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“I Need a Hero!”
« on: December 13, 2021, 10:56:53 AM »
Krystal had picked up the win over Mercedes Vargas in a hard fought match putting the Aussie back in the winner’s circle, however Jessie’s match against Keira was a different story! Jessie didn’t lose the match, she fought Keira to a double count out draw after Keira wiped them both out with a spear! That left a lot of questions unanswered and whilst Jessie’s Supercard opponent and Bombshell Internet Champion Andrea Hernandez was unimpressed, those questions needed answers.

Most pertinent of those questions was whether Jessie and Keira would be at 100% in time for the tag team match against Team Hero on the last show of the year! This match now carried major implications for Inception V as all four women were in action at the show! Krystal was defending her Bombshell Roulette Title against Keira whilst Jessie was challenging Andrea for the Bombshell Internet Title and as of last week’s Climax Control Roxi was taking on the newly signed Kat Jones! Which side will emerge victorious?

Backstage at Climax Control 319, Tucson, Arizona
Sunday the 12th of December 2021, 21:00pm

This has been one hell of a night.

Hell, I knew it was going to be one of those nights when I saw this week’s card the week before but between the celebration, Adrienne’s cake (seriously, how has she never considered applying for MasterChef?!) and Jessie’s draw against Keira and my win over Mercedes (though let’s be honest, pretty much everyone saw that coming from a mile off) it’s been an interesting penultimate show of the year.

And we still have the Christmas Show and the tag match against Team Hero to come, 2021 is definitely ending with a bang!

“Any word on Jessie?” I glanced up and saw Matthew and Marty approaching me, I was waiting outside the medic’s office with my arms crossed and I nodded.

”If you’re asking about the tag match, she’ll be fit and ready by the Christmas Show.” I responded before shifting my weight a bit. ”That spear from Keira just knocked her loopy but it had the same effect on Keira, by the time they had regained their senses it was too late to get back in the ring to break the Double Countout.”

“That’s good, we need her at 100% for the Christmas show.” Marty chimed in and I turned to him with a frown on my face. “We have invested too much into this tag team match and we can’t afford any setbacks.”

”Let me remind you that whilst you and Matthew serve as my managers Marty, you are employed by SCW.” I stated as my eyes narrowed before I marched up to the overweight sports agent. ”That makes Jessie and Keira your co-workers, your co-workers just had a concussion scare and the only thing you can talk about is your investments?!”

“Sadly Marty, I must agree with Krystal, that was a poor choice of words.” Matthew nodded in agreement before the door to the medic’s office opened. “He just meant that recruiting Jessie to be your partner instead of a fellow Go Gym Graduate was a risk, especially since we don’t know if Jessie’s going to be ready for the match.”

”Then I’ve got good news for you both, I tested negative for a concussion and got a clean bill of health.” Jessie chimed in as she walked up to us, and we turned to face her. ”Keira got the all-clear as well, she left earlier with Roxi.”

”Good, now all that’s left to do is work off Adrienne’s cake.” I nodded in response as I unfolded my arms. ”Next week’s Christmas Show is back in Las Vegas, I guess the higher ups wanted to come home for Christmas.”

”I saw, at least this means that I won’t have to travel across country to work out in my home gym, well, not counting the trip from Tucson to Las Vegas off course.” Jessie nodded in agreement as she adjusted a bra strap. ”I hope you’re ready for this Krystal, Team Hero are Hall of Famers for a damn good reason.”

”I’ve been ready for this since the challenge was made! Speaking of matches, the Main Event is about to start, want to watch it?” I offered Jessie and she nodded before we walked off with my managers.

Krystal’s hotel room. Tucson, Arizona
Sunday the 12th of December 2021, 23:00pm

I am about ready to just call it a night.

We got back to the hotel without incident and Jessie, Matthew, Marty, Cyrus, Andreas and Lizzie were all back in their hotel rooms leaving me on my lonesome in my hotel room, what with Makayla being back in Vegas and all, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have company as I got a knock at my door.

”Seriously, who calls at this hour?!” I grumbled to myself after I checked the time on my phone before I got out of bed and answered the door, well, at least it was a pleasant surprise. ”Oh, hey Adrienne!” I greeted the French Bombshell as she stood there with a warm grin on her face and a plate containing one of the few remaining cake slices in her hands. ”You realize how late it is, right?”

”Oui, I do, but I’ve been feeling bad about that argument we had after I accepted Amber’s challenge.” Adrienne admitted, and I quickly realized why she had that cake slice with her. ”So I wanted to make it up to you.”

”Adrienne, it’s fine! If I wasn’t over that argument I wouldn’t have recommended you to Matthew as a baker.” I assured the French teenager and Adrienne nodded in understanding, but it was clear that she wasn’t budging on the issue, and to be honest? Her cake is so good that I wasn’t about to say no to it! ”I take it you saw your Supercard debut being announced.”

”Yeah, two veterans of the business and me, a wrestler who’s second language is English and has only been wrestling for a few weeks, can I come inside? It’s getting cold out here?” Adrienne asked, and I nodded before steeping aside to let her in and Adrienne wasted little time in hopping in. once I closed the door behind her Adrienne sat down on the edge of my bed and I set the cake aside for later. ”I was initially nervous but then I saw Diamond’s reaction to the match, and it got me angry.”

”You mean when she responded to a match with one of the newest faces in the Bombshell Division and the woman with the longest Internet Title Reign to date with “meh”? I saw that tweet as well, and Mark’s reaction.” I responded with a nod and a frown on my face as I folded my arms. ”I’ve known Mark for a lot longer than you and that’s easily the angriest I’ve ever seen him! Though I suppose the situation with Supreme Machine didn’t help either.”

”Yeah, even after my challenge to Amber his anger seemed to be more out of worry than anything else whilst Christian was just being Christian.” Adrienne responded with a frown on her face and I had to agree. ”I know you’ve got your own matches to worry about, but can you help me prepare for the match? Jessie’s already offered to help me with it.”

”Adrirmne, be honest with yourself, do you think that’s a question that needs answering?” I asked, and Adrienne paused before she shook her head. ”Any sparring sessions we have will help me prepare for my matches just as well, and you were my favourite sparring partner when you were just a trainee at the Go Gym.” I pointed out and Adrienne nodded when she realized that I was right.

”I guess you’re right, but I just hope that I’m ready for this match.” Adrienne admitted as she started to play with her red hair.  ”I know Gabriel wouldn’t have recommended me to Katie if he didn’t think I was ready for SCW and that I won my debut match but wrestling another rookie like Chloe is a different beast from wrestling two veterans like Diamond and Myra, Diamond’s disrespect not withstanding off course.”

”All you’ve got to remember is this, you’re a graduate of the Go Gym, one of the best wrestling schools in Las Vegas! You had the best teachers the best facilities and the best sparring partners money could buy.” I responded as I walked up to her, and Adrienne nodded as she got the idea. ”They’ve all prepared you for this moment, your SCW Supercard debut, don’t forget that and you’ll do just fine, win or lose.”

”I will, thanks Krystal.” Adrienne nodded before she got up and headed to the door. ”Have a good night and enjoy your cake!”

”You have a good night too Adrienne.” I responded before she left the hotel room, now that I was alone again I sat back down to enjoy the cake, not really caring about the crumbs I was leaving because that was more the hotel cleaning staff’s problem now.

It was still strange o to think that Adrienne was starting in the business at such a young age, especially when I was still recovering from the abuse I suffered growing up in Adelaide when I was her age, I guess that’s what’s having a relatively normal childhood is like.

Then again, what is normal anyway?

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 13th of December 2021, 18:15pm

From a hectic night to a hectic day, never a dull moment for me!

Today’s session at the Go Gym went by relatively uneventfully, but about halfway through I was called into Gabriel’s office about the confrontation I had with Carter during the 200 day celebration but that was resolved quickly, now that I was home I had a few things on my mind, and one of them had four legs, a wagging tail and was waiting for me at the door the moment he heard my car pull into the driveway.

”Hey Garrus!” I greeted the German Shepherd puppy that I had gotten for my birthday last month, the puppy reacted excitedly ass I entered the house and raced back to the kitchen ahead of me whilst I hung up my jacket and mask. ”Makayla, are you around?”

”I’m the kitchen!” Makayla called back, and I grinned before entering the kitchen, Rachel was sitting at the table waiting as Makayla cooked dinner. ”How did the session at the Go Gym go?”

”Aside from me being called out for the confrontation with Carter? It was fine.” I responded with a shrug before I sat down at the table and Makayla gave me a surprised look. ”I had a feeling that it was going to be brought up at some point, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon after Climax Control.” I added with another shrug and Makayla nodded.

”I guess Gabriel figured he’d better get it out of the way, especially considering who you’re facing on the Christmas special and at Inception V.” Makayla shrugged her shoulders in response before she resumed cooking. ”Speaking off, any hurt feelings over the fact that you went with Jessie instead of another Go Gym Graduate? The Go Gym Graduates stick together right?”

”In theory yeah, but you know how hectic wrestling can be, and no one’s heard a peek from Tempest since she lost the Mixed Tag Titles,, otherwise she would’ve been my first choice.” I responded with a frown before Garrus jumped up and put his paws on my chair, I stroked the puppy in response and after a few strokes he jumped back down. ”Jess was the only one who directly offered to be my partner for the match, and since she knows Team Hero better than most of the roster I figured she’d be the perfect fit, that’s how I explained it to Gabriel, and he saw my reasoning.”

”Right, and we know how rocky the relationship with Jessie and the Stevens is.” Makayla nodded in response before glancing over at Garrus. ”We’re starting his puppy training in the New Year, right?”

”Yeah, the puppy training place was completely booked up for the rest of the month, so I figured it was best to do it in the new year.” I nodded before watching Garrus lay down on the kitchen floor with a yawn.  ”German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there so training him should be a breeze.”

”Fitting considering we named him after the best Turian character in the Mass Effect series, and the only guy I’ve ever fallen in love with if we’re being honest.” Makayla responded with a laugh, and I nodded with a big grin on my face. ”We just need to get a boxer called Wrex, a Labrador called Liara, a Rottweiler called Jack…….okay if we’re going to get the whole Mass Effect crew as pets, we’re going to need a much bigger house!”

”Gee, you think?!” I teased my fiancé, and she just shook her head in response. ”What’s for dinner anyway?”

”I’m sticking with a Greek classic, Soutzoukakia or Greek Meatballs in a red wine sauce and rice on the side.” Makayla explained as she cooked the food and I nodded as I watched on. ”The meatballs are being shallow fried, and the red wine sauce is being reduced, shouldn’t be much longer once the rice is done.”

”If your goal was to make me hungry, mission accomplished.” I responded with a grin and Makayla laughed in response. ”How are you cooking the rice anyway?”

”Doing little Basmati Rice Cakes that I perfected whilst I was in Culinary School, they are in the oven as we speak.” Makayla responded before she bent over to check on the rice cakes. ”They are browning up nicely, shouldn’t be too much longer.”

”I hope not, I worked up a hell of an appetite whilst I was at the Go Gym!” I responded with a grin and Makayla nodded. ”I pretty much had too because my next too matches are against Team Hero, saying that Keira could probably eat ten servings of your food!”

”Based on what you told me about that celebration meal you and Jessie had with Team Hero, ten might be an understatement!” Makayla laughed in response, and I just shook my head with a grin. ”Let’s hope you are ready for Team Hero and more importantly Keira, you’ve made great strides as Bombshell Roulette Champion Charlotte, but Team Hero are Hall of Famers for a reason and Keira’s been Roulette Champion before.”

”I knew what I was getting into when I accepted Keira’s challenge, and again when me and Jessie accepted Keira’s challenge for this tag team match.” I responded with a nod before shifting my weight. ”Team Hero have been on my list of dream opponents since I enrolled at the Go Gym, these next two matches are dreams come true for me and I wouldn’t have accepted if I didn’t think I was ready for it.”

”Trust me Charlotte, I know, but you know there’s a serious possibility of Keira being your last defence, right?” Makayla asked, and I nodded in response, I knew it all too well, but I had a whole month to prepare for the match, not counting Christmas Day off course. ”And if the reign doesn’t end at Keira, what’s next for you? Settling your sights on whoever the World Bombshell Champion is?”

”Honestly? I don’t see Amber’s reign ending at either of her next defences.” I responded as I shook my head whilst Makayla checked on the food. ”Bella’s a hell of a wrestler and her earning that shot in New York was a great moment for her, but Amber’s on another level! Johanna, temper issues aside, is tough as nails and a former champion in her own right but against Amber?”

”I know what you’re saying, but not even Myra at the height of her Internet Title reign could stop Amber, can you?” Makayla asked, and I didn’t have an answer for that, once Makayla picked up on that she returned her attention back to the food.

The conversation I had with Amber the night before on Climax Control was still fresh in my mind, that much was certain, the Blast from the Past Tournament was a black eye on my otherwise fantastic 2021 but that was a ways off and I still had plenty of other things on my mind in between then and now.

But that tournament is definitely in my future.

KKLZ Radio Station HQ. Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 13th  of December 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

When in Vegas, promote!

“Welcome back to KKLZ Radio, our next guest has wrestled all over the world but makes her residence here in Las Vegas, this Sunday she is set for one of the biggest matches of her career, please welcome Sin City Wrestling’s Krystal Wolfe!” The radio host introduced me and this portion of his radio show was being taped for my promo, with the station’s permission off course. “Krystal, it’s great to have you here!”

”I’m happy to be here.” I responded with a grin as I shifted my weight. ”And I’m ready to take on Team Hero on Sunday and Keira at Inception V!”

“I was just getting to that! This Sunday you are teaming with Jessie Salco to take on the legendary Team Hero, Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher.” The host responded and I nodded in response as I got ready for his statements. “This match has implications for Inception V beyond just the Roulette Title Match as Jessie is challenging Andrea Hernandez for the Internet Title and Roxi is taking on Kat Jones in a dream match, what are your thoughts on this?”

”It makes the match a hell of a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?” I asked, and the radio host nodded in agreement as I continued. ”When me and Jessie accepted the match, we figured it would just be a neat warm-up match for me and Keira, obviously we knew Jessie was competing in that Fatal Four Way, but no one was more surprised than her when she won, and Kat’s challenge to Roxi was just the icing on the cake!”

“Well, it looks like we’re got our first caller.” The host responded and I grinned as I got ready for the question. “Caller you’re on the air!”

“Hi, I have a question for Krystal, who’s next for you after Keira?” The caller asked and I had to think on that as he waited for an answer.

”That’s a good question because there’s plenty of Bombshells who have yet to challenge me for the title, and that’s if I make it past Keira.” I responded with a nod before taking a sip of the drink that the station had provided me. ”Keira’s someone who I’ve wanted to face since day one as a wrestler but she’s a Hall of Famer for a damn good reason.”

“And we’ve got another caller, do you have any questions for Krystal Wolfe?” The host asked as the other caller hung up.

“How can you claim to be a good guy when you’re pushing the gay agenda on your young, impressionable fans?” The older female voice responded, and I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes so hard that I could see the back of my skull. “Immigrants like you are what’s wrong with this country, let’s go Bran……..”

“I apologize for that Krystal, normally those questions get screened first.” The host sighed as he hung up on the caller and I nodded in understanding. “I’ll ask you a question in her place, how does it feel to go from a six month losing streak to holding the Roulette title for over two hundred days?”

”If I can be blunt? Fucking amazing!” I responded with a grin as I shifted my weight. ”But Keira and Roxi will find out first hand on Sunday that I am no fluke and there’s a reason why I’ve held this title for so long, I can only hope that Keira remembers that lesson who I get set to face her at Inception V.”

“Okay, we’ve got another caller and this one has been screened.” The host responded and I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that. “You’re on the air!”

”Hi, Jessie Salco here, sorry I couldn’t make it I am too busy training.” Jessie’s voice rang out and I grinned in response. ”When are you getting to the promo portion, and can I join in?”

”Thattll be right about  now Jess.” I responded after getting the go ahead from the host and we proceeded with the promo. ”Team Hero, a legendary Bombshell Tag Team and Hall of Famers consisting  of Roxi Johnson and her wife Keira Fisher-Johnson against the makeshift team of me and Jessie Sakco, on paper this should be in the bag for Team Hero but what happened the last time you weren’t meant to win a match Jessie?”

A good question.

”If you mean the Fatal Four Way for a shot at Andrea, I won! If you mean last night’s match against Keira, we fought to a draw, in other words, nothing is certain in wrestling once that bell rings and me and Krystal will do what we do best this Sunday on Climax Control, and that’s defy the odds! This is a warm-up match for all four of the women in this match but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking this seriously, right Krystal?”

Damn right!

”I treat every non-title match as if my title was on the line and that attitude isn’t changing anytime soon! Why would I change it anyway? It’s seen me this far into my reign as champion, hasn’t it? Keira, your challenge to me was what set this match in motion but your desire for new competition is about to bite you on the ass twice, first in this tag match where me and Jessie show the world exactly what we’re made off and then in the title defence against Keira at Inception V, I’ll save the bulk of what I’ve got to say about the match when the time comes but whilst I can honestly see Keira being the end of my reign, I won’t go down without a fight either! And this Sunday will be a preview of the fight I will bring!”

Would you expect anything less?

”May I take this one Krystal?” Jessie asked, and I nodded, even though I knew she couldn’t see me. ”Roxi, this isn’t our first rodeo, but it will be the first rodeo that ends with me coming out on top! That draw against Keira was a setback but I’m not letting that get in the way of our win Krystal and Team Hero are about to regret the fact that Keira ever put out this challenge especially if Roxi gets pinned by me!”

It’s that simple!

”I want to address something Andrea said to my teammate after last night’s draw, she told Jessie to do better, using her own words against her, I know Jessie has her own things to say in response but she’s saving that for her own promo, as for what I have to say? Andrea, you are about to see what Jessie can do when someone pisses her off and Team Hero are in her cross-airs, I hope you’re watching closely because me and Jessie are ready to go to war, I just hope that Team Hero have brought tanks because otherwise they’ll be quoting that Skillet song by saying “I need a Hero!” but that hero won’t save them just in time!”

And with that, we decided to wrap things up.

”This show is happening the week before Christmas which is apt because Team Hero are going to need a Christmas Miracle if they want to get out of this match in one piece, in one corner you have the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe who frankly has been the best thing to happen to the division on years and then we have me, a veteran who is motivated as all hell and when I strike Roxi like Blood Lighting……..”

”And when I strike down Keira with the Down Under Thunder, they will realize that we are a force to be reckoned with! And that is ready for prime time!”

Jessie hung up and the promo portion of the radio interview ended as the scene fades.
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