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SCU Underground Ep. 119: Night of Champions / Inception Pre Show

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Sin City Underground Ep 119 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 2:55pm PST on January 23rd, 2022.

Every year, our first show of the year is dedicated to our hard working champions.  They get to show us exactly why they are champions by defending their titles, and their honor, all in one night.  We celebrate the passing of 2021 by commemorating each title and it’s rich history.  Come be a part of an historic night as we honor The Three Way, 2 Broke Chicks, Joshua Acquin, Winter Elemental, Andrey Azarov, Merlot Ayano, Hitamashii, and Cordelia Clark as they put their titles up for grabs against some of the hardest working contenders in the company.  Those who will truly test the mettle of the champions.

The crowd is on their feet as Mason and Jason Fox stand on the rampway. Behind them is the SCU roster. The SCWTorn turns on. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) by Ylvis starts to play as SCU shows highlights of the late OG Martha Fox. We see the debut of the Fox Brothers as she walks down the rampway with her grandsons. We then go over to when she was in the ring before a match and orders Mason and Jason to drop their bags. They turn them around to have thousands of thumbtacks fall on the mat. We then go to Martha cutting a promo in the locker room with many of the SCU women for Mayhem Survival 2. We then go to her dressed in more urban style clothing as she debuts as OG Martha now managing Kandy Kain and Jerry Cann. We then go to OG Martha cutting a promo on behalf of the then injured Jenifer Lacroix. The scene then fades out to a picture of Martha Fox dated 1970 in her medical United States Army Nurse in Vietnam. This gets a great pop from the crowd. The scene fades out as does her theme song with her last SCU photo as the crowd chant Martha Fox.


Gemma: I’m here right my fellow Team Canada colleagues Earl and Dahlia, who tonight defend their Pride tag team titles against the Jeckels, tell em’ about it.

Earl: You know Gemma, the Jeckels have established themselves in the the hardcore ranks, but tonight they step into our world, they’ll give us a fight for sure, but we have thrived in this environment for a very long time, Pride rules, you know how good we are Gemma.

Gemma: No doubt.

Earl: First off I like your outfit, that Three way shirt looks really nice on you.

Gemma: Um, thanks but the match.

Dahlia smiles.

Earl: Tonight we battle the Jeckels again, and like my husband its under our rules, I wrestled Helena and see’s damn tough, and isn’t afraid to break the rules at any given time, tonight they play in our house, and they’ll find out tonight what kind of hosts we’ll be.

Gemma: You know it.

Pride Tag Team Championship
The Three Way vs The Jeckels (Jack Jeckel and Helena Jeckel)

The two familiar teams look across the ring at each other to start off the match. Earl and Jack meet in the middle of the ring for a Test of Strength, and this goes on for nearly a minute, both men gaining and losing the advantage.  It ends when Jack gets Earl down to the ground for a one count.  Jack celebrates, but Earl takes advantage of the rookie mistake and gains and maintains the advantage with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, followed by several reversals turns into various suplexes.  Jack is forced to tag out to Helena, and Earl tags in Dahlia.  Helena throws several kicks and punches, and they start to wear on Dahlia after a moment.  However, Dahlia is able to catch one leg and falls back into a Release Suplex.  Helena lands in the corner, upside down.  Before she can crumble, Dahlia hits a Hip Strike to Helena’s midsection.  She follows it up by dragging her away from the corner, getting a two count.  Jack comes back inside, but Earl is quick to step inside to stop him.  Jack hits a sucker punch on Earl while Helena grabs onto Dahlia’s tights, getting a near three count, but Dahlia kicks out.  Both women scramble towards their feet, and Helena gets there first.  She kicks at Dahlia’s head, taking her back down to the mat.  As the referee tries to get the guys outside, Helena pulls out brass knuckles.  She tries for Dahlia, but Dahlia ducks the punch and tries to wrestle them away.  However, Helena is able to draw her arm back and she nails Dahlia three quick times before hitting a Discus Punch that floors Dahlia.  She goes for the cover as Jack holds onto Earl’s tights, stopping him from breaking up the cover.  He then nails the Hocus Pocus on Earl. The Jeckels win via pinfall.  Helena and Jack clear the ring before celebrating their newly won titles. Helena and Jack hold their new Pride tag titles up in the air as the crowd boos the new Pride Tag Team Champions. They get to the rampway but stop as New Low by Middle Class Rut starts to play. The crowd pops as they see the returning SCU star Queen of Apathy along with former SCW star Matt Spears. Helena and Jack look at the two standing up at the rampway.

Matt: We’re not shocked that Helena and Jack pulled it off but we did expect to congratulate  Dahlia and Earl on retaining the Pride tag titles. Right Sadie?

Apathy: Meh!

The crowd pops as they all yell Meh as well.

Matt: The Three Way will have a rematch at some point and the winner of that match will then be on the radar of Apathy and I.

Helena and Jack walk up the rampway ready to fight the two right now.

Matt: Hey, we ain’t looking for a fight… Right now, but I promise in do time. Tonight I have other business.

Mat Spears starts walking down the rampway walking between the new champions as he heads to ringside.

Apathy: Tonight, my husband has some other business matters to attend to. You see, Joshua has a mystery opponent tonight.

The crowd starts to cheer.

Apathy: And well, that opponent is none other than Matt Spears as Matt Spears even though we came out with his Jon Dough theme.

Helena and Jack stop on top of the rampway and stare down Queen of Apathy.

Apathy: You two have fantastic mean looking looks on your faces. Not sure why as you’re no threat to me. Anyways, I’m going to head down to ringside. You two should head to the back and celebrate your win now.

Apathy drops the microphone and heads to ringside as Matt waits in the ring for the GRIME Champion Joshua Acquin.

Joshua is seen backstage with his GRIME Championship in a segment recorded earlier.

Joshua:  It seems like SCU has ran out of people to throw out to me that they need to have time to find someone.  That’s why no one knows who this mystery person is and I will not find out till I get in the SCU ring and I call that a little bit of a disadvantage.  But that would be for any other wrestler as I always have an ace up my sleeve.  I have faced pretty much anyone out there in SCU.  So maybe they are calling out to SCW to get someone from there.  It won’t matter because I am always ready for a match.

Joshua pauses for a moment.

Joshua:  Now I am not like some champions out there looking for a free day off as you saw on the last show I showed up and was ready to wrestle.  Management claimed they were unable to find someone hence the reason for the mystery wrestler I am going to face.  I will face anyone they place in front of me. I have proven it time and time again.  So tonight I am going to go out there and face whoever comes through that curtain.

Darlyn:  Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the GRIME Championship!  Introducing next, the champion… From Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 217lb, he is… “The Sin City Nightmare” Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.  He waits for his match to start.
GRIME Championship Match
Joshua Acquin vs Matt Spears

The match starts off inside of the ring, but quickly spills to the outside.  Acquin and Matt take turns with chair shots.  Matt takes the advantage when he is able to crack the chair over Acquin’s head, which was against the barricade at the time.  He goes for the announcer’s table, but Acquin escapes that, only to fall into the steps with Matt’s help.  Matt picks the stairs up, and is ready to sandwich Acquin with them when Acquin Dropkicks the stairs into Matt.  As Matt goes down, Acquin jumps off the ring apron with a Double Foot Stomp onto the stairs.  He twists his ankle in doing so, and rolls to the ground.  Both men are down as Acquin nurses his ankle.  Matt is able to rise and he throws the stairs at Acquin.  Acquin moves away just in time, crawling under the ring.  As Matt lifts the apron, he finds himself tased by Acquin.  He falls back, and Acquin goes for the cover, not releasing the taser despite shaking from the electrical current himself.  Both men are laid out on the ground after being worn out from the electrocution.  Acquin drapes his arm over Matt for a two count.  Both men attempt to get to their feet, but it takes an extra moment.  They begin trading punches until Spears spears Acquin into the ring post.  He crawls under the ring to try to find a weapon.  As Acquin reaches underneath to pull Matt out, he is met with a Fire Extinguisher to the face.  Joshua pounces on top for the cover, and he nearly gets a three, but Joshua kicks out a millisecond too soon, and the fans cheer loudly.  He drags Joshua up and slides him inside of the ring.  He quickly grabs a table and puts it on the apron.  Sliding it inside, he climbs up and into the ring.  He sets the table up in the corner.  He lifts Acquin up to fling him into the corner, but Acquin reverses it and… Nightmare 2 into the table!  Joshua gets the cover on Mat! Joshua Acquin wins via pinfall.  He quickly leaves ringside.

The scene cuts to Chelsea LeClair as she stands on a self-made red carpet of her own that leads into the building. She’s dressed elegantly and she’s beaming with confidence. She does have a cheering section of fans that are standing behind her and cheering for her, increasing her confidence as she begins to express her thoughts.

Chelsea: What a difference one supercard makes, right? For High Stakes, I was quite bummed that I was not even on the PRE-SHOW of that card. Now? Tonight? I’m on the main show of Inception and sure enough, Veronica Taylor is across the ring from me again. Veronica, I know that you’re quite the whore for the spotlight and for everything revolving around you, but you have got to be the biggest chickenshit on the SCU roster. The first time we faced each other, you choked me out and got yourself disqualified. You thought that you were going to make an example out of me and that was that. You didn’t think that I wasn’t going to be like your regular victims that would just sit there and take it, did you? I started chasing you from there and you ducked me at every turn. You wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence. You wanted that ONE encounter to be it while you hid behind your husband… or rather… ex-husband from what I’ve heard. BUT, I finally got my chance and I DID beat you, straight up, fair and square. I got what I wanted out of this. I got my satisfaction from beating you and for getting my revenge. Yet, your ego just couldn’t take that could it?

You couldn’t and wouldn’t let it end like that because the “great” Veronica Taylor can’t be upstaged by anyone. Well, I upstaged you once before and I am going to upstage you one more time. This isn’t even a pride thing for me at this point, Veronica. I managed to regain that when I got my win over you. For me, this is about proving two things: that my win over you wasn’t the fluke that you believe deep down in that bloated ego of yours that it was, and that I AM here in Sin City Underground to stay and be one of the best here. I came here to SCU when I did because I had grown sick and tired of being in companies that were underutilizing and overlooking me. For a while, Veronica, it seemed like SCU was doing the same thing. But when I rose up and fought back against you, and when I defeated you, it became clear to me that SCU finally took notice of me. I know, being a two time world champion in my own right, that I have every right to be in that conversation for the SCU Underground Championship and beating you AGAIN, on the main show of Inception tonight, would FURTHER solidify that claim.

I would advise the four women in that title match tonight to keep a close eye on me, especially whomever wins this thing.

Chelsea takes a pause as the determination in her eyes becomes even more apparent.

Chelsea: As a Myra Rivers protege, Veronica, I know ONE thing that I have that YOU never could and that’s heart and determination. You’re just using this business to further YOUR brand and to make it all about YOU and your fame and your “beauty” that is completely non-existent. You never had the heart or the courage to accept defeat at my hands and that’s why you want this rematch so bad. That’s why you’ve still tried to make my life hell after I beat you. After I take care of you for good tonight, there’s no reason for you to continue this any further. One more win against you, and I can move on to my own goals and ambitions in this company. You’ve only got one more chance to get the better of me and as a SPOILER here, I can tell you that you won’t, not because you’re not good enough, but because you don’t want it NEARLY as bad as I do. That’s going to be your ultimate downfall Veronica and once tonight is over? Once I beat you again? I very much look forward to putting you behind me and moving forward to the brighter future that I know that I have in this company. Once again, Veronica, through YOU, I am going to show this company what I’m capable of.

Chelsea maintains her determined glare before she turns and heads down the red carpet into the arena with her fans cheering her on loudly. The scene then fades to black.

Backstage, the cameras come into focus on a brawl taking place.  Upon further inspection, we see Hitamashii, Andrew Garcia, and Ivan Darrell beating down on Mz Holly Wood.  They are stomping away at her before Ivan pulls out a lead pipe and cracks it against Holly’s knee, causing her to scream out in pain.

Hitamashii:  Good luck in our match tonight.

Hitamashii cackles before Helluva Bottom Carter comes rushing in with a steel chair.  He nails Andrew with it as Ivan and Hitamashii rush off, still laughing.  Andrew works his way away from Carter as well.  Carter kneels down next to Holly, who is still holding her knee.


Carter checks on the knee as best as he can before Holly shouts out in pain, causing Carter to leave it alone.  He helps Holly to sit up and he cradles her so that she isn’t flat on the concrete floor.  Holly is in tears from the intense pain as she tries to talk, but can’t speak coherently at first.

HBCarter:  That motherfucker!  I wish I could say that I can’t believe they would do something like this, but I’m not at all shocked.

Holly:  I can’t believe my luck.  Every damn time I get close to something big…

Holly winces and then whimpers a bit, trying not to show it though.  Carter grits his teeth and lets out a bit of a growl.

HBCarter:  Where are these medics?

Carter looks around, and after a few seconds, they show up.  Carter gives them room to help Holly up, and they head toward the medical room.  The quickly get Holly set up on a bed, and Dr Staggs comes in.  She feels around on the knee, causing Holly to yelp in pain.

Gracie:  The good news is that it isn’t dislocated.  But I’m going to have to send you to the hospital to get x-rays done to confirm that there are no fractures.

Holly:  But, my match against Hitamashii for the Underground Championship is coming up soon, and hospitals take like forever…

Gracie:  Until we get those x-rays, I can’t clear you to fight that match.

HBCarter:  WHAT?!

Dr Staggs gives Carter a stern look and then shrugs her shoulders as she gets a knee brace ready to put on Holly.

Gracie:  If I clear Holly to wrestle tonight, and something happens, not only will I be sued, but Holly might not be able to wrestle again.  We have to err on the side of caution.

HBCarter:  So, Hitamashii once again gets away with screwing his well deserved opponent out of the title?  When is this going to end?

Holly:  Baby, I know it’s not ideal, but… maybe I can talk with management to get another shot later.  Reason with them.

HBCarter:  Yeah, because management has been totally reasonable since I called them out on their bullshit.  They’re protecting Hitamashii, and that’s been made totally clear.

Holly reaches over and grabs onto Carter’s hand.  Through the pain and the tears, she shakes her head.

Holly:  This hill ain’t worth dying on.  He just gets to hold onto that belt for another day.  We can’t fight the inevitable.

HBCarter:  No.  Go get those x-rays, pray they come out fine, and go out there and show him that he can’t keep up with these nefarious methods of keeping that belt and damaging it’s meaning.

Holly closes her eyes, her breathing is starting to return to normal now.  She slowly shakes her head.

Holly:  I just don’t know, child.  I just don’t know.

HBCarter:  Mz Holly Wood will be fighting in that match tonight.  I believe in you, and no matter what, you will fight, and you will end his fake title reign. Tonight.

Holly:  Periodt.  Hard “t”.

Just then, Kelli Torres comes rushing through the door and she comes up next to Holly.

Kelli:  I came as soon as I saw.  Are you okay?

Holly just shrugs her shoulders.  She stands up and tests out the brace.  While wincing, she begins trying to walk it off.  She hums to cover up the pain and begins to walk down the hallway.

Kelli:  Where are you going?

Holly:  To get ready for the match.  You guys coming, or what?

Holly flips her hair, and Carter and Kelli seem confused, but follow after her anyway.

GRIME Tag Team Championship
2 Broke Chicks vs Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine

Jane and Jerry start things off, and Jerry immediately baseball slides under Jane’s legs.  He grabs her ankles and takes her off her feet. He slides over, looking for a Crossface, but Jane lifts up and sends him into the ropes.  He flips against the ropes, flips back and catches Jane with an elbow to the face.He goes for a cover, but Jane immediately kicks out.  She lifts Jerry up and sends him into the corner, following after with a Clothesline to the back. Jane grabs Jerry’s head and slams it into the turnbuckle and then hits a reverse Fireman’s Carry, taking Jerry down to the mat.  She goes for the cover. Kandy pulls Jane off and lifts her up for a Swinging DDT, but Chi Chi comes in and clubs her in the stomach, catching Jane.  Jane then kicks her in the stomach. Chi Chi sets Jane down and they go for a double Superkick, taking Kandy down.  Jerry sneaks up behind Jane and hits a Falling Backbreaker and locks on for a Bow and Arrow stretch! Chi Chi sees this quickly and breaks it up as Jerry slides to the edge of the ring.  He motions for Chi Chi to come at him, and as she does, Jerry dumps her to the apron.  Kandy hits a Clothesline From Hell on Chi Chi, so hard that both competitors tumble to the outside.  As Jerry turns around, Jane cracks him in the face with a Singapore Cane. Jane goes for an Ankle Lock, but Jerry grabs hold of the ropes.  Despite no rope breaks, he uses it to try to tug his ankle free, shouting out in pain.  No matter how hard Jerry pulls, Jane keeps the move locked on tightly.  Jerry shouts and pulls himself part way out of the ring. Chi Chi comes running at him with a chair that she Dropkick’s into the face of Jerry, nearly knocking the mask off.  This is enough for Jerry to realize he’s had enough and he taps! 2 Broke Chicks win via pinfall.  After both teams cool off a little bit from a heated battle, they shake hands for a well performed match.

We go outside the arena, a cameraman sits in the back seat of a car with SCW Mix Tag Team Champion Mercedes Vargas driving the vehicle and GRIME Champion Winter Elemetal sitting in the passenger seat as they drive the few blocks to the Silver Legacy Resort Casino for Winter’s match.

Winter: Hey, you want to throw down on some roulette after the show. And I mean the Roulette table, not the champion. Lord knows no one wants to see you beat her ass any more.

Winter says in a laughing tone.

Mercedes: Correction hija, everyone buys tickets to see me regardless of what I’m doing.

Mercedes stops at the red light. A homeless man walks over towards the driver window asking for change. Winter goes to her purse and takes out a $50.

Winter: Here hand this to him. If I can go to the casino and spend money, I can help someone in need eh.

Mercedes goes to her purse and takes out a $100. She lowers the window and hands the homeless man the $150 bucks.

Winter: Ariana wont know what hit her when I get done with her, just like Mikah won’t either when you’re done with her eh!

Mercedes: And there are two things they can do about it: nothing and like it. We’re going to walk into Inception the same way we’re walking out, still champions. But what about Amy? She’s going to be a problem.

Mercedes peels off as the light turns green.

Winter: Pfft, no, if Amy dares stick her nose in my business we will just deal with her then. She said on twitter she was going to be watching this match and would interfere if needed. Well Ari is going to need it so expect to see Amy’s ass pop out of nowhere. We know she’s going to do anything she can to have me lose the GRIME title.

Mercedes takes a sharp right going about 45 MPH. Winter holds on to the dashboard as she continues on.

Winter: She knows she can’t take me, Ariana being the champion is her best shot at my GRIME title. Not that I’m expecting you not to do something, but I’m not expecting you not to do anything, eh?

Mercedes whips the car around to drive into the parking lot of the casino. Mercedes does a three point turn to drive in reverse. 

Mercedes: Anyone who messes with you, messes with me. If Amy or anyone else wants to try their luck, I’ll smack the stupidity out of them.

Mercedes sees a spot and backs up into it going about 40 MPH before hitting the brakes to come to an immediate stop.

Winter: Damn right you will.

Mercedes: Here we are. Remember hija, I drove you here as the champion. I expect to be driving you back as the champion.

Winter: But of course Mama! Let’s do this eh!

 Mercedes beams with pride as she exits the car and follows Winter to the casino, where they notice a few fans already arriving.

The night was here, the time has come, and a new year has just begun.

The camera finds the Jeckels on top of the T-mobile Center.

Raisa: It’s a new year, and that means it time for The Jeckels to start a new year of violence, carnage and mayhem. But before we can do that, Helena and Jack proved they can play by the rules and become the new Pride Tag Team Champions. They have shown time after time we have the most violent matches. Tonight we showed SCU never to take the wrestling skill of Jack and Helena lightly.

Jack: Three Way, we have met many times in battle, and tonight we fought a battle once more. While we prefer the violent matches, we proved even under your SCU rules we can defeat the best SCU has to offer. Including any new comers like Matt Spears and Apathy. No matter who gets out in front of us, the outcome will be the same.

Helena: Tonight we slayed the legends and tonight we became the legends, tonight it will be my brother and I who are victorious, with the new Combat Champion Jake Jeckel. The three of us, ruling SCU as it was meant to be.

Jake: Andrey, to look past me is a mistake you will come to regret, you as well as everyone in SCU know what I am capable of, your arrogance it will be your downfall Mr. Azarov, tonight you step into combat with me, Mr. Azarov I’m done with your constant annoyance, tonight Andrey, you fall and you will never recover. It is written so it shall be  done.

The scene opens backstage at the Inception V pre-show where we see tonight’s challenger for the GRIME Championship Ariana Angelos working out with her boyfriend Francisco watching on.

Krystal: Hey Ari!

Ari looks up and sees the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion and fellow Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe standing there with her title over her shoulder and grins.

Ariana: Hey Krystal! Are you ready for the title match at the main show?

Krystal: Ready as I’ll ever be! But shouldn’t you be more concerned with the match against Winter?

Ariana: Oh, I am! But you’ve got an even bigger match!

Francisco: And I’m sure you ladies will do fantastic in your matches!

Krystal looks over at the handsome Brazilian man and grins before sharing a fist bump with him.

Krystal: Off course we will! We’re Go Gym Graduates, we were practically trained for matches like this!

Ariana: Yeah, only real difference is that Krystal is the champ in her match and I’m the challenger!

Krystal: Well with your new attitude there’s no reason why you shouldn’t win!

Francisco: By the way, where is Matthew and Marty?

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: I’m not here on PTA business, I’m here to cheer Ari on so I gave them the night off, but I did bring one other person with me.

Cassie: Anyone know where the vending machines are?

The camera pans over to show Cass walking up to them, Krystal raises an eyebrow at her younger cousin.

Krystal: Why? Do you have the munchies?

Cassie: Oh, come on! I haven’t smoked weed all day! I’m just hungry, that’s all!

Francisco: I saw a snack vending machine down that hallway and to the left.

Francisco responds as he points the eighteen year old trainee in the right direction.

Cassie: Thanks, you’re a lifesaver! You guys want anything?

The older trio shakes their heads and Cass goes on her way as the scene fades.

Camera’s are seen in a dark area. We hear water drops landing on a puddle. We then hear footsteps as the cameraman is walking. We see he is walking towards a very dim light that gets a bit brighter with each step. Chants can be heard from a distance. AS the light gets a bit brighter we can see that the cameraman is in the arena boiling room. The camera turns to the left to see Jenifer Lacroix on her knees spreading dirt and something else on the ground as Celeste North is seen standing over a boiling cauldron, chanting as she tosses some herbs into the cauldron.  She stirs it with a ladle, before pinching one last herb and tossing it in, causing a spark.

Celeste:  Goddess of witchcraft, Hekate, we come to you tonight to gain favor for what is deserved.  With gifts of garlic and keys, we offer ourselves humbly as instruments.  However, we ask in return for what is long overdue.

Celeste offers up a bowl of garlic, and very old looking keys upon the altar.  She lifts up the ladle and allows it to cool some as she continues to speak.

Celeste:  We ask to break this curse on Jenifer, the nearly undefeated, that she might win the SCU Combat Championship tonight.  We also ask that she is looked after due to recent injury, that this not affect her performance tonight. Look after her as she goes toe to toe with one of the greatest fighters of Sin City Underground, Merlot Ayano.

Upon cooling the liquid just enough, she approaches Jenifer, and with gentle drips, she pours the contents of the ladle over Jenifer’s head, then her right shoulder which was formally injured.  Jenifer opens her hands where the last of the liquid is poured upon her hands.

Celeste:  We ask for bountiful blessings, O Goddess of the doorway.  Please protect Jenifer from any ill intent, especially during this cycle of retrograde.  Let the energies act as an undoing of the curse rather than a worsening of such.

Celeste then places seeds of the star anise into Jenifer’s right hand as a symbol before taking a small knife and pricking Jenifer’s finger.  She carefully takes a drop of blood and brings it back over to the cauldron, placing it inside and stirring again.

Celeste:  We give to you a blood oath, a following of the Mother, a true honor to all witches. All we ask is a simple undoing of the wrong that has plagued for the last few years.  Guide your humble servant to the Combat Championship, to dedicate her glory to you.  Should this be your will, then mote it be.

Celeste closes her eyes, feeling the energies flowing around her as she offers up a dance to “Volur” by Peter Guntry.  She helps Jenifer to her feet to accompany in the dance.  Jenifer sprinkles the seeds in her hand over herself in the process.  Once complete with the covering in seeds, they stop the dancing.  Jenifer looks over to Celeste, and Celeste nods.

Jenifer:  Tonight, favor of Hekate guide me to SCU Combat Championship.  Merlot is worthy opponent. Much respect.  But tonight is night of Jenifer Lacroix.  After near two years, there will be new champion. The inevitable moment arrives now.

Celeste:  Now let us go forth.  Blessed be.

And with that, both ladies begin moving toward and passed the camera.  The camera turns to see them slowly disappear into the shadows of the boiler room before fading out.

Combat Championship
Andrey Azarov vs Jake Jeckel

The ref steps back as Andrey and Jake meet in the middle of the ring and they tie up. They struggle for the advantage until Andrey backs Jake up several steps to the ropes.  Both men struggle for control, but Jake gets the better of the situation and knees Andrey in the stomach and pushes him down. Jake charges at Andrey, hitting a few punches.  He trips Andrey up to the ground and starts to set him up for a Sharpshooter, but Andrey is able to wiggle out and get to the ropes. He hugs onto them, and the ref orders Jake back.  Andrey uses the ropes to pull himself up. Jake studies Andrey, who lunges forward once more. Andrey and Jake tie up once more, and Andrey moves behind Jake.  He goes for a Rear Naked Choke, and the ref begins to check  He and Andrey meet after the four count, throwing punches at one another. Jake gets the upper hand as he backs Andrey against the ropes, hitting chop after chop after chop!  He flings Andrey across the ring, and as he comes back, he gets a Kitchen Sink. He grabs at Andrey's legs and locks on a Boston Crab!  He's in the center of the ring! Jake locks it in, baring all of his weight down. Andrey grunts in pain, but he begins moving toward the ropes. The ref watches carefully as he inches his way to the ropes.  Jake is able to pull him back to the middle of the ring! Andrey slaps the mat once, and the ref looks like he's about to call for the bell, but Andrey shouts out.  Andrey crawls back to the ropes and clings onto them. The referee calls for the break as Jake lets go. Andrey holds onto his back as he rolls around.  Andrey pulls himself up to a standing position after a four count, and gives Jake a nod of encouragement. Jake claps his hands together, ready for another tie up.   Jake switches up behind. Andrey stumbles forward. Jake grabs Abdrews head and drops him with an Inverted DDT! The crowd cheer Jake on!  Jake gets Andrey to his feet. He grabs Andrey... Andrey knees Jake in the gut then drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. The fans boo Andrey.   Andrey grabs Jake's head but Jake kicks Andreys hands away. Jake gets to his feet but gets dropped right back down with a clothesline! Andrey follows that with an elbow drop to the chest!  Andrey gets up to his feet. He runs towards the ropes and goes for a leg drop but misses as Jake sits up on time. Jake gets to his feet as does Andrey. Andrey lifts his leg up for a big boot that misses as Jake nails him in the knee with a low dropkick.  Jake picks up Andrey, but he slides back behind! Andrey grabs Jake and smashes him right into the turnbuckle, four times and then he brings him down for a Head Slam on his knee.    A five count. Jake gets to his feet. Andreys nails Jake with a hard chop to the chest. Andrey goes for another, which knocks Jake to the mat. Andrey stomps on the fingers of Jake.  After a 7 count, Jake gets up to his feet, wobbling now as he's feeling the effects of the match. Andrey comes rushing at him, throwing hands wildly at Jake, who holds his stance strong.  Jake moves from side to side, holding his gloves together so that no shots connect with his face. Andrey steps back and roars out.  And just like that, Jake comes out of the corner and throws an overhand to the top of Andrey's head. This scatters his brain enough that Jake is able to get a right hook to the face.  Jake throws a left hook, but Andrey blocks it. He gets in a cheap shot to the gut, and Jake falls back a few paces. Andrey begins throwing hits, looking a bit unorthodox.  With the lack of training Andrey has, Jake is easily able to knock his hands away after a few hits. He begins throwing jabs that get Andrey to back up again.  Andrey goes for a surprise uppercut, but Jake spins out of the way and comes with a left discus hook that puts Andrey right down on his ass! Jake raises his fists in the air as he stunts around the ring. Andrey gets back up to his feet and punches Jake in the back of the head. Jake blocks a second attempt and turns around and is in stance.  Andrey goes for a jab, but Jake deflects it and hits a Bolo Punch that stuns Andrey. A right hook sends Andrey back down to the mat. He pounds the mat in frustration.  Andrey gets up just before 6. He charges at Jake who gets up at 8, getting a check hook for his troubles. Jake swings without discrimination, knocking Andrey's head around like it's a punching bag! Andrey goes down again!  Jake Jeckel wins via knockout  He takes his newly won Combat Championship and raises it high in the air.

The Sin City Tron flickers on to see a webcam image of Veronica Taylor sitting at a desk in her luxurious Beverly Hills home.  Once she sees that it is on, she forces a smile onto her face.  The crowd boos her, and she rolls her eyes.  She pushes her hair behind her ears, and her makeup is perfection itself.  She chuckles into the camera before she begins speaking.

Veronica:  Hello Sin City fans, it is the Original Mean Girl, everyone’s favorite Bombshell, the one who needs no introduction, so fucking first class… Veronica Freakin’ Taylor…


Veronica:  Um, excuse me?  I thought you would be more excited to see me than you are.

Gena:  We expected to see Veronica Taylor here, at the show, to compete later tonight at Inception against Chelsea LeClair.  Why is she sitting at home?

Veronica clears her throat and her sneer turns into one of sadness.

Veronica:  I regret to inform you all that I will not be able to show up tonight for my match against Kelsey Flair.  It breaks my heart, and you know that Veronica Taylor doesn’t just not show up for her obligations.  I’m a real class act.

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica:  Oh, shut the hell up you ungrateful swine.  I didn’t ask for your opinion… Wait, I mean… I know, I know.  It’s so tragic.  But there’s a very important reason why I’m not showing up in Reno. As you know, I am going through a very messy divorce, and it has become clear that my soon-to-be ex-husband has a grudge against me with no fault of my own! It’s so unfair!

Chad:  What is she doing?  She’s not really going to pull that card, is she?

Gena:  It’s Veronica Taylor, so yeah… probably.

A tear forms in Veronica’s eye, and it drips down her cheek.  She blots at it with a tissue and then sniffles.  She bats her eyelashes and then breathes heavily before focusing on the camera again.

Veronica:  I had my bags packed, and I planned to show up tonight to do my job, but my husband is a hot head and I just… I don’t feel safe being there.

Veronica moans the last bit and then she wipes at her eyes again.  Sniffling again, she grabs hold of her phone and types a full text out, making us wait, which stirs up another round of boos.

Veronica:  He has made it clear to me that he no longer respects me or our marriage, and that he favors that fugly bitch, Kelli Torres over me.  He has dragged my name all over Twitter and has shown that he cannot be impartial as an authority figure.  So, I will not be showing up until Gianni either resigns or is taken out of a leadership role for Sin City Underground.  It is in my best interest, and I have been advised by my lawyers not to do so.  My lawyers are speaking with Erik Staggs and Tad Ezra at this very moment about making sure that this does not affect my pay.  So, since I will be getting paid for my time off, I do hope that SCU makes a quick decision to get their biggest star back on television.

Veronica can’t help but smile through the tears and shrugs her shoulders.  But then she returns to her fake crying and pats at her eyes.  She then blows her nose and sanitizes her hands with her neatly manicured nails.

Veronica:  I’m a victim here!  And you all should be more supportive!  You so called fans are so gross, I don’t even know why I bother.  Luckily, I’m talking to Erik and Tad more than you guys.  And if Gianni is any kind of man, he will do what’s best for business instead of being an unfaithful coward.  Like, bye…

Veronica pats at her eyes as she turns off the webcam and we return to ringside to see the shocked and angry crowd.

Gena:  So, Veronica is playing the victim role here, and holding her contract hostage?  Let her go, and keep Gianni around.

Chad:  Amen, baby.  Amen…

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GRIME Championship Match
Winter Elemental vs Ariana Angelos

We go just a few blocks away to the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, NV. Winter blindsides Ari by cracking her with that server’s tray upside the head! Ari is in serious trouble right out of the gate. She hits her once more for good measure. Ari is stunned by two shots to the head from her champ, Winter. Winter is in hot pursuit of Ari. Ari is firing back! She seems to have shook the cobwebs off. She just doubled over Winter with a big boot to the midsection. She’s knocked the wind out of her. She’s got herself a handful of hair, and dragging her opposition backstage. Ari sends Winter flying across the gear cases into the wall. Ari founds a large case of chips. Winter gets a face full of that tray of poker chips, and she’s down! Ari is going for the first cover of the match, but only gets a two count. Winter rakes the eyes of Ari, and got a shoulder up in doing so. She clawed the eyes, and has altered the momentum of this match in an instant. Winter’s back to her feet, and is choking Ari with one of the production cables.  The blood is rushing to the surface of the challenger’s face, and if she doesn’t get out of this predicament soon she’s going to be out cold.  Ari just slammed the back of her head into the bridge of the nose of Winter. Winter’s gushing blood!  It doesn’t look good, but Winter’s smiling at the sight of her own blood. Never turn your back on your opponent though! Ari is driving Winter’s head repeatedly into that table! So much for getting that blood under control. Ari has Winter by the hair again, and we continue following them. Winter fights through the blood, sweat and tears.  These two Sin City mainstays are beating the ever living shit out of each other! Winter just tosses Ari into a roulette wheel knocking it to the floor.  Ari fires back with huge knees to the midsection of Winter.  She goes for a Hip Toss into a set of slot machines, but she finds herself blindsided by none other than… Mercedes Vargas!  She stomps on Ari a few times before Amy Santino comes out of nowhere with a stool, knocking Mercedes down with it.  She starts to go to town on Mercedes, who tries to get away.  Mercedes grabs a bucket of coins from someone and throws them in Amy’s face to gain some distance.  Amy chases after her.  But then, we see an excited Tatsu Ikeda run up to Winter, waving a piece of paper in her face.  Winter clears her head and reads it.  Tatsu shouts “Look, Winter-san!  Medically cleared!”  Winter hugs onto her, but then points to Ari and shouts “Awesome!  Now get to work!” Tatsu holds up the celebratory bottle of champagne, and Winter cracks it over Ari’s head.  Her and Tatsu stomp on Ari until Winter finally goes down for the cover. Winter Elemental retains via pinfall.  Winter and Tatsu celebrate the victory, squealing and jumping up and down, smiling into the cameras before doing cute yet obnoxious poses.

Andrey is seen upset sitting on a bench in front of his locker. He looks down at empty hands, and it is clear that he is seething.

Esther: Tonight wasn’t your night but it doesn’t mean he’s better than you, he just got lucky.

Andrey slams his fist against the side of the locker.  He rises from the bench and glares right at his wife.  The sting of defeat is still fresh.

Andrey: Even with luck, he had no chance. Jake is nowhere near my fighting skills so save me of pity talk.

Esther: Hey, I know you’re upset. I’m just trying to help.

Andrey: Well don’t.

Andrey turns toward the locker to begin gathering his things.  His jaw is clenched as he doesn’t even look at Esther.  However, Esther’s jaw is gaped open and she circles around the bench, forcing him to look at her.

Esther: Uhhh, excuse the fuck out of me?

Andrey: I don’t need pity, you can piss off with that.

Esther cocks her head to the side, eyes wide for a moment before she pops her lips.  Her attitude becomes much more vengeful.

Esther: Okay fine. No sex tonight, AND you can sleep on the fucking couch. Hows that for not showing you pity, bitch…

Andrey sighs and closes his eyes.  He rubs at his temples before turning to look directly into his wife’s eyes.

Andrey: Well I mean, I can use little pity I mean come on. I had very, very bad day at work.

Esther: That’s what the fuck I thought.

Andrey: You know Esther, I did have a rough day at work. I can…

The two almost seem to be at an impasse as Andrey tries his best to melt the ice he had just thrown about.  Esther’s fiery eyes melt and she bounces up and down a bit, trying to fight it before finally giving in.

Esther: Fine… meet me in the showers.

Andrey gets up to head to the showers the cameraman tries to follow but Andrey shows him the door.

The scene cuts to the locker room and the camera focuses on a picture of Morgan Clark beating down her sister Cordelia in Orlando last month following their loss in a tag team match to Chelsea LeClair and Andrea Hernandez. There’s a soft chuckle that is being heard from a distance and the fans express their displeasure by booing Morgan Clark as she appears in the shot. She looks at the picture of the beatdown she gave her own sister, showing no regrets at all about it, as she begins to express her thoughts.

Morgan: I am SO glad… SO GLAD that I dumped that FAILURE of a sister known as Cordelia. You see what I did to her and you are seeing why I did it. We went into Orlando about a month ago ready to win against Sedona Sky: Andrea Hernandez and Chelsea LeClair… and we DIDN’T… and it’s ALL CORDELIA’S FAULT! I had ENOUGH with her dragging me down. I had ENOUGH with being in her fucking shadow! I don’t give a SHIT about being the prim and proper princess that I used to be. What the FUCK is the use in that? What the HELL is the point in being a ‘valedictorian of virtue’ and bragging about my Ivy League education when said Ivy League education has gotten me NOTHING? I tried to be a role model for this younger generation, but as it turns out, this younger generation is fucked up beyond repair anyway and now that I’m NOT holding myself back with these ‘virtues’ that my parents raised me on, I can finally be ME!

NO MORE is it about Cordelia… from now on, it’s about ME!

I have ALWAYS been better than Cordelia! ALWAYS! I just never had the chance to show it because this company was too busy kissing Cordelia’s ass and revolving the whole entire show around her all while they made it very clear that they saw me as nothing more than someone that was in her fucking shadow! NOT ANYMORE! Tonight, I FINALLY get the chance to show that I AM better than CORDELIA and the BEST way I get to do that is by TAKING HER PRECIOUS CHAMPIONSHIP FROM HER AND MAKING IT MINE!

Hell, I HATE Cordelia SO MUCH that I am even willing to FUCK HER OVER and have someone ELSE pin her or do whatever it takes to have ANYONE BUT HER leave with the championship tonight.

Cordy… or should I say BUBBLES… you have only held the title as long as you have and you’ve only been a champion in SCU as long as you have because you have AVOIDED your biggest threat and that is ME! You ALWAYS KNEW that I was your biggest threat because you always beat around the bush when I wanted to challenge you myself, one on one. You always ducked the question and you always preached about ‘sisterhood’ this, ‘sisterhood’ that blah blah blah… ENOUGH with that garbage, BUBBLES. I NEVER gave a crap about our sisterhood. I was always a threat to you because I ALWAYS knew you better than most people on this roster could ever hope to know you. THAT is why you wanted to avoid me all along! Well, there is no avoiding me now!

You’ve got Angel of Filth and Omasa in this thing too, but to be honest, I could give fuck all about that. I only have TWO priorities: priority number one and the bigger priority is leaving with the SCU Underground Championship myself. Priority number TWO is doing whatever I have to do to make sure YOU don’t leave with it whether I win the title or not. YOU, Cordelia, are DEFINED by the title that you hold. That title is where ALL your happiness is at the moment. I would be GLAD, one way or another, to strip you of that happiness, you stuck up, prissy, virgin BITCH! YOU need to leave with that title.

All I need is to make sure that YOU don’t have that title anymore. That is what is going to happen. Whether it’s me or one of the other challengers, I will make sure that the SCU Underground Champion is ANYONE BUT YOU!

So get ready to have something to REALLY cry about, BUBBLES!

Because tonight, for the first time? You’re going to know what it’s like to be FUCKED!

Morgan scoffs, showing no concern for anything she just said about her sister or any feelings that she may have hurt along the way. She leaves the scene and the camera focuses on the image of her betrayal of Cordelia before it fades to black.

Combat Championship
Merlot Ayano vs Jenifer Lacroix

Chad: We begin round one of this Boxing Match, Dax Beckett returning to referee this contest! The two walk to the middle of the ring. Jenifer starts throwing Jabs to the body of Merlot. Merlot blocks every jab, Jenifer tries to go for an uppercut but that also gets blocked.

Gena: Jenifer gets pushed back about 2 ft with one punch from Merlot. Lucky for Jenifer, Merlot ended up missing hitting Jenifer's glove.

Chad: Jenifer waves it off as she works on her shoulder.  She gets out of the corner and moves around, circling Merlot, who stays constantly ready for her opponent to strike.

Gena: Looking at Merlot we already know she's going to have no mercy with Jenifer Lacroix.

Chad: Merlot rushes Jenifer coming in with a jab to the gut that connects. Jenifer hits the ropes, Merlot goes for an uppercut but Jenifer grabs on to her forcing Dax to break them up and separate the two.

Gena: Dax moves out the way allowing the two to continue. Jenifer charges at Merlot and starts a 1, 2 combo that lands. Jenifer hits a left hook and then a right Jab causing Merlot to stagger a bit.

Chad: Jenifer charges at Merlot but gets nailed with an uppercut dropping Jenifer to the ground.


Gena: Jenifer gets up but still gets up to eight.


Gena: Dax makes sure Jenifer wants to continue which we all know she's not going to give up that easily. He steps out of the way so they can continue their match.

Chad: Merlot approaches Jenifer, she comes in with a left hook, Jenifer ducks and weaves and comes in with a right jab hitting Merlot right in the jaw. Merlot goes for a right Jab but again Jenifer bobs and weaves and returns with a left hook hitting Merlot again in the jaw.

Gena: Merlot goes for a right jab but is blocked. Jenifffffff…


Gena: She stops her punch in motion as the bell has run to end the first round.

Chad: They get just a 30-second break in between rounds. Both ladies go back and rest as their crews dry them up, freshen their mouth guards…

Gena: ... and hydrate them. It's important during times like these.


Gena: Second round begins, Jenifer takes three steps towards the middle of the ring as Merlot just comes charging right in. Merlot goes for a right hook but Jenifer leans back to avoid contact, however Merlot comes right back with a right jab that connects with Jenifer's nose.

Chad:  Jenifer charges right in hitting Merlot with a Haymaker to her left cheek then a right jab to the jaw followed by a combination of lefts and rights to the body. Merlot is staggering again, Jenifer keeps going as she comes with another right jab and then another.

Chad: Jenifer again rushes in but gets hit with an uppercut dropping to the floor instantly on impact.


Chad: Jenifer gets to her feet, Dax double checks to make sure she wants to continue. She nods and he moves out of the way to allow them to continue to fight. Jenifer takes one step forward but gets nailed with a haymaker from Merlot dropping Jenifer back to the ground again.


Gena: Jenifer jumps right back up.  There is a fire in her eyes as she trades rapid shots with Merlot.  The wear and tear is showing on both ladies as they struggle against one another.

Chad:  Yet there is not one ounce of quit in either of them as they hammer away.  Merlot backs Jenifer toward the ropes, but Jenifer ducks out and Merlot swings back, missing her target.  Jenifer then punches Merlot toward the opposite corner.

Gena:  Merlot goes for a jab, getting some distance between her and Jenifer, but Jenifer runs at her and nails her with a Superwoman Punch and Merlot goes down!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and NEW SCU Combat Champion… Jenifer Lacroix!!!

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!*

Jenifer kneels down as she accepts her first ever SCU Championship.  The crowd cheers her on as she holds the title up high in the air.

SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark is holding her championship close to her. She’s going through a mixture of emotions right now from sadness, to anger and especially after the words that Morgan had said earlier, confusion. She’s really trying as hard as she can to process everything, but she’s finding it quite difficult as she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: None of this makes sense to me… none of it. When it comes to Morgan and I, I know that we were having issues for months. I know that because of that loudmouth IDIOT in Amy Santino that Morgan started to get insecure with herself. She never got over Amy’s words and that’s quite sad that such empty, meaningless words drove her to this. But even through it all, I NEVER imagined that we’d just break apart like we have. I love my sister and still do. I looked up to her growing up and all. But, it’s very apparent based on her actions and based on the words that she said to me tonight that she doesn’t feel the same way. I did NOTHING to you Morgan, at least nothing that I can think of that would offend you. You’re willingly preaching about how you never wanted a sister, you complain about me and how our parents were treating us and everything and then hearing your words tonight has drawn me to one conclusion and one conclusion only…


This is ALL a jealousy thing with you.

You never wanted to face me in the ring so that you could be the SCU Underground Champion. You only wanted to take the title from me because I had it and you couldn’t stand seeing me more successful than you. You should look in the mirror, Morgan. I put in a good word for you to come to SCU. I was dealing with Angel Kash and all of her cronies and I brought you here so that you could help me deal with them. THIS is how you repay me? Remember when our cousin sicced her thugs on you and shattered your knee and how devastated you were that you might never wrestle again? I was THERE for you during every step of the recovery. I was there for you when you tried to fight your way back to even have a career again.

But none of that means anything to you does it?

Hell, the Amy nonsense wasn’t even the cause of this… it was only the trigger.

You’ve had it out for me long before then. When you saw me come to this company, and succeed in ONE year than you have in your entire career. I became as successful as I’ve been with the championships that I’ve held, being as dominant as anyone has ever ben in SCU and you couldn’t be happy for me. No, you had to be jealous of me. You didn’t join SCU to help me with Angel Kash and her crew, did you? You joined it to be better than me. Being better than me… that’s what this is about, right? You even said it yourself that you’d be happy as long as anyone else but me left this event tonight with the championship.

Cordelia takes a pause to sigh, lamenting the fact that Morgan has grown to be so bitter toward her for no other reason than jealousy. Still, she maintains a championship resolve in her eyes.

Cordelia: That’s a reflection of YOU and not me, Morgan. But that’s enough about you. To the Angel of Filth and Omasa, you don’t get to take advantage of what is happening between Morgan and I. You don’t get to look at our situation and think “easy pickings” because from the first day that I’ve been here, I’ve NEVER been easy pickings. Yeah, maybe I am facing a different set of odds than what I am used to, but I’ve accomplished so much in my career at such a young age that I already know what I am capable of. I have been nothing but a champion by title and by heart since the day that I’ve been here and I don’t give a crap about what people like you two and what Morgan have to say. I’ve overcome the odds in this company time and time again. Every single time that I’ve seemingly been in a situation that isn’t in my favor, I’ve pulled through and I know that I am going to pull through again! Sorry MORGAN, but you’re just going to have to continue to be jealous of me. Contrary to what you want, I am NOT going away anytime soon. I refuse to lose the title to someone like Filth and Omasa and I especially refuse to lose it to YOU! You don’t get to have glory at MY expense!

So good luck with that jealousy, Morgan. Keep drowning in it!

Cordelia stands up and leaves at this point, more determined than ever to remain the SCU Underground Champion as the scene fades out.

Underground Championship
Hitamashii vs Mz Holly Wood

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Underground Championship! First, on her way to the ring, from Hollywood, CA standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 165lb, she is... Mz Holly Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for her opponent.

Darlyn: From Hijemi, Japan, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 192lb, he is your reigning SCU Underground Champion… Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu!!!

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos. Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: You go Holly! Frankensteiner outta nowhere to kick things off! Dying Breed is not going to love thatlove that! Followed up with a senton right to the bread basket of his challenger.

Chad  C’mon kid! Get your shit together. Holly’s comin’ out firing here early on. He’s got H on the ropes.  Get him Holly! Boots to his challenger! Dig 'em in! Holly drops an elbow!


Gena: Hitamashii just gets his shoulder up.  Chad... Little bias eh? How about you call this a bit more down the middle. What do you say champ?

Chad: Bias? Are you serious...right now, Gena? Slingshot legdrop from the champ!


Gena: Challenger with great ring awareness. Gets his foot on the bottom rope. And boys.... place nice.  As much as I despise that kid, you’re going to give him his due.

Chad:  Let’s focus on the match, and the champion in the ring. Holly has been on fire since the Elimination Chamber Match. I’ve been really impressed considering the attack earlier though.

Gena:  You can see how intelligent Holly truly is victory after victory. He finds the way to win, and keep his championship night after night. Wait... I may stand corrected. I still don’t know why she does this?  She’s getting her twerk on. Handspring Kick!


Chad:  Kickout with authority by the challenger! Get on him kid! There ya go! Flurry of strikes coming from Hitamashii! Concrete Heart!


Chad: Dying Breed rush out to ringside to finish what they started earlier!  They have chairs in hand, and they are threatening to get involved before Kelli pops out from under the ring with a cattle prod! She jolts it in their direction, leaving them trying to get around her.

Gena: Hitamashii looks at what is going on, and he tries to reach through the ropes to grab Kelli, but… Holly spins Hitamashii around and nails a Breast Smother before landing a Headbutt.  She climbs to the top rope and nails the Sashay Away and hooks the leg!!!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and NEW SCU Underground Champion… Mz Holly Wood!!!

As Holly flips her hair back, and her wig flies off to reveal… medium length red hair?

Chad:  Wait, that’s not Alex Jeffries… Is that…?

The camera zooms in to see the facial features seem off.  The person wipes at their face with a towel handed to them, and it is none other than Helluva Bottom Carter!!!

Gena:  HOLY SHIT! Did… did Carter just win the Underground Championship?!?

The crowd cheers loudly as Carter takes the Underground Championship and raises it high in the air.  He prances around the ring, taking to each ring post to show off the belt as the cheers get louder and louder.  Krystal and Ariana rush out and tackle Carter to the ground in a show of over excitement.  They all rise and Krystal and Ari hug onto Carter, jumping up and down.

There is a commotion backstage coming from inside of the GM office.  After a moment of shouting, the door swings open and Gianni Di Luca comes walking out.  He undoes his tie and throws it to the ground.  His eyes are on fire as he begins walking down the hallway.  He throws his white suit jacket to the ground next before undoing the buttons on his sleeves.  His anger intensifies as he rips the shirt, causing buttons to fly everywhere.  Tad Ezra and Erik Staggs walk out from the office next.  Tad shouts after Gianni as he follows first.

Tad:  G, wait!  What are you doing?

Gianni just shakes his head and rubs at the side of his face as he loosens up his shoulders, bouncing from side to side as he continues down the hallway.  Erik rushes over, trying to get close to Gianni.

Erik:  Please, don’t do anything rash, son.  You have no idea what you’re about to do here.

Tad:  Let’s work off the narrative before you go any further.

The camera tries to get closer, but Gianni puts his hand over the lens and then shoves it back.

Gianni:  The fuck up out my face, dawg…

Erik:  Property damages.  Watch out, please.

Tad:  Just stop.  Let’s talk about this.

Gianni stops and turns to Tad, giving him a shove against the wall.  Erik walks up, and Gianni grabs him by the shirt collar.  Erik’s eyes widen.

Erik:  You don’t want to do that, G.  Trust me.  If you want to have a knee jerk reaction to these Veronica Taylor games, then by all means.  I don’t give a damn.  She puts money in my pockets.  But I’m trying to get you to see the big picture.

Gianni lets go of Erik and then stops.  He reaches into Erik’s jacket and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen, and he turns and continues toward the curtains.  He sees a stagehand and he practically spits at them.

Gianni:  Hit my fucking music, bro.

Crowd:  *POP!*

“Wrecked” by Killbot plays as Gianni comes through the curtains.  He takes a bottled water from a lighting crew member and he pops it open, spraying it all over himself before tossing the bottle down to the ground.  His eyes maintain anger and fury as he walks down the rampway.  He climbs onto the apron and turns around, letting out a roar as he rapidly stomps his feet.  The crowd cheers him on, getting louder and louder as Gianni climbs into the ring.  He walks across and takes a microphone.

Gianni:  I ain’t gonna let this go on another minute.  Gianni Di Luca, General Manager is no more.  At this very second, I fuckin’ quit.


Gianni:  I ain’t takin’ none of the shit from you assholes backstage.  I ain’t tryin’ to make 50 something people happy no more.  I see how that gets rewarded.  My vengeful wife gets to bully all of management around, and I ain’t havin’ it no more!  And I’m gonna do somethin’ about it too.

Gianni opens up the packet of papers and he clicks the pen.  He  scribbles away at it and then slams it on top of the turnbuckle.

Gianni:  So let me take a hot second to introduce you to the newest SCU star… Me…

Crowd:  *SUPER MEGA POP!!!*

Gianni finally cracks a smirk as the crowd cheers for him.  He looks from side to side, nodding his head.  However, within a few seconds of this, a man in black brief tights with gold dollar signs printed on them, and black boots with knee pads and elbow pads that match the tights.  He has a chair in his hands and he whacks Gianni across the back, causing the fans to let out sounds of shock and awe.  He continues to smack Gianni with the chair about five more times before he stomps on him.  He then drops down to the ground and gets next to Gianni’s face, screaming at him.  Once he’s satisfied with himself, he grabs the microphone and looks from side to side.

Man:  Please, allow me to introduce myself.  I am the harbinger of war.  I am the bringer of unrequited revenge.  I waited patiently for this man’s nerves to be worked enough to become a competitor so that I could take him down several notches, on behalf of MY goddess, the love of my life, Veronica Taylor…

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The man grabs onto the ropes and stomps rapidly, throwing a temper tantrum before stomping around the ring.

Man:  NO!  No.  I’m not going to let you do this to me.  I am “The Trillion Dollar Prince”, Aiden Kash…

Chad:  Kash???

Just then, dollar bills begin to fall from the ceiling, blowing all around.  “Superficial” by Heidi Montag plays over the speakers as Angel Kash walks out to the rampway.  She looks from side to side before marching down to the ring.  She climbs onto the apron, and Aiden sits on the middle rope.  She gets inside of the ring, and Aiden hands her the microphone.  She takes center stage, and gets ready to speak when she sees Gianni reach up and grab Aiden’s leg, tripping him up.  As he starts to get up, Angel hauls off and slaps the piss out of Gianni, and then Aiden grabs the back of Gianni’s head and bashes his knee right into Gianni’s face.  Angel looks around her, and then to her hand in disgust.  She pulls sanitizer out of her purse and wipes her hand.  She and Aiden speak amongst themselves before waving the crowd off.

Angel:  I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Angel giggles before dropping the microphone on Gianni’s back, and the two leave the ring together, leaving the crowd in pure shock.


Cameras go to Rockefeller's Tavern. We see Rory behind the bar serving a beer from the tab to Jamie Staggs.

Jamie: I’m telling you Rory, I really can eat a whole gallon of ice cream in under one minute.

Rory: I believe you Jamie.

Jamie: You think if I find someone who doesn’t believe me they would buy the gallon for me to eat. That way I can eat ice cream for free.

Rory: I don’t know, maybe Jamie, it wouldn’t hurt to ask I guess.

Jamie: I’ll never have to pay for ice cream again.

Rory: Maybe, you might be onto something Jamie.

The door to the pub opens up, Angel of Filth walks in. 

Rory: Welcome, what would you like.

Filth: Have you seen Skag?

Rory: Oh yeah, he’s around here somewhere.

Filth looks around, and she doesn’t see him.  She turns back to Rory.

Filth:  Well, I don’t see him.  But thanks for being so helpful.  Can I ask you another question?

Rory:  Sure, I guess.

Filth:  Is it true that Jagermeister has deer blood in it?

Rory blinks a couple of times and then mouths the word “no” without actually saying it out loud.  Filth growls and then sighs.

Filth:  Alright, just give me a Bloody Mary then.

Rory:  You know that doesn’t have blood in it either, right?

Filth:  I know that!  What do I look like, this guy?

Filth juts her thumb at Jamie, who lowers his eyebrows, feeling offended by the comment.

Jamie:  Hey, I resemble that remark.

The door opens up again, and Omasa walks up to the bar.  She looks over at Filth, and the crowd cheers as they seem to have a stare down.  Then, Omasa turns to Rory and pulls her device to speak into to translate.

Omasa:  Have you seen Javier around here?

Rory:  Yeah, he’s around here somewhere.

Omasa looks around the bar, not seeing Javi anywhere.  She turns back to Rory and translates once more.

Omasa:  I don’t see him anywhere. But I have a question for you.

Rory:  No, I don’t sell anything with blood in it!

Omasa stares at Rory for a second, blinking now.  She then brings the device back to her lips.

Omasa:  You are sick. Maybe you should go home.  I was going to ask for a sake but feel you might not have it.

She then looks over to Filth and it makes more sense to her.

Omasa:  If you want blood, why not talk to Celeste and Jenifer. I feel they would be happy to help you.

Filth:  I tried, and they said they needed it for tonight.  Something about Hekate and a shoulder injury.

Filth shrugs her shoulders as the bathroom door opens up.  We see Skag and Javi walking out, zipping their pants up as they are followed by two young girls who are obviously ring rats.  They high five each other as Javi deepens his voice.

Javier:  Tag TEAM!

Skag:  Ich habe deine Nudel gesehen, Javier...!  They didn’t even know what hit them, meine freund!

They two laugh as the girls roll their eyes, texting on their cell phones, likely bragging about the encounter.

Skag:  So many holes were explored today, I feel like I am spelunker with flashlight hat, ja wol.

Javier:  You don’t want to brag too much, homez.  It makes it sound kinda like something it wasn’t.  But I like enthusiasm.

Omasa just stares at them.  Once Javi approaches the bar, Omasa slaps him across the back of the head.  Skag walks up to Filth and they begin flicking their tongues against one another’s.  One of the girls looks like she’s about to protest when Filth grabs her by the hair and plants a kiss on her.

Rory:  Wow, congrats on being, um, so open about your love for one another.

The Kawaii Dragons walk into the pub.

Filth:  We’re not dating.  I just like the way his tongue feels… and now, her’s too.

Winter: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no one cares bitch.

Filth: Piss off.

Winter: Two of the pink stuff.

Rory: You got it.

The Kawaii Dragons head over towards Jamie Staggs.

Javier:  Does “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” apply to Reno, too?  I feel like it does, vatos.

Omasa:  We are partners in the ring.  Outside of ring, you are disgusting and deserve to have your dick cut off.

Jamie: I bet you a gallon of ice cream that I can eat it in one minute.

Winter: Tatsu can eat it in 59 seconds!

Tatsu: Yeah… Bitches!

Filth:  Don’t talk about his dick that way.  It might not be big, or thick, or appealing in any way, but it’s his to be proud of.

Omasa:  Is small, skinny, and like that of child I think.

Skag:  And that one vein.  It even scares me some.

Javier:  Would you stop talking about my pollo?!  It’s plenty big, thick, and no scary veins.  It’s appealing.

The girls who are texting, stop and wave their hand from side to side to show a lack of enthusiasm.

Filth:  I’m going to defend Javi’s weird wee wee’s honor tonight.  That’s just another thing to fight for when I beat your ass later tonight.

Omasa:  This isn’t the first time you have said lies like this.  We fight in the ring many, many times, and I always beat you one on one.

Filth:  News flash for you, Sailor Moon.  This match isn’t a one on one match.  Not that it matters, because there’s always been some kind of fuckery when we’ve fought in the past.

Skag:  Not always.  Actually, very few times.

Filth turns to Skag.

Filth:  Shut the fuck up.

Javi’s eyes widen and his mouth hangs open as he emphasizes his delight at what’s unfolding.  Filth turns back to Omasa.

Filth:  We’re going to see who is the top bitch later tonight, so I don’t need to have this conversation with you.

Omasa:  Filth is right.  Conversation is not needed. It only makes you look worse after I beat you, each and every time.  Is why I don’t have to say much to you ever.

Filth:  Your insecurity is showing.  I’ve got your number tonight.

Omasa just laughs and pats Filth’s shoulder.

Omasa:  Even I feel bad for you.  I will feel bad until bell rings, and then I will do what I always do and win.

Rory interjects, sliding four glasses onto the bar, one to Omasa, one to Filth, then one to Javi and one to Skag.

Rory:  You guys really seem like you need a drink to calm the nerves before your match.  But, for the record, Omasa is right.

Filth:  Fuck you!

Filth takes a sip of the drink, and the taste delights her so much that she can’t help but “mmmm” escape her lips.  Omasa takes a drink too.  Javi and Skag sip next, and the tension in the air seems to lower.  Omasa and Filth’s posture softens a bit as they sink into the nearest barstools.  They go quiet, but at the same time, they don’t seem to be as hateful.  Halo, Alyssa, and Linnea walk into the bar next, and Jamie goes over to them.

Jamie:  I bet you guys a gallon of ice cream that I can finish it in under a minute.  You three can go halfsies on it even.  I don’t mind.

The three look to each other, and then to Jamie with a nod of the head.  Jamie nods too, smiling as the scene fades elsewhere.

Main Event
Fatal Fourway Match
Cordelia Clark vs Angel of Filth vs Omasa Tazu vs Morgan Clark

Darlyn:  The following contest is a Fatal Four Way and is for the SCU Underground Championship!!!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Darlyn:  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first… From Brooklyn, NY standing at 5’4” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Morgan Clark!!!

“What the Hell” hits the speakers as Morgan appears on the stage drawing a negative reaction from the audience. She ignores the fans and heads down to the ring with a serious, determined look on her face. Once she heads inside the ring, she delivers a "talk to the hand" gesture toward all the fans that are booing her quite loudly. She heads to her corner and scoffs at all the boos she's getting. "What the Hell" fades as Valentina waits for her next match to begin.

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Darlyn: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, she is “The Seraph of Sleaze”... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

韻踏合組合 - "一網打尽 (REMIX) feat. NORIKIYO,SHINGO★西成, 漢" starts to play while a video on the SCU screen pops on showing a round table with 12 men and one female. Omasa and among the men we see Hitamashii. Everyone dressed in all black with black sunglasses on. The group is scene having a meeting with Hitamashii and Omasa nodding. The video then cuts to the two in a car as we see Omasa in the passenger seat and Hitamashii driving. The two are seen fleeing from the Tokyo police.

Hitamashii drifts the car to do a 180 to face the police. Omasa sticks her body out the window as she is seen holding a RPG. Hitamashii drives forward towards the police which has them now driving in reverse. Omasa pulls the trigger as we see the rocket leave the launcher. As it looks to blow up the police car the screen turns black with the names Hitamashii and Omasa name appearing in dripping blood.

Darlyn: On the way to the ring, she is the last woman Samurai of Japan… Omasa Tazu!!!!!

Omasa starts making her way to the ring. She keeps a straight face the whole time as she is all business. Once at ringside she jumps up landing on the apron then jumps again to jump over the ropes and lands in the ring.

The radio version of "Sucker" by Charli XCX hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Princeton, NJ standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 125lb, she is your SCU Underground Champion… Cordelia Clllllllllllark!!!

She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Morgan dashes across the ring and spears Cordelia to the mat.  The two roll around, throwing punches, despite Cordelia’s complete disdain for the cat fighting. She tries to get her sister to the mat, but Morgan keeps on fighting back!

Chad:  Filth and Omasa look at one another for a second, and Filth smiles wickedly, letting the black drip out of her mouth.  She leans in and speaks to Omasa, and Omasa gives a firm nod.  They pound a fist each against the palms of their hands.

Gena:  Rock, Paper, Scissors style!  They both throw out paper.  And then they both throw out rock.  And why am I so excited about a Rock, Paper, Scissors game when the Clark sisters are beating the ever living shit out of each other?

Chad:  Morgan begins clawing at the face of Cordelia to break her pinning down attempt.  Meanwhile, Filth throws out rock, while Omasa throws out scissors.  Filth stands back and watches as Morgan flips Cordelia off of her.

Gena:  Morgan gets to her feet and charges at Cordelia for a kick to the face, but Cordelia moves out of the way.  She sweeps Morgan off of her feet and then kips up, stomping on the back of her sister.

Chad:  Cordelia lifts Morgan off of the mat by her hair and yells in her face.  Morgan spits and then uses the distraction to slap Cordelia, spinning her around and allowing her to nail a German Suplex, going for the cover.


Gena:  Omasa and Filth pull Cordelia off and toss her into the ropes.  As they lift the rebounding Cordelia up in the air, Morgan jumps up and lands a Cutter on Cordelia.  She shouts at Filth and Omasa as she goes down for another cover.


Chad:  Filth and Omasa rip Morgan off of Cordelia and then begin pummeling her down to the mat.  Filth pulls her hair up as she stands on Morgan’s back, putting a strain on her neck.  Omasa finally nails a Curb Stomp when Cordelia gets back up.

Gena:  Cordelia charges at Filth and Omasa, but they duck and nail a Double Hip Toss to the champion.  Cordelia arches her back, and looks at Omasa and Filth, who are moving against the ropes, waiting for her to get back up.

Chad:  As Cordelia gets up and starts to go after Omasa and Filth, Morgan grabs her leg and trips her up, quickly setting her up for a Figure Four Leg Lock.  She stretches as hard as she can, making Cordelia shout out in pain.

Gena:  Cordelia reaches toward the ropes, but Filth kicks her arm away from it and stomps on her hand.  Cordelia shouts out even louder as she tries pulling herself closer to the ropes.  She claws at Filth’s leg, but it does no good.

Chad:  Filth drops a knee against Cordelia’s forehead, tripping into Morgan a bit as well to throw her off her balance to break the hold.  Morgan stomps as she looks up at Filth.  She starts to come at Filth, but Cordelia trips her sister up and crawl onto her back with a Rear Naked Choke.

Gena:  She throws herself back and wraps her legs around as Morgan tries to break free.  She claws at her sister’s arms and then she bridges into a cover.


Chad:  But Cordelia wraps her legs around her sister once more, tightening her grip around Morgan’s neck.  Morgan tries to move around to get the rope break, but she can’t.  She chooses to bridge into another pin.


Gena:  Morgan is beginning to fade, even though she fights it.  Her arms flail around at first.  But then she reaches back, trying to claw at Cordelia, but Cordelia tucks her head.  Morgan kicks her feet around, but doesn’t get anywhere with it.

Chad:  She fades and the referee walks over, looking around as she raises Morgan’s arm once.  It then falls to the ground, and the referee counts.


Gena:  After a generous second, the referee looks around again and then lifts Morgan’s arm up, dropping it once more.  He then throws up two fingers.


Chad:  Before the referee can even lift up the arm a third time, Filth and Omasa begin stomping on both Clark sisters.  Omasa drags Cordelia out from under Morgan and begins throwing uncontrollably wild punches, battering the champ as Filth jumps on top of Morgan for the cover!


Gena:  Omasa shows a “scissors” motion with her hand as Filth raises a fist for “rock” and we now understand what that was all about now …


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and NEW SCU Underground Champion… Angel of Filth!!!

“Killpop” plays on the speakers as Filth rises up, snatching her title from the referee.  She throws it up in the air before spitting black mist at it.  She flicks her tongue as she looks around at the booing audience.  Omasa goes to the outside of the ring and grabs her bokken, and the crowd begins to give a mixed reaction as Omasa wields it.  She looks up at Filth, who nearly challenges her to come inside with her stare.  After an intense stare down, Omasa slides the bokken back into its sheath.  Omasa walks up the rampway as Filth reluctantly continues to celebrate in her raunchy fashion as the show goes off the air.

Tune in on the Sin City Network to see SCW Inception, where we will see SCU stars Orchid and Delia Darling go head to head!