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Internet Championship: Jack Washington (c) v Goth
« on: May 03, 2022, 09:12:38 AM »
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Re: Internet Championship: Jack Washington (c) v Goth
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The Genesis of Goth

Chapter Two: I am here

“I know you all have been waiting for the moment where I would return where it all began… No obviously not Greece, but I am sure that all of you highly anticipated viewers have already guessed what I was referring to. So why don’t we stop complicating things and get straight into the good stuff… Because we all know that patience is a virtue, except when you are too stupid to even care….”

Athens, Greece

Monday morning, as the airplane had touched the ground when arriving from Lesbos, Greece. We see Goth and Melissa walk of the airplane towards the stairs, both carrying a bag on their backs while their suitcases have already been flown and directed to their hotels last night. Goth is wearing sunglasses, a light blue shirt with dolphins on it and a white knee high pants with white sneakers. Melissa behind him is wearing a white dress and some pumps on her feet. Goth inhales the air as he always does when exiting an airplane out of tradition before monitoring the surroundings. He already sees someone holding a sign that reads their real names before he and Melissa continue their walk towards the man.

“Welcome sir and miss, I am your designated driver towards your hotel. Please follow me”

Goth nods his head as he and Melissa follow the man in suit to their limousine. The limo is all white, several feet long, Goth gestures for Melissa to step into the car first after the limo driver had opened it for them before quickly following her inside. There the two sit down upon the comfortable sofa’s while facing each other as Goth decided to turn his back towards the seat of the limo driver. There he places his bag next to him and checks his phone for last minute messages from either the Saviors or Sin City management.

“How has the training gone so far Melissa??”

Asks Goth towards his fiancé after turning his phone back into his pants as he stares towards the woman that recently had decided that she wanted to become an active wrestler. He could tell by the scowl on her face that she had been put through a tough first series of workouts by Whisper, but she had known what she had gotten herself into.

“I enjoyed kicking the punching bag tho.”

She says grimacing, she had some tough first few nights trying to catch some sleep. Complaining that she had got to get used to be dropped on the canvas as there had been some bruises on her back because of it. But never had she considered quitting and kept going.

Goth smiles as he watches the woman he loves, she did not had to say anything for him to realize how she must have been feeling. He had decided not to step in during the first days of training, he wanted her to get some sort of understanding of how he had endured his way to the top of the wrestling industry. He had often told her that didn’t cared too much about wrestling schools, that it would not teach the wrestlers of today how to survive the same fashion he had to in the past. Granted, he felt that teaching people how to perform wrestling moves nowadays was important, but it had not taught them to survive on the streets, to find that edge that only a few possessed.

“You are supposed to soak in everything that Whisper tells you.”

Melissa lifts her hand towards her neck, grimacing slightly.

“Have the apron parts of the canvas always been so hard to fall on?”

Goth chuckles while nodding his head, remembering the very first time that he took a bump on the apron part of the canvas. He has had several injuries in the beginning of his career as his neck muscles weren’t quite as developed as it is right now. Seeing Melissa go through the same painful experiences makes him proud of her that she has not decided to go back on her decision but merely to prove a point to herself that she can do this. Goth turns his head towards the blinded car window, admiring the scenery of Athens, Greece. A city that he has never competed in before, a city with large historical importance. Something that he has always enjoyed visiting museums as well as historical buildings.

“What was your reasoning for you to start wrestling?”

Goth turns his attention back to Melissa, opening his mouth to answer her question but ultimately doesn’t. His memory goes back to how he and his then wife Chantal who was known to Sapphira in wrestling history. Realizing that it wasn’t actually his but that of his wife, he leans his head back against the seat of the car letting out a low sigh


There’s a smile emerging upon his lips as he has closed his eyes slightly, a soft tear emerges from his left eye that slowly drips down his cheek. His mind is racing back to that one day that he and Chantal were desperate, they had no more money and about to be thrown out of their apartment. The decision was either for him to go back to be a criminal once more, the one thing that he had been desperately trying to make an honest life. Something he at that moment couldn’t see any other way to feed himself but more importantly his wife. He lets out a sigh once more before turning his gaze towards Melissa.

“You know the tales of wrestlers that slept in their car to save some money?”

She nods her head as she continues to gaze at him, waiting for the answer that she was so curious about but not sure whether she will like to hear it.

“Me and Chantal were nearly thrown out of our apartment as we both lost our jobs. She had told me that I had to make a decision, either go back to a criminal life or find something that would pay us big time money. And all I knew I was good at was to fight, so I talked myself into a spot on a wrestling company by telling I was the biggest Dutch wrestler ever…,”

“I have to be honest, I only saw a few matches and had the believe that I could do what they were doing…with ease.”

He turns his attention back to Melissa and chuckles.

“Well, I have to be honest that after a day or two I considered quitting all together. But I could not get myself to face Chantal and tell her that I had give up. Because that would have meant that we had nothing left, that we had to sleep in our car and I could not force myself to that decision.”

His face turns into a grimace, his jaw tightens up while wiping away the tear that had started to drip lower his cheek. He then moves his hand into a fist as if he was squashing the tear drop out of the painful memory of his deceased wife. This causes Melissa to place a hand across his knee, causing him to nod his head in appreciation as he feels her squeezing him gently as he places his on hers.

“I actually hated it, I hated the people that stretched me to the point that I could barely move. But for some reason the owner saw something in me that he started to convince me to return every single day. He started to talk about psychology of the game, something that started to piss me off.”

“You see Melissa, I was a simple guy. I only knew violence, I knew how to punch someone in the face and kick him in the stomach. So when someone starts to talk about psychology, as if it is a game of chess I was starting to get pissed off”

“You see, I started to question whether I was going insane or anyone in this sports were lunatics. Watching people in stupid tights, even weirder names and then I have this guy telling me that I should be the man that I am today. That I am the man that people will one day know as Goth…. A name that had stuck with me for over 20 years for crying out loud, while at first I wanted to be the Dutch Destroyer or something.”

Melissa stifles a laugh after hearing the suggestive name that Goth had uttered as he explained about his frustrative state of mind he must have had back then.

“What made you decide to stick with it??”

Goth rolls his eyes before turning his concentrated look that he was sporting into one of amusement

“I guess the reason for me was that I was allowed to grow my hair, put on face paint of a skull and hide my identity with all kind of tattoos. Mostly because I was ashamed for my family and friends back home, I was ashamed that someone from his past would recognize me and… I don’t know… “

“Oh who the fuck am I kidding? I bet this guy has probably seen me wrestle in the past.”

The camera turns to the Greek limo driver, but the man refuses to respond to the statement of Goth.

“Guess I am lucky enough to have a limo driver that does not know his wrestling history, I was feeling so uncomfortable the entire time. Wearing face paint that looked more like a clown face than a skull.”

This time it takes Melissa more trouble to stifle a laugh over the embarrassing look on his face before he himself bursts out in laughter.

“Luckily Chantal offered to help me out, painting my face properly. Helping me with my in ring gear and ultimately decided to join me to the ring. That decision made me feel more comfortable, it allowed me to grasp the vision that the owner of that wrestling company had envisioned for me.”

“And the rest is history”

The two share a smile, staring through the blinded windows of the limo driver while taking a drink from the bottle of wine that they taken from the wine cooler.

“Do you think I will have a chance?”

Goth looks at her with a puzzled look on his face.

“To be a successful as a Bombshell.”

He smiles as for the first time he notices a look of uncertainty on her face, a look he has had so many times during his first few weeks in trying to figure out the art of wrestling him. He squeezes the hand that she had placed upon his knee and gives her a reassuring look on his face that makes her relax a little, although he could tell that she is still insecure about it all.

“You are capable of everything that you set your mind to, the unknown is something that you need to overcome. But with the guidance of both me and Whisper as well as every other member of the Saviors is something that I am positive that you will exceed the expectations.”

She looks at him with a concerned look on her face

“Will I exceed yours??”

“You already have exceeded any expectations Melissa, there’s nothing that you have to prove to me. I know that you are capable of being the very best in this company.”

The two smile at each other as the limo drives on, taking them to their hotel where they can relax and prepare for his match in a few weeks for the Internet championship.

Later that day

We see Goth work out in the gym that the Saviors had booked for them to prepare for their matches at Into the Void, Goth is lifting some Dumbbells while occasionally paying attention to Whisper educating Melissa. He notices how Whisper is explaining Melissa how to hit the punching bag the right way as to hit her opponent, explaining how to be able to execute the move with the same intensity after 20 minutes into the match. Melissa can be seen soaking up every word of advice, being completely focused upon her mentor as she does not notice Goth watching them. Whisper then tells Melissa to kick the punching bag several times before going for a run on the treadmill to build up her condition.

Whisper looks on at her pupil with smile on her face, clearly satisfied with the determination of Melissa’s progress after a short time. She looks over at Goth as their eyes meet, Goth nods his head before turning his attention back to his own work out. After several more reps he places the dumbbells back in the spot that he had grabbed them and wipes the sweat with his towel before taking a sip of water. He gazes at his own reflection in the mirror before noticing that Whisper had walked up behind him and stares at him through the mirror.

“She is doing well so far.”

Goth nods his head in agreement, letting out a small smile as he is unable to withstand his upper lip from lifting upwards slightly before quickly falling back into place of his earlier gaze. But he knew that Whisper had detected the slight reaction to her comments as she cocks her head to the left.

“But obviously she has a long way to go Gerrit, her being a former kickboxer makes it easier for her to make the transaction from kickboxing into wrestling. But…,”

There’s a moment of silence where she showcases a small hesitation, this causes Goth to raise an eyebrow in response.


Whisper turns her gaze towards Melissa for a moment as she has finished her training session on the punching bag and heads over towards the treadmill to start her running.

“It has been years that she has had been a part of an actual fight Goth and that was Kickboxing, now obviously I am not taking that line of sports lightly… but.”

“But this is wrestling Gerrit, there’s so much more that she needs to understand that you need to be good at more than just beign able to kick and punch.”

Goth nods his head, unfastening the ponytail that he put his hair in so that it wouldn’t fall in front of his face during his work out. Shaking his hair loose until it falls back into place as he turns his focus back on Whisper.

“I have faith in her ability to adapt to our sport, she just needs an opportunity to prove it to the world that she isn’t just some good looking fiancé of a Hall Of Fame wrestler.”

The two share a small laugh, Whisper nods her head towards the counter where an hotel employee is serving drinks. The two walk over towards it and order something to drink before turning their attention back to the others inside the gym.

“So how is Melissa doing?”

He asks Whisper not taking his eyes off the others, Whisper doesn’t respond until after the employee had returned with their order. She grabs her drink and takes a sip from it before answering Goth’s question.

“She is eager to learn, maybe too eager as she cannot wait until she steps foot inside the six sided ring.”

Goth smirks while taking a sip of the energy drink he had ordered, nodding his head as he had expected Melissa to be to be eager to compete.

“I know, she needs to learn to be patient. To understand that fighting inside the six sided ring is a bit different than hitting a punching bag, because these ladies hit back.”

The two of them laugh, Goth stares at the other members of the Saviors doing their training as he becomes fascinated by their routines, trying to figure out whether he could compliment that into his own routine before Whisper interrupts him in his thoughts.

“So tell me Gerrit, what was the real reason for you two deciding that she wants to compete inside the six sided ring??”

The question surprises him, but only for a moment as he lowers his head for a moment with a sly smile upon his face. Finally nodding his head before looking straight ahead once more.

“To be honest Whisper? Me telling you that she wants to compete inside the ring is the true reason behind her decision.”

“And yours??”

This time the question causes Goth to remain silent for a bit longer, the stare upon his face tells a different story than what they had tried to convince her. Goth lets out a long sigh before turning his attention back to Whisper as he smiles.

“To be honest, I was really hesitant to let her become a wrestler, not that I was worried whether she could stand her ground inside the ring. Because I know she is as tough as nails, but it was more emotionally charged for me to give her my blessing.”

He cocks his head sideways, staring at Kat as she is stretching her legs before going for a run on the treadmill herself. He stares at her for a few moments before turning his attention back to Whisper with a sad look on his face.

“I’ve never told anyone this, but Chantal once had the same idea of becoming a pro wrestler after our son was born.”

The revelation of Goth causes Whisper to raise an eyebrow, but remains silent as she allows Goth to finish his story.

“At first I wasn’t sure, but she had asked me to at least train her. To just try and figure out whether she had it in her to compete. And I have to be honest, she exceeded my expectations to the point where I agreed to put her through the damn best training to become a wrestler I could possibly give her. We even had plans of her to debut at a certain point in Sin City Wrestling, I was confident that she would have become a Bombshell champion in no time. But….,”

His face shows the pain of the memories that are now starting to flow back into his head as he sighs

“We already started to make plans, what her entrance music would have been and her in ring wrestling name. But obviously that was already set in stone as the name everyone knew her off. And then one day she woke up with so much pain, that caused us to make an appointment with the doctor for a check-up. Ony to go back home and think nothing about it, hell I was about to call SCW management to send us a contract for her in ring debut when we received a call from the doctor. The moment that to this very day still haunts my dreams.”

Goth closes his eyes, fighting the urge to show tears from flowing down his cheeks. But ultimately he cannot stop the tears from coming. He wipes his face clean with the back of one of his hands as he continues the talk.

“Just imagine that you answer the phone and the worst thing that you could ever imagine happening to you, multiply to IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

The rage is visible upon his face as we see some of the members of the Saviors look up towards Goth, only to have Whisper signal to them that he is alright.

“Just imagine, that you are sitting down with your loved on eating breakfast. And then you hear that she has cancer?? The mere thought of losing the one that I loved is unbearable. And now I was reliving the same fear when Melissa asked me the same dreaded question that Chantal asked me. And I wanted to say no, I wanted to beg her not to do it. But when I saw that determination upon her face then I realized that I would be unable to convince her not to do it.”

His hands slowly reopen after being closed into fists during his entire rant, his shocked reaction tells us all that he was not aware of his anger that was building inside of him.

“I realized that I had to confront my fears to overcome the pain that I had endured for several years. The pain that I escaped myself in alcoholism, I ran from my responsibilities to be a good parent because I no longer cared about anything in my life since Chantal died. And I would have still be drinking until the moment that Melissa cam into my life. Making me realize that I owed her to give her the opportunity to go after her dream after giving me another chance to love a wonderful person in my life. Because this time my selfish nature isn’t going to be the dominant personification that would ruin her luck. So I gave in, I allowed her to be in the spotlight ultimately. Because when I finally decide I have reached the point of me FINALLY retire on my terms. I will step back and allow her to shine instead, because I owe it to her and to Chantal to do the right thing.”

Whisper places her hand upon his knee and nods her head understandingly.

“Don’t worry about that Gerrit, because this time you have US to look after you and Melissa.”

Goth smiles as he notices Melissa getting off the treadmill and walks over towards them, he gazes at her face as she moves some hair out of her sweaty face. The two kiss each other for a moment before she sits down next to him and orders something to drink as well.

“So what have you two been talking about??”

Her question causes the two of them to stare at each other for a few moments before turning their attention back to Meliss with a rather large smile

“Oh how the two of us should celebrate your eminent in ring debut real soon.”

This causes a smile to emerge upon her face

Later that day

Goth and Melissa had decided to celebrate Melissa’s career decision to become a wrestler by going out and eat at one of the best restaurants before taking a walk on the beach. Melissa is wearing a beautiful black dress without any straps or sleeves, revealing her feminine curves enough that would leave other men wonder. Goth was wearing an dark blue Armani suit, but had allowed his jacket to be draped across Melissa’s shoulders as the temperature was slowly falling with every passing hour. The two are holding hands as they stare at the waves while remaining silent. Goth had always enjoyed these moments with her, it gave him peace whle Melissa had always told him that he should get out some more since the day they had confessed that they had fallen in love with each other. Something that Goth never cared about, he was more a man that enjoyed staying home and cuddle up on the couch while watching a movie. But he knew that Melissa would not have any of that.

“See? I told you that I was right.”

She giggled as she places her head against his shoulder while squeezing his muscular arm gently with her small hands, this caused him to look at her bemused before wrapping his arm around her.

“I believe I have told you this a many of times that it makes me realize that you enjoy watching me squirm in agony.”

He playfully squeezes her behind through her dress, causing her to feign a look of shock while punching him in the shoulder.

“Now kind sir, I don’t have any of that…. Not until we are married that is.”

The two laugh out loud over her reaction, they continue to walk silently for a few moments before Melissa suddenly forces him to stop as she turns around and stands in front of him while staring lovingly in his eyes.

“Gerrit, I know how difficult it was for you to finally agree for me to do this. And I am very thankful for you to allow me to follow my dream, I will do anything in my power to make you proud of me.”

He feels a surge of emotion well up inside of him as he grasps her hands in his, he gently lifts them to his lips and kisses them tenderly before looking back into her eyes.

“You don’t have to enter the world of wrestling to earn my pride Melissa, because you have earned it since the day that you have entered my life.”

She stares into his eyes as we see a small tear emerge from her face as he gently runs his finger past her cheek and wipes it away, causing her to nestle her face against the soft touch of his hand. He kisses her forehead for a moment before slowly pulling away and gazes back into her face with a look of passion in his eyes.

“I never thought I would be back to the level that I am today thanks to you and I am not just talking about my profession, but merely as a man, a father and future husband.”

He looks at their engagement rings for a few moments, smiling at the mere thought that she had accepted his proposal to marry him.

“Yes, I have still my fears because of what happened to Chantal. Yes, I still have my doubts of whether it was the right decision for me to do. But you had taught me to never back away from my fears, but to confront them head on. And just like I am intending to do at Into The Void when I challenge Jack Washington for that Internet title of his…, I have decided to confront my fears and doubts. To overcome them by watching you exceed by merely stepping foot inside that six sided ring.”

“And even if you decide afterwards that this isn’t for you, then at least you have done everything in your powers to succeed. Because if you never try, then you will always wonder what if? And I’ll be damned to have you wonder that same thought of what if??”

She smiles as she softly plants a kiss on his lips, the two remain in an tender embrace while kissing each other as the sound of the waves echoes in the background. Finally they pull back and stare at each other before continuing their walk while holding each other’s hand.

“I am glad that Whisper accepted to train me in the same facility with everyone else of the Saviors. Although I was worried at first whether I would make an embarrassing first impression upon them.”

Goth turns his head towards her smilingly while they continue their walk

“Like what?? That you would burst out of your gear??”

Melissa scowls at him playfully before punching him in the shoulder, causing Goth to back off while faking a look of fear on his face before they laugh.

“No silly, they are all seasoned veterans… Hell you are a perfectionist at heart, it freightened me the very first time that I stood there while wondering what the hell I was doing.”

Goth smiles as he turns his gaze back towards the seemingly endless sandy beach in front of them, allowing a few moments of silence to pass before answering her.

“I had sleepless nights when I started to train in the hope of one day becoming a wrestler myself, that fear only increased when I had my first ever match in front of six people inside of a gym.”

“If that’s supposed to comfort me in my decision, it’s not working.”

She says with a worried look on her face as Goth nods his head.

“What I meant was that everything new is exciting, but you never know how things will work out. My first ever match in the big leagues was a loss, while I thought I was a big time player from the lesser federations. But I realized after that match that I realized that nothing that I had done upon that moment didn’t mattered. I needed to once again challenge myself to start from scratch all the way to where I am today. And I was lucky to have had Chantal in my corner to cheer me on. Because she pushed me to strive to get as close to perfection as possible.”

“And I intend to do the same for you ”

Melissa becomes silent, processing every single word that Goth had told her and started to realize that not only would he help her train, but also that he would be at ringside during her matches. This causes her to wrap her arms around him and plants a kiss on his lips before they remain holding each other for a very long time.

“Thank you Gerrit, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

He doesn’t answer, but maintains the embrace that they have upon each other. They finally release their embrace after several moments of silence between them, they turn their gaze towards the waves and admire the beauty of the nature and enjoying the mere fact that they are on a wonderful vacation.

The wonders of being the King, The King of Kings

Chapter: Jack Washington, part one.

It’s late in the evening as Goth can be seen drinking something at the bar of the hotel, he is dressed in casual clothing to make him feel comfortable. His hair is hanging loosely, covering parts of his face that gives him a mysterious aura that he is known off. He orders another drink as he hears the footsteps of the camera crew approaching him, but refuses to give them any sign of him acknowledging them.

His gaze is fixated upon a 32 inch flatscreen television that hangs across the wall of the bar, showing the latest of news around the world as he is always curious of what is going on outside the wrestling world. He slowly closes his eyes when noticing the microphone hanging above his head, causing him to mutter something in Dutch that is clearly not very flattering towards the crew of Sin City Wrestling. But finally decides to give in after realizing that ignoring them wouldn’t cause them to move away.

“You people sure know when to interfere when it’s least expected.”

He smiles to himself without turning his gaze towards the camera crew as he takes another sip of the beverage that he is drinking. He places down the glass and maintains his focus upon the television.

“I highly doubt that you people are interested in my view of everything that is going on in this world and just dive straight into the man that I am going to be facing at Into the Void.”

“Jack Washington.”

His smile slowly fades as the look on his face becomes more serious, the former two time world champion facing the Hall of Fame legend, multi champion in this company in his own right.

“I just wonder what you people expect me to say? Whether I should just tell the world how I am going to beat him? Wouldn’t that be a revalation to your listening ears?? Of course not, that would be so one dimensional wouldn’t it?? So what should I be discussing about then? Because I have to address something worth while about the man that will do ANYTHING to hold on to his belt. Gives you so much options to choose from, but then again…. Wouldn’t that avoiding the whole story that nobody is apparently willing to tell???”

He leans his elbows upon the bar and lowers his face, covering a soft laugh from the camera as his hair is hiding his expression. Only to slowly raise his head once more as his hair slowly drops to the side before turning his gaze towards the camera for the very first time. The angle of the light of the bar reflects upon his face as his eyes are nearly hidden in darkness, giving him a skull like appearance as it hides 90 percent of his eyes except for his pupils.

“The one thing that you people all are trying to push underneath the rug so to speak, the shocking turn of events that will ultimately reflect Sin City Wrestling in the days, weeks and months to come. And yet, it is better to be hush hush about it isn’t it??”

He places a finger in front of lips in order to “silence” himself, only to respond with a sinister smile. He nods his head up and down as if he understands why.

“And why would be referring to a deflection of sorts? It’s not that it fits the bill when it comes down a championship match, a match that I have earned by outlasting and outsmarting several other men to face our beloved Jack in one week time. And yet, is that the tell of the tale?? Of course it is when you ignore the fact that I betrayed you all….. The man that turned his back…, but did I really? Of course not, you all need to have a spine at first for me to even consider that I owe you something in the first place. I know harsh words isn’t it?? But reality is even beyond that and I guess in the all willing wisdom of the powers that be… they just decide to ignore it and move to the materialistic side of it all…. The fact that I have earned a shot at the belt, the Internet title. A belt that I have held before and quite frankly, I want it back.”

“But then again, that is obvious isn’t it?? TOO obvious if you ask me, because if I didn’t then why would I even care about winning a match that had mindless fools that believed they were all better than yours truly? I guess it’s apparently too much to ask for to have people entertain you these days. And I am wondering whether our beloved Jack will be any different, oh I am aware that he has swallowed a vocabulary once or twice in his growth to become a grown man and a wrestler. But there must be so much more that would set him apart from each and every other superstar in this organization. But what?”

“Is it the mere fact that he had decided along with the powers that be to ignore me? Oh I would shudder the thought if that was the case, but we all know that people like Mark Cross has already exceeded him to the point of no return. But I know that lesser beings will grasp on to it with desperation in their souls, only to stupid to even think that it is determination.”

He shakes his head in disagreement

“You see when it comes down to our beloved champion, he is believing his own words. The words of the lie that ultimately turns in the truth as long as you keep repeating yourself isn’t it?? Something I will not judge him upon, because quite frankly. It’s the 101 wrestling guide that dummies take these days in the hope to grow some imaginary testicles that wrestlers of his generation are severely lacking”

“Obviously I am fully aware that you will tell the world that I am wrong, that I am an idiot or wonder why a grown man like yours truly calls himself Goth? Oh the virtues of life when you allow your words to spew upon the world when you are forced into a corner wouldn’t you agree Jack?”

Goth waves his hand towards the camera as if to gesture to his opponent for the Internet title to silence his reaction.

“No, please Jack. Don’t answer this hypothetical question, because I know it will only cause you to run your gums on live television prior to our match. Insulting every inch of your remainder of something considered to be a brain. The mere thought that after your foolish attempt to amaze the world that indeed your mouth runs faster than your brain can comprehend was troubling to say the least. It only makes me understand the mere fact that I need to save you from the responsibility that you clearly are incapable of upholding.”

“Now it would be merely repetitive nature that many so called wrestlers these days would use in their arsenal if they are in the dire stress of being original. So I will not use the stupidity that my old friend Bill used to count the days of your reigns you once held. It would be beneath me to clarify that one may hold something, only to lose it to another…. Interesting analysis wouldn’t you think?? To merely hold it until the more deserving champion comes around??”

He grabs the glass and downs it in one swift motion before turning around and stares into the camera, a sadistic smile emerges upon his face.

“Oh I know you are better than just being a mere transitional champion Jack, but the point is that so far you have failed to impress me. You have either ignored me under the presumption of that I am either not worth it, or merely the fact that you are clueless beyond imagination. You see my friend and I do hope that you allow me to phrase you into a certain position in our rather distant relationship, you cling on too tight on the assumption that everything you can do to hold on to that championship will grant you success”

“I have tolerated your one sided approach, it has entertained me to the fullest. Hell, it has given me the insight of what you are truly capable off when it comes down to gaining a first impression. You are just merely a futile attempt to be the snake in the Biblical sense of the word, slithering yourself through many holes in the hope that one day you will find yourself a fat moue to swallow and savour until the next time comes that your meal is presented upon you on  a silver platter.”

“Sadly for you my insignificant other, because that is how I view you. Insignificant, I view you to be lost in your own imagination. Perhaps you should just put on your dancing shoes, tap them three times and hope that you will be whistled to another fantasy world where nobody can take away what you hold dearly. You see Jack, I am just bemusing myself right now, I cannot just place all my cards upon the gambling table and weaken my chances for success now can I??”

“And yet, I wonder whether I should even have to try. You proclaim to be a great champion, an even better wrestler. And all I see is just a shell of the wrestlers that has established themselves in this organization. Because they would have never allowed a joke like Senor Vinnie to belittle your championship aspirations. And I know, you have valiantly regained some sort of composure after beating a man that needs a walker every time he attempts to get his ass in the ring while being followed by that bitch in heat…. And I wasn’t even talking about that damn dog of his.”

He places some money on the bar for the drinks and stands up while having his focus remaining on the camera.

“I hope that my words will not cause you to react in distress champ, because I would hate to see the two of us would get off the wrong foot after the first week of our confrontation that should have been the night where the man that turned his back upon Sin City Wrestling has the opportunity to bring home another championship belt. But don’t worry Jack, because after this week is done there will be one more week left for you to recognize what is standing in front of you. The man that eats, breathes and sleeps exactly THAT what you desperately try to uphold as a wrestler and champion. It’s nothing personal my friend, you are just the sad example what is lacking in this company that I will take great pleasure in breaking down another brick in their seemingly unbreakable wall of self confidence. And you should just take great pleasure in realizing that you will be the first brick in many to follow, because last week was not even worth my time to look back upon.”

“Understand this Jack, I am not here to destroy you, I am here to save you.”

With that he nods his head before walking off, allowing the camera to turn towards the leaving Goth as he gazes at him from behind before the shot slowly fades to darkness.

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Re: Internet Championship: Jack Washington (c) v Goth
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Jack was successful in retaining his Internet champion in his last appearance, with featured Goth, his challenger, coming out at the end of the show and a stare down ensued. It was obvious that Goth was taking this very seriously and Jack needed to be on his toes because otherwise Goth, being the cagey veteran that he was, would take advantage, much like Senor Vinnie did in Jack’s first match after winning the championship. Jack had plenty of time to prepare, but given what Jack is like, it was a question of whether or not he would actually use this time wisely. He might be the Internet champion, but his attitude is, and always will be his biggest asset, and biggest flaw. The question was, which is going to show up, in Athens.


Outside the ring, Jack saw first-hand that while his brother Jason was a capable owner of the Casino and ran it very efficiently, there was also a side of Jason that was far more brutal and extreme than Jack had ever seen. Jason was prepared to maim and disfigure cheaters that were caught at the casino itself, but stopped himself short of it. This did not sit well with Jack, but it didn’t seem like Brian was affected either way by Jason’s brutal actions. While Jack could see why this would happen, it never really occurred to him that Jason’s military experience would manifest itself in such a way. It did give Jack some second thoughts to having Jason around, but now, this was a family business. Jack would still need to keep an eye out for his younger brother, and try and keep this type of behavior to a minimum.


But we move forward now with Jack and Jason, as Jason was finally ready to show Jack what he actually meant when he spoke about “expansion” It was Jason’s idea to get the Washington name out there into the Las Vegas scene, but what Jason had in store for Jack, was nothing short of... different. 



Desert Auto Sales

Las Vegas Valley, NV


Jack: This is stupid.


Jack was staring daggers at his brother. If looks could kill, Jason would be a pile of festering, smoldering ooze. Jason wore a sly smirk on his face, putting a hand on his brother’s shoulder, as if to reassure him that everything was going to according to plan.


Jason: Bro, you have to think about the positives on this whole thing.


Jack: What positives?


Jason: Hello, branding! This is big for us, man. Huge.


Jack: We’re at a fucking used car lot, Jay. 


Jason: Everybody has to start somewhere. In the long run you’ll be glad we did this.


Jack: If we don’t get places better than this there won’t BE a long run, Jay. This is stupid and it’s not going to help anything. We’re not even IN the main Vegas area. 


Jason: Yeah, I know. Do you know how hard it is to get premium advertising? You just have to look at it this way, when you’re a new guy, in a new place, you don’t know anybody, and you have to find the work where it will come to you. This may not be on the strip or anything, but come on now.


Jack looks around, clearly noticing a lack of people coming to buy cars.


Jack: People buy everything online now, anyway. Who is coming to a car dealership anymore? Nobody!


Jason: Well, I guess it’s a good thing we have the Sin City Wrestling INTERNET champion isn’t it? Huh? Come on, you are PERFECT for this.


Jack: I don’t do this kind of stuff.


Jason: What? Try and sell something? Of course you do. You sell yourself every time you have to make a deal! You sell what you’re doing in the ring right? You’re a NATURAL salesman, and you’ll be a natural actor! 


Jack facepalmed and then ran his fingers through his hair with a deep sigh.


Jack: I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for making me go through this bullshit.


Jason: It’s for the BRAND, bro. We get our name out there and we’re going to be gold! And then, people will be coming to us. It’s going to work, you’re just going to have to trust me.


Jack: You just used the word trust while we are at the fucking used car lot. I really, really hope you see the irony in that.


Jason: Look at it this way, at least you don’t have to use a cowboy hat.


Jack: Fuck you, Jay.


An older, larger man walks up to the two brothers, a smile on his face as he extends his hand.


Man: Howdy, boys, name’s Terry, I’ll be directing this little shot.


Jason: Good, Terry, right? Okay so you just tell us where you want Jack here, and he’ll be happy to do anything you need.


Jack shoots Jason yet another death glare.


Terry: You’re the champ, right?


Jack: What gave it away?


Jason throws an arm around Jack hand waving Jack’s curt behavior and tone to Terry.


Jason: He gets grumpy when he doesn’t have his coffee.


Terry: Yeah, uh, anyway, they want you to do this shot with Daniela, she’s the owner.


Jack: Yeah, fine.


Terry: Good, well, we’ll be set up in like a couple of minutes, hopefully you rehearsed the script.


Jack: I got it.


Terry: Good. Alright, I look forward to working with ‘ya.


Jack gives a half-hearted nod before he watches Terry walk away.


Jason: You gotta keep your cool, bro.


Jack looks around, eyes wide, completely incredulous.


Jack: What? Hold the fucking phone, you were about to smash some dude’s hand for cheating, and you’re telling ME to be cool?


Jason sighs: I admit, I lost it for a second there. It’s the pills. I forgot them and I got a little excited and I may have over-reacted.


Jack: You were a fucking psycho. There’s no other word for it.


Jason shrugs and gives a smirk.


Jason: All the more reason you are the one shooting the commercials.


Jack glares at Jason.


Jack: If you weren’t blood, I’d of fired you on the spot for this shit.


There is a call of Jack’s name. He again frowns and stares at Jason.


Jason: You got this. For the brand, bro.


Jack walks by Jason muttering not-very-nice things under his breath, to join the shoot. He casually walks up to Daniela, at first, hesitant to shake her hand when she sticks it out.


Daniela: I'm Daniela, the owner.


Jack looks at her hand, his years of not trusting people make this a reflex move, but he did eventually shake her hand. Daniela was obviously taken aback for a second, but nods when Jack finally does the handshake.


Daniela: It's nice to meet you and nice to be working with you.


Jack: Likewise.


Daniela: I think this will really benefit the both of us.


Jack: So I’m told.


Daneila again is taken aback by the curt response. Jack closes his eyes and sighs, holding up his hands to put Daniela at ease.


Jack: I don’t mean anything bad by that. I’m just not sold on this whole idea; it has nothing to do with you personally.


Daniela: Well, I do hope that isn’t a big inconvenience for you.


Jack: No, no it’s not. I’m just... This isn’t my scene, you know?


Daniela: Selling cars, or human contact?


Jack: Either. Or both.


This actually draws a smile from Daniela, Jack may have been being serious, but it was a tension breaker. She nodded and then shrugged.


Daniela: Well, given how some of us have turned out, I can’t say as I blame you.


Jack: People? Or car dealerships?


Daniela: Either, or both.


Jack points at her, acknowledging her joke back at him.


Jack: Fair enough.


Daniela: So, you’re a wrestler?


Jack: Among many things, but primarily, yes.


Daniela: Oh, you do other things besides wrestle?


Jack: I own a casino.


Daniela laughs, but sees that Jack is not laughing, as he stated this matter-of-factly.


Daniela: Wait, seriously?


Jack: Yes.


Daniela: Oh, wow... sorry I just... I didn’t expect that.


Jack: I didn’t really think you’d be here either. I expected some fat old guy with a giant cowboy hat. 


Daniela: Fair enough.


Jack: We’re not all big musclebound idiots. It was my first investment here.


Daniela: And yet, you still wrestle? I would think you didn’t need money if you bought a casino.


Jack: I enjoy wrestling, but I enjoy money more.


Daniela: You and me both. Anyway, you ready for this?


Jack: I guess.


Daniela and Jack walk to where all the camera and lights are for this commercial shoot. Terry, the director, gives an impatient, sarcastic smile to both of them.


Terry: Glad you two could make it.


Daniela: I’m paying for this commercial, Terry. You’re just here to direct it. 


Terry doesn’t respond to that, instead his smile turns into one of resignation as he points at a well-lit spot.


Terry: Just stand there please.


Daniela and Jack stand in the designated spots, Jack has the SCW Internet championship over his shoulder for this as Daniela wait for her cue.


Daniela: Is everything ready?


Terry: Yes, we’re ready.


Daniela: Good. I’m glad we can get through this.


The sniping smirks between the two make Jack shake his head, but he eventually just sighs and takes a deep beath. Daniela takesa second before looking back at him.


Daniela: Don’t worry, this is gonna be easy.


Jack: If you say so.


Terry: Recording.... and action!


Daniela: Hello friends, I’m Daniela, the owner here at Desert Auto Sales, and while we got a lot on our lot, we know that maybe you want to find your next car online. So that why I teamed up with the Champion of the Internet here, Jack Washington to help out!


Jack: Using the Desert Auto Sales online app or shopping at the website, you can get a massive discount on every trade-in or sale. Thanks to being the champion of the internet now, I have given Desert auto sales the ability to wrestle you away from those other online dealers!


Daniela: That’s right, so use our app, or visit us online and thanks to Jack here, you can save huge!


Jack: Using the promo code “SCWJack” you can get up to 20% more for your trade in, and up to 10% off your new car, at the same time. So that’s 10% more you’re walking away with, plus, a pretty great ride.


Daniela: Thanks Jack, so come visit us online, or come on down to the lot here, and don’t be left out in the desert.


Complete with cheesy smile, the shoot’s take ends.


Terry: And cut. We’ll take a look at it here and see what we got.


While this is happening, Jason comes back in from off-set and pats Jack on the shoulder.


Jason: See bro, I told you! This is cake.


Jack simply glares at Jason again, Daniela looks at the two and arches a brow.


Daniela: You two are... really brothers?


Jack: For better or for worse.


Jason: I feel the love too, bro.


Daniela: You guys just don’t look alike. But you sure act like brothers.


Jack: It happens sometimes. 


Jason puts out his hand, the exact opposite of how Jack’s interactions started with Daniela.


Jason: I’m Jason.


Daniela: I know, we spoke on the phone.


Jason: Oh, right. I forgot. Well, it’s still nice to meet you in person.


Daniela: We did. Earlier.


Jason: Did we? Oh yeah, that’s right, we did. I’m sorry, My mind is all over the place today.


That response triggers a quizzical look from Jack, who clearly notices that is weird.


Daniela: Yeah, It’s cool.


Terry: Okay, We’re ready for another take of this.


Jason: I just wanna say thanks for helping us out with this.


Daniela: Yeah, thanks for helping me out.


Jack: Hopefully we all benefit, yeah?


Daniela: Yeah.


Washington Estate

Las Vegas Valley, NV


After a few more takes of the commercial, Jack and Daniela have completed everything, and Jack and Jason depart and have headed home. Jason retreats to his room as Jack first heads into the kitchen where Brian is on the phone, but he hangs up as soon as Jack looks at him.


Brian: I’ll have to call you back.


Jack: What was that?


Brian: Nothing too serious, why?


Jack: Just checking.


Brian: How’d the commercial go?


Jack: Better than I thought it would, actually, so there’s that.


Brian: See, wasn’t so bad, was it, Stick? Your brother can come up with some smart ideas when he wants to.


Jack: Yeah... about that.


Brian gives Jack a look.


Jack: Do you notice that every now and again, Jay... forgets things?


Brian continues to give Jack a quizzical look.


Brian: No more than usual, why?


Jack: Today, even though he set up the whole thing, he forgot he introduced himself to the owner. 


Brian: So?


Jack: I’m just starting to put two and two together. I think... I think something is wrong with Jason.


Brian: Drugs will do that to you. The kid was in a warzone for crying out loud, and addicted to morphine, and then all this shit with the Mexicans. He's screwed up. 


Jack: Shit.


Jack sits down at the table and he pours himself a drink, contemplating the situation. 


Jack: I’m starting to really regret putting him in charge.


Brian: Well, you can’t just fire him now. He just took over, and things are running smooth.


Jack: You saw what he was going to do to those cheating guys.


Brian: And now, they won’t cheat anymore, will they?


Jack: I can’t believe you are with this, right now.


Brian: And you aren’t? Jack, your hands are just as dirty as anyone’s here. You got a bunch of dirt on your hands. In fact, more than anybody. 


Jack: You want me to wait until he kills somebody?


Brian shoots Jack a look, almost in disbelief.


Brian: You do know WHY Jason is in that position right?


Jack sighs as he realizes Brian is correct. Jack downs his drink as he pours himself another.


Jack: So... what do we do?


Brian: We don’t need to do anything besides watch him. Make sure he doesn’t get out of hand. If he gets to that point, then we step in, obviously.


Jack: And that could literally be at any time.


Brian: Just have to watch him close.  You never answered my question fully.


Jack: The shoot was fine The owner was happy with the job.


Brian nods as the two sit in silence, but Jack in slowly growing more and more agitated as this happens. He needs something to break it up, before he gets lost in his own head. He slams the second shot of Jack Daniels and then he stands up, headed for Jason’s room, where Jason can be heard whispering. Jack leans in closer to try and make out what is being said, but he can’t quite hear it. Jack then knocks on the door, and Jason eventually answers with a grin on his face.


Jason: ‘Sup, Bro?


Jack: You alright?


Jason: Yeah man, I’m good, why?


Jack: I thought I heard you saying something to me from the room.


Jason: Nah, just going over the next thing I can get us doing.


Jack: Which is?


Jason once again has a sly smile on his face.


Jason: You’ll see! It’s going to be great!


Jack: Alright, I just want to make sure you’re okay and not... you know, working yourself too hard.


Jason: Nah, bro. I’m good. I just... I got so many ideas and I know that we’re going to get our name out there. We’re going to own this town eventually.


Jack: Well, we have a lot of the old guard who aren’t going to like that.


Jason: Fuck ‘em.


Jack hears those words and he instantly thinks of the trouble that could lead to.


Jack: Just... one step at a time, alright?


Jason: No problem, bro. For the brand, right?


Jack nods.


Jack: For the brand.



On Camera:



Jack is once again seated in his home, on his couch. The Internet champion is across his waist, but not strapped or anything. It rests there, and to him, it looks like it belongs there. With a smug look that makes you want to punch him in the face on his own, he points at the title itself.


Jack: Of course, I still have this. Did you expect anything less? Did you think I would falter? That’s not what I do. I win. I win, because I’m the best. But when you have somebody like Goth, a piece of trash who got himself to this point, you get somebody, who is desperate. Because that’s what Goth is. Goth is desperate for my attention. He is desperate for a little bit more relevancy. That’s what this is about for Goth. A chance to recapture some of that glory he had all those years ago, before better, superior athletes and wrestlers came along and he faded into the background. The man fluked his way into this championship match, and now, he wants to try and come back into the spotlight. 


It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. 


Like, come on now, how many times are you going to fucking tweet me like you’re not an old man? Like, seriously it’s really fucking sad. You’re a grown man, and you’re tweeting me, acting like anything you say it going to threaten me, or make me intimidated. You really want my attention so bad that you came out after my match if your old dusty ass suit and applaud me? You think any of this shit means a damn thing to me? You’re a biggest fool than you look, my man. All these attempts? It’s actually really pathetic when you stop and think about it. Let’s just be real here Goth: It was almost a god damn DECADE since you were anything remotely relevant as a singles wrestler. I am amazed, like... fucking shocked that you were somehow able to win Mixed tag champions with someone as useless as Mercedes Vargas, and somehow you two old codgers were able to pull it off. A miracle run if there ever was one. I’m actually a little impressed by that. But, soon enough, the real world set it, and you dream run came to an end and now, here you are, trying to cling to that and hope to spark yourself back to relevancy. But, my guy, you are barking up the wrong tree, and deep down, you know it. 


You know good and well Goth, that your time came and went. You won a couple of world titles, and then just like that, the ride ended. Do you not understand that there is no fountain of youth for you? No matter what you want to say about it, you’re pushing fucking FIFTY. You understand that right? I’m not even thirty yet, I am in my physical prime, and you, you’re about to qualify for social security. You’re at the age now where people used to think, “I only have to work a few more years and then I can retire.” You should be sipping wine somewhere on a beach talking about the good old days or some shit. But instead, here you are, embarrassing yourself. Because you honestly believe you have a chance in hell of taking MY championship from me. You really think that, and it’s almost fucking as adorable as it is laughable. You are laughable, Goth.  The reality is, the only way you’re going to take this championship from me, is for me to either miss my flight to Athens, or in some crazy scenario I break both arms. And both legs. And then my wheelchair doesn’t work. I almost feel bad for the beatdown I’m about to give you. I mean, in some countries, doing this to a broken-down old-timer like you would be considered elderly abuse. 


But I will do what I have to do, Goth. You should know by now, that I do whatever I have to get where I need to go. And if that means I beat you until you are pile of dust, I will do it. Because it’s mother fuckers like you, that continue to try and cramp everybody’s style by trying to fit into places where they do not belong. You do not belong in the ring with me at this point in time. Hell, we can go back to the fucking ‘90’s or whatever when you were in your physical prime and you STILL wouldn’t belong in the ring with me. That’s just how it fucking is, Goth. It’s incredibly sad to see an old man do what you’re doing. You really have no business calling me out anyway, but with this latest desperate act, you really have taken the most embarrassing cake there is to take.


Jack shakes his head, sitting upright as he tosses the championship over his shoulder before continuing.


Jack: I mean, you join the Saviors. The fucking Saviors? They are all a bunch of losers and to be honest with you man, I didn’t think you could sink any lower than you already are, but God damn you managed to pull it off. I mean, fuck dude, what on earth was going through your wrinkled up old brain that made you think joining the fucking Saviors was a good idea? Do they have some kind of health or dental insurance plan that nobody knows about? Was there a senior citizens discount or something? You don’t belong in the Saviors, fuck it, you don’t belong anywhere, except in a home, drinking your prune juice or whatever old people drink. This is really, really sad and both you, and the rest of those clowns should feel embarrassed by this team-up. Then you have the audacity to tweet about how nobody wants to hear your explanation of why you joined the group. You really wanna know why that is, Goth? Because nobody gives a shit. Who really cares why you joined the group? Do you even know? Feel free to tell everybody, unless you already did, in which case, I wasn’t paying attention to it, and really, nobody should. Nobody should give a rat’s ass why you joined a garbage group like that. I mean, I can think of like two reasons why you would bother, and neither of them are worth a shit.


One, is that you wanted to feel young again. Right? It’s like the same reason other forty-year-old dudes grow their hair out and drive a motorcycle. Or try and date a trophy wife. Oh... Oh damn my dude. WAIT... Wait wait wait... Is that... is that what that Melissa chick is for you? Some chick like half your age that you managed to pull? Well God damn dude, good for you. I would be more impressed but I’m also assuming that she’s probably got some issues herself to be seen in public with someone like you. You look like you are punching above your weight class, but that seems to be common for you these days. 


Why else would you think you could hang with someone like me? Does she make you feel young again? Is that what this is about? Are you trying to impress her like a white knight? Are you fighting for her honor and to show all these young whippersnappers how the old man gets down? Are you really doing this for her? Because if you are, boy... are you fucking stupid. 


The second reason you joined the group, is probably the one I’m leaning towards the most. You want to connect with a new generation, or the new-new generation in your case. You know, that dad who shows up when you’re with your friends and he tries to be the cool dad and comes off and super fucking lame? That’s you. With your goofy ass long hair and beard style that went out like a decade before you put it on your face. The kind of guy who would use the word “nifty” un-ironically. These are the most uncool mother fuckers in the world. People who just try and fit into a world they don’t fit into. Do you want to be cool, Goth? Is that what this is really about? You want to be cool again? Are you going to start telling me I’m “whack” or whatever was the cool guy slang when you were growing up? Wait, didn’t you grow up in the ‘80’s? Damn... I gave you too much credit for the ‘90’s slang. Okay, “Heinous”? Does that work? Are you familiar with that? I’m just trying to bridge this multi-generation gap. The fact is Goth, if you wanted to be cool, you wouldn’t be in the ring anymore. Instead of recapturing the glory of the old days, you come across as basically “old man yells at cloud.”


All in all Goth, this entire thing you have going on just screams mid-life crisis. It’s really fucking sad and I’m almost second hand embarrassed for you. But then I realize I’m not a fucking dope and I don’t have to feel sorry for you. You made these poor life choices, the poorest of which is believing that you aren’t about to get your ass whooped at Into the Void, and be sent back to the far reaches of obscurity. Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re not about do some old man strength bullshit and think that’s going to be enough. I know you can hear these words, I know that it’s pissing you off and I know you’re going to come at me with everything you have, because to you, I’m just some young punk, right? I’m going to tell you right here, and right now, it’s NOT going to be enough. You may, and I stress may, get a little flurry and fire the opening shots.  But at the end of the day, it’s not going to be what makes a difference. You will need every ounce of fire and piss and vinegar that you can muster, to even stand a fucking small chance. That’s how badly you are outmatched, Goth. And deep down, you know that it’s the truth. You know good and well that this, this is basically one last gasp for you. You know that I am the better man here. You can’t possibly think that you are any sort of match for me, right? 


I mean, have you seen me?


Have you seen what I have done to the vast majority of these chumps who have crossed my path? I have fucking dismantled big guys, small guys, skinny guys, fat guys, old guys, young guys. You name it, I have taken them all apart. And you will be no different.


Jack stands up, his nice dress shirt and sleeves cling to his muscular frame. The championship again takes its place over his shoulder.


Jack: You think you are special, Goth? You’re not. You’re an old fool who is out of his league. You think I’ve haven’t trounced Hall of famers before? I have made believers out of all doubters. If you want to doubt me, then you’re just going to be the next person in line that falls and learns that I am everything I say I am. I can and will run circles around you. I can wrestle for days. I can fight for days. Can you, Goth? Can you keep up? Your clock is already ticking. It’s been ticking for a long, long time. I am the younger, stronger, faster, athlete. The face of this franchise. I call myself that, because it’s the truth, and if you think that because a long time ago that you were something, that you are anything now. My guy, you are in for a rude fucking awakening. It’s not going to close Goth. You know that it’s not. You are many years past your prime. You barely had it then. You’re two reigns with the SCW World title were a joke. You lucked your way into those, and they were over very quickly. If you think that you’re going to turn back the clock at Into the Void, you are a bigger idiot than I thought. 


Oh, wait, I know what it is. You’re going to feel like you have home field advantage, right? We’ll be in Europe, and you are going to be surrounded by the splendor of Ancient Greece. There are probably some people immortalized in statues that you probably knew when they were alive, right? You think they are going to give you strength or something? Are you going to channel the power of Zeus? The speed of Hermes? Is that it, Goth? 


Are you a God? 


In that case, Goth, I guess I’ll have to be like Kratos. Now, I know that’s a reference that may be a bit too young for you, but trust me, put on your spectacles, sit down and fire up that old laptop and google God of War. I know, it’s some newfangled technology and you may struggle with it at first, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.


Anyway, Athens is the sight of many Greek battles, and much destruction. So, you know, what I do to you at Into the Void, it really won’t be anything that Greeks haven’t seen or heard already. It’ll be exactly what it’s supposed to be, the better trained, better conditioned army, will slaughter the old, worn out one. The only thing you’re going to be able to do, Goth, is try and channel their spirits and go out on your shield. Because there’s no way you’re going to win. This is MY championship, I took it from garbage, and I will make it better. I will raise the prestige of this championship to heights it has never seen, and I will be DAMNED if some old clown screws that up for me. 


I'm gonna show you once and for all, Goth. That you are not in my league and you never were and you never will be. I'm going to make sure. That you fall in line like the rest of those people who tried to come at me. And tried to tell me that I wasn't everything that I've always said that I was. I am. The face of this franchise because I go out there and I prove it, I win. I beat people like you. Who tried to give me this bullshit veteran speech? I beat people like you. People who try and bring me down and teach me some kind of lesson. I don't need any lessons from you. If anything, you should be taking notes from me. You should be taking notes and understanding that this is the wave of the future and you? You are the past. You are history. You are in the Hall of Fame Goth. You have accomplished a few things here and there. But I wasn't here when you were doing that. I don't have any reason to respect you and all you have done is disrespect me. I didn't call you out. I didn't ask for you. You're coming at me. So, you will learn your place like everybody else around here. Beneath me.


You’re going to fall Goth, like Greece, like Athens. And if you think I won’t fucking Sparta-kick you into the pit? My foot is ready, old man.


It’s out with the old, and in with the best.


And that, is me.


With that, Jack shoos the camera away and we fade to black.




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Re: Internet Championship: Jack Washington (c) v Goth
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The Genesis of Goth

The Genesis of Goth

Chapter Three: Time to wake up young man.

“It’s that time again, the time to shine up your boots and kick some ass. To walk into something that only one person can walk out victorious. The ancient old question is obviously… :”Who will it be??” The old lion or the new young promising cub. Who will it be? The unsettling tale of the never ending story once again resurfaces before our watchful eyes. The tale is now upon us of who we prefer to believe: For God so loved the World that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life vs. the: A Choice From The Gods Is As Useless As The Gods Themselves. People seek answers in the most darkest hours, it only makes you pity the day that you realize the mistake you have made.”

May 8th 2022
Mother’s Day

Athens, Greece.

Its 01:00 Am, Melissa is fast asleep in the bed that she and Goth sleep in. gently snoring as she is laying on her side, with her fingers intwined with the pillow. The bed sheets just cover her body as Goth stares at her from his side of the bed. He is seated upright, his pillow pulled upwards as a cushion. His eyes are bloodshed from being tired, but he cannot fall asleep. It’s once again mother’s day, the first time that he and Melissa are not together with his son on this painful day. Painful for the obvious reason of being reminded of the death of his wife and his son’s mother.

He sighs as he turns his gaze towards the alarm clock on his side of the bed, he grabs it from the bed stand and looks at the time showing that it is now 2 minutes past one in the morning as he slowly places it back on the bed stand. He lowers his head into his hands and whispers.

“Why do I feel so ashamed??”

He had tried to sleep for several hours now, but he constantly starts to have nightmares about Chantal every single time that he attempts to fall asleep. Seeing visions of his perished wife every single time that he closes his eyes. He is bathing in sweat, causing his sleeveless shirt to attach to his upper body. He stares at the balcony doors that they had opened earlier that night, slowly getting up and walks towards the balcony in an attempt not to wake Melissa. He stands there at the end of the balcony, placing his hands on the railing of the balcony and stares at the scenery in front of him. inhaling the sweet air and exhales while dropping his head with sadness upon his face. We see him cry, the tears slowly drop on the railing of the balcony as his hands turn white as he squeezes hard.


The soft voice of Melissa can be heard from the bedroom, slowly walking towards him as she has put on a nightie. She places a hand on his shoulder as she feels him break mentally, his legs are shaking as he tries to maintain a standing position before quickly turns around and embraces Melissa. The reaction on her face tells you that she had not expected him to turn into a small child in fear, his tears flow upon her shoulder as he whispers over and over again

“Forgive me…, forgive me…, forgive me….,”

She wraps her arms around him and places her tender hands upon his back between his shoulder blades. Gently scraping her finger nails upon his skin, knowing that it always helped him calm down as he had told her that it was something that Chantal used to do. She never saw anything behind the request, but now with him in the current situation she realized how much a deeper meaning it had for him.

The two of them remain standing in the darkness when she finally lets go off him, she looks him in the eyes as she grabs his hand and guides him back to their bed. She sits down in front of him, placing her hand on the bed next to her as to signal him to sit down next to her. He stares at her, not knowing what to say and just reacts to her invitation to sit next to her and once again lowers his face in shame.

“Is it Chantal??”

He nods his head, realizing that there is no other answer to give. Wondering how she had gotten to know him so well to read his mind this way? It must be that female intuition that Chantal had often warned him about, something that in the past had causes him to laugh at her so many times. But this time there was no laughter, but regret and sadness. He slowly starts to sit down beside her, unable to say something as he is inhaling deeply as to try to find the courage to speak out those difficult words he knew he had to say.


He chokes after uttering just one word, a letter that represents everything that goes through his mind right now. pain, sadness, remorse, frustration, longing to a loved one as well as the woman he had fallen in love with.

“I have had so much thoughts running through my mind as of late, the happiness I give you what heals so many internal wounds. The confrontation of the present doing living the dream of the woman from my past…, her death that is haunting me every night in fear of what may happen to you….”

He is silent for a bit, hoping that the words wouldn’t have the effects of resistance from Melissa’s part. Fearing that she would see his fears as a roadblock for her development as a wrestler. But there’s no response, he slowly attempts to gaze at her for the very first time as in an attempt to read her face. Dreading the reaction that she would give him, but ultimately there is only love and understanding to be found.

“I know you haven’t been able to fully move on Gerrit, these things take time. That’s why I am here for you, to help you through these dark times.”

Goth smiles, something of a burden has been lifted from his shoulders. Only to have it be replaced with anger upon himself, questioning himself of why he had kept this for himself so long. That he should have known better to trust this woman with his problems, the moment of anger causes him to close his hands to fists as his arms tense up. But that changes when he feels the small fingers grasp his arms, massaging him the way only she can. Causing him to loosen up, his hands drop to his sides as he leans his head backwards and gasps of relief. The tears are now flowing uncontrollably, no longer trying to hide his anguish and no longer feeling shame for the love he still possesses for his dead wife for loving his fiancé.

“Why did I keep this from you for so long??”

He finally asks, as he feels her head resting against his shoulder. Feeling her hands caress his hands, feeling her smaller fingers intwine with his in a moment of silence between them.

“Maybe because you are a silly man?”

He turns his head towards her, staring at a smiling face as she winks at him. causing him to roll his eyes, realizing that she was just teasing him.

“I know it was hard for you to agree for me to do this because of what has happened to Chantal, afraid that history could repeat itself and yet.”

She lifts her hand towards his face, scratching his chin while staring lovingly at him.

“You said yes, that took so much courage from your part sweetheart. You have faith I me that I will succeed, that means so much to me.”

He sighs, nodding his head. He lifts his hand towards hers and squeezing it gently, he slowly takes her hand away from his face and lowers it while continuing to hold it in his. He stares at her hand in his, tracing the lines in her hand with his other until stopping at her pulse where he feels the heartbeat underneath his fingers.

“You have to know that I am still afraid Melissa, not so much that you will fail. Because in my heart you have already succeeded. But…,”

He bites his lower lip, fighting against his very own emotions.

“I cannot help it to see her when I see you train in the gym, I cannot help it to wonder what if…. And I know I shouldn’t, because that is not fair to you, but I need to do this, for you and for her. Because then and only then I know that I have done the right thing and ultimately I can retire with pride.”

He looks back at her, this time it is her that is starting to cry, the words he had spoken has made her emotional.

“You are such an asshole”

The response from her caused him to raise an eyebrow. She giggles from laughter as she places her hand upon his chest.

“It’s always about you isn’t it?? Your retirement huh??? I thought it was all about me.”

Both chuckle as Goth shakes his head, he kisses his lips upon her forehead before retracting. The two smile for a moment as Goth’s face turns serious

“You are right, I need to work on healing the pain of losing one.”

He squeezes her hand tenderly

“And to open up more to the love of the other. Things have gone so fast the last few years and I have to admit, I am thankful for everything that has happened. But moments like these, I wonder whether I have gone too fast. Whether I should moarn some more, whether….”

Melissa places a finger upon his lips, silencing him while gazing lovingly at him.

“I know Chantal wanted you to be happy, that you would find love once more. Because she knew what a wonderful person you are, plus you need someone to tell you to shut up every now and then.”

She smiles but shakes her head at the moment Goth wanted to respond.

“You are worried about putting the one above the other, afraid that you love the one more than the other.”

He grows silent, lowering his face as he is ashamed that she had figured it out. Only to feel the finger tips underneath his chin, gently lifting his head back to face hers. His long black hair has fallen before his face, only to part eventually as he sees her face slowly re-emerge in front of him. He dreaded the look upon her face, but joy strikes his heart as he sees her smiling back at him.

“I love you silly, but you need to stop trying to figure out things upon your own. We are a team in the good and in the bad. I have kept quiet until now, because soon I am going to be your wife and I would hate it if you withheld things from me from now on.”

He swallows as her face slowly turns into a serious one. Realizing that she was right and nods his head in agreement.

“I know it will take time at first, so don’t feel pressured to alter everything in one day. Know we will overcome everything in life…, like we are going to overcome the entire Bombshell division after my in ring debut.”

She winks at him as this causes them both to laugh, he wraps his arms around her before slowly falling back on their bed. There they hug each other while looking up at the ceiling in thoughts.



She gets on an elbow and stares at him with a look of concern on her face.

“You better kick their asses, I have a name to uphold you know.”

Both burst out in laughter as Melissa playfully punches his chest before kissing him on the lips as the shot fades.

Later that day

Goth can be seen working out in the gym, sparring with one of the trainers. Preparing for his Internet title match against Jack Washington. Goth trains his grappling, attempting to lock his “opponent” into a painful hold as he sets him up for a submission. Outside the ring we see Whisper looking on along with Whisper. Both women admire the veteran, who may have gotten a step slower in comparison to his younger days but still has plenty to offer.

“I would love to learn how and when to apply those moves.”

Whisper turns her face towards Melissa, smiling as she notices her still focused to Goth inside the ring. She had noticed Melissa more often remaining in the gym to watch Goth spar. She had been a natural talent in striking and kicking, but wanted to learn so much more ever since seeing Goth put someone in a Dragon Sleeper.

Whisper turns her gaze back inside the ring as she sees Goth deliver a picture perfect snap suplex before sitting up. He notices the women stare at him before telling the trainer to take a five minute break. He quickly walks over towards Melissa and Whisper, slides underneath the bottom rope and takes the bottle of water out of the hand of Melissa.

“Watching you train is very inspiring.”

Says Melissa, Goth continues to drink from the bottle of water before placing it on the ring apron. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before smiling at her compliment.

“Thanks, but I have to admit. I used to be ready in mere moments, but I realize that it takes time for me to get warmed up. I’m getting old.”

The three of them laugh at his comment, Melissa wraps her arm around his lower back and rests her head against his shoulder.

“You may be old big guy, you are still better than most of these young guns that like to shoot with blanks.

Goth chuckles, he kisses his fiancé on the forehead before Whisper tells her that it is her turn start her sparring. Melissa kisses Goth on the cheek before sliding underneath the bottom rope into the ring. Whisper turns away from the ring, leaving Goth staring at Melissa for a few seconds before turning around himself and following Whisper. He sees her walk into an office next to the gym, sitting down in a chair behind a desk as Goth stands on the opposite side of the desk.”

“So what’s up?”

Whisper feigns a surprise at Goth’s comment, but he ignores it. She grabs a package and slides it towards Goth as he grabs it

“What’s this?”

Whisper looks up at him as his eyes roam up and down the package with a puzzled look on his face. She twirls some locks of her hair between her fingers while waiting patiently for him to open it and what his reaction is going to be.

“Is this??”

He lifts his head with a look of disbelief upon his face, as if he had seen a ghost. Whisper lets go off her hair, placing her hands together by touching her finger tips in front of her face as she remains quiet for several moments before speaking.

“We retrieved this diary from Chantal that you believed that was lost.”

His eyes widens, every moment of pain resurrected as he slowly buckles on his legs. Placing his hands on the desk before slowly sitting down. Whisper watches him placing his hands towards his face in agony.

“How is this possible??”

There’s a moment of silence as he leans back to the back of his seat, holding the diary in front of him as he stares at it with a blank stare upon his face.

I have been having so many bad nights as of late, I constantly had nightmares with Chantal dying. And now this!!??? Are you inside my head or something??”

He stares at her with bloodshed in his eyes, digging his fingers into the diary before realizing what he is doing and dropping it on the desk. He immediately lifts his hands towards his head in shock, whispering I am sorry over and over again as Whisper slowly lifts up from her seat and walks over towards Goth.

“I could have done so much more… I hould have spend all my money for finding a cure.. I…..”

“I am sorry to say this Gerrit, but there was nothing that you could have done.”

He remains silent, realizing that the words she ellowto admit it. He feels her soft hand squeezing his shoulder, causing him to sigh before standing up and walking towards the door of the office while holding on to the diary.

“Are you running away from the truth Gerrit??”

He stops, the words sting in his mind. His free hand is slowly balling into a fist, he feels the anger building inside of him as he searches for something to break but doesn’t. He turns his gaze towards Whisper as it shows him being conflicted with emotions.

“How long did you have this diary?”

Whisper looks at him, not reacting to his emotional situation

”I had this for a while Gerrit….”

This caused him to walk towards the desk and places his hands on the desk while staring at her with anger on his face.

“And why did you just give it to me right now??”

“I knew it….”


Clearly not interested in the explanation that she was going to give him. His eyes are burning with anger as his right hand is holding on to the diary with authority.

“A month or so.., I..”

“A month?? A MONTH?? What else did you hide from me Whisper?? This is the woman I was married to!!”

She doesn’t let his anger intimidate her, placing her arms across her chest while staring at him.

“You want to know why??”

“I think I am entitled to know!!!”

It is now Whisper that places her hands upon the desk and stares at him with a cold look on her face.

“You were a mess Gerrit, you were acting like you weren’t. But you have to understand that I knew Chantal just like you. And I could tell that you were lying to yourself Gerrit, you were struggling to overcome your fear in asking Melissa to marry you and you know why??”

Goth doesn’t answer as he stares at the hand that points at the diary of Chantal. Knowing what Whisper is going to say next and doesn’t want to hear it.

“Whisper, I…,”

“No Gerrit, now it is time YOU listen. You made the right decision ultimately, it just took you how long?? No, don’t answer that question Gerrit. It’s merely being a hypothetical one, but you had been waiting for so long that Melissa started to to wonder if YOU were going to ask her or not.”

He remains silent, thinking back at every single moment that he could have asked Melissa but didn’t. He thinks back to the excuses he told himself of why he had not asked her, telling himself that he would ask her the next time that he get the opportunity to do so. He always hated himself for letting fear take over his life, believing that he had finally overcome them. Only to realize that he had been lying to himself all the time.

He slowly sits down as Whisper does the same, he stares at the diary that is still in his hand he starts to shake his hand. Quickly placing his other hand on top of it to keep it from shaking harder, he finally lets go off it and grips the desk with both hands before staring at Whisper.

“Did you read it??”

She stares at him without answering him, causing him to get annoyed


“Gerrit…, I…”

“DID…. YOU….. READ… IT???”

She shakes her head no without taking her eyes off of him. He nods his head and stares back at the diary as he slowly grabs it with his right hand.

“I am sorry for the way I reacted, I just got scared that someone before me got to read her diary. Perhaps it will give me enough closure so that I can go on with my life.”

He looks over his shoulder, staring at Melissa who performs a picture perfect Spinebuster on her sparring partner before getting up again for something new, the mere sight causes him to have a smile upon his face before turning back to Whisper.

“Like I said, so that I can go on with OUR lives. Thank you Whisper for beign there for both me and Melissa, we appreciate it very much.”

Goth gets up from his seat, he nods his head towards Whisper who retailliates it with one of her own. Goth then turns his attention towards the door and walks off, moving towards Melissa who just finished another move and high fives the trainer on the outside of the ropes looking in. Goth walks over towards the ring, stands in the corner while looking on to his fiancé with newly found appreciation. The camera turns towards Whisper, kwho is now smiling as she witnesses the change in Goth.

“He finally has moved on Chantal and I will make sure that he remains on the right track this time.”

She exits her office, turns off the light and walks over towards the ring and stands besides Goth while looking on the progress Melissa is making as the shot fades.

The wonders of being the King, The King of Kings

Chapter: Jack Washington, part two.

It’s mere days away from Into The Void, the super card where Sin City Wrestling and Sin City Underground take part and put on one of the best shows imaginable. A night where established names face off against young talent, where some believe they have arrived and others want to fight to retain their spot.

“I have heard you Jack…..”

A soft voice speaks over the waves of one of the many beautiful beaches that Greece possesses. Goth had decided to take Melissa to walk around the beach, to clear their minds and have a romantic day for just the two of them. He had decided to stay around the beach as Melissa decided to head back to the hotel to clean up for a romantic dinner later on. This gives him the chance to overthink things and addresses his opponent for this Sunday. Internet champion Jack Washington, who has had some strong words about his number one contender.

“I guess it’s hard not to, when you just think about all that what he had to say…. It only makes me wonder whether he actually believes what the hell he was talking about. But who am I to judge someone’s believes.”

He stares at the waves, shaking his head and allows a smile to emerge upon his face.

“You see Jack, there’s a problem with you running your mouth saying all of these things about me. Yet you didn’t said a damn thing at all.”

“Of course there was something that made sense though, your desperate attempts to remind me every five second who the fuck you are and how great you truly can be inside that six sided ring. Did I ever tell you differently? Did I ever tell the world that you are a bum? Of course not young man, but the remainder of what you had said was just like blowing dust in the wind…. You were a fool Jack and you barely even realized it.”

He stares at the waves in front of him, letting the sounds of the waves sink in to his brain. Admiring the natural phenomena that has been here for centuries.

“It’s easy to tell the world how great you are without acknowledging the truth behind what failure can do to you doesn’t it Jack?”

“You want to remember the world how great you are, how many hall of famers you have beaten. How many greats you have destroyed, letting the world know that it’s out with the old…..”

He shakes his head and turns his face towards the camera with a sickening smile upon his face that we have grown accustomed to throughout the years.

“We all know how that saying ends up don’t we? It would be a waste of time to sink my memory lanes into the past that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the modern day society that makes you run your mouth in the hope that people get all caught up with stupidity, ignorance and quite frankly the weakest part of your entire existence Jack. But hey, don’t take my word for it. I am just a washed up old timer am I not??”

“An old timer that has put most of my opponents to shame Jack. But just like you, I have ran into some roadblocks that nobody like to be remembered off. And yet, at least I accept it like an adult instead of some party celebrating ignorant fool that thinks he is a champion.”

“Please, you have accomplished so many things in your young career. Yet you have nothing to be proud of Jack, but I guess that’s just what happens when you have a different opinion on facts now isn’t it Jack?? Let’s just talk about Vinnie for a second Jack.”

He turns his face towards the waves, allowing the wind to blow through his hair as he has decided not to put it into a tail for a change.

“I could have headed in  so many different directions Jack, because you are just like a rejected bad movie script. Nobody likes your ideas, your placement of dialogues are getting boring and more importantly. You have no fucking idea of how to portray a convincing character and story that the world can believe in. But then again, don’t believe my word for it if you are still trying to convince slim to join up with none in hopes of ever beating me. Because that’s bound to happen Jack. You are just too ignorant to walk away from your fantasy world for a sec.”

“You told the world that you had been celebrating after winning the Internet Championship. You had been drinking, you had been partying all night long for what? Two weeks Jack? Did you just suddenly woke up at that given Sunday Morning and realized that you had a responsibility towards your employee?”

“Call me old fashioned Jack, but at least I knew that when you win something, everything starts all over again with zero. You all of the sudden have a target on your back… just like Mac Bane has, just like every other champion in this company has and understands what comes along with it.”

“Something I expected you to understand Jack…, especially after winning how many titles so far??”

He shakes his head in disbelief while remaining focused upon the waves in front of him.

“Again Jack, I could have gone down the same road of calling me out for everything that you have ever found on old replays or whatever the fuck the Internet has saved from me. But I prefer to remain factual Jack, I prefer to tell it like it is and call you out Jack.”

“Because you embarrassed yourself Jack, to the point that you apparently realized what was going on and got all serious all of the sudden. After a man had beaten you that has not held a championship in how many years?? A man that talks to a cactus Jack and you are telling me I was desperate to become relevant? Tsk, tsk young sir. That shit don’t run with me young man.”

“But I know it’s what you do, trying to get under the skin of others… trust me Jack, mind games wasn’t just a catch catchphrase back in the day that we liked to throw around to sound interesting when cutting a promo on national television. So please do not assume that you have become Albert Einstein and invented the Theory of Relativity to cut a promo, because there’s no sense of ever believing a man that would do… “Anything to hold on to his championship belt.”

“Oh please…”

He laughs genuinely to his own comments, realizing that he is obviously not giving Jack enough credit for his attempt to convince himself otherwise.

“You see Jack, relevance isn’t my priority. Your opinion on my entire career couldn’t make me want to care more than I have done over how many years?? You see young gun, you may have the edge on me in the physical department of speed and perhaps other ways. But we both know that the brain is the most important asset that either of us have got to deal with isn’t that so?? But I am sure that you already have tons of excuses ready to tell me otherwise huh Jack?? Because I guess, that’s what men do that would do anything to keep their championship”

He kneels down and grabs some sand as he let it slip it through his fingers and let it fall back upon the beach.

“Ever noticed how something seemingly insignificant as sand is quite the opposite?”

He asks with fascination upon his face as he removes the final pieces of sand from his fingers.

“Once sand was so important that we could not live without it, as it literally withstood the test of time. While us human beings were trying everything to beat time…. To be eternal young. Something that I notice quite fondly in your promo last week, how you indulged us with the statement that I should have remained retired…. That I try desperately to be relevant once more. All true of course isn’t that so Jack??”

Goth winks at the camera with a sinister smile upon his face.

“And even though the use of sand to count every second of our life have been replaced by devices like clocks, watches and other more modern appliances… the essence of it all still remains. The ticking of time, the countdown to extinction. And even though the presumed afterthought that the old should perish first is only in theory an instant reality. And yet, how many devices do we need to replace when it breaks down, or the battery has given up? Or any other excuses that you come up with to explain why you woke up so late… While the hour glass only needs a simple push to continue it's eternal journey through time…”

“I can already hear you thinking, what the hell does this got to do with our match Goth?? Well if you haven’t figured that out then I guess I need to educate you some more. Because the many broken devices I mentioned, were nothing more than merely synonyms to the excuses I already know that is on the tip of your tongue, just begging to be used at any given moment. But you lost Jack… You lost not solely because he is a better wrestler than you. Because we both can agree upon the fact that this is a lie… oh no, you lost because you don’t take your priority as a champion seriously… And now you are all worked up, because I called you out on this… Because the world was talking about the fact that a nobody beat a somebody. Or do I need to go deeper into the subject at hand Jack??”

Goth remains silent for a moment, grabbing another hand full of sand and holds it close towards his hand before opening them and watch it fall downwards.

“I would have understood if you explained to the world right away that you were robbed from a victory, or whether the fact that Vinnie was the better man. But no, it took some tweets and me calling you out on national television that you felt the need to explain yourself. Did everything in your life go exactly the same way Jack?? That something needs to happen before you come out of your shell and respond?? It would explain a lot now I have to admit, it explains the fact that didn’t took your responsibility in representing that championship on National Television or any other possible streaming service to promote the company and yourself. Because I bet you were too busy trying to act like the God of War huh??”

Goth slowly rises up to his feet, wiping his hands clean upon his clothing while staring at the waves once more.

“It’s quite refreshing to have seen someone actually takes time to deepen his or her interest in a persona, a thing or in your case a mythological Greek God of War. But tell me honestly Jack, did you know about the Greek Gods before you ever grabbed your gaming device and powered it up for the millionth time?? And yet, just like many others before you. You clearly have once again missed the whole concept of what I try to achieve.”

“Act weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

Goth remains silent as his face shows a serious look for the very first time. His eyes are focused upon sun that is slowly setting into the waters of the sea.

“I would have credited you more when you had quoted something from Sun Tzu my friend. At least it makes more sense than using an adaptation of Kratos. A long forgotten God that has returned in full glory in a game?? I understand now where all the time and research of young talented kids are solely focused upon playing a game. That’s good to know my friend,”

“And then there’s the name calling, the age referencing, the long hair, whether I will opt in to your multiple choice question on why I joined the Saviors… And whether the European continent would cheer me on as the home town continent boy?? Quite the diversity that you have established in your promo Jack. But if I could retaliate in the fashion that you perhaps are more accustomed to… I would compare call your entire essence of your promo to a Happy Meal. Completely feel satisfied after experiencing the taste of it, but after a while the only thing that is left is merely gassed up and ready to take a shit on the crapper. But I guess that’s what is cool for you young guns these days isn’t it??”

“You have been a former world champion, you are a current Internet champion. And all that I see is a guy that isn’t ready. I see a guy that has been a success way too soon and even on your young age and being a champion is set to fall face first into the….”

He bends down and grabs another hand of sand and let it fall down in front of his face while staring into the camera. He notices Melissa is standing behind the camera, watching him while he is cutting a promo on the man that he will be facing in a few days. He smiles when he notices her but doesn’t cut his promo off because he isn’t finished yet.

“You see Jack, you may have thought that the most embarrassing moment has already happened in your career when you lost in a non-title match against Vinnie. But you are wrong my friend, you see I can already tell that you have re-established some sort of confidence after beating Bill Barnhart. Expecting that everything will go back to what it used to be before the loss. But both those matches were nothing more than a mere prelude to what is finally going to happen to YOU and that championship belt of yours.”

He cocks his head sideways, allowing his hair to partially fall in front of his face while staring determined at his fiancé with a confident look on his face.

“I will be the man that will hand you the most embarrassing loss of your entire career. And not because the obvious assumption you may have is that I am even worse than Vinnie. But the mere fact that I will do what I have been doing for quite a while now. I will wait, I will survive, I will take all that you will give me and I will keep coming back. I will out wrestle you Jack, I will put you in moves that you didn’t knew the existence off until I put them on you and make you suffer. I will out wrestle you, I will out think you. Hell, I will even tell you all the possible reasons why I truly joined the Saviors while grounding you on the canvas and make you work to get back into the match.”

Goth shakes his head after uttering that last statement.

“But ultimately that won’t do you no good Jack, because ultimately desperation will set in. Desperation that will ultimately make you realize that You should have heaved your own advice to heart, to have done everything to hold on to that championship belt. But when that thought gets processed inside that weak minded brain of yours….then it will be already too late. Because I will have you either have cut off the access from oxygen to your brain so severely that you will not even have a moment left to produce a single damn thought… or merely the fact that I have inflicted so much of pain that the only thing that you got left to do is to tap out and save your entire life. Because I do not talk about my victories, about my conquests or any other aspects of my life in such a delusional fashion that you do. Oh no Jack, I will simply do what you have been trying to shove down my throat last week and impress me.”

He winks at Melissa and looks on his watch before staring back at the camera with a smile on his face.

“I need to beat you Jack, not just because there’s a title on the line. No Jack, I need to beat you to teach you a lesson. A lesson in knowing when to open your mouth and speak…. And when to shut up. And before you are going to take this all too seriously and get all worked up. This isn’t directed to you solely. This is directed to each and every member of this company that took me for granted. Even to the owners of this company that didn’t granted me what I was deservingly owed… a world title match after beating the world champion in a non-title match in just my second match after my return. Does that ring a bell Jack? Beating a champion in a non-title match because he wasn’t prepared?? And you know what happened to that champion merely a short time after? He lost the world title to Mac Bane… exactly the same thing that will happen to you when you finallyyou’re your money where your mouth is… and trust me, there’s not enough moneyh that could save you from the beating that I will give you. So enjoy your reign while you still can, because after Into The Void… it will be nothing more than a mere memory… ”

With that Goth signals to the camera crew to cut transmitting his promo and walks over to Melissa. The two kiss each other passionately before heading off to a romantic dinner as the shot slowly fades to darkness.

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Re: Internet Championship: Jack Washington (c) v Goth
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2022, 11:49:16 PM »
Jack continues to prepare for his championship defense against Goth, hoping to finally but this challenge to rest. But as he listened to Goth’s words, it seemed to spark something in Jack. It seemed to do something to Jack, that neither he, or anyone else for that matter, might have been expecting. Perhaps the words Goth used were going to fuel Jack, but his demeanor actually changed after listening to it. It was a very scary scene that required both Jason and Brian to calm Jack down. But was it Goth’s words that truly did this, or was it Jason seemingly rubbing off on Jack. Or perhaps it’s the Washington bloodline itself? Time will only tell exactly how much the affected Jack, and what he would do and say later on regarding the match. But there is no question that Jack is hyped up for this match.


Outside the ring, Jack, through Jason's wheeling and dealing, managed to score a commercial shoot, using his Internet championship as a prop to help sell cars online at a used car dealership. While this was not what Jack had in mind when he thought about expanding the Washington name, it did serve its purpose and Jack did end up at least at little satisfied by the outcome. It felt really dumb to him at the time, but the commercial was indeed successful and more people began to recognize Jack along the way, since now, it wasn't just the wrestling fan who knew who Jack was, but now, more casual people, locals. As the old saying goes, you have to start somewhere.


 However, it was during, and after the shoot that Jack finally seemed to notice tha Jason not only had a tough time remembering things, but also appeared overly friendly, and then in the blink of an eye could be extremely hostile. Jack was worried by this, since it is my brother, but Brian did explain that Jason has had a lot of problems since he left home. Jason also is in the market to take over the market itself, and that could undue a lot of work Jack has done in the past.


How would this all play out now?


Washington Estate,

Las Vegas, NV

Jack was training incredibly hard for his match and he was even talking to himself while lifting. He was putting the work in and basically punishing himself. This was Jack's main focus, but he really wanted to sit his brother down and try and work things out so that he didn’t mess everything up. 


Jack finally finished his workout and took a shower, and once we he dressed and, in the kitchen, he pulled out a protein shake and began drinking it. Brian came in from the hallway, moving himself around the corner to peer at Jack.


Brian: Your brother is waiting for you.


Jack simply nodded to acknowledge Brian and soon walked himself down the hall and into his brother’s room, where Jason was on the phone and had a look of excitement on his face.


Jason: Yeah.. He's right here, and trust me, we’ll be happy to do it!


Jack: Oh fuck...


Jason: Yeah, see you soon!


Jason excitedly hung up and looked at Jack with a huge grin.


Jason: Another deal made, bro!


Jack: What kind of deal?


Jason: Another shoot, this time we’ll be on TV, and it’s going to get huge eyes on it.


Jack: What is it?


Jason: Some furniture place, why?


Jack: Furniture? Those places only have deals on stupid holidays!


Jason: But the brand, bro! The BRAND. We’ve still got to get out there, there’s so much territory to market.


Jack: The car thing didn’t even tie in with the casino!


Jason: But this one will! We do enough business with these people, and bam! They will be more than happy to loan us bed for prizes and shit! It’s gonna be gold!


Jack: Jay, are you feeling okay?


Jason: Yeah, why?


Jack: I’ve just been noticing that you’ve been... off. 


Jason: I’m as right as rain. You’re totally down to do this, right? I mean, think of the possibilities. We could expand into a hotel! And they could supply us beds!


Jack: Well, let’s start small, okay?


Jason: But you have to think BIG, bro. Bigger than big!


Jack: I don’t want to step on toes out here.


Jason: There’s no more toes to step on! We’re taking this town over! Like we should!


Jack: It’s not that simple.


Jason: What are you talking about? It’s real simple. If anybody wants to get in our way, we’re stomp them out. That’s what we do!


Jack: It really isn’t that easy. We’re going to have to talk to Sonny.


Jason: Sonny?


Jack: He owns a lot of shit in Vegas. The moment we go stepping into his territory, is the moment we have issues.


Jason: Fuck ‘em. Sonny can be old news. Come on bro, when you came here, you were trying to make name for yourself, and now, you act like you don’t want to. You do wanna make a name for yourself, right?


Jack: Of course.


Jason: This is the way to go. And soon enough, that Sonny guy will be begging for our business!


Jack: Slow it down, that’s all I’m saying.


Jason: Speed is progress! We’ve got a shoot in couple of days, I just need you ready.


Jack sighed.


Jack: Yeah... I’ll be ready.


Jason: Fuck yeah!


Jack left and went and sat back at the table, while Jason went right back to working on his phone. Brian wore a big smart-ass grin on his face as he sat down next to Jack.


Brian: You boys seem hard at work.


Jack: He’s gonna fuck it up.


Brian: That’s harsh.


Jack: We can’t go to war with everybody, and he wants to.


Brian: I just think it’s the opposite approach.


Jack: Opposite?


Brian: When you came here, you wanted to make deals with everybody, Jason is just doing things the old-fashioned way.


Jack: Then maybe you need to lay that out to him, and explain to him we don’t have the army to go to war with people with.


Brian: You fucked it up too. Give the kid some rope.


Jack: I’m just covering all the bases. But... I’m kinda jealous of that ambition.


From the other room, Jason screams out.


Jason: Another deal! Whoo


Jack: Maybe not that much ambition. Fuck.



Sleep Well Las Vegas Mattress and Furniture Westwood

Las Vegas, NV

Two days later


Jack: I’m not wearing this.


Jack looks at a Revolutionary war outfit laying by his stuff.


Jason: Wearing what?


Jack: THIS. I’m not wearing this stupid thing!


Jason: Wait, are you supposed to be wearing it?


Jack: I DON’T KNOW. I didn’t set this up!


Jason: Okay, hang on, keep your pants on.


Jason walks away and Jack continues to stew, the SCW Internet championship over his shoulder and a frown on his face. He simply looks through his phone to distract himself before Jason comes back with a larger man.


Jason: Jack, this is Max, he owns the store.


Jack: I know that. I need to know why this stupid costume is here.


Max: Whoa, okay, I know, wrestlers are busy, but this is for the Memorial day sale, and that outfit isn’t for you. It’s for the stunt man.


Jack: Stunt man?


Max: Yeah, the one you’re gonna slam through the bed.


Jack suddenly likes this idea.


Jack: Oh, well... shit, why didn’t you say so?


Max: We did. We talked about this, at least he and I did.


Jack eyes Jason.


Jason: I was just messing with ya. Relax.


Jack: Let’s just get this over with.


Jason: He’ll be fine, he’s got this.


Jack rolls his eyes, clearly done with this, but he waits and eventually the commercial begins shooting.


Max: Hey everybody, Max here for Sleep Well Las Vegas Mattress and Furniture Westwood and on this Memorial Day weekend, it’s a great time to save on a new matress!


Suddenly, the stunt man in a powdered wig and British accent charges into the shot.


Stuntman: Blimey! These matresses are too cheap, the taxes must be given the king! 


And that’s when Jack comes from behind the Stuntman and slams him through the breakaway table.


Jack: Sorry old boy, but Sleep Well Las Vegas Mattress and Furniture Westwood and I have teamed up, and we’re body-slamming you back across the pond and giving these savings to our people!


Max: Thanks Jack! You heard it from the champion of the Internet, folks! Thanks to Jack, if you shop online and purchase any matress, you’ll be in for huge savings!


Jack: We’re here to make sure your sleep is as comfortable as possible, and you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Use the promo code SCWJack at checkout and you’ll not only receive huge savings, you’ll earn 500 free chips out the Grand Flamingo Casino!


Max: There’s no better time or place to save than Sleep Well Las Vegas Mattress and Furniture Westwood! Shop online today!


Jack: Or we’ll body slam you, next!


The commercial ends and Jack helps up the British solider stuntman and walks away. Jason is right there to applaud him.


Jason: See! I told you! This is going to work so good!


Jack: Maybe. Maybe you got something here.


Jason: Hey, if they don’t, we’ll make ‘em understand.


Jack once again eyes his brother and his wild eyed grin.


Jack: Easy.


Jason: You just focus on that old guy you’re wrestling and I’ll handle this stuff. 


Jack: Since when are you interested in my matches?


Jason: Man, I heard what they dude said about you, if this was Philly, you’d of busted him up good.


Jack: You were gone when I was in the streets.


Jason: I knew. Dad always told me in letters. He was proud of that, in a way. 


Jack blankly stares at Jason.


Jack: Really?


Jason: Yeah, told me all the time. You can’t let this old dude talk shit like that though man. You’re the Internet champion. You gotta serve that dude.


Jack: I will.


Jack is now once again riled up and for the second take, he slams the stuntman down even harder. Once the take is over, the stuntman is holding his back.


Stunt man: Got a little into that one, yeah?


Jack: Sorry, it is my job.


Stunt man: I got you.


After several more takes, the shoot finishes and Jack and Jason have regroup, and are in the car, leaving the shoot having been paid. Jason starts to see an unfamiliar route Jack is driving.


Jason: Where are we going?


Jack: We’ve got to see an old friend of mine, because we need to make sure we’re doing this right.



Harrah’s Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV


Jack led his brother up to the managers hotel room overlooking the Casino. Jason was marveling at how good the interior looked.


Jason: Why doesn’t ours look like that?


Jack: We made ours from nothing a year ago. This has been here for decades.


Jason: Damn.


They made their way to the manager’s elevator, complete with a staff member waiting in the elevator for them.


Staffer: Welcome gentlemen.


Jason: Why don’t we have a guy?


Jack: We don’t need a guy. Nobody comes up to our office.


Once they reach the top floor, there is a waiter there with champagne on ice as Jack and Jason are escorted in, champagne glasses in hand as they see Sonny, dressed in a long bathroom and sunglasses sitting on the balcony of his hotel, drinking some champagne himself. 


Jason: We don’t have a balcony.


Jack: Out hotel isn’t this big.


Sonny finally turns and waves as he comes inside from the balcony, a smile on his face.


Sonny: Ah, Jack, how are ya, kid?


Jack: I’m doing well Sonny.


Sonny: And uh... this is the hired help or...


Jason looks a little offended, but Jack puts a hand on his shoulder and s small laugh. 


Jack: No, no, this my brother. Jason. He took over the casino from Benny.


Sonny: Well damn, not bad there kid. Killed two birds with one stone, did ya?


Jack: Something like that.


Sonny: I know Benny probably took it hard, but business is business and sometimes you gotta move the bums out to move forward.


Jason: He did take it hard, but I’m sure he got over it.


Sonny: Pretty hard from what I heard. Ain’t seen him around much.


Jack: I don’t know, must have left town after that.


The three of them, as if they all are in on the same joke, share a knowing look. Finally, Sonny turns away, sipping some champagne and sitting down at his table.


Sonny: So, do what do I owe the visit, boys?


Jack: We just wanted to let you know that we’re expanding, and I know that may intrude on some of your space, but we mean no disrespect by it. We wanted to be sure that when it comes to this whole thing, we don’t have any problems.


Sonny nods, a small grin crosses his face as he rests his hands on the table, leaning back.


Sonny: I appreciate that you came to me to tell me that. We’ve worked together on many things, Jack. You know that I trust that you have a solid head on your shoulders. You did right by me before, so, so long as you let me know, we won’t have any issues.


Sonny looks over at Jason, who continues to marvel at the size and look of Sonny’s hotel room and office. 


Sonny: You okay over there, Junior? You look lost.


Jason seemingly snaps out of it, and nods.


Jason: I’ve just never seen anything that looks like this. I’m just... I don’t know I have to admit I’m a little jealous.


Sonny: A lot of people are.


Jason: I mean, I want this too. 


Sonny: I can call some people; they can come renovate what you got over there.


Sonny snickers at this, but Jason is none too amused.


Jason: Whoa, I’m sorry, are you saying... we need help.


Jack sees this and turns to Jason, who is staring coldly as Sonny, who is confused, but smirks.


Jack: Jay, be cool, he’s just messing with you.


Jason: No no, he knows what he said, and he knows why he said it.


Sonny looks over at Jack, now even more confused by this outburst of hostile feelings.


Sonny: Listen, Junior, I was just breaking your balls a little bit alright, you and your brother. Relax.


Jason: But... you said that for a reason. You think you’re better than us, don’t you?


Sonny looks over at Jack, who again has his hand on Jason’s shoulder.


Sonny: What’s wrong with this guy, Jack? I swear you need to relax and keep him cool.


Jack: Sonny, it’s okay, he’s just been through some stuff, you know? He doesn’t mean any disrespect.


Jason stares a hole though Jack and this forces even Jack to look twice. Jack then looks his own brother up and down to stop him.


Jack: He, didn’t mean anything by it. It’s cool, Sonny.


Jason continues to stare at Jack, and then turns to Sonny.


Jason: Can you excuse us for one second?


Jason’s polite 180 turn catches Sonny by surprise as well as Jack and Jason retreat away from Sonny listening to a room on their own. The speak in a hushed tone to each other.


Jack: What the fuck is wrong with you?


Jason: What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?


Jack: What do you... never mind, why are you being like that in front of him?


Jason: Why are YOU being like that in front of him.


Jack: Are we really doing this right now?


Jason: You bitched out, bro.


Jack: What? Bitched out.


Jason: I thought this was your thing, bro? You should in control of that table! 


Jack: I am in control. You’re the one acting like a lunatic out there!


Jason: That’s how we’re supposed to do things! You gotta be willing to take what you want. You’re getting soft out there. 


Jack: I’m looking out for you! And besides, Sonny did right by me, and I did right by him.


Jason: And you think that’s gonna mean a fucking thing when he wants it to not mean a thing anymore? He’s gonna hold onto shit like this until he’s dead, and then the next fucking prick will come in and do the same thing, you gonna kiss his ass too? You should have brought your knee pads, might as well blow the fucker while you’re at it.


Jack finally just hauls off and slaps Jason across the face. The blow stunning Jason who holds his jaw in a little bit of amazement.


Jack: Shut. The. Fuck. Up. I’m out here keeping your stupid ass alive. You understand that. You want to go and make a fucking war with this guy? He’s got fucking goons, we don’t have goons. We still have to deal with the Mexican mother fuckers when they show back up! And you want to add to our problems. You don’t think. It’s not going soft. It’s making the smart business move. 


Jason: Man... this is like war, you have to take -


Jack: NO! It's not war. It’s business. You want to start a war with everybody? Because I don’t know if you know this or not, but we are fucking outgunned.


Jason: But... but you thought about it, right?


Jack: ...


Jason: I knew it. 


Jason once again seems to just snap out of the anger at the moment, and nods, a smile forms across his face.


Jason: Okay... I got you.


Jason wipes his mouth, and then straightens up his jacket and the two leave the room and rejoin Sonny at the table. He eyes Jason suspiciously.


Sonny: You two got that all figured out now?


Jason: I’m sorry, sir. I just got caught up in the moment. Forgive me. I was a little out of line and that’s not why we came to this meeting. We came to make sure there was still peace. I don’t want to throw that away.


Jason extends his hand to Sonny, who continues to eyeball him, before he eventually shakes his hand. Jason now bares a wide grin as Jack finally speaks up.


Jack: Alright, now that that’s settled, I think we’re still just working with respect, yeah? A gentlemen’s agreement?


Sonny: Yeah, kid. Gentlemen’s agreement.


Jason: Sorry about earlier. Been through some things. We’ll be in touch.


Sonny: Sure.


Sonny suspiciously eyes the two as they walk away and back into the elevator. Neither one says a word until they are in the car with Jack behind the wheel.


Jason: I say we take all this shit from him.


Jack: WHAT? You were just in there telling him we’re cool!


Jason: Exactly. I’m gonna lure this old man in to a false sense of security. I’m gonna get him, before he gets us. 


Jack: You clearly need help, I’m going to take you to the hospital.


Jason: Come on, bro! You know I’m telling the truth! I wasn’t wrong about Benny, and I’m not wrong about this guy. Aren’t you tired of kissing his ass? It’s time we, the Washington family, we took what should be ours. You know I’m right, deep down.


Jack stared at Jason, not even blinking before he turned away, but there was... a gleam in his eyes. He had clearly given this some thought.




On Camera:



Jack this time is standing, pacing, with an almost manic look on his face. He has a wild-eyed stare at nothing in particular, almost as if he is confused at his own situation. He looks at the Internet championship on his shoulder, staring blankly for a few seconds before he turns to the camera and begins.


Jack: I had to think about it, because the part of me that is... somewhat generous, the part of me that still gives a shit about people, the part of me that still wants to care... It crept back into my mind, man. It put itself front and cent of my mind and it made me think. And part of me, just want that part to go away and let me just be who I am. Because I have become conflicted with what I have to do, and how I have to do this.


Because let’s just face the truth of the situation: What I have to do, is destroy a legend. And part of doesn’t really want to do that, and Goth is pretty much forcing my hand. You know you are Goth. You’re making me do something I really don’t want to do. This should be just an easy thing, we go to Athens, I beat your ass and retain my title, and that should be the end of all this. There shouldn’t be anything more difficult than that. This should as easy as cake, but no, oh no, Goth wants to make this difficult. Goth wants to try and recapture some glory that he had a long time ago, and at the same time, prove to his new good buddies, who don’t even acknowledge his existence right now, that he is just like that. He is searching for validation and approval, and so, he has put himself in this situation, and he is actually trying to make them believe, and by virtue, you believe, that he has a chance in hell of winning this Sunday. Goth is actually going to try and re-make a name for himself at my expense. 


And I have become very, very conflicted by this. 


You see, I can appreciate a man trying to stand on his own two feet regardless of whether or not people cheer him or not. And by the mere fact that he will be standing in the ring with me and Into the Void, people will cheer him, because he is, as he should be, an underdog. He honestly has no business being in the ring with me, and he knows that, but he wants to make you believe that he does. He wants to make you believe that it’s 2013 again and he will be that same Goth he was back then. Part of me respects that. It really does. Hey, if you’re not bothering me, or getting in my way, do whatever the hell it is you think you can do out there. If you want to go out in the ring and act like your 25 when you’re 50, go for it. You’re only as young as you feel right? I can dig that, go out there, do you, my guy. 


But then we come to the big problem. You see, Goth IS standing in my way, Goth IS trying to take this championship from ME. And that, that can’t really happen. I tried to tell him, tried to warn him about what could happen, I told him flat out that he’s not in my league, he’s old, he’s fragile, he is broken down and he is better off just coming out as some kind of special attraction, or renting a folding table at a VFW and talking with all the other old-timers about the good-old days. He is much better served doing that, but no, no, Goth doesn’t want to listen. Maybe he’s hard of hearing or something, but when you come out and tell me, and tell the world that I... amuse you as the champion, that’s some disrespectful shit and that spits in the face of everything I have done, and all the work I put into this. That pisses me off and it makes me want to hurt Goth, really, really fucking bad.


I have to fight this urge now, to just walk up on this old man, and slap the shit out of him, knock him out of his walker and kick that shit down the road. Because I got that urge really bad right now, and I don’t want to go to jail, and I don’t want to be held responsible for what Goth is trying to make me do. Goth has his finger on the button, SCW. He’s really getting ready to push that button, and I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know what will be left of him if he does. The man apparently has a death wish and he really wants me to put him out of his misery. He really is asking for me to do that to him, and I know you guys in SCW, you love Goth, he’s a legend, he’s a hall of famer, former world champion and everything. You want him around; you want him to show up and be able to compete in matches.


But if he pushes that button, he might not make it out of Athens.


Jack shakes his head, again staring at the championship, almost as if he is reassuring himself about what he’s about to get into. A small manic grin crosses his face as he contines.


Jack: I just want everybody to understand the situation that we are in right now, and how badly things can go with Goth if he continues the disrespect, he’s shown to me. Goth is of the past, and I am the present, and future of this company, I already put the damn thing on my back twice already, and we soared to the highest of highs, and now, nobody gives a shit that the cowboy has the title. And he’s gonna face another old man and things are just going downhill. I’m trying, I’m really fucking trying to do everybody a big favor and make this work. But I can’t guarantee anything if Goth really wants to go through with this. I just want to appeal the human being Goth, and not the foolish old man who is trying to re-live his glory days. I’m making it as plain as I can that this man is in trouble. I’m making it as simple as humanly possible, that if Goth pushes that button, we’re going someplace that he is no longer ready for, and he may not have ever been ready for his entire LIFE.


I’m making this appeal because part of me really, really don’t want Goth to make me do what he’s trying to make do. I don’t want to end a career, I don’t want to have to embarrass and humiliate this man on a stage like this. There’s no glory in that. There’s nothing to be proud of. This is lose-lose for me. If I win this match, of course I won this match, I was supposed to. Goth is an old man, he’s feeble and washed up, but if I lose, I lost to an old man. Is it not enough that you had your time a decade ago Goth? Is that not good enough for you? Are you that insecure and jealous? Is it really like that? Because if it is, and you take the choice out of my hands, and you make the choice for me, you will not have anyone to blame but yourself. I will not take responsibility for crippling an old man and making an example of him. If you choose to continue the way you’re going, this could be your last match ever. I’m telling you this, because you are a legend and I can respect that.


But... but but but, that’s part of me. The other part? The other very much wants you to make that choice. That part of me, is HOPING you make that choice and you make me do this. A BIG part of me wants you to make me pull that trigger, Goth. Part of me would LOVE it for you to put me in this position, because then, then I can do this without restrictions and put you out of the game without feeling the least bit sorry about it. I’ve been wanting to beat the shit out of a lot of people, and you are rapidly climbing the list. Part of me is thinking about what I could do to you.


The small grin is replaced by a nearly psychotic grin. Jack has never had this look on his face before on camera. The near ever-present scowl, and only semi-present smug grin is replaced by this new look. One of pure malevolence.


Jack: Oh yes, a big part of me wants that very much. How I could cement my legacy by putting you down once and for all. To make sure that you NEVER try and cross my path again, that you are brought back to your garbage little group in pieces and barely able to communicate, and you eat your meals through a straw for a long ass time. Part of me would RELISH in dismantling a hall of famer and leaving him a broken mess. And I get why you joined the group, Goth. You are like they are, you are weak and unable to stand on your own. And part of me can’t wait to see the look on their faces when you walk back empty handed and are nothing but a drooling mess of a person. 


Oh yes, that would be great. That part of me has been wanting to be unleashed for a long time, Goth. The part that watches men like you crumble, and look up at me with those eye that plead for mercy once they realize the mistake they have made. It’s why I work alone, Goth. It’s why I do what I do. Because I get the chance to humble people like you. Because you have to understand Goth, I hold your future in my hands. I can do things to you that nobody has ever done before. I can take you and reduce you to less than nothing, and part of me wants to see what that’s actually like. I get fucking giddy over here, thinking about how I can hurt you, and how I can show you how dangerous I am. I always tell people I will do whatever it takes to get to the top, and stay at the top. And what you are doing right now? What you’re doing right now is putting your finger on that button to make unleash everything and not have to worry about the consequences, because it’s not ME who’s going to be responsible for that.  No, it’s you Goth. You would be solely responsible for what I do to you. 


That part of me scares me sometimes Goth. Maybe I’m fucked up, you know? Maybe I just have these impulses to do bad things and that darker side just pokes it’s head out from time to time and it’s just making sure I know it’s still there. And I know, you’ve got a name like Goth, you’re into that cult shit, that devil worshipping or whatever, and that doesn’t scare me, like I scare myself. Because you can dress like it’s the fucking 1700’s or bite the heads of chickens and bathe in their blood or whatever the fuck, but nothing worries me, than thinking about what I can do to a man. But that’s not even the worst part. That part of me that wants to do that shit, it wants to let me ENJOY IT.


That part of me has imagined what it would be like. I mean, that’s what I got into wrestling for outside of money. To punch motherfuckers in the face and not go to jail for it. And what you’re doing right now is going to take the handcuffs off of me. It’s going to set me free and then, when I destroy you, and when I beat your ass, possibly nearly to death at your age, it won’t be my fault. You have you hand on that button, and I know, I know deep down you want to push it, because you want to prove yourself. You want to show everybody that you still got it and you can hang with any generation of talent. And you know that you’re going to really want to push that button, and while part of me really wants you to stop yourself, because that part of me knows what’s going to happen, the other half is outright FUCKING DARING YOU to do it. That part of me is licking his chops, ready to beat you within an inch of your life and make you regret ever trying me, Goth. I guess the ball is in your court now.


It looks like someone has just flipped a switch and all that maniacal grinning goes away. The scowl returns, and then the smug grin. Clearly Jack is torn, or borderline psychotic himself. Something clearly has changed.


Jack: That choice is really up to you. You are playing with fire and you’re going to get burned, Goth. The real questions is, which are you going to choose. Are you going to restrain yourself, take your ass whooping like a man, and then show me the respect I deserve? Are you going to understand that you are taking not only your career but your LIFE in your hands when you do this?  Are you going to realize that you are no longer a player in this game and just let it finally sink in?


Or... are you going to make me beat the respect and everything else, out of you? You understand that you’re fucked, either way, right? You’re not going to walk out of Athens with my championship, that’s for damn sure, if you’re think that you got a punchers chance, that’s about the best you have, Goth. But you might as well be blind and have arthritis because that’s the best you can hope for. Are you going to push that button and make me beat you like a red-headed step child until you cannot take it anymore, Goth? Are you going to play the brave solider and ride into battle and go out guns blazing? Let me just make it clear that you have no more ammo in your gun and you are out gunned from the start. It’s basically a suicide mission for you, Goth. 


Is that what you want? Is that REALLY what you want?


I would just advise you to choose carefully. Because one way or another, I’m going to do what should have been done a long time ago, Goth. It’s just like when the horse is lame and it can’t race anymore. It’s like when... what’s the dog, old yeller. Yah, Old yeller got rabies and they had to put him down. That’s what this is going to be, Goth. Just like that. The only real difference, you have a choice how you go out. You can go out peacefully, or I can TAKE YOU OUT.


I will leave the choice up to you Goth, I just hope that you are comfortable with the consequences of your actions. 


You will be put down, Goth. One way or another. Part of me wants you to accept that, and the other half is BEGGING for you to disagree. It’s waiting for you to make that choice, and when you do, that’s it. Although, I have to warn you now, that you may choose the easy way, and you might just still get the beating of your life.


One way or another, we’re going out back, Goth.


And I’m gonna pull the trigger.


See you in Athens, Old man.


Jack makes a gun out of his finger, and mimics a trigger pulling and that has us cut to black and we’re out.




Face. Of. The. Franchise