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Candy is SCW's Sour Patch Kid (BFTP Semi Finals)
« on: March 04, 2022, 11:16:30 PM »
Scene 1: First she’s sour…
Where: The locker room
When: Saturday March 5th, early morning.

**The scene fades in early morning on Saturday March 5th. They pan around the back of the arena, which was mostly empty, and dark. It was so early, most of the stagehands and crew weren’t even in yet for the day. The lights in the hallways get flipped on and standing against the wall, as if trying to sneak and hide, was Candy. She was wearing all black. Black pants, black shirt, black shoes… even a black hat. When the lights came on she froze against the wall and her eyes dart back and forth. She had a black dufflebag over her shoulder, sitting on her hip. You then can hear Candy vocalizing… kinda softly**

Candy: dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun dundunduuuuuuun…. Dundundunnnnnnn….

**it becomes obvious that she was vocalizing the Mission Impossible theme song… She proceeds to “sneak” down the hall, still singing the song. She gets to the corner and peeks around the corner then pulls her head back quickly. She starts to sneak around the corner. She hears footsteps and she quickly presses herself against the wall, holding her breath as 2 stagehands walk by. One of them looks over at her as they pass.**

Stagehand 1: Uh…

Stagehand 2: Just… keep walking…

**They kind of shake their heads in a slightly confused manner as they keep walking without even slowing down. Once they are out of sight Candy lets out a loud sigh**

Candy: That was close! I can’t let anyone see me!

**She tiptoes down the hall where she stops at a certain locker room and looks up at the name… reading it out loud.**

Candy: Alicia Lukas.s It should say “Big ole meanie poop head with a butt face and a heart made of ice”.

**She looks both ways down the hall to make sure that no one saw her, before she reaches for the doorknob. Shockingly… it was unlocked. Probably the janitor forgot to lock it behind him after cleaning it last night. She slowly opens the door and goes inside. Inside, it was dark. She turned on the lights and looked around. She grinned as she put her bag down on the couch and immediately went to work.**

Candy: I can’t focus on Blast From The Past if I gotta worry about Miss Meanie making me feel bad. So here’s what we are going to do!

**She opens the bag and pulls out what looks like a balloon filled to roughly the size of a baseball. She held it in her hands and it appeared to be filled with some sort of liquid. She grins as she also pulls out some string and she starts rigging something up. The cameras fade out and fade back in about 15 minutes later, but out in the hallway. Candy opens the door and sneaks out the door. She looks to her left and doesn’t see anyone. She turns to her right and lets out a scream as she sees that Pussy Willow was standing there.**

Candy: JINGLE BELLS! What the heck? Miss Willow?

Pussy Willow: Candy? What are you doing?

Candy: Nothing!

**Pussy Willow narrows her eyes towards Candy, crossing her arms.**

Pussy Willow: Candy… don’t lie to me…


Pussy Willow: Somehow… I believe that… what were you doing in Alicia’s locker room?

**Candy’s eyes shift from side to side. She was not a good liar. Ever.**

Candy: SHHHHH Don’t tell anyone but I set up some traps for her. She has been so mean to me, she has it coming.

Pussy Willow: What kind of traps?

Candy: Glittery ones. She doesn’t like glitter… I’m gonna make sure she sees just how much fun glitter can be.

Pussy Willow: Isn’t this gonna distract from you and Goth at Blast From The Past? You guys made it to the semi finals. You win tomorrow night and you guys move on to the finals.

Candy: I know, it’s a huuuuuuuge match and trust me, Team Dark Sparklez is ready! We have been doing lots and lots of team building. And I know that Mack and Mikah are really really good, they are champions aren’t they?

Pussy Willow: Yea, and the odds on favorites to win the whole tournament.

Candy: So that’s where me and Goth are gonna prove people wrong. I know we aren’t the bestest team, we don’t really know each other that well. And I know I tend to overstep and cause trouble.

**Candy looks down, looking sad for a few seconds.**

Candy: I’ve messed up 2 of him and his pretty girlfriend’s special moments. I owe him big time. I know I can be a lot to handle, and I’m working on trying to control myself a little better so I don’t bug people so much. But… I can’t just stop being me.

Pussy Willow: You have a kind heart, no one is asking you to not be you.

Candy: I know. But maybe sometimes I could be a little… less… me?

Pussy Willow: Where is this all coming from?

Candy: Ever since I got to be Interior General Manager…

Pussy Willow: Interim General Manager?

Candy: That’s what I said. But ever since then, and Fenris’s words, I know that not everyone likes me. That I can be a lot to handle, I get too excited about things and I know that. But you know what means?

Pussy Willow: What does it mean?

Candy: It just means that I have a good heart. A big heart. And that I care. Alot. I owe Goth and Melissa big… and I’m gonna make it up to them both!

Pussy Willow: How?

Candy: It’s a secret!

**She raised a finger to her lips and made a shushing sound. She smiled softly.**

Candy: So don’t you worry! Me and Goth will be A+ perfect when it’s time for MikMak!

Pussy Willow: MikMak? Oh Mikah and Mack?

**Candy nodded before looking around and starting to sneak away from the door.**

Candy: I gotta go before anyone sees me!

**She starts vocalizing the Mission Impossible theme again as she darts off around the corner. Pussy Willow just chuckles softly, shaking her head, as the scene faded to black.**

Scene 2: Then she’s sweet…
Where: Unknown Restaurant
When: Saturday March 5th, evening

**The scene fades up inside a local italian restaurant. The lighting was low, mostly candlelight, and there were beautiful roses all over in vases. Red, pink, and white arranged in beautiful arrangements on the tables, some rose petals spread across the table in the middle of the room. Two place settings across from each other, with beautiful tapered candles in the middle (carefully placed to not be in the way of  the view, mind you!). There was an ice bucket on legs sat next to the table with a bottle in it. Candy was rushing around inside, making sure everything was perfect! It was the perfect romantic dinner set up. There was light instrumental music playing in the background. She was wearing a light pink dress with thin straps, her hair pulled behind her back so all her curls were over her right shoulder with a sparkly pink hairpin holding it in place. She looked over to a line up of what appeared to be 3 waiters, all wearing matching vests and dress pants, standing at attention.**

Candy: This has to be PERFECT, ok?

**They all nod in unison.**

Candy: Nothing can go wrong! I know Goth and Melissa are kind of mad at me, and I want to make it better before our big match! Can’t have any trouble within Team Dark Sparklez if we wanna go to the finals! Mikah and Mack are BIGGGGGG opponents and I can’t have Goth distracted. Understand?

**They all nod in agreement again.**

Candy: Then… GO!

**They all take off in different directions as they begin setting up 2 place settings on the table. Candy squeals with excitement as she watches everything come together. She then starts hearing voices outside the door. She skips on over and goes through the door, closing it quickly behind her. She sees Marcus alongside Goth and Melissa. Goth looks… annoyed. Like he for sure did not want to be there. None of them have seen her come through the door.**

Goth: I don’t know what this is about… but I really don’t want to go in that room.

Marcus Cage: Listen, Candy has put a lot of effort into this. She sees you guys as friends, and you two are partners. So please, for her sake, no matter what waits for you guys on the other side, please smile and at least pretend like you enjoy it, ok?

Melissa: She went through a lot to set up whatever this is, didn't she?

Marcus Cage: Trust me, she’s been at this ALL day.

**Goth lets out a sigh and looks to the ground. He then hears the very familiar squeal of an overly excited Candy, causing him to jump a bit.**


Candy: LANGUAGE! But I came from in there! I snuck up on ya! I’m good at sneaking! I had lots of practice today.

Melissa: Candy… what’s this all about?

**Candy let’s out a sigh**

Candy: I know I ruined your last 2 dates. I didn’t really mean to. I just get over excited and can’t help it!

Marcus Cage: Like a puppy dog.

Candy: Exactly! So, to try and make sure that Goth isn’t mad at me when we go out there for the biggest and toughest match of the Blast From The Past… I wanted to make it up to you guys! And I PROOOOOOOOMISE once you go through that door you won’t hear from me the rest of the night!

Marcus Cage: I promise I am going to take her back to our hotel room and will not let her out of my sight.

Melissa: Candy, this is all very sweet of you, but…

Candy: NO BUTS! Butts are stinky and I won’t have any of em! Not tonight! Goth… can I talk to you?

Goth: I…

**Melissa elbows him gently and he agrees. Candy grabs him by the arm and pulls him out of hearing range from the others, and talks kind of low.**

Candy: Do you got it with you?

Goth: Got what?

Candy: That’s beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful ring?

Goth: Yeah… why.

Candy: Inside that room is the most romantic dinner I could have set up. Nows your chance… go get em tiger!

**Goth kind of raised an eyebrow towards her, a little confused. She nudged him towards the others and towards the door. She stood in front of the door and was so full of excitement that she couldn’t stand still.**

Candy: Goth, Melissa… welcome to your Valentine’s Day Dinner… take 3!

**She opened the door and grabbed their arms, pulling them into the room. They look around, and their jaws drop at the beautiful scene that Candy had set up.**


Melissa: It’s beautiful…

Goth: This is… just wow… thank you.

Candy: And as I promised, I will go away and leave you guys alone. Have a great evening…

**She squeals again as she backs through the door and closes it. She turns around to Marcus.**

Marcus Cage: You did a very good thing, Candy.

Candy: I couldn’t help it. He so badly wants to ask her to marry him, and they are soooooo cute together. They deserve to be as happy as we are. And I want to help them get there.

Marcus Cage: You really do have the biggest heart. I don’t see how anyone can have disdain towards you.

Candy: Thank you.

Marcus Cage: Now, let’s get back to the hotel room. I bet Miss Ruby has woken up from her nap and the sitter probably wants to go home.

**He puts his arm around his wife as they walk off, sending the scene to black.**

It’s funny how things work out sometimes, right? You go into some super cool super fun tournament and get teamed up with some one you don’t know, and you hit it off and almost become besties! That’s what happened to me 2 years ago with Team Hugs N Cuddles with Austin, and then this year with Team Dark Sparklez with Goth. They are super nice and fun to be in the ring with. And I don’t want this years run end yet! I’m having too much fun. #TEAMDARKSPARLEZ
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