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Chloe Benton v Bella Madison
« on: January 09, 2022, 03:29:19 AM »
Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 7,000 word limit.

Good luck!
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Re: Chloe Benton v Bella Madison
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2022, 11:54:53 PM »

You ever have one of those days where things go so right, but there is a lot that feels so incredible...I don’t think the right word here is “wrong” but right now it’s the best that I can do.

I don’t wanna sit here and bore myself with the details of it all, because honestly there is zero point in really giving that broad spectrum of every detail that happens. And it’s the past. I shouldn’t have to live there.

But it was the finish of that year that has been really stuck in my head.

Not the loss to Amber.

The other thing.

Picking Up Where We Left Off
Wolfslair Gym
New York


Bella couldn’t help but smile as heard Johanna running the beginners class hard. They should have had plenty of motivation as they just watched the advance crew do some fun spots before their class began but it seems like the entire group had a serious case of ennui. She could relate but when it came to her time here, she had momentum that hit a temporary but easily get over snag. She knew that if she brought her personal feelings into the center, Alicia would kick her ass...then Alex...then Alicia again just for good measure.

She learned that one from her dad.

She would shake her head of the fog that tried to bog her down. She wanted to stick around and see if her help was required but everyone could see something was sitting heavy on her shoulders. Thankfully, she wasn’t in the ring. If she had been, she would have excused herself, screamed, punched one of the punching bags that hung in the gym a few different times to let it out and come back.

What are you still doing here, Madison?” Poor Bella was so lost in her thoughts that she never heard Alicia walk up behind her and damn near jumped out of skin, “Woah, easy there.

Sorry.” she apologized sheepishly, “After everything the last couple of weeks...

Alicia remembers what Bella and her clan has been through the last week in other places, as a look of realization crosses her face, “Yeah, I should have walked around instead of coming up from behind.

It’s all good. I wasn’t sure if I should stay behind or head home, seems like when I’m here I feel decent. Going home though...

Girl, I know you feel everything you do, but you need to let that shit out.

I’ve tried. Instead...I don’t feels odd to bring it up to other people. I’ve never retired anyone before, let alone the man that helped raise me.”

Yeah, it’s something we all mostly have to deal with at one time or another.” Alicia says with a sigh. She wraps her arm around Bella’s shoulder and turns her from the ring, grabbing Bella’s gym bag as she leads them to the door, “How about you go home to that idiot husband of yours and gorge yourself on some pizza and just have a you night.

Bella smirks, “That does sound pretty damn amazing. I feel like I’m not getting anything accomplished by hanging around here tonight.

Alicia holds up her gym bag and drops it in Bella’s hands and nods towards the door, “Then go and give Mal a swift kick in the ass from me.”

That gets Bella to laugh a bit more. No love lost there between those two, “I guess. See ya in Reno.

Practically shoving her out the door, Alicia simply says, “Plan on it.” before closing the door behind her, officially cutting Bella off from the solitude of the gym.

And thus began her trek home. She could do that blindfolded even if there was an accident. Came in handy when she was feeling numb and not paying much attention to driving. Thankfully it didn’t happen all that often.

When she pulled in, she would find her love in their home gym. It’s been pretty much their routine since he got his medical clearance after breaking his arm last year. He was in a whole lot of a better mood since he was able to finally find his way back to the ring himself. So he had been putting in 2-a-days as much as humanly possible. It was good for her to see him in such an energetic mood. It’s what pushed her, majority of the time.

She would stand at the entrance to the gym area and just watch him sometimes, not wanting to get in his way from him kicking his own ass, though he would tell her whenever he would appear back in their living area that he wouldn’t mind if she joined him now and again.

So, she kicked you out?” he said, catching her staring from the doorway. He’d give a little boyish smirk, wiping down his sweat drenched head with a towel.

No, she told me to come home and clear my head.” she said, peeling herself from the jam with a groan. Her whole body was sore...heavy for some reason, she wasn’t sure why.

He gave her a look of concern, “You alright?

Yeah I think the cold is just getting to me. I didn’t go and do anything stupid tonight.” she says as she walks over to the quick bag and just shoves it ever so slightly with her finger, “Just feel bleh.

‘Bleh’ huh? Pizza?” He knows this woman. Tacos and Pizza are the way to her heart, especially when she seems to be dragging through her day.

I figured we both worked hard this week, we deserved a treat.” she said with a shrug “Anything particular you want?

He takes a side step towards her and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her close, and whispers, “A reason why you have been dragging around lately, but I’ll settle for the ‘Hells Bells Artery Clogger.’

She smirks and looks up at him, “Triple Cheese and Pepperoni it is. And is it that obvious?

He just simply nods at her, “Oh just a bit, but I figure give you enough time and I’ll get to hear what’s going on in that head of yours, mo chroí.

Bella just settles in for a moment, and you can almost hear the storm revving up but she is battling it to settle, “Just...after tonight’s session, I sat back and was watching Johanna working with the beginner class and got to thinking about when I started training with Nick annnnd that lead to me feeling guilty about being the one that had to retire him.

He pulls back and looks at her with a bit of confusion, “Bells, he chose you for that, he was already going to retire, win, lose or draw.

She rolls her eyes and steps around him to pace the room, “I know that, but I still feel guilty about it. That man helped me get through a whole stage of awkwardness that I rather not remember. There’s a bunch of memories of me going through puberty, braces, and one particular month where I had one of the worst haircuts known to man.

He smirks, “I know, your ma showed me the picture.

...well she’s off the Christmas card list.” she jest as she continues around the room, chewing at the tip of her thumb.

He waves her off, “Ah, you were cute.

Even with the blue?” she stops

You were 15. And besides I remember when we started dating and you went pink, so it didn’t surprise me.

Ok you got a point but what I’m getting at was that from age 12 to now, he has been there for me through it all. To ask me to do what he asked me to do...” she steps over and punches the speed bag about as hard as she can, “This whole passing the torch to me when after I lost like I did to Amber....I don’t deserve that torch.

Mal reaches over and stops the bag from swinging back and forth before looking right in her eyes, “So who would you rather he gave it to? Jack? He’s got enough problems being in his da’s shadow, I could only imagine how he would’ve reacted to that and you would have been pissed off if he had chosen anyone else and you know it.

Still doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to me.” she says plopping on the bench nearby, “You know what’s amazing...when mom and him got married, he was just content on being a male influence in my life, but I got the whole wild notion in my head that it would be so cool to go from Bella O’Neil to Bella Madison. As much as I loved David, I really wanted Nick to be my dad. I never regretted that. Not even now.

But he’s still your dad.

And he left the Madison name in my hands. The very name that is synonymous with huge matches and championships...and even burning a few bars here and there.” Mal gives her a look, “Not to the ground, just the actual bar was so pissed at him for that.

Sounds like Nick.

She slumps against the wall and almost mumbles, “Yeah well when you can barely scratch the glass ceiling sometimes the best way to get attention is to burn the lower tier to melt the fucker apparently.

Look, you know as well as I do that you probably gave Amber Ryan one of the toughest defense that she saw all of last year and that’s saying a lot considering everyone she took on,” he says pulling on her hand to bring her to a more vertical base, “You were the closest I have ever seen you to really taking that moment. Despite your shortcomings in the win column, you are one of the top women on any roster you step onto and it’s not just your name. It’s you.

What do you mean?

You have it on your twitter profile, “O’Neil by birth, Madison by love and O’Connell by chance”. You are without a doubt your mother’s daughter...but everything Nick has shown you has to account for something and it’s that tenacious attitude that you will go to any lengths to prove that you do belong up there.” Bella blinks at her husband, she looks at him with a bit of surprise. He always has her back but this was something else, “You may not be his blood but you are his daughter and he chose you to continue this in his name and in his legacy.

Even if that means lighting a few fires?” she says with a quirk in her eyebrow and smile.

He leans his head in and kisses her, “My love, at this point, would you do it any differently?

Bella thinks about it for a moment before smirking, “It would get really really hot for a while...

He pulls her a little closer and without missing a beat, “You’re already really really hot.

Bella throws her head back in laughter and blurts out, “Oh my gawd that was so cheesy.

He sees this as a challenge and in almost a growl, “Woman, don’t even. you know I could be cheesier...

That catches her attention and she wraps her arms around his neck, “How about you attempt that over that pizza?

He nods before placing a kiss on her forehead and mumbles against it, “Put the order in and I’ll be up shortly.

Don’t take too long.” she says with a seductive look before she pulls herself from him and leaves the room.

Mal watches her go before taking a deep breath and letting it go loudly, “I don’t know what I did...but I did something right.

Light It Up
The O’Connell Roof
New York

It’s a whole thing where I was so close to having the world....and I just...I let it slip.

Bella sits on top of the roof of her converted old industrial building home. On the roof there is a particular favorite spot of hers and it’s where Mal proposed. It was just a blank roof but since then has been turned into almost a deck with a whole entertainment area including a beautiful firepit that sits practically in the dead center of it. She looks at the fire for a moment before throwing a small log onto it to give it a little more life.

I will say that I really did try my best but it still just wasn’t good enough against Amber. And not saying that Amber wasn’t trying to be, but afterwards the whole damn thing felt condescending.

Bella sits back and shakes her head, crossing her arms and attempting to warm herself under the leather coat she’s wearing. It is a rather chilly day here after all.

It felt like even though I earned my shot against her, she did me a favor by even allowing me to be IN that match just before Christmas. But I’m not going to put words in her mouth, you guys saw the same thing I did. She sought ME out before it, she mocked me for even having a little spirit and treated me like I was just another little girl that wanted her moment in the sun.

A disdainful laugh crosses her lips and she brings her hand up as if to stop herself.

But after that match, I think even Amber Ryan knows that I am so much more than what she pegged me as, even if she practically patted me on the head and sent me on my way. I don’t feel slighted...I feel like I’m still being overlooked. I cannot believe that after the performance I put in that I can’t continue on with the very task that I was on, instead I find myself pushed back down and taking on Chloe Benton.

She blinks and shakes her head a few times.

And Chloe, you seem like a perfectly lovely person. I’ve watched a few of your matches and whatnot and I feel like I’m almost taken back in time to when I started myself. It’s strange how this business ages you in terms of how you view it. The fact that some poor soul decided to unleash someone that is still practically as green as grass in May to me who is don’t wanna say pissed off. ...Maybe disrespected is a better term but in an enduring way, if that is possible. But the fact that this match was made tells me one of two things; ONE, Mark Ward thinks extremely high of you. And TWO they want me to show them something that they haven’t seen from me before.

Bella’s smirk grows a little wicked before she glances at the fire again.

How do they want me to respond to this? I feel like, despite putting in some of the best performances of my short career last year, I’m getting overlooked. They could have easily put me anywhere on this card but here I am feeling like Crash Davis from Bull Durham and instead of playing in the major leagues, I’m holding the hand of the newb in the Carolina League, or in this case damn near at the curtain jerk of the fucking show.

She reaches down and grabs two more logs, almost overdoing the fire and letting it grow bigger and bigger.

So be it. So be the fact that now I have to take on Chloe Benton and set the whole tone for the night. So be it that I have to make an example of poor Chloe, who can barely get through a sentence without letting her fear of what may come seep through her words. So be it that I’m going to have to be the one that sets a fire so God damn big that those that are above the glass ceiling are going to see it and think to themselves, ‘Oh God, what have we done.’

One more log and the fire grows so big she has to stand up and step back.

That glass foundation you guys stand on is becoming a little unstable for one simple reason. I’m beginning to finally understand it all...and if I’m going to finally shatter that fucking thing that I keep hitting my head on...then it’s going to have to get a little hot down here. And by doing that, I am going to have to make a prime example about how dangerous I. REALLY. AM.

She looks at the fire one last time and with one deep breath...

O’Neil by Birth, Madison by Love, O’Connell by chance...

And she looks dead ahead, her blue eyes glimmering through the flames and simply says

Phoenix by fire.