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Endeavor XXXIV
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Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 5 al 12 de diciembre de 2021

Some outcomes are expected, some you see coming a mile away. Some outcomes, however, come out of nowhere. A pesky 15-seed shoots the lights out and takes down a favorite in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. An unknown boxer knocks out the heavyweight champ. An upstart tennis player makes a miraculous run to a major final.

More often than not, wresting is a lot like that too. You win some, you lose some. Losses happen, but it's about how you respond. At Climax Control 317, Goth and I could have easily just said, whatever, it’s a rematch, get beat by Tempest and Austin again like we did at High Stakes, and be sent on our way, but we fought until the end and whether it was me or Goth who got the pin, I’m proud of what we did. Austin and Tempest knew their reign was going to end, they probably didn’t expect it against two Hall of Famers. We didn’t just write history in Phoenix, we are the history. So now do we breathe a sigh of relief over our win and just come into Tucson happy to get that first W? If anything, this keeps us inspired and believing we can get on a win streak.

Well, I guess we can get the particulars out of the way. Looking ahead to the next show, I get to step in the ring against a familiar face, everyone’s favorite Aussie, Krystal Wolfe. As if I had nothing planned for Sunday night. Wait a minute. It's a grrreat way to spend a Sunday night. love.

I know Christmas is less than two weeks away, so I guess this is the gift that keeps on giving. Some would call this a mismatch, others see it as just an easy win. I’m willing to bet Krystal sees me as an afterthought and has her sights on Keira then focusing on little ole me. Not that overlooking me would be a smart idea, she’s been nigh invincible as of late, especially now as Bombshell Roulette Champion. Something tells me I have my work cut out for me this weekend.

OK, I definitely have my work cut out for me. Let me explain. Krystal has, and I'm ashamed to admit this, pinned me not once, but twice. And that really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Almost like Mountain Dew. Really, who drinks that crap, anyway?

Krystal has turned a lot of heads since her renaissance and what’s she’s done as Bombshell Roulette Champion is nothing short of uncanny. It’s like night and day since she’s been on the roster. She went from someone with one of the worst losing streaks in SCW history to someone who went undefeated for awhile and won the Bombshell Roulette Championship on her first try and what’s she’s done since then has been remarkable. She definitely gets a gold star next to her name. Now everyone loves a good redemption story, and I sure do. Forget whether Krystal could finally win the Bombshell Roulette Championship. The question is will anyone remember her after the fact. Will anyone remember her leaving a legacy after her reign? When people remember the names who carried that illustrious championship, they think of Samantha Marlowe. They think of Kate Steele. And, of course, yours truly. But Krystal Wolfe? Time will tell.

Now, Krystal did actually beat me once one-on-one, but lightning won't strike twice and she knows it. It’s only a matter of time before I get back that win.

People have become way to comfortable disrespecting me and sullying my name lately and I will not stand for that. Wins and losses aren't going to stop me, disses and putdowns aren't going to stop me. I’ve had so many attempts of people wanting to end my career, I’ve lost count. Where are they now? Either retired, off the grid, no longer with the company or irrelevant. Me, I'm still here. I've lasted longer than some people feel I should have.

And yet in eight years, I’ve accomplished more than most would have done in a career. That’s the difference between me and the rest of the Bombshells Division.

This isn't a race, it's a competition. And right now, I don't see anyone keeping up with me.


Flashback - December 2009

Un Sueño - Faded Glory.

[Fade in to Mercedes walking along a suburban area while talking on her cellphone.]

“Yeah. I'm finally here. I always thought Texas would be far less boring then the last city I visited. (looking around) There's nothing but farmland, SUV's, and I swear every person I met talked about the Longhorns. And the people here think they're so lucky because they're between New York and California. (scoffs) Please. You don't know how much I'm looking forward to the first plane out of this dump. Hey, I'll talk to you later.”

[[No place knows how to mark the most wonderful time of the year better than good, old-fashioned Texas, where I was making my first ever trip for a match I had that weekend.

Dare I say it, getting there was half the fun.

I’m still figuring out the other half.

I needed all the support I could get in these trying times, so bringing my cousin along was my last resort.

Little did I know, I was starting to regret it.]]

Mercedes: You're going.

Carmen: No, I'm not.

[Now we fade in to the freezer aisle of a supermarket. The voices belong to Mercedes and Carmen. A young man follows them around]

Mercedes: Yes, you are.

Carmen: No, I'm not.

Mercedes: Why?

Carmen: I don't have to explain myself.

Mercedes: Well, how about you explain why my Christmas gift got to me a day AFTER Christmas?

Carmen: You're bringing this up now? What, you didn't like the gift?

Mercedes: What the hell am I suppose to do with ugly sweaters for winter? They’ve ugly for a reason.

Carmen: You could, oh I don't know, wear them. That's one idea.

Mercedes: What gave you that idea that I would?

Carmen: They were cigarette – enthused mittens.

Mercedes: I don't even smoke!

Assistant: Excuse me...

Carmen: and Mercedes: WHAT!?

[The young man backs off, holding up his hands innocently.]

Assistant: I was wondering if there was anything else I could help you ladies with?

Carmen: Where's the pasta?

[The assistant indicates pointing at a nearby freezer. Carmen opens one case and throws in a couple of frozen dinners in the shopping cart.]

Assistant: Will there be anything else?

Mercedes: Yeah. We're going to need kale. Lots of...kale.

Assistant: Vegetables are up front, can't miss it. Anything else?

Mercedes: No, that about covers it. Thank you.

Assistant: No, thank you for wasting twenty minutes of my life I'll never get back.

[Mercedes and Carmen exchange confused looks before they watch the young man storm off]

Carmen: Kale? Are you sure you're okay?

Mercedes: For the third time already, Yes, I'm fine.

[Mercedes grabs a few produce from the fruit and vegetables display and adds them to the cart. She then picks up a bag of baby carrots. Carmen takes her eyes away from her cellphone for a few seconds as she looks up at her cousin, who is cradling the carrots in her arms, rocking it to sleep. Carmen crosses her arms.]

Carmen: Are you finished?

[Mercedes nods.]

Carmen: Good. Next time I go grocery shopping, remind me not to bring you along.

[Mercedes just stands there as Carmen takes the cart away and walks past her.]

Mercedes: Wait a minute. I thought I was the one going grocery shopping?

Carmen: I guess you're right about that one. I'm still not changing my mind.

[Mercedes starts to catch up, but then turned around and went back to the display stand and grabbed a bunch of kale.]

(Silence between them and Carmen turns to Mercedes.)

Carmen: Did you get everything?

Mercedes: You're the one with the list.

Carmen: Oh, yeah. I knew that.

[When they reached the checkout, the assistant from earlier had just finished with another customer as they went on their way.]

Mercedes: Hey, I know you. You're that store clerk who helped us from before.

Assistant: Curses, foiled again.

[He doesn't even look at them.]

Carmen: How are you today?

Assistant: Better than I deserve. You?

Carmen: Well, thanks for asking.

[The assistant scans the items.]

Assistant: Do you have a rewards card?

Mercedes: Sure do. (takes out card from purse.) Here you go.

Assistant: Would you like paper or plastic?

Mercedes: Carmen, quick, which one helps save the environment?

Carmen: Hey, don't look at me. I'm not the one who decided to go vegan all of a sudden.

Assistant: That's $133.68.

[Mercedes gives the assistant cash.]

Assistant: Ma'am, you're a dollar short...


[Cut to a pair of automatic sliding doors as Carmen and Mercedes exit the grocery store, her shopping cart full of bags.]

Carmen: Now, aren't you glad we had to put a few things back?

Mercedes: …

Carmen: You can't ignore me forever, you know.

Mercedes: It was $1.87.

Carmen: What?

Mercedes: Forget it. Let's just go.


Present Day ♦ S A N T A M O N I C A, C A L I F O R N I A


"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

[The scene opens on Mercedes Vargas sitting outside the patio at Rick's Tavern in Santa Monica. Dressed in bootcut jeans, a pastel pink off the shoulder top and a matching jacket, the Argentine and one-half of the new World Mixed Tag Team Champions enjoys the little downtime she's given before preparing for her next match this weekend. Obviously, her upcoming match and the events of the past few weeks in SCDub has really got her fired up.]

“You know what's amazing about Sin City Wrestling? There’s people coming from all over the world, we're international. We've got representatives from North America, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, the UK, The Netherlands, Russia, the Middle East, you get the idea. I guess you can say we're kind of like a model United Nations.

“Anyway, I’ve heard some wild things, but I’m really starting to think that Krystal Wolfe has been dropped on her head a few times when she tried to say that my World Mixed Tag Team Championship reign with Goth was already losing prestige even though we haven’t had our first defense. Funnily enough, Krystal said the same thing about Andrea mere days after she won the vacant Bombshell Internet Championship in the days leading up to their champion versus champion match, and we all knew how that match turned out. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. This is also why most people shouldn’t hang around Jessie Salco. You start saying the most insanely idiotic, illogical, asinine, downright backwards things ever heard to mankind and then regretting it later.

“Coming off one of the most historic moments of my career two weeks ago, I’m rested, loaded, and probably still a bit angry, for obvious reasons. If I were Krystal, I wouldn't get anywhere NEAR me. I'm furious right now, and I might be prone to embarrassing her. That Amy Santino proved she’s such a sore loser by injuring Winter Elemental after she ended her GRIME Championship reign is just the start of it. That Roxi Johnson disrespected me last week in her talking points is another, which I’m almost sure she’s going to be coming after me again in her next fireside chat this weekend at Climax Control. I’ll be looking forward to that too.”

[She shakes her head in disgust.]

“I don't know that you can question a whole lot of what I said on media social. Amber has gotten the better of Roxi the last two times they’ve faced each other for the most part and in three of their four matches. Roxi got pinned by Amber at High Stakes, there’s no way she can dance around that, no matter how cute she wants to get with me. Crystal has beaten Amber a grand total of never. I’m not surprised Roxi used my words against me when she went after me last week and I can almost guarantee Crystal will be doing the same in her video submission ahead of her match with Candy.

“So in order to trash-talk, you have to have a lot of confidence in what you’re saying, that’s the name of the game. I have no regrets for saying what I said, but come on, facts are facts. There’s a reason why people were retweeting and liking my tweets about what I said about Roxi is because people know deep down it’s true and obviously I think the record kinda speaks for itself. But I get it. If I focused on someone else, Roxi wouldn’t have been this uppidity. At some point she had to take that L at the supercard and what I said over the past three weeks and what I said last week and what I’m saying right now was and still will be used against me. It is what it is. I don't regret saying it at all.”

[She pauses there for a moment from her drink and late lunch to talk more of her favorite subject at the moment.]

“But let’s get this where this should be, Krys. I have a little unfinished business with you, and this Sunday I plan to settle it because this has been a few months in the making. Like I said, I’m rested, loaded, and probably still a bit angry. That's a dangerous combination for someone who just got embarrassed by Kate Steele recently, Krystal, and I bet that loss still stings, doesn’t it? No self-respecting woman in the division should be losing to people like Kate Steele, especially after that nonsense she put those poor fans in Phoenix through last week. She’s the definition of a train wreck. I get you were trying to throw something at the wall to see if it sticks, but seriously, you’re going to have to do a lot better than that to take me off my game, mamita.”

[Mercedes pauses for effect as a smile crosses her face.]

“It’s amazing how much you already accomplished in your SCW career doing so little. You always enter the ring with a chip on your shoulder every night, and that’s a good mindset to have. But there’s a difference when you’re at the shallow end of the pool and going against the current. As it stands, you have a lot going against you than for you right now, no matter how much Matthew and Marty are getting in your ear. Apparently, they must give you a lot more credit than I do - or else they wouldn't be your managers.”

[Tossing her hair back, Mercedes enters into a fit of laughter, before cutting herself off.]

“I know you’ve been counting the days of your title reign and now knowing that we’re going to have a long Christmas break not to mention the break before Inception V in the new year, you’ll long be claiming Samantha Marlowe’s record for singles longest reign long before you defend the title against Keira at the supercard so I guess a little congratulations are in order.”

[Tears began steaming down her face as she lowers her head.]

“Give me a moment, please.”

[Mercedes breaks down crying, though one notices she's being way too over dramatic. Looking back up at the camera, she wipes away the rest of her tears with the back of her hand.]

“Sorry, I tend to get very emotional when it comes to these type of situations. Okay, moving on. So while you’re going to celebrate getting past 200 days Sunday, and you got a lot of momentum and a crowd fired up behind you ahead of our match, the real battle isn’t in the ring, it’s gonna be fought inside your head.”

[Mercedes taps at her temple.]

“And with the fickle fans that want to tear you apart. You do well enough and they cheer you, you do too well and they turn on you, and this means you’re in the perfect position right now, the moment I turn over that apple cart. If I lose this match, it’s not the end of the world. I still have my untouchable career. My legacy is still secured whether I’m in the first match, in the middle of the card, or the main event, whether or not I hold a title or the top title. I can sleep comfortably knowing that my spot in this company will never be threatened.

“Nobody can take away the fact that I went through the wildness for two years in that long title drought where most people on the roster would have just called it a career and yet I came out better for it. Before Climax Control 317, it’s been awhile since my last title reign, my win-loss record isn't anything to write home about, but that hasn't but a crack in my resolve, even though it should with the way this year has been. But sometimes it's not about how you start, it's how you finish, and I plan on finishing this year on a high note. I’ve won two championships this year. How many has Crystal won? How many has Roxi or Kiera won? Here’s a hint: it starts with a z and rhymes with hero.”

[Mercedes holds up a "o" shape on her right hand.]


“Zip, nada, nothing, nunca, nil, bupkis, zilch, dooooughnut, goose-egg.

“Now, Krystal, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you were the better woman in our last match and our last one-on-one, because after I beat you Sunday, there will be no doubt as to who was the better wrestler this time. Don't get me wrong, Krystal, you're good, but you’re not that…damn…good, like yours truly.

“You think you’re better than me, Krystal? You go on ahead and try to convince yourself and those fans just that. I don't necessarily think you are, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and we'll see if you're right. In fact, I'm going to hold you to that, and I'm going to ask you to do me a favor. Keep those words soft and sweet, honey.

Just in case you have to eat them.

But at least I’ll make you feel better about it.”

[Mercedes holds up her tag team championship staring back at her reflection through it, before replacing the title back over her shoulder.]

"The gloves are off, the war paint is on, and the checklist is always at hand. Like it or not, believe it or not, I'm walking out of Climax Control with my hand raised and making history one more time.”

She pushes a stray lock of brown hair back behind her ear with one perfectly manicured fingernail..

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. And may the odds be ever in your favor.”


<span style="color:Orange">SCW ACCOMPLISHMENTS
SCW Hall of Famer (Class of 2018)
World Bombshell Champion (x2)
Bombshell Roulette Champion (x4)
Bombshell Internet Champion 
World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (x3) (w/Traci Patterson (x2) and Delia Darling)
World Mixed Tag Team Champion (x2, w/Kain)
Third female SCW Triple Crown Champion (6th SCW Triple Crown Champion overall)
First-ever 2x Triple Crown Champion in SCW history (most ever by a female wrestler)
Second female Grand Slam Champion (4th SCW Grand Slam Champion overall)
Fastest wrestler to 100 career matches on Climax Control (October 2019)
First-ever twelve-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and twelfth title (June 30, 2019)
(2086 days/68 months between October 2013 and June 2019/5 years, 8 months)
First-ever eleven-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eleventh title (September 16, 2018)
(1799 days/59 months between October 2013 and September 2018; 4 years, 11 months)
First-ever ten-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and tenth title (July 22, 2018)
(1743 days/57 months between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 9 months)
First-ever nine-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and ninth title (September 24, 2017)
(1442 days/47 months between October 2013 and September 2017; 3 years, 11 months)
First-ever eight-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eighth title (May 15, 2016)
(945 days/31 months between October 2013 and May 2015; 2 years, 7 months)
Longest consecutive pay-per-view appearance 38+ consecutive events since June 2013 pay-per-view debut)
Only woman to compete at every SCW pay-per-view for five consecutive years (2014-2018)
One of two wrestlers and the first woman to win five different SCW championships (July 22, 2018)
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
First-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (w/Traci Patterson) (June 29, 2014)
First-ever two-time World Mixed Tag Team Champion (w/Kain) (September 16, 2018)
First-ever five-time tag team champion overall in SCW history (September 16, 2018)
1652 days/54 months (4 years, 6 months)
Most career wins by a female wrestler in SCW history (December 16, 2018)
Most career wins on Climax Control by a female wrestler in SCW history (February 3, 2019)
First-ever seven-time singles champion overall in SCW history, (passing Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time), most by a female wrestler
First-ever six-time singles champion overall in Bombshell history, (tied with Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time in SCW history)
1442 days/47 months (3 years, 11 months)
One of six female wrestlers (Misty, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Joanne Canelli, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in three consecutive years (May 31, 2015)
595 days/19 months (1 year, 7 months)
Second female wrestler, one of three (Amy Marshall, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in four consecutive years (February 14, 2016)
854 days/28 months (2 years, 4 months)
Only female wrestler to win a championship in six consecutive years:
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
(Bombshell Roulette Championship, 2013, 2014; World Bombshell Tag Team Championship, 2015; Bombshell Internet Championship, 2016; World Bombshell Championship, 2017; World Mixed Tag Team Championship, 2018) 
Only woman in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with four sets of titles (September 16, 2018)
Only woman to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3), World Bombshell (x2) and World Mixed Tag Team Championships in a career (September 16, 2018)
One of two women (Amy Marshall) and one of three wrestlers overall (Marshall, Rage) in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion wirh three sets of titles (February 14, 2016)
Third woman, one of only five (Joanne Canelli, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Roxi Johnson) and the third fastest in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with the SCW Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3) and Bombshell Internet Championships in a career (February 14, 2016)
First woman and one of only four (Veronica Taylor, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Tag Team Championships (June 29, 2014)
Second woman and one of three (Vixen, Sam Marlowe) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Third woman and one of only three (Misty, Raynin) to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell Tag Team and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Only female wrestler to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell and World Mixed Tag Team Championships (September 16, 2018)
One of five women (Kittie, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Delia Darling) to have never lost their first match of a new year and the first to do so four years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016) 
One of three women to have never lost their first supercard match of a new year and the first to do so five years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
First-ever SCW Queen for a Day battle royal winner (December 2 Dismember III supershow, December 13, 2015)
Second Bombshell to have wrestled 100 TV/PPV matches, fastest in history to reach milestone (September 3, 2017)
(1554 days, or 51 months between June 2013 and September 2017)
Fifth woman to have wrestled 50 TV/PPV matches, third fastest in history to reach milestone (July 19, 2015)
(777 days, or 25 months between June 2013 and July 2015)
Second-longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion 
September 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015 (175 days; 5 months, 22 days; held record for longest singles reign for 17 months after reign ended)
Most consecutive/successful title defenses, 5;
[record tied by Sam Marlowe twice on 24 September 2017 and 7 April 2019]
Second most combined consecutive/successful title defenses, 7; broken on 26 January 2019; [held record for most combined defenses for four years after third reign ended]
Second woman to have held Bombshell Roulette Championship three times (after Necra Octavian Kane) (September 14, 2014) 
Fourth woman and one of five (Misty, Vixen, Necra Octavian Kane, Jessie Salco) to have held a Bombshell singles title three times (September 14, 2014) 
Only woman to record four title reigns in a single year
(2014, winning the Bombshell Tag Team (March, June) and Bombshell Roulette (January, September) Championships two times each)
First woman in SCW history to go unpinned/unsubmitted in singles matches for up to an entire year (365 days) or more (434 days)
Longest Bombshells singles unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history
(June 2, 2013 - August 10, 2014) -
14 months, 8 days/434 days overall/62 weeks
Longest Bombshells unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history 
(June 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
9 months, 28 days/301 days overall/43 weeks
[Held record from March 30, 2014 - March 21, 2016
722 days/23 months, 3 weeks/103 weeks and 1 day]</span>

<span style="color:gold">The Checklist</span>
<span style="color:grey"><span style="color:gold">Faith</span>
Ambrosia Grey/Joanne Canelli/Laura Jackson
<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco</span>
Nessa Wall/Jessie Salco (x2)
<span style="color:gold">Nessa Wall (x2)</span>/Traci Patterson
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x2)</span>
Lizzie Short/Traci Patterson (x3)/<span style="color:gold">Joanne Canelli (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall</span>
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x4)</span>/Jessie Salco (x3)
Emma Rose/Joanne Canelli (x3)
Roxi Johnson/Electra Styles
Jessie Salco (x4)/<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall (x2)</span>
Felony Fontana/Rock Rose
Trishelle Jordan/Traci Patterson (x5)
Misty (x2)/Roxi Johnson (x2)/Amy Marshall (x3)
Necra Octavian Kane/<span style="color:gold">Natalie McKinley</span>/Joanne Canelli (x4)
<span style="color:gold">Necra Octavian Kane (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Cynthia Warren</span>
<span style="color:gold">Zuri Chastain</span>
<span style="color:gold">Zuri Chastain (x2)</span>/Traci Patterson (x6)
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x7)</span>
Caleb Houston/Roxi Johnson (x3)
Amy Marshall (x4)/<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco (x5)</span>
Amanda Cortez/Veronica Taylor
Amanda Cortez (x2)/Veronica Taylor (x2)
<span style="color:gold">Raynin</span>
Amy Marshall ((5)/<span style="color:gold">Raynin (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Alexis Edwards</span>
<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall (x6)/Kate Steele/Traci Patterson (x8)/Kahlan "Bliss" Fischer</span>
<span style="color:gold">Zuri Chastain (x3)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Alexis Edwards (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Melanie Gabrielle</span>
<span style="color:gold">Samantha Marlowe</span>
<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall (x7)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Samantha Marlowe (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Crystal Millar</span>
<span style="color:gold">Celeste North</span>                                                               
Dax Beckett/<span style="color:gold">Celeste North (x2)</span> 
James Tuscini/<span style="color:gold">Trish Newborn</span>   
Ivan Darrell/Amanda Cortez (x3)
<span style="color:gold">Kate Steele (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Otaki</span>   
<span style="color:gold">Bobbie Dahl</span>
<span style="color:gold">Polly Playtime</span>
<span style="color:gold">Samantha Marlowe (x3)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Trinity Jones</span>
<span style="color:gold">Seleana Zdunich</span>
<span style="color:gold">Dani Weston</span>
<span style="color:gold">Charlotte Elliot</span>/Daniel J Morgan
Antrax/Iron Maiden
Samantha Marlowe (x4)/Caleb Storms
Kate Steele (x3)/Jessie Salco (x6)
<span style="color:gold">Sierra Williams</span>/Ella Singleton
<span style="color:gold">Apple Coren</span>
<span style="color:gold">Ella Singleton (x2)</span>
Amanda Cortez (x4)/<span style="color:gold"> Daniela V. Rodgers</span>
<span style="color:gold">Trinity Jones (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Samantha Marlowe (x5)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco (x7)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Samantha Marlowe (x6)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Keira Fisher-Johnson</span>
<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco (x8)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Apple Coren (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Bea Barnhart</span>
<span style="color:gold">Pandora Barrett</span>