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“Defying the Odds!”
« on: December 15, 2021, 07:12:44 PM »
(Denzel Porter was used with permission from his handler)

Jessie’s match against Keira did not go as planned, but it didn’t end in defeat either, rather Keira inadvertently caused a double count out after hitting Jessie with a spear on the outside and whilst Krystal was able to get the win over Mercedes the tag match against Team Hero was still looming in the distance and with Roxi now taking on Kat Jones at Inception V this match now carried implications for all four women at the Supercard, who will come out the winners?

Backstage at Climax Control 319, Tucson, Arizona
Sunday the 12th of December 2021, 22:00pm

If you had told me that the events of the past two Climax Controls would’ve happened, I think I would’ve called you crazy!

I’m not kidding either, winning a Contendership Match but beating Alicia Lukas, Dani Weston and Seleana Zdunich last week was one thing, but fighting Keira Fisher-Johnson to a double count out draw tonight was another thing entirely and I still have two big matches coming up.

The first of those big matches would be really obvious, the championship match between me and Andrea Hernandez at Inception V next month was set in stone the moment I got the three count on Seleana after hitting her with the Circle Pit, but that wasn’t the only match that was set in stone that night! Tonight’s draw was a prelude to a Tag Team Match between me and the Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe and Team Hero that probably would’ve been the Main Event if not for the fact that Amber Ryan and Alex Jones are defending their respective titles on the Christmas Show.

So yeah, I’m ending 2021 with a bang to say the least! But there’s one thing I can’t get out of my mind.

”Did that bitch really just use my own words against me?” I muttered to myself as I sat in the back, watching Andrea Hernandez cut her promo from her skybox, because off course that bitch has her own Skybox, I was watching a replay after the show ended because I had missed most of it due to me being knocked out by the spear that caused the draw against Keira which was not how I wanted the match to end, hell if it was a time limit draw I could at least brush off her words but because of Keira’s mistake neither of us could make it back into the ring to break the double count-out and now we were heading into the Christmas Show with two thirds of the wresters not having any momentum, Krystal could at least get that momentum back if she beats Mercedes later that night but that was yet to come. ”Do better, Myra made me ate my words at High Stakes XI, and I’ll make Andrea eat her words next month!”

”Is this a bad time to offer you more cake?” I looked up and saw the young French Bombshell Adrienne Beaufort offering me a slice of the cake that she had baked for Krystal’s celebration, and no, I don’t know how a chocolate and gold cake survived the Arizona heat long enough to make it into a sports arena and by eaten by a bunch of wrestlers and non-wrestling staff like Belinda and Jason. ”Or are you wound up from Andrea’s promo?”

”Any other time I’d say yes because I don’t like having my own words used against me!” I grumbled under my breath before I took the cake from Adrienne because, well, the red-head Bombshell can cook and bake, anyone who had tried her food wouldn’t deny that. ”But I’ll make an exception for this cake, I’m not even that much into sweet things but this is so good, I’m making an exception!”

”Thanks, I guess!” Adrienne laughed in response before Krystal came up to us, her title over her shoulder. ”I guess I’ll see you next week.”

”See you next week.” I called back to the French Bombshell as she walked off, once Adrienne was out of earshot I turned to the older Go Gym Graduate. ”Everything set to go? I think we’d better get back to the hotel soon so that we’re in Vegas so that we want to start training for the Team Hero match.”

”That’s the plan, but there’s a bit of a problem.” Krystal admitted as she folded her arms, and I gave the Aussie a confused look. ”Remember when I told you about my family? Well, it probably won’t surprise you that I have family of my mother’s side that I keep in contact with.”

”No, I figured as much, but why? Did someone from her side of the family turn out as bad as Kirsty?” I asked, and Krystal shook her head with an annoyed look on her face. ”Good, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to have another mouth to feed.”

”Not to mention another hand to stroke Garrus, but no, it’s nothing that drastic, I have a little cousin called Cassie, on my mother’s side like I said, she moved to the US with her family back in August and has started training to be a wrestler.” Krystal explained, and I had to admit, that one caught me by surprise. ”At Matthew’s training facility.” Krystal added, and it was at that point that I caught on.

”Well, it’s not like the Go Gym is the only training facility in town.” I responded with a shrug and Krystal nodded. ”How old is Cassie? Height? Weight? Any athletic background?”

”Same age as Adrienne, 5ft 3, 118ibs, though the last I spoke to her, she hadn’t taken up any sports after leaving school.” Krystal responded as she shook her head. ”To be honest I hadn’t really spoken to Cassie, so I moved stateside, I just assumed that she was still living in Greenock which is a small town just under an hour way from Adelaide, in the Barossa Valley?”

”That’s the place where Australia’s wines are produced, right?” I asked, and Krystal nodded in response. ”How did you learn about Cassie’s training anyway?”

”She called me while you were watching Andrea’s promo, she seemed excited to tell me that she had started training but I can’t help but find it convenient that a relative of mine who I haven’t spoken too in years suddenly starts training at Matthew’s gym right after I have a public argument with Carter on TV.” Krystal explained and when she put it like that, it did seem suspicious. ”I’ll be visiting Matthew’s school on Wednesday to chat with her, your welcome to come along if you want.”

”I think I will, I’m curious to see if she is serious about this or just trying to cash in on her cousin’s success.” I responded with a nod before I started to walk off. ”By the way, what are we doing for hype work again? I know you’ve got that guest spot on that radio station in Las Vegas, KKLZ right?”

”That’s the one, I know you’ll be busy training but try to get a call in so we can find some way to collab on a promo, the station is letting me conduct a promo whilst I’m there.” Krystal responded, and I nodded whilst making a mental note of that. ”And on Wednesday Night we’re doing the first episode of Denzel Porter’s new show called First Count, not counting Autograph Signings and the like we’re not doing much outside of those appearances.”

”Got it, see you tomorrow.” I responded with a nod before I walked off.

Tonight’s events had left me with a lot on my mind, especially in regard to whether I was ready for Andrea or not, but one thing was for sure and that that me and Krystal were ready for Team Hero next Sunday.

Whether Team Hero was ready for us was the real question off course.

Prime Time Associates HQ, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 15th of December 2021, 16:00pm

This week has flown by, even with the radio call in interview on Monday but me. Krystal and Ariana (who had been filled in on the situation) are here at Matthew’s HQ to visit Krystal’s cousin as she trained.

I still had my doubts about this chick but if she’s even half the natural in the ring as Krystal, Adrienne and Ariana are then who knows? Maybe she’ll have a bright future, but if you asked me that was a big if.

As we entered the training facility we could hear the tell tale signs of the training school but from what we could see, only one of the rings was being used by women and we headed straight too it.

”So, do you see her?” I asked Krystal as we approached the ring and nodded before motioning to the ring, it didn’t take me long to figure out that her cousin was one of the trainees in the ring. ”Which one is she?”

”Cassie’s the one with the dark hair, tattoos and pierced navel.” Krystal explained as we made ourselves comfortable before watching the two trainees spar and honestly? Cassie was obviously inexperienced, but she was already moving so fluid in the ring that I’d probably mistake her for another Go Gym Graduate, her opponent was less fluid in the ring, but she was a larger girl, so it made some sense at least, once Cyrus called off the spar match to let other trainees have a go Krystal called out to Cassie. ”Hey Cous, over here!” Krystal called out and Cassie’s head snapped up when she heard her cousin’s voice.

”Krystal? Hey!” The young Australian woman reacted happily before leaving the ring and heading straight over to us. ”Long time no see, right?”

”I’ll say, the last time I saw you, you were still a preteen!” Krystal responded with a slight laugh as the two women slapped hands together. ”Since when did you have any interest in sports? Or lived in the US for that matter?”

”Maybe we should discuss the details over dinner, but my family felt like it was time for a change in scenery we moved out here in August.” Cassie offered, and we nodded in understanding. ”And, well, after seeing your success Krystal I figured that I may as well give it a shot.”

”You’re hoping to cash in on your cousin’s success in other words or am I wrong?” I asked bluntly, and Cassie turned to me. ”Plus the timing off that call was rather suspect wasn’t it? You telling Krystal that you had enrolled in Matthew’s gym right after she had a major spat with one of her fellow Go Gym Graduates?”

”Honestly? I didn’t even think about the timing off it all until after the call ended.” Cassie admitted with a shrug as she turned to me. ”And I’ll admit, it does look like I’m trying to cash in on Krystal’s success, but I’ve been a wrestling fan longer than either her or Makayla, I only made the decision last year to enrol in a wrestling school and that was right around the time of her debut.”

”So, why the wait?” Ariana chimed in with a curious look on her face. ”And Krystal said that you moved to the US in August, surely there’s wrestling schools in Australia?”

“Ladies, I understand you want to catch up, but we do have a school to run.” Cyrus chimed in and we turned to the larger man. “You can take five anyway Cassie, we’ll text you when it’s your turn.” Cyrus added and we nodded before we walked off.

Local café, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 15th of December 2021, 17:00pm

Once Cassie had gotten changed into her street clothes we met her outside the Prime Time Associates HQ and then took her to a café the I knew did cheap but good food and we found ourselves sitting across from her and yeah, the good looks of all four of the women at this table had turned a few male heads in our direction as we sat down which did raise some questions, like how this was still a thing post MeToo!

As for the café itself? I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times I’ve been to this café since I moved to Vegas, but this was the first time in a while that I was dining with this many people, at least Krystal was footing the bill by dipping into the extra funds that being a champion for this long allowed her.

”Sorry about Cyrus, he tries to run a tight ship when he’s in charge of the training for the day.” Cassie apologized once we were sat down, and we nodded in understanding as she looked at the menu. ”Doesn’t help that I’m the baby of the bunch I guess!”

”Yeah, I’ve been there, though since Adrienne graduated I’m no longer the baby of the bunch among the Go Gym Graduates.” Ariana admitted with a shrug as she looked over the menu. ”Speaking off, if you wanted to follow Krystal into wrestling why didn’t you enroll in the Go Gym like she did?”

”I wanted too but the funds had been tight since my family moved to the US so I was given a choice, either wait a year or two and apply for the Go Gym once the money situation is more stable or enroll at a cheaper gym, I think it’s obvious which one I went for.” Cassie responded with a sigh and that raised some red flags in my head, her family had enough money to move her halfway across the world but not enroll her in one of the best wrestling schools in the country? Something was up. ”On the off chance that wrestling doesn’t work out I’ve been studying IT at a community college, so I’ve got that going for me at least.”

”Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Considering your experience level, you were very good from what little I saw.” Krystal complemented her, and Cassie grinned warmly in response, but I could tell from the look on Krystal’s face that she was thinking the same thing. ”But you realize that you would’ve had an in on the Go Gym if you had just asked me right? I’m one of the most successful Go Gym Graduates on the SCW Roster right now after all!”

”Maybe but I wanted to make my own path in wrestling, rather than rely on my cousin’s fame.” Cassie admitted honestly, and I could see where she was coming from with that, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to it. ”Don’t know what I’m going to do when I do graduate but it’s been a hell of a ride so far.”

”It usually is.” I responded with a grin and after a while, Cassie excused herself to use the bathroom and I used that opportunity to turn to the others. ”Tell me there wasn’t enough red flags to cover the strip twice over popping up in your heads as well?”

”Sadly no, I want my little cousin to succeed but it’s clear as day to me that she’s being taken advantage off.” Krystal responded with a sigh as she leaned back. ”Either by her family or Matthew, Ari was right in that there are plenty of schools back in Australia and the only reason I chose to train at the Go Gym all those years ago was because Odette was running the school, she was one of my favourites when I first started watching SCW, err no offence Jess.”

”None taken, what about you Ari?” I asked Ari and she turned to me.

”I want the best for her, don’t get me wrong, because she seems like a nice girl, but you guys are right on the money, something fishy is going on here.” Ariana sighed reluctantly, and we nodded in agreement. ”Maybe you guys can help train her on the side? Get her away from Matthew and his pals and try to get her to see that she’s being manipulated?”

”I doubt Gabriel will let one of Matthew’s trainees use the Go Gym so our best bet will probably be my home gym.” I nodded in agreement before chuckling to myself. ”Though between her, you Krystal and Adrienne, I may as well start running a school out of my basement! Or at the very least be an associate member of the Go Gym given how often I’ve helped Krystal and Adrienne.”

”Katie was able to get Caleb trained at the Go Gym for his last match against Fenris so nothing’s impossible, especially if we get footage of her training.” Krystal pointed out before a waitress came over to take our orders, once we told her that Cassie was in the lady’s room she nodded before taking our drinks orders and left. ”Regardless of who’s currently training her, Gabriel and Odette have always had eyes for talent, just look at all the champions the Gym had produced since it opened.”

”Well, here’s our chance to ask her now.” I responded as I pointed to Cassie returning to our table and she sat down. ”Cassie, how serious you about pursuing this wrestling career?”

”You’re kidding right? I moved across the world to start my training! Why?” Cassie asked, and we shared a look before I made the offer, it took her a moment to process it but once she did she nodded enthusiastically. ”A chance to train with a multi-time champion and my cousin? How could I say no!”

”Glad to hear it, Krystal can show you the way, right?” I asked Krystal and she nodded without hesitation.

After that the rest of the meal went by quickly, but it left me conflicted, at first I wanted to curtail Matthew’s influence on Krystal before it was too late but now her eighteen year old cousin was in the mix? It made things complicated, hopefully we could curtail Matthew’s influence on both Australian women before it was too late.

And all that before this huge tag team match!

The First Count Studio
Wednesday the 15th of December 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

It’s another promo with me and Krystal, but with a special guest because we are being interviewed by none other than Denzel Porter!

”Welcome everyone to the very first episode of the First Count! I am your host Denzel Porter, and our first guests are two women who need no introduction! One if a wrestling veteran with just under ten years of experience and the other is a record breaking champion from the World Famous Go Gym! Please welcome from Sin City Wrestling, Jessie Salco and “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe!” Denzel introduced us, and we grinned in response as the camera panned over. ”Krystal, Jessie, it is an honour to have two phenomenal women’s wrestlers on the show such as yourselves!”

”Honour’s all ours Denzel!” I responded, and Krystal nodded in agreement. ”So, shell we dive straight into your questions?”

”Yes, we shall, Jessie, my first question is for you!” Denzel started, and I shifted my weight a bit. ”You obviously have the tag team match against Team Hero coming up on the next episode of Climax Control but that’s not all you are challenging Andrea Hernandez for the Bombshell Internet Title at Inception V, has this fact hampered your preparation for this tag team match?”

”Not at all! Hell, I’m still surprised that I won that Fatal Four Way two weeks ago!” I admitted, and Denzel nodded in understanding. ”The challenge was made before I won the match obviously but if anything, that just upped the stakes big time and if Andrea wants to use my world words against me and tell me to do better, fine, I’ll show her just how big a mistake she made is when those two words left her mouth!”

”Onto you Krystal, you are set to defend the Roulette Title against Keira in a match that I am eagerly anticipating, combine that with the fact that Kat Jones is taking on Roxi on the same show, and you have the recipe for a chaotic match.” Denzel commented, and we both had to agree with him on that point. ”Do you think those facts will play a part in the match?”

”In the case of Andrea? Absolutely, I wouldn’t put it past her to try to get the upper hand on Jessie before the title match but Kat? I haven’t known her long enough to make an opinion one way or another, she’s talented don’t get me wrong but I’ll need to see more of her work before I form an opinion like that.” Krystal responded as she shifted her weight. ”With or without their help though, this is going to be a show stealer for sure and one with high stakes written all over it! Actual high stakes, not SCW’s annual year end PPV.”

”I gathered as such but thanks for clarifying, I’ll give you ladies one more question each before I give you the floor to talk about Team Hero, sound good?” Denzel offered, and we nodded in response. ”Jessie, say you win the Internet Title at Inception V, will you have anything to say to those who doubted you over the years?”

”Don’t I always? Snarky comments aside, I’ve been grinding away for nearly ten years, trying to earn the recognition I deserve, if I start 20222 with a big win like that, it will mean that all my hard work has finally paid off!” Jessie commented as she shifted her weight. ”I’d also have a gesture for those who ever doubted me over the years but it’d have to be censored on your show, all you need to know is that involves a certain finger, but to bring it back to the Team Hero discussion for a second, Roxi and Keira have both earned their place in the Hall of Fame but Krystal is right, they aren’t getting any younger and we’ll both give them hell on the way to victory, I just hope Andrea is watching.”

”I can’t possibly imagine which finger you are talking about.” Denzel joked before turning to Krystal. ”Anything to add to that Krystal?”

”Aside from me having the exact same thought process when I won the Roulette Title? The era of Team Hero is nearing its end, when was the last time either Roxi or Keira held a title for any significant amount of time? It’s been a while hasn’t it? And as I’ll demonstrate both on Sunday and at Inception V, Keira will have to wait just a little bit longer before her name is put on the Championship Plate!”

”Well, I don’t think I can top that in the Team Hero discussion so Jessie, Krystal, the floor is yours!” Denzel commented, and we nodded before we got started on the promo.

”Here’s the thing Team Hero, we go way back and every time that we share a ring together magic happens between us because me, Keira and Roxi bring out the best in each other! Enter Krystal Wolfe!” I stated as I motioned to the Aussie. ”This is the first time she’s faced either of you, but you are both dream opponents of hers, throw in the fact that she’s defending the title against Keira at Inception V and this match may as well be titled “dreams come true”.”

Eye to eye.

”You’re not going to start singing an overrated Disney Song, right?” Krystal asked half-jokingly and I shook my head in response. ”There are others on the bucket list, but they can wait for another day, the chance to prove myself against certified legends is staring me right in the eye and I am not blinking! If anything, I am staring right back and whether this match was fated or not, I won’t back down!”

And neither will I!

”On one hand, this tag match is about the mutual respect between two teams but there is the fact that we have outside forces looking on, Andrea, remember my threat from last week? It still stands, interfere in this match and you’ll be spending Christmas having emergency dental surgery performed because I knocked out all of your teeth! Kat, we don’t know you well enough to know if you’ll interfere in this match either but if you do, we’ll let Roxi handle it on our way to the win!”

It’s that simple.

”It’s like Jess said on Monday, on paper this is Team Hero’s match to win! They are the established team taking on a mismatched team after all but Jessie as of late has been defying the odds! And that trend will continue well into this match when we pick up the win over Team Hero, what this will mean for our respective matches at High Stakes is anyone’s guess really especially when the show is so far away and maybe the spirit of Christmas will help in some way, but I doubt it’ll be enough!”

And with that we decided to wrap things up.

”Everyone knows this will be a hell of a match, but everyone thinks Team Hero has it in the bag, well this is going to be a classic case of expectation vs. reality because in reality? Me and Krystal have nothing to lose but everything to gain from winning this match and when I strike you like Blood Lightning and Krystal brings you down with the Down Under Thunderbomb, there will be no doubt about who the better team was!”

”And that, is ready for Prime Time!”

The promo was over but the show continued as the scene fades.

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