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SCU Ep 118 Results
« on: December 28, 2021, 12:28:27 PM »
Sin City Wrestling Ep 118. Dec 25th, 2021

Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Sin City Underground Ep 118 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Orleans Arena, in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on December 25th , 2021.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see someone who hasn’t been on SCU TV in months, the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe who is warming up with her managers Matthew and Marty looking on.

Matthew: So, this is SCU Underground, can’t say I’m that impressed.

Marty: Indeed, I guess I was expecting bigger.

Cassie: I’m sure you're used to hearing that.

The camera pans over to show Krystal’s younger cousin Cassie standing nearby with a couple of drinks in her hands. The Aussie champ lets out a hearty laugh before taking her drink from her eighteen year old cousin.

Krystal: Damn it Cass, you beat me to the punch!

Cassie: I know, but you were busy working out.

Marty: Yes, well, if I were your young lady, I’d remember who runs the building YOU train at! Wouldn’t want to have to expel one of our top students would we, Matthew?

Matthew: Indeed.

Krystal: Are you seriously threatening to derail her training in my presence?!

Krystal stands up straight and turns to confront her managers, Cassie did have a worried look on her face for a second but that quickly subsided when Krystal stands up for her.

Matthew: You know as well as I do that your cousin is seriously lacking in discipline Krystal.

Krystal: Maybe, but that was clearly intended to be a joke! Any good trainer would take it on the chin and move on!

Ariana: Is this a bad time?

Krystal looks up and sees her fellow Go Gym Graduates HB Carter and Ariana Angelos standing nearby, Matthew shakes his head before motioning to Marty that they should leave and Cassie shakes her head.

Cassie: It’s nothing, I made a dumb joke and he took it the wrong way.

Krystal: By which she means Matthew and Marty implied that they would expel her for said jokes!

HBCarter: That is wrong on so many levels!

Cassie: Tell me about it, at least Krystal set them straight!

Ariana: Speaking off, Krystal are you ready for tonight’s Main Event?

Krystal: Ready as I’ll ever be, tonight’s match against Winter is non-title but I’m treating it like every other title match I’ve had, only difference is that, well, it’s on Underground rather than Climax Control.

Cassie: Not like that would stop her from kicking all kinds of ass in that ring off course.

HBCarter: Well, your cousin has reigned this long as champion for a good reason Cass, I just hope that we won’t need to be out there to ensure that Amy or Mercedes don’t get involved.

Ariana: Especially since I’ve got a shot lined up!

Krystal: Honestly? I completely expect either of those two to try something, Mercedes so she can try to get revenge for me beating her a few weeks ago and Amy because of how her GRIME Championship Reign ended, and because they are so fucking predictable I’ll be ready for them!

Cassie: And if they bring back up, well, I may be a trainee wrestler but a wrestler with a weapon is still a wrestler with a weapon, right?

HBCarter: Right but again, lets hope that it doesn’t come to that!

Ariana: We can only hope at this point!

The three wrestlers and the trainee continue chatting as the scene fades.

The scene cuts to SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark as she tries to focus on the match that she is going to be competing in later in the night. She doesn’t seem to be bothered at the moment, but that changes a tad when her sister Morgan shows up. Morgan is noticeably wearing a “FUCK GRIME” shirt which catches Cordelia by surprise and has her rolling her eyes. This eyeroll annoys Morgan a bit.

Morgan: What? You don’t like my shirt?

Cordelia: I don’t like the language that it has on it…

Morgan: Oh grow up! It’s just a shirt.

Cordelia: We’re really about to do this on Christmas of all days?

Morgan: Okay, okay sorry. I know that things were heated and that we just swept it all under the rug and I really don’t want to ruin that now that things are good again. I just wanted to wear this to show you that I am ALL about that GRIME championship now. I’m sorry that I ever harassed you so much about you giving me a title shot and everything and I know it was not my place to do that to you. I know I apologized to you over Twitter and everything, but I wanted the entire world to see it for itself just so you know how much I mean that.

Cordelia breathes a sigh of relief hearing this from her own sister.

Cordelia: Thanks Morgan. I am happy to hear that from you. I knew you were too smart to let someone like that get into your head much longer. Granted, it probably shouldn’t have taken you so long to finally get over that. But still, I am glad that you see that the best revenge that you can get is the GRIME title and winning that when you can. You really do have a chance to make your mark for that GRIME title tonight…

Morgan sighs and rolls her eyes upon the reminder that she just received from Cordelia regarding her match.

Morgan: You mean the match with the STUPID sitpulation? A freaking Gingerbread house on a pole match essentially? I get that it’s Christmas and all of that, but why do we have to make it so gimmicky? It is really disrespectful to the traditions of professional wrestling and everything. We don’t need to gimmick everything. I mean, even your match, with the whole “Santa’s Gift” thing against that Omasa person that just won’t shut the hell up. Why do we need to attach a gimmick to that?

Cordelia: True, I see what you mean.

Morgan: You’re not worried about Omasa in the slightest despite all the nonsense she talks, do you?

Cordelia simply scoffs at the notion.

Cordelia: Of course not!

Morgan: Good, because if I can beat her, so can you. All of this crap that she tried to push a few weeks ago about how I’m the better wrestler and everything…

Cordelia: Um, Morgan? You’ve been acting like you are… at least until you apologized recently.

Morgan: It was a PHASE, Cordy! I am over it! We both know that YOU are the better wrestler. I mean, for god’s sake, you’ve been a champion in SCU for well over a year now. You’ve been the SCU Underground Champion for how long? Five months? Six? More? You’ve won three championships already and you’re only 23 while I’m 28 and the only title I’ve ever had is the tag team title that we just lost in the other company…

Cordelia cringes at this.

Morgan: Oh… sorry! I didn’t mean to remind you of that. It’s okay. It’s water under the bridge. You are in the higher profile match then I am. You get Omasa and I get Jane Harper. Who the HELL is Jane Harper? I got a softball compared to you and there is no doubt that I am going to win. Omasa is a load of crap. We both know that. Plus, you said it yourself. If she couldn’t beat me, then she couldn’t beat you. So, don’t listen to any of the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, okay?

Cordelia nods, perfectly understanding about everything and suddenly finding herself more comfortable with what is taking place tonight.

Cordelia: Right, thanks for that. You do you against Jane, even if your stipulation is pretty stupid.

Morgan: You know I will.

Morgan turns and begins to leave the scene.

Cordelia: Oh and Morgan…

Morgan stops in her tracks.

Morgan: Yeah?

Cordelia: I’m glad we’re finally on the same page again.

Morgan: Yeah… same here. I hate it when we fight just as much as you do. It’ll never happen again I promise.

Morgan leaves the scene at that point. This leaves Cordelia to think about things on her own and to be in a bit of a brighter spirit as the scene cuts out.

Elf’s Toy Shop Match
Alex Rush vs Jamie Staggs vs Shorty vs Rory Rockefeller

Inside of a Santa’s Workshop located somewhere in the arena, we see a few work benches with plastic tools, teddy bears, Power Wheels cars, a conveyor belt putting doll heads onto dolls, and various other toys.  Jamie walks into the scene, dressed as an elf.  He goes to sit down on an animatronic Santa’s lap and begins listing off his wishes.  Rory Rockefeller comes in from another end of the shop, carrying a bag full of Legos that he dumps on the ground.  Alex Rush brings his boombox, playing “Happy Christmas” by Donny Hathaway.  The competitors wait for Shorty to arrive, but he doesn’t come.  The referee calls for the bell anyway.  Rory rushes over to Jamie and knocks him down to the ground.  He rips him up by the elf ear, ripping it off of Jamie’s face.  Jamie turns and bops him on top of the head and rips Rory’s elf ear off.  Children watching scream in horror as parents hide their eyes.  Alex bashes the boombox over Jamie’s head, knocking him down to the ground.  Rory picks Alex up and tosses him onto the conveyor belt.  Alex tries to get up, rushing toward them, but he’s running in place as the bells on his hat jingle… but he’s running in place as Rory tries to break up the cover.  He gets to two when we see one of the teddy bears get up and it grabs onto Rory’s head, hitting a Bulldog on one of the Power Wheel trucks.  He slides into the driver’s seat and takes off.  As he starts to go down one of the aisles, Alex pops out of nowhere and picks up the truck, tossing it up into the air, throwing it on top of Jamie.  After the collision, the truck keeps going, and Jamie is down.  Alex jumps on top for the cover.  The teddy bear collides with the tree and knocks it over, his head coming off to reveal he is Shorty.  Rory picks Alex up and tosses him into a row of boxes.  Different toys roll out of them.  Jamie grabs a retro Nintendo Power Glove and slides it on in an epic fashion, looking around as he screams “I GOT SUPER POWERS!!!”  He rushes over toward Rory and punches him with all of his might.  Rory stumbles a little, but turns around and picks Jamie up and dumps him through the work bench.  Shorty puts on an old Hulk Smash fist and rushes up to Rory, aiming for a Dick Punch, but Rory moves out of the way, and Alex finds himself the victim.  Rory picks Shorty up and sends him into a box on a conveyor belt, slapping the top on as the machine wraps him.  He drops down and pins Jamie. Rory Rockefeller wins via pinfall.  Rory in his elf get-up walks around celebrating.  After a minute, Alex Rush comes up on him in an entire outfit of Lego armor, causing Rory to laugh.  Alex lifts up a Nerf gun and begins blasting Rory with it, sending him out of the scene.

Cameras cut to a sign somewhere in the arena that reads, Halo’s Wonderland. The camera pans away for us to see a winterland theme park. Snow on the ground and two elves at the door welcoming the camera man to come in. Once inside we see more elves working the theme park along with dozens upon dozens of kids walking along the path that leads to small carnival rides, play houses, jumping castles.

As the cameras go down the path, passing up rides to the left and jumping castles along with shops to the right. We approach the middle of the park to see Halo, SCU’s medical personnel Dr. Weaver and Dr. Staggs and Nurse Loti. Former SCW star Song, Celeste North, Kandy Kain, Jerry Cann. all passing out gifts, tickets to ride the roller coasters, taking photos, signing SCU merch.

Halo: Y’all enjoy, Cheech’ll be back in a minute. I think she took a bunch of kids on the one coaster.  Jane’ll wrangle her back soon.  Aunt Li’ll be here as soon as she gets done flying in from the wedding in Connecticut she was at earlier.

Loti snickers.

Loti:  Chi Chi was quite excited for this.

Halo: Well yeah, y’all should have seen her in the car on the drive over here. Practically bouncin’ off the damn walls!

Halo pauses.

Halo: Not that it’s unusual for her but she was even more jacked up than usual for this today!

Song:Yeah, I don’t think she took them out for a coaster.

Celeste: I think you’re right.

Celeste points at a countdown underneath Jenifer and a group of kids. Song points across them to see the same countdown underneath Chi Chi and a group of kids. The counter hits zero. The PA speakers in the theme park announces.

“Let the Snow Ball Fight begin!”

Chi Chi and her kids and Jenifer and her kids start throwing snowballs at each other.

Loti:  This may not end well.

Gracie: Good thing we’re here then.

Halo: Lordy…

Loti:  Who do you think challenged?

Halo snickers.

Halo: Probably Jane… and then Cheech couldn’t refuse… and neither could Jenifer.

Celeste: Jenifer might be a badass in the ring but a big kid at heart. She was excited to be here as well so this doesn’t shock me.

Dr. Weaver: I’m just glad to see Jenifer has been medically cleared and ready to get back in the ring again.

Song goes back to handing out ninja teddy bears. Celeste goes to help her as Loti looks on at the snowball fight. Halo goes back to handing out tickets to ride the coasters as cameras go to ringside.

Judas plays over the PA in the Orleans Arena.  Joshua comes out from the back with his GRIME Championship.  He stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Joshua: Cut my music.  You know it has come to my attention that people really care about my personal life and who I am friends with and how that relationship may look different.  Winter I will tell you again Amy and myself are friends.  I am great friends with her husband.  On the flip side I am not married anymore not to my doing as my wife was cheating on me.  I couldn’t fake that relationship like you are faking an injury.  Of course, you have people that believe you that you are injured but if you are hurt as you claim, how can you say that Amy hurt you at Climax Control when you hit another wrestler during your mentor’s match.  I want to let you know that the championship you wear is the female version of my championship and I have no issue having a match, even tonight.  Consider it my Christmas present to the fans here.  Where I am sure you are already trying to find a way to weasel your way out of the match.  So to recap I am single, Amy is just a friend so good she is like my sister, and I am sure your match tonight will get canceled because you are too hurt to wrestle.

Joshua walks down to the ring and gets in.

Joshua: Actually isn’t it in everyone’s contract that if you are unable to defend your championship within a certain amount of days you get stripped of the championship.  Trust me I will be watching to see this unfold.  Because if that doesn’t happen maybe I should be hurt long term.  Nah I enjoy standing tall in this ring holding my GRIME Championship above my head and hearing the crowd.

With that Joshua drops the microphone on the ground and unstraps his championship and holds it over his head as the crowd reacts.

Gingerbread House on a Pole Match
Morgan Clark vs Jane Harper

Jane and Morgan tie up right off the bat and struggle for control.  Jane kicks Morgan in the gut and nails a DDT to the mat.  Jane circle stomps on Morgan until Morgan grabs her foot and sweeps her to the mat.  She rolls back to her feet and drops an elbow to Jane’s face.  She holds it there for a moment, smirking.  She then gets up and pulls Jane with her.  She sends Jane into the ropes, and as Morgan goes for a Back Body Drop, but Jane rams a knee into Morgan’s face.  She then drops an Axe Kick to Morgan’s neck.  Jane rolls her over for a Lateral Press, but only gets a one count.  Jane lifts Morgan up, but Morgan rushes her into the corner, hitting rapid Shoulderbutts.  She then backs away and goes for a Spear, but Jane moves and Morgan collides with the ring post.  Jane climbs over Morgan and toward the red and white striped pole that has the gingerbread house on top.  Halfway up, Morgan yanks Jane’s leg, and she hits her face on the turnbuckle.  Morgan nails a Jawbreaker and then heads toward the pole.  She gets close to touching the gingerbread house when Jane gets up.  She rushes up behind Morgan and hits a German Suplex from the pole.  Both ladies are down on the mat, but Jane recovers first.  She gets to the pole and starts to climb it.  Morgan slowly gets up, and Jane kicks Morgan in the face, sending her back to the mat.  Jane continues to climb the pole, getting the gingerbread house from the platform.  The crowd cheers as Jane climbs down, only for Morgan to do a kip up.  Morgan rips the gingerbread house from Jane’s grip and bashes her in the face with it. Morgan Clark wins via elimination on Jane Harper.  Morgan laughs it off, having played Jane as she exits the ring.  Jane looks none too pleased.

The scene cuts backstage to a shot of Chelsea LeClair in the locker room. She’s definitely in a curious and yet confident mood coming into her match tonight. She’s gone through her rough patches as of late, but that hasn’t stopped her from remaining confident and speaking her mind as she collects her thoughts and does just that.

Chelsea: So, there haven’t been the greatest of times lately. That is normal when you are part of this business. Tonight, I’m this odd “Jack Frost” match and it’s not even the stipulation that is the “odd” part here. The odd part is that I am in a tag team match against Veronica Taylor and Delia Darling and that I am teaming with the same person that I was wrestling against a few weeks ago in Orchid. That is going to be a problem because while I know I will do my part in making sure that we win, I can’t exactly say that Orchid has a history as a team player herself. I hope I am wrong about her. I hope that we can get along and like I said, I am going to do the best that I can to make sure we do. But, it’s funny because here I am about to team up with someone that I may have some tension with and in a few days from now in Orlando, I am about to do just that. So, before I go any further, there’s a bit of a ‘special guest’ that I want to introduce to you and someone that knows a thing or two about tag team wrestling in her own right…

The scene pans for a bit that Andrea Hernandez, the SCW Bombshells Internet Champion, is standing next to her. She doesn’t seem bothered to be there, but at the same time she doesn’t appear that she’s in the mood to be best friends with her former tag team partner at the moment.

Chelsea: ANDREA!

Andrea: Don’t get TOO excited. I’m only here because it’s Christmas and since… you know… team chemistry before we beat the Clarks in a few days. What is it with you getting into all sorts of trouble around here anyway? You poked the bear in Veronica Taylor for weeks and now you find yourself in a tag team match with someone that may not even like you…

Chelsea: It’s just how it is, you know. I did what I had to do because I wasn’t going to let that bitch choke me out. I kept going at her until I got my revenge and that’s exactly what I did.

Andrea: And yet… you didn’t count on the fact that she was going to attempt to come back for revenge of her own. Chelsea, one of these days you are going to have to learn that people like her are never going to want to end things on any terms but their own. That’s my free advice to you. Merry Christmas.

Chelsea: God, you always have to take things SO seriously.

Andrea: DUH! I’m the UNDEFEATED SCW Bombshells Internet Champion. I don’t have the time to… you know… ‘have fun’. I’m just making sure that you know what you’re doing. I don’t need you to mess up now right before we face the Clarks and everything. And they question US getting along for a tag team match? All I am saying is… watch your back. There’s all this talk about you and Orchid and how you two are chomping at the bit to be the next stars of SCU. I wouldn’t be surprised if Orchid stabbed you in the back.

Chelsea narrows her eyes, not amused at all by what Andrea is suggesting.

Chelsea: Why are you even putting this in my head?

Andrea: Because… honestly… if I was in Orchid’s position right now, that’s exactly what I would be doing. But that’s just me, you know. You should know that in wrestling, everyone is going to do whatever it takes to get to the spot that they feel they deserve to have. I am going to wish you luck though. You’ve got so much on your plate. I’m not sure how you and Orchid are going to get along but if you two manage to get along, I’d say that’s a good omen for the big “Sedona Sky reunion party” that is happening in Orlando in a few days. Don’t worry Chels, I am not going to pressure you the way Morgan has been pressuring Cordelia lately. I know what you’re capable of. Even though you are not my cup of tea like you once were, I still think you ARE going to rise to the top in SCU. You’re too good not to. So… good luck with everything…

Andrea turns and leaves the scene at this point. Chelsea is finding herself a little bit surprised that Andrea actually gave her a compliment considering their history in recent years.

Chelsea: Huh… thanks…

Chelsea takes things in, appearing more confident in herself going into the awkward tag team match situation she finds herself in as the scene cuts out.

Cameras go backstage to see a brawl taking place between Angel of Filth, Skag, and N.F.G. Skag and Javi trade punches as Fifth swings a bat and Omassa swing her wooden sword at each other. Security runs over to break it up, but the four of them stop the brawl and start attacking the security team. Once the security team goes down, the two tag teams go back to attacking each other. Finally, more security shows up along with Tad Erza.

Tad: Hey! Enough, it's Christmas, for crying out loud.

Skag:  Piss off, mate.

The security guards grab the four from behind to stop the fight.

Tad: I thought you four settled your differences.

Javier: Nah, homes, we had a peace treaty during the purge, mang!

Tad: Well, as much as I like you four trying to kill each other, attacking security is not cool.

Filth: You know you enjoy security getting attacked.

Tad: Okay, maybe a little bit but not tonight. And you have a match later tonight, Omasa. Getting into brawls before your match isn't that smart.

Javier: It's all good homes. She's just fighting Cordelia Clark. CC ain't no match for Omasa.

Filth: I hate to admit it, but Javi is right. Cordelia may be the Underground Champion, but that means little to shit. The GRIME title is the real championship, and two, it's fucking Cordelia; she ain't shit. Morgan is the better of the two, and she ain't hit either.

Tad: I don't think you should be taking Cordelia lightly.

Javier: That's just it, vato. You don't think. If you did, you know Omasa got that shit faded, yo!

Tad: You know what? Okay, Omasa, you beat Cordelia tonight, then I'll have Cordelia defend the title against you at Clash of Champions.

Filth: Omasa and I don't see eye to eye, but I can admit that Omasa facing Cordelia is like having a night off.

Tad: So then Omasa should not have a problem tonight. But if you do, you will not only blow your chance at the title, but Filth will also get the title shot instead.

Filth: You must want Cordelia to retire early.

Tad: Will see about that, but for now, hands off each other, or the deal is off.

Skag:  Hey, what about me and this bitch.

Tad: Screw it up for your partners, and you have to deal with them.

Skag:  That's bullshit.

Skag says as Tad walks away.

Inside the team Canada locker room, being conducted under strict safety standards, Team Canada is passing out gifts to the kids. SCU staff escort each kid in and out of the locker room, after every kid has gotten a present, Marissa Henry enters.

Gail: Hey Marissa Merry Christmas.

Marissa: Merry Christmas everyone.

Earl: Hey, how has your Christmas been?

Marissa: It’s been great, but tonight is about business isn’t it, so about your match tonight.

Dahlia: It will be a fun match I think, don’t know if our opponents are Christmas folk, the Jeckels definitely don’t seem like the type of people who like Christmas, but tonight, the dying breed and the Jeckels are definitely in trouble in this match.

Marissa: Why is that?

Sarah: Earl, is great at setting up a Christmas tree, he put ours up in record time.

Earl: Yeah, I love Christmas, and it’ll be fun showing everyone tonight, just how well and fast I can put together a Christmas tree. I hope the fans here tonight love it.

Marissa: I’m sure they will.

Stewart, who is humming a Christmas song, walks over to Marissa.

Stewart: Sup Marissa, merry Christmas.

Marissa: Merry Christmas, Stewart, your match tonight takes place in the street of Vegas, your thoughts.

Stewart: In addition to being a great pro wrestler, I’m also the world's premier bounty hunter, and I’ve had my share of encounters with fugitives in the streets in cities and towns around the world. I don’t know how many street fights, Hitamashii has been in but I know he’s a tough son of a gun, I expect to get a hell of a fight out of him tonight, and in the street anything can go down, I won’t be holding back and I know Hitamashii won’t be either, it going to be a hell of fight, Marissa, and in the streets I usually win.

Marissa: Thank you all for your time.

Sarah: No problem, have some eggnog.

Jack Frost Match
Chelsea LeClair and Orchid vs Veronica Taylor and Delia Darling

Orchid and Veronica start the match off, as Delia makes Veronica get in the ring.  Orchid nails a Crescent Kick to Veronica, sending her to the mat.  Veronica goes to tag in Delia, but Delia steps back, telling Veronica to fight.  Veronica rolls out of the ring, but the snowmen crowd her, bashing on her and rolling her back inside of the ring.  Orchid is waiting, getting a few good stomps.  She picks Veronica up, but Veronica charges her into Orchid’s own corner.  She bumps into Chelsea, who falls to the outside.  She holds her hands up as she turns around to get back inside of the ring.  However, Veronica nails a Baseball Slide that sends her back into the snowmen.  They give her the same treatment, beating on her a bit before rolling her back inside.  Veronica stomps violently on her before lifting her up.  She goes for a Snap Suplex, but Chelsea breaks free and kicks Veronica in the gut, coming off of the opposite ropes with a Bicycle Kick that puts Veronica on the ground.  She tries to escape the ring, but the snowmen begin throwing fake snowballs at her.  She rolls to her feet, trying to block the hits, giving Chelsea enough time to hit a Release German Suplex.  She then drags Veronica over to Delia and bashes their heads together.  Delia falls outside as the snowmen come over and stomp on her.  They lift her up and roll her inside of the ring.  She gets to her feet, but Chelsea listens to the fans, coaxing her to tag Orchid in.  Orchid stands on the bottom rope, bouncing up and down as she holds her hand out for the tag.  Chelsea slowly backs up.  She rushes Delia and nails a Dropkick, rolling back to tag in Orchid.  Orchid rushes Delia, nailing several kung fu style kicks and punches, getting Delia into a corner.  She gets her down on the ground, stomping like crazy.  Then, one of the snowmen pulls Veronica down and begins stomping on her, pelting her with fake snowballs while stomping her.  She lifts Veronica up and rolls her inside of the ring.  She rolls in and as she leans down to pick Veronica up, the head rolls off to reveal Kelli Torres.  Kelli sheds the rest of the costume.  She kicks at Veronica, as the referee tries to get Kelli to leave.  After Kelli doesn’t leave, the referee throws the match out due to the loss of control with Orchid still going at Delia, and Chelsea jumping in to help Kelli.  The referee calls for help, and the snowmen roll inside to help separate everything, helping them leave one at a time.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Amy sitting with her phone in hand as she watches a video that she recorded earlier on in the day with a smile.  Letting out a small sigh, she stops the video before tucking the phone away before looking up into the camera and begins to speak…

Amy: 日本人を相手に使ってから、レインボーとしても、しばらく経っています。しかし、それは自転車に乗るようなものだし、あなたは決して忘れません。だからこんにちはメルロ綾野. (It's been a while since I used Japanese against an opponent or even as Rainbow. But it's like riding a bike and you never forget. So hi Merlot Ayano.)

To be honest I am not too thrilled to be here tonight, I guess no-one is. I rather be at home with Joey, Beckett and the rest of the family enjoying my time with them but hey… sacrifices and dues etc… now this is my first match since losing the GRIME Championship to that fraud Winter.  I’ve had gotten all my anger and frustration out of my system already when we had that silly purge as well as hours of gym time etc… but I can use the fact that I am away from my little girl to vent on you.

Interestingly we have never met officially inside the ring in the SCU and GRIME brands or even during the main war. But unofficially maybe once or twice… I know that you attempted to threaten me when I unmasked myself, but you were about as scary as kitten.

Now it’s been a while since we last saw you in a wrestling ring… well a month.  But a month can be a long time in terms of wrestling.  But a lot has happened and yes I lost my GRIME championship before you point that out and the thing is, I need to get back to my winning ways and sadly for you Merlot tonight you won’t be walking away victorious.

あなたが私の以前に成功したタイトル防衛に従っていない場合。私はこれらの試合が好きです。(If you haven't been following my previously successful title defences. I like these matches.)

I like these matches because of the unpredictability, although reading over the description of this match, this it’s a normal match with small Christmas decorations. Anyway, back to the task at hand. I want to get this match over and done with and go back home to see my family. So I am going in, kicking your ass and leaving.

So good luck Merlot you are going to need it.

Amy stands to her feet and as she adjusts her ring attire before leaving the area to make her final preparations for the match.

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Re: SCU Ep 118 Results
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Miracle on 34th Street
Hitamashii vs Stewart Mason

We hear a bell ringing as a man in a Santa stands on the side of the street with a collection bucket.  We see Stewart walk up to the bucket and drop some bills into it.

Santa:  Ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!

Stewart gives a nod and a friendly smile.  We see a few people dressed in various Christmas character garbs walking down the street, playing their characters and handing out cards with information about their characters.  Off to the side, at the edge of an alleyway, there are two men roasting chestnuts on an open fire and singing Christmas carols.  However, from behind the alleyway, someone dressed as Krampus stands behind the fire, staring at Stewart.  He walks over, ready to fight as he believes it to be Hitamashii.  However, Hitamashii comes from behind a horse carriage, with a horseshoe in his hand, and he bashes Stewart with it to start the match.  He goes to smack Stewart again, but Stewart moves out of the way.  He gets to his feet as he grabs the pan of chestnuts and he throws them at Hitamashii.  After Hitamashii dodges them, Stewart tackles Hitamashii to the ground.  They roll around, brawling down the street.  They make it to a storefront, a candy shop.  Hitamashii tries to rush in and lock the door, but Stewart stops it.  They punch each other as they move around.  Hitamashii picks up a fistful of fudge and punches Stewart right in the face, blinding him as he rubs it in.  Stewart picks up a jar full of gummy bears and smashes it into Hitamashii’s shoulder, while aiming for his head.  Hitamashii stumbles back and picks up a large lollipop and begins beating Stewart with it, backing him up toward the door.  Stewart ducks one hit, wiping at his eyes to see.  He bashes Hitamashii’s face into the glass, and Hitamashii topples onto a chocolate making station.  Hitamashii throws the molten lava of chocolate in Stewart’s direction, but Stewart ducks.  He tries to dump a pot of caramel on him, but barely misses.  Hitamashii tackles him out of the store and they brawl out into the street.  Cars stop as they are in the street.  They cross the street and Mrs Claus yelps as she narrowly avoids the violence.

Mrs Claus:  You two will be on the naughty list next year!

Stewart tries to apologize, but Hitamashii sees the Little Drummer Boy coming toward them.  He wrestles the drum away from him and charges at Stewart.  Stewart ducks and trips Hitamashii up.  He takes the drumsticks from the Drummer Boy, and he begins drumming on Hitamashii’s head.  He then begins bashing Hitamashii’s head into the drum as the Rat King dances down the street, moving around the fight.  Stewart goes for the cover, but Hitamashii kicks out.  He crawls around a bit before bumping into Weihnachtsmann, the German St. Nicholas.  Hitamashii crawls up his red cloak and pulls the sack from his back.  He bashes Stewart with it, knocking him down and he begins smashing rapidly at him with the heavy sack.  He sees Stewart has stopped moving, and he goes for the cover.  However, out of nowhere, a scantily clad man in rainbow printed boots, tights, crop top, and hat leaps off of a trashcan and nails the Fruit Fly (Eclipse) on Hitamashii.  Helluva Bottom Carter!  He helps Stewart over to Hitamashii, and Stewart gets the cover. Stewart Mason wins via pinfall.  Carter helps Stewart to his feet as Stewart celebrates.

In the backstage area, we see acting GM Gianni Di Luca standing outside of his office when the Fox Brothers approach him.  They are still in their delivery service uniforms as they were the last time we saw them.  Gianni eyes them up cautiously as they near him.

Gianni:  Look ovuh they.. It’s the Fox Brothers.  Looks like we’ve seen more of ya’s since ya’s was fired than we seen the whole time you’s was employed.

Mason and Jason look to one another as if Gianni were talking in a whole different language.  They shrug as they turn back to him and hand him a large manila envelope.  Mason holds out the clipboard for Gianni to sign.  He is hesitant, but he winds up signing.  The two Fox Brothers walk off in the direction that they came from.  Gianni waits until they are completely out of sight before he tears into the envelope.

Gianni:  Santa, baby… what’d ya bring me tonight on this lovely Christmas night??

Gianni reaches into the manila envelope and pulls out a… stack of papers.  On the front of them, there is a handwritten note, signed with a luscious red lipstick kiss print, and judging by Gianni’s emotionless stare as he drops the papers, we can tell that it is scented with Veronica’s Secret perfume.  Gianni looks around the halls before throwing a fit and kicking at the papers, sending them flying in every which direction.  We can hear a bitchy laugh from down the hallway as Veronica approaches Gianni.

Veronica:   Oh don’t be that way.  Especially when you’re the one who decided to disrespect our marriage by talking to that whore.

Gianni rolls his eyes, but there are several emotions clawing at him from the inside as he bites at his fist to calm them.  He straightens himself up and looks right at Veronica.

Gianni:  Divorce papers?  On Christmas Day?  What kind of a bitch are you?

Veronica:   The one you married and promised to cherish me and only me.  But, relax.  There’s no way that divorce papers could get served to you on Christmas day.  The real thing should be reaching you by Monday.  But, I’m super nice, and decided to give you a sneak peek at the demands.

Veronica crinkles her nose in a bitchy way as she flips her ponytail over her shoulder.

Veronica:   You just couldn’t help yourself.  And for what?  To “make a joke” out of our marriage by going to someone inferior to your own wife?  You downgraded, “boo”.

Gianni:  I told you that it’s not like that.  I was jokin’.  But I’m not gonna sit here and let you overreact to somethin’ a normal wife would just laugh off.

Veronica:   A “normal” wife?  Puh-lease.  Your misogyny disgusts me.  Now, maybe I can find someone who truly deserves all of this…  And she deserves to get thrown off a building for butting into our marriage and having the nerve to attack me like fifteen minutes ago?  You’ll both get what you deserve.

Veronica gives a spin to show off her elegant dress along with her flawless hair and makeup.  Gianni spits down at the papers and brushes past Veronica.  She casts a devious smile his way.

Veronica:   Later… boo…

She snickers before heading to the locker room.

Snow Globe Match
Merlot Ayano vs Amy Santino

The sound of a music box is heard playing “O Tannenbaum”.  The lights in the arena are dim as we see fake flakes of snow whirling around the audience as the crowd looks up in wonderment.  They turn their attention to the side of the stage where a very large red velvet covering slowly rises to see sparkling snow fluttering around inside of a globe.  We see a forest setting inside, around a bridge crossing a fake river.  On one side of the bridge, we see SCU Combat Champion, Merlot Ayano.  On the other side, we see former GRIME Champion, Amy Santino.  They stretch out as the referee calls for the bell.  They rush toward the bridge, slipping in the slushy snow, but they reach each other and begin trading punches.  Amy ducks and grabs Merlot’s arm, twisting behind and bending her over the railing of the bridge.  She bashes her face into the railing a few times before Merlot untwists her arm.  She turns around and wraps her legs around Amy, rolling back to send Amy down on top of the plastic river.  She tries to hold on, but slips, landing on top of Amy.  She throws a few punches to Amy until Amy grabs a fistful of snow and shoves it into Merlot’s face.  She kicks her off and slides as she tries to get up.  She lands in a pile of snow as she tries to climb up the hill.  Once she finally makes it, she sees Merlot struggling to get up.  Amy jumps and slides down the hill in a Baseball Slide to Merlot.  They both skid to the other side of the scenery.  Amy and Merlot struggle against one another as they both work up the hill.  Merlot is able to do it first.  She begins climbing one of the fake white trees.  She sizes Amy up for a moment before leaping off with a Clothesline.  They slide before Merlot uses Amy to get up.  She drags Amy over to the bridge and lifts her up.  She drops her across the bridge, right on the ribs.  Merlot tries to turn Amy over, but struggles a little.  She goes for the cover, getting to two.  Amy tries to crawl away, but the snow is getting thicker.  Merlot tries to drag her up, but Amy rushes her into the tree.  She pummels her, and they roll around in the snow.  Merlot drags Amy up to her feet, and swings her into the glass dome.  It cracks a bit.  However, Amy rams an elbow into Merlot’s face and then sets her up for the Bad Girl, right into the glass, breaking a section, and knocking Merlot out.  The referee stops the match due to medical stoppage, declaring Amy Santino the winner.  Amy exits the structure as Merlot is rushed out due to the structural integrity being compromised.  Merlot looks at it, and then to Amy, showing a sign of respect to Amy.  Amy returns the bow as Merlot leaves the side of the stage, leaving Amy to celebrate.

Cameras go back to Halo’s Wonderland. Song is seen leaving the group as she takes a few kids to the movie room to watch Frosty the Snowman. Chi Chi is seen with Halo. Celeste and Jenifer are posing for pictures with kids. The medic staff are off to the side dealing with the mess Jenifer and Chi Chi left behind.

Halo: Where did Jane disappear to now? I swear…

Before anyone can do anything else, Linnéa Lacroix comes running in frantically.

Linnéa: I’m here, I’m here… did I miss it?

Halo grins brightly.

Halo: No, Aunt Li, you didn’t.

Linnéa nods with relief.

Linnéa: Oh good, it’s been a day already! Drove into Connecticut for a wedding, debuted a new song for them. Then drove back to New York to fly here all after havin’ Christma Morning too….

Jenifer sees her cousin has arrived and lets out a loud whistle.

Halo: Man, I thought Alissa whistled loudly.

Linnéa: It runs in the family.

Celeste goes back to handing out toys as Jenifer runs over to Linnéa. They share as hug.

Jenifer: Joyeux Noël!

Linnéa: Joyeux Noël!

Jenifer: How was everything?

Linnéa: The wedding was beautiful. Mina and Nate looked so… you know?  And then we played the song, Mina cried cause she didn’t know it was coming. Nate only sorta did.

Halo: Awww…

Linnéa nods.

Linnéa: Their little one was adorbs in her little outfit.

Jenifer: Pictures?

Linnéa takes out her phone and hands it to Jenfier.

Linnéa: hands Jenifer her phone. Jenifer starts looking at the pictures as Chi Chi is seen taking some with a group of kids.

Halo: Aw, y’all were all darlin’!

Linnéa: We was tryin’. Had all of us plus Eav, Addy and Bobbi playin’ on this one. Katra and Bobbi got to duel some and you know how much Katra loves that!

Loti goes over to help Celeste as a line starts to form up. More kids flock to Chi Chi for pictures as they are seen walking alongside Jane Harper. After a few pictures they walk up to Halo and Linnéa. The four hand out gifts as cameras go back to ringside.

Somewhere in the bowels of Orleans Arena, we find the Jeckels.

Helena: Greetings, Merry Christmas. I bet you thought we didn’t enjoy the holiday season, Christmas in Romania is very similar to what you celebrate in America, but like every country we have different traditions, including Christmas trees.

Jake: tonight, we face our familiar foes, the dying breed and the three way in this unique match, if only Raisa was able to join us she has been assembling Christmas trees for many centuries, and would definitely be as asset, but alas, it’s just my sister and I and we’ll show our foes, how a Jeckel assemblies a Christmas tree.

Helena: We will see you out there.

Christmas Tree Match
The Three Way vs Dying Breed vs Helena and Jake Jeckel

Outside of the ring, we see three boxes of ornaments, tree parts, garland, tinsel, and various other decorations.  We see The Three Way, Dying Breed, Helena and Jake Jeckel inside of the ring, waiting to go to their boxes.  The bell rings, and the three teams rush to their boxes.  Earl dumps the contents as Ivan begins sorting things.  Dahlia grabs the tree stand pieces to put them together.  Helena grabs two of the poles and rushes over, smashing Dahlia with them.  As Earl tries to stop it, Helena bashes him with them as well.  Andrew takes a page from The Jeckels and grabs a bag of ornaments.  He breaks them over Jake’s back.  He dumps the bag out, and drops Jake face first onto the broken ornaments.  He begins pummeling Jake while Ivan gets up and grabs the garland, choking Helena.  Earl smashes the tinsel in Helena’s face to choke her with it while Dahlia hits a Yakuza style kick to Helena’s gut.  She whips her over with a Belly to Belly Suplex, breaking the garland as she puts her right on top of the contents of the box.  Andrew is trying to set up the tree despite the mayhem around him.  He gets the first two layers done before Earl comes over and whips him with a strand of lights.  He whips at Andrew, backing him away from the tree.  Andrew grabs onto the lights and yanks them forward, pulling Earl into a Snap Suplex into the barricade.  Ivan and Dahlia are brawling to the side, and they work their way over to the partial tree.  Dahlia spears Ivan into the tree, causing it to fall over and snap.  Helena crawls toward her box with the poles, but Andrew picks them up and snaps them, yelling about his tree being broken.  He throws them to the ground and kicks Helena in the face.  Jake gets up with a star in his hand and he rakes it across The Orange Hulk’s back, cutting him open in the process.  Jake then smashes it over Andrew’s head, knocking him out.  The referee inspects the boxes and the parts.  He is about to call for the bell when an Amazon driver comes rushing down the rampway.  He drops the box off in front of Jake.  Jake opens it and smirks as he pulls out a smaller, 4 foot, pre-decorated and lit tree.  He sets it on the ground and plugs it into the extension cord, lighting it up.  He points to the rampway as the driver exits, and Jack and Raisa come down to celebrate The Jeckel’s victory. The Jeckels win due to their tree being the only one intact.  The other competitors stop to argue, while The Jeckels celebrate their way up the ramp.

Cameras go to the locker room of GRIME Champion Winter Elemental along with her manager, SCW World Mixed Tag Team Champion Mercedes Vargas. We see a small white christmas tree with a few gifts on a table to the side of them.</color>

Winter: What a year, eh? If someone would have asked me if I thought you and I would be holding titles by the end of the year I would have said, of course, bud. No one does it better than us, eh?

Mercedes: And the best is yet to come. The new year will be more of the same in those regards.

Winter: Well, before Marissa gets here, I want my Christmas gift now please.

Mercedes: No time better than the present, no pun intended.

Mercedes goes off screen for a second before she returns with a pair of gifts.</color>

Mercedes: Here you go. Why don’t you see what I got you?


Winter opens the first gift, revealing a signed Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers jersey. Winter’s eyes light up with excitement.</color>

Winter: Is that really signed?

Mercedes gets her phone out. While Mercedes looks through her phone, Winter opens up a second gift, a Canadian wool blanket from The Hudson’s Bay Company.</color>

Winter: Thank you, thank you, this is perfect for those cold canadian nights eh. 

Winter leans into Mercedes for a tight hug. Mercedes puts one arm around Winter while turning to stand next to her side by side. Mercedes shows Winter her phone. Winter sees a photo of Mercedes, alongside other sports greats. Derek Jeter, Shaquille O’Neal, Peyton Manning, and Wayne Gretzky. </color>

Winter: Nice! Thank you so much. I have something for you, not as original as a signed jersey but just as perfect I hope mama! 

Winter then hands Mercedes her gift, which she slowly opens. The Hall of Famer holds up a 14 carat white gold diamond and aquamarine pendant.</color>

Mercedes: I know gold already looks good on me, but this is now my favorite. Gracias, Winter, eres un ángel!

[Thank you, Winter, you’re an angel!]

Winter: Like mother like daughter mama! 

Just then, SCU backstage reporter Marissa Henry rolls up for an interview, dressed in a Santa hat and ugly Christmas sweater.</color>

Marissa: Winter, you're closing tonight’s Christmas edition of Underground against SCW Bombshell Internet Champion Krystal Wolfe. But before we get to that, it seems you and Amy Santino have had quite the war of words on Twitter lately.

Mercedes: Mari, as the manager of the current reigning and defending GRIME Champion, let me interject here on that subject. So Amy Santino wants to play this game where she keeps Winter guessing on when she’s cashing in her rematch? That’s fine. Turns out it’s her worst-kept secret. You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready. So Amelia, you take your sweet time. Take as long as you want. Whenever you decide to cash-in, don’t come looking for the champ, she’ll be ready and waiting for you, mamita. Now I’d say more about Amy and Krystal, but tonight isn’t about me, it’s about mi hija. Winter?

Winter: See that Amy? You keep telling me how my Mama is selfish and is managing me for her own selfish reasons. Well Amy, if that was true would I be given the time to speak my mind? You see because a manager would be the mouthpiece. They are the one doing all the talking, taking up all the tv time they can with the cameras focused on them at all times. But I get to speak up, it’s not just about Mercedes trying to hog up the spotlight. But that;s enough of us giving you any more of our time.

Now on to Ari, I get you won a match to face me at Clash of Champions but you had no right sticking your nose into Mercedes’ business last week. Lucky I was there to stop you from entering the ring. I had a right to be at ringside but you had to run down and mess everything up.

Krystal, holy shit, like everyone else. I fucking forgot you still even worked here. Nah, I knew you still have a spot here but wow, they booked you to face me in the last main event of 2021. I guess the fans get to see Krystal get out wrestled yet again. Here’s the best part, I’m going to do this while Amy goes looking for me to attack me from behind and Ari trying to find a way to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Mercedes raises her index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.</color>

Mercedes: Having a show on Christmas Day is a terrible idea, but since we’re apparently doing that then I guess seeing you kick the head off of Krystal Wolfe for Christmas this year is the gift that keeps on giving. She’ll try and prove us wrong, but I can't trust someone who lost to Kate Steele. Also, it sounds a lot like Krystal is trying to convince herself more than anyone, especially after she and Jessie got owned by Team Hero last Climax Control. Oh, and we hear Amy’s got Merlot Ayano tonight? Unfortunately, she’s about to get coal in her stocking. With how rare Merlot loses in SCU, all we’re going to say is good luck in her match. She’s definitely going to need it.

Winter: After Merlot gets done with Amy, Amy is going to use that to prolong her rematch. Don’t be surprised if she even fakes an injury just to avoid me. I’m onto you and your ways, Amy. Tonight on Krystal, next week Ari, Amy… It Doesn’t Matter When!

Mercedes agrees with a nod of her head.</color>

Mercedes: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Mercedes pauses for effect, lowering her voice just above a whisper.</color>

Mercedes: And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Winter winks and blows a kiss at the camera, while Mercedes waves as we fade to black.</color>

Santa’s Gift Match
Cordelia Clark vs Omasa Tazu

The bell rings, Omasa stands at her corner as Cordelia taunts a fan with a sign that reads. Morgan is better than Cordelia because Omasa said so. Cordelia mocks the fan for a minute before going back to focus on Omasa. Omasa stands in her corner with no care in the world, waiting for Cordelia to come at her. Cordelia stands at her corner and waves Omasa to come to her as the champ will not play into Omasa's game. Omasa yawns while walking to the middle of the ring. Omasa turns around to turn her back on Cordelia. Cordelia smiles as she charges at Omasa with a leaping clothesline. Omasa drops to her knees before Cordelia can make contact causing Cordelia to catch herself mid-air to land on her feet, which she does. Cordelia turns around to face Omasa but gets started as Omasa lifts her foot for a superkick but stops just an inch away from Cordelia's face.

Omasa laughs as she drops her foot back to the mat. Omasa turns around to head back to her corner. Cordelia charges behind Omasa; Omasa turns around with a spinning mid-kick; Cordelia grabs onto Omasa's foot. Cordelia pulls the foot closer towards her, which backfires as Omasa comes with but nails a headbutt, causing Cordelia to stumble back towards the ropes. Omasa charges at Cordelia but goes overboard, with Omasa landing hard on the floor on her side as Cordelia pulls down the ropes. Cordelia slides out of the ring; Cordelia grabs Omasa by her hair to get her by her feet. Omasa goes for an uppercut, but Cordelia leans back to avoid contact. Cordelia lands a front kick to Omasa's gut then grabs Omasa to send her to the ring post. Omasa holds the ring post and spins herself while getting her feet in the air to glide herself back in the ring. Cordelia slides in the ring; she gets halfway up to her feet and gets nailed with a running knee to the face. Cordelia falls over to the ropes. Omasa grabs Cordelia to get her out of the ropes. Omasa goes for her Omasa punch, but Cordelia moves out of the way. The crowd turns to the rampway and boo as Angel Of Filth runs down the rampway and slides in the ring. Jade orders Filth out, but Filth pushes the ref out of her way. Omasa turns to face Filth. Cordelia steps back to give Omasa and Filth space, but Filth and Omasa turn their attention over to Cordelia. Filth licks her lips as she and Omasa trap Cordelia in the corner.

The crowd surprisingly pops when Morgan Clark runs down the rampway. Jade gets in front of Cordelia while yelling at Filth to leave the ring. Morgan slides in the ring and runs at them. Morgan jumps and hits a running dropkick with one foot hitting the back of Filth and the other hitting the back of Omasa. Both women collide with Jade as she smashes Cordelia, pinning the champ between herself and the turnbuckles. Morgan attacks Filth then goes for Omasa, but Omasa blocks Morgan, kicks, and sweeps the other leg from under her. Cordelia goes after Filth. Jade goes over to Omasa and Morgan as they roll around the mat. Jade tries to get them to stop but fails. Jade goes over to Cordelia and Filth but backs away as fist swings around. Jade calls for the bell as this match ends in a no contest. More refs and security run out to break up the brawl. Tad comes out and stands on the rampway.

Tad: I had a feeling Filth wasn't going to leave things alone and would come out here to cause problems.

Omasa and Filth point at Morgan, who made the first attack on a legal wrestler in the match. 

Tad: No, Filth, you caused Morgan to come out here. Do you think she gave a damn about a fair one-on-one match? Now, since we have no winner in this match, this leaves me figuring out which one you two should be facing. Well, sorry Cordelia, as this may not be what you want to hear, but since you're going to be main eventing Clash of Champions, then it has to be big. Cordelia will face Omasa at Clash of Champions… As well as Angel of Filth in a Fatal Fourway Match. The fourth? I'm going to give that spot to Morgan Clark!!!

The crowd pops for the news; security gets Filth, Omasa, and Morgan out of the ring as Cordelia stands in the ring holding her Underground title. The crowd changes the cheers to boos.

The scene opens backstage at Underground following the announcement that Ariana Angelos will be taking on Winter Elemental next week for the GRIME Championship, we see Ariana watching the announcement on a monitor in the back with a big grin on her face.

Ariana: A chance to kick off 2022 by winning my first singles title, can it get any better than that?

Francisco: I can think of a few ways!

Ariana looks up and sees her boyfriend Francisco walking up to her with a wrapped Christmas present in hand, she grins broadly before taking it.

Francisco: Merry Christmas Ari.

Ariana: Merry Christmas!

Ariana responds before she opens the present, it is a SORTEDFood cookbook and she her broad grin grows wider.

Ariana: I love SORTEDFood! This is perfect!

Francisco: I thought you’d like that!

Ariana: You know what would be even better?

Ariana motions to the monitor that was just playing the announcement.

Ariana: Winning my first singles title!

The young couple walk off as the scene fades.

Cameras go back to Halo’s Wonderland. We see the youngest kids in the park all in the center of the park where Halo has been handing out gifts. The kids eyes wide open as bells go off and a red light is seen from afar. The light gets brighter as the bells get louder with each second. Eventually we see Rudolph the red nosed reindeer leading a sleigh with the other reindeers. As they stop the kids go nuts when they see Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus out of the the sleigh, (Being played by Eric Weaver and Halo’s sister Rain respectively)

Halo: Alright, y’all, get in them lines we talked about to meet and take a picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

The kids start lining up as asked, albeit in a bit ragged fashion. Halo can’t help but smile.

Halo: That’ll do, y’all.

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! 

All the kids yell out Merry Christmas back at Santa.

Mrs. Claus: Oh my, it sure sounds like everyone is excited.

Santa: They have every right to be. I made a list and I checked it twice. Not one kid was naughy. They were all nice!

An elf, Rain’s girlfriend, GoGo, sits up in the sleigh.

Elf: It’s so AWESOME!

Mrs. Claus: Ain’t it, Goldi? Now, what do we have for them, Santa? .

Santa: Well how about we all take a look and see. The bag is heavy because it is full of gifts. We need two elves to help with this bag.

Elf Chi Chi comes over to help out Goldie with the bag of gifts. Mrs Cluas and Santa grab a second bag of gifts. Halo lets them come up one at a time as each one gets a gift from an elf then gets a picture taken and Mrs and Santa Claus.

Halo watches and just shakes her head to herself.

Halo: How did I get so lucky?

Linnéa leans over to her.

Linnéa: Lucky had nothing to do with it, HayJo.  Merry Christmas!

Halo: Merry Christmas, Aunt Li.

Camera cut over to ringside for the next match.

Main Event
Champion vs Champion
Secret Santa Match
GRIME Champion Winter Elemental vs SCW Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe

Krystal and Winter stand across the ring. Jade keeps them in their corners as Liam appears with two Amazon packages. He hands them over to Jade. Jade walks over to Krystal and hands her the longer, more narrow package. Jade then walks over and gives Winter a box-shaped shoe package. Krystal opens up her package; a note slides out of the package as she rips open the box and grabs out a barbed wire baseball bat. Winter opens her package and sees a note taped to the outside of the box. The note reads, "Enjoy" from Blasted Monk. Winter opens the box with a smile; she turns to look at her manager Mercedes as she pulls out a pair of nunchucks. Jade calls for the bell for the match to begin. Krystal gets her bat up in a swinging stance as Winter shows Krystal her nunchuck skills as she swings it around. Krystal charges at Winter, getting the barbwire bat over her head.

Winter drops down to do a front row to get away from Krystal. Krystal turns to face Winter and swings the bat down towards Winter, but Winter rolls out of the way while extending her arm to swing her nunchuck at Krystal's ankles. Krystal jumps to avoid getting hit. Winter gets to her feet and jumps back, causing Krystal to miss as she swings for the fences at Winter's head. Winter swings her nunchuck at Krystal's chest. Krystal manages to get her barbed wire bat up in time to block it. Winter swings the nunchucks down low to Krystal's knees, but Krystal gets the bat down to block it. While the bat blocks the shot, Winter brings the nunchucks back up; Krystal is not able to get the bat up high enough to block and gets nailed in the right side of her face. Winter swings again, but Krystal moves out of the way. Winter swings again; Krystal blocks it with her bat then quickly kicks Winter in the gut. Krystal goes for another kick that connects and wraps her free hand around Winter's head to drop her with a snap DDT. Krystal quickly gets to her feet and gets her barbed wire bat over her head. Mercedes yells at Winter to roll over. Winter does just that as Krystal swings the bat from over her head onto the mat missing Winter.

Krystal looks at Jade while pointing at Mercedes, but Jade does nothing as Mercedes hasn't done anything illegal. Winter hits Krystal's chin bone with a short swing of the nunchucks. Winter punches Krystal on the side of her knee then grabs her arms around Krystal's hips to tackle her to the mat. Winter isn't able to knock Krystal down as Krystal manages to get a knee up on time to nail Winter in the forehead. Winter drops to the mat; Krystal gets her bat up as Mercedes yells for Winter to move out the way. Krystal brings the bat down as Winter snaps up like a frog and spears Krystal to the mat. The bat nails Winter in the back in the process with a sharp edge nailing Winter and giving her a small cut. The impact of the spear causes Krystal to let go of the bat. Winter, in pain, rolls off of Krystal putting her weight on the bat, causing the sharp edge to slice her open a bit more before going to her stomach mat down. Krystal grabs the bat and pulls it off of Winter's back. Blood gushes out a bit at first, then just flows down. Krystal grabs Winter to get her to her feet. Krystal gets her bat and gets in a batting stance. Mercedes yells the word "Now" Winter sprays Krystal in the face with her white Kawaii Mist. Krystal drops the bat to wipe her face. Winter grabs Krystal and lifts her for the Blasted Slam (Angle Slam), But Krystal pushes off of Winter's shoulders and lands on her feet. Winter goes for a kick, but Krystal grabs Winter's foot and spins her around. Krystal lands a closed fist on Winter's open gash, which causes Winter to scream in pain as she drops to the mat. Krystal kicks Winter right on her cut, causing a bigger mess with Winter's blood. Krystal places a foot on the open wound while turning to stare at Mercedes. Krystal applies pressure on the wound and starts rubbing hard like one was putting out a cigarette on the street. Winter yells as she quickly taps out. Jade calls for the bell then quickly gets Krystal off of Winter.

Mercedes slides in the ring and tackles Krystal to the mat. The two begin to roll around, pulling hair with one hand and punching with the other. Ariana runs down the rampway but right behind her is SCU security. Ari slides in the ring and lands a kick to the back of Mercedes before getting tackled from behind by a security guard. The rest of the guards break Mercedes and Krystal apart. Dr. Green slides in the ring to check the open wound before taping it up. Mercedes grabs a security guard and throws her to the guards holding Krystal. Mercedes goes over to Winter to help her out of the ring. Krystal and Ariana are jumping around, trying to get around the guards. The guards hold them in the ring as Mercedes, and Dr. Green gets Winter out of the ring. Mercedes grabs Winter away from Dr. Green and holds her to walk with her up the ramp. Winter points at her GRIME Title, which Dr. Green gets for her. Winter and Mercedes walk up the rampway. Before they can get past the curtain, we see Winter get speared onto the hard floor with lots of force by Amy Santino. Amy laid in one good punch to Winter's rib before curling up as Mercedes started kicking Amy. Jade runs up the ramp as the other SCU refs rush out the curtain to grab Amy and get her out of there. Mercedes pushes Jade off the rampway and kicks Dylan to get to Amy. The two tie-up as we go off the air.

Tune in on January 1st, 2022 for SCU Presents… Underground Ep. 119: Night of Champions!
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