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Home Coming
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Detroit Michigan
Home Coming

It felt like an eternity since Crystal Zdunich had decided to return back to her birthplace of Detroit Michigan. She and her long time best friend Stephanie Sullivan had to come back to their hometown. The two were there to celebrate their 15 year anniversary of their graduating class reunion. Although this celebration was supposed to occur in 2020 with everything that happened with the Pandemic it was rescheduled to a later date. Now was that time and we are able to see Stephanie’s black 2022 Honda Civic pulling up into the parking lot of Martin Luther King High School. Stephanie smiles as she opens up the door and is wearing a pair of shades over her eyes. She looks at her surroundings before turning her attention over to Crystal.

“Come on Crystal we are finally here… Get out of the car so we can reunite with everybody…”

Crystal however just sighs as she shrugs her shoulders in return. She doesn’t look to be in the best of moods as she slowly gazes over at Stephanie.

“Do I have to go to this event?! Not for anything but I never even graduated… I never got a high school degree... This seems to be more like your world then it was ever mine. Wouldn’t you feel better if you just went in and had your big moment and let me just sit out here. Better yet I could go visit my mother or even your grandmother, but anyplace would be better than this place…”

Stephanie just walks over to the passenger’s side of the vehicle. She quickly opens the door and yanks the blue haired vixen out of the seat. She places her arm around her as she leads her away from the car.

“Oh come on! Chrissy… You know as well as I do that you should have been part of that graduating class. If you weren’t busy trying to raise Brittany this would have definitely been your scene. I don’t see why you WOULDN’T want to be here! You were an amazing athlete. A woman who was an All American in just her freshman year has a lot to smile about…”

Stephanie smiles but Crystal just shrugs her shoulders as she is speechless.

“As amazing as that might sound you must have forgotten about the way I was bullied nearly every single day of school. How the stuck up girls beat me up and flushed my head down the toilet… I rather not have to take a walk down memory lane and relive those days. Not to mention I had to deal with people tormenting me and calling me a half breed. Not Hispanic enough to hang out with the Hispanics, not black enough to be with the black people. I felt like I was attacked on all sides and it just wasn’t fair…”

Stephanie shakes her head looking back at her friend.

“But at least you had me, and we were there for one another. Hell I made sure I was there for you Crystal… I have always been there for you!”

Crystal is slowly taken towards the school but she stops as she glances out at the softball and baseball fields. She turns her attention over to Stephanie replying back to her.

“You say you were there for me but let’s be honest. The only reason why one of the only token white girls in the school was there for me is because you wanted to treat me like a charity case. It was like you was Glinda and I was Elphaba. What you thought was kind was your way of trying to make me popular and I don’t think it worked… Nothing really did…It doesn’t erase the horrors of what I went through at this school…”

Crystal keeps her eyes locked on the softball field as she smiles in return.

“It’s just crazy looking out at the field. I had so much potential… if I never got pregnant who knows what might have happened… That field was truly of a safe haven to me…”

Stephanie looks out at the field as she shrugs her shoulders.

“Yeah… You definitely were good although I think I preferred being the captain for the cheerleading team. I definitely threw my share of parties. Not to mention being named home coming Queen, and Prom Queen was also a great touch too… Everybody at this school wanted to be me and…”

Crystal just keeps her eyes on the field as she sighs in return. She decides to walk towards the school as Stephanie stands there rambling on about the past. She finally catches up to Crystal as she tries to follow her.

“I was in the middle of saying something…You could have at least waited for me. I don’t know why you are rushing to get inside the school it’s not like you wanted to be here anyway…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“I didn’t… It’s just that glaring at the field was going to be emotional. I…. I just rather be on my way. I got a lot going through my mind…”

The two women walk through the doors of the school and they are treated to a huge banner that reads “Happy 15th year anniversary Class of 2005” Crystal and Stephanie walked through the hallways just taking everything in. Stephanie smiles looking at the lockers.

“Do you remember these Chrissy?!This is where I found Rachel and Alicia beating the snot out of you… If I didn’t save you and made you my friend the attacks would have been even more brutal…”

Stephanie words really didn’t register that well with Crystal as no words could actually account for how badly she was bullied in the school. Crystal however is no worry to walk towards the gym where the reunion was taking place. Instead she spots a huge trophy case and she walks over there. She smiles as she sees newspaper clippings of her winning All American. She looks at the wall of accomplishments and some of her track records still stand however she looks at the male accomplishments and the name Brayden Matthews is all over the place. Crystal let’s some tears roll down her cheek as she leans closer for a look when two voices call out to her.

“Awe!!!! Rachel is that who I think it is?!”

Two blonde women sneak up behind Crystal with evil grins on their faces. The other woman claps her hands as she replies back.

“I think so Alicia… If it isn’t Easy Sleezy Chrissy… I am surprised they invited someone like you to this reunion. Last time I checked this gathering is for people with ACTUAL high school diplomas. You know… People that ACTUALLY graduated from here, dropouts shouldn’t be honored…”

“Got that right… Easy Sleezy gave it up on the first night to the only boy here that would talk to her and she wasn’t smart enough to use safe sex. It must suck being yet another high school dropout and statistic…”

“Teenage pregnancy, I would figure that would be the case from someone LIKE HER…”

The women just mock Crystal to no end but she doesn’t say anything. She is silent as instead tears roll down her eyes. The women continue to harass her.

“She isn’t so tough without her sisters Ester or Cherrie here…”

“Or where’s Stephanie?! She always did hang out with her to do her part for the inner city kids…”

That was a good question. Where was Stephanie?! Stephanie was off doing her own thing as she had somehow made her way to the party. Crystal was left alone and it’s as if she was frozen in place. She wanted to say something but it’s as if she was that hurting teenager again. It was at that moment that a voice called out to them.

“Shouldn’t you two be heading to the party, last time I checked harassing somebody in your mid-thirties just makes you look really childish. I honestly thought you two would have grown out of that but maybe I was mistaken…”

The two women quickly walk away leaving Crystal standing there alone with the woman. Crystal turns her attention to the woman and she can’t help but her as tightly as she could. A black fit woman stood in front of her and she hugged her back. Crystal wipes the tears from out of her eyes as she looks deeply into her eyes.

“Thank you so much coach Brown… It really means a lot that you could be there for me…”

The woman nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“I couldn’t let those two bully one of my favorite athletes and students. As we grow older I can see that a lot of things remain the same. Well except that hair color of yours. “

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders.

“I honestly don’t know what happened… I feel like I just froze and in that moment I wasn’t the woman that I know I am. I was that same Christina from high school…I don’t know how to feel…”

Coach Brown nods her head as she places a hand on Crystal’s shoulder.

“Listen you can’t let people get to you. I know sometimes words might hurt but they should never break you. You could have easily just told those women to piss off. As much as they might see you as the same Christina from back then the truth is you have grown and blossomed into something really beautiful…”

Crystal sighs in return.

“That feels nice Coach Brown but sometimes I don’t really feel that. I just freeze in place and it’s like I let everything get to me. I ran away from my wife a few months ago because I felt like I just wasn’t good enough. I felt that she could do much better than me, and I felt empty inside…”

The woman shakes her head as she looks right into Crystal’s eyes.

“That’s part of the problem Christina. You can’t let things just get to you or run away when things get tough. Sometimes you just need to look at adversity in the face and take it on head first. You might not have the degree and you might have gotten pregnant at an early age. That isn’t a crutch though. That meant you had to grow up really quick. Taking care of another far exceeds having to worry about yourself. Motherhood is a challenge like none other and it wouldn’t even matter how much education you have. Nothing would ever prepare you for it. What you might call failures is only just trial and error. There’s no wrong answer in parenting… Now I have heard you are a Grandmother now and I know you won’t fail at that either…”

She takes a deep breath and speaks some more.

“It’s all a learning experience but you are amazing. You have become a top notch athlete. You are big in the entertainment world and even if you don’t feel it. You just need to look in the mirror and realize that you are special. Even to this day you still have records on that wall that haven’t been broken. You should be proud… If you look closer you will see that Brayden excelled as well. He has done so much for this school…”

Crystal looks away.

“I can’t take any of that credit though… He was the child that I gave away…”

Coach Brown places an arm on her shoulder.

“As true as you might think that might be it still doesn’t change the fact that he came from you. He has your blood running through him. It is who he is and obviously he holds you in high regard. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have taken your surname…He is your son whether you raised him or not…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks at the wall.

“And now my son is expecting for me to form this team with him… To be honest everybody has been asking me if I am excited or if I am ducking him. Truth be told I am afraid to be on his team…”

“And why exactly are you afraid?!”

Crystal sighs.

“I just don’t want to disappoint him. I had the chance to win the tag team championships with the best male to have ever stepped foot inside of a ring in J2H and we couldn’t get the job done, so what could really change in having my son there with me?!”

Coach Brown stands there as she shakes her head before crossing her arms together.

“I think the biggest thing you should be worried about is whatever happens will happen. Don’t worry about what may not happen. If people end up talking you down don’t let them get to you. They don’t walk in your shoes. They never have and they certainly never will. If people do talk about you just ignore them. You know what you are capable of, and have been fighting for your entire life. There’s no reason to stop being a fighter. As long as you push ahead nothing can bring you down…”

Crystal opens her eyes.

“I understand Coach Brown… Thank you for having my back and always being there for me…”

“Anytime… That’s what I am here for… You will always be my favorite athlete. You just can’t afford to give up. Now why don’t you go in there and enjoy that party… Perhaps you can stop Miss Sullivan from making a fool of herself…”

Crystal can’t help but giggle as she begins to head towards her fifteen high school anniversary reunion. As she does it is on this image that we fade out on.

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Crystal Zdunich looking intensely into a camera. A wicked grin escapes her lips as she begins to speak.

“How are all of my blossoming roses doing tonight?! To be honest as I look towards competing in this match this week a lot of different feelings were running through my head. I won’t lie part of me felt disappointed because in my mind I still think that my career should be on a different path than what it is currently set for. I know I am owed a match for the Mixed Tag Team Championships but it seems as if Mikah remains in the Blast From The Past tournament that my plans are placed on the backburner. So you must imagine that there are different thoughts that exist within me…

Am I good enough?!

How does the world view me?!

Why do people feel the need to talk so much shit about me?!

Question after fucking question…. Thought after thought but the main thing going through my mind is the fact that I truly feel like I am on the backburner right now. I am merely an afterthought and that is something that doesn’t sit well at me. You can hate me or you can love me… Honestly I don’t care which of the two you decide to choose. What I won’t deal with however is being completely disrespected and that is where I currently sit right now. The world seems to have this need to bully me. I can’t say anything without somebody jumping down my fucking throat for a new issue. I have been called things from psychotic, to bat shit crazy to other derogatory names.

I will admit all of that honestly got to me… I had trouble sleeping at night. I would get overly emotional over the way Christian talked about me, the way Mikah talked about me and others.

It made me question if I really was as worthless as they all constantly seem to bring up. It made me ponder certain things about myself, and it got to a point when I went back home to Detroit to find what was missing in my life.

For the past year I walked out on my wife to find something out about myself, and I recently had to get time for myself before I had to glance over things. However when I went I have come up with the simple conclusion that I actually don’t give a shit on what anybody says about me. I know people are quick to talk shit about me. Mikah is quick to constantly talk me down but she FORGETS that during the summer of Crystal Millar I went on an absolute tear. I was woman of the year and I rocked the company. Vargas loves to talk shit but when one approaches her she quickly backtracks and doesn’t want to deal when somebody confronts her.

Of course Alicia Lukas will constantly talk down how everybody is better than me, and Amber can sit there biding her time waiting to crush anybody who dares to step the fuck up. So it’s just one big mess waiting to be figured out.

However after really assessing things from a different perspective I have come to the conclusion that I truthfully don’t give a shit on how any of the haters on this roster view me. That’s not me being cocky but that’s me being fully confident because at the end of the day I know who I am. I am the woman who has held the World Bombshell Championship five times, and as a matter of fact I am the ONLY one in this entire company to win a World Title five times. I am a Hall of Famer and I still have the ability to go out there and do it all over again.

So if you think you are going to break me down with words you better think twice before it won’t happen. Now this week the world will get to see the Zdunich married couple taking on the team of Andrea and Evie Jordan. Long behold it is an absolute honor to team up with my lovely wife. At one point she was nothing but a trophy wife. One to show off but she has grown to be so much more than that. Seleana is also a fighter and she is a woman that is as dangerous as a lioness. Not only does she take care of them in a zoo but she knows how to stalk and hunt her prey as one. If she is pushed to the edge she will beat Andrea at the Super Card, and will walk away as the brand new Internet Champion…

Mark my words on that…

Let’s cut to the chase though because ladies and gentlemen we have the big return of Evie Jotdan…Now  can I just completely be honest with all you?! You would think that Evie returning would be a huge fucking deal. After all it’s EVIE JORDAN right?!

However I don’t think it’s getting the reaction as she thinks it is going to get… It’s not a case of OMG IT’S EVIE FUCKING BAANG RETURNING!!!  It’s more of the case of…. Oh….. It’s Evie…. And she’s returning….again?! I would pay more attention to it but how many times have we saw this tape being played out?! It seems to be the case of the same old shit over and over again.

Evie comes in… And leaves….

Evie claims she got forced signed up for a Blast From The Past tournament…. And eventually leaves….

Now she is claiming that she is back yet again and it’s like okay let’s just cut the shit already. This is not a revolving door you just can’t come and go as you please. The more you do it is the more that people stop paying attention to you. You know it’s a damn shame when you return and suddenly leave more than I change hair colors, personalities, gimmicks, or even name changes… That’s a damn shame…

Hell I bet you have been through more debuts, returns, and sudden leaves more than I gone through relationships while being employed here….

But hey perhaps I shouldn’t be mean because after all it’s Evie Jordan right so it’s a big fucking deal right?! Maybe I should pay attention because Evie is the one who took the World Bombshell Championship from me when she won her Blast From The Past Tournament the first time. It’s a thought that still eats away at me but you can bet your bottom dollar that I definitely will rectify that image.

I mean I basically beat your little quartet of friends that you belong too…

Melody Grace?! Yeah I beat her in a singles match before she eventually took my World Bombshell Championship by pinning Salco in a four way match.

Dani Weston?! That’s my home girl but yeah I beat her too….

Odette Stevens… I get booked against her in this big Climax Control match and guess what I beat her.

But now only one remains and I refuse to lose to the one that got away. I need to pay back the favor of wishing to fight her, and a long time ago my daughter bit off more than she could chew. She constantly called out Evie in hopes of defending her Roulette Championship against her. Evie carved her up but honestly it should have been me who should have been calling out Evie. It should have been me in that ring. This week we will fix things and I will finally put a nail through the coffin on why I am better than her. Don’t let me down evie and disappoint because I damn sure will be coming to beat the living shit out of you.

However if that wasn’t enough the other woman in this match is a woman that I definitely know. She is a woman who I have been in the ring with on multiple occasions. She is a woman that took away a World Bombshell Championship from me. In a different world we would could have been friends. She is a woman that I saw a lot of myself in but when she had the opportunity she made sure to stab me in the back.

That was definitely a smart move because let’s face it based on my track record that definitely was a page taken right out of my playbook. Andrea and my history goes way beyond just us having these battles in the ring that was completely brutal. We have a connection that goes back to our fathers competing together in Mexico.

I won’t lie… Andrea is definitely a top tier athlete. She knows how to get shit done and she can wrestle with the best of them. Her attitude sucks though and she is getting cocky too much for her own good. She too is another who quickly backs down when a challenge comes in her direction. I know my wife is next in line but I want everybody to understand this right now.. I want Mark and Christian to hear me out because it doesn’t seem like I am going to get a chance at Mikah any time soon.

But for any reason if Seleana doesn’t get the job done I want next at the Internet Champion… I want to get at Andrea in a singles match. She has basically coasted for her entire title reign and she needs somebody who is going to put the pressure on her. I have all the confidence in my life and I know she is an amazing competitor.

What makes us different however is I don’t mind doing whatever it takes to pull out a win! I will pull out all of the stops and I will make Andrea really work to pull a win out of her ass. How’s it going by the way Andrea?! You really have been quite the Bitch haven’t you?!  You big on this absolute tear and you been kicking ass like none other.

Honestly it’s absolutely impressive. You should be really proud. The only thing it took for you to get your ass moving in gear was taking a huge L from yours truly. I remember it Crystal clear. You provoked me and you forced me to lose my cool in the ring. You caused me to get suspended because I decided to strike a referee.

The moment I returned is the moment that you and I were in a collision course in a major I quit match. What happened when you and I fought in a match with the stakes of having to have the opponent to mutter out those words to pick up the win?!

The truth is that is when I really decided to show up. That’s when I showed the fuck out and I beat the shit out of you so much that you had to quit. It definitely was a learning experience for you because after that match you didn’t have ANYTHING to say about me. You stated that you were done talking about me and that you were going to move on.

I doubt that’s why you moved on though. The real reason why you moved on is because you took the ass whopping very personally and you didn’t want to receive another one. You felt it would be better to be off of my radar and that’s why you went onward towards something else. That’s when you were crying for a Roulette Championship match and some other shit.

Whatever floats your boat but here you are and you are definitely in the spotlight now. You have some publicity and are actually the most hated person on the roster. That’s really good because it means you are capturing the audience. You will need to do so much more than that if you think it’s going to be enough to beat me.

That’s why I want you to bring everything you got. Give me all of that smoke and bring me that Andrea that I know you can bring. Bring me the warrior, the fighter, and the one who doesn’t back down from a challenge. Don’t channel that bitch who at one point complained about Roulette Championship matches or argued about how terrible their Blast From The Past partner was. That is not the woman I see or want.

This week I know I am in for a war and honestly I have been waiting for this. If you want to see somebody step up look no further because I am ready for what’s to happen. The question is are you ready for it?! Nothing and I mean nothing will stop this rose from blossoming…

See all of you very soon…




It’s Showtime…

It’s time to roll the credits on these two once and for all.

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