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“Home of my Ancestors.” (Ariana Angelos RP)
« on: March 28, 2022, 09:09:53 AM »
Ariana Angelos had been a part of the SCU brand for nearly three years now having joined the SCU Brand on her 19th birthday in 2019, however the Go Gym Graduate may have been born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but she was a Greek-American girl and her family hailed from the Greek island or Corfu so as you can imagine she was excited to learn that SCW’s first international tour since the ill-fated homecoming tour of 20220 would be a tour of Greece, with the first stop being confirmed as Corfu.

When that news reached her ears, Ariana was quick to request a showcase match for her and the bosses were all to eager to grant her wish putting her up against Kaiju Rainbow in the opening match of the night, Kaiju on paper was a dangerous opponent being a wrestling veteran with a mixed martial arts background but she had yet to pick up a win in SCW with her last match being a complete annihilation at the hands of Ms. Jon! Can Ari get the win?

Corfu Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias, Corfu, Greece
Monday the 28th of March 2022, 18:00pm

Been a while since I’ve done something like this.

For those who don’t remember, me and Carter’s first match as Team Go was when we challenged London Underground for the Mixed Tag Team Titles on Climax Control a few weeks after we debuted on SCU, by that time we only had a few matches between us and London Underground, on top of being some of the earliest Go Gym Graduates, had an iron grip on the Mixed Tag Titles after they were forced to vacate the Bombshell Tag and Male Tag Team Titles due to them being deactivated.

Me and Carter held our own in that match, but in the end Carter took the pin and London Underground retained.

That was three years ago and I don’t think I need to point out just how much has changed since then, beyond the stuff that happened outside of wrestling Team Go went on to win the Pride Tag Team Titles and hold them for a record breaking reign which only ended after Carter won the TV Title and chose to vacate his half of the titles and I continued the reign with Alex Rush, since then? Carter’s been going from strength to strength holding several titles and winning the Underground Championship at Blaze of Glory.

I haven’t been so lucky!

To put it simply, every time it felt like I had taken one step towards winning my first singles title in SCU it felt like I subsequently took about twelve steps back and with rumours running around that SCU won’t be around much longer I’m already looking for a new place of employment, I’ve already found one and joined GCW right before Blaze  of Glory X but without a place of employment within the SCW umbrella? I’m going to have to find a new place fast.

But if this is the end of my SCU run then I am at least getting one more chance to wrestle on SCW Climax Control! When I heard that SCW was hosting a show in Corfu at the beginning of the Greece tour I knew I had to be part of it, why? Because my family is originally from Corfu, granted my relationship with my parents is rocky at best but a chance to do my home country proud is not one that I’m passing up.

My opponent is Kaiju Rainbow, a former MMA Fighter turned wrestling veteran who joined SCW during the Christmas holiday break alongside Masque who she faced in their mutual debut match at Inception V, one has gone on to be a dominant force in SCW only suffering one loss which was in this year’s Blast from the Past Tournament and because her partner took the pin and aside from that one blemish she is undefeated.

The other is Kaiju Rainbow, yeah, I’m not worried.

”You are going to show us the sights and sounds of Corfu, right Ari?” I glanced up and realized that Cassie, Krystal’s younger cousin and wrestling trainee, as talking to me, as for what I thought of Cass? I thought she was a sweet girl taken advantage of by a scumbag, that was my initial impression of the eighteen year old Aussie and that was only reinforced when she was expelled from the PTA Gym during the last cycle, you can ask Krystal about what happened after that because I’m not one hundred percent clear on the details. ”Your family’s from Corfu, isn’t it?”

”Yeah but I was born stateside, I haven’t been to Corfu in years.” I responded as I shook my head and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”Hell if I can be honest? The last time I was in Corfu was when I was a toddler, because my parents had been invited to a wedding of one of my cousins.” I added before letting out a sad sigh, I had to chose between my wrestling dream and my parents when they found out that I had enrolled in the Go Gym, I recognize in hindsight that they were being emotionally abusive towards me by being so controlling but I still regret how my relationship with my parents ended. ”My relationship with my parents is basically non-existent at this point, but I still have relatives in Corfu that I’m on good terms with.”

“Based on what you told me? That’s for the best.” Francisco, my tall, dark and handsome Brazilian boyfriend, responded as we turned to the only guy in our group. “You deserve a lot better than the treatment they gave you.”

”Thanks Francisco.” I responded with a grin before briefly kissing my boyfriend on the cheek. ”Did Krystal tell you what flight she and Makayla are coming in on?” I asked as I turned to Cass who only shrugged her shoulders in response.

”Only that they were flying straight from Antiqua as soon as they had departed from the Cruise Ship.” Cass explained as she shook her head and we nodded as we got the idea. ”And before that they have to arrange a nanny to look after Rachel and Garrus back in Las Vegas.”

”Krystal mentioned that she had arranged for a nanny last night, unless something changed between her karaoke performance and now I think she’s got that covered.” I responded with a nod before we got a flight announcement, it was in Greek but, well, I’m fluent in Greek so I paid the most attention. ”That flight announcement was for Antiqua, Krystal and Makayla might be here soon.”

”I hope so! I’m dying of boredom over here! No offence!” Cass responded with a sheepish grin and me and Francisco put our hands up as if to say, “none taken”, fortunately for Cass it wasn’t long before we confirmed that yes, it was the flight that we were waiting for, because Krystal and Makayla ran up to us as soon as they saw us. ”I don’t know what to ask you about first, the cruise or karaoke.” Cass greeted her older cousin who laughed before hugging Cass.

”Good to see you too Cass!” Krystal responded with a grin before she turned to face me. ”I take it you’ve seen the Climax Control card Ari?” Krystal asked and I nodded in response.

”My first thought was “man, Chloe cannot catch a break!” but after that, I got excited for my match against Kaiju.” I nodded in response before Krystal and Makayla grabbed their things. ”What about you? This is the first cycle opener in just under a year that you’re not competing in.”

”I won’t deny that it feels weird, but after how the last cycle went for me? I welcome the break to be honest.” Krystal responded honestly and we nodded as  we got the idea. ”Even if the last cycle ended with me getting married.”

”And even without that, Krystal did get the biggest win of her career at Blaze of Glory X so she has a lot on her mind.” Makayla chimed in with a grin as she glanced over at her wife. ”As far as this tour is concerned? I’m looking forward to the final stop as my family is originally from Athens, I know that’s a long ways off but it will be worth the wait in my opinion.” Makayla added and we nodded as we got the idea. ”But trust me when I say that the bosses have picked some beautiful destinations for this tour, Corfu included.”

”Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had enough of this airport to last a lifetime, let’s head to the hotel.” Cass chimed in and we nodded in agreement before we left the airport for the hotel.

At least things were going well so far.

Ari and Francisco’s hotel room, Corfu, Greece
Monday the 28th of March 2022, 21:00pm

It’s been a long day.

To put in perspective, the rest of the SCW roster arrived early this morning but because Krystal and Makayla were flying in straight from Antiqua we knew that they were going to take a bit longer so me, Cass and Francisco told the bosses that we were going to meet Krystal and Makayla at the airport to make sure that they got back to the hotel safely, and now that that’s done me and Francisco have been chilling in our hotel room.

We’ll go out to see the sights of Corfu in the morning, but because of how late it was by the time we got back from the airport we settled for grabbing dinner at the hotel restaurant and then retire to our rooms, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t busy.

”Are you sure you can’t make it Carter?” I asked my bestie over Skype and the current Underground Champion shook his head. ”Even with Krystal’s offer in mind?”

“I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it but I’d rather train for my first defence.” Carter admitted as he shook his head and I nodded in understanding. “I will be watching your match on Sunday, that goes without saying.”

”I know, I just wish that you were here to see it in person.” I sighed in response and Carter nodded in understanding. ”On the plus side, I’ve started training with Fenris for the match against Kaiju.”

“I hope he isn’t being too rough on you.” Carter responded and I shook my head with a chuckle, it was well known that Fenris’s training regimens were brutal at the best of times and he hadn’t disappointed in that regard. “I just hope that you know what you’re getting yourself into Ari, this is your first Climax Control match in just under three years.”

”We were still rookies when we took on London Underground, since then we’ve won titles and had high profile matches, not to mention my new job with GCW.” I pointed out and Carter nodded in agreement. ”We’ve come so far since that tag match, and besides have you seen Kaiju Rainbow’s record in SCW?”

“I’ve seen her record and the imprint she left on the matt after her match against Ms. Jon.” Carter joked and me and Francisco had a good laugh in response to that. “I meant to ask, how are the newlyweds? I understand that they are back from their honeymoon?”

”Yeah, Krystal and Makayla flew in around 18:30 this evening.” I nodded in response as I shifted my weight. ”Obviously I’m not a mind reader but saying that? Their honeymoon seems to have rejuvenated them, Krystal in particular was in high spirits when they flew in.”

“Either that or she was relieved to have Matthew and Marty behind her.” Francisco chimed in and me and Carter shared a laugh at that.

“I honestly could believe either explanation, but either way the time away seems to have done some good for Krystal.” Carter nodded in agreement and I grinned in response. “Any footage from Krystal’s karaoke performance?”

”If there is any she hasn’t uploaded it to her YouTube channel.” I responded with a shrug after thinking for a minute. ”I remember Krystal being a decent singer from that mock press conference we did for her match against Andrea, you know when I asked, “what is love”?”

“I’m still surprised that it took that long for that question to be asked.” Carter nodded in agreement and I grinned in response. “That aside, even if Krystal fumbled through Must’ve Been Love’s lyrics it’s the thought that ultimately counts in that situation.”

”True enough, and she was probably better than the rest of the performers if most of them were drunk.” I responded with a grin and Carter nodded in agreement. ”I’d better go Carter because it’s getting really late here in Greece but I’ll make sure to call you again at least once before the show.”

“You just focus on enjoying yourself, and Francisco’s company.” Carter instructed me before pausing to consider his choice of words. “Whether that entails the removal of clothing or not I up to you, I just ask that you remember to turn off your webcam this time.”

”For the last time, that only happened once and me and Francisco only got as far as me taking his shirt off before you cleared your throat!” I reminded Carter who laughed in response as I ran a hand down my face. ”I mean yeah, I was down to my bra and denim shorts but still!”

“I’m just saying that most straight men would pay good money for that kind of show.” Carter responded with a good hearty laugh and I shook my head before saying good-bye to him and ending the Skype chat.

“He means well Ari, don’t let him get to you.” Francisco assured me as I climbed into bed with him and, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t long before I found myself on top of my boyfriend. “He’s been your bestie for how long?”

”Since I ended my relationship with my parents.” I responded before kissing Francisco and he kissed me back. ”He volunteered to put me up in his apartment until I found a place of my own, if he was straight then I’d have probably started dating him by now.”

“Instead, he fills your “gay best friend” quota.” Francisco nodded before he started getting……..frisky with his hands, yeah I don’t think I need to tell you where this was going. “So many beautiful sights on this island, yet I’m looking at the most beautiful one of all.”

”Funny, I was about to say the same thing.” I responded with a grin before we resumed kissing.

I’d go into detail about how I spent the night with Francisco but well, it was the kind of detail that would only be found on certain corners of the internet to be honest! Only complaint was the fact that our spooning session afterwards was interrupted by a wake-up call.

At least none of the staff saw us naked and in bed together.

Taste Corfu Walking Tour, Corfu, Greece
Tuesday the 29th of March 2022, 11:00am

Okay, time to start sightseeing!

Once we had woken up and gotten dressed me and Francisco met with Krystal, Makayla and Cass in the hotel lobby to discuss what we were going to do for our first full day on the Greek Tour, and we quickly reached a consensus when we looked at TripAdvisor to look up things to do whilst we were in Corfu, so what was that thing? A Taste Corfu Walking Tour, that’s what!

No, we’re not eating the whole island! I may be the host of Recipe 4 Disaster but that doesn’t mean I will eat everything!

The walking tour is just that, a walking tour of the island to show us the local foodie haunts, and our first stop was a bakery.

”Oh my god, this looks so good!” Cassie exclaimed as she looked over the local baked goods, me and Makayla were sharing translation duties being the native Greek speakers in the group, I was helping the other women understand what they were looking at and Makayla would be handling the transaction at the till. ”And off course, we had to come here when we’re in a place where Weed is illegal.”

”You can still find weed in Greece, but if you get busted for smuggling it out the country that’s on you.” I teased the eighteen year old who pouted in response. ”What you’re looking at is Lemon bougatsa, what they’ve got on the till is a Karythopita which is a traditional spiced walnut cake.”

[font color=#00FFFF]”You’ve got so much food knowledge yet you produce stuff like Duck Fat Cookies on Recipe 4 Disaster.”[/font] Krystal chimed in with a teasing tone and I shook my head in response as Cassie took the two desserts I had showed her. [font color=#00FFFF]”Good thing you haven’t tried any traditional Greek dishes on the show!”[/font]

”I said it once and I’ll say it again, tradition is boring.” I responded with a grin before pausing. ”Saying that? Yeah, I probably would’ve been banned for life from Greece if I had.”

”How about we don’t push our luck whilst we’re here? We do want you to return for future Greek Tours.” Makayla suggested and I nodded in agreement, once it became clear that everyone was happy with their choices Makayla went up to the till and started conversing with the teller in Greek before paying for our stuff. ”The guide said that there was seating outside right?”

“Right, I think he’s waiting for us outside.” Francisco nodded before we headed outside, the guide led us to a secluded spot to enjoy the baked goods that we had brought and it all went down a treat.

”Have to admit, I had no idea what to expect when we came here because this is my first time in Greece.” I admitted to the group as we let our baked goods settle down and they all nodded in response. ”But this was definitely worth the trip and getting so angry at Hayley Hensley that I called the Parthenon the Pantheon when she called it a dance club.”

”I’ll admit that when Krystal showed me that tweet, I was ready to take her phone from her and start ranting like a lunatic, especially since my families from Athens.” Makayla admitted as she brushed some hair over her shoulder. ”But you beat me to the punch, and you probably will punch her if you ever see that woman in person.”

”At least it will be a punch, as opposed to that slap Will Smith did at the Oscars.” I joked getting a laugh from the others. ”Hope you guys are enjoying Greece so far.”

”Aside from me not having access to weed? I’ve been loving it.” Cass responded with a shrug and we all chuckled at the eighteen year old’s blunt statement. ”At least it’s time away from Matthew and Marty.”

”They elected to sit out the Greece tour, apparently looking after you for a week was hard enough.” Krystal responded and Cassie laughed sheepishly in response. ”What’s our next stop after this one?”

”Local grocery store, I don’t think it’s a chain store either.” I responded after checking in with the guide and they all nodded in response. ”After that I think we’re going to a local restaurant and if it’s anything like this place then we are in for a treat.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Francisco nodded before we shared a toast and before long we had moved on.

But there was one thing for sure, I had a home country to do proud, even if this was my first time in Greece.

Ariana and Francisco’s hotel room, Corfu, Greece
Tuesday the 29th of March 2022, 18:00pm

*promo time*

Welcome to Greece.

”Was it any surprise that I asked for a showcase match when Greece was announced as the next tour? For god’s sake, the fact that I’m Greek-American has been apparent since I made my SCU debut three years ago and it’s part of my two nicknames, the Greek Angel and the Greek Goddess!” I commented as I sat on the edge of my bed. ”Granted there was some confusion because some people thought that I was actually born here, I was born in Pittsburgh but my family is from the island of Corfu hence why I said that I consider Corfu to be my second home town!”

And that brings us too my opponent.

”As for my opponent in this showcase match, Kaiju Rainbow has only been a member of the Bombshell roster for a little under four months now and to say that her run has been unspectacular is putting it mildly.” I added as I shook my head. ”Kaiju even though you are an eleven year veteran of the sport with a MMA background, you haven’t done much to show it, granted your debut was against Masque and that’s an unenviable task for anyone, much less a newcomer, but since then you haven’t gotten out of first gear and many people thought you were done after Ms. Jon slammed you through the matt.”

Are you?

”And I will admit, I was one of those people who thought we had seen the last of you in SCW, yet here you are serving as my opponent in this showcase.”  I commented before letting out a sigh. ”There’s a good chance that you don’t know who I am Kaiju so here’s what you need to know, I made my SCU debut at the age of nineteen, I’m turning twenty two this October and for the entirety of my SCW run, I’ve been working down in SCU making a name for myself and occasionally appearing on Climax Control, prior to this match I’ve only ever wrestled once on Climax Control in a Mixed Tag Team Title Match against London Underground with my bestie, much as I’d like to say otherwise Team Go’s tag team debut didn’t go as planned.”

Not at all.

”Maybe it was the fact that me and Carter were still fresh faced rookies at the time, maybe it was the fact that Charlotte and Osborne had experience teaming up with each other whilst that was my first time teaming with Carter, either way, we lost but I am not the same woman I was back then.” I commented as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”I am a former title holder and I am more confident in my abilities but most importantly is the fact that I will never back down from any challenge and you Kaiju? You will be no different.”

It's that simple.

”If you are heading into this match expecting to face some Greek-American rookie then I must apologize because you are two years and five months late for that.” I commented as I shook my head. ”What you’ve got instead is someone who is on the rise in the wrestling business and our match this Sunday Kaiju will be about two things, doing my family’s home country proud and showing the world what I can do in between the ropes, underestimate me at your own peril.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”I know you haven’t been at your best since joining SCW Kaiju so I ask you to please bring me your best for our match on Sunday.” I doubt she will. ”Because this will be a disappointing showcase otherwise! Who knows? Maybe this match will be the one to put my name on the map but until we know that for certain Kaiju you will bear witness to the grace of the Angel’s Descent courtesy of the “Greek Goddess” Ariana Angelos in the Home of my Ancestors! I’ll see you in the ring Kaiju!”

I left the hotel to grab dinner as the scene fades.

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