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Special Issue: A New Turn (Part 2)
« on: December 17, 2021, 11:57:21 PM »
{The scene opens up with Keira and Roxi flying in the air. They were looking at the trail of destruction that was shown by Hammer and the person that was with him. Keira looks beside Roxi and wonders aloud.}

Keira – Jeez! How far does this go? I know Hammer’s strong. But he has to be winded by now, despite his power!

Roxi – Hammer can absorb physical attacks and turn it into his own strength. But his body has its limits, and I don’t know how much longer he’s going to last. He couldn’t take more than a punch from me, his body couldn’t handle that much physical strain.

Keira – Agreed. We have gotten stronger over the years. Even to the point where we don’t need to knock him out with knockout gas. But whoever is keeping up with him must be one strong S.O.B.

{Keira gets a bit excited as the words.}


Roxi – This isn’t a game. If that person is able to keep up with Hammer, they have to be pretty strong. But let’s not rush into that fight until we see exactly how he’s doing it.

Keira – Agreed. I can’t believe I’m saying this, LB. But I’m almost worried about Hammer. I know he’s a bad guy and all. But he’s not…ALL bad.

{Keira clears her throat sheepishly.}

Keira – I mean. Sure, he does bad things. But I feel like sometimes he can change.

Roxi – He’s a mercenary, Keira. He does things for money. Good or bad. He’s only motivated by his own greed.

Keira – Still doesn’t explain the bank heist. It’s not like him to just take money like that. Even for a merc.

Roxi – Somebody paid him to rob the bank. It’s pretty cut and dry, but… maybe this guy beat him to the punch. 

{All of a sudden, the two hear an explosion as Keira and Roxi turn to see. Keira points in the direction of the explosion}


{The two turn and rush to the scene. As they land, they see Hammer being thrown from the explosion. Keira and Roxi begin to get in a fighting pose as Keira shouts out}

Keira – Ok, ugly! Time for you to come out and take a beating like the bitch you are!

{The two wait patiently, then there is a flash across both their eyes.}

Roxi – Did you see that?

Keira – No, I got blinded!

{Before Keira could try to see, she gets sucker punched by the flash, knocking Keira down hard. Roxi stops and checks on Keira as Hammer comes into the picture.}

Hammer – Where’d he go?

Roxi – Where did who go?

Hammer – That little speedy punk! 

Roxi – What is this all about?

{Hammer starts to say something, but he gets hit again, but he’s more annoyed than anything else.}

Hammer – When I find you, you’re dead!

Keira slowly wakes up as she looks at Roxi and Hammer

Keira – Ugh, what hit me? It’s like I got hit by a sledgehammer, but didn’t see it in time.

{Roxi stops and closes her eyes. She begins to feel the space around her and sensing the energy around her. }

Keira – What do you feel, LB?

Roxi – He’s everywhere. His energy pattern fades but he moves so quickly is just gets jumbled… hang on. 

{Roxi continues to concentrate, and then grabs Keira by the arm and pulls her down.}

Roxi – Duck!

{Roxi pulls Keira down and the flash crosses her eyes, but the person behind it, stops.}

Hammer – You!

Man – Wow, nobody’s ever been able to dodge me before. You’re pretty good.

Roxi – Who are you? What is this all about?

Hammer – He stole my money!

{Roxi shoots a glare at Hammer}

Roxi – This isn’t the 5th grade, Hammer.

Hammer – What?

Man – Look, if you guys want to have mommy son time, I’ll just be going. And I’m Blink. As in, blink, an- Ugh!

{Keira is back in the fight and she punches Blink in the face and grabs a hold of him.}

Keira – Does anyone ever tell you that you talk too much? Cause you seriously do.

{Keira lifts up Blink and gives him a german suplex to knock him down hard. She looks at Roxi and Hammer.}

Keira – You two ok?

Roxi – Fine. Now… Hammer, you’re going to tell me what’s going on here.

Hammer – I ain’t telling you supers anything!

{Roxi sighs.}

Roxi – Don’t make me pump you up to where you can barely move, big guy. I didn’t need powers to beat you before, and you know I can do it with them. So, unless you want to be a marshmallow, you’re going to talk.

{Hammer sighs, putting up his hands.}

Hammer – I got hired to do a job, and then speedy-boy over here started hitting the same joint.

Roxi – Who hired you?


Hammer – I ain’t…

Roxi – Hammer, what did we just talk about? Literally 10 seconds ago?

Keira – Hammer, you got five seconds before I take my fist and ram it so far in your face, you’ll question whether or not your ability kicked in or not! TALK!
Hammer – Ok, ok. Jeez, like I need Lady Kat to kick my ass for no reason.

{Hammer sighs.}

Hammer – The truth is, I didn’t. I had found out from my contacts that they were looking to replace me due to the fact that I had gone “soft”. More so cause I couldn’t beat Lady Bedlam and Lady Kat so many times. Plus, ever since the Sin Incident, I…

Keira – I…I what? Spit it out!

Hammer – In all honesty. I had a new goal. I wanted to fight you, Lady Kat. I wanted to get a bit stronger. Sure, I can take any contract. But fighting you in your current state? I’d do it for free.

Keira – That doesn’t explain Blinky over there.
Hammer – He got hired to take the money. So I followed him, more so to stop him. To prove to my contacts that I still got it!

{Keira slowly turns to Roxi after hearing Hammer’s words.}

Roxi – You know good and well you can’t handle the amount of power in your body Hammer. A pinch from Kat here would swell you up like a balloon.

Hammer – I’ve gotten stronger! I can handle things, and I take care of things, and then when I’m strong enough, I will take you both out!

{Roxi rolls her eyes and shakes her head.}

Roxi – Hammer, don’t be ridiculous. 

Hammer – I’m not! I just need the money!

Roxi – For what?

Hammer – What I need to take you both out!

Roxi – You’re really pushing your luck, Hammer. 

Keira – Plus, I grow stronger every day. You do realize that even if you do get stronger, can you really beat us?

Hammer – I’m going to do it.

Roxi – Hammer, I’m going to tell you this once, if I have to say it again, we’re going to have a problem: You know what happens when you increase your physical strength too much. You are so pumped, you’re too slow to even move. This is not your fight. Let it go. I’m already going to give you a pass for trying to rob a bank after all this time. This guy is going to jail for it. You need to find something else to set your sights on. Despite all that you have done to me… I’m not trying to see you ruin your life.

Keira – Plus, you don’t need to pump yourself up to prove that. Try to strengthen your other muscles. Your speed, your agility, etc. If you do that…

{Keira gives a smirk.}

Keira – Then I’ll fight you. That I promise.

{Hammer looks at Keira after she says that. He begins to lower his head, like he was thinking over it. He looks up at her.}

Hammer – Fine. I’ll give you that, Kat. Maybe it’s because you did earn a little bit of respect from me after the Sin Incident. Anyone that could save the world, sorry, the universe from someone who is even more evil than Satan Himself has earned at least that.

{Hammer gives a rare smile, which shocks Roxi.}

Hammer – I’ll take your advice and just train my other muscles. But once I do, keep your promise. I might be a merc. But even I know the greatest fighter in the world keeps her promise.

Keira – You got it. I’ll be waiting, Hammer.

{Keira extends her hand to shake Hammer’s. Hammer hesitates a bit, but then shakes Keira’s hand. He backs away as he turns and grabs Blink.}

Hammer – I know you got your code with the GUILD and all that crap. But this idiot broke the merc code. He’ll live. But he’ll wish he didn’t. Later losers!

{Hammer runs off with the unconscious body of Blink as the two just stare.}
Keira – LB?

Roxi – Yea?

Keira – Did…Did Hammer just compliment me?

Roxi – He did.

Keira –  I need to get ahold of the GUILD Doctor.

Roxi –  Why?

Keira – I think I’m concussed. I think I’m back at the SCW doctor’s office.

{Roxi shakes her head}

Roxi – You’re not. But let’s get home.

Keira – You really think he means it?


Roxi – Means what?

Keira – The whole, wanting to fight me and... being better?

Roxi – Hammer's a mercenary, remember, he may have made a deal, but we’ll have to see how that pans out.

Keira – I mean, Jessie changed.

Roxi – She did.

Keira – So did Andrea.

Roxi – No, she didn’t. 

Keira – Agree to disagree, right?

Roxi – Something like that. We’ll see if Hammer changes with the promise of fighting you, but for now, he’s not to be trusted.

Keira – Just saying... people can change.
Roxi – Maybe. We’ll see.

{Keira nods as the two turn and fly off, the scene fading.}



{Back at home, Roxi is shown training running through a workout routine as Keira comes into the room and watches for a few seconds, as Roxi finishes a circuit and stands there, hands on her hips, panting and catching her breath.}


Keira – Is everything okay now?


{Roxi turns to Keira.}


Roxi – Sure. Why?


Keira – Just after all this time you’ve been acting differently.


Roxi – This again? I’m not acting differently, I simply said what I wanted.

Keira – And now, you have a match with Kat.


Roxi – Yes, I do. But that doesn’t take away from what I was after, but I’ll get that sooner or later.

Keira – So, you’re okay now?


Roxi – I was okay then. I don’t see why this was so hard to understand. When you wanted something, you asked for it. You’ve always wanted things, you’ve wanted matches before, and I had to step in and defend you. I had to keep it calm and controlled. And now, the one time I ask for something, you act like I’m flying off the handle.

Keira – It was just... different.


Roxi – It’s just me, making sure that High Stakes wasn’t my one shot for the next 2 years until I beat 20 more people just to sniff at it.

Keira – You know, nobody’s going to forget you.


Roxi – I’m just making sure.

Keira – Fine, fine. Just... relax a little?


Roxi – I am. I’m just focusing on this tag match.

Keira – And... you know, maybe it’s holiday stress, but... maybe you should see a doctor, get checked out.


Roxi – What? What for?

Keira – I just... I worry about you is all.


Roxi – Fine, after we’re done with the match, I’ll see a doctor, if it’ll make you feel better.

Keira – It will.


Roxi – Okay then. Now, can we worry about Team Hero business?


Keira – You got it.


{Roxi and Keira hug as the scene fades again.}



Listen -- there's this -- a balance to the city, to the country, that we, inadvertently, by ending the Avengers... we threw that balance out of whack. A team needs to be in place. Things like this -- what happened last night -- this is exactly why there needs to be an Avengers. If the old Avengers don't want to, if they can't, then let's try these new ones. Like we always have

- Captain America (New Avengers Vol 1 3)

Hello SCW.


Well, it seems like now, I don’t have to come out and make noise anymore, and all it took was someone to agree to wrestle me. Just wrestle me and then I don’t have to do the things I did. All I asked for was a match, and now, I have one, and that, can lead to the match I really want. It’s easy when you stop and think about it, but everybody had to come around and judge me. Everybody had something they wanted to say about how I was conducting myself. It’s pretty humorous when you think, none of these people really had anything to do with me, outside of Myra Rivers, and we had a draw. I’m not happy about it, and neither was Myra, but did anyone catch me telling Myra not to try and win? No. I said what I needed to say, and we had to agree to disagree as she put it. That’s fine. Again, I’m not sure why, all of a sudden, I couldn’t stick up for myself, I couldn’t defend myself from slander and people dragging my name through the mud. It was a bit odd to me, but what can you do? 


Now, I have a match at Inception, against my friend, Kat Jones. A friend, I like to think I helped get here, and she won her first match in SCW, and that’s awesome. So now, Kat has those first match in a new company jitters off of her, and I’m proud of her for it. Now, maybe it was the little photo I posted on twitter, maybe it was something else, but one way or another, Kat came to the ring and she agreed to wrestle me at Inception. So now, everybody is happy. And, on top of all that, we get a dream match. I am very excited to wrestle against Kat, and that is just the thing I need. 


So, for now, everybody can calm down, I’m put my gun away and I don’t have to go after anybody anymore. But again, if people still wanna talk about me, I’ve been going out there and sitting in the ring for almost a month, and nobody, except Kat, had the guts to step into the ring and just talk to me. It was like I had some kind of disease. It’s kinda funny like that. People love to talk noise from the peanut gallery, and what happens? They quiet down real fast when they get called on the carpet. I mean “I don’t have anything to prove” is totally a cop out, but I really don’t have anything to prove to anybody at this point, except myself. So, I’ll go ahead and give the all-clear sign for everybody. I’m good now, the world isn’t going to end, and nothing has really changed.


Now, I have a tag team match to focus on.


So, I wasn’t really ever involved in this little Krystal Wolfe/Jessie Salco/Keira stuff, and I had no intention of getting into it, unlike some people, I don’t really need to help Keira fight her battles, and I don’t think this is one. This is just a good thing, for old times sake. Team Hero getting to compete together once again, and it’s always very special to me, considering our history as a team. Keira has said it, I have said it, Team Hero changed the whole game, and well, there was no better Bombshell’s tag team, and I dare say there was no team in SCW better period. Just this isn’t just some nostalgia thing. This is not a greatest hits tour or anything like that. This is about maintaining a standard in SCW. When I say we are the best tag team, I do not take that lightly. That’s not something I just say for a sound bite, that’s the truth. 


And Jessie Salco knows all about that.


It’s never been a big secret that after Keira and I came back, Jessie was in the ring with us, threatening my son, and it took me a really, really long time to let that go. I know it sounds like I’m still not over it right now, but I have been able to look past it to see that at that time, Jessie was a little misguided, and not thinking clearly, or seeking attention in the wrong ways. This happens from time to time in life, not just wrestling, where you want to create something for yourself, to change the way people look at you. I think this is what really was motivating Jessie at the time, and at the end of the day, it wasn’t what she needed to move her career along. But when you’re really trying to make a name for yourself for something other than what Jessie has been known for, for a long time, you try anything. It was a change, but not what she needed.


And then, over time, she and Keira developed not only a rivalry, but a friendship, much like I had done with Jessie’s tag partner Amy Marshall. Sometimes, things just work out that way, and now, thanks to Keira putting it in her head, and telling her that she is just as capable as anyone else, Jessie began to blossom into the competitor she is today. I’m not saying that this is all due to Keira, I’m saying that it took more time than it probably should have, but Jessie has had this in her the whole time. She just needed someone to get it out of her. And now, Jessie is seeing the fruits of her labor. No one would have expected or thought Jessie Salco was going to walk out of the Climax Control and be the number one contender. Nobody. But she did it. I saw this in Jessie the last one on one match we had together, and she really pushed me like she hadn’t before. There was a new drive, a new motivation, a new desire for Jessie to be as good as she hoped to be. In that match, I feel like she finally started to believe it herself. And now, here we are and Jessie Salco is as good as anybody on the SCW roster. 


It just makes me wonder why it took Jessie so long to realize this. Can you imagine if Jessie was on her game this much since 2015? She’d be one of the most decorated wrestlers in the entire company. And I for one will be rooting for her to win the Internet championship at Inception. I hope she goes forward and she wins and puts all those who doubted her to rest. Sure, Jessie has made her fair share of mistakes, but haven’t we all? I mean, I feel like I was just in Jessie’s shoes by being accused of trying to pine for a Bombshell’s championship match in the future. That’s something that was always the stimga with Jessie. But now, now there is this Jessie, the best version of Jessie, and I am happy to call her my friend. She’s gone through quite the change.


But one thing would not change, and one thing isn’t going to change. Jessie Salco vs. Team Hero does not end well for her. Maybe Mercedes’ little numbers are accurate, I’m not sure, I’m not really into those type of numbers, but I do know that Team Hero has beaten Jessie Salco a lot. It’s not that we found it easy or anything, Jessie and Amy ALWAYS gave us a challenge. It was never an easy night wrestling against the Metal and Punk connection, but we found a way to win just about every time. But this time, Jessie doesn’t have an experienced partner like Amy. So, while this new partner may be the current Bombshell’s Roulette champion, that by no means makes this easier or harder. It’s another time Team Hero has to prove itself. We are at the point where we are defending that status every single time we team together. So, for Keira and I, this isn’t a match we’re going to take lightly, and if anybody knows how Team Hero can get when motivated, it’s Jessie Salco. 


She should be well aware, that this isn’t some walkthrough for Team Hero. No match we have ever had, has been treated like that, and this one will be no different. There may not be titles on the line, but if Team Hero goes out there, Team Hero is trying to win. Jessie should know that it matters a whole heck of a lot to us each and every match we have. We are defending our honor, and for us, losing is not an option. So I don’t want Jessie to feel like this was just another match, no, right now, this is THE most important match to both of us. I just hope that when we beat Jessie and Krystal that Jessie doesn’t lose the energy she has shown for the past few months.


As far as Krystal goes, it is incredibly impressive that she has been Bombshell’s Roulette champion for 7 months, and it will be 8 by Inception. 8 months, turning back all challengers and winning in a variety of ways in a variety of matches. People may look down at the Roulette championship in some ways, but in order to hold onto it, you have to be prepared for anything. You have to be willing to walk out there and smash a pumpkin, smash through a table, climb a ladder, and the list goes on and on. Krystal Wolfe has done all of that and then some. And I have nothing but respect for any champion who will defend against anyone at any time. 


I understand that Krystal was inspired by Team Hero, and that’s nice and I am proud of that as well. Being an inspiration is a really cool thing and always has a place in my heart. I am honored to have that as an accomplishment, it means a lot to me. And to see what Krystal has with that inspiration also makes me very proud as a wrestler. I am proud of what Krystal has done in terms of her success. If she was wrestling against anyone else this week, and at Inception, she would have my well-wishes and support. But, at Inception, my wife is coming for that championship, and this Sunday, she is going to learn what it is like to face Team Hero. I know that Jessie should be schooling her on what to expect, and obviously thinking of a strategy to change her luck, but that’s not something that Team Hero is just going to allow. Jessie has never really known how to beat us, and unfortunately for Krystal herself, as good as she is, it’s not going to be a successful night this time for Krystal. She has enjoyed a lot of success, but Sunday, that’s coming to a halt at the hands of Team Hero. 


I just hope that Krystal understands that this isn’t Team Hero trying to ruin her career, it’s not us trying to embarrass her or make her feel bad, this is Team Hero doing what Team Hero has to do. It’s what Team Hero does, we win. We face any and all challengers, and we beat them, much like Krystal is doing herself. That’s the name of this game and if it means that we have to defeat a team that consists of the number one contender to the Bombshell’s Internet championship, and the current Bombshell’s Roulette champion, that’s what has to be done. It’s no different from any other match. The parrallels are right there. Krystal should be well aware by this time how hard it is to stay at the top of any division. She’s done so for 7 months, as previously stated. The difference is, Team Hero has been on top for YEARS. Since 2016 to be exact. We have done everything we set out to do, and obviously, so has Krystal to this point. 


And you know, despite what Team Hero is setting out to do this Sunday, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for Krystal Wolfe as a singles wrestler. The Bombshell’s Roulette championship can be used to catapult people to bigger and better things. A lot of men and women started there, and rose through the ranks and went to the top. Keira did just that. So, if Krystal can be anything like Keira, yes, I believe she can be the Bombshell’s champion. She can anything she sets her mind to. It’s just that this Sunday, Team Hero is going to show both Krystal and Jessie just how much further they have to go. What they have both done is nothing short of impressive, but Jessie and Krystal are a new team, and we are the top team. It’s as simple as that. Maybe for the one of the few times in her career now, Krystal is going to be an underdog, and she’s going to have her back against the wall. Jessie should be used to that and fighting off that wall, but maybe Krystal isn’t as used to it. They both can think of this as a lesson in how to overcome adversity. 


This is an exciting match I am happy to be a part of, and see exactly how this plays out. A new team, a new team of hungry, determined friends, versus the best team to ever do it. Keira and I understand that in this match, we are the hunted. We are being gunned for by this team and they would love to knock us off and be one of the few teams to actually beat us. But Team Hero is the best for a reason. We have been the hunted, we have had the bullseye on our back for a long, long time. So, I invite Krystal and Jessie to both shoot their shots, but this will not be as simple as that. Those shots better be bullseyes. They had better hit their mark. If you’ve ever watched the show “The Wire” you will know where this is coming from. 


“If you come at the King, you best not miss.”


Jessie has had several shots and she has missed plenty, and found out what happens when you do. I would advise Krystal that her shot better be top notch. But if it falls anywhere short, or missed by a tenth of an inch, half of a millimeter, then Team Hero will be right there to fire back, and based on our track record, we don’t miss that often. So I guess it all depends on how lucky Jessie and Krystal feel. 


I’ve had an itchy trigger finger for the past 3 weeks, so now, I’m going to empty that magazine.


Team Hero rides again.


See you all really soon.
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