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Feels Good To Be Home
« on: December 10, 2021, 11:36:34 PM »
Feels Good To Be Home
Zdunich Mansion
December 8thth

It had been a little over two weeks since Crystal had returned home. Despite all of the issues that the married couple had been through it definitely felt good for Crystal to be back home. Crystal smiled as it was in the early hours of the morning. She had decided to do something really nice for the family. She woke up as early as possible to make a Mexican Breakfast. The huevos rancheros had come out perfectly and she was in the preparation of making green salsa. She wanted things to go perfectly because there was a lot that had to be discussed with the loved ones in her life. It was much needed table discussion and with Aurora away at school, and the rest of the home empty with the exception of her, Alexandra, and Seleana. Today marked like the perfect day to get things off of her chest and really let them know how she felt. She was in the middle of pouring the glasses of apple juice on the table when her wife Seleana walked into the kitchen. There was a smile from the Swedish woman as she looked over at her wife.

“Something smells good Ja?! You must have spent a long time cooking…”

Crystal nods her head with a huge grin as she looks back at her wife. She kisses her softly on the cheek as she walks over to the table. She pulls out a chair and motions for Seleana to sit in it. Seleana obliges as she does what is asked. Crystal pushes the chair in before setting some silverware on the table. There was nothing but smiles emerging from the lips of the Afro Mexican as Alexandra walked into the kitchen. She stretches her arms and yawns as she looks at Crystal.

“Damn Crystal… You out here throwing down in the kitchen, you must be in a good mode…”

Crystal nods her head as she begins to place the food on the table. She walks up to both women and proceeds to kiss them. She stands in the middle of the room taking a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

“Hey ladies… I know these past two months had been really rough. I know it was really selfish of me to walk away from what I love the most but it was definitely a time of soul searching. It wasn’t easy for me to look at myself because I have lived a very selfish life. I have always been selfish especially since I had Brittany and Brayden when I was only 13 years old. I spent my entire teenage years trying to grow up far too quickly I never really got a chance to be a teenager and enjoy my youth. I was always there for somebody else and it definitely showed for the next 21 years of my life.”

Crystal begins to break down crying a bit but she regains her composure as she wipes her eyes and tries her best to speak some more.

“I didn’t do that great of a job at being a mother because of the selfishness. I know that I failed as wife and that’s because I didn’t like the woman that stared back at me in the mirror. How could I even open myself to love others when I didn’t love me?! There was also my career in wrestling. No matter the company the story was all the same. The only way I could find my identity was in trying to win championships and claim accolades. Not because I wanted to do it for the honest love of the sport and being better. No… It was more for the fact that I felt it could fill in that void. I felt it could make me happy. I felt it COULD and WOULD MAKE people appreciate me. However when you cover things with two tons of bullshit people will still be able to look at all of your bullshit. People could see right through it. People have a habit of seeing beneath the surface…”

Crystal sighs as she nods her head as she looks at both of the women.

“So when I tried to force myself to be loved. Eventually people did the opposite. I didn’t care though. I became impulsive of trying to flip flop with my emotions and my alignments. I just wanted people to have their attention on me. However as I got deeper into my selfishness I realized I pushed away those that were closest to me which included both of you. I constantly and consistently make matters worse with those who are closest to me. I know it has to be weird sitting right here now especially with the both of you…”

Crystal looks at Seleana just sighing as she holds her hand.

“I met you when I thought I was at my lowest. Jonathan wasn’t giving me the attention I deserved. I was also part of a secret relationship with one of my best friend’s sister in Jessica Jackson. I had proposed to her and we were engaged. However that selfishness and lack of really getting the time to experience my youth due to the early motherhood forced me to want something different. So I used the Angels and my friendship with Stacy Marie Jones to bring me to you. I loved how you physically look. In my eyes I honestly saw a woman who would make the perfect little trophy.”

Christina let’s more tears fall from her eyes as she begins to speak some more.

“That has been wrong and lord knows I have definitely put you through some shit. I haven’t been honest. Even though I got married once again and this time to a beautiful woman, it still never stopped me from making the same mistakes. That’s how I was led to Alexandra. Yeah I did the unfaithful thing. I slept around with Alexandra and she became my secret girlfriend. It was wrong to betray your trust Seleana especially after I broke the sanctity and covenant of our marriage…”

Crystal looks at Alexandra as she speaks to her.

“And it was wrong for me to simply use you to satisfy my own desires. You knew I was a married woman and despite your urges you wanted to stay away out of respect. However I pushed you in my direction. I brought you into this and I tried to do everything in my power to hide this secret. What I didn’t expect is that Seleana is definitely a ride or die. I never knew she was such a day one, and I love that. Eavan was right when she said that Zdunich women are loyal to the very end. I have done so much awful shit to you Seleana but you stayed right there and I don’t really comprehend it…”

Seleana nods her head as she looks back at her wife.

“I know that hurt people hurt other people Chickie. I knew you were hurt from the way you interact with everything from the way you treat your children. You are misunderstood. I love you though and even when you didn’t love the real woman beneath the surface I did… I always did. I love all versions of you Estrellita. I love even the parts that you hate because through it all I simply love you. When you told me you cheated on me with Alexandra I was heartbroken…”

Seleana looks at Alexandra before slowly moving her eyes to Christina.

“My closest friends and in laws told me to leave you. They told me that you would never change and I should get out when I could. However I didn’t get out because I knew we could work things out. I not have Stockholm Syndrome but I have belief and faith in my wife. That is more important than how others view you. Even when everybody hates Crystal I made decision to be the one to love her through everything. I live for the day you bring honesty to yourself. I waited for that day…”

Seleana keeps looking at Alexandra as she sighs.

“You were unfaithful but you were at least honest about it. I decided to take things in and bond with Alexandra. It may have been weird at first but she’s a genuine person and I love how much she has been there for Aurora. She has been a very important part of her life, and I would say our life…”

Crystal nods her head.

“And I appreciate you actually accepting Alex. Not many people would have done what you did. Alex it was wrong for me to get you involved in this mess, and for me to have you come off as a home wrecker of some sort. I might have pushed things a bit but I thank that you didn’t walk away and you have stood by my side. I know I have so many issues and that was all part of the reason why I walked away. I did so to handle life and to really fix what was broken. My time away is when I realized how much of a problem I was. I have been getting counseling and I am fixing those problems. I know I am not perfect but I am trying to be better…”

Alex nods her head with a grin.

“And we appreciate what you did. I know it hurt at first to see you walk away and I didn’t want to just wait around while you did. I wanted to do my own thing but that’s when I came to the conclusion that I can’t have a world without you in it Crystal…”

Seleana nods her head in return.

“And me too chickie… I need you in my life…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath looking at both.

“And I not only want the both of you but I NEED the both of you. I want us to all get closer together in a much deeper way and that’s why I think that during the Christmas break we should all take our relationship even further. We should have a ceremony to establish our lives with one another, a marriage with one another. It may not be legal in this country and that’s fine. We at least know what’s going on and we can go to a lawyer and work out a will and everything else. I want us to all be a happy family and to really take this journey into the new year with commitment to one another.”

Seleana smiles in return.

“I agree…”

Alexandra is crying as she looks at Crystal.

“Thank you for including me… I am lost for words…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“Don’t be lost for words… Thank you for being there for me and sticking by me. No more hiding anything. It’s time to be out in the open about everything, and for all of us to live the happy life that we deserve…”

The three just look at one another. It is definitely one big happy scene as Crystal takes a seat at the table. The three smile as they start to enjoy their breakfast together.

Hello everyone this is Crystal Zdunich here. I know it has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of having a match. The last time I was featured was in the main event of High Stakes. It was a triple threat match for the World Bombshell Championship. It was definitely quite the match and I poured everything into that match. At the end of the day however I just didn’t win and Amber managed to retain her championship.

Granted the selfishness in me wants to look at the fact that I wasn’t the woman pinned and there is still something inside of me that feels I need to have another chance at Amber Ryan. I won’t be able to move on until she beats me one on one in the middle of the ring. It pains me knowing the fact that I have worked so hard to really become something in the wrestling world. I have bust my ass to build my reputation as being one of the best of the best.

Yet nobody ever wishes to give me their respect. They immediately look down upon me. They don’t see the Hall of Famer and the woman who has won five World Championships in this company. All they ever see is a woman who is selfish and a woman who can be a bit of a glory hog and other stuff.

I understand that I am super passionate about things. I think what I don’t like going into Climax Control is the fact that SCW wants to know how do I feel about being named as a challenger for Amber Ryan.

You really wish to know how I feel?!

Truth be told I don’t want to be named as a challenger because that’s not my style. Never has been and certainly will be. I know Mercedes can sit on her high horse and try to spew off at the mouth about my business. How about she focuses on what she does and I focus on me.

If I become a challenger for something it’s because I have earned it. It’s because I have fought through everything and really stood out as the one to fight for the next big thing. That is how I wish to be in contention for something. I don’t need anything handed to me.

I know everyone will assume that I am angry and that everything should be solely focused on me but that’s not me. If anything the only thing I am mad about is the fact that I have been sitting on the sidelines since High Stakes. I was good enough to main event a show but I have been pretty much MIA since that big event.

I simply want a chance to shine! I want a chance to stand out ahead of everybody and I want to showcase my talents. That is all I ever wanted. This week on Climax Control I know for a fact that I get the chance to do exactly that. I will be stepping into the ring with Candy and she is a woman that I respect a lot. She is one of the sweetest women in all of the company and I am not saying that to make a pun. I truly mean that. She won most popular of the year and that just shows you how much she is loved by all of the masses.

That is an award that I know I would have a hard time at winning. However I didn’t come here to be loved. I didn’t come to this company to be focused on popularity. I came focused to win and simply be the best wrestler that I can, and I won’t let anybody get in the way of my goal at being such.

Candy is a very tough wrestler and I know at one point she was in a match of the year and she was a dominant Roulette Champion. I can respect those things but she needs to understand that I am at the point in my career where I am ready to get right back on track. I am ready to get back into the fray. I am ready to stand out and be somebody that people take seriously. It starts by getting past this first match and once I do I can go onward to other stuff.

So bring everything you got Candy but I assure you that it just won’t be enough. Nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming…

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