nod his head in agreement.

“Glad to hear that Pete, you see. I am in a similar situation with my current match against Senor Kristjansson. A man that at one point was dating the nephew of my ex wife Lora. He was a man that was angry at me what I had done to my ex nephew Ty, but I never wanted to acknowledge my mistakes. We have had heated battles, perhaps shared even more heated words. And in our last confrontation I was surprised to have seen that he was actually very sympathetic… and what did I do??”

He takes a deep sigh as he places the empty glass down upon the bar and shakes his head.

“I made it even worse, as I assumed that he would approach me the same way as I only knew from him. Boy did I ever fuck up huh??”

Pete turns his attention to the bartender, motioned his paw to the glass of his friend Vinnie and waves a few Euro’s in the direction of the bartender. Who came back with another glass of Tequila for Vinnie as he switches that one for the empty one.

“Gracias Pete, that was very kind of you.”

Vinnie looks around the bar and notices that it is quite semi filled. Not much of a surprise as it is in the middle of a sunny day, most people are obviously outside at the beach or doing something else outside. But he liked the low profile, not wanting fans to run up to him while he is overthinking his mistakes.

“I know that I have always respected Fenris, he was the first ever competitor that has ever beat me. Hell, he himself saw similarities in the beginning of our careers that was dangerously similar. We both debuted as rookies in the company, we both rose to the top of the rankings where we both earned a title shot against the champion. But he bested me, not once but several times. It had me wonder if I could have ever beat him, I admit that it was pissing me off. And then there was Lora, where I found happiness and luck… and yes problems with those I tried to make my friends… And again, I fucked it up.”

“And then I earned the shot for the title, where I could decide when I challenge the world champion for the belt. And I wanted to challenge him at the Summer XXXTreme super card at the cruise ship. And what happened?? He lost to Austin James Mercer… And a dream that I had shattered right in front of my eyes… Because I was confident at that given night I would beat him and rectified my hope to become champion finally.”

Pete lifts his paw towards him, causing Vinnie to nod his head.

“Oh yes, I did win the belt. I did marry Lora on the same night. I beat the man that beat Fenris, so you could say that it had to rectified something that I wanted to happen, because I finally became a champion. And yet…, it wasn’t what I wanted.”

“And then there was the elimination chamber match. Where I had all eyes focused upon me, judging me as a fake champion… And I guess I wanted to prove them wrong so much that I lost sight of what I had to do. And back then Fenris didn’t like me, I wonder though. Has he ever?? Will he ever??”

He takes a sip from his tequila and stares ahead of him without actually focussing on something in particular.

“And now we are at another stage of our career. We are finally facing each other one on one, how many years has it been since the last one on one?? I mean the last few times were a tag team match and that elimination chamber. Important matches, but I had been wanting that one final one on one match with this guy. Because even though I like to be in multi wrestler matches, I prefer one on one confrontations. Because if you do lose, its upon you. No excuses and that is something that many of you fans out there are wondering whether I am capable of doing. Taking a loss without me making excuses, that is why I want this match. To prove that I have changed, but also… to prove the point that I can beat this man.”

“Yes, I said this man. A man, not some punk ass kid that so many people think he is and think that they can beat. Hell, this man has only lost a few times. But I have to know, because I have beaten the man that beat him…. that beat him for the title… And that has been eating me for years. I have been asking, begging… hell I would even pay money to get that match. And every time I looked up that match card every single week and I saw our names separated from each other. And I wondered why?? Didn’t they see the potential between HIM… a picture perfect MMA superstar that is beloved, that guy has got zero baby fat on him… And then a rough diamond powerhouse, a man with an attitude and a man that wanted to prove to the world that I could beat this guy. And in all those years, it never fucking happened.”

“Forgive me for my language.”

He takes another sip from the glass and placed it back on the bar.

“I was a champion and I thought I would face him one on one… So what do you think?? Nothing, oh yeah. When I finally get him it is a six man elimination chamber match. And then a tag team match in how many years?? It made me feel that nobody believed in me, that nobody cared to see me face this guy. While back at that moment, I was one of the toughest opponents I had faced. And I got nothing, NOTHING!!!”

“So I got upset, I got even more foulmouthed than I have been in my life. I needed that match, I wanted that match and I got nothing. And now all of the sudden they put under the card that I should be aware of what I ask for?? I have been begging for it for years!!! That feels so disrespectful to me for my career. But I guess since winning that Internet title and King for a day I achieved to nothing huh??”

“And no, I am not getting offended at Kristjansson. Because I know that he has got no say in what is going on with match booking. Plus he has been in some personal battles with Austin, with the Supreme Machine. He has been with matches against people that wanted to test their abilities with him, because in my book. He is the very best in this company and yet has  not worn the world title for years… even longer than I have… And that’s really amazing seeing how his track record is doesn’t it Pete??”

He lowers his head between both arms after he had placed his glass on the bar, he shakes his head and lets out a long sigh.

“I know deep down inside, this is a match that he had been wanting for years. But I know he isn’t as vocal as a moron like yours truly, but then again I have been a moron for years. I feel bad that I fucked up the opportunity for years to do what I believed I wanted to do. Maybe I was saying that to convince myself that I could beat him… but I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t.”

“Oh yeah, I told the truth for a change people. Something you all better get used to, because it won’t be the last. You see Kristjansson,m I blamed everyone. I blamed you, I blamed management. Hell I even blamed every damn single wrestler in the back, I blamed my ex wife for leaving me, I blamed the fans that apparently liked Pete more than me. But the onloy one that I needed to look at was me, the only one that was to be blamed for not having had that damn match in YEARS!!! But I guess something must have changed huh??”

“I have beaten the current Internet champion, tough match. But I hardly would compare that to something like squaring off against you. But does it matter?? I did something that I have not been able in years… so I guess I have finally opted in to move on and just forget about the hope, the dream match, the wishful thinking of what if. WHAT IF??? Because I had assumed it would not happen any time soon, as if one or both of us were protected from me being an ass and an embarrassment to that what should have and could have been a potential thriller. A match that MUST be a thriller, because I am the one remember?? I was the one that made you realize that I was more than just a fat slob. You said it yourself, you couldn’t see it at all why a man like me could have garnered a title shot against you so fast. But realized after our first confrontation that looks are deceitful. Too bad that I started to believe my own hype a thousand times then it should have been. But I cannot alter the past, the only thing I can do is look into the future. The future is only a few days ahead of us, the future is a match that I would bet my life upon that if your match with JC had happened instead of ours…“

He shakes his head, trying to get rid of the negativity in his words.

“I know you two have been going at it for a while, I know you two had a great match recently. So I understand that you are disappointed that it got changed at the very last minute. But then look things my way, when would our match have happened if you two had fought?? Seriousloy Fenris, think about that my friend before answering.”

“And I hope that you won’t be influenced by others that still believe that I am the same old Vinnie. Because if that’s the case, then ask Austin… At least he had the guts to tell me why Fenris and since then I had lived up to his expectations and improved. So at least I can safely say that I have scratched one name of the list of doubters that wouldn’t have given me the day of life.”

“So I guess the next person on that list is you. The one match that would possibly put me back on the map as a world title contender… But I know now that even though how much I love to be in the same list of names that could challenge the world champ. But until I have not done this, then there’s no reason.”

Vinnie stares at Pete and smiles.

“So my amigo, why don’t you go and drink your milk so that we can go to our hotel. Because tomorrow will be an early morning for another run.”

Pete swallows hard, he had totally forgotten about the exercising that Vinnie had told him that they would be doing. This causes him to drop his head and sigh. Both of them finish their drinks and exit the bar after Vinnie had tipped the bartender as the shot slowly fades.