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Scene One: Blindfolded?
Location: Marcus and Candy’s hotel room
When: A few days before CC, morning

**The scene fades up inside the hotel room that was being rented out to the Cage family while they did their tour of Greece with SCW. In the middle of the larger room, next to a small table, was a highchair in the middle of the room was Miss Ruby. She was roughly 16 months old now, and just enjoying life! On the tray in front of her were some random cheerios that ended up more on the floor than in her mouth! Oh the life of a toddler! She was giggling as her dad, Marcus, sat in a chair at the table next to her and looked up from his phone every time she made a sound. He noticed that she didn’t have much left on the tray, so he grabs a handful out of the bowl on the table and sets it down on the tray. Ruby giggles and reaches for em as Marcus smiles.**


**Both of their attention turn towards the other room.**

Marcus Cage: Candy? Are you ok?


**Candy yells from the other room**


Marcus Cage: Do you need any help?

**Some steps were heard, very slowly, as you can now see Candy’s hands come through the door leading into this room. It was as if she was trying to feel her way around.**

Candy: NO! No help! I am in this blindfold match against the meanie head Alicia… and I gotta prepare properly! So I told you I am going the WHOOOOOOLE day in the blindfold! NO HELP! I mean it Marcus!

**He couldn’t help but smirk ever so slightly. The pride, and sheer determination, of his wife was inspiring to say the least.**

Marcus Cage: If you say so…

**She emerged from the other room through the door… and oh boy was she a sight to see! First thing you notice is the bright, and I do mean BRIGHT, pink blindfold that was tied around her head and covering her eyes. And… you guessed it… it’s sequined and sparkly. Sadly, that was the most normal thing on her! Her hair was pulled down into two low pigtails but… they were crooked and uneven. Almost as if she couldn’t see while doing her hair. She was wearing a pair of pink pants with a silver design sewn down the sides, and a pink shirt with purple stitching on it. Except… it was a totally different shade of pink that kind of clashed with each other. Her shoes… oh boy… her left shoe was a white sneaker, her right shoe was a black one. Marcus stifled a chuckle when he first saw her.**

Marcus Cage: Come, have breakfast with us.

Candy: OH! My first challenge! I’m gonna make a bowl of cereal!

**She felt her way over towards the small kitchen area that was set up. It wasn’t much, a small counter with a mini fridge, a plug in single burner stove top, and a small sink. Candy manages to find her way over to the counter and felt around for the cupboards. She found it and felt for a bowl, setting it on the counter. She then felt around for a box, finding a box of Lucky Charms cereal. She fumbles with the box and bit. As she is doing this, Marcus quietly gets up from his seat and walks over as quiet as he can towards her. She gets the box open and starts to pour it, completely missing the bowl! Marcus quickly pulls the bowl under where she was pouring, and she managed to catch about a half a bowl. She fumbled with the box again to close it and set it back on the counter.**

Candy: This isn’t so bad! I don’t know what Alicia was complaining about!

**She reached over for the mini fridge and opened the door. She reached in feeling for a bottle. She pulls it out and tries to open it.**

Candy: Marcus… this cap is too tight… will you open it for me?

**She held it out in the direction she THOUGHT he was in, only to smack him with the bottle.**

Marcus Cage: Sure thing.

**He looked at the bottle, seeing that she had grabbed orange juice instead of milk. He tiptoes to the fridge and switches it out for milk, then opens it and hands it back to her.**

Candy: Thank you!

**She starts to tilt the bottle to pour, about to completely miss the bowl. Marcus quietly moves the bowl into position as she pours the milk, puts the cap back on, and puts it back in the fridge. She then feels around and feels for a spoon, and pulls out what she thinks is a spoon… but is actually a fork. Marcus goes to grab a spoon but she closes the drawer before he can. He just shrugs and walks back to the table. Candy picks up her bowl in one hand and walks slowly towards the table, using her other hand to feel in front of her. She manages to get to the table successfully and sits down.**

Candy: OH BOY! I can’t wait to enjoy this bowl of cereal… that I made ALL ON MY OWN! Wearing a blindfold!

**She digs in, eating cereal and milk, with a fork. Marcus just grinned a bit and shook his head slowly.**

Candy: MMMM This is so yummy.

Marcus Cage: So, are you really going to wear that ALL DAY? I mean your match will be at most like 20 to 30 minutes.

Candy: YES! I need to get all my other senses working stronger so that I can beat Alicia. She did a lot of mean and evil things! I actually thought I hurt her. But I knew deep down in my heart that glitter couldn’t hurt some one like that! Glitter makes everything better! I don’t know what I ever did to her to make her hate me so much that she wants to try and ban my glitter.

Marcus Cage: Sometimes, with people like her, you just have to exist for her to hate you. She’s a very hateful person, and there’s nothing you can do about that. She hates anyone that isn’t like her, or that people like more than her. She’s just a grumpy bitter person and there’s nothing you can do to change that. You just gotta keep on being you. Don’t let anyone change who you are.

Candy: You are the sweetest, Marcus. I just know that I gotta go out there and do my best. It’s gonna be hard being blindfolded. But I’ll make it work! That’s why I’m practicing now! I’m getting pretty good at it!

**Candy gets up and starts feeling her way to the other room, bumping into different pieces of furniture… repeatedly. Ruby laughs a bit every time, as the scene fades to black**
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