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A boogeyman at a turtle island
« on: April 08, 2022, 03:19:23 AM »
Although Agostino was one of the only few people who have travelled to other parts of Europe at some weekends to do one-off wildcard rides, which he's still contracted to do at the same time, wrestling has and will always come first. Agostino, as usual, doesn't care at all for the losses because of how he is and how he was raised in the sport he was in. Especially when it comes to videos. Agostino landed at the turtle island, dressed up in boogeyman clothes. Wearing a skull boogeyman mask while standing on the Island.

Agostino Romano: "So I know many people have been asking, and I have been willing to come out and ask the question. Why am I so level headed with losses? Here's the thing. When I was riding for Global Bike Championship, I learned so much about handling the losses, especially the crashes I've had. Back in two thousand and seven in the lower class, I had my first ever crash. Did I get angry when it happened? Yes, but I was only sixteen and new to the sport. The guys said this is something that will happen time and time again. Don't get so angry about the crash and learn from it. It was good advice because while I crashed and finished some races, I won every championship in the GBC."

Agostino hated to be serious, but he had to clear it up because it did change him from the advice of his team that day, and Agostino never got angry since.

Agostino Romano: "That's why being angry to me is meaningless because it didn't help me in the slightest. You all can be less angry about every loss you get because you might as well forget competing in every sport if you get angry at all your losses and bitching and complain about them. You can't win them all. I've learned to accept that, and being angry and pissing the bosses off will get me nowhere. I refuse to do that. Instead, I'm myself when I'm ridiculously wearing skull boogeyman clothes at the turtle island. I could've been a turtle boogeyman. Wait, I have that sort of costume right here."

Agostino took off the skull boogeyman costume and changed everything to a turtle boogeyman mask and the costume as well, dark green, brown and black costume.

Agostino Romano: "Such a shame we aren't in America to go into JC Pennies store because being a boogeyman there would be so much fun. I see JC being an awesome guy, actually. I know he has tendencies to get angry and will more than likely batter me. However, I don't care because I focus on getting in the ring and wrestling. Most importantly, I learnt another thing about my job I tend to ignore many wrestlers insulting me."

That had been hard at times for Agostino to take, but somehow, he doesn't fall into that theory of trashing wrestlers. Everything he wasn't doing was a part of him learning from his job. He crawls around like a turtle Agostino wanted to be.

Agostino Romano: "Have you seen a scary-looking turtle crawling on the island, talking directly to you? Of course not, because I'm out of my head. I don't acknowledge wrestlers because, to me, they are like press media, insulting me to make up rumours and gossip to other people. I don't care because it's their opinion of me. I don't like criticising opponents like that. I prefer to give positive comments to a man who had the guts to challenge Fenris, who, ironically, never faced here yet. JC is a brave dude, no wonder why he's a boogeyman, and that's not just in the ring either. He can be a skull-crushing boogeyman out of it too."

Of course, many people would find it funny but knew that while it wouldn't make JC laugh, Agostino's fans would, which is the type of personality Agostino has.

Agostino Romano: "I know what you're going to say; you will do everything to make sure you'll force me to be angry. You'll say, you better start treating like you give a damn about losses. But that's not me. Crawling around the island, searching for dark leafy green food that people may have left out for me to eat. Oh, look, I found just a piece here."

Agostino, like a turtle, tries to eat the cabbage as a turtle would eat but does eventually succeed in doing so and continues.

Agostino Romano: "I'm a guy who prefers to come out with ideas and have fun. I want to face Troll so desperately because I got so many wacko ideas; it's unbelievable. I'm a fun, entertaining guy. I know you'll do everything to win, but that's where I stop you. I may be a boogeyman turtle in the mask, but I enjoy wrestling and enjoy having fun. Because you can't live life being miserable all the time. You be happy and live your life to its fullest. Even being crazy once in a while wouldn't be too bad."

Agostino sits back on a deck chair, still wearing the turtle costume.

Agostino Romano: "Imagine a turtle boogeyman could scare people away. It would cause a fright and then, you make people laugh. That's how life should be. JC of course has won many titles in his career in various places. For sure he's a threat. I will find a way to win this match because how else are you meant to be confident if you don't win? I see you out there."

Agostino got up from the deck chair as he goes back on the boat and rowed back to Zakynthos to get the sleep he needed back at his hotel.