Author Topic: SCW Exclusive - Unaired Crystal Zdunich seg.  (Read 2228 times)

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SCW Exclusive - Unaired Crystal Zdunich seg.
« on: April 19, 2022, 09:57:38 AM »
We are taken to ringside and it is there where we can see Simone and Adams. The crowd is excited as they begin to speak to one another.

Simone: Tonight has been an amazing night hasn’t it?!

Adams: It definitely has been and It can only get better from here. We still have a long night ahead of us.

All of a sudden Theatre by Icon for hire begins to blast across the speakers. As it does the crowd seems to be confused as they await to see who is going to come out.

The crowd is on their feet as Crystal Zdunich emerges from behind the curtains. She smirks as she claps the hands of the fans that are cheering her on. She enters the ring and everyone is all on their feet. Crystal calls for a microphone as she takes it all in.

Simone: It has been weeks since we have seen Crystal Zdunich!

Adams: Weeks?! We haven’t seen her since Blaze of Glory!

Simone: Crystal has returned and she has done so with a brand new song and this crowd in Greece loves her!

Crystal: Long time no see SCW. I know I haven’t been around all of you in a while but I am happy to say tagg I have finally made it to the Greece Tour. A lot has been keeping me busy. Sometimes it is hard being an actress! One always has to read so many scripts and learn how to play different roles for whatever I am doing!

Crystal grins as she speaks some more.

Crystal: However one thing that isn’t an act is the fact that I know I am the best wrestler in the world today. Winning the battle royal named me as the number one contender for the Internet Championship. It was an exciting time for me because I knew that I would finally be able to follow up on my little check list. By winning the battle royal I have successfully checked Mercedes Vargas name off of the list. Winning this match meant I would be destined to go on to check Andrea off of the list. We have a lot of hatred and respect towards each other. I was happy to be in this position. However what I didn’t expect is for Masque to instantly be given a title opportunity.

Crystal sighs as she continues to speak.

Crystal: Andrea ended up losing to Masque and that leaves me in a situation. When I won my match to be contender it was more about positioning myself to fight Andrea and not really the belt. Andrea lost and honestly I felt like she could have won. In my eyes she phoned it in the moment the match was booked. It is easy to stand up proudly and talk all that shit about being undefeated for all of these months and not really fighting game competition. Part of me just knows that deep down she lost the match because she knew if she got past Masque she would have wanted to fight me and she CLEARLY doesn’t want that. Its all good because as far as right now goes. It looks like Masque and I are on a collision course!

Crystal looks right into the camera as she speaks some more.

Crystal: So now I have to step into the ring with an absolute monster. One who is over six feet tall and has a full prosthetic hand. Am I scared not in the least. As an actress I know what type of movie this is. It looks like I am going to be caught up in a slasher and all that means is I have to channel my inner final girl. I am SCWs Final Girl and no matter how bad things get I will keep coming back. Everybody always gets scared shitless at being in the ring with Masque but honestly I live for the competition. It’s time to be the Laurie Strode of this division and by the end of Into the Void I will be champion. Mark my words on that.

With that Crystal walks away to the loud cheering of the crowd.